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General Hospital Transcript Monday 11/25/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Summer: I just really need to know how you knew my real name was Laura.

A.J.: Must be a good night to be seen in public with lots of witnesses.

Sonny: It's off. A.J. knows something.

Jason: He must've seen me at the Quartermaines'.

Alcazar: Is this your revenge on Jax?

Skye: It's a start.

Jax: Brenda? Brenda?

Brenda: Sonny is going to kill you. If you want to live, you need to leave tonight.

Alcazar: I knew you'd come to your senses.

Brenda: You know, the only thing you've ever done is lie to me. But I still owe you, because you saved my life. I owe you for that one thing, and so I am here to tell you that Sonny is going to kill you.

Alcazar: You think I'm afraid of Sonny?

Brenda: You should be afraid of Sonny because he doesn't care about your government connections and he doesn't care who your little friends are. He has Jason, and Jason is good at what he does. So I'm telling you, Luis, if you want to live, you need to leave tonight.

Alcazar: You didn't come here to save me from Sonny. You're not leaving.

Brenda: Get out of my way.

Alcazar: You will never be happy with anyone else, I won't let you be.

Brenda: Luis, move.

Alcazar: I am not going anywhere till that bastard is dead.

[Music plays]

Alcazar: Now what?

[Alcazar screams]



[music stops]

[Brenda screams]

Jason: It's ok, it's ok. Brenda, Brenda, Brenda, Brenda, it's me. It's me. It's ok. What happened?

Brenda: Luis grabbed me.

Jason: Is he dead?

Brenda: I hurt him.

Jason: Is Alcazar dead?

Brenda: I hurt him.



[Alexis screams]

Luke: Your name really is Laura?

Summer: Nobody's called me that in a really long time. In fact, my mother's the only one who knows that I ever was Laura. So, either you're psychic or you know a whole lot more about me than I know about you.

Luke: No, I don't know nothing about you, baby, except you don't look both ways before you cross the street.

Summer: Then how'd you come up with my real name?

Luke: I didn't. I got hit by a truck. Remember? I smacked my head pretty hard, and when I looked at you, I thought you were someone else -- another Laura.

Summer: Well, thank you for clearing that up.

Luke: My wife -- my wife's name is Laura.

A.J.: All right, Courtney, who's been filling your head with this garbage?

Courtney: You, A.J. You're the one who pretended you loved me, right? Pretended that I was important to you when all you really wanted was to get Michael back. God, it must've been hell for you, faking our romance, when all you really wanted to do was trade me for Michael and be done with it. No wonder you got drunk on our wedding night.

[Courtney sighs]

A.J.: I know what this is. This is Jason, isn't it?

Courtney: Jason wasn't even on the same continent when we met. Oh! Ok, you know what? I only have one question left for you -- what were you planning on doing if Sonny had taken your deal? If he agreed to trade his son to get his stupid, gullible, little sister away from you? What were you planning on saying to me? "Ha, ha, joke's on you, Courtney"? Or, "don't blame me, it's not my fault"?

A.J.: Our marriage was real.

Courtney: I wanted it to be. I wanted to believe in you and us, and it was all lies. You never loved me.

A.J.: I still love you.

Courtney: You liar.

A.J.: All right, go ahead, Courtney, do it. Deny it, ok, because it'll be that much easier for you to just move on to my brother.

Courtney: I never really knew you at all.

A.J.: No, Courtney, who you don't know is your hero, the killer. That's right. That's what he's doing right now. He's out there somewhere right now, getting ready to kill someone tonight.

Carly: Hey. What's going on?

Sonny: Jason was supposed to be here. He's not here, he's late, and I don't, you know -- something must've happened.

Courtney: I don't believe a word you say anymore, A.J., about Jason or anything else, for that matter.

A.J.: Courtney, it's true. Jason is going to kill someone tonight for Sonny. All right, look, don't believe me, ok? You'll hear it on the news.

Courtney: You've lied to me from the moment we met. You've used me exactly like Sonny -- exactly like he predicted. God, why didn't I listen to my brother?

A.J.: Well, maybe because your brother is a controlling jerk who's trying to run your life. Maybe because he lied to try to keep us apart. Maybe because he's a gangster. How many more reasons do you need?

Courtney: Right after the wedding, when you went on the terrace to talk to Sonny, you offered to trade me for Michael. We hadn't even been married a day.

A.J.: I don't have Michael or a prayer of ever getting him.

Courtney: Yeah, well, you were willing to barter me to get what you really wanted. You would've kissed me off in a second if Sonny had taken your deal.

A.J.: Courtney, I have given up fighting for Michael. But I'm still fighting for you. That's what this is all about. Why would I bother -- why would I bother if I never loved you?

Courtney: Because you're convinced that Jason wants me, and you would do anything to spite him. Isn't that right?

A.J.: Fine. You know what? Listen to yourself. You will believe whatever it takes to justify throwing yourself at my brother.

Carly: Is Jason hurt? Is he in trouble?

Sonny: Jason knows how to take care of himself.

Carly: Yeah? Well, then why isn't he here?

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hold on. Where are you?

Jason: There were complications. We're headed home.

Sonny: "We"? All right, I'm on my way.

Carly: Is Jason all right? Is he ok?

Sonny: We got to go. Come on.

Taggert: Ahem. I'm a little confused. Why would a mother leave a newborn to wander in an alley on a cold night?

Alexis: Were you aware of my encounter with Alcazar the night that my baby was born?

Taggert: No.

Alexis: I met him in the park by accident. We had words. I had contractions that were severe enough to incapacitate me until I fell to the ground. He walked away from me, leaving me there all alone begging for help.

Scott: Oh, you must've been furious, mad enough to approach him.

Alexis: That was my intention. But I ran across his body first.

Scott: Did you see him fall?

Alexis: No.

Taggert: Did you see anybody else in the alley?

Scott: What were you going to say to him had you not found him dead?

Alexis: I wanted to frighten him into leaving Port Charles by warning him that somebody may try to kill him.

Scott: I wonder who that would be. Your ex-client Corinthos? He's the only one that would frighten him enough to run him out of town.

Taggert: To your knowledge, has Mr. Corinthos threatened Luis Alcazar's life?

Alexis: I never heard him.

Taggert: That's why you came down here, though, right? Throw his name around? Maybe scare him? Make him run off?

Alexis: You're absolutely correct, lt. Taggert. Now you know about the conversation that I planned to have that never happened. If you need me, I'll be at the hospital with my baby.

Scott: If you had to take a guess, who would you say did it?

Alexis: I have no idea. But whoever it is, the world is in their debt.

Scott: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Taggert: Well, don't count your chickens. The medical examiner still has to establish cause of death, and we have to rule out suicide and a faulty railing.

Scott: Well, I don't care if the autopsy report says that he was killed by a pack of wolves. You and I both know what happened up there. Sonny and Jason are going down.

Luke: I had the wind knocked out of me. And with the streetlamps the way they were, I couldn't see your face clearly, and you reminded me -- well, my wife's been on my mind a lot.

Summer: Well, that explains it.

Luke: Why are you so suspicious? Did you have one big, massive heartbreak or was it a series of little disappointments?

Summer: I don't answer questionnaires.

Luke: I don't have questionnaires for you. But if I did, the first question would be, why did you change your given name to disguise yourself as a season? The second question would be in two parts -- a, where do you come from?, And b, why did you leave there?

Summer: Thank you for answering my question.

Luke: I saved your life, Summer. You owe me.

Summer: And just what is it you think I owe you?

Luke: The chance to help you if you're in trouble. And I can see you are. Baby, I'm your man.

A.J.: Courtney -- have you ever asked yourself why Jason carries a gun? Why he's so comfortable with one? You serve a lot of honest, hard-working men and women who come in here every day. Do they carry guns? Why is everyone afraid of Jason? Now, if you're positive he is so honest, why don't you ask him? Why don't you ask him the truth? Ask him if he kills people for your brother, by the way. I've made a lot of mistakes, big mistakes, but I've never killed anyone. So now you're willing to trade in an imperfect husband for a contract killer?

Courtney: How many ways can I say this? I don't trust you anymore, A.J. Anything that you say, I'm going to believe the opposite. I'm pretty sure right now that every word out of your mouth is a lie.

A.J.: All right, fine. If you're not going to listen to me, then, God, I hope you hear the truth from someone else. Because sooner or later, you're going to have to wake up and smell the coffee.

Courtney: Hi.

Man: Excuse me? Would you mind switching on "Monday night football" just long enough to get the eagles' score?

Courtney: I'll give you a minute to look over your menu.

Man: Mm-hmm.

Second man: Thanks.

Newsman: Police have now confirmed --

man: No, that's ok.

Newsman: That the body found in an alley outside the Port Charles hotel was, in fact, Luis Alcazar. While this case has not officially been labeled a homicide, police are already suggesting that Alcazar ran afoul of a local organized-crime boss.

Carly: Ok, I'll see if there's anything on TV about why all those police cars were at the Port Charles hotel.

Newsman: Alcazar's body was reportedly discovered by a passerby. As many of you may recall, Luis Alcazar was recently arrested on murder, attempted murder, and kidnapping charges, all tied to his alleged feud with reputed mobster Michael "Sonny" Corinthos.

Alexis: What's wrong?

Ned: Kristina's fine. She's fine.

Alexis: Then why are you here this late?

Ned: Well, I was actually halfway home and I -- I remembered that I didn't tell Kristina "sweet dreams," and so I turned around. I was a little surprised to walk in and see you not here. Where were you?

Alexis: In the alley with Taggert, Scott, and the police forensics team -- and the lifeless corpse of Luis Alcazar who -- which I discovered on the way to the Port Charles hotel.

Ned: That must've been a jolt.

Alexis: I just told you that the man who killed Kristina is dead. Why aren't you surprised?

Newsman: Whose trial for kidnapping and murder was abruptly halted for, as yet, unknown reasons. It may be days before the medical examiner releases her findings on the exact cause of death, but investigators seem convinced that this is not a suicide.

Brenda: When are you going to let me go home?

Jason: As soon as you tell me what you did in Alcazar's hotel suite tonight, ok? I need to know from -- from the moment you got there, when I got you in the hallway, what did you do?

Brenda: I don't want to talk about it.

Jason: No, I need to know who you saw, who saw you, everything you touched, every single --

Brenda: I need to get back to the house before Jax wakes up!

Jason: Jax cannot help you! Ok? You need to tell me every single detail so I can help you get you out of this.

Brenda: I tried to kill him.

Jason: What did you try -- what'd you try to kill him with?

Brenda: He grabbed me, and then I tried to kill him.

Newsman: At this time, we have no information on whether Alcazar sustained injuries before his fall, apparently from his 14th-floor balcony. We'll have more on this breaking story on our newscast --

Carly: What if Jason was in that building?

Sonny: Ok, you know what? You need to stay here till I get back. Don't say a word to anybody.

Carly: Ok, well, what if he got hurt? What if that's what went wrong?

Sonny: Don't -- don't worry about it. I just need you to stay here.

Carly: Ok, I just want to make sure that he's ok.

Sonny: Do you want to help?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: Ok. You stay here, you hold it together.

Carly: All right. What if -- what if the police show up?

Sonny: If the -- you know, don't say anything to anybody unless you have your attorney present -- no. As a matter of fact, don't say anything. If the phone rings, let the machine pick up. Can you do that for me?

Carly: Ok, yes.

Sonny: Ok, can you stay here till I get back? Can you manage?

Carly: Yes. Yes.

Sonny: You promise?

Carly: I promise.

Jason: Just focus and tell me exactly what happened.

Brenda: He hurt me.

Sonny: What went down tonight?

Newsman: Investigators have cordoned off the scene and they're searching --

[knock on door]

newsman: For indications of a struggle, either on Alcazar's body or in his hotel room 14 floors up. So far the police are refusing --

[pounding on door]

newsman: To give out details on this case.

[Jax turns off TV]

Skye: I'm here to see Brenda.

Jax: She would be asleep and I don't think she'd want to talk to you, anyway, so --

Skye: Well, I'm certainly impressed -- asleep before midnight after murdering a man. Well, hats off to that girl. She did kill Alcazar, am I right?

Jason: All right, I found Brenda in the hall around the corner from Alcazar's suite. She said that he grabbed her and she hurt him. Right?

Brenda: Yeah.

Jason: And then I heard something and I had to get her out of there.

Sonny: You hurt him how? What did you do?

Brenda: Nothing, nothing. I just did what he deserved.

Jason: You're right -- Alcazar got what he deserved -- but you need to tell us from the beginning, Brenda.

Brenda: I need to get back to Jax before he wakes up.

Sonny: Ok, why? Does he know about this?

Brenda: No, he doesn't. I snuck out because I didn't want him to know about it. I wanted to deal with Luis alone.

Sonny: What did you do?

Brenda: I stabbed him.

Brenda: I don't know what else you want me to say. I stabbed him.

Sonny: Well, we need the truth. We need to know exactly what happened.

Brenda: You know, it was only a matter of time before Luis was going to try to kill Jax again.

Jason: Did you go through the lobby --

Brenda: I was afraid that Jax was going to go after Luis. Excuse me. I went to Luis and I warned him. I said, "you can go and live or you can stay and die." He grabbed me. He kissed me.

Sonny: Did he physically hurt you?

Brenda: No, I got away. I ran down the hall. I bumped into a room service cart, something -- the knife fell off. I grabbed the knife and -- and, yeah, when I walked back to his room, I was going to try to kill him.

Sonny: Did you?

Brenda: No, I didn't. I wanted to, but I didn't.

Ned: A lot of people wanted Alcazar dead, including me. So why would I be surprised when someone actually went through with what everyone else was contemplating? If ever there was a man who was marked to die suddenly and violently, it was Luis Alcazar. What was the cause of death?

Alexis: The car that he fell on. He apparently took a flying leap from his hotel balcony.

Ned: Did you happen to see him fall?

Alexis: No. I just found the body.

Ned: Why were you over there?

Alexis: I was trying to force him into leaving town by warning him that Sonny was going to kill him. Obviously, I was a little late.

Ned: Well, I'm sorry. Even though it was Alcazar, it must've been very disturbing to see a -- a man lying there in the alley.

Alexis: I'm getting over it very quickly.

Ned: Good. Good. Now that Alcazar is out of our life, we can focus our attention on this beautiful little girl.

Scott: I don't want any screw-up here. A single hair, a piece of lint, a thread could make all the difference in the world. We got to work under the assumption that whoever pushed Alcazar off the balcony was a pro and that he or they wiped this place clean, expecting us not to find anything. A.J., Whoa. Stay out there. I don't want any cross-pollination of DNA sources in here.

A.J.: I might have some information that's relevant to this case.

Scott: All right. Well, you're going to have to stay out there because a brother's D.N.A. Can match enough that -- I don't want to risk anything that's going to, you know, taint any evidence here.

A.J.: I may have some more evidence for you. Tonight after my parents' party, I went out for some fresh air, just as Alcazar's limo was pulling away. I got a good look at the limo driver. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was my brother. Jason was driving that limo.

Scott: You sure it was Jason, A.J.?

Taggert: Excuse me. What time was this? Can anybody corroborate your story?

Summer: Well, thank you for the offer, but I'm not in any trouble.

Luke: Well, ok, fine. But, you know, if you ever are --

Summer: And like I said, I'm not looking for new friends.

Luke: I'm not offering friendship. Summer, I'm offering help. Just don't blow me off. Keep your options open.

Summer: You're not an option for me, Mr. Spencer. And you can choose to believe that I owe you, but I didn't make that deal. Good night.

Skye: Oh, Brenda?

Jax: Skye --

Skye: Need a little help with your alibi?

Jax: Be quiet, all right?

Skye: Why, Jax? What, are you afraid I'm going to wake her? Not much chance of that, now, is there? I couldn't wake Ms. Back-from-the-dead if I had a marching band come through here, could I? Because she's not here. Now, Brenda is a natural wonder, but even some things she can't do, like, hmm, murder a man, get home, be in bed, and fall asleep within the hour. And, really, why are you standing here fully dressed if Brenda's up there in bed? What are the odds of that?

Jax: I couldn't sleep, so I went for a walk, ok? Brenda had nothing to do with Alcazar's death, believe me.

Skye: Oh, my God, she threatened the man and he's dead! She's missing in action and you're covering for her? I can't believe it -- you're lying! The great Jax is lying!

Jax: Skye, do you have any idea how crazy this is? Why can you not accept the fact that our marriage is over? Attacking Brenda is not going to change that. But -- but it might just kill whatever good feelings we had between us. Why are you refusing to let go? I mean, do you really want to drag this out until it hurts to look at you? Until you're an embarrassment to yourself? Are you trying to make me feel sorry for you, because -- because that is starting to work.

Skye: Well. When your precious Brenda is in jail for this murder and all you're left with are guarded visits, I will certainly try to scrape up some sympathy for you.

Brenda: I didn't kill him.

Sonny: What happened when you returned to Alcazar's room with the knife?

Brenda: I tried to stab him, he moved. I only cut his hand.

Sonny: His hand? Just -- sure?

Brenda: I guess. I mean, I might've cut him somewhere else. I don't know.

Sonny: Where?

Brenda: I don't know. Maybe a shoulder or something. It happened kind of fast. I don't really remember.

Sonny: Where were you? Where was he?

Brenda: I was in his suite -- I said --

Sonny: I know, but where in his suite? On the balcony --

Brenda: No, no, we were in the living room.

Sonny: Ok. What happened to the knife?

Brenda: I threw it down.

Sonny: You sure?

Brenda: Yeah, positive.

Sonny: Did you think of wearing gloves?

Brenda: I'm not sure what you mean by that. What -- why are you asking me that? I didn't go there to kill him, Sonny, and he was alive when I left. What -- wait. You guys think I'm lying?

Jason: All right. Brenda, how did you get to where I found you in the hall? Let's start -- let's start with that, at least.

Brenda: He grabbed me. He threw me on the ground. He told me to leave before he lost his temper. I threw the knife down. I ran out. Are you going to answer my question? Do -- do you think I'm lying?

Sonny: I -- I believe you. But we're going to have to go through the details of what happened step by --

Brenda: You know what? I just went through the details. I have to go. I have to get back to Jax before he wakes up.

Jason: No, Brenda -- Brenda -- Alcazar is dead. Ok? You were in his suite, you just admitted to us that you stabbed him. Covering this up is a hell of a lot more important than Jax right now.

Brenda: Jax was Luis' next target.

Jason: Forget about Jax.

Brenda: What do you mean you don't understand? You don't understand someone that you love might get hurt? You don't understand trying to help him? What would you do? You'd just sit back? You'd just sit back and hope for the best?

Sonny: We're just trying to help you right now.

Brenda: Well, it would help me if you let me go, before Jax wakes up.

Sonny: Jason will drive you home, ok?

Brenda: Ok, thank you. Let's go.

[Jason sighs]

Sonny: Don't tell anybody you were in Alcazar's room tonight.

Brenda: I won't.

Sonny: Not even Jax.

Brenda: Don't worry.

Sonny: This never happened.

Brenda: I was at home all night.

Man: I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Summer: Well, I like my apologies gift-wrapped. Or at least on a silver tray.

Man: You look radiant tonight.

Summer: Thank you.

Man: Come on.

Alexis: How's she doing?

Nurse: Well, see how she's getting some color in her fingers? That's a good sign.

Alexis: She hasn't moved much today.

Nurse: She's just resting.

Alexis: Hello, sweetie. I love you so much. I can't wait till you're stronger so I can hold you. I want to rock you to sleep every night.

Ned: They told me if everything continues to go well, Kristina will be released as soon as she reaches five pounds. And I've been inquiring about baby nurses who've had experience with preemies like Kristina. You know, I was thinking your apartment really -- I think it's not big enough for all of us. It might be a little cramped. So maybe we should, at least for the first few months, move into the gatehouse.

Alexis: I'm --

Ned: Alan and Monica will be right up the drive.

Alexis: I'm -- I'm going to be taking her home to my apartment.

Ned: Ok. Whatever works for you. The couch is comfortable enough. While we still have time, I think I'll check in the building to see if there's any vacancies for a -- for a room, for a nanny or a nurse. Be great if we could find someone --

Alexis: That won't be necessary --

Ned: On the same floor.

Alexis: Because I don't want a nanny or a nurse. I'm going to be a full-time parent.

Ned: Ok. Well, then I guess we'll need to work out our schedules --

Alexis: I don't want that, either. I'm -- I'm going to be raising Kristina on my own.

Newsman: We'll have the latest on the breaking story at the Port Charles hotel, where former murder and kidnapping suspect Luis Alcazar was found dead this evening. Police have just ruled this case a homicide, and we're being told they're looking for a single male --

[Sonny turns off TV]

Carly: Here. Here.

Sonny: No, thanks. I'm going to have some brandy. The last thing I want to do is to stay up late listening to late-breaking news on Alcazar.

Carly: Ok. Well, pour me one, too, ok?

Sonny: All righty. Here you go. One for me.

Carly: What are we drinking to?

Sonny: The end of Alcazar.

Sonny: What's wrong?

Carly: I did what you asked me to.

Sonny: Right.

Carly: Ok? I stayed inside. I didn't answer the phone. I didn't barge over to Jason's place. But I heard voices in the hall, ok, and when I did, I opened the door, and I heard you and Jason with Brenda and -- I know, Sonny. I know that Brenda killed Alcazar, and you're covering for her.

Courtney: Would you like a piece of pie with your coffee? We have pumpkin, apple --

man: No. Just the coffee, thank you.

Courtney: Ok, I'll be right back.

[Courtney grunts]

Courtney: I'm busy, I'm working, and I don't have the patience for another argument tonight.

A.J.: Did you hear about Alcazar? He was murdered tonight, Courtney, by your brother's trusted hit man, Jason.

Courtney: A.J., leave me alone.

A.J.: The police know. They know he did it and, soon, so will everyone else.

Courtney: Whatever you say, A.J. You know, knowing you, you probably killed Alcazar yourself just so you could blame it on Jason.

A.J.: I'm telling you the truth, ok? Well, here he is now. Go on. Ask him where he was.

Courtney: I want you to leave.

A.J.: Go on. Or are you afraid to know the truth? I mean, if he's so honest, he'll tell you where he was.

Jason: If you want to ask me something, ask me.

A.J.: Why would you tell me the truth about anything, Jason? Now, when it comes to Courtney, that's a whole other ballgame. You see, she buys your -- your brave, honest act completely. Here's the perfect opportunity for you to pull through for one another. Ask him -- where was he tonight?

Courtney: Fine. If it's the only way that's going to shut you up -- did you kill Luis Alcazar tonight?

Scott: What a coincidence. That's the question we want to ask.

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Alexis: Why?

Taggert: This could be the one that puts you away for good.

Courtney: Tell them you didn't do it.

Sonny: Doesn't matter who killed Alcazar.

Carly: Yeah, it does.

Brenda: Do you want to run away from here?

Jax: Yes.

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