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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Alexis: [As Kristina] Forgive me. I killed him.

Cameron: Kristina confessed. Alexis doesn't remember anything.

Jax: You cannot go to the police and tell them Alexis is the killer.

Ric: Pretty obvious what happened last night.

Sonny: I don't want Brenda, I want you.

Carly: If Sonny ever finds out, he will kill you.

Jason: Faith Rosco is dangerous.

Courtney: I don't need you to take care of me. I just need you.

Lucky: Just what you need, right? Prince Charming with no invitation calling you a coward?

Summer: Well, I am the one who ran out.

Lucky: I could've been nicer.

Summer: Look, if you felt like a john, you felt like a john.

Lucky: But you know what? It didn't have to be that way.

Summer: Given the alternative, yeah.

Lucky: And the alternative would be what?

Summer: I was starting to care about you, Lucky. That's a risk I don't want to take.

Lucky: Then maybe you shouldn’t. If you really want me to walk away, I will. But what if we gave ourselves a chance at something good? What if you could trust me, just a little?

Lucky: I know I’m asking you to take a leap of Faith, and that's not something you do very easy.

Summer: Well, there's an understatement.

Lucky: Okay, you never do. But you wouldn't be doing this alone here. I'm putting my face out there same as you.

Summer: Which is admirable. It's even brave. I guess I just don't understand why you'd want to.

Lucky: Because I have a feeling you're worth it, even if you don't know it yet.

Summer: Oh, you are so special, Lucky.

Lucky: That's a start.

Summer: And after the way I just messed things up between us when it's going good -- or maybe because it's going good -- you're still here, wanting to stick it out a little longer.

Lucky: Do I get points for that?

Summer: Oh, major points for that. Now you even seem like somebody I could trust. Just a little, maybe, in time.

Lucky: That's a perfect answer. A chance -- that's all I'm asking.

Scott: We have our killer, Taggert -- Port Charles' number one feminist, Alexis Davis.

Taggert: Oh, wait -- wait a sec. Where do you think you're going?

Scott: Where do you think I'm going? I'm going to arrest her.

Taggert: No, you can't do that, Scott.

Scott: It is my sworn duty.

Taggert: You may be right, but all you got to back up your little theory is this illegal wiretap that is inadmissible in court. And whose word are we counting on, Skye’s? Huh? Right? Wrong. She's a known lush, she's already falsely accused one woman of that murder, and now she just turns right around and accuses her attorney.

Scott: Listen, Jax wouldn't say it was Alexis unless he was positive.

Taggert: Think of the merits, Scott. It's not going to stand up in court.

Scott: Well, then, you know what? We're just going to have to get Alexis to confess herself.

Cameron: There's no need for drastic measures, Kristina. Alexis is your sister.

Alexis: [As Kristina] I need to keep my sister safe.

Cameron: How will you do that?

Alexis: By not letting anyone make her suffer for something that I did. That wouldn't be fair. Besides, she's too fragile, she couldn't handle it.

Cameron: Mm-hmm. Well, you might be surprised at how strong Alexis is.

Alexis: You don't know her. I do. Alcazar needed to die for what he did to her, what he did to me, what he did to the baby and to everybody else. And since the justice system that my sister holds so dear couldn't stop him, I needed to. I needed to do what Alexis couldn't.

Cameron: You're right. And you have my word I'll do everything I can to protect her.

Alexis: As long as you know that I'm in control. So don't try to pull anything over on me.

Cameron: Why would I want to do that?

Alexis: Because you're cagey, Dr. Lewis. And I know you think I'm a fascinating specimen. Consider this fair warning -- you try to contain me or hurt me in any way, and Alexis will never see the light of day.

Jason: This is no good for you.

Courtney: I can't just turn my feelings off.

Jason: Well, you have to find a way.

Courtney: It's impossible, Jason. God, don't you understand? It'd be a waste of my time if I tried, because you're it for me. You, Jason Morgan, are the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with, and that won't change.

Jason: And neither will my decision not to be with you.

Faith: We'll never have a better chance than right this minute.

Coleman: Let's do it.

Carly: I think Ric could be a good attorney for you.

Sonny: Where's Ric at right now?

Carly: He's in the office.

Sonny: Send him in here.

Carly: Okay. Thanks.

Ric: Hi. You -- you wanted to see me?

Sonny: Yeah. What do you have on my wife?

Lucky: You know, I don't mean to come off like I think I'm God's gift to women or anything. I'm just a guy who likes you and the way you make me feel, which is something I haven't experienced in a while. I'm not standing here with any expectations or assumptions beyond tomorrow. I just want to know where you and I might end up. There something wrong with that?

Summer: I can't think of a thing.

Lucky: Then let's not talk it to death. There's this place. It's Hungarian, and there's this train that runs along the walls and blows its whistle every time an order comes in and --

Summer: You're kidding.

Lucky: No, I swear. It's actually got this authentic gypsy violin player.

Summer: Wow.

Lucky: You want to go?

Summer: Well, it sounds like a lot of fun, but I have plans tonight. Can I take a rain check?

Lucky: With the old geezer.

Summer: He's not a geezer.

Lucky: Well, he must not be, you spend an awful lot of time with him.

Summer: Yeah. It's all very platonic, nothing romantic.

Lucky: Does he know that?

Summer: Trust me.

Lucky: That's not fair.

Summer: Hey. Thanks for not giving up on me.

Lucky: I'll call you.

Cameron: Well, I'm curious about something. Maybe you could enlighten me.

Alexis: [As Kristina] Oh, God, you are so stifling, you just suck all the air out of the room. What do you want?

Cameron: Does Alexis have any say in this at all? When you're about to appear, do you ask for permission, give her any warning?

Alexis: Ooh, you're making me feel all closed in, and I don't like it.

Cameron: Where is Alexis?

Alexis: Oh, she's in a place where only I can reach her.

Cameron: Do you think that's fair?

Alexis: "Fair"? You want to talk "fair," Cameron? What's fair? Is it fair that I got blown out of a life that I loved by this monster? Is it fair that I can't even rest in peace because he's hurting my sister from the grave?

Cameron: Alcazar didn't kill himself. It's the repercussions of your decision to do it that Alexis is dealing with right now.

Alexis: If you're standing there waiting for an apology, it won't happen because I'm not sorry.

Cameron: Well, that's you. What about Alexis?

Alexis: I'll take care of Alexis. That's my job. Nobody will hurt her.

Cameron: Well, what about your namesake? She's the innocent party here. What happens to her if Alexis goes away for good?

Alexis: I told you -- I will take care of her.

Cameron: It doesn't work that way. If Alexis goes away for good and you're the one left, the baby will be gone.

Alexis: What do you mean, gone?

Cameron: At the very least, Alexis would be declared insane, and Ned would get the baby. How would Alexis feel about Kristina growing up with the Quartermaines? Everything you've done would be for nothing. Alexis isolated, separated from the world, herself, her baby. All of her hopes of raising the daughter that she worked so hard to bring into the world, shattered while Kristina is raised in the den of chronic dysfunction? Is that really the outcome you were looking for?

Alexis: [As herself] How -- how long this time?

Cameron: Too long.

Alexis: I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared.

Cameron: I know. Come here.

Ric: Well, what makes you think that I have any kind of hold over Carly?

Sonny: Carly understands when I say no when it comes to business. I mean it, and I made it pretty clear to both of you that I don't need your services as my attorney or anything else. But yet my wife ups and mounts yet another convincing case for you. I'm trying to figure out why. And it occurs to me that you might have some leverage on her.

Ric: Or maybe she just sees potential in me that has, so far, escaped your -- your vision.

Sonny: Oh, I don't think that's it.

Ric: Well, I'm not surprised. You know what, Sonny? Maybe you're seeing complications that just don't exist. All right, Carly and I hit it off, and I helped her with a project that was close to her heart because she allowed it. See, she gave me the opportunity to prove myself, and I did that. So she trusts me. But obviously you don’t.

Sonny: No.

Ric: All right. You know what? You can cut the pleasantries here, and you can just tell me -- I'm a big boy -- you just don't like me, do you? Hmm?

Sonny: No.

Ric: No.

Carly: Okay, hey, hey, hey. Please don't tell me you two are at it again.

Ric: You know what? I'm glad you're here, Carly. Sonny and I were just about to get everything out into the open.

Sonny: All right, you want to put the cards on the table? I got no problem with that. This isn't about liking or disliking you. As a matter of fact, I haven't given you that much thought. I base my decisions about my employees on two things -- whether I trust them or they do a good job. Both questions have to be answered.

Ric: Right, and clearly I've fallen short on both of those.

Sonny: Well, it's pretty clear that you've -- you know, you've withheld information ever since you hit this town.

Ric: Right.

Sonny: Your history with Alcazar, the man who hurt a lot of people I care about, the man I hate, who wanted me dead. You keep that kind of information from me, and you got no place, no time, no way in my organization. Now, you want to work for my wife? That's her business, as long as you don't cross over the line. But don't think for one second that her club is an inroad to me, because I don't want anything to do with you. Are we clear on that?

Ric: Yeah.

Carly: Okay. Great. We're clear.

Sonny: Good. Fantastic.

Carly: So, I think it's a good time for us to go over those new club ideas.

Ric: Sure. All right.

Carly: Great.

Sonny: All right. We're all good, then.

Sonny: Hey. I need you to get over to Carly’s club right away. I want to discuss a pest problem.

Courtney: Bye. See you tomorrow.

Courtney: Hey -- oh –


[Zydeco music plays]

Luke: Just what the doctor ordered, and right on time to boot.

Summer: What you listening to?

Luke: This is a sample of what you're going to hear at the roadhouse tonight. So, feast your ears on Zozo Reynolds of Opelousas, Louisiana. What do you think so far?

Summer: Well, it's certainly very lively.

Luke: Oh, baby, you ain't heard nothing yet. Come on, come on, come on.

Summer: Oh, wait a second. Just hold on.

Luke: Okay. You've got that look that says you have something to tell me.

[Luke turns off music]

Luke: Let's hear it.

Summer: Well, I've been giving it a lot of thought, a lot, and I'm just not sure that we're a good idea anymore.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah?

Man: [Distorted voice] Now, listen, and listen carefully.

Jason: Who is this?

Man: We got your girlfriend.

Jason: Who is this?

Man: That's not important. Do you want to hear where she is or not?

Jason: I'm listening.

Man: A cabin in the mountains, 32 Spruce lanes.

Courtney: No! Please, don't hurt me! No!

Jason: You hurt Courtney, I swear I'll find you --

man: Courtney's fine, and she'll stay that way just as long as you follow instructions.

Courtney: No. What are you doing?

Man: Now, go to the cabin alone. If you tell anyone about this, you'll never see her alive again.

Courtney: Why are you doing this to me? What do you want? Help me. Help me! What do you want from me? God --

Jason: What do you want?

Coleman: Oh, you'll find out. Just go to the cabin.

Greg: What can I do for you, Mr. Corinthos?

Sonny: I need another background check on Ric Lansing.

Greg: That first dossier was pretty thorough.

Sonny: Yeah, but not thorough enough to reveal his ties with Alcazar.

Greg: Yeah, that information was buried pretty deep.

Sonny: Okay, my point exactly. There was a reason for that, just like there's a reason that Ric Lansing is plastered all over my life all of a sudden. I want you to find out what he wants and what he's planning to do.

Greg: Well, I don't know that I could discern his motives through a simple background check.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? Leave the discerning to me. All I want you to do is find out everything you can about him -- where he was born, who his parents were, who he slept with in college, and how he ended up with Alcazar. But, most important, where and when his life intersected with mine.

Ric: So, that's it. Look, there's a precedence for it. You know, Luke operated some games out of his backroom. His place turned quite a profit.

Carly: A game room?

Ric: Yeah. Sure. Look, it's just another way for your customers to spend money.

Carly: I'll think about it.

Ric: Yeah. Listen, thanks for going to bat for me before.

Carly: Yeah, for the good it did.

Ric: Yeah, it's all right. Sonny -- Sonny's going to realize that I don't scare away so easily. I'll just hang out. Who knows? Something may happen to change his mind.

Carly: I wouldn't count on it.

Ric: Yeah, you forget I got a secret weapon.

Carly: Really? What's that? Me? No, Ric. I know when to back off my husband. I cannot help you with this.

Ric: Oh, sure, you can, Carly. Especially considering the circumstances.

Carly: Are you threatening to blackmail me?

Ric: Just sit down and relax, okay? Don't draw attention to yourself. Sit down.

Greg: If you don't mind me asking, Sir -- if you're so suspicious of Ric Lansing, why is he still around?

Sonny: Well, he wouldn't be if he hadn't come forward with the information to get Jason and Brenda acquitted. Besides, he's working with my wife. It gives me the opportunity to keep him close just in case, you know, something happens, and I need to figure out what he's after and what he's capable of doing to get it.

Ric: I think you misunderstood.

Carly: No, I don't think so. I'm very good at reading between the lines.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Carly: And what I heard you say was, "Either convince Sonny to give me a job, or -- or I'm going to tell him that we slept together."

Ric: See, Carly, you're thinking of this in the wrong way. This isn't blackmail. Okay? This is a favor that you're doing for a friend. And in exchange, we're just keeping a little secret. Come on, Carly, it's nothing evil that you're doing here, and in return, you're getting something that'll benefit you, as well. All due modesty aside, I'm very good at what I do. As a matter of fact, people have said that I am the best at what I do.

Carly: Oh, well, excuse me for not being impressed, but I heard that for years from Alexis.

Ric: Well, sure. But Sonny still needs an attorney, a capable one that can keep him out of trouble. Now, I would think, as his wife, that's worth the extra effort, you know, considering the fact that you guys are doing so well and Brenda’s out of town now.

Carly: When are you going to realize that if Sonny finds out what happened in that motel, you are not going to need a job, all you're going to need is a casket?

Ric: Oh, good. Then we both have reasons to make sure that he doesn't find out. Now, the way I would configure this backroom is very simple.

Lucky: So did you and Gia make up?

Nikolas: No, sorry to say.

Lucky: So what's your plan? Just going to let her get away?

Nikolas: Well, I -- I don't really want to, but it's a little difficult to talk to someone who's become such an expert in avoiding me. Thank you.

Lucky: I'm fine.

Nikolas: Thank you. Besides, I've had other things on my mind.

Lucky: More important than getting back to the woman you want to marry?

Nikolas: It's our mother, Lucky. They want to try another round of treatment.

Lucky: More drugs?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Lucky: Whatever you think works.

Nikolas: That's the problem -- nothing has worked.

Lucky: Then keep trying. Eventually it will.

Nikolas: You haven't seen her.

Lucky: You have and I trust you.

Nikolas: You mean that?

Lucky: Of course.

Nikolas: Okay. Okay. Then listen to me and believe what I'm telling you. Our mother may never make it back here, all right?

Lucky: No, wait, that's not true.

Nikolas: It is. I'm sorry, Lucky.

Lucky: You know what? She's going to be fine. It just -- it just can't happen overnight.

Nikolas: I'm just telling you that it's not happening at all. Okay, it's not --

Lucky: You know what?

Nikolas: She's not getting --

Lucky: Bull.

Nikolas: Okay --

Lucky: What is this, anyway? Misery loves company? I mean, are you so bummed out about you and Gia that you want to spread the pain around?

Nikolas: No, man, listen, I'm just trying to get you to see the facts, that's all, okay?

Lucky: According to whom, Mom's doctors? Well, they're not God.

Nikolas: Well, you know what? Nor is your father, but he sees reality. He sees that she may never come back.

Lucky: Did he say that?

Nikolas: Well, you know, you're the one that said he's seeing someone. Am I right?

Lucky: Yeah, fine, but he's got a girlfriend. That doesn't mean he's given up on my mom.

Nikolas: Oh, come on --

Lucky: He'd never do that.

Nikolas: Lucky, giving up -- okay, it's not giving up to face reality, all right, it's not, and you need to do that.

Lucky: You know what? If it is, he's going to have to tell me to my face.

Luke: This is such a sudden turnaround. It's like whiplash. Pardon me while I get a neck brace. I thought we were doing okay.

Summer: We are. That's never been an issue. You're very easy to be with.

Luke: So you said. What's the problem?

Summer: When we first started seeing each other, we agreed that there was no harm, nobody was being hurt. But we were wrong.

Luke: How so?

Summer: We're hurting ourselves by hiding and avoiding real life. It worked for me at first, but I don't want to do that anymore. And I want to stop before the day you look at me and realize that I'm just a substitute for the woman that you loved and lost.

Luke: No, no. Summer, you're beautiful, you're smart --

Summer: And funny and all of that, I know. But I'm also a real person with needs of my own that don't necessarily match up with yours. Look, it was fun. I haven't laughed so much in years, and I am so not sorry that we met. But I don't want to do this anymore.

Luke: So this guy that you're seeing is really getting to you, isn't he?

Alexis: Beverly, thank you very much for everything that you're doing. I really appreciate it. I can't wait till I take her home, and I -- I'm just keeping here there a little longer to make sure that -- I understand. I'm going to be right there. Thanks.

Scott: Oh. I guess I just caught you in the nick of time.

Alexis: I'm on my way to see my daughter.

Scott: Okay, well, I won't take much of your time.

Alexis: What do you want, Scott?

Scott: Well, some new information has come my way in the Alcazar case, and I thought you might be interested to hear what it is.

Alexis: What kind of new information?

Scott: Well, it looks like Skye is back in first choice as everyone's favorite as to who killed Alcazar, seeing how Felicia -- she tried to cook up another suspect, but it didn't pan out. So your client is going to go down for murder one.

Alexis: And you came here out of the goodness of your heart to tell me that?

Scott: Mm-hmm. Professional courtesy.

Alexis: Well, there's another possibility -- Skye believes that she saw someone running out of the suite, a woman.

Scott: Oh, right, right, and there was that description -- jeans, dark hair, dark coat, right? You know, it's funny, every girl I see on the street, they all look like that. In fact, weren't you dressed the exact same way when you found Alcazar's body?

Alexis: I don't remember.

Scott: Well, there's another thing that I don't quite understand, and Taggert and I were talking about it earlier. You were at the hospital, glued to your little daughter. You wouldn't leave the hospital. You wouldn't go anywhere. Then for some weird reason, you go out, and what do you do out there? You find Alcazar's dead body.

Alexis: I believe I've already explained that.

Scott: Well, why don't you run it past me again?

[Wind chimes play]

Alexis: [As Kristina] Why don't you stop this idiotic -- not to mention transparent -- little game, Scott. Be brave, spit it out. You think I killed him, don't you?

Summer: I like the guy that I've been seeing a lot. I almost blew it, of course, but luckily I realized it just in time. I don't know, Luke, it might not go anywhere, but I'd like to give it a try.

Luke: Yeah. Well -- so tell me about this guy, this competition. What's he got that I don't?

Summer: Well, I'm not playing a part with him. He doesn't want me to. And that was scary at first, but I'm beginning to see that I could lose more by running away than by taking a chance. And if he's willing to take a chance on me, knowing my past, I'd be a fool to say no.

Luke: Right. So don't. Go, with my best wishes.

Summer: Wow, that sounds easy. Why is it so hard for me to walk away from you?

[Door creaks]

Courtney: Hello?

[Door opens]

Courtney: Who's there? Oh, God. Hello?

Jason: It's okay. Courtney, it's me, it's me, it's me.

Courtney: Thank God!

Jason: You okay? Huh? They hurt you?

Courtney: No. No, I'm fine. My God, Jason, I've never been so happy to see anyone in my life.

Jason: All right. Tell me what happened, okay? Who did this to you?

Courtney: I don't know. I know -- I didn't -- I didn't see them. I -- I was -- I was leaving Kelly’s, and I just looked down for a second. Some guys grabbed me. And then they blindfolded me and brought me here. How did you know to come?

Jason: I got a call. All right, where's -- where's your coat and your shoes?

Courtney: They took them. I don't know why.

Jason: Well, because it's freezing out there. If you would've gotten loose, you wouldn't have been able to get too far anyway.

Courtney: God, thank you. Thank you for coming.

Jason: It's okay. Oh, my gosh, you're so cold.

Courtney: I'm freezing.

Jason: Okay. All right. Try to keep warm, okay? I'll be right back.

Courtney: Where are you going?

Jason: There's three sets of tire tracks out there. I just want to make sure the coast is clear, then we'll get out of here. This is exactly the kind of thing I've been afraid of, Courtney.

Courtney: I know. Be careful.

Courtney: What's going on?

Jason: We're stuck.

Courtney: "Stuck"?

Jason: Yeah, someone waited for me to come in here, they slashed my tires, and they took off. It's freezing out there and we're in the middle of nowhere.

Courtney: Oh, God, Jason, I don't understand any of this.

Jason: For whatever reason, whoever grabbed you wants us stranded here together.

Carly: How far do you think you can push me?

Ric: Oh, is that what I'm doing?

Carly: Don't you blackmail me, Ric. Are you going to tell Sonny or not?

Ric: You know what? You further my interests. I'll keep your secret.

Carly: That's very nice, very cryptic. But remember it's your secret, too, because sleeping with me is not going to win any points with Sonny.

Ric: Yeah, but at least I'll have some company on the outside looking in.

Carly: I can't believe I ever trusted you.

Ric: Oh, come on, Carly, relax. We're friends, remember? Don't be overly dramatic about the whole thing. After all, that's what got you in trouble in the first place.

Sonny: Are you clear on how urgent this is? I want this information on Ric Lansing yesterday.

Greg: I'm on it.

Sonny: All right.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: Hey. So, what was that all about?

Carly: What?

Sonny: Well, you guys were, like, all, you know, huddled up over here and talking quietly.

Carly: Oh, no, we're just talking about ideas for the club. Ric's -- want to hear his idea?

Sonny: No. You know, what I want to hear is what he's using against you to get to me.

Luke: Walking away shouldn't be difficult. You just head for the door and follow your feet.

Summer: What do I do with the feelings?

Luke: You're not supposed to have any. Remember? This is a game, a job.

Summer: I know, I know, in the beginning.

Luke: Look, Summer, you helped me from going under, and I paid you for it. I don't owe you, I don't own you.

Summer: So then you want me to leave?

Luke: Hey, I didn't say that. You brought this up.

Summer: Okay, I just need to know something, and it's probably hideously selfish, but, I mean, I'm just looking for ways to have it all here, okay?

Luke: Well, there's nothing wrong with that.

Summer: Good, because I don't want to lose you in my life. But if I'm not a substitute for Laura, am I anything at all? I mean, can we still be friends and share laughs and fun?

Luke: Absolutely. We can still dance our butts off on an old wooden floor to "Keep on Scratchin'" by Clifford chewier and his magic squeeze box.

Summer: I swear, you make half of this stuff up. You do.

Luke: There's only one way to find out.

Summer: Does that mean the offer still stands?

Luke: My offer stands.

Summer: Oh, good. Let's take a practice run.

Luke: I thought you'd never ask.

Summer: Okay.

[R&B plays]

Summer: Okay, now, this isn't Zydeco.

Luke: Hey, we're halfway home -- she knows the difference between Zydeco and rhythm and blues. Hit the dance floor.

Jason: There you go.

Courtney: Thanks.

Jason: Is it better?

Courtney: Yeah. I think I can finally feel my feet.

Jason: Let's make sure. I tried to use the cell phone again. Too far up the mountain to get a signal.

Courtney: So we're stuck.

Jason: Looks that way.

Courtney: For how long, do you think?

Jason: I don't know.

Courtney: You know, not too long ago, this was all we needed, or wanted -- just the two of us in our own little world where no one else could touch us. Why can't it be that way again?

Carly: Ric didn't exactly have to twist my arm for me to want his help. I mean, look at this place. It's -- he made it all possible for me. I don't know, I just -- I thought maybe he'd be -- he'd be good for you, too.

Sonny: Come on, Carly, that's not --

Carly: No, let me just --

Sonny: No, I just --

Carly: Just hear me out, okay? Please hear me out? Okay, there was Ric's business sense. But there was more. Okay, you remember when you and Brenda were going through all your stuff and I was climbing the walls over it? He was nice to me. He listened. And I don't mean to rehash old things here, okay? I just want you to understand why I considered him a friend so quickly and why I trusted him. He was a shoulder for me, Sonny. He listened and, God knows, I'm only human. And I don't know if you're going to accept this, but, um --

[Phone rings]

Sonny: I'm sorry. Hello?

Coleman: [Distorted voice] Listen carefully. Jason Morgan and your sister are being detained in a cabin in the mountains.

Sonny: Who is this?

Coleman: 32 Spruce Lane. It's pretty cold up there, too, so I don't know -- I don't know how they're going to stay warm.

Bobbie: Hey.

Taggert: Do you have a logbook that records the in and outs in the nicu?

Bobbie: Yeah. Well, you know, family members sometimes overextend their stay, so the hospital does make them punch a pretty strict time clock.

Taggert: Hmm. What about Alexis Davis? I mean, did she have to adhere to those rules when her child was sick?

Bobbie: Uh-huh. Well, you know, there were extenuating circumstances for Alexis, but, yeah, she had to sign in and out. Why?

Taggert: May I see that log? It's part of an investigation.

Bobbie: Sure. I'll get it for you.

Taggert: Thanks. Hey, can I use the phone?

Bobbie: Of course. Dial 9 to get a line out.

Cameron: Dr. Fried, I need a 413 form filled out and waiting. I have a patient to commit right away.

Dr. Fried: Patient's name?

Cameron: Alexis Davis.

Taggert: Excuse -- did I hear you say you're committing Alexis Davis?

Cameron: I don't have time to discuss this right now.

Taggert: Well, you better make time, all right? Why are you committing Alexis Davis?

Cameron: Can you take care of that?

Dr. Fried: Right away, Dr. Lewis.

Cameron: Thanks. Lt. Taggert, you ever heard of doctor/patient confidentiality?

Taggert: You may want to change your point of view, being that your patient is the number one suspect in the Alcazar murder case.

Scott: Did you kill Alcazar?

Alexis: [As Kristina] You mean, did I rid the world of a ruthless monster who blackmailed, kidnapped, and killed people for sport? An unconscionable excuse for a human being who bullied a woman into labor and then left her and her unborn child in the snow to die? A man that you were too ineffectual to keep off the streets? Is that what you mean?

Scott: You mean, the man that killed your sister.

Alexis: He didn't kill my sister, he killed me.

Scott: What's the matter with you? You're acting kind of weird.

Alexis: Scott, you got to trust me. Seriously. You aren't capable of understanding this, so you need to just leave it alone.

Scott: Well, I can't do that, Alexis.

Alexis: Alexis isn't here. And even if she were, she had nothing to do with this.

Scott: Come on, come on. Cut out all this double talk here, all right? What are you -- you're trying to pull a little something out of your bag of tricks here? Not going to work.

Alexis: If you will listen, you will hear me when I tell you that I killed Alcazar. I did it to protect my sister. And I swear to God I will do it again.

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