GH Transcript Wednesday 11/13/02

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 11/13/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Coleman: Surprise. I've got your wife.

Jax: Brenda's plane's missing. It may have crashed.

Skye: Don't go -- not like this.

Jax: Brenda's on that plane because you didn't tell her the truth.

Carly: My husband just happens to be marooned on an island with a man who wants to kill him and a woman who wants to sleep with him.

Jason: You going to keep doing this?

Alcazar: Drop the gun!

Coleman: All I want is an extra 250 grand for stalking your wife.

A.J.: What?

Coleman: Come on, it's the least I deserve, I mean, considering I got shot and arrested for a crime that you asked me to commit.

A.J.: That's not my problem, Coleman.

Coleman: Give me the money, A.J.

A.J.: After you tried to rat me out to the police and then told my wife that I was in on it with you?

Coleman: Well, you weren't?

A.J.: I said I'd pay you 250 grand to help me stalk her, and I did.

Courtney: My god. It really was you.

A.J.: Courtney --

Courtney: You liar!

A.J.: Look, I don't know what you think you heard --

Courtney: No, don't you dare try to lie your way out of this!

A.J.: That's not -- that's not what I meant. Look, what I'm -- what I'm saying is he's turned this whole thing around on me. It's Coleman, I mean --

Courtney: Oh, just give it up! You got caught! God, you paid Coleman to stalk me. You wanted me to live in fear. What kind of man are you?

A.J.: I'm not denying money changed hands. I did pay Coleman, but to leave town, to get out of here and leave you alone. But instead of sticking to the agreement, he tried to squeeze me for some more money. But when I told him I was tapped out, that's when he decided to turn this whole thing on to me. You have to believe me, ok? I would never do this to you. I love you, ok?

Scott: Thank you.

Luke: Now what do you want?

Scott: You really goofed up this time, Spencer, punching out Taggert in front of a couple of cops. You're going to be spending a lot of time in this little cage, eating a lot of chipped beef.

Luke: Yeah. Is that what you came here to tell me?

Scott: That and you have a hearing tomorrow.

Luke: Well, that ought to be short and sweet.

Scott: Unless I intervene on your behalf.

[Luke laughs]

Scott: This could all be turned around pretty easy. All you got to do is just shut your mouth, let me do the talking. This judge has been known to show leniency to the mentally challenged, and you, Spencer, are a mental case. You'll get probation, get you a lighter sentence. Who knows?

Luke: Your honor, do I look insane? I assure you, I'm perfectly rational and cognizant of the crimes I committed. And if free to do so, I will pick up right where I left off.

Scott: Oh, come on, Spencer. What are you trying to accomplish?

Luke: Go home. Get your beauty sleep, Mr. D.A. There'll be press there tomorrow. You want to look good on the day you finally get to send me away once and for all.

Scott: Yeah, it's Scott. Um -- I know what time it is. Listen, Spencer's going down in flames, and you got to help me stop him.

Sonny: What am I supposed to do now, beg you for my life?

Alcazar: Wouldn't do any good.

Sonny: Well, that's not going to happen. Go ahead, Luis, shoot me. See how many brownie points you get from Brenda because that's what you're after, isn't it? Huh? You get rid of me and Jax, and Brenda walks over the dead bodies, she comes back to you?

Alcazar: Mostly, I'm looking for the satisfaction of killing you. I've wanted to handle this job personally from the beginning. Now you don't have your backup. You don't have Roy or Brenda or your bulletproof vest. It's just you and me.

[Leaves rustle]

Jason: And me.

Brenda: Ugh! Ok.

Brenda: Hey! Hello! Um -- help! Oh, my god.

Carly: Back at you.

Brenda: Uh -- =

Alcazar: Morgan, your timing is impeccable. Now I can get rid of both of you.

Jason: You can't kill us at the same time.

Sonny: Guaranteed, one of us is going to get you.

Alcazar: Why don't we test that theory, huh?


Carly: Ok, please, tell me that's not quicksand.

Brenda: I wish I could. I'm really not sure.

Carly: I have to help you.

Brenda: No, no, no, forget about me. Sonny needs help. Go find Sonny.

Carly: Well, you know what, Jason's with him, and you know what?

Brenda: Oh, please!

Carly: You look like you need a little help now, too.

Brenda: I'm dying anyway! Who cares about me? Go find Sonny! He needs help.

Carly: Oh, my god! Do you ever, ever get tired of -- of pretending to be noble? Huh? You know? I mean, I am not dense, ok? I've been with Sonny long enough. Why don't you stop moving? You're going to go further in there, you know what I mean?

Brenda: I'm trying to get out. I'm trying to get out.

Carly: Oh, yeah, luminous Brenda ghost -- she's back. You know what, I don't want to be responsible for --

Brenda: Maybe you should stop talking and help somebody!

Carly: Oh, jeez. You know what? Did you just tell me to be responsible? Who's in quicksand? You are, and you know what --

Brenda: Why are you just always unpleasant?

Carly: Don't bark, bark, bark orders at me.

Brenda: Just always!

Carly: Oh, yeah. Well, you know what, I'm all you got, so deal with it.

[Brenda screams]

Brenda: All right, that branch is not big enough. It's not going to hold me.

Carly: Just grab on. Grab on.

Brenda: No, I can't even reach the damn branch!

Carly: Well, just try it, ok?

Brenda: I can't reach it!

Carly: Try!

Brenda: I am trying!

Carly: Oh, poor little Brenda! You know, you are such a whiner. Anyone ever tell you that? "I can't get out! I've been tied to the railroad tracks!"

Brenda: All right, just hold the damn branch over here!

Carly: "Sonny and Jax are going to come and save me!" Come on, grab, grab.

[Brenda and Carly scream]

Carly: Oh --

Georgie: Hi, Lucas.

Lucas: Hey, Georgie. Head in a book, as usual. What are you studying now?

Georgie: Sometimes I just read for fun.

Lucas: You got a weird idea of fun. So have you read anything more about that dyslexia thing?

Georgie: Probably enough to know when someone has it. Why?

Lucas: Do you know enough to maybe help somebody deal with it?

Georgie: I think so.

Lucas: Even if that person wouldn't want anybody else to find out that they have it? Somebody like me?

Alexis: Luke is facing serious assault charges. Thank you.

Scott: I know. That's why I wanted you to meet me here.

Alexis: Well, what do you want me to do? He won't let me represent him.

Scott: I've known Spencer for a long time and I hate him, but this picture he's painting of himself as some sort of public menace is not true. He's just a guy who lost the girl that he loves.

Alexis: See, I know all that. What I want to know, though, is why all of a sudden you care what happens to Luke?

Scott: Kind of a vicious cycle. Laura's not here to help Luke, so I'm going to help him. That way I won't feel so guilty about Laura. So, you see, it is really about me.

Alexis: Isn't it always? What do you want me to do, specifically?

Scott: Well, we've got to get him declared out of his mind, you know, before tomorrow.

Alexis: Tomorrow?

Scott: Morning. The hearing.

Alexis: Well, where am I going to find somebody at this hour?

Scott: Well, I got a guy. Might work.

Alexis: What am I supposed to do with this?

Lucas: What should I do?

Georgie: Ok, read everything three times and highlight the important stuff in different colors.

Lucas: That sounds like a pain.

Georgie: Yeah, I know, but I think I can help. Will you try?

Lucas: On one condition. Nobody knows. Swear.

Georgie: Quick, hold my hand.

Maxie: What are you two up to?

Courtney: I suspected that something was off when you made that comment about Jason and Rosie. I mean, how could you have known? But here's the big surprise -- you lied your way out of it. And Coleman -- if he hadn't convinced me to come down here and listen to him confront you, you would have lied your way out of this, too.

Coleman: And I'd be in jail, all nice and tidy.

Courtney: God, you would have dragged me away from my family and my friends and isolated me in New York, and you would've been real proud of yourself for pulling off such a brilliant scam against your own wife!

A.J.: Just let me explain.

Courtney: No. No, no, you don't need to because I finally see everything clearly. You were just jealous of Jason like you have been all your life. You were -- you were afraid that he was going to get in the way of you being my -- what, my hero? My rescuer? So you just terrorized me?

Coleman: Why don't you just cop to it, man?

A.J.: Stay out of this!

Courtney: No, don't you yell at him! He is not the bad guy here! God. The phone calls -- they were prerecorded to come in when you weren't around, right? Of course, yeah, because that would make me feel even more vulnerable. God. The whispered threats, the hidden cameras, the stranger in a death mask? God, A.J., How sick are you? How far were you willing to take this? How was it supposed to end? Huh?

Coleman: I can answer that.

A.J.: Shut up.

Courtney: No, no, I want to hear this.

Coleman: A.J. conveniently shows up and finds me with you. He knocks me around a little bit, calls the cops, and names me as the stalker. Meanwhile, I'm -- I'm up the river and out of the way, and, you know, the two of you live happily ever after. Does that -- does that pretty much cover it, slick, huh?

A.J.: I don't answer to you, Coleman.

Courtney: Then answer to me. I want to hear you admit it. I want to hear you say the words.

A.J.: Courtney --

Courtney: No, just say it!

A.J.: All right! I did it. But you made it worse.

Alexis: Uh --

man: Excuse you.

Alexis: Excuse -- oh, wait. Maybe you could help me.

Man: You look like you got a ways to go before you hit bottom. All the beds are taken tonight anyway.

Alexis: No, I'm not -- I'm looking for someone.

Man: You are or you're not?

Alexis: I'm -- are. Am.

Man: A relative? I know pretty much everyone here.

Alexis: No, it's a -- it's a shrink. His name is Dr. Cameron Lewis. He's a psychiatrist. I believe that he volunteers here, and I'm sure he probably thinks that I'm going to need therapy coming in here so late and asking for a favor. But it's -- the clock is ticking on a friend of mine, although he's actually not a friend of mine. He's a --

man: Lover?

Alexis: Never. Never. He's like an acquaintance but bigger. In any case, he needs help. And, you know, between you and I, I don't put much stock in shrinks, but, you know, they have been useful to me on occasion in some of my cases.

Man: Doctor.

Alexis: Lawyer.

Man: Indian chief.

Alexis: Sorry?

Man: Word association. You were saying?

Alexis: I'm done. Excuse me.

Man: You're cold.

Alexis: You don't really know me well enough to say that.

Man: No, as in heading away from what you're looking for.

Alexis: Oh. I know that game. I -- I just don't really want to play that game right now because I'm tired and my feet hurt and I forgot to eat dinner.

Man: Oh, well, I think I've got a candy bar here somewhere.

Alexis: Oh, god -- no, no, that's ok. You know what? You look like you could use a nice hot meal. And a bath.

Man: Well, yeah, I could do either one, but you'd be disappointed.

Alexis: Would not.

Man: Would, too.

Alexis: Would not. You're not going to follow me, are you?

Man: No. This may be your last chance to talk to this Lewis guy. I'm him. Hope you like nuts.

Lucas: Georgie and I were just hanging out. No big deal.

Maxie: Whatever. But if you guys are on a date or something, I'd be fine with it.

Lucas: That's completely whacked.

Felicia: Oh, good, you're all here. I have good news, and it's for you, Georgie.

Georgie: What?

Felicia: You won the student essay contest.

Maxie: Big whoop.

Felicia: You have the opportunity to go to Oxford next summer for almost an entire month.

Lucas: Hey, way to go, Georgie.

Georgie: I forgot all about that contest.

Felicia: Would you like to see the letter? It's right here. In fact, I was thinking I might frame it.

Georgie: Mom, please.

Felicia: No, don't "Mom, please." I'm proud of you. This is a moment most moms just dream about.

Carly: You're going to go in more.

Brenda: I am being still.

Carly: Ok, all right. You see --

Brenda: Help!

Carly: Ok, ok! You feel better? You see this root over there? You think maybe you could grab it?

Brenda: Does it look like I can grab it? If I could grab that, do you think I would still be in here with you?

Carly: Well, you know, Brenda, I'm not so sure. You want to know why? Because you let things happen to you.

Brenda: Yeah, and you like scheming all day. That's much better. You should've listened before when I told you to be careful when you were still out there.

Carly: No, you know what, I should've listened when you told me not to help you in the first place.

Brenda: Oh, yeah. Why did you help me?

Carly: You know what, because no one would've believed that I didn't leave you here on purpose. God. You know, what is your problem? Why couldn't you have just disappeared? Why do you -- ugh. Why am I touching --

Brenda: Help!

Carly: Stop it! Why do you have to make Sonny drag you around after you? What is your problem?

Brenda: Oh, honey, no one drags Sonny anywhere. He came out here after me because he wanted to.

Carly: Right. Right.

Brenda: Ok.

Carly: And where's Sonny now? Where is he? Huh? And where is Jason? And where is --

[Carly burps]

Carly: Excuse me -- where is anybody?

Brenda: God, what did you just -- what did you drink? That's really bad.

Carly: You know what, it doesn't matter what the hell I drank.

Brenda: Real bad.

Carly: And I will have you know --

Brenda: No wonder you're acting like such an idiot. You're a --

Carly: You know what, I'll have you know I drank to get you --

Sonny: Hey.

Brenda: Oh, you got -- hey!

Carly: Ok.

Brenda: Here we go.

Carly: Help us.

Brenda: Here we go. Hand, please. You want to try and -- I'll handle it.

Courtney: You are going to have to back up, A.J., And explain to me how any of this is my fault.

A.J.: It's not. It's not. That's not -- that's not what I said. This whole thing -- it got out of control. It was just supposed -- it was supposed to be clean and quick, a few scares. It's something to make you turn to me for a change, you know, to protect you. Not my brother. You didn't even -- you didn't even go to the police. No, you didn't. You just went straight to Jason.

Courtney: That doesn't even come close to excusing what you did.

A.J.: You brought my worst enemy into our home, spend the night with you so you could feel safe. It's obvious you wanted him here instead of me. You picked him over me.

Courtney: That's not true.

A.J.: I was ready to call this whole thing off until I got back here, and here he is, camped out in my apartment, where I live, where we -- so that's when I had Coleman turn up the heat. Hell, I'm lucky I didn't get shot with Jason's gun -- the one he gave you, the one I knew nothing about, by the way. Makes me wonder what else I missed.

Taggert: Everybody freeze! Coleman, don't move. Coleman, you have the right to remain silent. Cuff him. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Coleman: Easy.

Courtney: Let Coleman go.

Taggert: What is this, some kind of joke?

Courtney: No, you can't arrest him. I won't let you.

Taggert: Mrs. Quartermaine, you're the one who called me down.

Courtney: Call me Courtney.

Taggert: Ok, Courtney. Did this man say something to you? Did he threaten you? Is that why you're saying the things you said?

Courtney: Coleman never threatened me. It was a misunderstanding. I want to drop all charges against him.

Taggert: You shot this man in self-defense. He admitted to stalking you.

Courtney: I said I don't want him arrested.

Taggert: And then he accused A.J. are you telling me that you have proof that your husband did this?

Taggert: Are you saying your husband did this crime?

Courtney: A crime needs a victim, and I'm nobody's victim. Certainly not Coleman's.

Taggert: So you're saying that this man did not stalk you?

Courtney: All Coleman is guilty of is having a crush on me. Last time I checked, that wasn't a punishable offense. I shot Coleman by mistake, ok, and I'll always be sorry for that. But -- but this is where it ends.

Taggert: Well, you're still going to need to come downtown and fill out some paperwork.

Coleman: No problem.

Taggert: Well, I hope you know what you're doing.

Courtney: I do.

Taggert: All right.

A.J.: I know how hard that was for you. Thank you.

Courtney: I did that for Coleman, not you.

[Lucas and Maxie laugh]

Felicia: Wait till you see all the forms we have to fill out. We've got the boarding application, we have the travel arrangements. We have all kinds of things here. What's the matter? You're so quiet. You don't seem very excited about this.

Georgie: Well, you sure are.

Felicia: Yes! Yes, I am. My buttons are bursting. I'm so proud of you.

Georgie: Well, what if I don't want to go?

Felicia: Why wouldn't you want to go?

Georgie: Look, I only wrote that essay because my English teacher wanted me to. I didn't think I'd actually win. I wanted to get a job next summer and, well, hang out with my friends.

Felicia: Oh, honey. How does that even compare to being invited to Oxford because you're creative and you're brilliant?

[Maxie and Lucas laugh]

Georgie: I guess I'm tired of being the smart one.

Felicia: You're afraid the boys won't like you.

Georgie: They won't. They don't.

Felicia: But they will. Well, the right one will when you're older and when he comes along. Oh, Georgie. You have so much to offer. You're not only smart, you are beautiful. Oh, dear.

Alexis: This is good.

Cameron: Good.

Alexis: Why are you dressed like that?

Cameron: Because these are my clothes?

Alexis: Oh. Sorry.

Cameron: You don't like my clothes?

Alexis: No, I -- they're -- I mean, yes, they're fine. I just thought that you were trying to blend in, you know, sort of inspire trust with these people, stream of consciousness. That's -- never mind.

Cameron: Tell me about this Luke.

Alexis: Luke. Well, you know -- wow, that's a tall order. Where does one start? Not at the beginning because we don't have enough time. I will simply tell you that he is unstable under the best of circumstances. He had a tragic loss recently. His wife had a psychotic break for which he blames himself. He thinks he's responsible because he couldn't stop it and he's angry because she's lost and he's walked away with his life and his sanity, such as it is, and he's hell-bent on making everyone around him and himself pay. And can you explain one thing to me?

Cameron: I'll try.

Alexis: Why a woman such as myself, who swore that she was not going to help this man anymore or anyone else who was going to get in the way of her just sitting at home and waiting for her beautiful daughter to come into the world -- why I'm sitting here in a homeless shelter at this hour of the night with -- I'm sorry -- a bizarre, slightly -- you got to forgive me again -- unkempt "psychiatrist" trying to help some thick-headed potential flight risk arsonist who would rather throw a lieutenant, a police lieutenant, across the floor than try to handle his grief in a normal way. Not that I'm saying normal is something to strive for or achieve.

Cameron: "Rapid cycler with schizoid tendencies who charges windmills to distract herself from intrinsic issues of denial."

Alexis: Pardon me?

Cameron: Sorry, you asked. It's all right, you know. You can admit it.

Alexis: Admit what?

Cameron: There is no Luke. You're the one who's looking for counseling.

Alexis: I am not looking for counseling. I do not need a psychiatrist, and you, sir, are no gentleman and apparently are not a very good judge of people.

Cameron: Well, you don't exactly fit into a mold.

Alexis: All right. This isn't about me. This is about Luke, and there most definitely is a Luke who is facing prison, not to mention certain death by personality, unless an honest-to-god licensed therapist can convince a judge that he is in need of psychiatric care and not punishment, although there is one catch.

Cameron: He'll refuse to see me.

Alexis: Which I'm beginning to think would be wise on his part. A man is in trouble and we have until midnight to help.

Cameron: And how would you define "we"?

Sonny: Come over here.

Carly: Oh, my god. Oh, are you ok?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm fine.

Brenda: Hold on, hold on.

Jason: Come on, Brenda, let's go!

Brenda: I said give me one second.

Jason: Oh, man.

Sonny: Do you need help, man?

[Jason groans]

Sonny: Everybody good?

Carly: I think so.

Sonny: How'd you guys find us?

Jason: It's a long story.

Carly: Yeah, well, you know, I just want to know something, ok? What, was Alcazar holding both of you for the whole time or what?

Jason: There's a boat and a plane waiting, ok? Let's go. We got to get out of here.

Carly: Well, you know what? I've got a few minutes here, ok? It's not going to matter much, is it?

Sonny: Like Jason said, it's -- it's a long story.

Carly: You know what, I'll take notes.

Sonny: It was me and Brenda and Alcazar, and it got rough. But you're here, and it's all good.

Lucas: There's no way we're going to get a snow day. It hasn't come down for hours.

Maxie: Yeah, well, Georgie won't care. She loves school. I mean, she's so good at it, she could practically teach it. Tell me the truth, Lucas. There's really nothing going on between you and my little sister?

Lucas: What's the big deal if there was?

Maxie: I just don't want to see Georgie get hurt.

Lucas: Relax. I'm into girls my own age.

A.J.: I don't even -- I don't even know where to begin or how to say I'm sorry. This has to be the biggest mistake of my life, but I think I can fix it.

Courtney: A.J., please --

A.J.: At least give me the rest of my life to try it. It's -- it's this town. Everything and everyone -- it makes it so difficult to overcome. It's so difficult for two people just to be happy in love.

Courtney: Don't you see? We were happy in love until you ruined it, but I don't understand why.

A.J.: I was scared of being less in your eyes, scared of losing you. I'm nothing without you. You know that.

Courtney: Don't go there. It's not going to work anymore.

A.J.: I'm not trying to play you.

Courtney: Of course you are.

A.J.: No --

Courtney: You think you've got me all figured out by now, and why shouldn't you? I stood by you no matter what. I believed you when you swore that you could handle a drink or a car. I stripped to keep you out of jail. I lied to the police, but I am done. There is no starting over. What you feel for me, that's -- that's not love. It's control. It is desperate and ugly and nothing that I want. I don't forgive you for this, A.J. I never want to see your face again.

A.J.: Don't do this. Please don't leave me. Don't leave me.

Courtney: I'm not. You are. I want you out of this apartment tonight. I don't care where you go or what you do. You can go to Manhattan, you can go to the nearest bar. You can sleep in a snow bank, but I want you to get out of here!

Brenda: Oh.

Sonny: You all right?

Brenda: Yeah, I'm ok. Just -- my head feels like it's on fire. I'm fine. Thanks for everything.

Carly: Could you define "everything"?

Brenda: I mean, thank you for saving my life.

Alcazar: How does it feel to know your husband risked death for a former love?

Jason: Shut up.

Alcazar: I've never seen a man so committed to saving a woman's life he didn't love.

Luke: Well, unless you're here to put a mint on the pillow or empty the bedpan, please turn and trot back from whence you came.

Alexis: God only knows why, but I'm here to help.

Luke: Ha. Oh, we've played that broken record before, Natasha. I don't want your help. It comes with too high a price tag.

Alexis: I have no idea why I have a vested interest in seeing that you're exonerated for a crime that you didn't do. God knows you've walked away from plenty of crimes that you did do, but I'm thinking maybe it's because you lost the only woman that you're actually capable of loving, and I can identify with that.

Luke: You got no idea how I feel.

Alexis: Maybe you're right, which is exactly why I brought a professional.

Cameron: Hello, Luke.

Luke: Oh, let me guess -- shrink to the downtrodden. You might as well wear a sign, doctor. Well, I'm sorry she wasted your time. Why don't you just turn around and go on back to Courtland Street, and thank you for your effort. And you -- that fevered little brain keeps bubbling up these ideas. Look, I know what you're trying to do. You think if you can get me a temporary section 8, I'll go to group therapy instead of slipping shivs in the mashed potatoes. You're getting desperate, Natasha.

Alexis: Just doing my job, Luke.

Luke: Your job? Your job is full-time now? Meddling in my life?

Alexis: Just call me co-dependent attorney. Play nice with Dr. Lewis.

Luke: The hell I will.

Alexis: I went before a judge, Luke. He's ordered that you have a mandatory psych consult before the arraignment. You have no choice.

Luke: All right, doc. Go ahead, poke around. See what you find. But I'm warning you -- I'm at least as sane as the co-dependent, obsessive-compulsive, slightly delusional Ms. Davis.

Cameron: Well, in that case, we should be done here in no time.

Luke: I take exception to being called mentally unbalanced just because I burned down a police station. I mean, you don't have to be crazy to hate cops, especially some overblown macho jerk like Taggert.

Cameron: Yeah, I didn't like cops too much, either. I remember there was this ticket-happy meter maid. Looking back on it, I think she may have had a thing for my uncle because she'd nail him with  a ticket the very second the meter would expire, even if he was on his way back to the car.

Luke: That's fascinating.

Cameron: Yeah. Well, anyway, I decided to give her a taste of her own medicine one day, so I -- I dragged her scooter into a no-parking zone and took the tires off of it. Granted, I was only 15 at the time. I can't claim to have ever torched an entire precinct house, but -- look, you do realize that it's not about the police, that they're just a symbol, scapegoat for the self-hatred you're feeling?

Luke: Really? Well, if that's the case, why didn't I burn myself up?

Cameron: I think you tried.

Luke: Get this bozo out of here.

Cameron: I understand that your wife is in a clinic in London -- Laura --

Luke: Leave Laura out of this!

Cameron: I'd like to know about her.

Luke: Laura was my wife. I loved her. End of story.

Cameron: No consultation, no arraignment, Luke. No arraignment, no nice, long jail term. That is what you want, isn't it?

Luke: All right, all right, all right. Laura was everything decent and good. She was as close to an angel as anybody that ever walked this earth.

Cameron: And you're honoring her by burning down cop shops?

Luke: I'm a sentimental fool.

Cameron: No, you're a fraud. You're no more crazy, no better or worse than anybody else. And your wife is no more otherworldly than I am. You're just using her loss to justify your actions. You know, I was sort of hoping you'd be a challenge, but you're textbook.

Luke: You sanctimonious bastard. You know nothing about me. You know nothing about my wife. Textbook? Textbook? What we had was -- was for the history books! And I don't know about otherworldly. I got enough trouble with this world. But I'll tell you this -- my wife was an angel. She was beautiful inside and out and she was smart and funny and courageous. She saved my butt more times than I -- than I care to imagine. And when she needed me the most, I let her down. I let her down. And now she sits alone in a padded cell while a whole troop of do-gooders led by Ms. Davis play god with my life. I'm the one who ought to be in a straitjacket! Better yet, I'm the one that ought to be in the ground, rotting for what I did. I didn't get to her in time. I didn't figure it out in time. I let her down. And if nobody else is going to sentence me to what I deserve, I'll sentence myself!

Felicia: Oh, hey.

Maxie: Hey.

Felicia: Georgie and I are just about ready to head home. When are you coming home?

Maxie: Actually, Lucas and I want to go to the park.

Felicia: Now?

Lucas: Well, yeah. It's tradition that right after the first snow, everybody from school goes to the park -- you know, to throw snowballs, make snow angels, stuff like that.

Maxie: It's really safe. I mean, everyone stays in a big group, and I promise I won't be home too late.

Felicia: I'll be waiting up for you.

Maxie: Deal.

Felicia: Have fun.

Lucas: See you, Georgie.

Georgie: Right.

Felicia: When we get home, we can look up London on the internet. It's such an exciting city. This whole Oxford trip is going to be such a big addition to your life.

Georgie: I have to go get my coat.

Felicia: Ok.

Georgie: Lucas left his backpack.

Felicia: Oh.

[Maxie laughs]

Maxie: Ah! Lucas, no fair! It just went down my shirt!

Lucas: All right.

Maxie: Ah!

Lucas: Ok. That's enough for now. Oh!

Maxie: Gotcha!

Lucas: Oh!

[Lucas and Maxie laugh]

Brenda: Don't let him get to you. He figures out what your insecurities are and he uses it against you. It's how he amuses himself. Look, Carly, you know, Sonny and I have gotten each other out of some tight spots in our lives. It's -- it's like you and Jason. It's -- it's nothing.

Sonny: Is everything -- everybody all right?

Brenda: Yeah. Everything is fine.

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Courtney: A.J. and I are separated. I can't live with him anymore.

[Maid screams]

maid: Security!

Brenda: No, something's wrong.

Alan: There is something wrong with Brenda.

Skye: Brenda?

Sonny: You are my wife and I love you. Either you trust that or you don't.

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