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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Lucky: Dad! Come on, get up! I'm not going to let you destruct.

Nurse: The test is negative.

Skye: That means Brenda isn't dying.

Jax: I need to know if there was anyone in your clinic asking questions about a Brenda Barrett.

Jason: I'll call you from Venezuela or Sonny will.

Carly: Jason, please.

Jason: Carly, you don't have anything to worry about.

Jax: Hey. I got your message. Dr. Reinmar's office called?

Bobbie: Yes, while you were in physical therapy. Is he some kind of a specialist?

Jax: Yeah. I'm flying him in from Switzerland for a consultation. His assistant was going to confirm his itinerary.

Bobbie: Well, she did, and he left Zurich last night, so he should be here within the hour.

Jax: Oh, that's great. Listen, I don't want Skye to know that he's coming. In fact, I don't want her to know that -- anything about this --

Skye: Hey.

Jax: Hi.

Skye: Am I interrupting?

Bobbie: Actually, no. I was just leaving. I will see to everything.

Jax: Thank you very much.

Skye: I can't believe it! You're a free man! You're officially released as of this moment. Oh, I can't wait. I can't wait to get you home. This is going to be such a wonderful homecoming. I have everything ready. I can't wait to get you there!

Jax: Skye, I can't leave just yet.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Lucky: My dad left a message saying that he called all of you.

Nikolas: Asking us to go to Riker's woods?

Lesley: Yeah. Do you know what this is all about?

Elizabeth: What's in Riker's woods?

Lucky: My mom and dad used to take me hiking there when we first moved back to Port Charles. It's pretty remote.

Lesley: But if it's a place with happy memories, maybe it means he's starting to come around and get past all the anger.

A.J.: Hey.

Courtney: Hey.

A.J.: How is the most beautiful soon-to-be-ex-waitress in Port Charles?

Courtney: Glad to see you.

A.J.: Have you told Bobbie you're leaving?

Courtney: Not yet, but I will as soon as she gets here.

A.J.: I can't wait to get you out of here -- this place, this job. Moving to Manhattan is a whole new life for us, and I'm going to make it good.

Courtney: I know you will.

A.J.: You worried you might miss it here?

Courtney: A little. I was just starting to feel connected, you know?

A.J.: You getting cold feet?

Courtney: Maybe I am.

Jason: Naldo?

Naldo: Mr. Morgan.

Jason: Did you find anything out?

Naldo: Senor Alcazar is a difficult man to track.

Jason: His plane was headed here.

Naldo: He never landed. The plane went off radar somewhere over the Caribbean.

Carly: Is he saying that they crashed?

A.J.: We can't back out now. I've accepted the job.

Courtney: It's not that easy to just up and leave.

A.J.: Why not? I mean, name one thing that we have here that we can't have or make a thousand times better in New York. Not to mention my new job -- good money, with benefits, moving expenses, security. What we'd be leaving here isn't even worth having.

Courtney: I like my life here and I like the people that I work with.

A.J.: We'll meet new people. We can finally have that life we wanted, a life you deserve instead of waiting tables here for tips and minimum wage.

Courtney: You know, you don't have to buy me things to prove to me that you love me.

A.J.: I want you to be happy. That's all. I mean, if you want to work, that's what I want, too. I'm sure you can get a job in some trendy cafe in the Upper West Side. And who knows? Maybe if I'm lucky enough, we can invest in our own restaurant together. But in the meantime, we'll be in New York City. I mean, all that energy. Right? Nightlife, culture. Can't you see it?

Courtney: Yeah, it all sounds great.

A.J.: What's the problem?

Courtney: Well, my father, for one thing. I'm really worried about him. He's so angry at Sonny. If I leave, he's not going to have anyone else.

A.J.: Sweetie, we're only an hour away. He can come anytime you want him to. It'd do me some good to get away from my family for a while. And you can probably use some distance from Sonny, right?

Courtney: Distance, but, you know, up and moving our entire lives --

A.J.: Sweetie, I can give you the life you deserve. I can't do that here.

Courtney: Then I guess we're going.

A.J.: That's awesome. Well, you know what? Then I better get going, start packing. The sooner we leave, the sooner we can start our new life.

Courtney: Okay.

A.J.: Okay?

Courtney: Well, I'll just finish up here and I'll be home to help.

A.J.: Great.

Courtney: Okay.

A.J.: It's going to be worth it, I swear. This is so right. See you.

Skye: I thought that you couldn't wait to get out of here.

Jax: This won't take long.

Skye: But I made all these plans. I have the house ready and dinner's waiting. I have the bed turned down. I was so looking forward to this.

Jax: I'm sorry. I just have one more doctor to consult with.

Skye: What doctor?

Jax: He's an expert. He's going to tell me exactly what I'm facing.

Skye: Is something wrong? Jax, I thought the doctors said you were going to make a complete recovery.

Jax: They said that, yes.

Skye: Well, then what aren't you telling me? No, come on. No pushing each other away, remember? Whatever it is, we're in this together. We will get you home and we'll deal with it.

Jax: Skye, let's just wait and see what the doctor says.

Skye: Hey, you know, consult any doctor you want. I just think we should get you home because starting our life together is going to be part of that recovery. I know that you are concerned about Brenda, but she's made her choices, and I really think it's time for you to let it go. Let's just -- let's just get you home.

Jax: All right.

Skye: Okay. It's time for you to start believing in us again.

Jax: I want that, Skye, more than anything in the world.

Lesley: Are we almost there?

Lucky: Yeah, we're almost there.

Elizabeth: Are you okay?

Lesley: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Here we go.

Lucky: Dad?

Luke: You're late. The job's almost done.

Nikolas: What job? Luke, what's this about?

Luke: You've been falling over yourselves trying to help, so I'm going to give you an opportunity to do that. Here you go. One for you. Get busy.

Lucky: Get busy with what?

Luke: Don't go dummy on my now, cowboy. I need a little bit of support and a little bit of understanding to see this thing through.

Lucky: Just tell me what the hell's going on here, Dad. What are you digging?

Luke: What does it look like? A grave.

Luke: This is a funeral. This is a gravesite ceremony for Laura. We're here to say good-bye.

Lucky: This is real great, Dad. It's fine. You know, last time I checked, Mom wasn't dead.

Luke: She isn't dead. She's in a living hell. And we all helped put her there -- her family, her friends, the people she counted on the most. So, we're here to pay our last respects.

Nikolas: We have all done what we could to help, Luke. The doctors in London are doing everything they possibly can.

Luke: That's true, and they are excellent doctors. So, as long as they're on the job, I suppose we need not worry. We could just relax and forget about it. She is better off, really, in a nice warm padded cell. These two -- Lesley, these two. Laura gave them life and they threw her away, like she wasn't worth the trouble.

Lesley: When did you become the only person capable of caring about Laura? I'm her mother. I have not given up on her and I never will. You're the one that's giving up -- you. You with the great big earth-shattering love. Love isn't just for when it's comfortable for you to give it. Love is for now, when it's really, really hard! When she's sick and she needs it more than ever, but, oh, no, not you. No, it's too painful for you, so you're not even going to hope for her recovery!

Luke: "Recovery"? What recovery? Lesley, you're dreaming. She's gone. And if she ever does recover, what does she got waiting for her? A prison cell. So what's better, a padded cell or a prison cell, thanks to Alexis, thanks to Baldwin, and these two. Yeah, you, too, Nikolas. You and Lucky, both. You've made sure that that's what she's got waiting for her if she ever does get out. You've made her expendable. She's just a crazy old woman now, doesn't know where she is or --

Lucky: Stop this right now. Nobody here thinks she's expendable, and nobody here is giving up on her.

Luke: Don't pretend you didn't sacrifice her for me, because you did. You don't want to take responsibility for that, but it's true. Yeah, you just gave up on her. We all did, really. So we're here to say good-bye. Now, I have been carrying this photograph of Laura since I fell in love with her. But now it's time to -- it's time to move on. It's time to get on with our lives.

Lucky: I said stop it!

Luke: I thought this is what you wanted. You wanted me to get on with my life. That's what I'm trying to do here, you know. Nothing else.

Bobbie: Luke?

Lesley Lu: Daddy! Where have you been? I miss you.

Skye: So, how does it feel to be home?

Jax: A little unfamiliar.

Skye: Oh, well, I did rearrange a few things. I thought it might be easier for you to get around.

Jax: You didn't have to do that.

Skye: I'd do anything for you.

Jax: I know.

Skye: We're home. We're together. We've been given a second chance. I almost lost you. But I didn't and I won't. With this love that we share, Jax, this commitment that we made, this honesty between us, we can do anything together.

Jax: Yeah.

Skye: Oh!

Jax: Damn it.

Skye: I moved that. I --

Jax: It's fine. Just leave it, okay? Just -- you know, I think I want to go get some fresh air.

Skye: Okay.

[Phone rings]

Carly’s voice: Hi. We're not home right now. Leave a message and we'll call you back.

[Answering machine beeps]

Skye: Carly, it's Skye. If you have any news about Brenda, would you let me know? Please?

Jax: You called Carly?

Skye: Yeah, I -- I thought maybe she had some -- some news about Brenda. I know how concerned you are. I was hoping to be able to tell you something.

Jax: Seems a little odd, telling me to let it all go, and then you call Carly to see how Brenda's doing. I mean, why would you care who she's with?

Skye: Because I'm partly to blame for Brenda being gone.

Jason: Is there any chance Alcazar has a landing strip we don't know about?

Naldo: There's always a chance, but it's a jet. Most private airstrips can't accommodate it.

Carly: I don't know. How can a plane disappear?

Jason: Carly, Carly, Carly. Do you have an approximate location where the plane might have dropped off the radar?

Naldo: Near Tortola, but there are no landing strips in the area.

Carly: They crashed.

Jason: No, it means we have a place to start looking. All right, we're going to head back to the airport. Thanks.

Guard: Esta arrestado! Ponga sus manos arriba!

Sonny: Brenda? Hey? Hey? Wake up, okay? Wake up. Come on. Okay. I'm not good at this survival crap. You know that. Hey? You got to help me out here, okay?

Sonny: Open your eyes, will you? You're not going to die on me. Not yet. Come on. You're going to be okay.


Jax: What makes you think that you're responsible for Brenda leaving with Alcazar? It has nothing to do with you.

Skye: Well, I'm sure that last blowup we had didn't help matters much. Whatever I said probably just pushed Brenda into leaving with Alcazar.

Jax: I'm sure there's a part of you that's a little relieved that Brenda's gone.

Skye: All I have for Brenda is compassion. I mean, here's this poor woman dying of some horrible disease with no hope for a cure and then she's pushed into leaving with Alcazar?

Jax: Well, I doubt Alcazar gave her much choice. He seemed a little obsessed with her.

Skye: Hey, I might not have any great love for Brenda, but I'm not heartless. I didn't want this to happen.

Jax: What did you want?

Skye: Honestly? At first? I wanted the earth to swallow her up, okay? But then when I calmed down and I thought about it rationally, I realized that Brenda did deserve to find whatever peace and comfort she could find with whatever time she had left.

Jax: That's a very generous attitude.

Skye: Well, I can afford to be generous. I have you and our marriage, our future.

Jax: All Brenda has is her past.

Skye: I'm luckier than I ever thought that I'd have a right to be, which is why it is so important not to waste any time that we've been given. Now, come on. From this day on, I am not going to take one single day with you for granted. All right?

Jax: Yeah. Time is really one truly priceless thing that we all have. How horrible to know that yours is running out.

Skye: Brenda wouldn't want you to waste your life. You know that. She'd want you to live as fully as you can, happy and unencumbered. What better way to pay tribute to Brenda than to do just that, hmm?

Sonny: You know how I know you're going to wake up? Because I'm going to admit to you something about myself that you never knew. And then you're going to open your eyes, okay? And you're going to get mad and claim you knew all along because that's the way you are. Remember that diamond bracelet I sent you? I sent it to the Quartermaines, and you called me back and said thank you but you can't keep it? You said you'd meet me at the outback? Remember that? Huh? And then you gave me this whole speech about how -- how much it meant to you, but, you know, this -- this and that. And my date walked in, some hot blonde. And you got all mad and possessive. And you accused me of setting it up, huh? I told you I didn’t. I lied.

[Sonny laughs]

Sonny: I lied. I set it up. I wanted to see if you would fight for me. Hey. Come on, get up. You got to wake up. Hey. Yep, yep.

Sonny: It's all right. It's all right. It's all right. It's all right. It's all right. You're all right. It's me.

Brenda: Sonny?

Sonny: Yeah.

Brenda: I -- did I hit my head, because it --

Sonny: Yeah, you've been unconscious for hours.

Brenda: Oh, God, it hurts, much.

Sonny: Yeah. You feeling good, huh?

Brenda: Yeah.

Sonny: All right. Okay.

Brenda: What -- oh, my God, did the plane crash?

Sonny: Yeah, Alcazar landed it wherever he could. He was strapped in. I carried you as far as I could, okay? I got -- I got this first-aid kid. It's all I could find.

Brenda: Oh, yeah, give me --

Sonny: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take one of these.

Brenda: Give me that.

Sonny: Okay?

Brenda: Okay.

Sonny: You got it?

Brenda: Yeah. Oh. Is somebody coming? Is there a coast guard coming or something?

Sonny: We're in the -- okay, listen. We're in the Caribbean, all right?

Brenda: No --

Sonny: There's small islands all over the place. Unless Alcazar told somebody where we were going to --

Brenda: Wait, wait, where's Luis? Is he dead?

Carly: Hey, you know what? You can't do this. We are American citizens. Ow!

Jason: Carly, just take it easy, okay?

Carly: You know what? We didn't do anything wrong.

Jason: Just take it easy.

Carly: It's not like you had a gun or anything. It's not like --

Jason: Carly, that's enough, okay? We're not going to get anywhere by guessing. Senor, porque estamos aqui? No hemos hecho nada mal.

Guard: Escojites un mal lugar para ensenar tu cara. Ustedes son enemigos de Alcazar.

Carly: What did he say? All I got was Alcazar.

Jason: He said we picked the wrong place to show up. We're Alcazar's enemies.

Lesley Lu: Why are you digging a hole, Daddy? Why is Mommy's picture in the dirt?

Luke: We're -- we're planting a tree, sweetheart. And I guess I -- I guess I dropped Mommy's picture. I'm glad you noticed. Here. You take it. You keep that picture, will you?

Lesley Lu: Where's the tree?

Lucky: You know, those -- those guys haven't even brought it here yet.

Luke: Les, would you take Lulu home?

Lesley: I think Daddy's got a good idea there, sweetheart. I think you and me, we should head on home.

Lesley Lu: Can you come, too, Daddy?

Luke: Well, see, I have to finish what I started. But you go ahead with Grandmother.

Lesley Lu: Bye, Daddy. I love you.

Luke: I know you do, sweetheart.

Luke: Well -- I guess the show's over. You can all go home now.

Lucky: Come with us.

Luke: No, I need to have a word with my sister.

Elizabeth: Come on.

Bobbie: What are you doing? You got to stop this. You're hurting yourself --

Luke: Where the hell do you get off dragging my daughter into this?

Luke: What the hell are you doing bringing Lulu out here?

Bobbie: Hey! Your message said to meet you. How was I supposed to know you'd be lashing out at the whole family, and what is this supposed to be, a grave? Luke, nobody died.

Luke: Laura died. She might as well be dead for the way everybody's acting.

Bobbie: We're trying to move forward, because that's what Laura would want. You want to know what else she would want? I think she'd want Lulu to have her father. Luke, Lulu misses you so much. Lesley said she's waking up in the middle of the night and she's wondering where her parents are and she's wondering what she did wrong to make them go away!

Luke: Lulu's got you, Lesley, and Lucky. You can all take care of her a hell of a lot better than I ever could.

[Bobbie sighs]

Bobbie: I know how much you are missing Laura and I know that you are blaming yourself.

Luke: She lost her mind because of me, Barbara -- because of me. I was convinced there was some deep, dark secret that had to be uncovered. I watched her get to the point where she was afraid of Rick, where she thought she had to be protected from him. And I should have known that she couldn't handle it. Her mind couldn't deal with the truth! And when I forced her, I forced her to look at it. I forced her to relive what happened with Rick, and she broke. She shattered like glass. But that wasn't enough for me, was it? No, not the great Luke Spencer, not Mr. Hero. I had to go to London. I had to -- I had to break into her hospital. I had to talk my way into her mental ward. I had -- I had to see her. What did I think was going to happen? Did I think she was just going to be so happy to see me, she'd run into my arms and we'd just -- we'd be off on the run again? Forget everything that happened, all the bad times? It just -- she didn't know me! Barbara, she didn't even know me. And I kept pushing at her, trying to get her to remember. And she was terrified of me. She fought me. She attacked me. And then it just stopped. Everything stopped. She went inside herself, and I couldn't reach her, but she was gone, catatonic. That's what the woman I love did to herself to be protected from me.

Bobbie: You were trying to help.

Luke: Oh, Barbara Jean. When are you going to stop making excuses for me?

Bobbie: I'm not. I am not making excuses, you are. You're trying to justify destroying yourself, and that is not what Laura would want. Laura would want you to be happy --

Luke: Don't tell me what Laura would want! Don't tell me that! You don't know what Laura would want! You don't understand the love we had! Don't pretend you did, because you never had a love like this. You never even came close!

Bobbie: You are not honoring her. You are acting more selfishly than I ever thought was possible.

Sonny: The cockpit window was smashed. The cockpit was intact. Alcazar was nowhere to be found.

Brenda: That means he survived, so he's out here somewhere.

Sonny: Yeah, he may be hurt --

Brenda: Right.

Sonny: May be hiding. I don't know, but you know what? We got to concentrate on getting ourselves out of here, okay?

Brenda: Ow!

Sonny: Stay -- stay right -- you're all right.

Brenda: You don't have a cell phone?

Sonny: Nope.

Brenda: Did you already check the radio on the plane?

Sonny: It's dead.

Brenda: All right, well, we have to leave a signal. We have to write a message in the sand. Ow! All right. We have to light a fire, okay? I'm going to light the fire. I'm going to sit up in a second and light the fire.

Sonny: We have no matches. All we have is food, water, and this first-aid kit.

Brenda: Well, you didn't look very good because there's other -- oh, my God!

Sonny: Hey --

Brenda: I've never had a headache this bad before.

[Brenda grunts]

Brenda: Where's my coat? I need my coat. Get -- find my coat for me right now. Where -- wait, did I have a coat?

Sonny: No, I don't know --

Brenda: Where is -- I did have a coat. My medicine's in it and I need it.

Sonny: I didn't see a coat. Okay, I'm going back to the plane.

Brenda: No, wait, wait, I'll go, I'll go, because I know the jet better than you do.

Sonny: Wait, Brenda --

Brenda: Ow!

Sonny: You -- hey, you need to --

Brenda: Oh.

Sonny: Can you just sit back and relax? You're going to faint.

Brenda: All right, fine, you go into the plane. Go! The only reason why I'm listening to you is because my -- my head hurts so bad that I can't argue with you about it, so just go.

Sonny: Whatever you say.

Skye: Hey. Are you going somewhere?

Jax: Yeah, I've got to meet with that doctor I was telling you about.

Skye: Oh, well, if you wait a minute, I'll get dressed and I'll drive you.

Jax: No, it's okay. I've got a car waiting.

Skye: Can I at least come with you?

Jax: I'll let you know what he tells me.

Skye: Oh. Well, I'm sure it's going to be good news.

Jax: We'll have dinner when I get back. Maybe there will even be some news on Brenda.

Skye: Maybe so.

[Skye sighs]

Skye: Jax? I love you. Hurry home.

Luke: Hi. Is Bobbie here? I got to talk to her.

Courtney: Oh, sorry. I haven't seen her all day.

Scott: Well, look on the bright side, Taggert. You've got a brand-new police station up to code.

Taggert: Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's nice. Yeah, what are we supposed to do, work out of trailers in the meantime? Oh, speaking of which, there's the out-of-control freak who put us in this position in the first place.

Luke: Could be worse, Lieutenant.

Taggert: Really? How's that?

Luke: Well, you know, I own this joint. And I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Including you.

Scott: What's the matter with you, Spencer? Did our little bedside chat mean nothing?

Taggert: You're going to regret that. You're under arrest, Mr. Spencer.

Luke: Am I, or is the D.A. going to cover this one up, too?

Scott: Book him.

Taggert: Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Carly: All right, right, we are American citizens, right?

Jason: It doesn't matter.

Carly: Okay, somebody's going to call the American consulate and let them know that we've been arrested.

Jason: Okay, Carly, that's enough, okay? I wouldn't count on it. This is not a legitimate arrest. Somebody paid those cops to pick us up. Nobody even knows that we're here, Carly.

Carly: I -- oh, my --

Man: It's good to know you understand your situation. It saves me the trouble of having to explain it to you.

Carly: Excuse me, but there's been some mistake because we haven't done anything wrong.

Man: Explain to the lady there will be no formal charges, no trial. You are here as part of a private arrangement I have with Luis Alcazar.

Jason: Look, hey, we can make our own arrangement.

Carly: Yeah.

Man: What would you be offering?

Jason: I'll pay whatever fine that you decide, any expenses to secure our release right now.

Man: That could be expensive, amigo.

Jason: Well, I'm well financed. We got the money.

Carly: Yeah, yeah, you know, yeah, take this, take this, you know what, as -- as a sign of -- of good faith. My husband gave it to me. It's very valuable. It's real. It's from my husband.

Man: It's good to know you understand my position.

Carly: -- So do you think he's going to take the bribe or not, Jason?

Skye: Carly, it's Skye. If you have any news about Brenda, would you let me know?

[Knock on door]

Skye: Oh. Hey.

A.J.: Hey. Bad timing?

Skye: Oh, the absolute worst. Come in.

A.J.: All right. Listen, I've got some news.

Skye: Yeah, me, too. I go first.

A.J.: Okay. Are you all right?

Skye: No. But before I tell you, you have to promise me that you'll just be my brother, okay, a friend? Not some kind of judge and jury?

A.J.: I'm in no position to throw stones, believe me. So what's going on? What's wrong?

Skye: I found out that Brenda isn't really dying, and I've been keeping it from everyone, even Brenda, including Jax.

Jax: Dr. Reinmar.

Dr. Reinmar: I'm pleased to meet you in person, Mr. Jacks. Your donation to the clinic was generous beyond words. So many will be helped. Shall we find someplace in private to discuss the particularities of your injury?

Jax: That's not actually why I asked you here. I need some information about a patient of yours -- Brenda Barrett.

Dr. Reinmar: I'm sorry, but, as I'm sure you realize, I'm bound by patient confidentiality.

Jax: Oh, of course, I understand, but I'm willing to give you another sizable donation. Perhaps a new wing for your clinic with state-of-the-art equipment. Or I could -- I could report you to the authorities for fraud and malpractice. It's your choice, Doctor.

Dr. Reinmar: What is it you wish to know?

Jax: I want to know if Brenda Barrett is dying or not.

Dr. Reinmar: Brenda Barrett is perfectly healthy. Her illness is a lie.

Sonny: Try to eat.

Brenda: I'm not hungry.

Sonny: Well, food may help.

Brenda: Shh. I -- no, thank you.

Sonny: Well, you know what? Why don't you just take one little bite, because you're not eating. It's not good for you.

Brenda: Oh, God. If I take a bite of that, will you refrain from speaking for even just a few seconds?

Sonny: You got to try it.

Brenda: You still cook pasta in thousand-dollar pots?

Sonny: Yeah.

Brenda: Yeah?

Sonny: Yeah.

Brenda: I better light a fire. Here. I can light one. You know, I have amazing survival instincts. In case you haven't noticed, I'm like a cat.

Sonny: You are?

Brenda: Yeah.

Sonny: Are you going to take care of me?

Brenda: Yeah, I could take care of you. It's not that hard, you know. I mean -- we're in the tropics. There's food everywhere out here.

Sonny: Oh.

Brenda: There's banana trees right behind you.

Sonny: How do you know it's a banana tree?

Brenda: Because they're covered in bananas. They're right there.

Sonny: Oh, well –

Alcazar: You've got the rough location. Come get Brenda and I off this sandbox.

[Brenda laughs]

Alcazar: You don't have to worry about Corinthos. He won't be leaving the island alive.

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