GH Transcript Thursday 2/13/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 2/13/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Edward: Never forget who your real partner is.

Carly: This is all about your need to control Courtney’s life! Admit it!

Sonny: Yes, it is!

Skye: I remembered more about that woman who was seen running out of Alcazar's suite. I think it may have been Alexis.

Alexis: Why are you calling me Kristina?

Cameron: Can you stall the investigation?

Brenda: It's my annulment. Jax and I are going to be married on Valentine’s Day.

Alexis: Hi, Bobbie.

Bobbie: Oh, hi.

Alexis: Well, I'm not usually susceptible to stuffed animals, but I couldn't resist this in the gift shop. Is Kristina ready? I'm going to take her home.

Bobbie: Oh -- there's been a change in plans.

Alexis: Is she all right? Why didn't somebody call me?

Bobbie: No -- the baby's doing fine. That's not the problem.

Alexis: Why can't I take her home?

Bobbie: Doctor's orders.

Alexis: What doctor?

Cameron: Me.

Felicia: I'm sorry I haven't returned your calls. I've been very busy --

Skye: You have asked for time and I have given it to you, okay, but I just found out that Scott Baldwin is about to arrest me for Alcazar's murder at any moment. Now, I have to tell him that it was Alexis that I saw running from the suite that night.

Felicia: You can’t. I found a new suspect.

Elton: Now, I'm just a little concerned that the pastels in the bouquet is going to clash with the carpeting, which is very bad.

Brenda: You're absolutely right. No pastels.

Elton: No pastels. Now, one last item -- and this is terribly important -- when the minister pronounces you husband and wife, would you prefer to be introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Jacks, Brenda and Jasper Jacks, Brenda Barrett-Jacks and Jasper Jacks, or Brenda Barrett and Jasper Jacks?

Brenda: Brenda -- the second one should be fine.

Jax: Which was --

Elton: Brenda and Jasper Jacks.

Brenda: What was the second one? Yeah, that's fine.

Elton: Wait, I need your input in seating. And this is very important --

Jax: Just put the guests wherever you want, okay?

Elton: Yeah, I'd like to put the Quartermaines in Cleveland.

Jax: That's fine with us.

Brenda: Uh, Jax --

Jax: Except Lila.

Elton: Of course. No, seriously, though, Dr. Alan refuses to commit, and Dr. Monica says she won't sit at the same table as Dr. Alan if he does commit. Now, A.J. says he'll be here, which, to me, seems totally inappropriate --

Brenda: Oh, A.J.'s coming?

Elton: Seeing as how he was a witness for the prosecution in that nasty you-know-what which you just got through with.

Brenda: Ah. I -- I think that you should just put them all at the same table.

Elton: Same table?

Brenda: It's going to be fine.

Jax: Yeah, yeah, it'll be the floorshow. It'll be great.

Elton: Floorshow? Oh, you're funny.

[Brenda laughs]

Brenda: Okay, but --

Jax: Now, I need a moment with my fiancée.

Elton: Oh, I'm sure you do.

Jax: Are you okay?

Brenda: I'm just a little overwhelmed.

Jax: By Elton? Or am I -- do you think I'm rushing you too much? I mean, if -- I just want you to know that you can -- you can tell me.

John: Oh, we made it!

Jane: There you are!

Jax: You made it.

Jane: Hello, darling! Hello, love!

Jax: Oh, we didn't expect you guys until tomorrow.

John: Well, now, your mother wanted to make sure we got here in plenty of time. You know how she is.

Brenda: Dad!

John: Oh, Jerry sends his love. He wishes he could be here.

Jax: Oh, I'm sure he does.

Jane: We are so happy for you both. Some lovers are destined to be together, and tomorrow you will prove it.

Carly: All right, you've walked me to my club.

Sonny: We -- we're not there yet.

Carly: I can make it the rest of the way unchaperoned.

Sonny: No, I don't like you walking around late at night like this. It's not good.

Carly: And I don't like you treating Courtney and Jason the way you are, so there you have it. What -- who --

Faith: Message received, Mr. Corinthos. Am I supposed to be honored that you sent Jason Morgan himself to threaten me? Did you order him to put his hand around my throat?

Sonny: Well, you don't look like you suffered too badly. Let me give you a warning -- take what's left of your husband's money and buy a nice condo in Miami. Because if you come after me again, Jason will finish the job.

Faith: Mm-hmm. Push me, I push back.

Sonny: You act like a man, you have to expect to be treated like a man, Faith.

Sonny: Let's go.

Carly: You put Jason back to work? Is that how you're going to try and keep Jason and Courtney apart, by getting your best friend killed?

Sonny: I'm not discussing this with you.

Carly: Jason was in a car accident. He is barely out of the hospital, and you send him into a dangerous situation? What if Faith's bodyguards had laid into him?

Sonny: He'd have handled it. It's his job.

Carly: Oh, and that's the point you just couldn't wait to make, isn't it? That every day Jason wakes up, it could be his last. What, are you hoping maybe that he'd get a little roughed up? Is that what you wanted?

Sonny: Jason wanted to get back to work. What do you want me to say?

Carly: Really? Like he wanted to break up with Courtney? Why don't you just admit it, Sonny? Admit that you are punishing Jason for getting involved with your sister.

Sonny: If he had never looked twice at Courtney, I still would've sent him after Faith, because one thing has nothing to do with the other.

Carly: No, no, you were giving him an order, and if he hadn't followed it, you would've said he was disloyal, wouldn't you?

Sonny: You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Carly: No, you used his loyalty against him.

Sonny: No, I told him the truth -- that he's too dangerous for Courtney!

Carly: No.

Sonny: What?

Carly: No. If Jason is in love with your sister, Sonny, don't you realize that he is never going to be able to fully give his heart to anybody else? Just like Courtney is never going to find real happiness with some other guy. So, basically, the bottom line here is you are condemning your sister and your best friend to live the rest of their lives without love and without happiness.

Sonny: You remember how you felt after I got shot --

Carly: Sonny --

Sonny: And they took me to surgery? No --

Carly: This has nothing --

Sonny: I want you to -- no, hold on. I want you to remember something else -- the car wreck, when your best friend died? You remember that? No, I'm serious here. You remember the little details, the last word she spoke to you? Do you remember how it felt to watch somebody who's part of your heart die when it didn't have to happen, when it could've been avoided? Now, I want you to rewind to 15 minutes before that car wreck. Would you have taken Charlotte out of that car, or could you look me in the eyes and tell me you would've left her in it? You think you can rewind to 15 minutes before you fell down the stairs at the Quartermaines'? Would you now stay the hell away from that house? Or would you still walk up the stairs, get to the top, and be with A.J.? Would you? Look at me. Look at me!

Carly: No!

Sonny: Would you?

Carly: No!

Sonny: Then why? Why? When I know what's coming and it can be avoided, why can't I stop Courtney from seeing Jason?

Carly: You don't get it. You don't get that all the pain you are putting Jason and Courtney through is useless. They love each other. And when two people are meant to be together, they will be together.

Jane: Hmm, this has been a long time in coming, hasn't it?

Brenda: Yes, it has. I -- I wanted to tell you that I am sorry, just for the way I left your son's life. And I hope you don't think all of this is too soon. I know that Jax was devastated to find out that he really couldn't trust Skye, and I know that you and John liked her very much.

Jane: No marriage lasts without honesty, Brenda. And the truth is that Jax has always loved you. Now, if he stayed with Skye, that pull to another person would've broken the marriage eventually.

John: Am I interrupting?

Jane: Oh, Brenda's a bit concerned about our feelings regarding Skye.

John: Oh, Lady Jane and I like Skye, but we love you, too. We just want whatever makes Jax happy.

Jane: And Jax has never stopped loving you.

John: Hmm. I have Faith in Jax's ability to choose what's best for him, and he chooses you.

Jane: You have had our son's heart since the day he met you, and you will have it forever.

John: It's true. We were discussing it on the plane. Jax has never wanted anything like he's wanted you and this marriage.

Elton: Ah. Don't tell me -- this must be Lady Jane and John. How pleased I am to meet you. I'm Elton Herbert, and may I say how gracious of you to arrive ahead of schedule.

[Jane laughs]

Jax: This is our wedding coordinator.

Elton: Oh, darling, here you are. You'll be needing these to dry those puppy-dog tears of yours.

Jane: Well, what can we do to help?

Elton: Well, you might let me walk you through the ceremony since we won't be having a rehearsal. Here, follow me.

Jane: Certainly.

Jax: Brenda and I will take you up to the room when you're finished.

Jane: All right.

Brenda: I -- I actually -- I have to go. I -- I have to, uh, have one more fitting with my seamstress. So -- and, no, you can't come and watch.

Elton: Oh, bride and groom, question?

Brenda: Will you please take care of Elton? I don't want him to get too insecure.

Jax: Yes, I will. I'll see you soon.

Brenda: Oh!

[Jax laughs]

Jax: See you. All right.

Felicia: The new suspect is just a lead, but I'm closing in.

Skye: Yeah, well, in the meantime, there's a prison van idling outside my front door, and I'm not too enthusiastic about doing time for a crime I didn't commit.

Felicia: Neither were Jason and Brenda. Now, listen, you have to be very careful. You have already falsely accused one person. If you accuse Alexis without any proof, you will get yourself convicted.

Skye: Yeah, what if that's Alexis' plan?

Felicia: If Alexis is the killer, she could've let the conviction against Jason and Brenda stand, and she didn't. She's not going to let you pay for the crime, either.

Skye: How do I know that, huh? How do I know she's not using this time to set me up? And how do I know that you're not helping her?

Felicia: Because you trust Jax, and Jax has put his trust in me.

Skye: What does Jax think about this new suspect?

Felicia: Well, he doesn't know yet. I need to get some more details, and then the three of us will meet and decide what to do next.

Skye: Yeah, well, if Alexis isn't the killer, the police will clear her, okay?

Felicia: And you're going to look even more guilty for pointing the finger at other people and accusing them. Now, listen to me. Jax is a good friend of yours and he wants to help you, but it just so happens that he's a good friend of Alexis', too. I believe it will better serve you if you just let me work through this lead. Please, before you accuse Alexis.

Skye: Work fast.

Felicia: I will.

[Phone rings]

Felicia: Thank you for calling me back. We need to meet.

Alexis: I appreciate your concern, I really do. But you know that my daughter would be fine with me. I have her room ready. She's healthy enough to go home.

Cameron: Alexis, I know your intentions are good.

Alexis: She's spent enough time in this hospital. She needs to go home with her mother, Cameron, and I need to have her home with me.

Cameron: Alexis, I can't let you take your baby home. You're too unstable.

Alexis: Define "stable."

Cameron: Someone who doesn't lose time or manifest alternate personalities.

Alexis: You're holding my daughter hostage, and that isn't fair. You know that I would never hurt her.

Cameron: I know you would never intend to.

Alexis: You're blackmailing me into therapy, Cameron. It -- you can't do that.

Cameron: Alexis, I'm trying to help you.

Alexis: Then let me have my little girl.

Cameron: No matter how much you love your daughter, Alexis, in your present condition you pose a threat to her safety.

[Wind chimes play]

Alexis: [As Kristina] You aren't trying to help. You're trying to keep a mother from her child, and that isn't right. I am not going to let you keep my sister from her baby.

Cameron: Kristina? Why are you here?

Alexis: [As Kristina] Because my sister needs me.

Cameron: Why?

Alexis: Because she needs her baby, and she needs you to leave her alone. And if you don't --

Cameron: What? What if I don't leave her alone?

Alexis: I'll find a way to stop you myself.

Scott: Felicia, I'm here. I hope you're not wasting my time. What's the development here in the Alcazar case?

Felicia: Try to keep an open mind. I'm going to help you not make a mistake this time.

Scott: Oh, let me guess. Now, either Jax or Alexis or both have hired you to clear whatever client that she's representing right now, or whichever one of Jax's ex-wives is the prime suspect.

Felicia: I think whoever plotted Alcazar's murder did the world a huge favor.

Scott: Well, I happen to know that Skye Chandler Quartermaine Jacks -- whatever she's going by -- did it. And she perjured herself and blamed Jason and Brenda so she could cover herself up here. And if you're trying to stall this whole thing, then forget about it.

Felicia: No --

Scott: You're wasting my --

Felicia: I'm not. I'm trying to tell you that I have found the real killer.

Skye: Oh, Jax. I am sorry to bother you --

Jax: Skye, what are you doing here?

Skye: But your secretary said I could find you here.

Jax: What's wrong?

Skye: I actually remembered more about that woman that I saw running out of Alcazar's suite.

Jax: Well, then that's great, that's great. Why don't you tell Felicia so she can get to work on it.

Skye: Well, I did, I did, and, well, she had some misgivings about it and wanted me to hold off going to the police.

Jax: Why?

Skye: Oh, Jax, I'm afraid that Scott Baldwin’s going to arrest me at any moment. And if I shift the blame to somebody else as a last-ditch attempt --

Jax: Okay, Skye, tell me who you think you saw.

Skye: I know it sounds crazy to me, and I'm the one who saw her.

Jax: Okay, tell me who you think you saw in Alcazar's suite.

Skye: You know what? I -- I don't really want to say it out here, it's a little too risky.

Jax: Skye, wait. Um --

Skye: Well, you and Brenda certainly haven't wasted any time, have you?

Sonny: Jason understands what's best, even if you don't.

Carly: All right, Sonny, let's say you send Courtney 3,000 miles away, and a power line falls on her and she dies. How would you protect her then? All you will have done is deprived Courtney and Jason of love in their life. It's flawed thinking, Sonny. It's really -- it is.

Sonny: The odds -- listen, the odds of Courtney getting hit by a power line are much less than if she gets hurt or even dies staying with Jason. Do you agree with that or not?

Carly: Oh, so Jason doesn't get to have love in his life? Do you have any idea how hypocritical and hateful and controlling that is?

Sonny: No, I --

Carly: You -- you get to have me and you get to have Michael and any other children that we are lucky enough to have, and you deprive Courtney and Jason of that same happiness?

Sonny: Okay, I don't want to hear you talk -- no -- I'm tired of this.

Carly: Oh, have I hit a nerve?

Sonny: Stay out of it.

Carly: No, you're not shutting me up this time, Sonny, not about this! You're selfish.

Sonny: Am I?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: Right.

Carly: Because after all the loyalty he has given to you, you don't deserve one drop.

Sonny: Okay, what do you know about loyalty? Lying behind my back, always saying stuff.

Carly: Right.

Sonny: You've been going behind my back?

Carly: Right, I'm the liar, I'm untrustworthy, and yet you're perfect, Sonny. You've never lied to me. You never kept secrets.

Sonny: I did what I had to do. I did what I had to do!

Carly: I am so sick and tired of the world according to Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny: Well, you're the one who said you could handle it! You change your mind? Then go ahead, go. I sure as hell am not going to stop you.

Carly: Fine, Sonny. You enjoy your perfection, because I've had enough.

Sonny: I -- I guess you heard some of that.

Brenda: Yeah. I was just on my way over to Elm Street, so I just happened to be -- it's -- that didn't sound very good.

Sonny: Yeah, well, it's all right. Don't let it bother you. Anyway, you got a wedding to get ready for.

Brenda: Yeah. I have a lot of things to get done before tomorrow.

Sonny: Better get to it.

Brenda: Yeah.

Sonny: I hope you -- you'll be very happy.

Brenda: Uh, Sonny, I just --

Brenda: There's something I need to tell you.

Skye: Well, it certainly is beautiful. I know you and Brenda were -- ahem -- eager, I just -- I didn't know your plans were quite so far along. Oh, tomorrow -- Valentine’s Day. How very appropriate.

Jax: About this woman that you saw from --

Skye: Oh, God, forget about that.

Jax: No, I'm not going to forget about it, Skye.

Skye: No, I -- I shouldn't have barged in here like this.

Jax: You didn't, okay? I want to know what you remember.

Skye: Jax, tomorrow is your wedding day, okay? I really -- I don't need you to be worrying about me or my problems, all right?

Jax: Did you talk to Alexis about this?

Skye: I can handle it.

Jax: I know, I'm sure you can handle it. But it would make me feel better if you --

Skye: No, no "buts," okay? You're getting married tomorrow to the great love of your life. May it be as memorable for the two of you as you want it to be.

Jax: Listen –

Felicia: I did some digging into the women in Alcazar's life, and it turns out that he had a housekeeper in South America. She started with him when she was very young and worked with him for several years. He openly slept with her until he brought Brenda home, and then he dumped the housekeeper. The housekeeper tried to quit, but he wouldn't let her. He threatened to hurt her family if she left.

Scott: So wait a minute. So he was flaunting Brenda in front of this housekeeper that he was sleeping with?

Felicia: Yes. And it turns out that she dropped out of sight the day before Alcazar was murdered.

Scott: How did you find this out?

Felicia: Her name kept coming up in the material I was looking in to Alcazar. Oh, and guess what -- she's 5'6" with dark hair. So she had motive and she had access to the victim.

Scott: She also had a grudge against Brenda, so why would she come out of the woodwork to set Brenda's conviction aside?

Felicia: Okay, Scott. I mean, if you don't want to pursue this with me, I'll be happy to do this on my own.

Scott: Wait a minute. I'm just asking -- where's this housekeeper now?

Felicia: Well, that's just it, that's where the trail goes cold. She was missing the day after Alcazar was dead. So, that's what I'm asking you -- can you stall arresting Skye while I find more information on this woman?

Scott: Cold case now, huh? I'll handle this, all right. Listen, I don't want to make another conviction on the wrong person again. I'll put Taggert on this and we'll get to the bottom of it. If you don't trust me, Felicia, then what the hell did you call me for?

Felicia: I just want you to know that if this comes up missing, I've made copies.

Scott: Let me ask you this -- what's all your sudden interest in Skye all about here?

Felicia: She's a client. Honestly, I don't care who killed Alcazar. I just don't want the wrong person paying for it.

Cameron: I'm trying to help Alexis, just like you are.

Alexis: [As Kristina] You're trying to keep my sister from her baby, and that just isn't right. They were doing much better before you came here.

Cameron: If it weren't for me, Alexis and her baby might've died in the park in the snow.

Alexis: We appreciate that, Cameron, but if you want to help them now, you need to go away. And if you don't, I will find a way to get rid of you myself.

Cameron: Why would you want to threaten me? I wouldn't try to take her daughter.

Alexis: [As herself] What?

Cameron: Alexis?

Alexis: What are we doing over here?

Cameron: What's the last thing you remember?

Alexis: I remember being over there. What happened? Did it happen again?

Cameron: Yeah, and she had something important to tell me.

Alexis: What?

Cameron: That if I don't leave you alone, she'll find a way to get rid of me.

Ned: Okay, what happened?

Faith: Sonny sent your cousin to intimidate me. He nearly strangled me. And then I ran into Sonny on the pier, and he added his own death threat.

Ned: You had to know he'd retaliate.

Faith: Yeah, and now it's my turn.

Ned: Just calm down. Things are in place.

Faith: No. Now we do it my way.

Ned: What way is that?

Faith: Well, you know that little speakeasy that Sonny's wife is planning on reopening? The original owner was my grandmother. I think I'm going to handle it the way they did in her day -- send a little opening-night package to Mrs. Corinthos.

Ned: No, you're not.

Faith: Yeah. This is one party that Sonny will not be leaving alive.

Coleman: Well, well, well. So much for your new start.

Skye: Hmm. I started on my way over. Took the edge off.

Coleman: Smart. You sure you want to do this?

Skye: I can get drunk here or I can get drunk someplace else.

Man: I've got everything you need at my place.

Skye: Hmm. Well. Everything I need is at the Port Charles Hotel, but beggars can't be choosy.

Coleman: Okay, folks, party's over. Shutting down for the night, everybody out. Let's go. No, I'm not kidding, man. Come on, let's split. We'll open up tomorrow. Everybody except you.

Man: Come on.

Coleman: No, come on, brother. You got another shot tomorrow night, come on. She'll probably be back. Let's go. Nice to see you girls again.

Woman: Okay, bye-bye.

Coleman: I'm sorry -- what can I say, folks?

Woman: Oh --

Coleman: Yeah.

Skye: Hmm. What is that all about? Protecting my privacy?

Coleman: Oh, yeah. That's what I'm about to protect.

Skye: Oh, please. Listen, I will take cheap booze over cheap pity anytime, all right? Tonight the heartache's on me.

Coleman: So what happened?

Skye: Well, the same thing that always happens -- love's left me high and dry for someone it considers more deserving. You know, I'd like to think that love is a myth, you know, that never really exists. But it's not true. I had it. I really had it. But I had to watch it ripped away from me by that little tramp.

Coleman: God --

Skye: Oh, no, love -- love is for the blessed, the pure, the righteous. Yeah. People like Jax and Brenda. Me? I get the consolation prize -- money, power, murder charges --

Coleman: And me.

Skye: That supposed to make me feel better?

Coleman: Are you always so flattering?

Skye: I suppose I could do worse. I mean, after all, you're a sleaze and you admit it. You don't pretend to be wonderful.

Coleman: Yeah. That's one of the good things about me. But if I'm a sleaze, you know, that makes you a -- I guess a sleazette, right? And I am wonderful. So, you want to take a shot?

Skye: You want a shot?

Coleman: You take disappointment well.

Skye: Yeah, well, Jax and Brenda aren't married yet.

Coleman: So, this is about --

Skye: Payback.

Alexis: I threatened you?

Cameron: Kristina threatened me.

Alexis: That doesn't make any sense. She was not a threatening person.

Cameron: The Kristina I've seen is not the sweet, karma-coated sister you and Ned described. She's watchful, mistrusting, protective, and potentially violent.

Alexis: I don't remember a second of that.

Cameron: Which is exactly why it's the wrong time for you to bring an infant into your home.

Alexis: You know that I would not hurt my daughter.

Cameron: Yes, I know that, but Kristina might go somewhere and leave the baby alone. Or worse, she might take the baby with her and you could have no recollection of what she did with it.

Alexis: What do I do?

Cameron: Keep a record of your time. Let's figure out when she appears and why. If you lose time, we'll know she's made an appearance.

Alexis: I'm a rational person.

Cameron: Stop it. I'll help you through this. Want me to walk you home?

Alexis: No. I want to say good night to my daughter. What are you -- what are you going to tell the staff?

Cameron: I'll say something about postpartum depression. Let me worry about that. Go see your daughter. Tell her good night.

Ned: After all the destruction Sonny has caused, I won't lose a second of sleep if Sonny dies. So, go ahead, blast away. Sonny will die, and then either you will end up in prison or you'll be shot to death in retaliation. I'm not saying your feelings aren't justified. You just have to learn how to hold out for the bigger prize. Now, if we do things your way, Sonny won't know what hit him. I want him to know, and then I want to render him helpless to retaliate. There's more to be gained by doing things my way. But I won't stop you if you think you can pull this off alone.

Faith: You're not the one getting death threats, Ned. When, exactly, are we going to destroy Sonny? Because I am not interested in you doing it after Jason has killed me.

Brenda: You guys fight like that all the time?

Sonny: Not all the time, just, you know, occasionally.

Brenda: I want to make sure that you're happy, because I -- I wanted you to know that I am. And it's because of you. And I finally get it. I finally understand why you left me, and what you must've gone through afterwards. And just -- I just -- I just want to say thank you for my life.

Sonny: I don't know what to say. I don't know.

Brenda: Just say "you're welcome." And "good-bye."

Faith: Patience only gets you so far. My late husband was always waiting for the timing to be just right, and while he was waiting, your grandson Jason put him in the river. Now, that is not going to happen to me.

Edward: Sonny sent you a warning as you knew he would, so there's no reason to overreact.

Faith: Right, but if his threats don't bother you, you be the sitting duck. I am going to take out Sonny and Jason before they take me out.

Edward: You will not lay a hand on my grandson.

Faith: Well, he's Sonny's enforcer.

Edward: I don't care if he's the devil himself. Stick to the plans and follow my direction. And, my dear, I will turn you into a legitimate businesswoman, instead of the head of a two-bit mob organization. I have all the wealth and the power that you can handle, Quartermaine style. But you touch one hair on Jason's head and I will ruin you.

Faith: You know, you're very sexy when you're ruthless.

Edward: This is not a good time to flirt, my dear. You'd do much better to pay attention because everything you have is at stake.

Faith: I can't refuse you a thing, you know that? I just look forward to the day when I don't have to. Now, you know, that just makes me want you all the more.

Felicia: Okay, you got what you wanted. I laid a new trail for a false suspect and turned it over to Scott, and he took the bait.

Cameron: How much time do you think you bought us?

Felicia: I don't know. A couple of days, maybe. Were you able to find out anything more from Alexis?

Cameron: I've been working with her as much as possible.

Felicia: So you're not able to eliminate her as a suspect in Alcazar's murder?

Cameron: I don't think Alexis killed Alcazar.

Felicia: Why am I stalling Scott?

Cameron: Alexis is suffering from what's called dissociative fuse. She has an alternate personality who calls herself Kristina. And I think Kristina may have killed Luis Alcazar.

Ned: Is this a private party?

Jax: Hey. Thanks for coming.

Ned: Should I assume I'm reporting for best man duty?

Jax: You are, indeed.

Ned: Well, count me in. I'll be multitasking because Brenda just asked me to walk her down the aisle.

Jax: Oh, she did? Well, she's always thought of you as the brother she never had.

Ned: And I love her like a sister.

Jax: Yeah.

Ned: And I know you're the one who's going to make her happy.

Jax: Yeah, this wedding is a long time coming. We've been through hell.

Ned: But every time the path has brought you right back to each other.

Jax: Yes, and we'll stay on it this time. Bad stuff's behind us. Tomorrow Brenda and I will finally start our life together. Nothing's going to stand in our way.

Brenda: Hmm.

Sonny: I'm selfish. We both know that. I do what I want, I take what I want. Okay, um, and I want my life with Carly. I don't want to lose her. And, uh -- well, I don't know what just happened, but, you know, I just wanted to be --

Brenda: It's --

Sonny: Wait, wait, wait -- I wanted to be able to kiss you and still be in love with Carly, and I am. I will always -- I will always love you, you know that, and I'll be happy for you. I want the best for you, even if it's with Jax.

Brenda: I'll always love you. And I'll always want the best for you, too.

Brenda: Yeah, even -- even if it's with Carly.

Brenda: You know, you were right. It was a great ride.

[Carly screams]

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Jax: Why put yourself through this?

Skye: I've always wanted you to be happy.

Monica: She is here to do some sort of sabotage.

Alexis: I'm really glad to see you.

Brenda: Sonny and I are not going to go after each other. I respect his marriage and he respects mine.

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