GH Transcript Tuesday 2/25/03


General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 2/25/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Lucky: We have to talk.

Summer: Luke and lucky -- they're father and son?

Scott: She confessed to murder!

Alexis: He needs to arrest me.

Jason: All I think about is being with you.

Carly: You set the whole thing up.

Faith: Set what up?

Sonny: You're going to get my sister killed if you keep this up.

Summer: Did I just hear you right? Luke is Lucky's father?

Nikolas: That's good. The wide-eyed innocent act. Don't waste your skills on me, ok, because I'm not buying. And don't expect me or anyone else to believe that you can get as close to Lucky as you did without bothering to ask his last name, all right?

Summer: Well, it's true. Do you think I would have gone out with both Lucky and his father intentionally?

Nikolas: I don't believe you, neither does Lucky, and Luke won't, either, once Lucky tells him what you're really about, which is probably happening right now, more or less.

Lucky: I'm not upset that you actually found comfort and took it. I'm actually glad that Summer came along. If for no other reason, she helped pull you out of the water before you went under. I mean, nothing else we seemed to try to do helped, so --

Luke: Well, see, Cowboy, the thing is that I was pretty much out of my head with fear and grief. And to be around you, your sister, Lesley, anybody that loves Laura and helped us share our life together, it was, I don't know, more than I could handle, I guess. I'm not very proud of that. But anyway, one cold night, Summer stepped in front of a car and everything changed. Here was a stranger, who had no connection to my past, and she seemed to understand me and the pain I was going through, and she didn't run from it, and she helped me. She really helped me get through some of the madness.

Lucky: You know what -- that doesn't mean that she doesn't have an ulterior motive.

Luke: Why would you say something like that?

Man: Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos, I apologize for the incident earlier. I was just coming on duty, but I want you to know that woman will never be allowed in this club again.

Carly: Well, thanks, Charlie.

Sonny: You got something to tell me?

Carly: No, it wasn't a big deal.

Sonny: What? What woman?

Carly: Faith Rosco.

Sonny: What did she want?

Carly: Well, who knows? She came here talking her trash like she always does, and I got rid of her. End of story.

Sonny: Did she threaten you?

Carly: Do you know that she claims to be related to Catherine, the woman who first owned this place?

Sonny: Yeah? How?

Carly: She says she's her grandmother.

Sonny: Yeah, right. That's a coincidence.

Carly: Yeah, well, anyway, she thinks it entitles her to be able to just breeze in here whenever she feels like it, but I set her straight.

Sonny: She's getting bolder.

Carly: What do you mean?

Sonny: She was behind Courtneyís so-called abduction. It was a setup to get Jason and Courtney in a compromising position so when I walked in, I'd see it.

Carly: I told you. Didn't I tell you that you had nothing to worry about, that there is no way Jason would be so disloyal as to go behind your back and take Courtney to the mountains just to get around you?

Sonny: Are we going to get into this again?

Carly: You ordered Jason to give up Courtney, and I think it --

Sonny: Shh. I don't think -- I don't think for Jason. I presented a scenario. He did what he thought was right to keep Courtney safe. You understand what I'm saying?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: So nothing you do or she says is going to change his mind.

Carly: Ok, now you need to understand something -- Jasonís strongest belief is that people have the right to make their own choices and take their own risks. And Courtney loving him is her risk to take, and as soon as he realizes that, they are going to be together, and you're going to need to find a way to accept it.

Courtney: Whatever you need, just tell me. I'll do whatever you want, Jason.

Jason: I'm going to make you remember you said that.

Courtney: All that matters is that we trust each other. We can find our way from there together.

Jason: It's not going to happen.

Courtney: Would you stop saying that?

Jason: You got grabbed right outside of your work, Courtney.

Courtney: Yeah, but, Jason, I am fine now.

Jason: Yeah, that's because Faith Rosco didn't intend to hurt you. That was about making me look bad for Sonny. The next time --

Courtney: There won't be a next time, ok? I won't let anyone use me to make trouble for you.

Jason: You're not going to have a choice! When you least expect it, someone could grab you and take you away and kill you because of me and Sonny and what we do for a living. Don't you understand? Do you understand that I couldn't -- I couldn't live with that? Just say that you'll go to college and that you'll start your life over away from me.

Nurse: Alexis Davis?

Alexis: Hi. Could you do me a favor and bring Dr. Lewis in here so I can talk to him about visitation with my daughter?

Nurse: I'll notify the doctor as soon as we get you settled.

Alexis: I would get settled more easily if I knew what kind of access I had to my baby.

Scott: Nurse, this patient is dangerous. She's a confessed murderer and attacked me with a deadly weapon. Restrain her.

Nurse: I was just about to take care of that.

Alexis: Please -- please don't do that. I don't need them. I'm all right.

Scott: If you don't do it, I'll report you to the chief of staff.

Nurse: No need for threats, Mr. Baldwin.

Alexis: No, nurse. Please, you don't understand. Please, please don't put those on me. Please, it would make me really uncomfortable, and I would really appreciate it [as Kristina] if you don't put those on me. I don't want to have the restraints. Don't come anywhere near me with those. You get out! You're not going to win, you know. You're not going to lock her up, and you're not going to take my --

Scott: Orderly? Orderly, get in here.

Alexis: I said no. I said no! No! Donít.

Cameron: All right! I want everyone to back off and leave her alone. Now! Alexis is my patient. I say what happens to her and what doesn't. And what definitely will not happen is relentless harassment from the D.A.

Scott: Oh, I have a right to question the suspect.

Cameron: You have no rights here, Baldwin. In this hospital, I get to play God. Now, you can leave voluntarily, or it will be my intense pleasure to have you thrown out.

Scott: You I don't like.

Cameron: Alexis?

Alexis: [As herself] I don't remember what happened. I asked to see you, and then Scott came in.

Cameron: There was a misunderstanding. Everything's fine now. You can leave.

Alexis: I am trying to stay calm and rational so that nothing happens to me. It was the restraints. Are they necessary?

Cameron: Well, yeah, unfortunately, they are, at least for tonight, but I have an idea, an exercise, if you will.

Alexis: Ok.

Cameron: Trust me to put the restraints on you. If we can do it without Kristina emerging, it'll be a good first step toward managing your illness and getting you out of here.

Alexis: Ok.

Cameron: Now, you'll have to work really hard to concentrate. Just keep saying to yourself you're ok. We'll see what happens.

Alexis: They won't use this to keep me away from my little girl?

Cameron: No, don't worry. I'll make sure you see your daughter. Are you ready?

Alexis: Yeah. I'm ok. It's going to be ok. I'm ok.

Skye: You sure this is a good idea? Maybe Alexis wouldn't want Ned to know.

Jax: Well, they may be at each other's throats at the moment, but Alexis is in a lot of trouble, and Ned and her have a lot of history, including their child. So he needs to know.

Ned: Jax, Skye. Would you like to join us?

Jax: Actually, I need to speak with you in private.

Taggert: Oh, look at this. How convenient. All the interested parties gathered together in a fascinating little clump.

Jax: What do you want, Taggert?

Taggert: First, I got a question for you -- what's the mob widow doing hobnobbing with the Port Charles power elite? Or maybe you people didn't know. Ms. Rosco is running a budding criminal operation.

Faith: Prove it.

Ned: Just tell us what you want.

Taggert: There's been another arrest in the Alcazar murder trial, and this time we're positive we have the real killer.

Ned: Well, that's a nice change.

Taggert: As a matter of fact, it's your ex-fiancťe.

Ned: Alexis.

Taggert: Yeah.

Ned: You guys have really lost it.

Taggert: Ask her. Ms. Davis made a full confession to District Attorney Baldwin. She's going down for this one.

Sonny: You think I enjoyed pressuring Jason into staying away from Courtney, breaking my sister's heart, especially since we started getting close?

Carly: No, I don't think that you enjoy it, Sonny, but --

Sonny: I did what I know is right.

Carly: Yeah, I know the drill -- protect the helpless, defenseless little women. Do you have any idea what a raving chauvinist you are? Why can't you just respect that it's a woman's right to decide what risks she wants to take? You certainly do. You know -- look, we need to agree to disagree on this one because I don't want to fight with you anymore.

Sonny: Fine with me.

Carly: Maybe we should choose a different topic, something that just involves us, like extending our family. Aren't we supposed to be trying to make a baby?

Sonny: Well, see, that's the problem, because, you know, we shouldn't be having to work on it. We should just enjoy each other, and if a baby happens, it's a gift. Hmm?

Carly: Yeah. Would you rather that we didn't try to get pregnant right now?

Sonny: There's nothing on this earth I would rather have than having a baby with you. But it scares me. It's like more happiness than Iím meant to have.

Carly: I understand. Ok, sometimes I feel like I don't deserve to be happy because of all the things that Iíve done wrong in my life.

Sonny: Yeah, but all the wrongs are behind us now. It's not that we're perfect, but you know --

Carly: No, we're not perfect, but we're certainly not boring, either.

Sonny: Never a dull moment, right?

Carly: Yeah. And do you know what, we're perfect for each other --

Sonny: Right.

Carly: And we're going to be perfect for a child, when he or she decides to show up, and that's all that matters.

Sonny: I guess.

Carly: Yeah. You better know.

Jason: Well, you told me you were a good student. All you got to do is go to college and you can open all kinds of doors for yourself.

Courtney: So Iíll be far away and it'll be easier for you to forget me. Is that how it's supposed to work?

Jason: All I know is I can't keep doing this.

Courtney: Then stop. Jason, just stop fighting me and stop fighting yourself. God, we love each other. Ok, we make each other happy. Why isn't that enough?

Jason: Do you really not understand this? I will not be the reason you die. Being with me puts you in constant danger, and that -- it drives me crazy. I can't -- I can't do my job. I can't think. I worry about you. Now, you said you would do anything for me, that you love me that much. Stop fighting me and just go.

Courtney: Jason --

Jason: Fine, you know what? If you're not going to do it, I will. I won't come back for you again. I'm done.

Lucky: You were hurting, Dad. You were probably more vulnerable than you've ever been. You weren't seeing things clearly.

Luke: Well, that's the point, Cowboy. She was the only thing that made sense.

Luke: But that's what you experienced, but what about Summer? Why did she respond to you?

Lucky: Oh, I don't know. Maybe she goes for older guys with average looks, a little charm, and great taste in music.

Luke: Well, you weren't showing much of that around Christmas. I mean, you had a serious problem. People who loved you were scared. Why wouldn't a woman whom you just met -- why wouldn't she go running off in any other direction?

Luke: She did several times, as a matter of fact.

Lucky: But in the end, she let you find her.

Luke: In the end, she talked me off a ledge. Why are you so suspicious of a woman you've never even met? Your ears must be burning. I was just telling my son about you.

Luke: Summer, this is my son, Lucky. Lucky, Summer.

Lucky: Nice to meet you, Summer. I've been hearing a lot about you.

Summer: All good, I hope.

Luke: Well, coming from me, what do you expect? Well, this is awkward.

Lucky: You don't know the half of it.

Summer: You know, Luke told me that he had a son, but he never mentioned your name. Lucky is a very unusual name. I would have remembered that one.

Luke: Yeah, well, his actual name is Lucas Lorenzo Spencer II, but we called him Lucky because he got his mother's hair. I was just telling my son about you and telling him what a good friend you've been. But being a Spencer, he jumped to the conclusion that you have a hidden agenda. So now I guess it's up to somebody to convince him otherwise.

Cameron: Well, you did fine. I know it's a little frightening, but that's understandable under the circumstances. The good thing is Scott agreeing to have you hospitalized is a step in the right direction. It implies that he agrees with my diagnosis -- that you do have disassociate identity disorder.

Alexis: Great. That ought to work really well when I have to plead guilty by reason of insanity.

Cameron: You're a strong woman, Alexis, probably stronger than you realize. I've seen your determination firsthand more than once.

Alexis: I think you've referred to that as stubborn and obstinate.

Cameron: Yeah, all of the above. And that's a good thing. You're going to need every one of those annoying traits now. You just work on staying in control. I'll take care of the rest.

Alexis: I believe that you will.

Cameron: Well, hang on to that. I'll be around if you need me.

Scott: Thank you.

Cameron: Why are you still here? Haven't you done enough damage for one night?

Scott: Just doing my job.

Cameron: This is a hospital, Baldwin, not a police station. Your browbeating tactics won't fly here.

Ned: I just heard about Alexis. How is she?

Cameron: Now she's ok, but our esteemed D.A. isn't helping matters.

Jax: You'd better be treating Alexis with the respect she deserves.

Scott: You know, if I was you, Iíd worry less about her mental state and more about her legal status. She confessed to killing Alcazar, which means that she's going away.

Jax: That's if this confession holds up in court. It's obvious Alexis wasn't in her right mind.

Scott: Well, that's for a judge and a jury to decide.

Cameron: Well, it won't be decided tonight. I'm not going to let you back into Alexis' room just so you can exploit her condition in furtherance of your mediocre political career.

Scott: I'd be careful if I were you. For a medical professional, you're starting to cross the line here. I would hate to think that your objectivity is being blurred here because of your personal feelings for Alexis. We can't have that if you're going to be an expert witness, now, can we?

Carly: Jason. Wait. You look like you've been hit by a truck. What happened with Courtney?

Jason: Nothing happened. Nothing's going to happen. Don't mention Courtney to me again, please.

Sonny: You know what -- I'm glad you're here. We got some things to go over.

Carly: Well, I'm going to get out of your way, because it's obvious that Jasonís upset, which means he probably had a fight with Courtney, so I'm going to go check on her and see how she's doing now that she's had her heart stomped on again.

Sonny: Is she right? You and Courtney had a fight?

Jason: No. I just asked her to leave town.

Sonny: She agreed?

Jason: She tried to fight for us, but I think Courtney finally understands that Iím not going to be coming back to her.

[knock on door]

Carly: Hey. I just saw Jason. He looked like his heart had been sliced open. I thought you might be in bad shape, too.

Courtney: You know, Carly, I just -- I don't know what to do anymore. I have tried every way I know how to get Jason to realize how much I love him, you know? I mean, that all that matters to me is being with him, and I just -- I can't get through.

Carly: It's frustrating, isn't it?

Courtney: Jason swears that he'll never come back to me. I'm starting to believe it.

Carly: So, are you going to give up?

Courtney: I don't see what other choice I have, you know. I mean, he was just here, Carly. I tried to touch his face, and he shook me off like I was just some stranger. God, he just -- he can seen how devastated I was, and he didn't care. He just walked out.

Carly: Of course he cares. Courtney --

Courtney: You know, I thought that when I realized my own husband had stalked me that hurt. Boy, was I wrong. That was like practice for this. You know, there's just a simple truth that I need to face -- maybe Jason doesn't love me the way that I love him.

Sonny: I'm sure we have Ned and Faith to thank for Courtneyís so-called kidnapping. They are testing me, seeing how far they can push me without having to resort to open warfare. They're hoping I won't retaliate like a couple of spoiled kids. Now, this should prove to you that my enemies, no matter how civilized they are, they will use Courtney as a weapon against me and, by extension, you. Now, we got away with it this time because we're dealing with amateurs, but next time, you know, it could be --

Jason: You think I haven't tortured myself over and over with that thought? You don't think I've tried to make Courtney understand? I asked her to leave town. I don't know what else you expect from me.

Sonny: You think Iím not sorry?

Jason: Well, what else do you want me to do?

Sonny: Do you think Iím not sorry?

Ric: Sonny, Sonny, excuse me. I don't mean to interrupt, but I just thought you'd might like to know the D.A.'s office just put out a press release. Alexis Davis has been arrested for Alcazar's murder.

Jax: Are you coming in?

Ned: Alexis and I have been fighting a lot lately, so she'd probably rather see you right now.

Jax: Oh, ok. Well, that explains why she's behaving so erratically lately. It also means that she's going to need you more than ever now, Ned.

Ned: Look, I'm not bailing. I'm just saying that when -- if she wants to see me, I'm here. And please make that clear to her, ok?

Jax: Ok, I will.

Ned: I need to check in on Kristina.

Skye: Jax, Iím really sorry. As relieved as I am to be exonerated, I wish that it hadn't come at such a cost, especially for you.

Jax: Thanks.

Alexis: I'd get up to give you a hug, but Iím afraid I'm all tied up.

Jax: Well, you still got your sense of humor. That's good.

Alexis: I think I'm going to need it.

Jax: Yeah, couldn't hurt. You know, in the meantime, I'm going to call upon that savior complex that you accused me of having all the time. I'm going to use it to your advantage. You're my dearest friend, Alexis. I'm not going to lose you. I'm going to do everything I can to get you out of this.

Alexis: You promise?

Jax: On my life.

Luke: There's no ulterior motive, believe me. I mean, at first, she wouldn't have anything to do with me.

Lucky: That so?

Luke: Yeah. When Dr. Quack was trying to convince me I was delusional, Summer pretty much did everything she could to convince me he was right.

Lucky: I remember. You know, this place still hasn't fully recovered. So, Summer, what do you do for a living? Do you have a life? Do you have any friends --

Luke: Hey, whoa, boy. Why the third degree? Now, if you're uncomfortable with me spending time with a woman who's not your mother, you give me the attitude. There's no reason to insult her.

Lucky: No attitude intended. I have a lot on my plate right now. Forgive me if I was rude.

Summer: No problem.

Lucky: It was nice to meet you, Summer. Dad, enjoy your evening.

Luke: He needs time.

Summer: Sure.

Luke: It's difficult for him, me spending time with a beautiful woman when his mother sits in a hospital, but he's fair and he'll come around.

Summer: I hope so. It's obvious you two are very close.

Luke: You want a drink?

Summer: No. I just stopped in to say hi on my way home.

Luke: Oh, ok. Well, be safe. Summer, you're not splitting because of Lucky, are you?

Summer: No. No. Just call me, or like we said, I'll call you.

Luke: You know where I am.

Carly: There is no doubt in my mind that Jason loves you. That is why he broke it off, because Sonny managed to convince him that the best way to love you is to end things. And Jason will make sacrifices for anybody. He'd sacrifice anything just for the people he loves. I know that. He's put my happiness ahead of his own more times than I care to count.

Courtney: Yeah, well, I'm a long way from being happy, Carly.

Carly: Well, then maybe you should let it go. Maybe you should take Sonny's offer and go away to college and meet someone new. Maybe you'd be better off. Jason wouldn't be, though.

Courtney: Are you saying that I should fight for him?

Carly: Jason loves you, Courtney, and I love him, and he has finally met someone who is worthy of his love and I want him to take this chance. He's not like Sonny. Courtney, in his heart, he knows that who you decide to love is your choice to make. And if you fight for him, you will win.

Sonny: Thanks for the update, Ric. We're in the middle of something, so --

Ric: Have a pleasant evening.

Jason: He can't like the way you treat him, but he keeps taking it. Why is that?

Sonny: I have something he wants, and when I find out what it is, I will know how to proceed. Well, it's too bad, though, because he's -- he's a good lawyer, almost as good as Alexis.

Jason: You know, it's weird that -- remember, she wouldn't represent us in a murder case or anything that had to do with a violent crime, and now she's a killer? Unless Baldwinís lying again.

Sonny: Hate's a powerful emotion. I mean, you know, Alcazar's bomb killed Alexis' sister, he confronted her in the park, she went into premature labor. Anybody would want revenge.

Ned: What are you doing here?

Faith: I just thought it was time I see your little girl. She's beautiful.

Ned: You never struck me as being very maternal.

Faith: Well, I haven't had very much exposure to children. But it's a good thing you have since your hands could be very full soon now that Kristinaís mother is a murderer. You will be responsible for the baby, won't you?

Ned: You have no idea how ironic this is. The lengths that Alexis went through to protect her child from someone who she considered dangerous.

Faith: Do you agree she's dangerous?

Ned: Whatever Alexis has done, she only acted out of love for Kristina. And you're right. It's now up to me to do everything I can to protect this child.

Lucky: Oh, I had a feeling you'd feed some lie to my father to tear over here to make excuses.

Summer: Whoa, hold on just a second. Make excuses to you? Why should I have to do that? I did everything I could to push you away. You're the one who chose to pursue this.

Lucky: Oh, yeah, you know what -- you're right, I did. But there was one key piece of information I forgot to buy. You know what -- I bought all that bull about you being unable to emotionally connect, but the truth was you were doing what you were good at -- hooking! You were playing me and my father!

Summer: I didn't play anyone. I met Luke when he pushed me out of the way of an oncoming car, and I am grateful that he saved my life, but it would have ended there if Luke hadn't pursued it.

Lucky: What, did he know you were a hooker?

Summer: Ha! Did he know? Luke paid me $2,000 for our first date. He's the one who encouraged me to go to P.C.U. and register, which is where you approached me. I had no idea that you and Luke were father and son. Think about it, lucky. We never exchanged last names.

Lucky: Ok, you know what? It just makes me wonder, who are you really, Laura or Summer?

Summer: My birth name is Laura. To Luke, Iím Summer. Now, maybe I should be Summer to you, too, unless you plan on telling your dad about our relationship.

Lucky: You know what -- you and I do not have a relationship, either. We either have a colossal mistake or this deliberate plan of yours blew up in your face. Either way, I'm out of it. You know what -- why don't you just go back to my father. I assume that's what you want.

Summer: I don't want to lose him if I don't have to.

Lucky: But there's one condition -- I will be watching you. You hurt my father and I will make you pay.

Summer: Clearly, you don't believe a word that I just said to you.

Lucky: No, I'm sorry. I don't buy these big coincidences. Neither does my dad.

Summer: Yeah, well, then why don't you just tell him and get me out of both your lives?

Lucky: Because of what happened to my mother. He is hurt. He cannot rebuild his life without her. But he thinks you help.

Summer: Look, I don't want to hurt Luke, either. I happen to care about him, ok? But I'm going to take your offer and I'm going to keep being his friend and Iím going to keep seeing him. And I'm not going to tell him about the time you and I spent together.

Lucky: Fine.

Summer: Just you should know, there was no ulterior motive. You were kind to me and I liked you. That's truly all it was.

Nikolas: Hey.

Luke: Hey, Nik.

Nikolas: Listen, Luke, did Lucky come to see you?

Luke: Yeah, he was here earlier. He left.

Nikolas: Ok, good. He just -- he seems concerned about you. I guess he had some questions about the woman you're dating.

Luke: Well, this is odd. You don't usually monitor Luckyís feelings, do you?

Nikolas: No, I'm not. It's just he's -- he's going through a lot lately, you know. Sometimes he needs to talk, and I'm always here to listen. I just -- I don't know, I wanted to be here to help if there's a problem between the two of you.

Luke: No trouble here.

Nikolas: Ok. I'll see if I can find him at Kellyís. See you.

Luke: All right, ciao.

Nikolas: All right.

[door opens and closes]

[knock on door]

Ric: Hi.

Courtney: What do you want?

Ric: Sorry. I probably should have called before I came over. I'm just following up on some arrangements that Sonny asked me to make for you 

Courtney: Yeah, look, if this is about Sonny wanting to ship me away, I am not interested and I never will be, ok? Bye.

Ric: Ok, ok -- listen, would you mind if I just leave these applications with you so that way, technically, Sonny knows that I actually did something for him. Thanks.

Courtney: Yeah. Why are you so determined on impressing Sonny? What is so great about him? Because, you know, I can save you a little time. Sonny is a controlling jerk. Ok, he uses people and he plays on their emotions. He orders them to break their own hearts, and if they refuse, they're disloyal. Meanwhile, Sonny does whatever he pleases.

Ric: All right, Iíll be sure to keep all that in mind.

Courtney: Yeah, good -- good idea.

Ric: You must love Jason very much.

Courtney: Why do you say that?

Ric: Well, it's obvious -- the way you fight for him.

Courtney: Yeah, I do.

Ric: Look, not that my opinion really matters here, but I'd say don't give up.

Courtney: Are you encouraging me to defy Sonny?

Ric: No. What Iím encouraging you to do is follow your heart. You know, nobody has a right to tell you who should and shouldn't love. That's up to you.

Carly: You are never going to guess what I just heard on the news.

Sonny: Alexis was arrested for Alcazar's murder.

Carly: Someone should have figured this out sooner. It all adds up. Alexis kills Alcazar and then she hides in plain view while she manipulates her way through the court system. She represents you and Brenda, and then, when it looks like you're going to be guilty, she bails. And all of a sudden, she's sneaking around, making anonymous phone calls that clear you.

Jason: I got to give her credit. She could have gotten away clean with Alcazar's murder if she hadn't cleared Brenda and me.

Carly: Alexis put us all through hell because her ego is out of control. She thought that she could clear you and Brenda, and she was smart enough not to implicate herself. There's nothing noble about that. She's just not as brilliant as she thought she was.

Sonny: Alexis is a mother. Whether or not she deserves to pay for Alcazar's murder, that's debatable, but her child doesnít. Now, a little girl who I thought was mine at one time is in the hospital with her mother on her way to prison.

[knock on door]

Ned: Mind if I come in?

[Ned sighs]

Ned: Well, I won't ask how you're doing. But I will say you -- you look remarkably calm, considering.

Alexis: It's an act. I'm frantic. I'm frantic about Kristina.

Ned: She's fine, and she will be fine. I'll make sure of it.

Faith: Excuse me. Is that Ms. Davis' baby?

Nurse: Yes.

Faith: Are you taking her to her mother?

Nurse: Yes. Mr. Ashton asked that Kristina be brought down to visit with her mother.

Faith: Oh, hi, sweetie.

[Kristina coos]

Ned: Kristina is ready to go home, so Iíd like to take her to the gatehouse as soon as possible. I'll hire a baby nurse and a nanny and I'll spend as much time as I possibly can with her.

Alexis: Ned, please, I want her to stay here. That way, I'm near her. Please.

Ned: Alexis, she's been in the hospital all her life. She needs to be at a real home. I promise you, I will give her all the love and support she could possibly handle, and most importantly, she will be in a safe environment on the Quartermaine grounds. She won't be affected by any of this that you're going through.

Alexis: Oh, my God. No. Oh, God. Ned, don't do this to me. Get that woman away from my baby. No, you can't take the baby! She's mine! God, please, Ned, don't do this!

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