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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Summer: I'd like to see you again.

Lucky: Good.

Ned: I can't trust you. Our deal's off as of now.

Brenda: Jason didn't kill anyone. He didn't even have enough time! I ran out of the room --

Scott: How do you know --

Brenda: And he came up behind me!

Scott: Unless you killed him yourself?

Ric: What do you want?

Woman: Meet me on the elm street pier in half an hour. I'll tell you what really happened to Luis alcazar.

Ned: Zander told me about you hiring him to trash Carly's new club.

Faith: Did he?

Ned: He also said you didn't want me to know.

Faith: And now you do.

Ned: You ordered one of my employees to do something you and I never decided on. Now, we have a plan. That's not part of it.

Faith: I hate to disappoint you, Ned, but you don't call all the shots.

Ned: We're partners! That means no surprises, no secrets, and no hidden agendas. If you and I are going to be successful bringing down Sonny, we have to work together or not at all.

Faith: I wanted Sonny shut down long before you came along.

Ned: Don't cross me, Faith.

Faith: Now I'm supposed to ask your permission every time I open my mouth?

Ned: You have an agenda, and it's about more than just revenge. So what's in this for you?

Felicia: Mr. Coleman?

Coleman: Yeah?

Felicia: I'm Felicia Jones, a private investigator.

Coleman: I'd be happy to talk to you any time. Right now I'm on my way to court, okay?

Felicia: This is about our mutual friend Ida Warren. I'm the one who found her in Canada. I spoke with her just before she was murdered.

Coleman: Well, Ida Warren was a witness, right? I read in the paper she -- she committed suicide.

Felicia: She was killed.

Coleman: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Felicia: Before she died, she sent me an email confessing she hadn't seen anything the night that Luis Alcazar was murdered.

Coleman: So?

Felicia: She told me that she was paid to lie about witnessing Alcazar's death. Why don't you get me a cup of coffee, and I'll tell you what else she said.

Elizabeth: I'd rather not see Jason go to jail, but that's as far as it goes. I mean, I barely know the guy anymore. There you go.

Lucky: Thanks. Is that okay with you?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lucky: You seem happy. You've met someone, haven't you?

Elizabeth: Um -- kind of. You know Ric, the guy upstairs?

Lucky: Yeah, I've seen him around. Seems kind of quiet.

Elizabeth: I don't know, I can't quite figure the guy out yet. It's like one moment we'll be having, you know, this open conversation, and then I'll ask him a question, and then all of a sudden he acts like there are things about his life I shouldn't know about. You know, then I start to think, it's Jason all over again. I don't know.

Lucky: Well, he talks, doesn't he?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lucky: Uses complex sentences and speaks in more than one syllable?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Lucky: Mm-hmm. Has he been shot?

Elizabeth: No. Well, not that I've seen.

Lucky: Okay. Well, then he's definitely not like Jason.

Elizabeth: All right. This is true. This is true, but it's -- it's the whole secrecy thing. I just -- it throws me.

Lucky: Mm-hmm. I know what you mean. I met a woman like that.

Elizabeth: Well, tell me.

Lucky: Her name's Laura, if you can believe it.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, where did you meet her?

Lucky: At P.C.U. I was signing up for classes, and there she was looking over a catalogue.

Elizabeth: Oh. So she's a student?

Lucky: No, I think she's got a job, but I really don't know what. Every time I ask her something personal, it's like it leads up to zip. It's, like, totally vague.

Elizabeth: Yeah, sounds like Ric.

[Elizabeth laughs]

Lucky: You think that we're mystery junkies, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: I don't know. But I think your mystery woman just walked through the door.

Ric: All right, I'll -- I'll meet you at the docks.

Woman: In a half-hour.

Ric: Yeah. First, I want to know what information you have about Alcazar's death.

Woman: Like I wrote on the mirror, Jason Morgan and Brenda Barrett are innocent.

Ric: Well, only the real killer would know that. Did you do it?

[Caller hangs up]

Scott: How can you be absolutely sure that Jason Morgan didn't kill Luis Alcazar, unless -- unless you did it yourself?

Brenda: When I left Luis' suite, he was alive. And then I ran out, and Jason ran up and grabbed me. How could he have enough time --

Scott: Whoa, whoa, whoa. So he was standing outside the door right when you ran out?

Brenda: No. Well, I ran out, and I -- I ran down the hall, and then he --

Scott: Well, how far down the hall?

Brenda: Well, I'm not sure exactly how far it was. I ran --

Scott: Well, was it just one hall?

Dara: Objection, your honor. Relevance?

Scott: Your honor, I am almost there.

Judge: All right, I'll allow it.

Scott: Was it one hall or not?

Brenda: Okay, I think it was maybe two halls, I don't know. I ran out, and -- the hotel is very big, you know? It's --

Scott: How long were you wandering around the hotel?

Brenda: Not very --

Scott: Was it two minutes? Was it three minutes? Was it five minutes?

Brenda: It was less than that.

Scott: Less than that?

Brenda: Yes. It wasn't very long.

Scott: So you were so distraught after you attacked Alcazar that you just went out in the hallway and you just wandered around for a couple of minutes?

Brenda: No. I -- I just said that it was less than a couple of minutes.

Scott: And then Mr. Morgan found you --

Brenda: Yes.

Scott: Right after he threw Alcazar to his death.

Brenda: No.

Dara: Objection, your honor -- leading the witness.

Judge: Sustained. Counselor, stick to the facts, please.

Scott: Okay, well, you admit that Mr. Morgan had plenty of time to enter the suite and then throw Alcazar to his death.

Brenda: No, I did not just admit that. When Jason found me, he didn't even know that anything had happened to Luis. And he hadn't been in Luis' suite.

Scott: Well, how could you be certain?

Brenda: Because he told me.

Scott: Well, then explain what he's doing on the 14th floor. We know that he drove Alcazar there. We have proof that he was on the balcony. You just admitted that he had time to get in there and kill Alcazar.

Brenda: No.

Scott: Look, Jason wanted Alcazar dead that night. One way or the other, he was going to get that done! You couldn't do it, so he did it for you! And now you've been covering for a cold-blooded killer for hire!

Dara: Objection, your honor.

Judge: Sustained.

Scott: Jason Morgan threw Alcazar off the balcony. Isn't that the truth? Isn't it?

[Gallery murmurs]

Courtney: I'm sorry.

Sonny: You all right?

Carly: I'll call a doctor.

Courtney: No, no, I'm fine.

Sonny: Can you move back, please? Yeah, thank you. Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Reporter: What's going on in there?

Sonny: What happened? What happened?

Courtney: I just --

Carly: You know what? A.J.'s just been glaring at her the whole time. I saw that, I know. It's hard to take.

Sonny: Okay, I'm going to have Max drive you home. You need to rest.

Courtney: No, I'm -- I'm all right, you guys, really. I just -- I need something to drink or something to eat, and I'll be fine.

Carly: You know that we really appreciate that you want to be here to support Sonny.

Courtney: I do.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? You need to -- seriously, you need to rest. You need to go home.

Courtney: Sonny, I haven't eaten all day, okay? I'm -- I'm fine now, honestly. I want to stay.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Scott: Just a second. Just a second. I'm not through with you yet, Mrs. Morgan.

Faith: My motives have been clear from the start.

Ned: You told me what I want to hear. That doesn't make it the truth.

Faith: Oh, now I'm supposed to get permission for every move I make?

Ned: Yes. Yes. When it concerns Sonny and what we're doing against him, yes, it does.

Faith: You think, because you slept with a mobster's widow, that makes you a mobster?

Ned: You better be glad I'm not. I don't think your dear, departed husband's associates would put up with you going behind their back, jeopardizing a setup.

Faith: You haven't got a clue.

Ned: Don't underestimate me.

Faith: You knew that you couldn't get to point at taking Sonny down without me.

Ned: Mm-hmm, and vice versa.

Faith: I have watched Sonny get more and more powerful --

Ned: And your husband couldn't do a damn thing about it, and now you have a chance.

Faith: As long as I play by your rules?

Ned: Yes. It's called a mutual agreement, and the first condition is no secrets!

Faith: Don't push me, Ned. If I get tired of you, I will cut you off like that, and you will have nothing. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going home.

Lucky: So, are you feeling okay?

Summer: Better, thanks. The makeup helps.

Lucky: Scott got you home safely?

Summer: Yeah. Can you believe the way he got that Sen. Jordan to leave me alone?

Lucky: Honestly? No.

Summer: You're the one that got him involved -- Scotty.

Lucky: Scott handed off Jordan some sort of payoff. Believe me, he wouldn't do that out of the goodness of his own heart.

Summer: I know. Believe me, men were my business. I'm not easily fooled.

Lucky: Did Scott pressure you over at your house?

Summer: Well, we're getting a little personal, aren't we?

Lucky: Forget it. It's none of my business. I'm sorry.

Summer: Oh, he didn't push. Yes, he flirted, but I told him I wasn't interested. So, forget about Scott Baldwin. I came here to tell you that I'm sorry that I snapped at you for getting involved.

Lucky: Oh, it's -- it's no big deal.

Summer: Well, it is to me. You cared and I couldn't accept that. I'm not used to people doing nice things for me.

Lucky: I'm just glad you're okay.

Summer: Me, too. And I want to bring you over to my house for a proper thank-you.

Felicia: Ida wrote in her email that you sent a girl from your strip club to see her.

Coleman: Yeah, Steve, I've got a very attractive young lady up here in my office that needs to be escorted to her car.

Felicia: Someone named Wynona.

Coleman: Never mind. Look, I haven't seen Wynona for months, okay?

Felicia: Ida claimed that she never saw anything while she was sewing across the alley from Alcazar's hotel suite. She said that she was paid to say that she saw Brenda push Alcazar over the balcony -- paid by you.

Coleman: Oh, come on! What -- look, you know, I don't know what kind of sick game Wynona's playing here, but I can assure you that she --

Felicia: You're part of the setup, and I don't understand that. I mean, what is it that you have to gain from this? Why do you want to pin this on Brenda?

Coleman: You are spinning your wheels over nothing.

Felicia: A man is dead. A woman is dead. Two people have been wrongfully accused. That's a lot more than nothing, Mr. Coleman.

Coleman: What is your angle, Ms. Jones?

Felicia: I'm not after you. I'm not a cop.

Coleman: Really? Well, you could've fooled me.

Felicia: I want to clear Brenda and Jason of the charges, and you give me leeway.

Coleman: Leeway to do what?

Felicia: Leeway to make some arrangements. I know that you didn't do this alone; you had help. Please. Give me something that can help make these charges disappear.

Coleman: Why would I want to help a P.I. I've never even met before?

Felicia: Because if you don't, I will take this information that I know and I will take it to the police commissioner, who happens to be my ex-husband. And I can tell you, I am a lot more generous and willing to negotiate than he is.

A.J.: I see you two have met.

Scott: So you contend that you merely just wounded Alcazar with the knife, and then you were taken out of the hotel by Jason Morgan, who ditched his plans, even though he had shut off the security cameras?

Dara: Objection -- speculation.

Judge: Sustained.

Scott: Mrs. Morgan, do you have any -- any proof to back up your story?

Brenda: Well, I swore to tell the truth.

Scott: All you got is your co-defendant, who also happens to be your husband.

Brenda: Yes.

Scott: He's all you got! He's your alibi!

Dara: Objection, your honor.

Judge: Sustained. Mr. Baldwin, would you rephrase that, please?

Scott: I'll tell you what happened -- you went to Alcazar's hotel. You wanted to confront him. You thought you were alone. You had no idea that Skye Quartermaine was in the other room, face to face with the man who held you captive for years. He was obsessed with you. He told you he would never, ever let you go! Is that true?

Brenda: Yes, it's true.

Dara: Objection, your honor. Prosecution is badgering the witness.

Judge: Wrap it up, counselor.

Scott: Alcazar kissed you. He would have forced you to have sex with him had you not broken away --

Dara: Objection.

Judge: Sustained.

Scott: Alcazar tried to murder Sonny Corinthos.

Brenda: Yes.

Scott: He shot and he injured Jasper Jacks?

Brenda: Yes.

Scott: Because you loved them, right? Sonny and Jax -- you loved them, and he only wanted you for himself.

Brenda: Yes.

Scott: He was threatened by anyone that you loved!

Brenda: Yes.

Scott: In fact, he had threatened Mr. Jacks again, hadn't he?

Brenda: Yes, he had.

Scott: So, you had to stop him, didn't you?

Brenda: Yes.

Scott: You wanted Alcazar out of your life! You hated him!

Brenda: Yes.

Scott: So, you went out looking for a weapon! Any weapon would've done!

Dara: Objection!

Scott: You wanted to kill him, right?

Brenda: Yes. I wanted to kill him.

Scott: No further questions.

Jason: Okay, get her off the stand. Get her off.

Dara: Brenda, did you kill Luis Alcazar?

Brenda: No.

Dara: Was he still alive when you left the room?

Brenda: Yes.

Dara: Defense rests, your honor.

Scott: Brenda Barrett Morgan was a woman who had the world at her feet. She's beautiful. She's successful. She's privileged. And she's accustomed to the adoration of men. Luis Alcazar -- rich, powerful. He has a lot of expensive things. He has mansions, yachts, property. Brenda lived with him, sailed on his yachts, and spent his money for years. Alcazar came to believe that he owned her, like a car, like an expensive piece of art. That's a horrible way for a woman to live. But he would pay a horrible price for that. Two women saw the ugly confrontation between Brenda and Luis Alcazar -- Ida Warren, Skye Quartermaine. Both testified that they saw Mrs. Morgan attack Mr. Alcazar with a knife while he stood there stunned, wounded, looking into the eyes of the woman that he loved. Her husband, professional killer. He came out to the balcony railing, and he pushed Mr. Alcazar over the railing, sending him to his death. I have a confession to make. Part of me didn't want to believe that this lovely woman, that she was capable of doing something like this. I wanted to believe that, in the end, it was Jason Morgan who was acting alone, who took advantage of the fight that she had with Mr. Alcazar. But I heard the words come from Mrs. Morgan's mouth just moments ago before I saw the videotape. Brenda Morgan lunging -- lunging at Alcazar with a pair of scissors. A videotape that he kept in a safety-deposit box marked "Murder." Because he knew -- he knew that it would come to this. Brenda wanted Luis Alcazar dead, and she wasn't strong enough to kill him by herself. So she enlisted the help of a man that she trusted. A man that she knew was capable of murder. Her own husband -- Jason. Brenda and Jason conspired to kill Alcazar. But their victim -- he knew what they were capable of. So he wanted to speak from his grave, a cry for justice, and the only people that can hear that cry are you. That's why you must answer with a verdict of guilty. Guilty.

A.J.: Felicia's the private investigator who's trying to track down the poor old eyewitness to Alcazar's murder. What was her name again?

Felicia: Well, you mean you don't know? Ida Warren. You paid her off to lie to the police and accuse Brenda of murder.

A.J.: Oh, Felicia, where do you get this stuff?

Felicia: She turned up dead, and it wasn't from natural causes.

A.J.: Watch yourself. You don't want to be throwing around wild accusations.

Felicia: I've got proof. Before she died, she sent me an email implicating both of you.

Coleman: Whoa, whoa. Hold on. You just asked me who I was supposedly working with, now you're telling us it's A.J.?

Felicia: I know it was.

Coleman: Yeah, well, so what was that whole little number you were doing on me?

A.J.: She was trying to con you into a confession, but it won't work.

Coleman: Damn right it won't work because, see, none of it's true.

Felicia: All I want to do is clear Brenda and Jason of the charges. That's all.

A.J.: You want to discredit Ida.

Felicia: I want to find the truth.

A.J.: The truth is we had nothing to do with that woman. And if you keep repeating this accusations, we'll take legal action.

Ned: Faith! Open up!

Faith: Whatever you're here for, I'm not in the mood. Go away.

Faith: You think you can just burst in here and take me? Take this.

Dara: The district attorney isn't interested in bringing Luis Alcazar's murderer to justice. His whole goal is to put Jason Morgan behind bars. He started out the day by trying to twist Brenda Barrett Morgan's words into some sort of confession that Jason Morgan committed this crime. But when that failed, he pulled the oldest trick in the book. He badgered the witness until he got her to say something that could be construed as some sort of admission of motive. Okay, that's very dramatic, but it's very predictable. It's the kind of trick a prosecutor uses when he knows he doesn't have a case. In Brenda's own words, she hated Luis Alcazar. She wanted him dead. Those are thoughts that most of us have had privately about someone in our lives. But Brenda Barrett Morgan never admitted to killing Luis Alcazar, and that's because she didn't do it. The district attorney so desperately wants to convict Jason Morgan of some sort of co-conspiracy that he wants you to make the leap from hatred to murder. He has intimidated witnesses, he has slanted evidence, all believing that you, the jury, are that easily led. Now, you know as well as he does that lives are at stake here. The prosecution's whole case is based on circumstantial evidence, and the eyewitness testimony of two women -- Ida Warren, who may have been coerced and bribed for her statement, and mysteriously died before she could even testify, and Skye Quartermaine Jacks, a known alcoholic who was drunk when she gave her testimony and who has some sort of vendetta against Brenda. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, if you have a shadow of a doubt, you cannot convict. And there is more than a shadow of a doubt in this case. There is some sort of cloud over these proceedings, led by a district attorney whose whole motivation is to convict an innocent man. It is your job, it is your duty, to see to it that Brenda Barrett Morgan is not used as a pawn in his game to try to convict an innocent man. If you look closely at this case, the whole case just falls apart. The only thing that points towards the truth is a verdict of not guilty. Thank you.

Judge: The trial has ended. Jurors, please convene to decide your verdict. You may be excused.

Lucky: Mmm. Hmm.

Summer: You like?

Lucky: My blonde beauty, you don't only shoot pool well. You know your way around an internal combustion engine, you drive like Michael Schumacher, and you cook like Wolfgang Puck.

Summer: Well, you know, I've lived alone for a long time, and I love good food.

Lucky: Hmm.

Summer: And I like nesting in my own place. So you put those ingredients together, I had to learn how to cook. What about you? You cook?

Lucky: Only if I have to. I normally eat at Kelly's or I go out with my friends. But don't worry, my Aunt Bobbie monitors my fruit and vegetable intake, and my friend Elizabeth sneaks brownies to me once in a while.

Summer: I envy you.

Lucky: Why?

Summer: Because you have friends and family -- people that you trust.

Lucky: Well, how about you?

Summer: I haven't let anybody close for a long time, which is one reason why this is so bizarre.

Lucky: Well, a house-style picnic can be a little unusual, but I wouldn't go as far as saying "bizarre."

Summer: No, no, no. See, all across America people right now, they're dining together, talking, laughing, relaxing with each other. I feel like I've been on a different planet.

Lucky: What do you do on your planet?

Summer: Well, on my planet, the men only want one thing, and, well, I give it to them. And even though it's me, it's got nothing to do with me. You want coffee, don't you?

Lucky: Wait, wait, wait.

Lucky: Do you have gravity on your planet? I can't feel my feet.

Ned: Is this any way to treat your partner?

Faith: You've been taking a lot for granted, and I am not sure I like it.

Ned: Yeah, you do. Now, put the knife away.

Faith: People in my world don't make threats, they take action.

[Faith gasps]

Ned: I'll take that. I'm not some rich boy who wandered into the wrong neighborhood.

Faith: Then who are you?

Ned: I'm a man who doesn't give a damn anymore. And that makes me truly dangerous.

Dara: Hey. I usually have a sense about which way the jury's leaning, but, honestly, this time I don't know.

Brenda: I shouldn't have let him upset me.

Dara: Hey, I'm sorry about that, Brenda. It was a tactic. I needed to let the jury see him badger you. But you were very convincing when you said you were innocent, so we'll have to wait and see, okay?

Jason: You did good.

Brenda: Great. Now I know I really screwed up.

Jason: No. Come on, come on. Somebody had to get up there and tell them what happened. I couldn't do it. And you did it, and you did a really good job, considering.

Brenda: Thanks.

Sonny: You got it?

Courtney: So, what happens now?

Sonny: It could go either way.

Courtney: I can't stand all this waiting.

Sonny: Waiting's good. That means they're taking their time, you know, questioning, debating. If they come back too quickly, then --

Carly: Then it means they're going to find Jason and Brenda guilty.

Sonny: Hey, you know what? There's no point in second-guessing.

Carly: Can we just get out of these halls of justice? I don't want to spend any more time here.

Sonny: All right, let's go. I'm going to get you something to eat.

Courtney: No, you know, it's okay. I can go home and make a sandwich.

Brenda: Ahem. Go with her.

Jason: Why would I do that?

Brenda: You should.

Jason: I'm staying here with you.

Brenda: Don't. You're just going to annoy me. You're just going to make me more nervous than I already am. Just go.

Scott: It's too bad Alexis jumped ship, not that it really matters because I had the jury eating out of my hands before they even got to my summation.

Sonny: Or maybe they saw your story for what it was -- a pack of lies.

Scott: Oh, that's tough talk from the gangster.

Sonny: You like the sound of your own voice, don't you, Scotty? But sometimes your own words can get you in more trouble than you think.

Scott: You see, I see why you're upset because your girlfriend practically gift-wrapped the guilty verdict. Now her and your number one stooge are going to Sing Sing. Guess who's next.

Sonny: I don't know. You?

Scott: You. I'm going to go talk to the press.

Sonny: Yes, go ahead. Go run. Run, hide behind the press.

Sonny: Hey. It's going to be all right. Hmm?

Felicia: I need to talk to you.

Sonny: What happened?

Felicia: A.J. and Coleman are the ones who paid Ida to lie. They worked out the phony witness setup together.

Sonny: Can you prove it?

Felicia: Not yet, but I'm sure of it.

Sonny: Okay, if we have proof, we can get a mistrial. But we need it fast.

Felicia: I'll do it.

A.J.: Why the hell were you talking to Felicia?

Coleman: She obviously had information. I was trying to find out how much.

A.J.: I don't like it. I don't like this, Coleman. People are getting way too close here. I mean, it's one thing to bribe the old woman. But if that comes out, the cops are going to think we killed her.

Coleman: You know what? You just calm down, okay? Because all we got to do is sit tight for just a little bit longer.

A.J.: It's not us I'm worried about. It's my sister, the loose cannon. One too many drinks and Skye can blow this whole thing to bits, Coleman.

 Woman: Don't move.

Ric: Okay. Who are you?

Woman: You don't need to know yet.

Ric: Okay, however you want to handle this. I'm just -- I'm just trying to keep innocent people from going to prison.

Woman: Then you will listen and do everything I tell you.

Ned: We've become adventurous.

Faith: How so?

Ned: We actually made it to the bed this time.

Faith: Well, you and I are good together, Ned.

Ned: Yes, we are. As long as I remember one very important detail.

Faith: Yes -- never break down my door again.

Ned: Actually, never turn my back on you.

Faith: Oh. Well, there's one other thing you shouldn't forget.

Ned: What's that?

Faith: If you make an enemy of me, I will destroy you.

Ned: Right back at you.

Courtney: Hey.

Jason: Oh. Are you okay? What happened?

Courtney: I just -- I fainted. I've just been too nervous to eat today, you know? I mean, this whole waiting thing is just making me crazy.

Jason: I know, Scott's just making everything sound worse than it is. That's his job.

Courtney: What if the jury believes him?

Jason: Then Brenda and I will be found guilty. There will be a sentencing hearing. They'll handcuff me, put me in a van, and drive me to Pentonville.

Courtney: That won't happen. It's not going to end like that.

[Phone rings]

Courtney: Don't answer it. Come on, it's not the trial. It's too early for the ver--

Jason: Shh. Yeah?

Dara: The jury has finished deliberating. Verdict is in.

Summer: I'm sorry, I can't do this.

Ned: The outcome of the trial will dictate our next move against Sonny.

Faith: If Jason is convicted, we --

Ned: We go after him, hard. No warning.

Faith: Took the words right out of my mouth.

Ned: I'll be in touch.

[Door opens]

Edward: My God, I thought he'd never leave.

Faith: It went just as we planned.

Edward: Well done, my dear.

Ric: Why all the mystery, huh? What do you need a gun for?

Woman: This has to be done my way.

Ric: You know what? If this is a setup, you can --

Woman: No.

Ric: Then, why me?

Woman: Because I have to tell someone the truth.

Ric: Okay. You said on the phone that you knew that Brenda Barrett and Jason Morgan were innocent. How?

Woman: Because I'm the killer.

Judge: Have you reached a verdict?

Forewoman: We have, your honor.

Judge: Madam Foreman, what say ye?

Forewoman: On the counts of murder in the first degree and conspiracy to commit murder, the jury finds Brenda Barrett Morgan and Jason Morgan guilty.

[Gallery reacts]

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Woman: Evidence.

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