GH Transcript Thursday 1/30/03

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/30/03

Contributed By Suzanne
Proofread by Amelia

Alexis: No!

Cameron: Alexis? Alexis?

Alexis: What -- what are you doing?

Cameron: I heard you scream.

Alexis: Oh. I fell asleep. I -- I must have had a nightmare.

Cameron: What was it about?

Alexis: I don't know. I don't remember. What -- what did you do to my door? Do I need to call a locksmith?

Cameron: No, if I broke it, I'll fix it. Answer the question. What was the dream about?

Alexis: I don't remember, honestly. I don't remember falling asleep. I didn't mean to fall asleep just now.

Cameron: You must be exhausted.

Alexis: I am. I am exhausted. I'm spreading myself too thin between the trial and between this -- this surgery stuff.

[Wind chimes ring]

Cameron: Wind chimes?

Alexis: Those were in my suitcase, and I don't remember packing them when I was in New York. I obviously bought them, but I don't remember that, so how's that for being distracted?

Faith: Do you realize how long you've kept me waiting?

Ned: 10 minutes. I was visiting my baby daughter after surgery. Now, what's the problem?

Faith: I want to move against Sonny.

Ned: We will.

Faith: Well, I am tired of procrastinating. Morgan has been released. Sonny is not as vulnerable as we had hoped.

Ned: Which is all the more reason why we need to take it one step at a time.

Faith: No, we need to hit hard and fast before Sonny can regroup.

Ned: No.

Faith: We need to hijack a shipment, burn down his warehouse.

Ned: No. Look, the minute Sonny sees us coming, he's going to come right back at us with guns blazing. We need to go slow.

Faith: We need to hurt him badly and soon.

Ned: Listen to me --

Faith: Okay, if we don't, we will be finished before we even start.

Ned: We can't challenge Sonny directly. We need to undermine him.

Faith: Great. What if your "oh-so-subtle" plan doesn't work?

Ned: Do it my way or find another partner -- although I doubt you'll find a partner with as much to offer.

Faith: Fine. We'll do it your way. For now.

Ned: Good girl.

Carly: Come on. Okay, so I want to keep the whole speakeasy look --

Sonny: Right.

Carly: Because the energy is terrific -- and then just add a few contemporary touches, like some recessed lighting. What do you think?

Sonny: Well, I think you must be pretty excited since you dragged me down here first thing in the morning.

Carly: Well, you needed a distraction because you have been so worried about Brenda and Jason, and they're free now, okay? It's time to start our bright and shiny future.

Sonny: A future with a speakeasy club in it?

Carly: Yes. Now, I know it's not going to be cheap, but I promise our new club will be a great success.

Sonny: I know, because I know you could do anything.

Brenda: Am I dreaming again?

Jax: Not unless I am, too.

Brenda: Oh.

Jax: It's so good to have you back here.

Brenda: It's so good to be here. Is something going to go wrong?

Jax: No. You know, you realize that you're truly free for the very first time since you've been back? No Alcazar, no police investigation.

Brenda: You mean I don't have to make any huge decisions? Except for whether or not I want waffles or greasy bacon?

Jax: There are -- well, there is one crucial decision that you need to make.

[Brenda groans]

Brenda: Can I have coffee first?

Jax: No, that would be a negative. You need to --

Brenda: Just a little?

Jax: You need to open --

Brenda: Some coffee?

Jax: You need to open your final surprise.

Brenda: What is it?

Jax: Well, go ahead. Open it up.

Brenda: It's --

Jax: Will you marry me?

Courtney: Jason. Hey.

Courtney: I ran all the way home from Kelly's --

Jason: I'm sorry --

Courtney: Hoping you were here.

Jason: I'm sorry I couldn't see you last night.

Courtney: It's okay. We're together now. God, it feels amazing, doesn't it? You know? No worries, no threats, no waiting for you to leave the country. Just the two of us in our own little world.

Jason: I am done hiding.

Man: Mr. Baldwin, are you embarrassed by your mistaken prosecution?

Scott: Uh --

Man: How do you respond to the barrage of criticism you've been receiving?

Scott: Well, the judge's decision to set aside the verdict isn't a setback at all.

Man: You mistakenly convicted two innocent people.

Scott: Mr. And Mrs. Morgan were never the suspects. It was a staged trial to bring out the real killer, and it's worked, so there'll be an arrest in the very -- very, very near future.

Woman: Who's the new suspect?

Man: Can you give us any information?

Scott: I'm not at liberty to discuss that right now, but when we have them in custody, you'll be the first to know. Thank you, thank you. Can you show them out?

Mac: Well, that was an interesting attempt at damage control.

Scott: A little razzle-dazzle there, Mac. So what?

Mac: Are you kidding me, Baldwin? Those reporters are thinking one of two things right now -- either you made the biggest mistake of your legal career or you wasted the taxpayers' hard-earned money. It's too big a mess to clean up.

Scott: Not when the real killer is found.

Mac: Oh -- what was this about an imminent arrest?

Scott: Yeah, we've narrowed down the suspects.

Mac: To women. Half the population. It could be anyone.

Mac: Admit it, Baldwin. You made a fool of yourself railroading Brenda and Jason into a conviction.

Scott: We had evidence.

Mac: Circumstantial. Your rush to judgment hurt everyone involved.

Scott: Past history, okay? Now let's find the real killer.

Mac: You think a quick arrest will solve your problems?

Scott: And yours, too.

Mac: You know what? The egg is on your face, not mine. And I really don't care how long it stays there.

Scott: I told you, I'm closing in.

Mac: You're closing in on nothing. And there'll be no arrests until I'm 100% sure.

Scott: Come on, Mac. How hard is it going to be? A woman called and said she did it. What other woman besides Brenda hated Alcazar that much?

Mac: Plenty of women.

Scott: Oh, yeah? How about one that also hated Alcazar, hated Brenda, wanted her out of the picture. A woman who was jealous and vindictive, wanted to see Brenda take the fall. Come on, come on. Are the same bells of this profile starting to ring for you like they did for me?

[Knock on door]

[Brenda screams]


[Skye gasps]

Jax: You know --

Brenda: It's so pretty.

Jax: You agreed to be my girlfriend, but I was wondering if you'd agree to something a little more permanent, like spending the rest of your life with me.

Brenda: Oh, Jax.

Jax: I love you. I never stopped loving you. I'll always love you.

Brenda: I love you, too.

Jax: You know, we were going to be married a long time ago. Fate stepped in the way. But now nothing is going to stop us from being together.

Brenda: Is that really true?

Jax: It is.

Brenda: Can it really, really be okay again?

Jax: Just say yes. Say you'll marry me.

Brenda: Oh, Jax. Yes. Of course I'll marry you.

Jax: Here.

[Brenda laughs]

Brenda: Oh!

[Knock on door]

Brenda: Oh.


[Brenda laughs]

Jax: Shh. Be really quiet. Maybe they'll go away.


Taggert: PCPD. Mrs. Morgan, Mr. Jacks, you need to open the door.

Brenda: Oh. Why is this happening?

Jax: I'll get rid of him, okay? I'll be quick.

Jax: Taggert, Brenda's been acquitted, so you shouldn't be here.

Taggert: I don't need to talk to Mrs. Morgan. Actually, I need to talk to you -- about your ex-wife, Mrs. Jacks.

Carly: And then I thought maybe I'd put a booth back in this corner, kind of hidden, because I want the place to have a mysterious, sexy, romantic feel, you know? A place where people can fall in love.

Sonny: And spend money.

Carly: Well, that goes without saying. You know, it's awfully expensive to fall in love these days. You should know that from experience.

Ric: Carly? Oh.

Sonny: We're --

Carly: Hey, Ric.

Ric: I didn't realize you were down here.

Carly: What do you need?

Ric: I just thought I'd leave you the preliminary paperwork on the club. There's no reason to duplicate it just because we're not going to be working together.

Carly: Thank you.

Ric: Yeah. Well, good luck with the club, all right?

Sonny: Hold on, hold on. I want to -- I just want to speak with Ric alone for a second.

Carly: My mom's upstairs. I'm going to go and say hi, okay?

Sonny: All right.

Ric: Look, before you go accusing me of coming down here to convince Carly to start working with her again, just save it. I got your message --

Sonny: No, I just wanted to thank you for helping get Brenda and Jason's conviction set aside.

Jason: The trial's over now. There is no reason we should hide how we feel about each other, unless you're not sure.

Courtney: I'm sure of what I feel for you. I just -- just wonder if right now is the right time to let people know.

Jason: Why wouldn't it be?

Courtney: Well, there's my father, for one, you know?

Jason: Yes. You know, Mike is going to be angry -- with me, not you. And I'll deal with that. I'll deal with it.

Courtney: What about Sonny? I mean, he might not exactly be thrilled --

Jason: Sonny sent me to guard you in the first place, and that's why I'm going to tell him as soon as possible.

Courtney: Well, you know, we've waited this long. Maybe we could just keep things the way they are. We could keep meeting here --

Jason: And hiding. I'm not hiding.

Courtney: Well, it's worked so far, hasn't it? And, Jason, yeah, the trial's over, but we're both still married.

Jason: Well, not for long. I'm taking Brenda to the Dominican Republic to get an annulment.

Courtney: When?

Jason: Today.

Courtney: So quick?

Jason: Yeah. Why wait?

Courtney: You know what? You're right. There's no reason to hide anything, so we won't hide it.

Alexis: The trial's over. Kristina is doing much better. I am going to catch up on my sleep, which will raise the level of my awareness when I shop.

Cameron: Wind chimes don't exactly seem like your style.

Alexis: They annoy the hell out of me. It's like nails on the chalkboard.

Cameron: I'm still curious about that dream of yours. Was your sister in it?

Alexis: I don't remember, really. Maybe. Could be.

Cameron: You mentioned you've had other dreams about Kristina. Would you call those nightmares?

Alexis: No.

Cameron: But there were disturbing elements?

Alexis: Cameron, if I want to have my dreams analyzed, I promise you I will go straight to your office with a $100 check.

Cameron: Oh, I'd charge you way more than that.

Alexis: That's because you're a crook.

Cameron: Now, are you sure you don't want to talk about your dreams? It's clear to me they've been bothering you.

Alexis: Not as much as my sleepwalking.

Cameron: How did you know you were sleepwalking?

Alexis: Because I -- when I stay at a hotel, I always put the chain on the door. And I remember specifically before I went to sleep, I put the chain on the door. And when I woke up, the chain was off the door and my robe was moved to a different chair.

Cameron: You have a history of sleepwalking?

Alexis: When I was a little girl, yes, but not since then.

Cameron: Do you know where you went?

Alexis: I have no idea where I went. Maybe I went out in the hall. Maybe a burglar came in and decided he wanted to put my robe on. I'm fine.

Cameron: All right. I'll drop the subject.

Alexis: Okay. Why did you want to see me?

Cameron: Oh, I wanted to give you some advance warning. I ran into Ned. He was upset that you took Kristina for surgery without consulting him.

Alexis: Well, that wasn't Ned's decision to make. It was mine.

[Phone rings]

Alexis: Excuse me. Hello?

Scott: Sorry to bother you.

Alexis: What do you want, Scott?

Scott: I need you to come down to the police department as soon as possible. It's about Alcazar's murder.

Ric: I don't know what to say. But I can't really take that much credit for it. The killer just found me, and I was nothing more than a go-between.

Sonny: You could've chosen not to get involved.

Ric: Yeah, but what would've been the point with that?

Sonny: You had no reason to do Brenda or Jason any favors -- or me, for that matter. Why did you?

Ric: Well, I hated Luis Alcazar. He cheated me and he stole a year from my life. I just didn't want to see two innocent people pay for his mistakes.

Sonny: Oh, so you're a man of principle?

Ric: Whether you choose to believe it or not.

Sonny: I'm still not going to hire you as my attorney. But you know what? I made a deal with Carly a while back, and a deal's a deal. If she wants to hire you, then I got to do what I got to do.

Ric: I guess I owe you my thanks.

Jason: I'm taking Brenda to the Dominican Republic for an annulment.

Sonny: So you can go ahead and let me know when you get back?

Jason: Okay. You can just send me a bill for whatever time you put in.

Ric: You're welcome.

Skye: What are you doing here?

Nikolas: Well, believe it or not, I am checking in. Gia and I had a fight, so I -- I came here.

Skye: And you picked this suite?

Nikolas: Only one they had available. People say that it's haunted. You do, too, by the look on your face. What are you doing here?

Skye: I'm retracing my steps the night of the murder.

Nikolas: Discover anything?

Skye: I don't know. I mean, I really feel that there's something right at the edge of my mind and I can't quite get at it. Do you think I killed Alcazar?

Nikolas: Skye, I only know what I've heard on the radio -- you know, that the real killer called the police but wouldn't give her name. Was -- was it you?

Skye: I didn't make any calls.

Nikolas: Okay. So you're not guilty.

Skye: Yeah, but, you know, I was drinking that night and I do have memory gaps, so --

Nikolas: You do want to remember, right? I mean, you know --

Skye: I -- I have to know what happened that night. Please don't tell anyone I was here, okay?

Nikolas: It's none of my business.

Skye: Thank you.

Nikolas: Anytime.

Taggert: Did Skye mention anything about Alcazar's murder?

Jax: Well, you're the one that dragged her down to the PCPD. You'd know that better than me, Lieutenant.

Taggert: I was hoping maybe she might've dropped her guard around you, said something that made you suspect she --

Jax: If she would've done that, I would've come to the police.

Taggert: Well, your behavior was kind of erratic during the investigation.

Jax: Brenda was innocent. I was trying to defend her. So don't tell me my behavior was erratic.

Taggert: My mistake. Are you defending your ex-wife, Mr. Jacks?

Jax: The killer was cold-blooded and calculating. Skye's not.

Taggert: I wonder.

Jax: Well, I don't. Now, can Brenda and I get back to our morning?

Taggert: Yeah, my apologies. I'm glad they dropped the charges against you.

Brenda: Oh, whatever.

Taggert: Whatever. But, anyways, there is another killer out there, and I need to find them.

Jax: Well, you do that.

Brenda: Bye-bye.

Jax: Never ends.

Brenda: Looks like Skye is the new prime suspect.

Jax: Yeah. You know, the thing is, Skye could be the killer. But Alcazar was evil, and I don't want to see her go to jail for the rest of her life.

Brenda: No, of course you don't.

Jax: When Skye is against the wall like that, she self-destructs. And I know that. I just -- I should've handled the breakup differently.

Brenda: Skye's hurt. She is responsible for her actions, though, and she needs to get some help. She needs -

Jax: I know, I know. She's in serious trouble.

Brenda: Maybe she needs your help.

Jax: If I can help her out of this, maybe she can get on with her life. We can get on with ours.

Brenda: You need to do whatever you think is right.

Jax: That's why I can't leave Skye alone with this. You know you're the only woman that I love. And I can't wait to marry you. I just -- I feel like I have an obligation to help Skye. I'll be back.

Ric: A check will be fine. That'll be thanks enough.

Jason: I'll be in touch.

Ric: Is it my imagination, or does that man not like me?

Sonny: Jason -- he usually has good instincts about people.

Ric: Yeah, well, I guess that's what you pay him for.

Sonny: Well, I -- his loyalty does not need to be bought.

Ric: Well, that's good you value him so highly.

Sonny: You see, Jason has a thing about the truth, and he doesn't like the way you held back your information about your past with Alcazar.

Ric: Well, it's true, I should have told you about that. But when Alcazar was killed -- I don't know -- self-preservation took over and I thought maybe I should keep quiet.

Sonny: Well, I'm listening now.

Ric: What do you want to know?

Sonny: I want to know how you got on Alcazar's bad side and why you're so determined to get on my good side.

Cameron: Ned -- how's the baby?

Ned: I just left her. Surgery was a success, and she's out of ICU. And back in regular neonatal care.

Cameron: So Alexis made the right decision.

Ned: She took Kristina away without my consent. I wouldn't call it right to exclude a father from a major medical decision.

Cameron: Well, she's been under a lot of pressure.

Ned: Yeah, that seems to be the all-purpose excuse for everything she does these days.

Cameron: And she was in the middle of a murder trial.

Ned: Mm-hmm. Defending Brenda, a woman that she barely even knows, and my cousin Jason, who she doesn't even like.

Cameron: That's quite a juggling act.

Ned: Yes, which she handled by walking out in the middle of the trial to fly Kristina to another state for a surgery that she doesn't even need for another six months.

Cameron: I guess she felt her daughter took priority.

Ned: Or maybe she was just trying to prove that she's supermother and lawyer of the year all rolled into one. Either way, I wouldn't call that acting in Kristina's best interest.

Cameron: Well, your attitude isn't in anyone's best interest. You need to understand, Ned, Alexis is on serious overload. On top of everything else, I think she's still processing her sister's death.

Ned: Yeah, well, so am I.

Cameron: Not everyone grieves in the same way. Some people run away. Some start a whole new life. Some pretend it never happened. Whatever the case, you need to cut Alexis some slack.

Alexis: If you're thinking of stepping down from your position as district attorney due to public humiliation, you should know that I'm no longer interested in the job.

Scott: Everyone makes mistakes. They're all out there ready to be made. But I'm on the trail of the real killer as we speak.

Alexis: Is that so?

Scott: Yes, that's so, and I want you to hand over all the Alcazar defense files to my office.

Alexis: Fine. I will have Gia drop them off. In the future, do not summon me for something that you could have handled over the phone.

Scott: Oh, wait just a second. Just a second. I just want to hear your thoughts on the case.

Alexis: Why?

Scott: I'm factoring in all the opinions.

Alexis: Your trail isn't quite as hot as you suggested.

Scott: I'm just wondering -- if you had to make a guess on who you thought was the real killer, who'd you say?

Alexis: Don't you think that you should be having this conversation with your detectives?

Scott: And if I make an arrest, are you going to defend him?

Alexis: That would depend.

Scott: On what?

Alexis: First, they'd have to request my services. Secondly, my daughter is my priority, and I probably wouldn't have the time. Third --

Scott: And? Yes, yes, yes?

Alexis: I'll make the time if I find out that you have railroaded yet another innocent person.

Skye: I'm not really up for another argument, Jax.

Jax: Neither am I.

Skye: Then there's really nothing to say, is there? So, please, take your Brenda baton and wave it somewhere else. I've been bruised by it enough.

Jax: Listen, Taggert came to me and asked me questions about you and Alcazar's murder.

Skye: What kind of questions?

Jax: He wanted to know if you'd said anything incriminating to me.

Skye: And you answered --

Jax: No. I also told him that I didn't think you killed Alcazar. But Taggert has reason to doubt my word these days.

Skye: What, does he think I did it? Did he find more evidence?

Jax: They have quite a bit of evidence already, Skye. You know that. This is serious.

Skye: Why are you bothering telling me this, anyway?

Jax: Because I want to know the truth. Did you kill Alcazar?

Skye: Why? Isn't it enough that Brenda went free? What do you want, to bring her my head on a stick for good measure?

Jax: That's not what this is about, Skye.

Skye: Then why are you here?

Jax: Because I want to help you.

Ned: Alexis is a survivor.

Cameron: You sure about that?

Ned: Beginning with her childhood from hell, she has faced situations that would crush a weaker person. She may hyperventilate, fly off the handle, completely shut down, but in the end she knows how to take care of herself.

Cameron: Does Alexis seem like the kind of woman who would pick up souvenir yin and yang wind chimes?

Ned: Wind chimes? No, that's more like her sister's personality. Kristina was into mystic bells, meditation, feng shui. It used to drive Alexis crazy.

Cameron: Yeah, she told me as much.

Ned: Did she tell you why she bought them?

Cameron: That's what worries me. She doesn't even remember buying them.

Ned: Well, then, she is under stress.

Cameron: What Alexis needs right now is compassion. And if you're truly committed to Kristina's welfare, you'll start showing some.

Ric: My specialty is laundering money, moving it around quickly and cleanly from place to place so it could be used for legitimate businesses.

Sonny: You did this for Alcazar?

Ric: Mm-hmm. I was working on a big job for him, and he decided to withhold my fee. So I took it. Not the smartest thing in the world, I know. By the time his goons caught up with me, I was in Caracas, and they caught me and threw me in the compound, as he so euphemistically called it.

Sonny: Why'd he let you out?

Ric: I have no idea. But I believe in looking forward, not back. That's why I came to Port Charles.

Sonny: Just to meet me?

Ric: You know, you underestimate your profile. I'm not the only one who wants to bring his skills to your organization. But I am the best at what I do.

Courtney: Hey.

Ric: Hey.

Courtney: Carly told me that I'd find you down here.

Ric: Yes. Okay. Well, I just want to thank you for rethinking your position. Going to go see if Carly needs me for anything.

Sonny: You okay?

Courtney: Yeah, I'm fine. It's just things happened so fast in the courthouse, I didn't get a chance to tell you why I had to do what I did to get A.J. to confess.

Sonny: Well, you're never going to get a chance to hold a gun to anyone again, because violence is part of the world that I'm in and I don't want you to get hurt. So you cannot be involved. When I ask you to leave it alone, you need to promise me that you will.

Courtney: Well, I'm sorry, but I can't do that.

Brenda: Oh, okay. Are you ever going to learn to knock?

Jason: Well, I don't have to because our marriage is getting annulled.

Brenda: Well, so what, you're not going to visit me anymore?

Jason: Can we get out of here?

Brenda: I'm not exactly sure, you know, that I completely want to leave.

Jason: What?

Brenda: Because I just got out of jail.

Jason: So did I.

Brenda: Yeah, I know, but you know me. I just like to sit still for a second, maybe catch up on my sleep, if that's even possible.

Jason: Well, you can sleep on the plane.

Brenda: You know that I hate to fly.

Jason: Look, Brenda, you want this as much as I do. Let's --

Brenda: Let me just -- let me just ask you something. Why is it so important for us to get this annulled so quickly?

Jax: I meant what I said, Skye. I want to help you.

Skye: Why?

Jax: Because you need it.

Skye: You think I did it, don't you?

Jax: I think you could have acted in a moment of drunken anger, yes. Alcazar brought Brenda into town. You could be blaming him for everything that went wrong.

Skye: For shooting and almost paralyzing you.

Jax: Perhaps you had a flash of remorse and that's why you made that phone call, giving information that would clear Brenda and Jason without incriminating yourself.

Skye: Are you waiting for a response?

Jax: Yes? No? Maybe?

Skye: I'm still trying to figure out why this matters to you, Jax.

Jax: Because Baldwin is after you and Alcazar was slime. I don't want to see you pay for that.

Skye: Might make your life easier.

Jax: I know I haven't exactly been kind to you.

Skye: That's one way to put it.

Jax: But I thought that your lies could convict Brenda, and they almost did. She's in the clear now. You're not.

Skye: Why should I trust you?

Jax: Look, I know you have no reason to trust me. But you've been self-destructing lately, and I never meant for that to happen.

[Knock on door]

Taggert: Mrs. Jacks? Police. Open the door. Today!

Scott: Hi, Skye. Got a couple questions about Alcazar's murder.

[Kristina fusses]

Alexis: Your mommy is strong, and she loves you very much. I can tell she does.

Cameron: Alexis?

Alexis: Your mommy would do anything in the world for you. She won't let anything happen to you ever. No, no, she won't.

Cameron: Alexis?

Alexis: She won't. It's okay.

Taggert: We know you didn't see Brenda push Alcazar off the balcony. What exactly did you see?

Skye: I saw Brenda stab Alcazar, and then I thought that they went outside.

Scott: You thought? You thought? I mean, what actually did happen?

Skye: I'm trying to remember.

Scott: Well, it's all a blank, right, because you were so liquored up, you don't remember anything after you jumped into bed with Alcazar.

Skye: No! Look, I saw Brenda, and then I think I went into the bedroom.

Scott: So you do remember going to the bedroom?

Taggert: Take your time. There's no hurry. We got all day.

Skye: I don't know. I wasn't watching for a few minutes. Maybe somebody else did come in. I don't know.

Scott: Maybe nobody came in. Maybe you killed Alcazar and you figured this is a great way to cover it up -- just blame it on Brenda. That's why you wanted to kill Alcazar -- you know, so that she could take the rap because she stole your husband from you. How about that?

Jax: That's enough.

Scott: I'm just getting started.

Jax: You got no proof. You made a fool of yourself trying to prosecute Brenda and Jason. Now you're trying to find a new murder suspect, your next victim.

Scott: Oh, stand back, will you? I'm asking the questions.

Jax: I watched you railroad Brenda. I'm not going to let you do that to Skye, so you stand back.

Jason: All right, let's go. We're leaving.

Brenda: So the reason why you want our marriage to be annulled so quickly is so you can be with her, right?

Jason: Ah, no, because the trial's over. There's no reason to be married.

Brenda: My point is just that I want you to know that, you know, you can trust me. I mean, if you wanted to tell me how you feel about Courtney, you could. I mean, you could talk to me about it if you want.

Jason: Well, my private life is really none of your business --

Brenda: I know this is, like, a serious thing for you. It's --

Jason: Right.

Brenda: I know she's not really a fling. I mean, you're not really a fling kind of guy.

Jason: Brenda, just leave Courtney out of this.

Brenda: You really like her, huh?

Jason: Can we go?

Brenda: Fine. Just have to write Jax a note. So, Jax and I are engaged.

Brenda: Don't you want to congratulate me?

Jason: Congratulations. You being married to anyone besides me is the best news I've heard all week. Let's go. Come on. Is this it? Is this a jacket?

Brenda: Yes.

Brenda: This your bag?

Jason: Just get the door, okay?

Courtney: Sonny, I know you're only watching out for me, but your approach needs a little work.

Sonny: Why is it wrong to want to protect my sister?

Courtney: It's not if you just talk to me about it.

Sonny: Well, that's what I'm doing. I'm talking to you right now.

Courtney: No, you gave me an order, and that doesn't sit too well with me. It's probably a genetic thing.

Sonny: All right, fair enough. I'm not going to -- I won't give you an order. I'll -- I'll discuss.

Courtney: Good.

Sonny: But the message is still going to be the same -- I don't want my life to touch you.

Courtney: You know, you worry too much. See you later. Hi.

Carly: Hey. Ric just told me the news. Are you sure?

Sonny: Well, we made a deal.

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: If you want to hire the guy, hire the guy. I mean --

Carly: Yeah?

Carly: Well, thanks, because he's been a lot of help. No, honestly, I don't know if I would've been able to open this place without him, anyway.

Sonny: Yeah, you could.

Carly: Yeah, you're right. But it's more fun with an attorney on retainer. Did you know --

Sonny: What?

Carly: That right here, this was the dance floor. It's a good spot for dancing, don't you think?

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: Hmm.

Carly: So, this is my last chance to back out.

Sonny: Are you having second thoughts?

Carly: Well, this place has a tragic history. I told you about it, right?

Sonny: You told me that it opened and closed on New Year's Eve. Something like that, right?

Carly: This place was owned by a woman named Catherine. And she planned a fabulous opening. She invited all her friends and her family, and everyone who was anyone was here. Her husband Marco was with her that night and Joe, a guy who worked for him, and Violet, Marco's sister. The place -- it was packed. Music was playing, and everyone was having a great time. But then, at the stroke of midnight, gunmen broke into the place and opened fire --

[Carly screams]

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