GH Transcript Thursday 11/7/02


General Hospital Transcript Thursday 11/7/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Lucky: I hate what's happened to Mom just as much as you do. You can't take your life to save hers.

Luke: That's not your choice to make.

Carly: He said that he had a private jet waiting to take her to Paris.

Skye: I never meant for her to be hurt! Jax, there's something that I need to tell you about Brenda.

Alcazar: We're making an emergency landing.

Jax: Do you have any idea where Brenda and Alcazar are heading?

Skye: Sonny's already gone after them.

Jax: Oh, great. A gangster on his way to rescue her from an arms dealer. That really improves the situation. Yeah, could you put me through to the flight desk, please? This is Jasper Jacks. This is an emergency.

Skye: Jax, think about what you're doing.

Jax: I'm trying to get Brenda away from Alcazar.

Skye: Brenda doesn't want you chasing after her anymore.

Jax: How would you know that?

Skye: She goes away and lets you believe that she's been dead for four years. She comes back, she marries Jason. What does that tell you?

Jax: That her illness is starting to get ahold of her, that she's not thinking clearly.

Skye: You don't have to be her savior.

Jax: I know that, Skye, I know that.

Skye: Then why are you going after her, ignoring her wishes? When are you going to get it through your head that no matter how much you love her, she doesn't want you?

Carly: Okay, thank God! Where have you been? I have been leaving you messages everywhere.

Jason: I was following up on something for Courtney. What's wrong?

Carly: Brenda's gone. Alcazar kidnapped her.

Jason: What?

Carly: Yeah.

Jason: When? What happened?

Carly: She showed up at Club 101 to meet Skye, right, and Alcazar showed up, grabbed her. He's probably on a plane with her right now going to Paris.

Jason: Sonny know?

Carly: Yes, he knows. He took off after her as soon as he heard about it, okay, and that was ages ago. I haven't heard from him since. I called the airport. Alcazar's plane already took off. You know what this means? You know, he went to help Brenda, and now Alcazar's got both of them.

Jason: Look, let's not assume the worst yet, okay?

Carly: Well, what do you assume, huh? That they decided to go on vacation together?

Jason: I'm not worried about Sonny. He can handle Alcazar.

Carly: Yeah, I know that, okay, and I can just imagine how grateful Brenda's going to be. She's going to throw herself into his arms, thank him so much, and the next thing you know -- next thing you know, he's gone.

[Fire alarm]

Scott: Taggert. This building's about to come down. How'd this thing get started?

Taggert: I don't know, we were too busy evacuating personnel and prisoners to investigate, Sir.

Scott: Hey, Lucky. What are you doing here?

Lucky: Have either of you seen my dad?

Taggert: Not since he's been released.

Scott: He came running out of here like a lunatic. Wait a second, wait a second. This fire starts mysteriously, you're looking for your -- did he start this thing?

[Fire alarm]

Scott: Which alarm was it?

Fire chief: Quadrant 6. Somebody hit it manually.

Scott: Wait a second.

Taggert: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Lucky: Get off me, huh? My dad could be in there!

Scott: Did your father start this fire?

Lucky: I don't know!

Scott: What did you just all of a sudden show up here for?

Lucky: Okay, he might have. But he would've pulled the alarm to make sure everybody would've got out of here!

Scott: Was that his plan? Is that what he told you?

Lucky: Look, all I know is my dad has been out of control. I saw him down at Kellyís. He'd been drinking. We got in a fight. He got out of there. He might've came down here.

Scott: Why would he come here?

Lucky: To look for you! You know, he still blames you for what happened to my mother!

Taggert: That sounds like a motive for arson, Sir.

Scott: Chief! We got a man in there. You need to get in there and get him out, okay?

[Luke coughs]

Fire chief: It collapsed. There's no direct access. I'm going to have to take my men in through the City Hall annex. It's going to take a while to get into the squad room.

Scott: Well, we got to get him out of there, all right?

Taggert: Hey, hey, Lucky!

Fire chief: No, no, no!

Scott: Let go of me!

Fire chief: This is a deathtrap! It's going to collapse any minute!

Jax: I wasn't going after Brenda because I love her. I just want to keep her safe from Alcazar.

Skye: Well, I just think you need to stop being so protective of her. You know, just back off.

Jax: Yeah, you know what? Maybe you're right. Maybe I've tried to force my way into Brenda's life. I mean, with all the support I've given her, it's only pushed her to make worse choices, from marrying Jason to running away with Alcazar again. I've gone about this all wrong, haven't I? And that doesn't even begin to cover how unfair I've been to you.

Skye: I understand you want to help Brenda, I do.

Jax: Not at your expense. You're my wife, and I love you.

Skye: I know. It's just nice to get some reassurance every once in a while.

Jax: You know, maybe the best thing I can do for Brenda is let her go, concentrate on my life with you. If you still want me, that is.

Skye: Oh. I want you more than anything in the whole world.

Jason: Good, just have the jet fueled and tell Manny I'm leaving tonight. All right, we have the I.D. number of Alcazar's plane -- n-7-1-s-g. There's no pilot aboard. Alcazar's flying the plane himself. He filed a partial flight plan. They're headed to Venezuela.

Carly: Venezuela? What happened to Paris?

Jason: Look, it doesn't matter. This is better. Sonny has contacts in South America. I'll arrange for them to have people in place at every airport. We might be able to intercept them.

Carly: Okay, what happens if something goes wrong?

Jason: Well, that's why I'm going. Sonny's going to need backup.

Carly: Okay, so am I.

Jason: No, forget it.

Carly: No, I swear I'll do what you say.

Jason: Carly, you're staying here.

Carly: No, but I can help you, Jason.

Jason: There's nothing you can do, Carly.

Carly: Yes, I can fight for Sonny. Jason, you know as well as I do that this whole situation is just pushing Sonny into Brenda's arms.

Jason: Look, you know how I feel about Brenda, but you can't blame her because she got kidnapped by Alcazar.

Carly: Oh, the hell I can't, okay? She decided to open the door to Alcazar and let him in. She's also married to you, who can protect her, and what does she do? She ditches you the moment she has a chance and she goes off on her own, you know, and she's practically wearing a sign around her neck that says, "Alcazar, come take me, but make sure that Sonny knows about it."

Jason: There's no way Brenda did this on purpose, okay? It's impossible.

Carly: Of course she didn't. Okay, this is Brenda's gift, all right? She sits around and she waits and lets things happen to her, and then she waits for her savior-of-the-moment to come and save her. Usually it's Jax or Sonny. And then when that happens, she throws her arms around them, promises to love them completely, until the next time.

Jason: Carly, you're right about Brenda, okay, but that does not change the fact that Sonny is in danger right now, and so is she.

Carly: Yeah, okay, all I am asking you to do is let me help you. You were the one who told me to fight for Sonny, so I want to know, have you changed your mind?

Carly: Jason, I will do whatever you tell me to do. I will stay out of the way. Look, I just need to be close to Sonny or Brenda's going to move in.

Jason: Don't you have any faith in Sonny at all?

Carly: I know Sonny and so do you. He's going to hate himself for giving in to Brenda, and I just need to be there to stop him so he won't have the chance.

Jason: Sonny --

Carly: Don't you see what an understanding wife I am being?

Jason: He married you, Carly.

Carly: Yes, he did, and you know what? Remember when he married me the first time? You bet me 20 bucks that I'd be happy.

Jason: That's right, I did.

Carly: So if he leaves me for Brenda, you're going to lose the bet. You don't want to do that, do you? You donít.

Jason: I'll call you from Venezuela or Sonny --

Carly: Jason, please --

Jason: Carly! You don't have anything to worry about. Sonny's coming back to you.

Skye: You need to rest. Here.

Jax: Yeah, well, I need to say something first. Sit down. You know, you're the most important thing in my life, Skye. I've been so preoccupied, I lost sight of that.

Skye: All that matters is we got through it.

Jax: No, I let my past overshadow my commitment to you, and I regret that. I'll do whatever I can to make it up to you.

Skye: We both make mistakes, and I think the best thing is just to put it behind us, right?

Jax: Yeah. I hate to think about what you went through when I pushed you away. Where did you go, anyway?

Skye: South Carolina.

Jax: Really?

Skye: The outer banks, yeah.

Jax: Wow.

Skye: I'd been there once before.

Jax: It's beautiful.

Skye: Oh, beautiful and very isolated. But the fact is I really could've gone anywhere. I just -- I needed to be alone to think. And what I thought about was you, how much I love you, and how well you've loved me. That's when I realized that this marriage is worth fighting for, and it was worth anything to keep us together.

Jax: I love you, too.

[Keys clatter]

Skye: Ooh. My purse.

Jax: I'll get it.

Skye: No, no, no, no, I'll get it.

Jax: It's all right.

Skye: No. Oh.

Jax: Oh. That must be what passes for dinner around here. Will let you them know that I won't be needing anything tonight?

Skye: That's right. You mentioned something about a special arrangement tonight?

Jax: Yes, that's right -- you and me and a private little thing, you know.

Skye: Ooh, sounds wonderful. I'll be right back.

Jax: Okay.

Jax: "Switzerland. October 25."

Lucas: Are you ever not studying?

Georgie: Maxie's candy-striping. I'm waiting for her to give me a ride home.

Lucas: Well, I'm just glad you're here. At least I get to spend my last few minutes of freedom with a friend.

Georgie: Lucas, what's going on?

Lucas: I had that makeup exam in history today.

Georgie: Mm-hmm?

Lucas: Mom's going to be so proud.

Georgie: Well, maybe you can explain?

Lucas: No, my mom won't want to hear it. I know what's going to happen. I'm just going to have to quit soccer and my curfew will get pushed back to 6:00 -- ooh, that is if I ever get to leave the house again.

Georgie: Well, I don't get it. You're so smart. Why didn't you study?

Lucas: I did.

Georgie: Well, maybe you should get a tutor. I mean, they have college kids that come in from P.C.U. and they help you out after school.

Lucas: Okay, do me a favor, all right -- just don't give me the lecture that I know I'm going to get from my mom. Who knows why I flunk tests? Maybe I like all the negative attention. Maybe it's a hobby. And questions about why I don't apply myself? Um, maybe it's my obligation to be the only stupid Spencer in the history of the world.

Bobbie: Lucas. Hello, Georgie.

Georgie: Hi.

Bobbie: What brings you down here?

[Fire alarm]

[Lucky coughs]

Lucky: Dad! Dad!

Lucky: Dad! Dad, are you in here?

Lucky: Hang on! Hang on. I'm coming. I'm coming.

[Lucky grunts]

Lucky: Dad! Dad! Hey. Dad, wake up. Come on. Come on, get up!

Luke: Lucky -- get out of here.

Lucky: No! I'm not leaving here without you!

Luke: Get out of here! The place is going to fall in!

Lucky: You either come with me or I'm staying here with you! You choose! You got a beam on you. Let's get it off of you, okay? I got to have your help, though. On three. One, two, three! Come on, that's it! Let's go, let's go.

Scott: How long until your men will get into the squad room?

Fire chief: Look, the entire building's engulfed, but my men will get that kid out.

Scott: Well, we got to get him out. There's no reason why he should die because his father's out of his mind!

Taggert: Did one hell of a job here, Spencer.

Luke: Oh, good evening, Lieutenant.

Taggert: You know what? You want to wreck your life, ruin your family's lives, be my guest, but when you start torching the police department, that's personal, all right? We're talking about a whole another ballgame. You're going to go down for this, Spencer. I'm talking about for a long time. Luke Spencer, you're under arrest for arson --

Scott: Lt. Taggert, no arrest here. Spencer's not responsible for this fire.

Luke: The hell I'm not!

Paramedic: Sit back.

Luke: I want to make a full confession!

Scott: No, you donít. Shut up, Spencer!

Luke: No, I set the fire!

Scott: He's got smoke in his lungs. He doesn't know what he's talking about.

Luke: You're my violating my civil rights!

Scott: Put the oxygen on him.

Luke: I set the fire!

Paramedic: There we go.

Scott: Somebody sedate him!

Luke: I did it! I did it!

Paramedic: Sir, we can't sedate him without orders from the hospital.

Scott: Then take him to the hospital.

Lucky: No, no, you don't need to be doping up my dad. He's going to be fine as soon as he calms down.

Paramedic: He's suffering from smoke inhalation. He needs to go to General Hospital.

Luke: I set it!

Paramedic: You should get checked out, too.

Scott: Yes, take them both. Get them out of here.

Luke: I did it!

Scott: Get them out of here.

Luke: I did it! I set the fire!

Taggert: Hey, hey, hey! You are one fry short of a happy meal if you think I'm going to let you cover up Luke Spencerís involvement in this, all right?

Scott: I'm not covering up anything, Taggert.

Taggert: No, no, you were thinking the investigation's going to make you look bad for releasing Luke in the first place. You're just trying to cover your good-for-nothing, D.A.-Wannabe butt!

Scott: Look, look, whether I prosecute Spencer or not, that's up to me, that's my call. It's one of the perks of the job here, whether you like it or not. Now, Spencer is out of his mind with grief right now. He doesn't know what he's doing.

Taggert: Oh, oh, I see, now we're accepting emotional distress as an excuse for arson?

Scott: Listen, this was an old building. It was faulty, all right? It was not up to code. It was going to be torn down anyway.

Taggert: What the hell are you talking about?

Scott: What I'm talking about is the fire's been contained, nobody was hurt. You know, bad wiring probably started this thing. I'm not going to move on this. That's the way it's going to be, Taggert, whether you like it or not.

Taggert: Whether I like --

Scott: So just stand down. Let it go. Let it go.

Bobbie: I don't understand. What's going on with you? Every test you flunk makes it that much more difficult for you to get into a decent college.

Lucas: You know what? College isn't for everybody, Mom.

Bobbie: Well, it's definitely for you.

Lucas: Uncle Luke didn't go to college.

Bobbie: Uncle Luke had to fight very hard for everything he ever got. You have advantages. I don't understand why you don't appreciate that.

Lucas: I flunked a test. It's not like I'm selling drugs or robbing old ladies.

Bobbie: You're abusing your privileges and you are goofing off in school. And when I ask for an explanation why, this is what I get?

Lucas: Maybe I'm just dumb.

Bobbie: No, Lucas, you are not dumb. You've always been very good in school. Science and math -- math has always been one of your best subjects. I think this is just an excuse for laziness.

Maxie: Hi. The nurse said that you wanted to see me?

Bobbie: Yes, Maxie, I -- I have a question, and I would appreciate a truthful answer. Lucas sneak off to another party?

Lucas: Leave Maxie out of this, all right? I'll tell you the truth. I haven't been to another party since the one at vista point. I've been doing exactly as you wanted. I've been stuck in my room every single night studying, applying myself, as you forced me to do. And what's it gotten me? I still flunked that test and you still think that I'm a liar and a screw-up. Thanks for the support, Mom, but if you think I'm such a loss, maybe I should just prove you right.

Skye: God, what a production. You'd think I was trying to get permission to give you strychnine. What are you doing out of bed?

Jax: Oh, I dropped my magazine.

Skye: Oh.

Jax: They give you the "nutritionally balanced meal" lecture?

Skye: Oh, chapter and verse. That woman has absolutely no sense of humor when it comes to that stuff she calls food that she hands out. Ew, God.

Jax: Yeah, I really appreciate you running interference. Will you do me one more favor?

Skye: Anything.

Jax: I really feel like something spicy. Will you go down and pick us up something at that Thai place?

Skye: Oh. I thought you had something special planned for us.

Jax: Yeah, that's set up in the cafeteria, but I'd rather you feed me in bed.

Skye: Oh. Sounds like the perfect evening. I'll be right back.

Jax: See you in a bit.

Skye: Okay.

Jax: Yeah, would you page Dr. Alan Quartermaine to my room, please? Yeah, as soon as possible. Thanks.

Carly: Ah! Hey.

Jason: That's nice, Carly.

Carly: Hey, hey, okay, you can take it easy.

Jason: That's nice work. You had to move pretty fast to get to the airport before me, didn't you?

Carly: Well, you know what? I was motivated.

Jason: Sit down. You think this is a joke? You could've been hurt. Why don't you ever listen?

Carly: Yeah? Because I don't have a choice because you don't listen to reason. And you obviously don't care that I am fighting for everything that I believe in and to save everything I have. And for taking sides with Sonny.

Jason: Wait, what are you talk-- there are no sides. You and Sonny are married.

Carly: Yeah, and you knew that Brenda was alive as soon as Sonny did and you knew they were staying in the safe house together.

Jason: That's right, Brenda thought Sonny was dead.

Carly: And it didn't keep Sonny from staying in the next room, pining for her. Jason, look me in the eye. Look me in the eye and tell me that's not exactly what happened.

Jason: Sonny was in the safe house because that's where he was supposed to hide, and Brenda was there because we didn't have anyplace to put her. Nothing happened, Carly.

Carly: Really? Okay, then why didn't Sonny tell me that Brenda was alive? You wanted to tell me, didn't you? You did. I know you. And Sonny wouldn't let you, so you lied.

Jason: Oh, that's --

Carly: You kept his secret and you didn't tell me the truth, okay? You know what? You sided with him.

Jason: You're lucky that he even let you in on this plan in the first place, okay? And by the way, Sonny wanted Brenda to go back to Europe before she knew he was even alive.

Carly: Oh, well, you know what, it didn't work out that way, did it? No, so she's been jerking him around ever since. Just tell me something. Tell me, if I lose Sonny to Brenda, how you going to feel about it? You going to like that? Is it what you want?

Jason: Carly, why? Why do you do this? Why do you make things up in your mind and act like they've already happened when they haven't?

Carly: Sonny is with Brenda right now.

Jason: So what? You're Sonny's wife. He's not going to bail on you for Brenda or anybody else unless you flip out and you do something crazy to drive him away.

Carly: Oh, right, give him an excuse to leave our marriage?

Jason: Since when did you decide being married to you was something Sonny wants to get out of? Because from what I've seen, he's doing everything he can to keep your family together.

Carly: Jason, I want to believe that, okay, I really do, but I'm telling you, if he stays with me out of some sense of duty, I am going to hate that and then I am going to do something crazy. Look, I just -- I feel like he still loves Brenda. It's true, isn't it?

Jason: Yeah, you're right.

Jax: Thanks for stopping by.

Alan: Well, you said it was important.

Jax: I'm concerned about Brenda.

Alan: And so you decided to discuss it with your father-in-law?

Jax: No, this has nothing to do with my love for Skye. This is about Brenda's health. And, you know, Jason and I don't exactly get along. Brenda's been living with you under your family's roof, and I was wondering if you had any information on her condition.

Alan: I'll help if I can. What is it you need to know?

Jax: The clinic that she was treated at, do you have any -- any idea about their reputation at all?

Alan: The Reinmar Clinic is well-regarded, not only in Switzerland but worldwide. They are definitely on the cutting edge of research and treatment for Brenda's particular genetic illness. I assure you she's in very good hands.

Jax: Well, that's very reassuring.

Bobbie: I want you to go straight home. Do you understand? We will finish this discussion there. In the meantime, consider yourself grounded indefinitely, and I'm going to speak to your soccer coach about whether or not you should remain on the team.

Lucas: Well, guess I called that one. I'm sorry I dragged you into this.

Maxie: It's no big deal. You and Bobbie are just like my mom and I were all last year. Trust me on this, the best thing to do is get your grades up and then she can't tell you that you're wasting your life, and she'll leave you alone.

Lucas: Why didn't I think of that?

Georgie: Were you in a hurry when you took this?

Lucas: No, I just happen to be bad at history.

Georgie: Well, your answers are kind of short and your sentences are choppy, almost like the words are in the wrong place.

Lucas: It's a stylistic choice that others are too limited to appreciate.

Georgie: You know what? Forget it. It's none of my business.

Lucas: I'm sorry, all right? It's not you. It's just I studied, all right, I swear. I had the right answers in my head. I just -- I couldn't get them down on paper. I'm not a good writer. I never have been. My mom knows that. She just won't accept it. And whenever I screw up, it's because I'm lazy or unmotivated.

Georgie: Well, what if it's not your fault? I have this friend Lacey, right? She's really smart, but she does horrible on exams, so they took all these tests on her and found out that she has dyslexia. Now she has a special tutor for it.

Lucas: Forget it, Georgie, all right? There's nothing wrong with me. I'm just not the genius my mom wants me to be.

Scott: How you feeling, Lucky?

Lucky: What, we going to be pretending we're friends?

Scott: We're on the same side. You're trying to keep your father out of jail. So am I.

Lucky: That's because you released him. And if you lock him up again, it's going to make you look incompetent.

Scott: Well, I guess you got it all figured out, don't you? Everything I do is to benefit me. But this time it benefits you, so take advantage of that, all right? Just keep your father under control.

Reporter: Mr. Baldwin, do you have any comments on the fire at the PCPD?

Scott: Yes, absolutely. They did a wonderful job. Those men and women are heroes and this city is deeply indebted to them.

Reporter: And what about the allegations that Luke Spencer was pulled from the building?

Scott: Well, that's true. Mr. Spencer was meeting me at the police station. We were going to discuss his release. I am relieved that he made it out of the building alive.

Lucky: Tell you what -- I'll take that mask off you if only you promise not to start screaming, "I did it." Yeah?

Luke: You look like hell.

Lucky: Thanks, Dad. So do you. But I guess that's what happens when you try to save your father from wrecking his life.

Luke: Well, I got a solution for you -- stop trying.

Lucky: Not a chance.

Luke: Lucky, I'm going to do what I'm going to do. You can't stop me.

Lucky: I'm not going to lose you, Dad.

Luke: Oh, hell, son, I don't want to hurt you anymore. I don't want to fight with you. Why don't you just do us both a favor -- the next time I'm on a chain gang or unconscious in a burning building, just leave me there.

Lucky: I'm not going to let you destruct. I'm going to stand by you and I'm going to pull you back from that ledge every time because that's what you'd do for me.

Luke: I've always respected you enough to let you make your own choices. All I ask is the same in return.

Lucky: How would I respect you by letting you give up? Because that's what you're doing. You're giving up on yourself.

Luke: Oh, great. I wondered when the vultures were going to start to circle.

Scott: Nice to see you, too, Spencer.

Luke: You'd better be here to arrest me.

Bobbie: Lucky? Are you okay?

Lucky: Yeah, I'm fine.

Bobbie: They told me Luke was just brought in for smoke inhalation.

Lucky: Yeah, yeah, there was a fire at the PCPD.

Bobbie: They said he'd be okay.

Lucky: I'm not so sure about that. You know, Dad is just so determined on trashing his life. You know, he feels so guilty about not being able to save Mom, it's like he doesn't care about anything anymore.

Bobbie: We will get him through this.

Lucky: Well, you know dad. When he's made up his mind on something, it's like the game's over. He's out to wreck his life, you know, and I don't even have a clue how I'm supposed to turn that around.

Scott: The smoke must have affected your brain because I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of arresting you.

Luke: I'm ready to make a full confession.

Scott: Well, that's a good plan. You know, that'll make you look more like a nut job than you already are, you know -- a serial confessor, admitting to things that you didn't do.

Luke: Half the PCPD saw me come out of that building.

Scott: So what? I'm not going to move on the arson thing. And your confession for killing Rick Webberís been put aside -- lack of evidence -- and no one else has been charged, including Laura, and she never will be if you keep your mouth shut. The police will mark the case unsolved. It'll go in a file. A couple of years from now, the evidence will just disappear and the whole thing will go away.

Luke: That's your solution for everything, isn't it -- just cover it up and hope it stays buried. Like Theresa Carter in the backyard. But she didn't stay buried, did she? She got dug up, and so will this, just about the same time that Laura finally gets her sanity.

Scott: Just trying to clean up the mess that you made.

Luke: Don't do me any favors.

Scott: I'm not doing you any favors. This is for Laura. I'm trying to get her out of the hole that you dug for her, Spencer.

Luke: You're making a bad mistake. Recharge me with the Webber murder and send me away for arson.

Scott: It's not going to happen.

Luke: Well, then I promise you this, Mr. D.A. -- you're going to be damn sorry you didn't lock me up when you had the chance.

Skye: Hey!

Alan: Hey!

Skye: Hi.

Alan: Do you have a minute for your dad?

Skye: Oh, yeah, just one because I'm feeding Jax his dinner. Thai food.

Alan: Oh. Well, it's better -- the noodles are better when they're cold.

Skye: Okay.

Alan: You barely said hello to me at the Halloween party.

Skye: I know. I really was just there for Grandmother, you know, to make sure things ran smoothly and --

Alan: Yeah, Father was circling like a buzzard and you were avoiding him.

Skye: Like the plague.

Alan: Such a smart girl.

Skye: Yeah. Oh.

Alan: I missed you. Last time we talked, you were worried about Jax. You really seemed upset.

Skye: I was.

Alan: You're not now?

Skye: Things are great. Jax is walking with a cane, but pretty soon he won't even need that.

Alan: Well, he's a very determined young man.

Skye: Yeah, he's -- he's pretty amazing.

Alan: And love is an incredible motivating force.

Skye: Yeah, I'm really going to try to be sure of that.

Alan: But you're not.

Skye: Well, let's just say up until a few days ago, I wasn't exactly sure that I was the reason that Jax was pushing himself so hard.

Alan: You thought it might have been Brenda.

Skye: But, you know, he chose me. He did, and I'm his wife.

Alan: And so you're not questioning that anymore?

Skye: Oh, come on, you know me. That's what I do. I don't trust anyone. I get suspicious and paranoid and -- look, it doesn't matter anymore, okay, because things are good. Brenda's married to Jason, and Jax and I are together, so it's okay.

Alan: I love you, Skye. I just want you to be happy.

Skye: I love you, too.

Alan: I have to go to a meeting, okay?

Skye: Okay.

Alan: Bye, gorgeous.

Skye: Bye.

Jax: Yeah, I need to know if there was anyone in your clinic asking questions about a Brenda Barrett.

Woman: There was someone, yes.

Jax: A woman, American?

Woman: I believe she was.

Jax: Could you describe her for me?

Woman: Very pretty and well-dressed with auburn hair.

Jax: Huh. Um, did she leave a name?

Woman: She came for treatment. I'm afraid that's confidential.

Jax: Oh, but there was nothing wrong with her, so she actually wasn't admitted for treatment, so patient confidentiality wouldn't be an issue here really, would it?

Woman: We had her listed as Antoinette Quartermaine.

Skye: Jax?

Jax: Well, thank you very much. You've been very helpful. You get that Thai food? I am starving.

Skye: Right here.

Jax: Excellent.

Skye: Who was that on the phone?

Jax: It was a nurse with some good news. I can leave tomorrow.

Skye: Oh, my God, that's so wonderful! Oh, Jax, you are the most amazing man, you know that? And I cannot wait to get you home, just you and me alone together. Oh.

Carly: So is this your way of telling me I just wasted a trip?

Jason: What do you want me to tell you, Carly? That Sonny loved Brenda? That he lost his mind for Brenda, he almost died for her? At one point he pretty much gave up everything because of Brenda?

Carly: You trying to reassure me now?

Jason: No, but you keep -- you keep asking me. He can't make it work with Brenda, and he knows that. She's like poison to him. She messes with his mind, she ruined his life, and he's just as bad for her. Look, there are some people that you love that you just can't -- you can't be with, for whatever reason.

Carly: Like you and me? Hmm? How we tried to be together and couldn't make it work? That's what you're talking about, huh?

Jason: Yeah, that's -- look, not only do you and Sonny love each other, okay, your relationship works. I don't know how, but you work good together. You've proved it over and over. Just trust that.

Carly: Jason, I am trying. I swear I am. But I have this feeling -- I have this feeling that something is going to go wrong, and I am going to lose Sonny and everything we have.

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