GH Transcript Thursday 12/19/02


General Hospital Transcript Thursday 12/19/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Ned: You don't care how I feel about this child. All you care about is yourself.

Courtney: I love it. I love it.

Faith: You haven't offered your condolences on my husband's death.

Brenda: I'm not going anywhere! I didn't do it!

Jason: Do you think Baldwin cares if you did it or not?

Skye: She is most certainly going to jail for murder.

Luke: Just to be clear, now, we're talking about you searching for Summer out in what passes for the real world, not in the cracks in my head or in some schizoid, delusional dictionary?

Cameron: Yeah, we're clear -- at least one of us is. I'm still convinced I won't find her.

Luke: Well, then what's the point? I mean, if you're not even open to the possibility that she might exist, this whole thing is useless!

Cameron: Luke, assuming what you're saying is true, what we're dealing with is an elusive blonde who goes by an alias, has no known last name, address, or telephone number.

Luke: Well, look, try the yellow pages -- cab companies. She took a taxi to the -- to the cabin. There must a record of that fare.

Cameron: All right. No guarantees, understood?

Luke: Yeah.

Cameron: Go back inside.

Luke: Yeah. Oh, if the cab thing doesn't work, try the east gate of the park or Elm Street Pier. That's where she meets her -- don't be a stranger!

Ned: This should cover the startup costs for any joint venture we might enter into.

Faith: Hmm. Did you have something specific in mind?

Ned: Leaving Sonny Corinthos broken and bankrupt.

Faith: What makes you think I need money, Mr. Ashton, from you or anyone else?

Ned: Sonny Corinthos had your husband killed. Isn't that right?

Faith: Now, that was never proven.

Ned: So you're prepared to let it go?

Faith: Did I say that?

Ned: Then why haven't your retaliated? Whatever you need -- money, leverage -- whatever it is, I'll give it to you.

Faith: Very generous. Tell me why. Why should I trust you?

Ned: Because I despise Sonny as much as you do.

Faith: What did he do to you?

Felicia: You saw the man who pushed Alcazar over the balcony?

Ida: Not exactly.

Felicia: What'd you see?

Ida: Um --

Felicia: Ida, we can do this here or I can take you into custody for obstruction of justice and lying to a police officer.

Ida: I'm not lying.

Felicia: Well, then tell me what you saw.

Ida: I -- I was working. I was stitching Christmas tree skirts in burgundy and emerald green with beading around --

Felicia: Yes or no -- did you see Alcazar's terrace the moment he was pushed to his death?

Ida: Yes.

Felicia: Did you see the man who pushed him over the railing?

Ida: It wasn't a man. It was a woman. A woman killed Alcazar.

Jax: You know there are a thousand things I'd rather be doing tonight than trimming the tree at the Quartermaines'?

Brenda: Like what?

Jax: Well, trimming the tree in Tahiti --

Brenda: Oh, that'd be good.

Jax: At a nice warm, tropical place. Beach and --

Brenda: Well, it's going to be fun. Be sweet. Be nice.

Edward: Brenda, ho-ho! Season's greetings.

Brenda: Hi. Merry Christmas!

Alan: Merry Christmas.

Lila: Brenda, welcome my dear.

Brenda: Oh, thank you for having us.

Jax: Yes, thanks for including us.

Edward: Well, of course we would. Brenda is a part of the family.

Alan: Well, technically speaking, so is Jax.

Monica: The more, the merrier, right?

Lila: It's always lovely to see you, Jax. But I had rather hoped that Brenda would be bringing her husband here tonight.

Sonny: Hey.

Jason: Hey.

Sonny: Carly call you?

Jason: Yeah, she said I had to come by and help pick out a tree or I'd ruin Michaelís Christmas --

Sonny: We would wreck everything, right. We're all supposed to get together, decorate a tree, and have a big dinner which she's not going to let me cook, so we don't know what the hell we're going to end up with. But, you know, it's a good thing she's doing it for Michael, you know? Christmas is still important to him.

Jason: Yeah, that's good.

Sonny: Not like it was last year.

Jason: What do you mean? What happened last year?

Sonny: Oh, that's right, you weren't around.

Jason: No.

Sonny: Christmas Eve was when I first found out that Courtney was my sister. And Mike lied again; he had a whole different family that he walked away from. So there's Courtney crying, yelling at Mike, yelling at Janine. Janine's her so-called mother who lied to Courtney about Mike being dead. So there's this sweet girl in my living room, just falling apart. You know, there's nothing I can do about it. And then Carly and Michael come home and they're ready to go to the hospital Christmas party and, you know, I don't want Michael to be seeing all this mess, right, so I go ahead and go with them. And that's the reason that, you know, A.J. weaseled his way in because the first time that my sister needed me, I walked away.

Ric: It's -- it's nothing. I'm -- I'm fine.

Carly: Are you sure?

Ric: Yeah, it's just -- chalk it up to a bad moment. I guess it's the holiday.

Carly: Homesick? Miss your family? When was the last time you saw them?

Ric: Well, it's been a while. Things are -- they're different.

Carly: Well, maybe you can arrange a visit some time soon.

Ric: Nothing lasts forever, Carly. Least of all, family.

Ric: Well, look, but my address might change but I'm not going to be leaving Port Charles anytime soon. If you need to reach me, you can just reach me on this number. Thank you.

 [Children laugh]

Elizabeth: Oh, no, you don't! You can't catch me! Try, try, try!

[Elizabeth screams]

Elizabeth: Oh. Are you spying on me? Eavesdropping on my private, very personal affairs?

Ric: Okay, okay, I deserve that. I was sitting over there, I heard you screaming. I was all ready to ride off to the rescue, but it seems you know how to take care of yourself.

Elizabeth: Well, I'm glad you noticed.

[Elizabeth gasps]

Elizabeth: Look out behind you.

[Elizabeth laughs]

Ric: Oh, good.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, I just -- I couldn't resist.

Ric: Oh, that's all right. That's all right, see, but you may regret this.

Elizabeth: Oh, no -- hey, that's so not fair! What are you doing?

Ric: Oh, no, you done a lot of good talking, huh? Huh? Huh?

[Elizabeth screams]

Ned: A woman I know, a brilliant attorney, was completely dismantled by Sonny. She worked for him. He used her, manipulated her, and then tossed her aside when he was done.

Faith: Well, that's sad, but that hardly --

Ned: But at least she's still alive. Her younger sister died in the explosion at Sonny's warehouse. She was a beautiful woman with a -- with a beautiful future.

Faith: You know how dangerous Sonny is. Obviously, I have to consider things very carefully before agreeing to move against him.

Ned: Of course. Consider this a consultation fee, an offer of good faith.

Ned: I'll expect your call.

Ned: Don't wait too long. Because with or without you, I'm going to destroy Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny: I guess Courtney's not working this afternoon. I asked Carly to call her to invite her tonight.

Jason: That would be nice.

Sonny: Yeah. You know, I just got to try to make up for -- I don't know -- lost time. I think everything I did for Courtney to protect her just kind of pushed her closer to A.J.

Jason: Look, you can't take what A.J. did on yourself. He's sick, more than I ever realized. You know this summer when -- you know, when she was stripping?

Sonny: Right, right.

Jason: Right. Well, she was doing it for him. He turned it around on her, tried to make her feel guilty, it was her fault, and he did the same with the stalking, okay? If A.J. keeps coming after her, I will find a way to back him off.

Sonny: Just make sure Courtney doesn't know about it. I saw Courtney at Club 101. You know, we're -- we're doing a little better, you know? It's not perfect, but at least we're trying. I'm thinking maybe, like, in -- I don't know -- six months, if we're doing better with each other, I might just set her down, maybe just offer to send her to school. Some place where my life can't touch her.

Brenda: Well, I'm sure it's not a big shock to you-all that Jason and I got married because I thought I was sick and I needed someone to take care of me. But I'm okay. I don't really think of Jason as my husband, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't think of me as his wife.

Monica: Well, still, we were hoping that you would include him in your Christmas plans.

Edward: Why on earth would Brenda bring a thug like that around here?

Monica: I want him around, Edward.

Edward: Oh, come on.

Monica: And, foreign as it may be to you, there are some parents that still have loyalty to their sons.

Alan: And their daughters.

Jax: Jason's marriage to Brenda is an arrangement, nothing else.

Alan: You should've seen the spectacle when Brenda was released from the pcpd. The media had her cornered, and Jason was the perfect protective husband.

Jax: Well, that's because Jason was protecting himself, Alan. You see, he's a suspect just as much as Brenda, maybe more.

Brenda: Jax, come on. It's -- Jason and I are going to stay married to each other for now because we're protecting each other. See, we can't testify against each other in court.

Monica: The fact that Jason agreed to marry you must mean that you have some influence over him, and I guess I was hoping that maybe you would use some of that to get him to come here tonight.

Brenda: I'll do my best.

Monica: Thank you.

Lila: Alan? Please, dear.

Monica: All right. But I resent you calling Jason a thug.

Edward: He is a thug. Look at the life he's leading. If he lived in this house, he wouldn't be --

Monica: You don't --

Edward: We'll talk about it later.

Monica: No, we won't. We'll talk about it right now.

Edward: No.

Monica: Yes.

Edward: Uh, Jax? There's something that you and I need to discuss.

Brenda: Oh.

Jax: Um, why don't I meet you at the Christmas tree lot?

Brenda: Okay.

Jax: Okay?

Brenda: Don't take too long. You going to keep my ornament?

Jax: Bye. I'll see you in a bit.

Edward: Good-bye, dear.

Edward: She's not out of the woods yet, is she? Brenda could still be brought to trial for Alcazar's murder.

Felicia: Give me a description of the woman. Did you see her face?

Ida: My vision isn't too good.

Felicia: Well, it's good enough to sew beads on Christmas tree skirts.

Ida: I'm nearsighted. You're making me nervous, and when I get nervous I get stress headaches and I feel one coming on.

Felicia: Oh, Ida -- Ida, there's going to be a lot more stress behind bars, believe me.

Ida: But I didn't do anything wrong.

Felicia: You're a material witness to a murder.

Ida: Well, I told you what I know. Why can't you just leave me alone?

Felicia: Grab your bag and your coat and whatever else you need. We have to go to Port Charles. There's a flight out in an hour.

Ida: I'm arrested?

Felicia: Not if you come voluntarily.

Ida: But why?

Felicia: To identify the woman who killed Alcazar.

Alexis: Hi. I thought maybe we could talk.

Ned: You know, I -- I think it's a good idea if we just try to avoid each other.

Jason: You know, I've spent a lot of time with Courtney since you asked me to guard her --

Sonny: Right.

Jason: And --

Sonny: You've been great with Courtney. I mean, you know, you took care of her when I couldn't. You -- you got her to listen. I couldn't manage that.

Jason: Well, yeah. Yeah, she can be kind of stubborn.

Sonny: Not like me. I'm 100% reasonable. Just ask Carly. It's amazing, though. You know, Courtney's my sister. I mean, we're so opposite. I want to be a good brother to her. She's sweet, she's smart. That's why I want to send her away. She could meet a lawyer, a doctor, she could become whatever she wants to become. I just don't -- I want her to be in a life where she's not afraid of being shot at. She's not afraid. That's what I would --

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: Yo!

Carly: Hey, what are you doing here?

Sonny: What do you mean?

Carly: Huh?

Sonny: You said to meet you here because Christmas wouldn't be the same and Michaelís heart would be broken and -- where is Michael, anyway?

Carly: Leticia's dropping him off, but I thought you guys were going to be outside. I came in because I'm going to need a chicken potpie tonight, and I swear, if the waitress didn't put it aside, I'm going to kill her.

Brenda: Merry Christmas.

[Brenda laughs]

Brenda: What are you -- what happened to you?

Ned: Sonny.

Brenda: Sonny hit you?

Ned: Yeah.

Brenda: Why?

Ned: No one else was around to do it for him.

[Door opens]

Brenda: Well, what is that supposed Ė

Elizabeth: Okay, truce! Truce! Truce.

Ric: Oh, oh. Oh, okay. You promise?

Elizabeth: Only if you put down your weapon.

Ric: You first.

Elizabeth: Hmm.

Ric: Hmm. Oh.

Elizabeth: Oh! That is so not fair. Come on.

Ric: What are you saying? You give up, huh?

Elizabeth: Never.

Ric: Okay. Then I will.

Elizabeth: Oh, all right. Good. So, let's hear it. Come on, let's hear it.

Ric: What do you mean? Hear what?

Elizabeth: Well, you surrendered, and the winner gets -- let's see -- some sort of prize or something, right?

Ric: Yeah. I'll tell you what -- how about a cup of hot chocolate to be determined at a later date?

Elizabeth: Hmm. Well, I'll see if we can work out some sort of settlement.

Scott: I'll have a ham and cheese, toast. I don't want any fries with it. Oh, don't tell me -- Spencerís escaped from the institution.

Cameron: No.

Scott: Something's going on. Spit it out.

Cameron: Sort of depends on your perspective if it's good or bad.

Scott: Spit it out in English.

Cameron: I've opened myself to the possibility that Luke's fantasy woman might actually be real.

Scott: You believe whatever you want. I can't afford that luxury. Spencer's out of his mind and he belongs exactly where he is.

Cameron: I tend to disagree and I was hoping you might assign a couple of officers to look for her.

Scott: You know, maybe I'll put an A.P.B. out.

Cameron: For Summer?

Scott: Summer, winter, spring, and fall.

Luke: Hey, does anybody know what happens around here at Christmas? Carolers, maybe? Psychiatric staff parties? Is there anybody we can bribe to bring us some 80 proof Christmas cheer? You know, maybe we can get the orderlies drunk and roll them for their keys.

[Woman laughs]

Man: That's a very good idea.

Woman: Pixie and Dixie.

Luke: Does anybody know where Santa leaves his gifts? Under tannenbaum here?

Woman: Well, I'm going to be on duty at Christmas. That's when my patients need me most. Unfortunately, they've taken my uniform. My patients need a uniformed nurse.

Man: There won't be any Christmas. I haven't received my starry crown.

Woman: I was supposed to officiate at the lighting of the Washington white house Christmas tree. Look around! Look! Do you see any lights? No. And me without a hat. Whatever will Franklin think?

Luke: Eleanor? Mrs. Roosevelt?

Woman: Have we been introduced?

Luke: Oh, what a -- what an honor. I'm Luke Spencer, ma'am.

Woman: Any relation to the earl?

Luke: Earl? Uh, I had an Uncle Earl once, I think. It's such an honor to meet you. You are one of the greatest of all Americans. You're such an inspiration. Social reforms -- hey, the new deal -- that was your idea, wasn't it? I thought so! Yes, ma'am. Oh, wonderful. The work you did for the poor and the downtrodden. People, this -- this is the meaning of Christmas right here.

Woman: Oh --


Woman: Yay.

Luke: You must -- you must be horrified at the travesty.

Woman: What? Oh, I'll ask him. Dr. Farrell here wants to know what travesty you're talking about.

Luke: Well, look around, Dr. Farrell. I mean, is this democracy to you? This isn't democracy. This is a police state. We're being oppressed here!

Man: He's right.

Woman: The United Nations wouldn't approve --

Luke: That's right.

Woman: No.

Luke: That's right. I mean, what happened to -- to the bill of rights? And what happened to -- to liberte, egalite, fraternite? What happened to crepes suzettes d'artagnan and mustache wax, and what happened to the Christmas tree?

Woman: What happened to my uniform?

Luke: Yeah, what happened to her uniform?

[All shouting at once]

Doctor: Mr. Spencer, all of you! Please, I have to insist that you calm down.

Luke: Shh.

Doctor: You cannot get the patients riled up like this.

Luke: Shh, everybody. Everybody relax. It's going to be okay. Dr. Fried is here, and that means we're all safe and sound.

Woman: Quack.

Luke: Quack.

Woman: Quack.

All: Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!

Luke: Quack!


Luke: People, the operation was a success.

[All gasp]

Luke: I have liberated these. Christmas may now begin!


Jax: I'll protect Brenda, don't you worry.

Edward: Good intentions aren't enough, Jax. Your -- your confession, for instance. It was a noble gesture, but it was quite ineffective. What's your strategy now, huh? How do you plan to clear Brenda of Alcazar's murder?

Jax: I've made arrangements.

Edward: I wish I could believe that.

Jax: Look, I realize that you're fond of Brenda, but I'm going to protect her, Edward.

Skye: Jax's word is as good as his bond. Don't you know that? Or unless he changes his mind or stumbles onto something better. I'd like a word with my husband, please.

Edward: All right.

Jax: What do you want?

Skye: A truce.

Skye: I know you must have felt something for me. I mean, you did pledge your heart and soul to me before God.

Jax: Look, Skye, there is no point in going over this again. It's not going to get us anywhere.

Skye: I -- Jax, I know. I just -- I wish there was some way that maybe we could get along. A way to co-exist so that it would acknowledge, maybe even honor, the love we had?

Jax: Well, I don't see how that would work.

Skye: We could be kinder to each other.

Jax: You mean, more open and honest?

Skye: Absolutely.

Jax: Well, okay. We could start by you calling the police and retracting your statement about the night Alcazar was murdered.

Skye: You want me to lie for Brenda?

Jax: Well, I guess that means you're sticking to your story.

Skye: It's no story, Jax, it's the truth. And, come on, this is about you and me here. This is not about Brenda.

Jax: Brenda and I will be at the tree-trimming party tonight at the Quartermaines', so it's probably best for everyone if you aren't here.

Brenda: Why would you hit him?

Sonny: Uh, because he hit me first, so I hit him back.

Brenda: You hit him first?

Ned: It's true. He's actually telling the truth for once. I hit him and then he defended himself. He might have reacted a little too strongly, but I guess that's allowed in the world according to Sonny. And let's face it, we all live in that world. Sonny does whatever he wants. He makes his rules. No one else really matters. Right, Sonny? No one matters.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? You can come at me any time you want. That's fine, but not in front of my child.

Ned: One more thing you stole.

Brenda: No, no, no, no. Shh -- not in front of his little boy.

Ned: That's A.J.ís little boy.

Brenda: Okay, enough.

Ned: That's his gift, you know. He hides behind innocence -- Michael, Alexis, you. I can't tell you how happy I am that you are free of him.

Brenda: Ned, listen, Merry Christmas. Forget about him, okay? You'll go to the party?

Ned: Party -- yeah, right. Yeah, I'll be there.

Brenda: All right.

Ned: We'll have to join hands and sing some Christmas carols, huh?

Brenda: All right. And you'll bring my gift, right?

Ned: Oh, yeah.

[Brenda laughs]

Ned: I'll work on that.

[Jason sighs]

Brenda: Oh, hey. Tell Sonny that you need the night off.

Jason: Why?

Brenda: Because you're going to go to a party with me at the Quartermaines'.

Jason: No, I'm not.

Brenda: Yes, you are.

Alexis: Yeah, I'll be there in about 20 minutes, okay? All right, thanks. Bye. Okay. Whoa.

Felicia: Hi.

Alexis: Hi.

Ida: What is this, some kind of scam?

Felicia: You have nothing to be afraid of.

Ida: You lied. You're not the police.

Felicia: I'm a licensed private investigator. This is Alexis Davis. She's an attorney.

Alexis: Hi. Hi, nice to meet you, Ms. --

Ida: Ida. Ida Warren.

Felicia: Ida worked as a seamstress across the street from Alcazar's hotel room. She was working the night that he was murdered and she saw what happened.

Alexis: Can I get you something to drink? Some water --

Ida: You can get me out of here. This is kidnapping, and you're not going to get away with it.

Alexis: Ida, I'm just looking for some information. I'm representing a suspect in the Alcazar murder case; a man who I know is innocent.

Ida: Well, he is. A woman killed Alcazar, like I told her.

Alexis: Can you describe this woman?

Ida: Dark hair, medium length, pretty, not too tall.

Alexis: Would you be able to recognize her if you saw her again?

Ida: That's her right there.

Felicia: Brenda Barrett?

Ida: I'm sure of it.

Alexis: Tell us exactly what you saw, Ida.

Ida: He was standing on the terrace looking out. She came up behind him. She charged at him. It looked like she stabbed him, and they were struggling and moving. He backed away and over the railing. It was horrible. I watched him die. And then she stood there and watched, then she backed away. It was her, that woman. Brenda Barrett.

Jason: Jax and Skye and Edward and A.J. in the same room at the same time, plus you? Are you insane?

Brenda: I know, right. Look, I promised Lila.

Jason: Look, I don't care. I will visit Lila some other time.

Brenda: Fine. What about your mother?

Jason: I'll visit her, too, not --

Brenda: It's your mother. It's Christmas Day.

Jason: Not tonight, okay, with those people?

Brenda: When have I ever asked you for a favor?

Jason: It's a joke.

Brenda: One little favor I'm going to ask of you.

Jason: Brenda, you're --

Brenda: When?

Jason: "When"? When you said --

Michael: Are you guys going to get a divorce?

Brenda: What's that?

Michael: You guys getting a divorce?

Brenda: Oh, no. Why would you say that?

Michael: You guys fight all the time.

Brenda: Well, we're not really fighting, sweetie. We're just having discussions.

Jason: Yeah, we actually do like each other.

Brenda: Yeah.

Jason: Did you -- did you pick out a tree yet or what?

Michael: Yeah, I'll show you. Come on.

Jason: Okay, show me.

Brenda: You're going.

Jason: No, I'm not.

Brenda: Hey.

Jax: Hey.

Brenda: No, no, not in front of Michael.

Alexis: You're sure it was Brenda Barrett?

Ida: I wasn't going to tell anybody. I didn't want any trouble from Sonny Corinthos.

Alexis: How do you know about Brendaís connection to Sonny Corinthos?

Ida: They're together all the time in the news.

Alexis: That's true, they are.

Ida: Well, I've lived in Port Charles a long time, and they're in the paper every other week.

Alexis: You seem nervous, Ida. Are you being threatened?

Ida: Brenda Barrett has underworld connections, and Alcazar was supposed to be dangerous, too. He's -- he was dead and I'm alive, and I want to keep it that way.

Felicia: Ida leads a pretty good life, too, I might add. She lives in a luxury hotel overlooking a lake on the Canadian border, with three room-service meals a day.  Three.

Alexis: That sounds expensive.

Ida: I saved my money. I invested it. It's none of your business!

Alexis: You're not on trial here, Ida.

Felicia: Not yet.

Ida: What's that supposed to mean?

Felicia: Concealing evidence of a crime is a felony.

Alexis: Nobody's going to prosecute you, Ida. Not if you tell the truth. And no one could really blame you for looking the other way and having someone offer you some money. You did accept money, didn't you, Ida?

Ida: $100,000 to leave town and keep my mouth shut.

Felicia: Who gave you the money?

Ida: I don't feel so well.

Alexis: Calm down.

Ida: No, I mean it. I'm -- I'm going to throw up. Where's the bathroom?

Alexis: Through the hall there.

Felicia: She's protecting someone.

Alexis: Sonny had to have paid her off.

Felicia: Unless it's Jax.

Alexis: I'll find out. You keep her and I'll call you.

Felicia: Sure, okay.

Luke: Brace yourselves, people! The festivities are about to begin! The cancellation of Christmas has been canceled!

[Cheers and applause]

Woman: Me, me, me! Mine, mine, mine!

Luke: Eleanor?

Woman: For me?

Luke: Yes, ma'am. Open it, please.

Woman: Oh, my. It's absolutely perfect. Thank you.

Luke: Merry Christmas.

Woman: Oh, thank you.

Luke: Nurse Betty? For you.

Betty: Oh! Oh, this is perfect! My patients will be so grateful.

Luke: Thanks. And, tannenbaum?

Man: Oh --

Woman: Oh!

Luke: You see, people, Christmas is real. We didn't imagine it. And it's never too late to turn things around. You go ahead and build those castles in the air. The world is what you make it. And think of the magic of snowflakes, you know? No two snowflakes are alike, and it's the same with reality -- everybody's is different. And dreams come true, damn it, if you just hold on long enough and you wish hard enough! Oh, tannenbaum

All: Oh, tannenbaum da da da da da da da! Oh, da da da da da da da

Dr. Fried: Mr. Spencer?

[All stop singing]

Dr. Fried: I believe you have something that belongs to me.

Luke: You mean this?


Luke: And this?

Dr. Fried: Give me those.

Luke: It's all right, mes ami. See, Doctor, you don't need your therapies and your psychoanalysis. Look at the good you've done these people with just a credit card and a cell phone. It's not always about what's real, Doctor. Sometimes it's about what you believe is real. And right now these people believe you're Santa Claus. And you know what? You are!

Betty: But your pulse is elevated.

All: Oh, Santa Claus oh, Santa Claus da da da da da da da! Oh, Santa Claus oh, Santa Claus!

Scott: Luke is crazy. He's out of control. He's a danger to himself and everybody else. He's destructive enough to take a rational, strong woman and turn her into a vegetable for the rest of her life.

Cameron: I take it you hold Luke responsible for his wife's breakdown.

Scott: You're damn right, I do. I mean, she was the greatest girl that I ever knew. She had everything, everything. She was a great parent, and -- and he dismantled her step by step, took her -- until there was nothing left of her.

Cameron: Is committing Luke your way of avenging Laura?

Scott: You know what? You're off this case. As far as I'm concerned, you're just as crazy as Spencer.

Cameron: Well, you know, you're not exactly the picture of mental health yourself. You're as obsessed with Laura as Luke is, and she wasn't even your wife.

Scott: Yes, she was. Once.

Felicia: Ida, are you all right? Ida? Ida?

[Knock on door]

Felicia: Ida? Damn it.

[Phone rings]

Ned: Hello?

Faith: Mr. Ashton. Faith Roscoe. I'm interested.

Ned: Very good. I'll be in touch.

Edward: Well, you don't look any better.

Ned: That's funny because I actually feel pretty good. I gather I'm a little early for this party?

Edward: No, I'm tempted to cancel the damn party. Not only have you been engaging in fisticuffs with the local mob boss, but you're bankrupting this family. I want to know what this fax means. Coffee? What the hell do you know about coffee?

Ned: I've made it my business to know everything I can about coffee and anything else Sonny Corinthos is invested in. The Quartermaines are about to make a killing, and Sonny's about to be destroyed.

Michael: Can I help carry the tree home?

Jason: Oh, you want to help?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Jason: All right. Here, grab the bottom. You got your gloves on?

Alexis: Excuse me. May I speak to you? It's business.

Carly: Business hours are over. Excuse us.

Alexis: It wouldn't be a good idea to discuss this in front of everyone. It would be inappropriate.

Carly: Please go away.

Sonny: Okay, this looks like it's important. Can you just take Michael home? I'll be home in 15 minutes, I promise.

Jason: Yeah, Carly, come on.

Sonny: Right?

Jason: Yeah, yeah. I'll get the tree. Just grab Michael and let's go.

Sonny: What is so important?

Alexis: There's another eyewitness to Alcazar's murder. She's identified Brenda as the killer. She said someone paid her off, and I think it was you.

Ida: I need police protection.

Officer: Have you been threatened?

Ida: Sonny Corinthos.

Scott: I'll handle this. Scott Baldwin, district attorney. Please come with me, in here. Here you go, sit. How can I help you?

Ida: Sonny's lawyer sent a private investigator. They're going to have me killed.

Scott: You have nothing to worry about. You're safe here. Now, why is Sonny after you?

Ida: I saw the Alcazar murder.

Scott: You were there?

Ida: Well, from my window across the street. I saw her stab him, and he kept backing away and she came after him, and then he fell.

Scott: You saw him fall off the terrace?

Ida: Yeah.

Scott: Did you see who did it?

Ida: It was Brenda Barrett.

Summer: You were right, you know. Wishes do come true if you wish hard enough. What are you wishing for, Luke?

Luke: I wish I knew how you got in here.

Summer: I can do anything you want. I thought by now you might have noticed that.

Luke: Because you're not real?

Summer: Because you made me up.

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