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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Luke: Laura? This mystery woman is real, and I have proof. This belongs to her.

Alcazar: Save your threats. They bore me.

Sonny: I'll let somebody else take you out. There are plenty of candidates.

Alexis: He left me and the baby in the snow to die.

Ned: You're a dead man!

Jax: Leave him alone.

Skye: I'm not through with you yet. Wherever you're going, I'm coming along.

Brenda: You would never kill anyone, would you?

Luke: I knew you were real.

Woman: Let go of me!

Luke: No, please, listen to me.

Woman: No --

Luke: You know me.

Woman: Leave me alone!

Luke: I'm the guy that pushed you out of the way of that truck last night. Look, you dropped this.

Woman: All right, I'm grateful, ok? And I'm glad you weren't hurt. So, thank you and good-bye.

Luke: No.

Woman: Leave me alone!

Luke: At least just tell me your name.

Alexis: Beverly, will you check the I.V. for me, please?

Beverly: Yeah, she's fine, Ms. Davis. We monitor the babies around the clock.

Alexis: Last time I left, something happened to the warmer.

Beverly: Well, I can assure you your daughter was never in any danger.

Alexis: Beverly, will you just do me a big favor, just for me, and just check the I.V.? I can't let anything like that happen again.

Beverly: She's fine.

Alexis: It's ok, sweetie. It's all right. Mommy's here. Mommy's here. I'm protecting you.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Courtney: Hey.

Elizabeth: Sorry I'm late.

Courtney: No problem. Everything ok?

Elizabeth: Oh. Lucky was meeting with his dad's psychiatrist at Luke's club, and I wanted to be there for moral support.

Courtney: Well, is Lucky's dad getting any better?

Elizabeth: Actually, his dad's psychiatrist thinks he's getting worse.

Courtney: How awful for Lucky.

Elizabeth: You know, it was such a weird night, discussing Luke's mental health in his own club. And that was after Jason had come in and tried to be all nice and I basically blew him off. I'm sorry, I know I've been really tense every time I've seen you and Jason together.

Courtney: Don't worry about it.

Elizabeth: I just can't believe how fast everything's changed. I mean, Jason and I used to be so close, and just now when I saw him, it was as if we were talking to each other from opposites sides of the room.

Courtney: Are you ok?

Elizabeth: I mean, I still get a little sad, but I realize it's for the best. I mean, there are so many things about Jason I could never accept. And with the risks he takes, I'm not sure anyone could.

Sonny: Yeah, well, you know, the situation was starting to interfere with business. Listen, I got it under control. I will call you when I know something.

Carly: Sonny?

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: Were you planning on leaving me stranded there all night, maybe duck out on me so I could pick up the check?

Sonny: I'm sorry. You caught me.

Carly: Hmm? Is that what you were going to do?

Jax: Brenda, you have your life back now. He has no power over you. And as far as tonight goes, it's just a party, so --

Ned: Everything all right?

Brenda: Yeah. You know what? I'm sorry. I -- I don't really feel like celebrating now.

Ned: I understand.

Brenda: I feel bad everyone came and --

Ned: Don't feel bad. No explanation necessary. Hopefully, all of this is going to go away very soon.

Brenda: Yeah.

Ned: Someone's going to stop him. Actions have consequences. Alcazar has got to pay for what he's done.

Jax: That's right. He is running out of time.

Luke: What is so hard about telling me your name?

Woman: My name's Summer, all right?

Luke: Where do you come from? Do you live around here?

Summer: Look, you'd better back off because in about two seconds, I'm going to start screaming.

Luke: Well, I'm sorry. I know -- I know this is weird. It's just that you remind me of someone.

Summer: Oh, that's original. That's --

Luke: My wife. I lost her. And I haven't been handling it very well. And then you stepped in front of that truck last night, and I -- something happened.

Summer: Look, I'm really sorry to hear about your wife, but there is nothing that I can do for you.

Luke: But maybe it happened for a reason. You think I'm crazy.

Summer: Well, you accost me in a public park. You're refusing to let me leave. This is not normal behavior.

Luke: Ok, look, listen, my name is Luke Spencer. I live here in town. I own a club -- Luke's. Maybe you've heard of it.

Summer: Yeah, I've heard of your club.

Luke: Ok, well, all I want to do is talk to you. I just want to learn something about you.

Summer: Look, I'm sorry, I can't.

Luke: Just talk. I swear, that's all!

Summer: Look, the last thing I'm looking for right now is a friend.

Cameron: How's your daughter?

Alexis: She's alive. She wouldn't have been if it weren't for you.

Cameron: Oh, you're exaggerating a little bit, don't you think?

Alexis: I was speaking to someone when I started contractions, and I told him that I was going into labor and that I needed help, and he just stared at me and then walked away and he left me there alone.

Cameron: Who was it?

Alexis: A man named Luis Alcazar.

Cameron: I read about him. There was a grand jury hearing --

Alexis: He smiled through the whole thing because he knew that that was an exercise in futility because, you know, he has ties to the government, so the law can't touch him.

Cameron: What were you doing with Alcazar?

Alexis: He set off an explosion that killed my sister. He doesn't deserve to live. I can only imagine how that sounds.

Cameron: A lot more calm and rational than I'd be.

Alexis: It's over. And all that's important right now is my daughter.

Cameron: What about you? If you don't give yourself at least minimal consideration --

Alexis: You know, everybody really needs to stop telling me to get some rest and eat. I'm fine, all right?

Cameron: Just a passing comment. You'll know when I give advice, I charge for it.

Alexis: I don't need any advice. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself and my daughter. I'm sorry. You see, we have a deal. She won't leave me, and I won't leave her.

Sonny: You want to leave?

Carly: Is it too soon? I mean, I know the plan was for us to be seen in public tonight, so if --

Sonny: Did I say that?

Carly: Look, ok, I will gladly spend the whole night dancing with you for a whole bunch of witnesses to see --

Sonny: They're called customers, actually.

Carly: Ok, I have one condition.

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: Ok, just turn off the cell phone. Ok, didn't think so. Let's go.

Sonny: Ok, wait, wait, wait. Where are we going? What are you up to?

Carly: Well, you know what? It's something that you're going to like.

Sonny: No, I like to know, like, where you're taking me because it allows me to anticipate, think ahead, plan for -- disaster control if necessary.

Carly: Ok, all right, you know, just relax, all right? This is something that you're going to thank me for.

Sonny: Really? Why don't you let me decide?

Carly: All right, fine. I happen to know that Courtney is working at Kelly's tonight, and I thought we could stop by.

Sonny: Why?

Carly: Because she feels terrible --

Sonny: Right.

Carly: About falling for A.J.'s lies and for pushing you away, and she could use her big brother.

Sonny: Ok, you know, I can't force Courtney to do anything because then she's going to resent me more than she already does. And how -- can you answer this?

Carly: What?

Sonny: How do you know what Courtney's feeling?

Carly: Because we talked. Look, Courtney told me that she was sorry and she wants to make it up to you.

Sonny: Did Courtney say this, or is that what you heard?

Carly: Ok, know what? It's too cold out here for me to discuss this with you any longer. If you want me to mind my own business, it's fine. I made my pitch to you. You can --

Sonny: No, no, no. You know what? I'm cold, too. So, you know --

Carly: Yeah?

Sonny: All right. I'm hungry. So why don't we go get a burger at Kelly's. All right?

Alan: It was a bad idea to begin with.

Monica: I'm not exactly sure what we were celebrating in the first place.

Edward: Brenda is alive and well, Monica. That's not good enough for you, huh?

Monica: Do you realize we never invited her husband, my son?

Edward: Brenda's marriage to Jason was a sham from the outset.

Monica: Oh, please.

Edward: Now, what should have been a joyous occasion has turned into a disaster. That arms dealer was the cause of it, but Skye ruined the whole evening.

Alan: Skye's life is ruined. She is married to Jax. She's devastated. Have you ever shown any compassion for your granddaughter? God knows where she is.

A.J.: I saw her leave. She probably went home.

Edward: Of course she left. That's par for the course.

Alan: Well, why would she stay with the way you treat her?

Edward: Don't you blame me for Skye's failures.

Alan: Skye's failures are her responsibility, but you must stop exploiting them at every opportunity.

Edward: Oh, God, Alan, your daughter's the master when it comes to exploitation. Good lord.

A.J.: Reggie, that limo out front with the driver -- who'd it belong to?

Reginald: Alcazar.

A.J.: Thanks.

Brenda: When did the Quartermaines decide to have a party for me?

Jax: It was kind of last-minute. I know I should have just said thanks but no, thanks.

Brenda: No, they were just trying to be nice. Luis doesn't do nice anymore.

Jax: Try not to think about him.

Brenda: How do I do that?

Jax: Well, he's not here. It's just you and me.

Brenda: I don't know if that's such a good idea, either. I mean, you know, Skye's just going to use it against you in the divorce. You heard her.

Jax: Let me worry about that.

Brenda: She's going to make it hard for you.

Jax: Look, I'm not going to stay away from you because Skye wants to take this to court, ok? She can do whatever she wants. It really doesn't matter. She's not going to separate us, Brenda, and neither will Alcazar.

Brenda: You know, I still can't believe what he did to Alexis. I mean, I know you're probably going to think it sounds bizarre, but I just -- it surprised me. I can't believe that he would just leave a pregnant woman lying out in the snow like that.

Jax: Look, just let it go, ok? He's taken four years of your life. Don't give him an extra minute.

Brenda: I love you.

Jax: I love you. Do you want to come with me?

Brenda: Yes.

Jax: This way.

Skye: Ah. 14th floor. Must have quite a view, Mr. Alcazar.

Alcazar: You'll have to see for yourself.

Alcazar: Would you like a drink?

Skye: Vodka, straight.

Alcazar: I take it you're hoping to drown your sorrows. I'm surprised to see you give up so easily. I figured you'd fight harder for Jax. Isn't he the love of your life?

Skye: You just hate it, don't you? Thinking you're so in control and finding out you're not. You just thought that Brenda would go running right back to Sonny, and look where she ended up -- with Jax.

Alcazar: Nothing's ended, Mrs. Jacks. In fact, some things are just beginning. To your husband and Brenda -- may it be over before it starts.

Skye: Till this very moment, I never would have pegged you for a dreamer. How about we go see about that view?

Skye: Oh, you had the whole world to roam with Brenda. All those clothes to shower her with. All those baubles to give her. And let's not forget about those doctors you could have paid off to make her think she was crazy so you could have her all to yourself. So why Port Charles, hmm? Why tempt fate by even bringing her here?

Alcazar: Lying to Brenda was easy but limiting. I wanted to tell her the truth and have her choose me anyway. I wanted to have a future together. But in order for that to happen, I had to eliminate her past.

Skye: Well, you've certainly made a mess of things, haven't you? Sonny's alive. Jax is alive. Oh, and Brenda's with him. How does it make you feel to know that Brenda is with him right now, hmm? Does it make you hate her, or does it make you want her even more? Oh, I've learned a few things about Brenda. Every man who wants her wants her even more when she's in another man's arms. How fortunate for your entire gender that she's so fickle with her affection and oh so generous with how she demonstrates it. Don't you feel just a little bit foolish knowing that you'll have to stand in line to have her all over again?

Alcazar: How I get Brenda back and by what means is my business. In the meantime, as long as your husband is with Brenda, maybe you and I can console each other.

Courtney: Hi.

Sonny: Hi. How are you doing?

Courtney: Good. I'm kind of busy. Excuse me.

Sonny: Oh, well --

Carly: I'll just -- hey, Courtney. Looks kind of slow in here. You think maybe you could take a break?

Elizabeth: Go ahead. I've got you covered.

Carly: Great! So -- all right, you know, I got to call Leticia, see how Michael's doing. Ok.

Sonny: Thanks.

Sonny: So, how you are doing?

Courtney: Ok. I saw Carly and Michael at the park the other day.

Sonny: Yeah, Michael told me. He said he had a great time with you.

Courtney: He's a sweet kid.

Sonny: Yeah.

Courtney: I wish I knew him better. I'm sorry I haven't made the effort to connect before now.

Sonny: Well, it was kind of difficult. I mean, given my relationship with -- with A.J. I mean, but that's my problem. I never wanted it to be yours.

Courtney: Look, I know Carly dragged you in here. But that doesn't mean that you have to be --

Sonny: Whoa, wait, wait, wait. No. Carly told me you were here. I wanted to see you.

Courtney: You were right. A.J. only married me as a way to get back Michael. And I was mad at you because it was easier than being mad at Daddy. I want to apologize for all the times that I called you a liar and all the cruel things that I've said to you. I was wrong, and I was unfair.

Sonny: I should have probably handled it better. I should have -- I should have listened instead of, you know, yelling. I yell a lot. You know, and that's something that I just do.

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: And -- ahem -- I brought A.J. in to see you dancing because I wanted him to see what he did to you, but you didn't deserve any of that.

Courtney: You don't really like apologizing, do you?

Sonny: Well, you're not having too much fun with it, either.

Courtney: Yeah, well, I guess that proves that we're alike.

Sonny: No. Because, see, you're nice and sweet and I'm just -- I'm just a mean person. You can ask anybody in Port Charles.

Courtney: Well, you're not mean to me. You never have been. I finally figured that out.

Elizabeth: Excuse me. Can I help you? It's you.

Luke: Well. Ladies, welcome to Luke's. Haven't I seen you all somewhere before?

Woman: No, I don't think so. In fact, we all just met, ourselves.

Luke: No kidding? What a weird coincidence. You mean you just wandered in here separately?

Woman: We were actually just talking about that.

Luke: Well, I'm going to make the introductions real simple. You call me Luke. And if you don't mind, I'm going to call each one of you Laura. That'll make some smug bastard that we all know very happy.

Woman: And who might that be?

Luke: The crackpot who set this up! You I'll deal with later.

Damien: Hey, Luke, he told me that you'd thank me for it.

Cameron: I explained that you were in desperate need of an object for your fixation and that these three lovely ladies had offered to help out.

Luke: Really? Volunteers. Yeah, you look like civic-minded broads. And it would be very easy to fixate on any one of them.

Cameron: Well, it's your choice. I've explained the situation, so feel free to project your psychosis on any or all three.

Luke: Very tempting. I'd love to spend your money like that. Ok, ladies, whatever you want tonight, it's on the house. Damien, get them another round of drinks. You -- we don't run tabs, we don't take credit cards, we don't take checks. You pay cold, hard cash when you're served or get out and don't come back.

Ned: How's she doing?

Alexis: Dr. Leone said that there's no change.

Ned: So does that mean that's she's making progress?

Alexis: It means that there's no change.

Ned: She looks a little stronger. It looks like she's breathing better. Don't you think?

Alexis: I hope so. How was the party?

Ned: Before or after Alcazar showed up? He strolled right in like he owned the place. You should have seen Brenda. I don't think I've ever seen her so mad.

Alexis: You know, that man thinks that he can do whatever he wants and no one will ever stop him. He thinks that he can hurt whoever he wants whenever he wants. Someone needs to do something about that.

Skye: So -- so powerful. So sure of yourself. So wrapped around Brenda's finger, a woman who doesn't even want you.

Alcazar: You have no idea what Brenda wants.

Skye: Well, she doesn't want you or else you wouldn't be here with me. Tell me, is this your revenge on Brenda?

Alcazar: Is this your revenge on Jax?

Skye: It's a start.

Luke: Here's to sanity. It ain't much but it's all I got left.

Woman: Oh, I could tell you weren't crazy right away.

Luke: Could you, my darling? Well, someone as insightful as you should work in the mental health field. It's filled with idiots who think they know everything.

Woman: Well, if you change your mind about that object-of-obsession thing, I could make myself available.

Luke: Hmm. Beacons of mercy, all. Well, you're all welcome in Luke's anytime. The door is always open to my three Laura's.

Woman: Hmm.

Luke: Progressive therapy.

Cameron: Sometimes simple is best.

Luke: You actually think I would project my feelings for my wife on to the first pretty blonde I see?

Cameron: Apparently, you already have.

Luke: I saved a woman's life!

Cameron: So you say.

Luke: Look, Dr. Quack, I found her. I found her right near the place where I found her scarf. I spoke to her. Her name is Summer.

Cameron: Really? And what is Summer, besides attractive, blond, and in need of rescue?

Luke: What the hell is it going to take to convince you to fold up your couch and get out of my life?

Cameron: You're still my responsibility.

Luke: Well, then this is about you and not me.

Cameron: No, you're the patient here, Luke. And now you're inflicting your pain on some unsuspecting woman. You're seeing what you want to see in her and that worries me. Where do you think this is going, and how far are you going to take it?

Elizabeth: I saw you at Luke's. You accidentally took my drink?

Man: Right, the -- the girl who doesn't drink bourbon.

Elizabeth: So do you live in Port Charles or are you just visiting?

Man: Do you -- do you often talk to men that you don't even know?

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I didn't mean --

man: I'm sure some guys find it flattering, but I find it a little invasive.

Elizabeth: Which is pretty much how I feel about people who sneak around in the dark peering through windows.

Sonny: So I got your message about filing for divorce, and I'll help you in any way I can, ok?

Courtney: It shouldn't be a big deal. I don't want alimony or anything.

Sonny: Yeah, but that doesn't mean A.J.'s not going to want to fight. So if he causes you any trouble, you just come to me.

Courtney: Thanks, again. I just wanted to set the record straight. I have to get back to work.

Sonny: All right.

Courtney: Ok.

Carly: So? Oops. How'd things go?

Sonny: Well, I mean, it seems like we got somewhere, you know.

Carly: Good.

Sonny: Thank you.

A.J.: Look who it is -- Ozzie and Harriet. At Kelly's. Huh. Not your usual watering hole, huh, Sonny? Must be a good night to be seen in public with lots of witnesses.

Ned: When I think about what alcazar did to you, it makes me crazy.

Alexis: Nobody is safe.

Ned: I'll tell you this much -- it's time for him to pay. We shouldn't be discussing this in front of the baby.

Alexis: Thanks for stopping by.

Ned: I'll take that as a hint.

Alexis: Kristina and I are fine, we're just tired.

Ned: You sure? There's nothing I can do?

Alexis: One person is safe, my love -- you are. No one will ever hurt you. You just keep getting stronger. Mommy will take care of everything else.

Jax: Brenda?

Jax: Brenda? Brenda?

Jax: Brenda?

Jax: Damn it.

Sonny: Do you do this a lot, A.J.? Wander up to people, interrupt their conversation, and start making accusations? Because, you know, that could -- it can get you in a lot of trouble.

A.J.: Just trying to make polite conversation, Sonny.

Sonny: Well, yeah, I know, but maybe you can make polite conversation somewhere else. Ok, sweetheart, I'll be back.

Carly: What?

Sonny: I got to --

Carly: She doesn't want to see you.

A.J.: Why don't you mind your own business, Carly?

Carly: Look, I know you showed up at the park the other day while Michael was playing.

A.J.: It's a public park. So I guess Leticia filled you in. Did she mention how much fun Michael had? Playing around and watching me and Courtney together?

Carly: Yeah, well, Michael's not afraid of Courtney. But you better stay away from him, A.J.

A.J.: Courtney and I are going to work out our problems.

Carly: You think.

A.J.: I know. It's already happening, so get used to it.

A.J.: Hey. Listen, I hope that Sonny didn't come down on you too hard for letting me spend a few minutes with Michael the other day. Carly just said that Michael's afraid of me. He's not. He's just confused, that's all. I mean, how could he not be? All the lies they've been filling him with? You saw what happened.

Courtney: I saw exactly what happened -- you used me to get to Michael yesterday. You've been using me all along.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah?

Sonny: It's off. A.J. knows something. He's here at Kelly's.

Jason: Damn. And he must've seen me at the Quartermaines'.

Sonny: You need to get out of there and meet me at Kelly's.

[Shattered glass crunches]

[pounding on door]



Alcazar: I knew you'd come to your senses.

Brenda: You know, the only thing you've ever done is lie to me. But I still owe you because you saved my life. I owe you for that one thing, and so I am here to tell you that Sonny is going to kill you.

Alcazar: You think I'm afraid of Sonny?

Brenda: You should be afraid of Sonny because he doesn't care about your government connections and he doesn't care who your little friends are. He has Jason, and Jason is good at what he does. So I'm telling you, Luis, if you want to live, you need to leave tonight.

Alcazar: You didn't come here to save me from Sonny. You came to save Jax for yourself because you know sooner or later I am going to kill him, or he's going to go to prison for killing me. Either way, you lose.

[Door opens and closes]

Luke: We're closed. Come back tomorrow. Summer. I'm glad you came.

Summer: I'm not staying, and you won't see me again after this. I just really need to know how you knew my real name was Laura.

Nurse: Where is everybody?

Beverly: You mean, ms. Davis?

Nurse: Who else? You know, she hasn't left the baby's side. It's been her or Mr. Ashton with this baby every minute, every day. So where are they?

Alcazar: You're not leaving.

Brenda: Get out of my way.

Alcazar: You will never be happy with anyone else. I won't let you be.

Brenda: Luis, move.

Alcazar: I am not going anywhere till that bastard is dead.

[Music plays]

Alcazar: Now what?

[Alcazar screams]



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Sonny: Jason was supposed to be here. Something must've happened.

Jason: Is he dead?

Brenda: I hurt him.

Jason: Is Alcazar dead?

Brenda: I hurt him.

[Alexis screams]

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