GH Transcript Friday 1/3/03

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/3/03

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Luke: Wake up, sleepyhead.

Summer: Do I have to?

Luke: You do if you're going to blow this pop stand with me.

Summer: Oh, spoilsport. Hey, the wall stayed steady.

Luke: Why wouldn't it?

Summer: Well, it occurred to me that it might come tumbling down.

Luke: What, are you flirting with me?

Summer: Well, maybe a little. So, I'm a little confused in the morning, so I need to clarify real quick. Am I -- am I Summer or Laura now?

Luke: You're definitely Summer. And I need to thank you for this. Being back here in Beecher's corners again and your generous company -- well, I managed to get through another night. Thank you.

Summer: My pleasure.

[Knock on door]

Brenda: Come in, come in. Did anyone see you?

Jax: No.

Brenda: I'm so glad you're here! Even though you're not supposed to be.

Jax: According to whom? Your so-called husband? I'm not on Sonny's staff, so I don't have to follow his orders.

Brenda: No, of course not. It's just Jason has --

Jax: I also have no intention of honoring this bogus marriage of yours, okay? So whenever I want to come and visit you, I'm going to come.

Brenda: Okay. It's just, you know, he has a valid point. He just wants us to be really careful --

Jax: My heart is here with you, Brenda. I mean, where's yours these days?

Jason: You know, I just -- I wish I would have known or you would have warned me that -- that Ric was going to be there, and now this guy's my new attorney.

Sonny: I didn't know. I didn't know until he showed up at the arraignment. At least -- hey -- he understands that you guys aren't going to turn against each other, you and Brenda.

Jason: Yeah, I know, but who -- who is this guy? Why was he even there? Ric shows up everywhere uninvited. I mean, he's smooth. The more this guy tries to help us, the less I trust him.

Sonny: You don't have to trust him. Whatever Ric has to offer, it doesn't mean we become his best friend. His resume checks out. He thinks on his feet. And unfortunately, at the moment, it's all we got.

Jason: All right, look, look, I'll handle this however you want to handle it. Okay? I'll let Ric be my lawyer. But I'm just telling you, something's off.

Sonny: We will proceed with caution.

[Knock on door]

Ric: I got your message.

Sonny: Ric, come on in.

Ric: What can I do for you?

Sonny: I want you to interview Ida Warren. As Jason's attorney, you are now entitled. I want you to appeal to her conscience, convince her to retract her statement, and get her to say she never saw Brenda on Alcazar's balcony.

Ric: It might take some doing, but I --

Sonny: I'm not done talking. Just -- as a token of my appreciation, I want you to give this briefcase to her. There's $2 million in there. I want you to give Ida my best wishes for a happy future. You got some kind of problem with what I'm saying?

Ric: Not at all. After all, it is my duty as a lawyer to help troubled citizens ease their conscience.

Scott: Oh, hi, Ida.

Ida: Oh, no, not you. I'm not a young woman, DA Baldwin. This is too much stress.

Scott: I know. I'm sorry to inconvenience you, but I just need a little bit more of your time, and then I'll be done, okay?

Ida: That's what your snippy little assistant district attorney said yesterday when she was nitpicking my testimony for all she was worth.

Scott: Wait a second. Back up a minute.

Ida: She made me feel like a criminal, taking apart my story word by word until I thought I'd lose my mind. And then you show up not 24 hours later to grill me again. Is this the way the justice system treats law-abiding citizens who are just trying to do their civic duty?

Scott: This assistant district attorney -- what did she look like?

Gia: Nikolas.

Nikolas: Hey, are you all right?

Gia: Oh, yeah, I'm fine. I just need to catch my breath. I ran all the way here.

Nikolas: What's going on? You said it was an emergency. I thought something might have happened to you.

Gia: Oh, something did, but not bad in the way I guess you thought. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have worried you. I shouldn't have called it a disaster.

Nikolas: You going to tell me what's going on?

Gia: Every detail, but, first, I have to find Alexis. Her service said she's on her way here. Have you seen her?

Nikolas: No, no, I have not. We have plenty of time, so tell me, what is going on?

Gia: Okay, here's the deal. I talked my way in to see Ida Warren.

Nikolas: The prosecution witness? How -- how did you do that?

Gia: I said I was an assistant D.A.

Nikolas: You -- Gia, you said you were what?

Gia: Forget about that. Forget about that. The point is I got her on tape. Oh, no.

Taggert: You give me one reason why I shouldn't throw your felonious butt in jail.

A.J.: Well, well. Aren't you a sight for sore eyes. Why so cold all of a sudden? I actually thought we had something going the other day until Jason barged in and ruined our moment.

Courtney: Yeah, well, you're lucky that Jason came when he did because I was about to throw up, A.J., because that's what you do -- you make me physically ill.

A.J.: I suggest you lose the high-and-mighty act. It doesn't suit you, sweetheart.

Courtney: Yeah, and I suggest you shut your lying mouth. You think you have the upper hand here? You think that Jason and Sonny don't know that you bribed that Ida woman to implicate Jason and Brenda in Alcazar's murder?

A.J.: Where do you come up with this stuff? I didn't bribe anyone.

Carly: Okay, A.J., it's time for you to leave because your business is not wanted here.

A.J.: All I did -- all I did was place Jason behind the wheel of Alcazar's limo the night he was killed because it's true. Now, who's Ida? Oh, that's the woman who saw Brenda kill Alcazar, right?

Courtney: Yeah, stop with the "Who, me?" act, A.J. I've seen it too many times. And when this Ida woman decides to tell the truth, the cops aren't going to buy it, either.

A.J.: Look who's preaching. You wouldn't know the truth if it slapped you in the face. Let me tell you how it went down. You see, Brenda charges Alcazar with a knife, forcing him out on the balcony, where Jason finishes the job. Makes sense. Murder's all in a day's work for Jason. Brenda -- she's probably a little new at it.

Courtney: That is not what happened.

A.J.: Oh. And you know this how? Because Jason told you? Again proving my point. You will never accept the facts, Courtney, because you're programmed, like this one and Brenda and poor Sonny's first dead wife.

Carly: Okay, A.J., leave now. Good-bye.

A.J.: You are still hot when you're mad, you know that?

Carly: Well, dream on. Okay. Take it from someone who knows -- you just blew it, royally.

Taggert: What the hell goes on in your head, Gia, huh? I mean, why bother enrolling for law school if you're going to blow your chances for the BAR the first opportunity you get?

Gia: I'm going to assume that's a rhetorical question.

Taggert: Don't you get flip with me. This is serious. One word gets to the B.A. about your little escapade, and you will be disqualified.

Nikolas: Taggert, who's going to tell? Not you. I mean, you wouldn't sabotage your sister that way.

Taggert: Gia is sabotaging herself, and I don't have to remind you that this isn't the first time that she has blatantly disregarded the law.

Gia: I was just doing my job, Marcus.

Taggert: Your job?

Gia: I'm Alexis' assistant, remember?

Taggert: Well, I would like to see the job description that includes impersonating a D.A.

Nikolas: Well, you -- you got to give her points for initiative.

Gia: So I came up with a slightly embellished job title on my own. So what? It was a technicality.

Taggert: You tampered with a witness.

Nikolas: Okay, Taggert -- Taggert, calm down. Just back off. Leave her alone, okay?

Taggert: You back off! This is between me and my sister. You disrespect the law, you disrespect me, Gia. I'm a cop, in case you've forgotten.

Gia: Okay, maybe I was wrong.

Taggert: Maybe?

Gia: I'm sorry, all right? I'm sorry. But there was no harm done, so why don't we just forget about this whole thing, okay?

Taggert: I'm not likely to do that, Gia.

Gia: What are you going to do, Marcus, drag me down to the station, throw me in a cell, and give me bread and water?

Taggert: Don't tempt me because that's exactly what I should do.

Gia: You wouldn't do that.

Taggert: I haven't made my decision. Maybe I'll cover for you or maybe I won't.

Gia: That means he will. Thank you so much --

Taggert: No. No. Don't even go there, all right? Because you're not off the hook, Gia. You just better hope the guy who tipped me off doesn't spread the word because if he does, you are busted.

Brenda: You know my heart's with you. Staying away from you was the hardest thing I've ever done. The only reason I did it was because I love you.

Jax: I know that you made a decision all by yourself about us. It's the same -- same as you did when I tried to take you away from here.

Brenda: Do you think that I wanted to leave you in paradise?

Jax: You did.

Brenda: Yeah, I did. We've gone over this a million times. I'm not going to let Jason take the rap for Luis' murder.

Jax: You know, that would have been a noble thing to do, Brenda, if you hadn't ended up facing murder charges of your own.

Brenda: Well, it doesn't matter because I didn't do it. I did not do it, so that has to mean something in a court of law. Right?

Jax: You're being naive.

Brenda: I know that I am, but this is what I have to believe, all right? Let me have this. This is what I need in order to move forward with this. So what did -- why did you come over here? What, you came over here to tell me that you're doubting me now? I already know that.

Jax: Look, I'm not trying to --

Brenda: Now you're mad at me?

Jax: I'm not trying to make this more difficult for you, Brenda. I'm trying to help you. Okay? So, please, let me do that. Let me make you feel safe.

Brenda: I do feel safe with you. I do. You're the only one who makes me feel safe.

Brenda: Hey. What's up?

Jason: What part of "This is bad for Brenda" don't you understand, Jax?

Summer: Okay, I hate to break character, but I really have to know -- are we sitting beside your broken-down heap as Luke and Laura or Luke and Summer?

Luke: Well, first of all, you must have forgotten the rules of the game. We never say disparaging things about the old red dinosaur.

Summer: Oh, sorry. But I still got to know. Who am I at this moment right now, Summer or Laura?

Luke: You are Summer. Well, you're both. You're Summer with me broken down, and Laura and I broke down in that old Caddy more times than I can count. Usually at very inopportune moments. Which might lead you to ask, why don't I get a more reliable car? Well, the answer to that is I don't like cars. I don't like to drive. I can't fix an engine, and I hate changing tires. But I am more attached to this car than I am to most people.

Summer: Well, it makes sense.

Luke: It does?

Summer: Well, yeah. People disappoint. You get a thing that breaks down or doesn't do what's expected of it, and that's fine. Your heart doesn't break along with it.

Luke: You're starting to understand me. You better be careful. I'm insane, you know.

Summer: I have one more question.

Luke: Shoot.

Summer: When are you and I supposed to have sex?

Luke: Sex for us, as appealing as the idea may be, is just not on the playlist. Look, I may be a total nut case, but I know what can be re-created and what can't.

Summer: I'm not sure that I understand.

Luke: Well, you're beautiful and you're sexy. You're smart. It's wonderful to be with you. And your company is magic. It allows an old goat like me to look back and revisit some of the happier times in his life. Like sitting in an old movie theater with a terrible film flickering on the screen was for a minute like being with my wife. And when you sing along some musty dusty a little bit off-key that's coming out of the radio as we bounce down the road on the run -- well, that's for a minute like I am with Laura again. All that combines to work for me, but sex is something totally different. I mean -- look, it's just -- let's just keep on with the road trip and not do anything that will pale in comparison.

Summer: I'll have you know, I happen to be very good.

Luke: I'm sure you are. But -- there's no sense sitting here freezing to death waiting for fate to take care of the damn thing. I wish I knew something about an engine.

Summer: All right, hold on. Wait.

Carly: You need to sit down and listen to the voice of experience. I don't want to hear that you have to work and you can't take a break because you need to hear this.

Courtney: Okay.

Carly: This is like a train wreck, where one car goes off the track and the other cars follow and there's now this big pileup and lives are changed forever. This all started -- I set it in motion when I overheard Sonny and Jason talking about the A.J.-Ida thing. Then you show up a couple minutes later, furious with A.J. and two blurts later, A.J. now has the upper hand and Sonny and Jason have lost their element of surprise.

Courtney: God, I'm sorry. I just -- I didn't think it through.

Carly: I know. And you need to. Courtney, I have been where you are. I understand this. Okay? A.J. is an insect, and the impulse to squash him is natural. But you can't, okay? Because with Sonny and Jason, one's first impulse is usually wrong. You have got to use your head, and you have got to think things through. Follow the rules, and do not discuss their business. And don't repeat anything you hear, accidentally or otherwise. And I'm obviously still learning this. Otherwise, we wouldn't be in this situation.

Courtney: God, I feel like such an idiot. I mean --

Carly: Courtney, you're just new at it, that's all. I have loved Sonny for a very long time, and I still screw things up by acting on impulse. That's the reason we weren't together when you first came to town. Just deal with this with Jason.

Courtney: What should I do?

Carly: Oh, I cannot believe I am saying this. You have to be honest with him. Tell him the truth because it's your only option.

Alexis: Is this a joke? What were you thinking?

Gia: That I could trip Ida up, get her to admit her statement is a lie.

Alexis: You ever heard of witness tampering?

Nikolas: She does now.

Alexis: Does this get worse?

Gia: Depends on your definition of "worse."

Alexis: Who else knows about this besides the three of us?

Gia: No one who will tell.

Alexis: Who? What does that mean exactly?

Gia: My brother.

Alexis: Your brother? Taggert knows about this?

Gia: He was here earlier.

Nikolas: And furious as hell.

Gia: Not enough to turn me in, I don't think. Do you want to hear the tape?

Alexis: You recorded the illegal conversation?

Nikolas: Yep. She went out and bought a special camera just for the occasion. Brand-new. Press play. There you go.

Gia's voice: This is really important, Ida. A woman's entire future depends on you. Brenda Barrett's fate is completely in your hands, so be sure what you say is the truth and nothing but.

Alexis: Turn it off. I don't want to hear another word.

Jax: You know, don't storm in here like the betrayed husband, pretending that you give a damn about Brenda. Your loyalty stops with Sonny.

Jason: You know -- I might be able to handle prison, but I don't really think it's good if Brenda went, which could happen if you don't stay away from her. So you can decide, Jax.

Brenda: Okay, okay. You know what? Let's -- nobody saw him come in.

Jason: And you know that how?

Brenda: Because he told me. You know, it's really none of your business anyway what goes on in the privacy of this apartment when I'm here --

Jason: Well, see, Brenda --

Brenda: Because it's my place, too.

Jason: That's where you're wrong. It is my business.

Brenda: Okay. Well, what do you want to do? Okay -- oh, let's pretend like we're married. Come on, I'll go with you everywhere. Let's go. Wherever you go, I'm going to be with you. It'll be nonstop marital bliss, you and me.

Jason: Okay, just -- you know what? Just do what you want. Seriously. Anything I ask you to do, you do the exact opposite. Just do yourself a favor -- don't get caught with Jax.

Brenda: Hey. I'm sorry. It's -- we'll be more careful.

Jax: You know what? Don't make promises on my behalf to Jason.

Brenda: This is not an unreasonable request that he is making. We should be taking things more --

Jax: But that's exactly the problem. This is not a request. This is a demand from Sonny, okay? This is his way of keeping us apart. That you would even consider that reasonable tells me that you're falling back under Sonny's influence.

Brenda: What are you talking about? That is ridiculous, what you are saying right now!

Jax: Well, you know what? I'm not going to let Sonny Corinthos dictate our lives, okay?

Brenda: Forget it!

Jax: I am not going to do that!

Brenda: We cannot see each other anymore. Jason is right. I don't want to see you at all.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hello?

Ric: Yeah. Things with Ida didn't go as planned.

Sonny: You had a problem getting in?

Ric: No. I'm with Ida right now.

Carly: Life with Sonny and Jason can be difficult. The rules, they seem simple, but they are almost impossible to follow. But fortunately, you're in luck because you have me and there is absolutely no way you are going to make the mistakes that I have made.

Courtney: Yeah, well, when Jason finds out that I told A.J. they know that he paid Ida to lie, I mean, Jason's going to be furious.

Carly: Yeah, but he'll be more upset if you don't tell him yourself. Listen, you have to do it. I know it's going to be hard, but you have got to stand up and tell Jason yourself. There's still a chance that Sonny and Jason might get to Ida before A.J. does.

Scott: What have we got, Taggert?

Taggert: Looks like a suicide. Autopsy will tell the tale.

Scott: You know, I heard an interesting tale. It turns out that Ida had a visitor yesterday, a beautiful African American woman who said she was the assistant district attorney. Any ideas who that might be? I'm not trying to make trouble for an eager law student, but according to my tip, this woman got Ida to talk on tape. I need that tape. You're going to have to find that tape. Otherwise, things could get a little dicey. Know what I mean?

Ida: Brenda Barrett killed Luis Alcazar, and that's all she wrote.

Alexis: I said turn it off.

Gia: I'm so sorry, Alexis. I went after her testimony 15 different ways. She just wouldn't budge.

Nikolas: Now, either Ida is telling the truth and Brenda really did kill Alcazar or she was extremely well prepped. Any opinion which?

Alexis: No, I have no opinion because I've never seen nor heard of the existence of any tape because if I had, I would be forced to testify to its content in court, which would not help my client and it would put me in a position to have to explain something that I don't want to have to explain. So this never happened. You never saw me, I never saw you, and we certainly have not discussed any tape, which to my knowledge has ceased to exist.

Sonny: Ida's death sets her testimony in stone. That's not -- that's not good for us.

Jason: What do you make of the suicide theory?

Sonny: Well, she had plenty -- plenty of money. No one has said anything about a health problem. She was terrified of us, which indicates a desire to stay alive. So what -- all of a sudden, she hangs herself?

Jason: I mean, if it is murder, it seems pretty professional.

Sonny: Alcazar was an arms dealer. He must have been at the top of a lot of people's hit list.

Jason: Right. You know, maybe -- maybe it was someone on Alcazar's side, one of his paid government lackeys who's starting to get worried about all this exposure.

Sonny: Okay, so somebody kills Alcazar, pays off Ida -- right? -- To throw off the cops.

Jason: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Sonny: And then offs Ida to make it look like a suicide.

Jason: What are the odds of the PCPD figuring that out?

Sonny: Well, with Scotty Baldwin leading the brigade, I think our odds are pretty good. I need you to make a list of the enemies that Alcazar had, and I'll find out what Brenda knows.

Jax: Is that what you want, Brenda? You want to break it off so that you can run back to Sonny?

Brenda: What's wrong with you? This isn't about Sonny. This is about me fighting for my life again. And you -- you're here telling me that you're going to do exactly what Scott Baldwin wants you to do.

Jax: Then explain why the hell you're pulling away from me.

Brenda: I'm not.

Jax: You know, I thought it was all in my head. I tried to tell myself that. But it's true. I just saw it again in this very room. Sonny has a really strong hold over you, doesn't he?

Brenda: What are you talking about? Sonny doesn't have a hold on me. I'm not stupid, Jax. I've gone over all of my options, and I have made a rational decision about my trial strategy. I mean, it's bad enough that I'm actually on trial for murder without having to explain in front of a whole jury why my marriage is fake. And you know what? There's nothing wrong with wanting to keep what's private private.

Jax: You know what? The thing is you didn't have to be on trial, Brenda, because I got you away from here.

Brenda: Oh --

Jax: But, no, the first sign of trouble in Sonny's camp and you're on a plane back home. You left the man who loves you. And you know what makes even matters worse? That you didn't want to annul your bogus marriage to Jason when I had made arrangements --

Brenda: Oh, this again!

Jax: That you and I could be together.

Brenda: We're going to bring up this again? I told you that Jason and I have to stay married right now so that we can't testify against each other. That is the only thing that that is about.

Jax: That's an excuse so you can be close to Sonny.

Brenda: Why are you saying this to me?

Jax: You know what? You didn't come back here to clear your name or to seize control of your life. You came back here for another fix. Again, this is all about Sonny! I thought you were over him.

[Engine runs]

Luke: Bravissimo.

Summer: Don't applaud, throw money.

Luke: Where the hell did you learn to fix an engine?

Summer: My dad. He and I used to spend hours in the garage just fixing any kind of car you could possibly imagine.

Luke: Was he a mechanic?

Summer: No. It was just his hobby. He would go to the neighbors and just practically pay them money to let him bring it home and try to fix anything that was broken. And you know what? I don't care what I lost, broke, what kind of messes I made -- it didn't matter. He made me feel like, well, he couldn't do the job without me.

Luke: You were crucial to his operation because of your little fingers. Tiny fingers can get in there and reach hard places.

Summer: I loved my dad.

Luke: There's nothing like the light in a little girl's eyes when she still thinks her dad hung the moon.

Summer: You have a daughter.

Luke: I do.

Summer: How old is she?

Luke: 6, maybe 7. I have a grown son, too. I don't see my daughter much. I'm not good for her. Sometimes it's painful to look at her. She has her mother's eyes. Oh. What is that old saying about "All good things end badly"?

Summer: No. They say "All good things come to an end."

Luke: Is that it?

Summer: Hey -- no, no, no. We're not ending. I mean, didn't you say that the "Luke and Laura hit the road" show was going to play for a while?

Luke: Well, that was the original plan, but I've changed my mind.

Summer: Well, but what if I don't want to go home?

Luke: What are you saying? That you want to stay on this road trip with me indefinitely?

Summer: I was just surprised that you were ending it so abruptly, that's all. I thought that we had an arrangement.

Luke: Well, we -- we do, but, look, you're a professional and I'm paying you to stand in for Laura. Emotional charity -- I don't go for it. It gives me hives.

Summer: Is that what you think this is for me? Because let me tell you something -- you're not a man that inspires pity. Now, do I feel bad for you that you lost the love of your life? Yes, I do, absolutely. But you want to know something? You had it for many happy years, which is much more than I can say for most people that I know. So, believe me, I'm not pulling out tiny violins for you.

Luke: Well, then what -- what are you saying?

Summer: I'm just -- I was referring to the game. I was -- I mean, I'm liking it.

Luke: You're liking it? Cruising through somebody else's memories?

Summer: Well, it beats cruising through my own. Really. There's something about the light in a man's eyes when he thinks that the woman he loves hung the moon. Even if he is pretending and even if she is only a substitute. But it doesn't matter because you know what? I like standing in the place where your wife stood. It makes me feel special, like maybe -- maybe it's kind of close to being as loved as Laura was loved?

Luke: Come on, now. You're beautiful, you're sexy and smart, and you're young. This is a lethal combination. Any time you're ready, the panting spuds will be lining up. You're going to have to beat them off with a stick.

Summer: Not one of them will be remotely like you. You are one of a kind, Luke Spencer. And I like spending time with you no matter whose name I'm using.

Ric: Ms. Davis. Have you heard about Ida?

Alexis: What about her?

Ric: She's dead.

Alexis: What?

Ric: Apparently she hung herself in her hotel room. The police are calling it a probable suicide.

Alexis: Well, that doesn't make any sense. And for the record, it is a "possible" suicide. I mean, as you must know, anything is possible. In fact, my mind is reeling with possibilities as we speak.

Ric: Such as?

Alexis: It's possible that your client paid Ida a visit. It's possible that your client tried to bribe or intimidate her into changing her testimony. And it's possible that she stood her ground and Jason felt the only option would be to kill her. I mean, you have to admit that that's a possibility.

Ric: No, I wouldn't dream of interrupting.

Alexis: Oh, of course, it's only a hypothesis, but with that caveat, you would have to admit that that's a possibility.

Ric: Well, hypothetically speaking, you do have a point, but it's moot. With Ida dead, she's not available for cross-examination, and that doesn't bode well for either of our clients since their futures are inextricably linked. Now, unfortunately, they will be exonerated together or together they're going to go down for murder one.

Jason: You sounded pretty upset on the phone. What's going on?

Courtney: Listen, there's something that I need to tell you, and you're probably going to be furious, so prepare yourself.

Jason: Okay. What happened?

Courtney: It's just I -- I've never been used to following rules, and now there's just so many, I -- you know, I can't help protect you. I can't talk about what you and Sonny do.

Jason: Courtney, is there any way -- I'm sorry -- that we can save this for later? Because Sonny and I -- we have a situation that just came up and I --

Courtney: No, no, no. Don't tell me. I don't want to know, okay, because I am horrible at keeping secrets. I'll probably blurt it out to the first person that I see.

Jason: No, it's not a secret. All you have to do is turn on the TV and watch the news. You know that witness who said she saw Brenda kill Alcazar?

Courtney: Ida something?

Jason: Yeah. Well, they found her hanging from a noose in her hotel room. And right now the cops are looking at suicide, but there's a strong possibility she could have been murdered, which means --

Courtney: Oh, God.

Jason: I've got to get --

Courtney: No, Jason, I think I know who killed her. 

Summer: Is there something wrong?

Scott: No. You look like somebody I used to know.

Nikolas: Will you please explain to me why we simply can't just go home and dispose of the tape on Spoon Island?

Gia: Because I have to do it alone. I can't give you a rational reason. I'm sorry.

Nikolas: Well, try.

Gia: I got into this mess with Ida all by myself. It's on me to fix it.

Nikolas: Gia, Gia, I'm here to help you, okay? I am. I want to. We're a couple. That's what we're supposed to do.

Gia: Most couples aren't involved in felony behavior on a regular basis. At least this time, one of us is in the clear. If this comes back to bite me, you can honestly say you know nothing.

Nikolas: All right, fine. Okay, if that's how you want it, fine.

Gia: Thanks for understanding.

Nikolas: No, wait a second. I never said I understand. I never did. I'll see you later.

Taggert: Looks like I got here just in time. Give me the tape, Gia.

Ric: Well, Ms. Davis, I just wanted to let you know how much I admire you. I think you are a brilliant attorney, and I'm really looking forward to working with you.

Alexis: We should get together for a pretrial conference soon.

Ric: Mm-hmm. I'm at your disposal. You just call my cell. Bye.

Jax: He's wrong.

Alexis: Were you listening in to a private conversation between two attorneys?

Jax: You're damn right I was. Jason Morgan is a career criminal. Brenda's an innocent. Their futures are only as entwined as you allow them to be.

Alexis: You know what? We shouldn't be having this conversation at all because it could be misconstrued. It could look like you're trying to influence an officer of the court.

Jax: Well, that's exactly what I'm trying to do, Alexis. I'm trying to get you to look out for your client's best interests. And Jason killed Alcazar, and he also killed Ida Warren. Brenda's never murdered anyone. Besides, Baldwin doesn't even want her. He wants Jason. So, fine, let him have Jason and forget about pretrial meetings with Jason's lawyer. Help Scott nail the bastard so Brenda can go free.

Alexis: Would that be free of murder or free of Sonny?

Jax: Both.

Courtney: I -- I have no excuse, Jason. It's just A.J. -- he made me so mad, I wanted to rip that smug little smile right off his face. And then the next thing I knew, it was out.

Jason: Well, what did you tell him exactly?

Courtney: Well, that -- that you guys were on to him, that -- that you knew he bribed that Ida woman for her testimony against Brenda. I blew it, didn't I? I mean, whatever you --

Jason: It's okay. Hey, it's okay. Sit down. You made a mistake. It happens. But you did -- you did really good by telling me.

Courtney: Are you mad?

Jason: No. But I'm hoping maybe now you understand why I really can't talk about my business too much.

Courtney: God, Jason. I mean, I -- I can't believe that I am still married to that man. What if A.J. killed that poor old lady?

Alcazar: You're guilty of betraying me in the worst possible ways. But I love you and I forgive you because we belong together, and now we will be.

Brenda: No!

[Brenda screams]

Sonny: Hey. Hey. You all right? It's just -- it's just a dream.

Brenda: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah. Whoa. No one's going to hurt you.

Brenda: Yes.

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Scott: I'm the new DA. Did you vote for me?

Taggert: If you don't give me that tape, you're going to be in worse trouble than you already think you are.

Alexis: Let me do my job.

Jax: Well, see that you do.

Alexis: You don't have anything to worry about.

Jason: I won't testify against Brenda.

Sonny: Stay calm and trust that I will take care of you.

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