GH Transcript Wednesday 1/22/03

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/22/03

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Sen. Jordan: She threatened to blackmail me.

Scott: Shut up, ok. I know the story. I can't take this.

Sen. Jordan: You'll be sorry for this.

Carly: It won't be so bad. You know Jason's been traveling before.

Sonny: It's different when you know you can't come home.

Courtney: I don't want walking away from you to be easy.

Jason: Don't you think I want to stay with you? I want you to take this.

Brenda: What does that mean?

Jason: I'm not going.

Elizabeth: I am never, ever going to another open-mike night unless you promise to take over the stage.

Ric: Oh, you're going to be waiting a very long time before that happens.

Elizabeth: But you're really good. You should let people know --

Ric: Ah.

Elizabeth: Wow. Look at this place.

Ric: It's something, isn't it? Aside from a few bullet holes, it's a perfectly intact speakeasy from the 1920s.

Elizabeth: And it's been under Kelly's this entire time.

Ric: Yeah. It's pretty amazing, isn't it?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I've never seen anything like it.

Ric: Yeah, well, Carly should do some really good business. They should be lining out the doors to see it.

Elizabeth: If I'm very, very nice to you, do you think maybe you can bump me to the front of the line?

Ric: Well, maybe at one time. But these days, I'm not high on Sonny's guest list.

[Bobbie groans]

Bobbie: I know if it's the grand total over here, why isn't it the grand total over here?

Lucky: You need some help with that?

Bobbie: Desperately, but don't worry about it.

Lucky: Well, I won't be like my dad. I promise.

Bobbie: Hey, do you remember the time Luke blew up the kitchen?

Lucky: You know, I do remember something about that.

Bobbie: Well, he tried to write it off as a medical experiment.

Lucky: That's creative.

Bobbie: Oh, yeah. Well, the account still hasn't recovered, and neither have I.

Lucky: Have you heard from my dad?

Bobbie: No, I haven't. Not since he left for London.

Lucky: Me, neither.

Bobbie: Well, maybe no news is good news.

Lucky: Sure, if he's not trying to liberate my mom out of the hospital again.

Bobbie: I think he's learned his lesson.

Lucky: My dad? He could be in a mental ward or a hospital somewhere himself, you know.

Bobbie: Yeah, he could. Or he could be having a perfectly wonderful visit with Laura. For all we know, Lucky, she could be getting better.

Lucky: You always look on the bright side of things.

Bobbie: I see no reason not to.

Lucky: Yeah. Is that how you found the strength to quit hooking?

Bobbie: Where did that come from?

Scott: There you go.

Summer: Thank you again for helping me out with the senator.

Scott: Well, he's never going to bother you again.

Summer: I really feel like --

Scott: Here you go.

Summer: This 10-ton weight -- thank you -- has been lifted off my life. It's amazing.

Scott: Sometimes a powerful guy, you know -- makes a hell of an enemy.

Summer: Yeah, you're telling me.

Scott: They can also make a hell of a friend.

Cameron: I thought you were asleep.

Zander: You can be the loving father as long as you don't really have to deal with me, right?

Cameron: Please don't start.

Zander: You want me to shut up, don't you? Go away, disappear? It's a lot easier if I'm invisible, isn't it, or at least out of your way.

Cameron: I'm not up for a confrontation.

Zander: All right, then what are you doing here?

Cameron: That's a good question.

Zander: Come on, make up your mind -- are we father and son or nothing?

Nikolas: Zander, Brenda, Jason, the clients Alexis ditched -- who else are you going to put in front of me, Gia?

Gia: Are you finished?

Nikolas: Have I made my point?

Gia: Sometimes I forget how incredibly spoiled you are.

Nikolas: Excuse me? This is my fault now? I'm too spoiled? I'm too demanding? I'm too self-involved?

Gia: That's right.

Nikolas: Do you want to be in this relationship or not? Are you purposely trying to push me away?

Gia: Have you just heard anything --

Nikolas: Because let me tell you something, Gia -- it's working.

Brenda: No -- all right. You realize if we don't get on the plane, we're going to prison. So, fine. I guess we're going to prison.

Jason: Brenda, you can meet Jax in Lisbon, okay? You have everything you need --

Brenda: Have you even thought about what's going to happen to you in prison? You're prettier than I am.

Jason: Go get on the plane.

Brenda: What, you think I'm going to leave you here to stand trial alone?

Jason: Sonny's going to take care of it.

Brenda: Oh, Sonny's going to take care of it. Right. How could I forget that Sonny is going to take care of it? This is what I've been hearing over and over. Obviously, he does not have the power to order this jury to find us innocent. Alexis has abandoned us, and you know Scott has all this evidence on us. This is it for us. This is our last hope.

Jason: Okay, then go get on the plane.

Brenda: I -- can you please explain to me what has changed --

Jason: I can't --

Brenda: Between when we were on the dock and now?

Jason: I can't leave, Brenda. Stop wasting time and go.

Brenda: You're such an idiot. But I'm not going without you.

Gia: I don't do ultimatums. Haven't you figured that out by now?

Nikolas: Gia, Gia, I used to know what you want and how we work, but now you are all over the map.

Gia: My priorities have shifted. There's no question about that.

Nikolas: Yeah, they have, okay, and it's a problem.

Gia: The man I fell in love with would welcome change. He was kind. He had compassion for other people.

Nikolas: Gia, come on. Compassion is a different thing, and what you're doing with Zander's another, okay?

Gia: Whatever happened to my sweet Nikolas? Remember him? The guy who always got roped into helping someone? You remember Dead Ted. Zander was in the middle of all of that, wasn't he?

Nikolas: Gia, we were there trying to help Emily, okay? Unfortunately, Zander came with the deal.

Gia: So that was Zander's one chance?

Nikolas: Emily Quartermaine was a good friend of mine. Remember that? You tried to blackmail her. I let that go. Zander almost got her killed not once but twice. I let that go because she was in love with the guy. I gave him every benefit of the doubt, and I wish I had not.

Gia: That was a long time ago.

Nikolas: I'm not going to stand here and watch -- I'm not going to stand here and watch him bring you down. I'm not.

Gia: You know what? Zander really doesn't have anything to do with this. I just need a little space.

Nikolas: You need space? We share a 53-room mansion on Spoon Island, and I still never see you. How much space do you want? Do you want me to buy you your own island? Is that what you want?

Gia: Believe it or not, some things can't be bought, like friends or a serious career.

Nikolas: Oh, I see. So now you're serious about the law thing?

Gia: That's right.

Nikolas: I am extremely confused here, I really am, because you came to Port Charles to escape from law school. You wanted to start your own life. You wanted to make your own choices.

Gia: And I grew up, and I could use your support!

Nikolas: Support? I stood by you through your whole modeling career, Gia.

Gia: I can't believe you just said that.

Nikolas: It's the truth. I've turned myself inside and out to give you anything that you wanted.

Gia: How dare you act like a martyr after the hell you've put me through.

Cameron: I'm your father. I always will be.

Zander: You just hate that, don't you?

Cameron: We may be together or apart.

Zander: Apart's better, though, right?

Cameron: We may or may not find a way to make peace. But no matter what happens, you will always be my blood.

Zander: Where'd you learn to say all that, shrink school?

Cameron: If -- if you ever have a child of your own, you'll understand nothing can sever the tie between a parent and child -- not anger, not distance. Not even death.

Zander: That's where we always end up, isn't it, Dad? In the woods that day. Pete on the ground, bleeding to death between us?

Cameron: Yes.

Zander: We're never going to be in a room together, just you and me, huh? Pete's always going to be there, lying on the ground dying.

Cameron: What do you want me to say? Of course Peter will always be with me. Did you think that I'd set him aside, pretend that nothing happened just so that you can feel better? I will not let my son go. I don't want to.

Zander: I got that.

Cameron: I just told you that nothing can sever the bond between a father and son. Why won't you understand that?

Zander: Gee, it's funny. You know, I thought you were talking about me. Father and son? What an idiot.

Cameron: You want me to feel sorry for you?

Zander: No.

Cameron: You want me to forgive you?

Zander: Nope.

Cameron: Then what do you want? My son is dead. You killed him. Why shouldn't I be angry at the world, at God?

Zander: At me?

Cameron: Yes!

Zander: If it makes you feel any better, as much as you hate me, I hate myself more.

Cameron: It doesn't. There can be no consolation for me. Not anywhere.

Zander: Me, either.

Cameron: What do you call this?

Zander: Gee, I don't know. Restraints?

Cameron: I call it taking the easy way out. Why deal with the anger? Why bother feeling anything?

Zander: Get out!

Cameron: You'd rather systematically destroy your own life. It's the one thing you've ever been good at.

Lucky: I guess just after everything that's happened with Mom and Dad, I feel like I'm in a free-fall, like I got to start over from scratch.

Bobbie: Lucky, what do you mean by scratch? You are surrounded by people who care about you -- not just your parents.

Lucky: I know. That's not what I meant.

Bobbie: You got Nikolas. You got Lesley. And you know you can always come to me.

Lucky: So it's not like when you were turning your life around.

Bobbie: Okay. Why this interest in my life all of a sudden?

Lucky: I guess with all the changes that are happening in my life, I'm beginning to appreciate how difficult it must've been for you.

Bobbie: Well, forget difficult. It was terrifying.

Lucky: Why? Were you afraid that some guy would show up and hurt you?

Bobbie: No, I was afraid of being found out. "There's that hooker impersonating a nurse. Get her out of here."

Lucky: Is that what happened?

Bobbie: No, no, it never did, not in quite that way. But my past did come out, and it wasn't any fun dealing with it. Because I always felt like I was a prostitute pretending to be a nurse. But you know what? I studied really hard, and I really tried to do the best I could. And I went to work every day, and I'm sure I made some mistakes. But all of a sudden one day, I glanced in the mirror and I realized that I was a new person. I had transformed myself. I was legit. My life was my own.

Lucky: And you did that all on your own?

Bobbie: I had a secret weapon, something I knew I could count on when all else failed.

Lucky: Yeah? What was that?

Bobbie: Luke.

Lucky: Yeah.

Summer: And just how friendly do you want to get?

Scott: That's not what I meant.

Summer: Of course it's what you meant. You're a powerful man, you helped me out, and now you're saying that I owe you.

Scott: When did I say that?

Summer: Well, I don't, just to be clear.

Scott: Okay. Just don't go throwing me into Sen. Jordan's boat.

Summer: Oh, spare me the innocent song and dance, okay? We both know the damage that Jordan can do. You threw me in jail on his orders. You made it clear that you didn't care what happened to me. And, sure, you've changed your mind, but I think you're still expecting a payoff.

Scott: Is that what you think? May I sit down? Listen -- I admit I've used my juice in life to get what I want. What Jordan did to you -- he should be taken out and horsewhipped. I mean, nobody should live in fear of anybody.

Summer: But that's how powerful men do it.

Scott: That's not what I do.

[Summer laughs]

Summer: Oh, because you're Mr. Sensitivity? You're a lover, not a fighter? What?

Scott: Well, I've been accused of a little bit of both, but I tend to go more towards the romance than the --

Summer: Why are you telling me this?

Scott: I'm just trying to charm you, but I don't think that's working very well.

Summer: What do you want, Mr. Baldwin?

Scott: Okay, how about this -- me and you, a couple of martinis? I'm getting out of here while the getting's good, okay? Listen -- good night. Good-bye.

Summer: Wait. Wait.

Brenda: I'll just sit right here and the police can come pick me up because I'm not going without you, so --

Jason: Yes, you are going.

Brenda: I am loyal to my friends.

Jason: What are you talking about? You don't even like me.

Brenda: Of course I don't. You're my husband.

Jason: Well, get on the plane, Brenda.

Brenda: You're not the boss of me, all right?

Jason: Why do you have to make everything so difficult?

Brenda: Do you realize that I was out of the country, having a great time? I found these really cute board shorts. I gave all of that up to come back here and stand trial with you. You could try to be nice to me.

Jason: That was nice, but now --

Brenda: Would you like to know --

Jason: Listen to me. You have another chance to escape now. Don't blow it.

Brenda: Do you why I did that? Because you protected me. I've never had a man protect me before --

Jason: Okay, what --

Brenda: And not ask for anything in return.

Jason: What does that have to do with anything right now?

Brenda: It means that I'm not going to leave you when you need me.

Jason: I can deal with this. I can take care of this myself.

Brenda: Okay, you know what? I'm not discussing this with you anymore. I know you have the brain thing, but we have been over this a hundred times! If I get on the plane, you are going to get arrested, and I am not going to let that happen, so the discussion is over.

Jason: You're the one who's going to get us both caught, okay?

Brenda: No, no, no, you are going to get us both caught because I have done every single thing that you and Sonny have asked me to do. Now, we are in this together. Isn't this what you've been lecturing me about, I mean, for weeks and weeks?

Jason: You're right, and you know what? Okay, listen to me. You owe me, right?

Brenda: Yeah.

Jason: Isn't that what you said -- you owe me for marrying you? Okay, this is what I want you to do --

Brenda: What is it that you want from me --

Jason: I want you --

Brenda: I'll do anything that you want except --

Jason: Good -- if you listen -- get on the plane, go meet Jax, and never look back.

Brenda: Okay, let's take a plane ride together.

Jason: No, I am not leaving.

Brenda: Yes, together! And then we'll find out that everything's okay and that you've been cleared, and then you can come back.

Jason: I can't. I can't leave.

Brenda: Yes, you can. You can go, and then you can come back!

Jason: Do you want me to pick you up and drag you onto the plane?

Brenda: Oh -- oh, you're going to pick me up and drag me somewhere? I'd like to see that.

[Car stops]

Officer: Just keep looking until we find them.

Gia: I walked away from a big-time modeling contract to stay with you in this miserable little town. We were going to get married, go traveling, have an exciting life. And where did I end up? On Spoon Island with Mrs. Lansbury.

Nikolas: Gia, I had -- I had no idea that my family --

Gia: Your family? Stefan always treated me like the hired help. Your father came on to me. Your grandmother tried to kill me. And how did you deal with all of it? You shut me out. You broke my heart.

Nikolas: I saved your life, Gia.

Gia: I wouldn't listen to Marcus or my mother or anyone else. I had to have my prince. And now you're accusing me of pushing you away because I won't spend every second of every day with you at your convenience?

Nikolas: But why Zander Smith? Why are you wasting even one second with this guy? He is a loser who will never amount to anything.

Cameron: Who the hell do you think you are?


Zander: Dad, what happened?

Cameron: You killed him! You killed your own brother!

Scott: I say we skip the coffee, we have a couple of martinis. Of course, I -- I don't want to push my luck.

Summer: Good call on your part.

Scott: Quit while you're ahead -- that's what I always say. Is that what you always say?

Summer: I can't quite figure you out, Mr. District Attorney.

Scott: Call me Scott. I'm open for questions.

Summer: See? Sometimes you're all right when you're getting your way. And then sometimes you're just a real snake.

Scott: Snake? I guess I'm not going to get that martini.

Summer: Yeah, my life's a little complicated right now.

Scott: That's okay. I like complicated people.

Summer: Okay, but this isn't about you. And this power-trip thing that you're working -- it's not doing it for me.

Scott: Let's skip the martinis. We'll just send out for Chinese food.

Summer: No.

Scott: No? No means no?

Summer: Boy, you just got all the right lines, don't you?

Scott: I never know any of the right lines. I'll tell you what -- here's my card, in case you change your mind.

Summer: Okay, well, I don't expect that to happen.

Scott: But you are a little curious, aren't you? I mean, you got to admit that. Okay, everybody in this town thinks I'm despicable, but I know a couple of people that think I'm okay. My daughter, for one. My ex-wife, for the other.

Summer: Oh, please. Men think they're so fascinating.

Scott: But I can back it up. I got references. You want to make a few calls?

Elizabeth: So, what's Sonny's problem?

Ric: Look, I don't blame him for being upset with me.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but didn't you help Carly get this whole place going?

Ric: She pretty much did it on her own.

Elizabeth: Still, you have the right to hang out here.

Ric: I just don't think Sonny would see it that way.

Elizabeth: Well, I think you deserve your own personal engraved invitation to opening night.

Ric: Thanks. You -- you keep dreaming.

Elizabeth: All right. I would like to invite you to a very private opening of the coolest club in town.

Ric: Oh, you mean this place?

Elizabeth: And don't worry about Sonny and Carly because they're not invited.

Ric: Oh. It's very exclusive, then, huh?

Elizabeth: No, only two people can attend.

Ric: I'm very honored.

Elizabeth: May I take that as a yes?

Ric: Yeah.

[Music plays]

Elizabeth: Shall we?

Singer: There is no time where we come from there are no clouds to block to sun there's here and now and what we feel we have this moment and nothing else is real only me loving you loving me with every beat of our hearts

Officer: No sign of the Morgans'.

Second Officer: The pilot says he's waiting for some real estate guy. All the paperwork backs him up. The Morgans' may be taking off, but not from here.

Third Officer: Taggert isn't going to like this. Let's get out.

[Car engine starts]

[Car pulls away]

Brenda: Let go!

Jason: Go on.

Brenda: They're gone. Let's go.

Jason: Go get on the plane.

Brenda: You get on the plane.

Jason: No, I'm not getting on the plane.

Brenda: Okay, okay. I will get on the plane if you just tell me why you can't go now. See? I just compromised.

Jason: Brenda --

Brenda: You should try that.

Jason: This plane is your last chance to have a life.

Brenda: It's your last chance, too.

Jason: They don't have any evidence against me, okay?

Brenda: What are you talking about?

Jason: I can take off later if I had to.

Brenda: Scott Baldwin doesn't even want me in jail. He wants you and Sonny.

Jason: Nobody is going to send me to jail. Do you realize that you're running out of time right now?

Brenda: She's blond, isn't she?

Jason: What are you talking about?

Brenda: Oh, "What are you talking about?" Very interesting.

Jason: You're not even making any sense.

Brenda: Let me just see if I have this straight. You're going to risk the death penalty so that you can stay close to Blondie? I mean, do you think that's what she really wants for you?

Jason: Why do you have to make everything worse than it is?

Brenda: Does Sonny know about this?

Jason: You have 15 seconds to make up your mind. Do you want to win an argument or do you want to have a life?

Brenda: All right.

Brenda: I'll see you.

Cameron: You are Nikolas Cassadine, are you not? Heir to the vast fortune. It's a strange family -- inbreeding, insanity.

Nikolas: And you are?

Cameron: Cameron Lewis. I'm a new psychiatrist.

Nikolas: Well, Mr. Lewis, I suggest you watch what you say because I fund this hospital and I have the authority --

Cameron: Oh, wait, wait, are you threatening to fire me?

Gia: Come on, Nikolas.

Cameron: Is that your prerogative as prince, to fire the underlings, to insult the patients, yell at your girlfriend in the hall? Forgive me, my liege, if I am assuming too much.

Nikolas: What I do is none of your concern.

Cameron: Have you never acted out of anger? Has your life been so golden that you've never been desperate?

Nikolas: Once again, Mr. Lewis, none of your concern, but, yes, I've had serious obstacles to overcome.

Cameron: And yet you still can't empathize with anyone else's pain. Have you bothered to ask yourself why Zander does the things he does?

Nikolas: Let me ask you something -- why should I?

Cameron: Can you even imagine how much that boy hates himself?

Nikolas: I don't really care. Zander kidnapped one of my closest friends at gunpoint. Her name was Emily Quartermaine. He almost shot her because she couldn't get my car out of neutral fast enough. He dragged her all the way down to Canada, by some miracle didn't kill her, and you know what made it worse is that she was convinced she was in love with him. He kept her from her friends, alienated her family, then lured her all the way out of town. She got into an accident and almost died not once, but twice. So to me, Zander Smith has been nothing but trouble to the people who've ever tried to help him, and now she's getting involved and drawn in, and I will not stand for it. So I don't really care what Zander feels about himself or anyone else. He is not Hamlet. He is a small-town punk.

Cameron: Why are you wasting your life with this guy?

Nikolas: I want him off the staff.

Gia: He was upset. You just can't go around firing people.

Nikolas: Gia, why are you constantly making excuses for people? Why are you --

Gia: Hey, I'm on your side here.

Nikolas: You know what? That's fine. You tell it to Zander because I've had enough for one day.

Gia: Fine.

Gia: Zander. Hey, Zander, are you asleep?

Zander: Even if I had been, I wouldn't be now.

Gia: Well, do you need anything?

Zander: Besides sleep? Nope.

Gia: Are you sure?

Zander: What, Gia? What do you want to do? You want to sing me a lullaby? You want to give me a pep talk?

Gia: I'm trying to be a friend.

Zander: I don't need one of those. I do a lot better on my own.

Gia: So I see how it is. So, tell me, what's the best part -- taking the overdose or flipping out at the Quartermaines'? Or maybe it was getting your stomach pumped or almost dying.

Zander: Everybody dies, Gia.

Gia: Oh, please.

Zander: Difference is I'm going to have a little fun before I go.

Gia: Oh, you're going to have to get out of those restraints first.

Zander: My brother wasted his whole life trying to achieve -- whatever that means. And no matter what he did, my dad always wanted more -- better grade, one more basket, earlier acceptance to some fancy school -- whatever. "Aim higher," my dad always said. "Aim higher." Not like I'd hit him in the head. It's kind of funny when you think about it.

Gia: Don't do this to yourself.

Zander: I appreciate what you're trying to do. I really do. There's only one thing I need from you right now.

Gia: I'll do anything within reason.

Zander: Go away and leave me alone.

Gia: You got it.

Singer: Loving me loving you loving me oh, with me

Singers: Loving you loving me

Announcer: And now an update on the Alcazar murder trial. In a surprise move, Defense Attorney Alexis Davis has resigned.

Elizabeth: Alexis Davis what?

Announcer: Her abrupt departure leaves Jason and Brenda Morgan without counsel. Under pressure from District Attorney Scott Baldwin, the judge has denied a postponement of the trial.

[Elizabeth turns radio off]

Elizabeth: Oh, wait a minute. Can Scott do that?

Ric: This is bad.

Jason: Courtney? Courtney?

Ms. Willis: Courtney's gone.

Jason: What are you doing in here?

Ms. Willis: She's moving out, letting you go.

Jason: She might've told you she's moving out, but that's all she said.

Ms. Willis: You're a married man on trial for murder. You meet Courtney in secret. You'll probably deny you even know her in public. A life with you is no life at all.

Jason: You want my lease? Isn't up yet, okay? Six months in advance, or three if you want to charge me double because you don't like how I live.

Ms. Willis: If you really love that girl, you'd leave her be.

Scott: Bowl of conch chowder, cup of coffee.

Lucky: Whatever it is, I'm not interested.

Scott: Well, it's good to see that you're earning your keep.

Bobbie: Lucky, thank you so much for changing my mind.

Scott: That's no small task.

Bobbie: Because I obviously did need help with the books.

Lucky: No, you need a computer.

Bobbie: I know, I know, I know.

Lucky: But I can sort through all this stuff, no big deal.

Bobbie: Okay, well, I appreciate it. I'll be at the hospital.

Lucky: Okay.

Scott: Nice to see you, too, Bobbie.

Bobbie: Scott? What are you doing here without your entourage? You know, the flunkies, the groupies, the press?

Scott: They'll be along.

Lucky: What? You want me to say thank you? Is that it? For what?

Scott: Laura's safe, she's sound, she's okay.

Lucky: Yeah, but is she all right?

Scott: Yeah, she's all right, and she makes a pretty good, stiff cup of coffee.

Lucky: Oh, whatever you say, Baldwin.

Scott: What's the matter? Haven't you had one of her stiff cups of coffee?

Lucky: You let Sen. Jordan think that he could do anything in this town. That's why he beat her up. So if you're expecting me to be all grateful just because you helped her or you're trying to make me jealous by playing one-up, go fly a kite.

Scott: I'm not your enemy, Lucky.

Lucky: You're a snake.

Scott: People keep saying that.

Lucky: Oh, yeah? Like who? Laura?

Scott: Laura thinks I'm a gentleman.

Lucky: You can be. You can be when you think you'll get something back.

Scott: She hasn't ruled me out, okay?

Lucky: Oh, but she will, and my guess is sooner than later.

Ric: Sonny, hi. It's -- well, I'm sure you know who it is. Listen, I just heard that Alexis Davis resigned, so I imagine that the new counsel needs to be brought up to speed. Listen, just tell them that Baldwin is probably going to go after Brenda and not put her on the stand at all because that's just not the way to go. But, of course, that's only my opinion. Listen, if you need any help, just don't hesitate to call. Thanks.

Elizabeth: Okay, I don't get it. You just finished telling me that Sonny doesn't even want you in this club, and Jason fired you as his lawyer. Why are you trying to help?

Ric: Sonny needs my help. He just doesn't know it yet.

Elizabeth: Oh, well, you certainly don't suffer from a lack of confidence, do you?

Ric: I've given Sonny good reason not to trust me.

Elizabeth: Huh. So you want Sonny to trust you?

Ric: That's right.

Elizabeth: What about me?

Ric: What about you? You have no reason to trust me, hmm? We hardly know each other.

Elizabeth: What if I asked you one question? Would you tell me the truth?

Ric: Hmm, depends on the question.

Elizabeth: Why are you so determined to impress Sonny?

Ric: Maybe Sonny isn't the only one I'm trying to impress.


[Brenda screams]

Jason: You didn't get on the plane.

Brenda: That's very dangerous, you know.

Jason: Yeah, well, I'm not surprised.

Brenda: Yeah, well, have you ever been surprised by anything?

Jason: Have you done -- have you ever done anything I've asked you to do?

Brenda: Now, why can't you just admit that you need me here?

Jason: For what?

Brenda: For now!

Jason: You -- there's no evidence against me! You could be in Lisbon right now!

Brenda: Yes, I came here to help you because I am very sweet!

Jason: Brenda, it'd be a lot easier if you would've just gotten on the plane. Why do you have to make everything so difficult?

Brenda: You want to ask me about the plane? What about loyalty?

Jason: There is no -- there is no loyalty.

Brenda: You know what? No one tells me what to do, okay? I'm not having this discussion with you.

Jason: Obviously. You're a pain. Do you know that?

Brenda: This is the end of this discussion.

Scott: There you go. Lucky, you know, you got a lot of anger towards me, justified or not.

Lucky: I'm trying to work here.

Scott: Well, I got no problem with you.

Lucky: That's a relief.

Scott: I see a lot of your mother in you. And if you were clutching a bottle of booze, I'd see a lot of your father in you.

Lucky: Do you want me to hit you again?

Scott: Take it easy, will you?

[Phone rings]

Scott: Hello?

Lucky: Hello?

Scott: Hello?

Summer: Lucky?

Lucky: Oh, hi.

Summer: How you doing?

Lucky: Good. So, you made it home all right? All right. Well, it's nice to hear from you, Laura.

Summer: Good, because I'd like to see you again.

Cameron: All of our social workers have heavy caseloads, not just you.

Woman: The overdose the Quartermaines dragged in.

Cameron: Yes, Zander Smith. I want to know his treatment plan.

Woman: Court-ordered rehab. He'll be back on the street in 60 days. Then it's the E.R. or jail or the morgue.

Cameron: Keep him out of rehab. Give him intensive therapy here at the hospital.

Woman: Are you volunteering for the job?

Elizabeth: You're avoiding the question.

Ric: Oh, absolutely.

Elizabeth: Does that seem fair?

Ric: Well, I'm sure you avoid questions, too.

Elizabeth: Uh-uh. Never.

Ric: All the time.

Elizabeth: Go ahead, try me. Ask me anything.

Ric: Okay. Is anyone else in your life?

Elizabeth: Yes. Yes. My grandmother.

[Ric and Elizabeth laugh]

Ric: All right, now for the real question.

Elizabeth: Very sneaky.

Ric: Will you have dinner with me?

Elizabeth: On one condition.

Ric: Anything.

Elizabeth: Will you walk me home?

Brenda: Are you ever going to say thank you or --

Jason: Why would I say thank you?

Brenda: Something nice --

Jason: You've done exactly what I've asked you not to do.

Brenda: You could say something nice. Well, where's your girlie at? I mean, you're risking your life for her. Shouldn't she be here baking or something?

Jason: You don't even know what you're talking about.

Brenda: I know that we should be on that plane together right now.

Jason: Brenda --

Brenda: You know --

Jason: Will you just -- just leave me alone, okay?

Brenda: Oh, you're going to say "Leave me alone"? That's --

[Knock on door]

Jason: No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait, wait -- wait, Brenda --

Taggert: Wow. Well, well, well. If it isn't the happy couple.

Brenda: Hi, Taggert. Can I help you with something?

Taggert: Well, yeah. You know you've been reported missing? Did you know that?

Brenda: Wow. You found me. I'm here hiding at home.

Jason: Taggert, what's the problem?

Taggert: Well, you see, Mrs. Barrett -- excuse me --

Brenda: Mrs. Morgan.

Taggert: Mrs. Morgan -- yeah, Mrs. Morgan here -- she left the hospital without being released.

Jason: Hmm.

Brenda: Oh. I did do that. Is that illegal?

Taggert: Well, yeah, yeah, kind of, if you're under bail.

Brenda: Well, let's go down to the police station and then you can arrest me.

Taggert: Oh, no, no, that's okay. I don't want to take you to the police station.

Brenda: Oh, you don't want to arrest me?

Taggert: No, I just want to let you know that you are under 24-hour surveillance.

Brenda: By you?

Taggert: The one and only.

[Brenda laughs]

Taggert: So if you plan on taking a little trip, going for a swim in the harbor, anything like that, I'll catch you, I'll take you back to prison. You understand?

Brenda: Oh. I think I understand.

Taggert: Good.

Brenda: I'm going to have to sue you if you don't step out of my house right now.

Taggert: "Sue" -- that's a big word.

Brenda: Good-bye.

Jason: Yeah, that's the first smart thing I've heard her say. Bye.

Brenda: Bye-bye.

Taggert: Okay. Have a nice evening.

[Brenda sighs]

Jason: You escaped from the hospital. You could've gotten on the plane --

Brenda: Just shut up.

Jason: Do you know what? That plan -- you know, you had a good plan with Jax. It's not going to work because every single move you make is going to be watched.

Brenda: I don't even care anymore.

Jason: You should care, Brenda.

Brenda: I didn't want to leave town.

Jason: Sonny got by just fine without you before.

Brenda: This isn't about Sonny.

Jason: What is it about?

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Ned: Jason Morgan is my cousin.

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Courtney: Why didn't you go? I thought it was the only way.

Jason: It's my decision. Whatever happens, I'll deal with it.

Brenda: I have to stay here and prove that I'm innocent.

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