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General Hospital Transcript Thursday 11/14/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Skye: You are not going to leave me because of lies that I told. You know that Brenda's going to live, and you want to go be with her.

A.J.: I said I'd pay you 250 grand to help me stalk her, and I did.

Courtney: My God, it really was you.

Alcazar: I've never seen a man so committed to saving a woman's life he didn't love.

Jax: This is Alcazar's plane.

Man: Looks like the survivors have already been rescued.

Jax: I want you to radio the landing strip in Tortola and find out if anyone's seen Brenda. If she's been flown off the island, I need to know where she's headed and who she was with.

Jason: What do you want?

Brenda: Good morning to you, too.

Carly: Are you robbing me?

Sonny: You're supposed to be sleeping.

Carly: Yeah, well, so are you. You know, any other man would be wiped out after facing a life or death situation with Alcazar on that island, but then again, you're not any other man.

Sonny: And don't you forget that.

Brenda: I made you that. "Thank you, Brenda. I'm so happy that I found you."

Jason: Thank you.

Brenda: Oh, shut up.

Jason: Thank you.

Brenda: You know, I can't believe you don't have one nice thing to say to me this morning. You know, we just went through a very huge thing together.

Jason: Yeah, it was nice that you made me a cup of coffee, ok? But it would be a lot better if you did what you're told from now on. Now I'm done.

Brenda: Oh, really? Do what I'm told from now on. That's what I get, right, for trying to be nice to my insensitive husband? Oh!

[Coffee cup breaks]

Jason: Brenda -- ok, ok.

Brenda: Something's wrong.

Maid: Housekeeping. Anyone there?

[Maid screams]

maid: Security!

Alan: Ok, I'll take care of it as soon as possible. Ok, bye.

Skye: Hi. I'm so glad you're here alone.

Alan: Hi.

Skye: I could really use some fatherly advice.

Alan: Always, always. Are you ok? I -- Jax all right? I thought he was making a complete recovery.

Skye: Oh, no, physically, Jax is great. The doctor said with time and therapy, he'll be as good as new. That's the good part. But there are some other complications.

[Phone rings]

Alan: Excuse me. Hello?

Jason: Yeah, is Monica there?

Alan: Jason? Monica's in surgery. Is there something I can do?

Jason: Yes. Something's wrong with Brenda. It's a -- it's a headache, like a migraine, but it hit her all at once. She's in a lot of pain. Could you -- could you just come over and examine her?

Alan: At your penthouse?

Jason: Yeah.

Alan: Ok. I will be right over. I am so sorry. I have to go. There's something wrong with Brenda.

Skye: Brenda? She's back?

Alan: Jason is very -- well, he's very worried. That in itself is unusual. I'm sorry. I need to hear what you have to say. Can we get together later?

Skye: Yeah, of course.

Alan: Ok.

Skye: Just go. Go ahead.

Alan: All right.

Jason: Alan's coming over. He'll be able to give you something for the pain.

Brenda: I don't know why I keep getting these headaches, you know. I started taking my medicine again as soon as we got back, and they just keep getting worse.

Bobbie: Hi, Courtney. I got your message. You must be here for your final paycheck.

Courtney: Change in plans. I'm staying in Port Charles after all. I'd like to continue working at Kelly's if that's ok with you.

Bobbie: Oh, of course it is. I mean, I'm thrilled. You're one of my best waitresses. I'm a little surprised. You and A.J. seemed so focused on wanting to start a new life together in Manhattan.

Courtney: A.J. And I are separated.

Bobbie: Does this have anything to do with the man you kissed?

Courtney: Yes, but not the way that you think. A.J.'s just not the person that I thought he was. He's capable of things that I don't even want to think of, about, much less live with.

Bobbie: Did he threaten you? Did he harm you in any way?

Courtney: No, no. A.J.'s not violent. He's -- I just know that I can't live with him anymore.

Bobbie: I'm sorry, Courtney. Have you filed for divorce?

Courtney: I haven't even had time to get that far yet. At this point, I just need to feel like I'm being constructive. Is it ok if I work today?

Bobbie: Of course. As long as you like. I have to run some errands in a while, but if you need me for anything, I'm just a phone call away.

Courtney: Thanks, Bobbie.

Alexis: Hey.

Ned: Don't tell me this is the start of yet another new career.

Alexis: You would be surprised who they license as psychiatrists these days. I could probably get a job.

Ned: What are you doing?

Alexis: Question -- if a lawyer has her client evaluated by a shrink who's an obvious crackpot, is she then culpable in perpetrating a potentially dangerous crime, even if the shrink in question technically did what she asked him to do?

Ned: Sorry, I left my decoder ring at home. You know, for someone who has pledged to live a stress-free existence, you seem a little wired.

Alexis: I am a paragon of expectant motherhood. I took a half a mile walk this morning.

Ned: Oh. These are Kristina's. She wore them all last winter.

Alexis: I needed a pair of mittens, and I saw those, and I wanted to take my sister on a walk with me.

Ned: Look at these things. They're so Kristina -- bright, funky, completely original.

Alexis: I miss her so much.

Ned: So do I.

Sonny: I'm going to throw this stuff out. Any objections?

Carly: Oh, I kind of want to keep the jeans.

Sonny: You have, like, a thousand pair of these.

Carly: Yeah, I know, but those turned out to be lucky for me.

Sonny: All right, how about I make you something to eat? Or did those rum shots just kick your butt last night?

Carly: Actually, I feel pretty good, so I think that island rum agreed with me.

Sonny: Or the quicksand.

Carly: Hey, come here. Don't go away.

Sonny: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Carly: Is what Alcazar said true? Did something happen between you and Brenda on the island?

Sonny: You know what? You shouldn't believe everything Alcazar says. It's --

Carly: I'm not saying that. I'm asking you a question, and you're not answering it.

Sonny: Well -- Alcazar would do anything to get Brenda back. He wants you suspicious. He wants me distracted. He wants Brenda isolated. So that way, it ups his chances of -- of grabbing her again. Brenda and I -- we -- we went through a lot on that island. But you are my wife, and I love you. Either you trust that or you don't.

Jason: Brenda took a blow to the head recently. Sonny said she was unconscious for at least six hours.

Brenda: Oh, I don't --

Alan: Have you flown since then?

Brenda: Yeah.

Alan: Well, I think your headache is due to head trauma and dehydration. Your pupils are responsive, so I don't think there's anything serious going on. But I do think you need to see a neurologist.

Brenda: Ok.

Alan: I've given you some medication to lessen the pain.

Brenda: Thanks.

Alan: But I want you to get that appointment as soon as possible, ok?

Brenda: Yes.

Alan: Ok. Take care.

Jason: Alan, thanks for coming. I appreciate it.

Alan: My pleasure. Try not to be a stranger.

Jason: No, no, come on. Brenda, you should rest.

Brenda: I'm fine.

Jason: Could you not argue with me just for once, ok? Just go upstairs, you can get some sleep, and then I'll take you to the hospital. You can get checked --

Brenda: I don't need to go to the hospital. I already know what's going on, you know? I talked to my doctors when I was in Switzerland, and they explained to me what was going to happen. They said that I'd start to get headaches and then it would turn to seizures and -- I knew this was going to happen, you know? I just didn't expect for it to happen this soon, that's all.

Jason: But you heard what Alan said. I mean, maybe this headache doesn't have anything to do with your illness.

Brenda: You know I married you because I know you can deal with the facts and tell me the truth. This is happening. I know it. I need you to keep your promise to me and take me away from here.

Jason: I'll take you to Europe if that's what you want, but I'm just saying we don't have to leave this second. I've been reading up on your illness, ok? And even if the symptoms are getting worse, I mean, you're still a long way from --

Brenda: I know about this disease. You know, the pain comes and goes from my headaches, but when it comes, it -- it hurts so bad, I can't even see straight. Look, I don't want anybody to see me looking helpless, all right? And I don't want to have to act like I'm ok when I'm not.

Jason: It's ok. We'll go whenever you say.

Brenda: I'm sorry to have to ask you, you know, to just drop everything right this second. I'm sure you have people you care about or -- I don't know -- things you have to do or whatever.

Jason: I have one errand, and then Sonny can handle the rest.

Brenda: Ok, well -- I never thought I'd be saying this to you, but thank you.

Jason: Look, I'll make -- I'll make the travel arrangements while I'm out. We'll catch the first plane out of here. Where do you want to go? Switzerland? See your doctor?

Brenda: It doesn't matter where we go. Just anywhere away from here. I just -- it's more important to me that you realize, you know, you need to prepare yourself for what's coming. It's -- I know you don't like me, and I know you don't like being around me or whatever. And you think it's bad now, wait till you see what's coming. And I want you to promise me that you will not let me come back to Port Charles no matter what.

Jason: I promise.

Brenda: Oh, and just so you know, the headaches -- the doctors said that when they start to become seizures, you know, I might not remember you or I might not remember things or --

Jason: Brenda, don't think about this right now.

Brenda: No, I need to think about this right now. This is very important to me. I need to know that you can do this thing for me. I asked Luis to do this, and he said that he would, and he lied, and I just hate him. Oh, God, I --

Jason: Brenda, where are you going with this?

Brenda: Just forget it. I'm just -- I'm just saying that I realize that it's my fault, you know, that Luis came into your lives, and I -- it's going to be a -- a beautiful day when I'm finally rid of him.

Jason: Forget him. I'll make sure he never finds you.

Brenda: Hey, have you ever noticed that we're, like, the perfect typical married couple? I mean, we hate each other, right? And we're bonded together until death do us part. Can you do one more -- one more favor?

Jason: Sure.

Brenda: Will you just try to remember me the way I used to be?

Jason: Yeah, yeah, I will. I'll remember you.

Brenda: Thanks. Well, you know I still think you're a jerk, right? I mean, you're really brave to do this for me because I know nobody else would, and I'm pretty sure I'm not strong enough to do it for myself.

Jason: You were trying to do the right thing by everybody. You know? You still are. And in the end, that's all any of us can do.

Brenda: You should go run your errand. Why don't you leave. I'm going to take your advice for once. I'm going to try to lay down and get some rest. I'll start packing when I feel better.

Jason: Ok.

Alexis: You know, I think about her every day still. And every day, I still expect her to barge into the apartment with ginger tea, telling me to breathe, feng shui the nursery.

Ned: Sneaks up on me. Some days I'm doing fine, and then bam. This amazing woman that I loved is gone for no reason.

Alexis: I know that dropping out of the race was the right thing to do, but I would have loved to bring Alcazar and anyone else connected with my sister's death to justice.

Ned: There will be justice for Kristina. I'm going to make sure they pay, starting with Sonny.

[Phone rings]

Ned: Yeah, this is Ned.

A.J.: I need to meet with you right away.

Ned: What have you done now, junior?

A.J.: I'll tell you when I see you. I'm at the house.

Ned: Look, I can't drop everything just to meet with you.

A.J.: It's important, and it could work to your advantage. Just hear me out. It won't take long, Ned.

Ned: All right. I'll be right there. It's A.J. I got to go. You going to be ok? Ok.

Alcazar: It was an unfortunate misunderstanding. I have no interest in pressing charges.

Officer: It's your call.

Alcazar: Thanks for your prompt response, gentlemen.

Skye: You look like you've been hit by a truck.

Alcazar: What are you doing here?

Skye: Well, I heard Brenda was back. I just took a chance you might be, too.

Alcazar: You're not very prudent, are you? Or you would have kept your mouth shut and let Brenda and I get away. I'm assuming you're the one who alerted Sonny since no one else knew of our plan.

Skye: Oh, I am so going to enjoy telling you this. Jax knows Brenda isn't dying, and Brenda's going to know soon enough, if she doesn't already. Now, you're a smart man. I'm sure you can guess the rest. With all obstacles removed, Jax and Brenda will just fly into each other's arms, profess their undying love to each other, and live happily ever after, which means it's the end for both you and me.

Alcazar: Don't be so sure.

Skye: Did you hear what I just said? I said Jax knows.

Alcazar: After what I saw between Brenda and Sonny on that island, it's clear she's made her choice. It isn't Jax.

Sonny: Brenda.

Brenda: Hey.

Sonny: Where are you going?

Brenda: Nowhere. I'm just getting my stuff together. Jason's taking me away, and this time it will be for good.

Sonny: So, when are you leaving?

Brenda: Right away. You know, Jax is healthy, and --

Sonny: Yeah.

Brenda: You seem to be doing pretty good. You even seem kind of happy. I'm glad.

Sonny: What about you?

Brenda: I'll be happy knowing I'm too far away from here to hurt anybody and knowing that I won't make any wrong decisions.

Sonny: Jason will be a big help if you let him. You know, it's all right to let people help.

Brenda: That sounds pretty cute coming from you, Mr. "In control, I don't need anybody."

Sonny: Yeah. Well, I guess I'll miss your smile all over again.

Brenda: Remember that day?

Sonny: The first --

Brenda: Carrying the suitcase?

Sonny: You were carrying your suitcase. It was about right over there.

Brenda: Yeah.

Sonny: There was snow on the ground. Yeah.

Brenda: This is where we met. Listen, I'm sorry for all the things I've done to hurt you. I just want you to know that, you know, I forgive you for everything. Make sure you stay happy, all right? Be blessed.

Sonny: All right.

Alcazar: I know Brenda. It's clear her pull is to Sonny. You should be dancing for joy. It's only a matter of time before Jax is back in your arms.

Skye: And where do you fit in? The benevolent ex-love who just wishes Brenda all the best in her new life with Sonny?

Alcazar: My intentions haven't changed. I mean to have Brenda back. And if you want Jax, then you'll do everything in your power to motivate Brenda towards Sonny.

Ned: This better be good, junior.

A.J.: Thanks for coming, Ned. First, can we put our animosity aside for a common goal?

Ned: Well, that depends. What's the goal?

A.J.: I'm about to lose Courtney. Out of jealousy for Jason, I hired someone to stalk her so that I could step in and be hero. I realize it was reprehensible, not to mention stupid, and feel free to throw it in my face anytime you'd like. But right now, all that matters is getting my wife back. Step one -- I need to turn my life around. For that, I need a job. I want to work for you.

Ned: You want to come back to E.L.Q.?

A.J.: Yeah.

Ned: As what?

A.J.: Vice president in charge of paper clips, if necessary, though I would prefer helping you put this company in a position to take Sonny out.

Ned: And you think this is going to endear you to Courtney? Working with your family, a family who she hates, going up against her brother, who I'm just guessing she's starting to feel a certain loyalty to?

A.J.: Ned, I have to be who I used to be to my wife. All right? The answer to her romantic dreams. Now, that takes money. That means I need to be a Quartermaine again. You can make that happen.

Ned: All right, here's my offer. You can come back to E.L.Q. You will do as you're told. You will prove that you can stay sober.

A.J.: You are about to see me as motivated as I've ever been in my entire life. Thanks, Ned. Thanks.

Jason: Hey.

Courtney: Hey.

Jason: Can you take a break? I have something to tell you.

Courtney: Yeah, I actually have a lot I need to tell you, too.

Jason: I -- I did some checking in Washington about A.J.'s case.

Courtney: Yeah, I know where you're going with this. Coleman was telling the truth. A.J. was behind the stalking.

Jason: He -- he admitted it?

Courtney: Well, it took Coleman and I teaming up to catch him in the lie, but we did and it's over. I made A.J. leave.

Jason: I'm sorry. That must have been hard for you.

Courtney: I just don't understand it, Jason. I loved A.J. so much. I truly thought that I was going to spend the rest of my life with A.J.

Jason: I wish I could be around to help you.

Courtney: You're going away?

Jason: Yeah. Brenda is getting worse, and I promised when that happened, I would take her back to Europe.

Courtney: Well, that's what you should do. I've been leaning on you way too much, anyway.

Jason: No. Sonny ordered me to guard you, but I wanted to. I'd like to ask you a favor in return.

Courtney: Yeah, anything.

Jason: Just call Sonny. Just give him a chance.

Courtney: Can I say I'll think about it?

Jason: Ok, I'll take that.

Courtney: Ok. So, do you have any idea when you're going to be back?

Jason: No.

Courtney: Thank you for everything.

Jason: Just -- just take care of yourself.

Courtney: You, too.

[Phone rings]

Sonny's voice: Leave a message after the tone.

[Answering machine beeps]

Courtney: Sonny, it's Courtney. I'm kind of glad I got your voice mail. I -- it's nothing urgent. I just -- I was speaking with Jason, and he thought that you might be able to help me with something. I kind of need some legal advice. I'm not in trouble or anything. It's about filing for a divorce. So if you could just give me a call when you get a chance, I'd really appreciate it.

A.J.: Tell me you didn't mean that.

Carly: You all right? Did something happen while you were out?

Sonny: Oh, no, not really. I ran into Brenda, and I guess her illness is getting worse, so she -- Jason's going to take her back to Europe.

Carly: For good?

Sonny: Well, it looks that way.

Carly: Well, you must be worried.

Sonny: I'm not going to deny it. I just, you know -- but that's not the point. She told me to be blessed, and I realized that I was, more than I expected. I've got the life that I've always wanted, the family that I value more than anything in this world. You've given me that, and I love you for it.

[Knock on door]

Jax: Brenda!

Jason: Hey, hey, what -- what's wrong with you?

Jax: I have to see Brenda right away.

Jason: Ok. Take it easy. Brenda? Brenda?

Jax: There's a note.

Jason: "Gone to take care of a few things. Don't worry about me. B." I shouldn't have left her alone. She had a headache.

Jax: Headache?

Jason: Yeah, her illness -- she thinks it's getting worse.

Jax: It's not possible.

Jason: Why not?

Jax: Because there is no illness, Jason. Brenda's not dying. Alcazar rigged the tests. That's why I'm here. I'm here to tell her that. Now, do you have any idea where she is?

Jason: My gun.

Jax: What?

Jason: Damn it! I'm so stupid. I should have known. She was talking about killing Alcazar. She -- maybe she decided to do it.

Brenda: Oh, Lily. Sorry it's been a while since I've come to visit. You must have your wings by now, huh?

Brenda: I've got a little headache today. It was really bad this morning. It's a part of my illness I'm not really ready to face yet, the seizures. I'm going to be helpless. I'm not strong enough to stay here. I wish I was.

Brenda: All I want is to find peace. It's peaceful here.

Courtney: I haven't made any decisions yet, but I plan to discuss my options.

A.J.: With your brother? A man who despises me? Gee, Courtney, what do you think he'll tell you?

Courtney: I don't know. I haven't asked yet. I've been unfair to Sonny, and I'm going to give him the chance to help me. If you don't like it, I really don't care.

A.J.: I know you find this hard to believe, but everything I did, no matter how wrong, was out of love for you.

Courtney: Oh, stop it, A.J.

A.J.: I'm not asking you to forgive me. I know that has to be earned. What I want is a chance to prove myself to you again, that's all. Let me show you that I can turn my life around and be the kind of man you deserve. After that, if you don't love me anymore, I won't contest the divorce. Courtney, all I -- all I want is for you to wait until -- just wait to file. Please. You gave Sonny a chance. Don't you have another one for your husband?

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Yeah?

Marco: Mrs. Jacks.

Skye: So sorry to interrupt, but I just couldn't wait to tell you the happy news. Sonny, I think, will be happy. You, I'm not so sure about.

Sonny: What's your point?

Carly: Yeah, what is your point?

Skye: All right. I'll make it short and sweet. Alcazar's been bribing Brenda's doctors. They've been lying to her. Brenda doesn't have her mother's illness.

Sonny: You sure about this?

Skye: Positive. Barring the unforeseen, Brenda's going to live.

Alcazar: Ms. Davis? You dropped this.

Alexis: Don't you touch that. My sister's glove. You murderer.

Alcazar: You seem to forget there's no evidence against me. I will never be charged, which is why I feel so comfortable telling you this. Your sister meant nothing to me. She was insignificant.

Alexis: You'll see just how significant she is after I destroy your life, you bastard. If the justice system doesn't make you pay, know that I will. I swear to God, I'll kill you myself.

Jason: Brenda come after you? Huh? What the hell did you do with her?

Brenda: I tried to do everything that you taught me that day -- stay in the moment, be grateful for everything that I have. But it's hard. I'm having a hard time. And I need a friend. But I don't want anyone to know that. So I'm leaving.

Brenda: I am happy that I got to say good-bye to everyone that I love, but -- I guess you never got to do that, huh? You were gone so fast.

Brenda: I am -- I am so sorry that your life turned out this way. You can't even say "thank you" to anyone. You can't even just say to someone, "thank you for making my life better." You can't dance or sing or be kissed by someone you love. You want to know a secret?

Brenda: I do want my heart to open again. Even if it's just for a little while. And you know what else? I don't want to die.

Jax: Brenda? Look, I know what you came here to do, ok?

Brenda: No, no, no. I'm ok, I'm ok. I'm fine. I'm -- I don't want to die.

Jax: Well, you're not going to. You're not sick, Brenda. You don't have your mother's illness.

>> On the next "General Hospital" -- 

Courtney: Are you asking me out on a date?

A.J.: Would you go?

Courtney: You don't even realize how bad you hurt me.

Jason: Brenda wasn't sick, and you've known it all along.

Sonny: What do you want?

Skye: I'm trying to save my marriage.

Brenda: You're telling me that I'm ok?

Jax: Yeah.

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