GH Transcript Thursday 2/27/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/27/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Summer: I'm not going to tell him about the time you and I spent together.

Cameron: Alexis was not herself the night she killed Alcazar.

Ned: It's now up to me to do everything I can to protect this child.

Jason: Just say that you'll go to college and you'll start your life over away from me. I asked her to leave town. I don't know what else you expect from me.

Carly: I know when to back off my husband. I cannot help you with this.

Ric: Oh, sure you can, Carly.

Carly: Are you threatening to blackmail me?

Courtney: Hey. I'm glad you called.

Jason: Look, I'm going to make this quick.

Courtney: Look, I know that this is difficult for you, but just --

Jason: No, that's not why I asked to see you. This is business.

Faith: Well, there's been no retaliation from Sonny so far. Maybe he bought that Morgan went behind his back and took his sister to that cabin.

Man: Jason must have tried to explain.

Faith: You would think. Maybe Sonny didn't believe him. I mean, after all, our point was to drive a wedge between Sonny and his right-hand man. I don't know. Sonny is not stupid. I don't --

Ned: Get rid of your associate now.

Faith: We're finished.

Faith: Don't you ever disrespect me in front of my people again.

Ned: Don't you ever bring your people into the hospital or anywhere near my daughter again.

Scott: Good morning.

Alexis: What do you want?

Scott: Well, now, who am I with, Alexis or Kristina?

Alexis: What do you want, Scott?

Scott: I guess it doesn't really matter because Alexis the lawyer will be representing Kristina the killer, so I'm talking to both of you. So you need to enter a plea because your arraignment will be, like, next week.

Alexis: When do you expect the trial to start?

Scott: Oh, within a few weeks.

Alexis: Good. The sooner the better.

Scott: I guess you're going to enter a plea of guilty by reason of insanity, huh?

Alexis: No comment.

Scott: Well, Cameron seems to think that if any lawyer could pull it off -- but if you and your shrink think you're going to walk, all three of you are nuts.

Alexis: Why would you pick now to brag about your courtroom antics, Scott?

Scott: Well, I guess I can just wait until it's over and you'll spend the rest of your life in a criminal psychiatric facility. Yeah. What's the matter? That wasn't part of your plan, was it?

Summer: Oh, you are so busted.

Luke: Oh, hey, Ms. Fancy.

Summer: What are you doing at the register? Oh, that's right, I forgot. Your sister owns the place.

Luke: No, I own the place with my sister. Our aunt left it to both of us. I consider this cash register my personal A.T.M. I'd better leave a little bit for later. So what's happening?

Summer: Well, I didn't expect to run into you. I'm glad I did, though.

Luke: Yeah, my pleasure. What can I get you, on the house?

Summer: Coffee.

Luke: I figured.

Summer: Mm-hmm.

Luke: Hey, Cowboy.

Sonny: Ah. All right. I'll be back.

Carly: Oh. Well, wouldn't you rather stick around and work on our little project?

Sonny: You know what, you're going to try to get me in bed 24/7 until you're pregnant. Is that what you're trying to do?

Carly: Oh, yeah? And the problem with that would be what?

Sonny: No, no -- well, I don't know.

Carly: Tell me. You got a little problem with that?

Sonny: Kind of.

Carly: Could be fun.

[door opens]

Ric: Morning. Oh. Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt, Carly. Marco just let me in. I can see Carly hasn't told you.

Luke: Hey, Lucky, look who's here.

Lucky: Hey.

Summer: Morning, Lucky.

Lucky: I have to grab a few things before class.

Summer: I'm sorry if I'm complicating your life.

Luke: Oh, forget it. I was born to a complicated life. He's just a little sensitive about me hanging out with a woman who's not his mother. I can understand that. But he's going to have to get used to it because I like having you around.

Summer: I like being around.

Luke: Maybe you can help me with something.

Summer: Name it.

Luke: Remember my daughter, Lulu, you met at the office? I told her I'd spend some time with her.

Summer: Good.

Luke: The problem is, what am I going to do with her?

Summer: And you're asking me?

Luke: Well, you're a woman. What did you like to do when you were 7?

Summer: Well, let's see. I used to love going to the park, swinging on the swings --

Luke: Yeah, well, see, her grandmother does all that with her. I'm looking for something that's not going to bore the pants off me.

Summer: The mall?

Luke: The mall? Are you nuts? Bland, sterile, white bread with no crust.

Summer: Ok, the bike path. Take her down to the bike path by the lake.

Luke: You know, the bike path is covered with snow, and it's 40 degrees out there, so --

Summer: All right. Ok, we'll take it from a different direction. You've spent time with your daughter before. What did she enjoy?

Luke: Hmm. Well, I used to take her ice fishing. She seemed to like that. She was pretty good at it, too. She got very thrilled every time she caught a fish. She'd run home and show her mother.

Summer: Then do it again.

Luke: Well, I'm thinking maybe she'd outgrown that.

Summer: You know, my best memories with my father were helping him work on the cars. I just really enjoyed sharing something that I knew was, you know, special to him.

Luke: Hmm.

Summer: Lulu doesn't care what she's doing, as long as she's with you. You're her daddy. She loves you the way you are.

Luke: I don't know. My fathering skills are pretty lame. Just ask Lucky.

Summer: I have to get going.

Luke: What, are you kidding? You didn't even finish your coffee.

Summer: Oh --

Luke: How about a sandwich? Or maybe some scrambled eggs with salsa?

Summer: No, no, no. Later. Another time. Have fun ice fishing with Lulu.

Luke: Yeah. All right, see you.

Scott: I've been doing my homework on multiple personalities. I found out all kinds of good stuff. The legal term is dissociative identity disorder, or D.I.D.

Alexis: I'm very impressed.

Scott: So if you're thinking of pulling the insanity card, I will take you apart in court. And your daughter will visit you in the nut house.

Cameron: Well, this is low even for you.

Scott: Just laying out the facts.

Cameron: No, you're bullying Alexis with a worst-case scenario you've pulled out of thin air.

Scott: Well, the worst-case scenario may become a reality here.

Cameron: You need to do a little more research because you don't know what you're talking about. You can't just arbitrarily say that you're going to put away a mentally ill person.

Scott: Well, if the mentally ill person decides to defend themselves, you bet I can.

Cameron: You're just scared witless because you know Alexis can run rings around you in a court of law.

Scott: Have you seen me in the courtroom?

Cameron: Your reputation precedes you.

Scott: Well, then you're aware of my prowess.

Cameron: What I'm aware of is that you need a conviction this time or you're going to be a laughingstock, so you're pulling every underhanded maneuver you can think of.

Scott: I'm not pulling any maneuvers here.

Cameron: Then leave my patient alone.

Alexis: I'll see you in the courtroom.

Scott: I'm looking forward to it.

Cameron: Don't let him get to you.

Alexis: I don't know anything about this. I have no experience with D.I.D., or whatever it's called.

Cameron: Well, I do. You're not alone in this, Alexis.

Alexis: I'm trying very hard not to let him scare me. But the truth is, I'm terrified. What if Kristina gets taken away from me? What if she grows up without me?

Cameron: It's not going to happen. I promise.

Faith: So, what, all of a sudden you're too good for me?

Ned: Let's get this straight. I will do anything to protect my daughter from the people who live in your world, and that includes you.

Faith: Well, you live in my world. That started when you asked me for help.

Ned: That's business. My private life is separate.

Faith: Really? Is it business when you come knocking on my door at night for a roll in the sack?

Ned: It's business for both of us, and you know it. Now, the term of our deal is the same. I pay, you bring down Sonny, and none of it -- none of it -- touches the rest of my life.

Faith: Ok.

Sonny: Carly didn't tell me what?

Carly: We just had a meeting this morning, but if it's a problem, I mean, I can come back later.

Sonny: No, no, I got somewhere I got to be anyway. You guys can get back to your business stuff. We'll work on that project later, right?

Carly: Yeah, ok.

Sonny: All right. See you then.

Carly: Love you.

Ric: So, what -- what project is Sonny talking about?

Carly: It's personal.

Ric: Well, I mean, if it's something to do with, you know, some legal thing I can handle --

Carly: It's none of your business, Ric.

Ric: You know, is it my imagination, or is Sonny starting to thaw to me a little bit? Do I have you to thank for that?

Carly: I have not tried to make you look good to Sonny again, and I will not.

Ric: Well, he does need a good attorney.

Carly: Ric, I tried pushing you on Sonny once before, and it backfired. Ok? He got all suspicious. He wanted to know what my agenda was, so I'm done.

Ric: Well, but maybe you could subtlely hint as to, you know --

Carly: Oh, I see. We're back to that now?

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Carly: We're back to blackmail. If I don't subtlely hint to Sonny that you should be his attorney, you're going to tell him about our night in the motel. Is that the deal, Ric? Tell me what you're thinking here.

Ric: I think you're looking at this in the wrong way, all right? There's no reason to dredge up that particular night. It's not going to do either of us any good. The fact is that nobody's going to be able to protect Sonny's interests the way I can.

Carly: Yeah, well, he'd need to trust you.

Ric: Now, look, I have done enough legal work for Sonny already, ok? I got the evidence that proved Jason and Brenda were innocent of Alcazar's murder. I also got Sonny and Jason released from the PCPD, all right? I have proven myself that I am good at what I do. So I'm merely suggesting that if some sort of crisis happens to arise, that you can tell Sonny that I'm the solution. Everybody gets what they want.

Jason: I'm not going to put you in danger.

Courtney: It doesn't matter. I just want to help.

Jason: I'm not going to let you get hurt.

Jason: You said Faith Rosco might've been the one behind your abduction. Ok, one of her men is a guy named Fowler, and he's going to be coming through here any minute.

Courtney: So we confront him --

Jason: No, there's no -- there's no "we." All I want you to do is tell me if he's familiar, if he's one of the guys who grabbed you. That's it. Then you leave. You got it?

Courtney: All right.

Jason: Ok, we're just going to stay here until he shows up.

Courtney: I miss you.

Jason: Don't, Courtney.

Courtney: Why, Jason? I'm just being honest. It's hard for me to be this close to you without being able to touch you.

Jason: Courtney --

Courtney: All I can think about is when you kissed me at that cabin and told me why you love me.

Jason: If I could do this without you, I would.

Courtney: Just forget about getting revenge.

Jason: No, I can't. I can't because they could hurt you.

Courtney: But they didn't. Why don't you just let it go, at least for now? Come on, let's just go back to the loft. I am so sick of pretending that we don't mean anything to each other. That's the one. That's him.

Jason: Ok. I want you to go.

Courtney: You going to be all right?

Jason: Yes, I'm going to be all right.

Courtney: What if he has a gun, Jason?

Jason: You need to get going right now. I know what I'm doing.

Ned: How are you feeling?

Alexis: Not good. First of all, your girlfriend had her hands all over my child.

Ned: I've taken care of that.

Alexis: And then Scott came in here.

Ned: Well, you know Baldwin's full of hot air.

Alexis: He threatened to put me in the psych ward for the rest of my life.

Ned: Well, it's not going to happen. Jax and I will make sure that it doesn't. We will hire the best doctors you can find, and we'll make sure that they can convince any jury that you cannot be held accountable for this murder. And we'll also hire the best defense lawyer we can find.

Alexis: Maybe I ought to defend myself.

Ned: Maybe you ought to just concentrate on just getting well.

Alexis: I'm trying. That's exactly what I'm trying to do.

Ned: The less you have to worry about, the better. Which is why I'm here.

Alexis: What do you mean?

Ned: I want to take Kristina home today.

Alexis: No. No. You can't.

Alan: This seat taken?

Skye: Well -- ahem -- that depends. Are we going to have another halfhearted attempt at our father/daughter bonding, or are you going to lecture me, addict to addict, about not being back on the program? Because if you are, I can think of much better things to do. A root canal comes to mind.

Alan: Well, you know how I feel about your drinking. And I certainly know that anything I may have to say has no influence over you whatsoever.

Skye: Well, all right. Then by all means, please sit. Breakfast is on me.

Alan: Thank you, thank you. Am I allowed to ask how you're doing?

Skye: Better than I was a month ago. Let's see -- Brenda's gone, Jax didn't marry her, I didn't kill Alcazar, and everyone knows it. I'm fresh out of reasons to be a self-destructive mess.

Alan: Well, I'm glad to hear it.

Skye: The only problem is, why do I still feel like I lost everything in the world that matters to me?

[knock on door]

Ric: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Ric: Oh, I caught you in the middle of work. I'll come back later.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no. Please, please, come on in. My creative flow is coming down to a trickle, so I will use you as my excuse to procrastinate.

Ric: Good. Here, for you.

Elizabeth: What's the occasion?

Ric: It's nothing, I just -- I saw it and I thought about you.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God.

Ric: Yeah.

Elizabeth: These are the top artists working today. Did I tell you I was looking for this?

Ric: Um, Lucky guess.

Elizabeth: Oh, wow. This is unbelievable. Let me see --

Ric: Right there in the back, I think.

Elizabeth: Do you know that this -- this woman, she has a show at the Whitney in New York? I've got to try to get down and see it. God, Ric, this is just -- this is amazing. I can't believe you bought this for me.

Ric: It's all right, it's my pleasure.

Elizabeth: Thank you. I love it.

Ric: See, by the look on your face, I can tell you're telling the truth. You don't hide your feelings very well, especially how you felt when you saw me with that gun the other day.

Elizabeth: You know, I should've never barged into your room, and I'm really sorry.

Ric: No, no, no. Look, I'm an attorney, all right, not a street thug. I saw that look on your face when I had the gun. I -- I just felt terrible that I had frightened you.

Elizabeth: I wasn't scared of you. I was scared for you.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: What you got?

Sonny: Greg's been doing some research for me.

Carly: Yeah? Business or personal?

Sonny: Kind of a little of both, but it doesn't really interest you.

Carly: I'll be the judge of that.

Sonny: Oh, no, no, no --

Carly: Hey, business is off-limits, I know. But personal, I'm interested in.

Sonny: Yeah, well, so am I. That's why I came back, so we can, you know -

Carly: What?

Sonny: Get back to work, you know what I mean?

Carly: Oh, so it is work for you now, huh?

Sonny: Well, you know, it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

Carly: So you really wouldn't care, huh?

Sonny: What?

Carly: One way or another if we made a baby or not?

Sonny: Well, you know better than that. You know, if I let myself hope, then, you know, there's nothing I would want more in the world.

Carly: So do you want a boy or a girl?

Sonny: Well, you know, I mean, I -- I'd like to have a son and I'd love to have a daughter.

Carly: Yeah, that's a diplomatic answer, Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Did it work for you?

Carly: Hmm. I don't know. If you -- if we had a boy, you and Michael and he would always be out, alone together without me, doing boy things, going to action movies full of explosions and --

Sonny: Well, that sounds great to me.

Carly: No.

Sonny: No?

Carly: Because, you know, you'd be a sucker for a daughter.

Sonny: I'd spoil her rotten?

Carly: She'd have you so wrapped around her little finger.

Sonny: I would love her, and I would show her by example what a -- how a man should be.

Carly: Every little girl should have a dad like you.

Sonny: She'd have your beauty, your spirit, and I would never let life knock her down or hurt the way you were.

Carly: Well, I mostly hurt myself. Not anymore, though. Because now that I have you, I want us to share the most special gift that two people can share. I want a baby of our own.

Jason: Fowler.

Fowler: Well, well. Jason Morgan.

Jason: You kidnapped Courtney on Faith Roscoe's orders. That wasn't very smart.

Fowler: Did I?

Jason: What does she want?

Fowler: Faith figured Sonny Corinthos needs a little reality check. He's so convinced you're a loyal soldier. What did he think when he found you shacked up with his sister?

Jason: You can tell Faith she made a mistake. So did you. You disappear, or I'll make it happen.

Fowler: You're a trained dog, Morgan. Sonny tells you to dump his sister, and you do it, no questions asked. Me? I could've never left that sweet little blonde piece of tail --

Courtney: Jason, stop! You're going to kill him!

Jason: Courtney, get out of here!

Courtney: Stop!

Taggert: Morgan, Morgan, Morgan, step back. Come on.

Fowler: He's crazy. I was just walking by, and he attacked me for no reason.

Courtney: No, no, that's a lie. You have no idea what this guy did to me.

Taggert: Are you going to tell me what happened?

Jason: Go home. You have nothing to do with this.

Taggert: You got something to say, now's the time. Otherwise, I'm placing Morgan under arrest. Unless you can tell me you saw something that tells me why he assaulted this guy.

Taggert: Take Fowler down to interrogation, take his statement.

Taggert: Fowler -- Faith Roscoe's main man. Tensions were escalating between Faith and Sonny, so we had him under surveillance. Bad luck for you. You decided to jump him with the whole police force watching. Of course, I could help you change that luck if you tell me why it happened. Right now there's only one person under arrest and that's you. I'd be happy to arrest Fowler. Give me something I could use. Nothing to say. Well, I guess I'll just have to bring in Sonny's little sister --

Jason: She doesn't know anything.

Taggert: For a long night of interrogation.

Jason: She doesn't know anything.

Taggert: Really? You could've fooled me because what was that she said when Fowler was saying you attacked him for no reason -- "you don't know what he did"?

Jason: He's lying, Taggert. You saw that.

Taggert: Courtney kept her mouth shut because she knows you wanted her to. It's obvious she has feelings for you. My guess is she'll do whatever it takes to keep you out of jail.

Jason: You leave her out of this.

Taggert: She's a nice kid. I really don't want to bring her in for questioning unless I have to. Well, it looks like it's up to you. You could save her from a lot of unpleasantness or maybe even keep her out of jail. Ball's in your court, Anger Boy. Cooperate with us or it's going to get ugly.

Courtney: Jason got me to identify the guy who abducted me. His name's Fowler. He works for Faith Rosco. Anyhow, Jason started to attack him, and then I -- I went in to stop him and --

Sonny: You should not have been there, Courtney.

Courtney: Ok, Jason told me to leave after I pointed Fowler out --

Sonny: Then why didn't you?

Courtney: Well, it's lucky I didn't. Sonny, Jason was furious. I thought he was going to kill the guy. God, so I ran out to stop him and -- you know, otherwise he'd be arrested for murder right now.

Sonny: Jason knows when to stop.

Courtney: No, no, not this time. I've never seen him so angry before, Sonny. He was out of control.

Sonny: Why? What set him off?

Courtney: I'm not sure. I don't know.

Sonny: You don't know?

Carly: Ok, ok, ok, ok. You know, this really isn't important right now. What we need to do, we need to focus on getting Jason out. Let me call Ric. He got you and Jason out on Christmas Eve with just one phone call to a friend.

Sonny: I would rather find somebody else.

Carly: Sonny, I know you have your reservations, but do you really want to waste time trying to find another attorney? It's Jason we're talking about. Just let Ric handle it.

Elizabeth: It just threw me when I saw you with the gun because you seemed so different from Sonny and Jason.

Ric: I am.

Elizabeth: Then I don't get it. If the violence goes against your nature, why are you trying so hard to break into Sonny's world? It's dangerous, sometimes deadly, and all it seems to do is cause people pain.

Ric: Don't worry about me.

Elizabeth: Too late. I already do.

Ric: You know, you're a good person, Elizabeth. If I was half as good as you were, I would walk away from you right now.

Elizabeth: Well, what if being left alone is the last thing I want?

[phone rings]

[Ric groans]

Ric: Excuse me.

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Ric: Yeah. Ric Lansing.

Lucky: Now you keep showing up wherever I am?

Summer: What do you mean?

Lucky: That little scene at Kelly's. You know I live upstairs. Why would you go there to meet my dad?

Summer: I didn't actually go there to see Luke. I went there to see you. I feel bad about the way we left things.

Lucky: No, you know what? Save it. The truth is you get off lying to my dad and forcing me to do the same.

Summer: You think that I like this?

Lucky: I think it's worked out better than you could've ever imagined. Now I can't tell my father the truth without admitting how long I've been holding out on him.

Summer: I never had any plans for this. I'm not the bad guy here.

Lucky: No. You're just a hooker, working both me and my father. I swear if you do anything to hurt him, you will regret it.

Scott: Hey, Lucky. What are you doing?

Alexis: You can't take the baby out of here.

Ned: She's ready to go home and she has been for some time.

Alexis: Her home is with me, Ned, and I happen to be here right now.

Ned: I know. You're in a hospital right now. We don't know for how long.

Alexis: I can't believe that you would try to take advantage of the situation.

Ned: I am not trying to take advantage of the situation. I'm trying to do what's best for this child. Ok, this child doesn't need to be in a hospital nursery anymore. She needs to be home in a loving home with one of her parents.

Alexis: What, are you going to take her to the gatehouse and let Faith baby-sit?

Ned: Faith will not be babysitting her.

Alexis: That woman was in this room with my daughter in her arms! I don't know how you could've let that happen.

Ned: I didn't. Ok, the nurse let her pick her up. I wasn't there.

Alexis: You should've been there. If you can't protect her in here, how can I expect --

Ned: I have told Faith that she's never allowed to be near her again.

Alexis: She's capable of anything, Ned.

Ned: I will do anything to protect this child. You know that.

Alexis: Do I?

Ned: So what is this really about?

Alexis: I'm her mother. She needs to be with me.

Ned: I know. I understand. But I also understand why a child needs two parents, and this is exactly why you're in a hospital. I can take care of her at home.

Alexis: I'm her mother. Please don't do this to me.

Ned: You have a serious condition, and the doctors have told me that you are incapable of behaving rationally when you're feeling threatened.

Alexis: You know very well that I would never, ever hurt her. You know that, Ned.

Ned: Well, this is proof that you're not being rational because why would you choose a cold, impersonal hospital over a loving home for your child?

Alexis: I'm her mother. It is best that she is with me.

Ned: And you need time to get well. You need time to get better.

Alexis: You know that I would never hurt her, Ned. Everything that I've done has been for my daughter.

Alexis: Thank God you're here.

Cameron: What happened?

Alexis: Ned is going to sign Kristina out of the hospital. He's going to take her home with him.

Cameron: Now, calm down.

Alexis: I can't, I can't. How can I stay calm knowing that he's going to take my daughter away from me?

Cameron: He's not, Alexis.

Alexis: Yes, he is, and he's going to take her from me and I'm not going to be able to see her anymore.

Cameron: Alexis, I'm sure he'll agree to bring her by on a regular basis.

Alexis: I need her here with me. She needs to be here with me at the hospital.

Cameron: She's ready to be released, Alexis. He's only thinking about what's best for her.

Alexis: He's trying to take Kristina away from me. And don't look at me like I'm crazy because I couldn't be more lucid right now if I tried.

Cameron: But you are overreacting.

Alexis: No, I'm not.

Cameron: Well, I'll talk to him. But I warn you, he's within his rights.

Alexis: Please find a way to try to stop him.

Cameron: Alexis, even if he agrees to leave Kristina here, that's not going to put you any closer to being reunited with her. The only way to do that is to focus on your therapy.

Alexis: Ok, fine. Fine. Where do I start?

Cameron: I want you to look at this photograph. Concentrate on the difference between you and Kristina, the fact that you and Kristina were two different people.

Alexis: I know that we are.

Cameron: I know you know. But you have to absorb it so completely that Kristina will never re-emerge. That's the only way you're going to get better and move on with your life.

Alexis: What if being crazy is the only way out?

Skye: The most surprising part is I don't hate Jax. I should. You know me. Even more than alcohol, I'm addicted to revenge. When someone hurts me, I want to pay them back. I want them to suffer. I thought that's what I wanted to do to Jax, but the truth is I care about him more than I ever did. So tell me, Daddy, what's more ridiculous -- the fury of a woman scorned or that same woman still drawn to the very man who scorned her?

Alan: Well, now is the time for me to give you some wise advice. You see, love isn't supposed to make you miserable. It's supposed to fill up your life, not plunge you into darkness. But I am hardly the person to tell you that seeing as Monica has made me miserable most of my life and continues to do so. But what I do know for sure is that you deserve to be happy. You deserve to come first. And if Jax is not the man who can do that, you need to move on and find someone who can.

Scott: You know, Lucky, you better work on your pickup lines.

Lucky: You know what? Butt out, Baldwin. You don't know what's going on here.

Scott: Yeah, I do. You know, she went through a lot with Senator Jordan. I don't think she needs any more trouble from someone that's supposed to be her friend.

Lucky: What, like you, right? You know what, why don't you go for it. What the hell? You two deserve each other.

Scott: Oh, you know what, you're a fool, Lucky. Can I get you some coffee? Let's go.

Sonny: You all right?

Jason: Yeah, I'm fine.

Sonny: We're going to get you out of here.

Jason: Not Lansing. No way.

Sonny: He got you out before.

Jason: Didn't trust him then, don't trust him now. I will wait for another attorney.

Sonny: I want you released now.

Jason: I don't want to owe him.

Sonny: He's not doing me any favors. I'm paying him to do it.

Jason: You don't know his motives, Sonny.

Sonny: This is not up for debate. Ric can do the job. Do what you got to do.

Ric: I have a couple questions first.

Jason: What?

Ric: Well, what exactly did Taggert see?

Jason: Two guys fighting.

Ric: Mm-hmm. Did you have a weapon of any kind?

Jason: No, but I wanted to kill him. Can you use that?

Sonny: How long is this going to take?

Ric: I'll have him out in five minutes.

Jason: You know what's going to happen, don't you? He's going to bring Courtney into this.

Sonny: Well, it looks like you already made sure of that.

Cameron: I've testified twice in cases involving dissociative identity disorder.

Alexis: What were the verdicts?

Cameron: The defendants were exonerated both times.

Alexis: Were there any crucial factors in making that happen?

Cameron: Besides my charm? I made sure that the defendants' conditions were documented and accurately conveyed to the jury.

Alexis: I'm glad that you have experience with this because I don't have any. Would you recommend the lawyers that you worked with?

Cameron: I'll look into my files, get back to you.

Alexis: Cameron? Thank you. I feel a lot better knowing that you're in my corner.

Cameron: Good. So relax. I'm sure when I present the circumstances of your illness to the jury, you'll do minimum time.

Alexis: Minimum time? I don't plan on spending one night in jail.

Luke: What's the problem?

Lucky: You know what, don't ask questions unless you want to hear the answer.

Scott: Ah. So, you're welcome for the help.

Summer: You know, Lucky's just -- he's just a little upset.

Scott: Yeah, well, you know, Lucky -- he thought you were the cat's meow. And I'm thinking to myself, why the switcheroo? And I got a theory.

Summer: I'm sure you do, but can we please change the subject?

Scott: Just humor me, ok? Just -- you see, Lucky's father, Luke -- he's going through a tough time right now. He's been chasing after this girl that reminds him of his wife. Beautiful, blue-eyed, blonde, smart. Now, everybody just thought it was a figment of his imagination. And then she just showed up, right as he was about to take a dive off of the hospital roof. That girl's you. Right? And the tension between you and Lucky is because you were dating Luke, and now you've switched over to Lucky. Am I getting warm?

Courtney: Oh, Sonny is so wrong. I mean, he orders people around, forcing them to do things against their own will, and then he finds fault in everybody but himself.

Carly: Well, he wants you to be safe.

Courtney: Carly, I was honest with him. I told him everything that happened down at the docks and he grilled me on every single detail. He came down on Jason and criticized me --

Carly: He was right. You should've left when Jason told you to.

Courtney: Yeah, but I didn't, ok? And it kept Jason from beating the guy to death.

Carly: And why was he so angry, Courtney? Why was Jason angry? Was he defending you, maybe?

Courtney: How does Sonny react when someone trashes you, Carly?

Carly: That's not the point.

Courtney: Jason's hurt and angry because he has to stay away from me. I mean, can you blame him? He's a human. He has feelings, too.

Carly: I know that you love Jason, Courtney, but this is not the way to go about showing it. You made things worse for him.

Courtney: You would do just about anything for the person you love. I was worried about Jason. I had a right to stay. God, it is my life. I get to make my own decisions, and now Sonny and Jason think they have to choose for me. What about what I want?

Carly: Jason.

Courtney: I love him, Carly, and no one's going to stop me.

Ric: You're looking at the most powerful man in Port Charles.

Fowler: I know who Sonny Corinthos is.

Ric: Yeah, then you also know that he's the husband of the woman that you drugged. How long do you think you would live if I told Sonny about that?

Jason: Courtney I.D.'d Fowler. I told her to leave and then I questioned him.

Sonny: He came after you?

Jason: No, I hit him first.

Sonny: Why?

Jason: Because the guy abducted Courtney. That's why.

Sonny: Well, he needed a warning. You got reckless.

Jason: No, a point needed to be made so he didn't do it again.

Sonny: You see how big of a problem this has become? My enemies are exploiting your relationship with my sister. She's in constant danger and you're not thinking clearly.

Jason: I've told Courtney that I can't be with her. I've turned my back on her. I've shut her out of my life. What more do you want from me?

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