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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

nurse: The test came back negative.

Skye: That means Brenda isn't dying.

Ned: I refuse to marry another woman unless she loves me, which leaves you out.

Alexis: I'm serious about this.

Courtney: Why are you wearing a wedding ring?

Jason: I got married last night.

Jax: Where have you been?

Brenda: I was with Jason.

Jax: Why?

Brenda: We eloped.

Sonny: Brenda eloped because of you.

Brenda: When Jason proposed, I couldn't believe it, either.

Edward: But -- but don't you hate Jason, and doesn't Jason hate you along with everybody else in the world --

Monica: Shut up --

Brenda: Edward, I was wrong about Jason, and so were you.

Edward: We'll see about that.

Monica: So he asked you to marry him, just like that?

Alan: In the back of a limo?

Brenda: Yeah, I know it sounds strange, but I was going to leave again.

Edward: What? Without telling us good-bye?

Brenda: Yeah, I was going to go back to Europe, and Jason was taking me to the airport. And, you know, I thought he was taking me to protect me from Luis, but all of a sudden he said he was afraid he'd never see me again.

Alan: So he asked you to marry him?

Brenda: Yeah. Well, you know, he's so sweet and shy.

Edward: Sure, as hoodlums go.

Alan: Shut up, Father. Please go on.

Brenda: It took him forever to get it out, but he finally did. You know, Lila. We grew up together. I mean, Jason and I -- we've always loved each other, and he told me that. He just said that, you know, he didn't want to get in the way before.

Edward: Sure, because of Sonny.

Brenda: Yeah, he didn't want to complicate things, so he just kept his feelings to himself.

Monica: Well, that sounds like Jason.

Brenda: Mm-hmm. He also told me that when he was holding me prisoner -- I don't know if you guys know about that -- but I thought it was just to protect me, but he said that he wanted to be near me.

Reginald: No, he's not really the dinner and movie kind of guy.

Edward: Now you shut up.

Brenda: You know, it was right in front of my face the whole time. Oh, oh, this is what he said to me. He said that he thought life would be great if only I'd be his wife.

Jason: Why the hell would I want to marry you?

Brenda: Look, I don't have very many choices myself, ok?

Jason: Your choice is Europe.

Brenda: Yeah. Where in Europe are we going to go?

Jason: I don't care where. Where do you want to go?

Brenda: It doesn't matter where we go in Europe because wherever we go in Europe, Jax is going to find me and he's going to come after me.

Jason: Good. You'll both be out of Port Charles.

Brenda: But you know what? I realize that you are slow, but I'm only going to say this to you one more time -- I need Jax to believe that I have moved on.

Jason: And I'm only going to say this to you one more time -- I don't care, Brenda.

Brenda: Well, I'm going to have to go after Sonny, then.

Jason: What?

Brenda: Yeah, actually, this is a really good idea --

Jason: No, I don't think you will.

Brenda: When I get to the airport, I'll call him. I'll leave him a very sweet message. I mean, Carly's not going to like it that much --

Jason: Brenda, you leave Carly out of this.

Brenda: And when we get to Paris, I'll call him again and I'll tell him that I need him. And then as soon as him and Carly have a fight, he'll come to me.

Jason: Oh, yeah, well, he's never going to leave his family.

Brenda: Do they fight very often? How long do you really think that Sonny and I are going to be able to stay away from each other?

Courtney: Were you seeing Brenda all along?

Jason: It was kind of a last-minute thing.

Courtney: I'm such an idiot.

Jason: What?

Courtney: I just -- I thought that you were interested in someone else.

Jax: Brenda married Jason because of me? How would that work?

Sonny: Well, see, the thing is she wants to get away from you.

Jax: She helped me get back on my feet, and I think you're jealous.

Sonny: Yeah, that must be it.

Jax: I promised Brenda that I would see her through this illness.

Sonny: Oh, that's very noble of you.

Jax: And no one is going to stand in our way -- not you, not Jason. No one.

Sonny: Not even your wife?

Skye: Brenda Barrett isn't dying? Are you sure?

Nurse: As I said, the test is negative.

Skye: But does she know?

Nurse: I don't know.

Skye: So either Brenda's been lying to all of us or Alcazar has been lying to her. Oh, excuse me, when do we land in Port Charles?

Flight attendant: Within the hour.

Skye: Oh.

Woman: You seem anxious to get home.

Skye: Oh, well, I just got married and we hit a little rough spot, but that's all about to change.

Alexis: Ned is a wonderful man. You know, he's so kind and he's so truthful. He's --

Gia: Ned's in love with you.

Alexis: Well, he was until I left him standing at the altar in the church, you know, and embarrassed him in front of his friends and his family. And I just ran, you know, because I didn't have any courage.

Gia: No, you are amazingly brave. You're taking on Scott Baldwin. You're running for office from a hospital bed, having a baby on your own.

Alexis: No, I mean I'm a coward because I didn't have the strength of character right now to just tell him how I felt, that I really love him. I let him walk out the door just now and let him think that I wanted to marry him in order to win the election.

Gia: Well, don't you?

Alexis: No!

Gia: Didn't we discuss this after the first press conference?

Alexis: Yes, but that doesn't have anything to do with now. That was then, and I didn't feel the way that I feel about Ned then that I do right now. And the way that I feel about him now is preferable to the way that I felt about him then because the feelings that I'm having about him now are startling to me.

Gia: Do you want me to call the nurse for you?

Alexis: If someone treated me the way that I treated Ned, I'd shove them in front of a bus.

Gia: Well, then you'd never get elected.

Alexis: You know what? I shouldn't be discussing this with you. I shouldn't be discussing this with anyone. This is very private. You know, it's very confidential.

Gia: Absolutely. I --

Alexis: Don't tell Ned.

Gia: I won't, I promise. But you know what? Don't slam the door in your face just yet. You never know when love will just take you by surprise.

Jason: Thank you. It was Brenda's idea to get married, not mine.

Courtney: Oh, were you seeing her, you know, privately?

Jason: No.

Courtney: Then why did you marry her?

Jason: It's -- it's complicated, but she asked and I accepted.

Courtney: Is Brenda secretly in love with you?

Jason: Brenda needs me.

Courtney: Are you sort of rescuing her like you rescued me?

Jason: No, it isn't -- it isn't the same.

Courtney: Well, she's incredibly beautiful.

Jason: Brenda's different than she looks.

Courtney: What, she's even more beautiful when you get to know her, right?

Jason: Well, most people don't really see who Brenda is.

Courtney: But you've known her for a long time, so you know what you're getting into.

Jason: Yeah, I do.

Courtney: So you'll probably never wonder what it would be like to go back and do things over?

Jason: I never do that.

Courtney: Do you love Brenda?

Jason: Are you trying to blackmail me by threatening to hurt Sonny? That's nice, Brenda.

Brenda: No, no, I'm trying to give you an opportunity to protect Sonny. That's what you live for, right?

Jason: So you'd rather wreck Sonny and Carly's marriage to stop Jax from coming after you? Give me a break.

Brenda: Oh, right, you can take a bullet for Sonny, but you can't marry me. You know, I'm not that bad.

Jason: You know what? Just shut up! Don't say anything else, ok? I don't want to marry you. I don't want to see you again. Do you really think people are going to believe that we got married?

Brenda: Why not? Why wouldn't they? Stranger things have happened in this town. I mean, I thought that you were going to marry Robin or that Robin was going to marry you.

Jason: See, you're wrong again --

Brenda: She loved you. God knows why.

Jason: My life is too dangerous for anyone and Robin, ok?

Brenda: See, this is why I'm the perfect wife for you. That's perfect. I'm dying, so I can get caught in a shootout. Who cares? Oh, come on, Jason, just marry -- what else do you have to do? What, you're that busy that you can't marry me? Just marry me. We're going to save a lot of people a lot of pain.

Jason: Do you really believe you can pull this off?

Brenda: Yes, I do.

Jason: Well, what if you have another breakdown?

Brenda: Jason just -- I don't know -- he has such a way of putting things. He says what he means. I like that.

Monica: So do I.

Brenda: And once I got over the shock, everything made sense to me.

Alan: I had no idea that Jason's been in love with you all this time.

Monica: Well, think about it. You'll be here at thanksgiving and maybe even Christmas. We'll hopefully be a family again.

Brenda: Yeah, it's going to be great.

Edward: Don't count on it.

Lila: But are you happy, dear?

Brenda: Oh, Lila, I'm -- I'm more happy than I ever thought I would be.

Edward: Sure, sure, thanks to a professional criminal who has brought nothing but heartache to this family.

Monica: That is not fair, Edward.

Alan: Have you considered what life with Jason's going to be like?

Brenda: Oh, yeah. That's why I married him.

Edward: But you know how dangerous he is.

Brenda: Well, a love like this doesn't come along every day, so I am not going to let it pass me by.

Monica: Would this be because of your illness?

Brenda: I don't know how much time I have left, and I am positive that I want to spend the rest of it with Jason. He's gentle and --

Edward: Jason?

Brenda: He's brave. Jason would do anything to protect me.

Edward: Why not? He's a professional hit man.

Monica: That has never been proven in court.

Brenda: I've been mean to him in the past, and now I have the chance to make it up. I'm happy.

Jax: Not that you'd understand, but I love my wife completely. She doesn't exist to feed my ego. And there's enough room in that love to help Brenda.

Sonny: Where is Skye, anyway? I mean, you think she'd be with her husband right now in times like this.

Jax: Don't worry about Skye.

Sonny: Or maybe she cut her losses. You know, maybe she just realized that you're still in love with Brenda.

Jax: And you aren't?

Sonny: I love my wife. Brenda has nothing to do with it. You know, you couldn't save Brenda, and if it wasn't for me you'd be dead. You'd think you'd just walk away. That's what Brenda's trying to do. Just let her.

Jax: Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you? Then you could have her all to yourself.

Carly: Hey.

Bobbie: Hey. Happy Halloween.

Carly: Happy Halloween.

Bobbie: So, how's my grandson doing?

Carly: He's good. He's gearing up for Halloween. Did you hear?

Bobbie: Uh-oh.

Carly: Brenda married Jason.

Bobbie: She what?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Bobbie: Oh. Well, now, that's odd because I had no idea that Brenda and Jason even liked each other.

Carly: Yeah, they don't. Jason married her to keep Brenda away from Sonny.

Bobbie: Oh, Carly. Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in?

Sonny: She already feels responsible for the shape you're in. Why make it worse?

Jax: Because she needs me.

Sonny: She needs you? Is that why she married Jason?

Jax: Yeah, to get away from me, not you. Isn't that what you just told me? You can't stand that, can you? It's going to kill you, knowing that Brenda lives across the hall from you. So, what about your wife?

Alan: Welcome to the family.

Brenda: Thank you.

Monica: That goes for me, too.

Brenda: Thank you.

Edward: Maybe you can even reform Jason.

Monica: Pay no attention.

Brenda: Lila, I am so honored to be part of your family.

Lila: If Jason makes you happy, dear --

Brenda: He does.

Monica: I'm just sorry that we couldn't give you and Jason a big wedding.

Brenda: Well, that's ok. You know, Jason didn't want to waste any time, and neither did I.

Alan: So you went to the courthouse?

Edward: Courthouse? Jason wouldn't walk past a courthouse without an attorney.

Monica: What'd you do, drive in the city?

Alan: Go to Niagara falls?

Brenda: Vegas.

Edward: Vegas? God, is the marriage even legal?

Brenda: It's legal and perfect. I love Vegas. You guys don't like Vegas? It was great. We found this little chapel on the outskirts of town, and it was the wedding I've always dreamed of.

[Music plays]

Brenda:  Not. This isn't it.

Jason: No, no --

Brenda: No, no, I'm not getting married here.

Jason: No, no --

Brenda: No, no, no, no, I don't want to get married here.

Jason: You'll be on the next plane to London. Let's go.

Brenda: Ok, ok, all right.

Jason: Just make up your mind. This was your --

Brenda: No, we can find a different place.

Man: Second thoughts -- second thoughts are not uncommon here at the Tru-Luv wedding chapel.

Brenda: All right, let's get it over with.

Man: You know, you'll be fine just as soon as you pick out your wedding package.

Jason: We just want to get married right now.

Man: A wedding is a celebration, a once-in-a-lifetime event. Bunny! We want to make it special.

Brenda: Yeah, we --

man: Unforgettable.

Brenda: Ok, we'd like to get married right away, really quickly.

Man: Bunny? Bunny? Get out here.

Brenda: Oh, my god.

Bunny: Hi, hon. Look, we got your Heart Song package, with your flowers, your candles, and one eight-by-10.

Man: But why shortchange yourself? Picture yourself in a tuxedo.

Bunny: Oh, the top hat runs you extra.

Man: And, of course, you, my dear, in a lovely wedding dress.

Brenda: No.

Bunny: Oh, but you know what? We got your traditional white, your red, your springtime floral with flowers, and your blue, but it's at the cleaners.

Brenda: I'm not wearing a rented wedding dress.

Bunny: Oh, well, I would go with the white, then, because, you know, it don't get much use -- get it? You know, but your veil will run you extra.

Man: And, of course, you'll want a video to preserve this marvelous moment.

Jason: We just -- we just want to get married, ok?

Bunny: But wait. If you take the video, we will give you 10% off your wedding cake, which we charge per layer.

Brenda: We don't want a wedding cake.

Man: Of course you do.

Bunny: Our photo and video guys are both trained professionals.

Man: We only work with the very best.

Bunny: They come with your prime video package with full photo.

Man: And it's on special, one night only.

Brenda: Ok, are you going to say something?

Man: He's having just a case of pre-wedding jitters.

Bunny: Oh, we got your cocktail pre-wedding reception for that kind of thing --

Brenda: Oh, my god.

Bunny: ...on top of it all, if you take the super deluxe love forever classic with fully loaded package.

Jason: Please, bunny, we'll take everything. Just get it over with.

Man: Come on, bun.

Bunny: Ok.

Jason: You couldn't say something earlier?

[Music plays]

Courtney: You eloped to Las Vegas?

Jason: They have a lot of weddings there.

Courtney: I just can't imagine you in a tacky wedding chapel. I mean, it was tacky, right? It had to be.

Jason: You have no idea, but it was the closest one to the airport.

Courtney: Do you have any pictures?

Jason: Well, they're supposed to send a video in the mail, but you don't want to see it.

Courtney: Hey, A.J. And I -- we don't have any pictures. He arranged for a minister.

Jason: That's probably the best way to go.

Courtney: You never answered my question. Do you love Brenda?

Carly: Thanks for the encouragement, mom.

Bobbie: Oh, honey, come on. All I meant was a marriage that isn't based on love can't last. And what about Jason? Why should he sacrifice his own heart for you and Sonny?

Carly: Because that's what Jason does.

Bobbie: You know, Jason's interested in Courtney.

Carly: Yes, she has a crush on him.

Bobbie: Hmm, I think it's a lot more than that.

[Phone rings]

Bobbie: Oh, honey, I'm sorry, but I have to take this. Anyway, don't panic. Don't make a plan. Just -- just keep on loving Sonny because he loves you very much, so don't mess it up.

Carly: All right.

Bobbie: I'll see you.

Carly: Yeah.

Carly: Hi.

Dr. Meadows: Hey, hey. I'm glad I ran into you.

Carly: Oh, yeah.

Dr. Meadows: You have an appointment with me tomorrow, and I hope you don't cancel again?

Carly: No, I won't. I promise I will be there because I think the sooner we start the fertility injections, the better.

Dr. Meadows: Good. Ok, I'll see you tomorrow.

Carly: Ok. I won't miss it.

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: What are you doing way out here?

Carly: I'm waiting for my husband, as always. How'd it go?

Sonny: You didn't hear?

Carly: Are you implying I was eavesdropping?

Sonny: You weren't?

Carly: Not for all of it.

Sonny: Let's go home.

[Phone rings]

Jax: This is Jax.

Skye: Hi. How are you feeling?

Jax: Skye.

Skye: Are you ok?

Jax: Yeah, I'm much better now that I heard your voice.

Skye: Really?

Jax: Yeah. I need to see you. A lot's happened.

Skye: Oh, same here, but I want to tell you in person.

Jax: Where are you?

Skye: We just landed in Port Charles. I'll get there as soon as I can. You won't believe what I found out.

Ned: Can you make it quick? You know, I really don't have much time.

Gia: Hello, I really appreciate you meeting with me.

Ned: If it has anything to do with the election, I've said all I'm going to say.

Gia: It's about Alexis.

Ned: Same thing. I refuse to get married as part of an election strategy. Excuse me.

Gia: But wasn't that the plan at one point? I mean, didn't we sit right in there and discuss a traditional wedding?

Ned: We were kidding. At least I was. Why would I want to get married to someone who doesn't love me?

Gia: Alexis is really upset over this.

Ned: Yeah, well, she'll get over it.

Gia: I'm not so sure.

Ned: Why? What exactly did she say to you?

Bobbie: Skye?

Skye: Oh --

Bobbie: Are you ok?

Skye: I'm ok, Bobbie.

Bobbie: Ok, come on, let's sit down.

Skye: No, really, I'm just -- I'm on my way to go see Jax.

Bobbie: Go see your husband, I know. But you can sit down and take a minute, ok? Because your husband isn't going anywhere. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to come out.

Skye: Oh, I know. Oh, Bobbie. Our marriage started so perfectly, you know? The wedding ceremony was so beautiful, and then --

Bobbie: And then Brenda came back.

Skye: You know her?

Bobbie: Not very well, but I've seen her around.

Skye: Yeah, well, she's been very supportive of Jax.

Bobbie: Hmm. Well, Jax is relating to Brenda's hopelessness, and they are both dealing with their conditions. But you -- you're his wife.

Skye: Yeah. Most husbands and wives go on a honeymoon after the wedding. I guess it'll probably be a while for us, huh?

Bobbie: Oh, Skye, you will. You know, I saw Jax trying very hard to move on with his life after Brenda disappeared, and he couldn't do it until you came along. So what you two share -- it's the real thing.

Skye: You're right, Bobbie. Thank you. You're right. When you've got the real thing, you fight for it.

Brenda: The wedding was simple and elegant.

Reginald: In Vegas?

Brenda: Just like I've always dreamed.

[Bunny hums]

Brenda: Oh, wait -- no, no, no. What -- what are you doing?

Bunny: Oh, it comes with your top-of-the-line super deluxe love classic special.

Brenda: No, no, I don't want that.

Bunny: Oh, you are so cranky.

Jason: I'm not wearing that.

Man: Oh. We'll go with the blue.

Jason: Look, I don't wear tuxedos, ok?

Man: Not even on your wedding day?

Jason: I just want to get this over with.

Man: What about the hat? You paid for the hat. Why not wear the hat?

Jason: Don't mention the hat again.

Man: Just want to give you your money's worth.

Jason: Ok. Then hurry up.

Bunny: Oh!

Courtney: A last-minute wedding can be pretty hectic. But didn't you want everything to be perfect?

Jason: Just needed to be married.

Courtney: Brenda must have looked so beautiful. Did you have music?

Jason: Yeah.

[Wedding march plays]

Brenda: I've got to say, I've never seen Jason so happy.

Edward: Well, I've never seen Jason happy, period, since that accident.

Monica: Will you please leave him alone?

Alan: Don't you realize that this marriage could bring Jason back to us?

Brenda: That is right, and I hope it does. And I do wish that you all could have been there, but it was very private, sacred.

Jason: Do you want to just go to the place across the street?

Brenda: Oh, now you want to go across the street?

Jason: Come on --

Brenda: Just shut up. Can't we just say "I do" and leave? You know how Jason is with words. Less is more. He's very traditional.

Courtney: Did you have time to write your own vows?

Man: "I, Brenda Barrett --"

Brenda: Oh. I, Brenda Barrett --

man: "Take you, Jason Morgan, to be my husband, to have and to hold --"

Brenda: Can we just skip that part?

Man: Mr. Morgan?

Jason: Do whatever you want.

Brenda: Skip.

Jason: Skip it.

Courtney: When I married A.J., I thought it was wrong to make all these promises to a man that I barely knew. I wanted to run and catch the next flight out of there. But then I looked at him and I realized how right we could be together. I wanted to hold on to every second of that wedding just to make it last forever.

Brenda: Can we pick up the pace a little bit?

Man: "To love and cherish --"

Brenda: We can just skip that.

Man: "Honor and obey --"

Brenda: Skip all that.

Man: "Better or worse --"

Brenda: I can keep that.

Man: "Richer or poorer --"

Brenda: Richer.

Man: "Sickness and in health --" ms. Barrett? "Sickness and in health"?

Brenda: Marrying Jason really helped me to understand the wedding vows. Richer, poorer, in sickness and in health. I am going to do what's right for him, no matter what it costs.

Man: Okey-dokey, I think I'm clear on who agreed to what. Now, where was I? Oh, yes. Do you, Jason Morgan --

Jason: Just -- just ask if I want to marry her.

Brenda: Oh, thank you.

Man: Do you?

Jason: I do.

Brenda: I do, too.

Jason: Is that it?

Courtney: When you said "I do," I bet it all made sense for Brenda and she knew how honest and true you are and that you're strong and you'll always protect her. She'll never have to worry again because you think of everything.

Man: If I may have the rings, please.

Jason: Don't look at me.

Brenda: Oh, you didn't pick up rings?

Jason: This was your idea.

Brenda: Everything was just magical when we looked into each other's eyes.

Man: By the power vested in me by the state of Nevada, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Brenda: And then, suddenly, we were married.

Edward: And then what?

Courtney: And then what?

Man: Is there any chance at all that you'll be kissing the bride?

Brenda: No.

Jason: No way.

[Accordion plays]

Courtney: I mean, after you left the chapel -- it's none of my business, but where did you spend your wedding night?

Carly: You really hate Jax, don't you?

Sonny: Oh, forget Jax.

Carly: Personally, I feel sorry for him.

Sonny: Why? I mean, you know, doctor said he's going to walk again.

Carly: Yeah. But there's no cure for being boring.

Sonny: That's true.

Carly: You know, Jax doesn't know what it's like to fight dirty --

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: To get what he wants.

Sonny: You do?

Carly: Yeah. So do you.

Sonny: Um -- you do me a favor? Drive around the lake till I tell you to st-- stop. And raise the divider, will you?

Brenda: We're going to go on a beautiful honeymoon, of course, as soon as we can, but we wanted to come home and share our news with you all first.

Reginald: Where's Jason now?

Edward: Yeah, where is he? He should be out giving you the honeymoon of your dreams.

Brenda: I don't really need a honeymoon after that wedding night. It was -- sweet. It was -- it was beautiful.

Reginald: In Vegas?

Alan: Will you let her tell us?

Brenda: We just -- we had a perfect night.

[Music plays]

Brenda: Yeah, I got it. I don't need help.

Jason: Ok.

Brenda: Oh, no, no, you've got to be kidding me.

Jason: No, I asked for something small.

Brenda: What is --

man: Only the best for Sonny Corinthos' right-hand man and his beautiful bride.

Brenda: What is that smell?

[Music plays]

man: Aromatherapy through the vents -- roses.

Jason: Hey, don't touch me.

Brenda: Oh, my god.

Jason: What are you doing? What are you doing?

Brenda: I'm turning it off.

Jason: Well, turn it off.

Brenda: Will you turn it off for me, please?

Man: I'll get it for you.

Jason: Please, Brenda, get away from the light switch, ok?

Man: Can I do anything else --

Jason: Just -- here, take this and just leave us alone. Thank you very much.  Jeez. Here.

Brenda: I'm going to --

Jason: No, you're coming here right now and taking this, ok? It's a jewelry box. There's wedding rings in it. Just pick out the one you want.

Brenda: Oh, my god.

Courtney: I like that ring.

Jason: Yeah, Brenda picked it out.

Courtney: Well, she must have really spent a lot of time. It suits you perfect. Now you and Brenda are connected forever.

Jason: We won't be married that long.

Courtney: Why not?

Jason: Because Brenda's dying.

Skye: Oh, my god, Jax. I don't believe it.

Jax: Stay right there.

Skye: Oh, my god. You did it. You did it. Oh --

Jax: The man you married is finally back.

Skye: I am so glad to see you.

Jax: Welcome home.

Skye: I love you so much.

Jax: I've been so unfair to you.

Skye: No. Look, you wanted to get better, and you did, and now it's over. We have our lives back.

Jax: Yeah, now we can finally go on that honeymoon.

Skye: Did Brenda go back to Europe yet?

Jax: No, she -- she actually married Jason.

Skye: Wait a minute. Jason, my brother? Jason, Sonny's hit man? That Jason?

Jax: Yep, that Jason. I couldn't believe it myself. So, what's your news?

Sonny: Oh, man --

Carly: Well, we should drive around the lake more often.

Sonny: You like that, don't you?

Carly: What? You don't?

Sonny: What do you want this time?

Carly: Excuse me. What is that supposed to mean?

Sonny: Well, every time, you know, we drive around the lake, you want something.

Carly: No, I don't.

Sonny: Oh, yeah? How about when we first got married and went for the annulment, right?

Carly: Yeah, and you jumped me in the limo.

Sonny: No, no, no, no, I didn't -- you jumped me.

Carly: You wish.

Sonny: You'd do anything to hold on to me. Come on.

Carly: Oh, really?

Sonny: You are crazy, crazy in love with me. Admit it.

Carly: You sure about that?

Sonny: I'm --

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Carly: I would do anything to make all your dreams come true.

Sonny: Oh, yeah?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: Give me a kiss and show me how much --

Carly: All right.

Gia: Alexis didn't tell me anything.

Ned: Then why did you call me here?

Gia: I'm not completely sure.

Ned: Ok, look, I've got a conference call in about 20 minutes, and I really don't have time for this.

Gia: Have you ever wanted to do something over?

Ned: Meaning what?

Gia: I've already said too much.

Ned: I'm out of here.

Gia: Alexis told me she's in love with you. What are you going to do about it?

Courtney: Now I understand why you married Brenda. She needs you, like you said. You really are rescuing her.

Jason: Yeah, in a way.

Courtney: Well, I think that you will make a wonderful husband and she is incredibly lucky to have you, even if it is only for a little while.

Brenda: Here. This one matches mine.

Jason: No, it's too tight.

Brenda: It matches mine.

Jason: Just pick out another ring.

Brenda: You just told me to pick out a ring, and I picked it out, and it matches mine!

Jason: You know what? The stupid ring is not worth the fight.

Brenda: It's not like you're going to wear it for the rest of your life!

Jason: Ok! Good night.

Brenda: Good night.

Brenda: I'm sleeping on the couch. You're sleeping in there.

Jason: No, I'm sleeping on the couch.

Brenda: The bed is shaped like a heart.

Jason: So what?

Brenda: I am not sleeping on a heart-shaped bed.

Jason: I'm sleeping right here.

Brenda: This is your fault that we have the heart-shaped bed, so you sleep on it.

Jason: Just --

Brenda: Oh, "Sonny Corinthos'' right-hand man --"

Jason: Shut up and go to bed!

Brenda: Our wedding night was so beautiful. I'll never forget it.

Lila: It sounds wonderful.

Brenda: It was.

Monica: Well, is Jason going to be picking you up tonight?

Alan: Will you stop quizzing her about Jason?

Brenda: I have to go. I've got to go upstairs and pack up my things, and I'm going to meet Jason at the penthouse, so --

Reginald: I'll bring the car around.

Brenda: Great.

Alan: Congratulations, Brenda.

Monica: Yes, congratulations.

Brenda: Thank you.

Monica: Couldn't be happier.

Brenda: Good night.

Monica: Good night.

Lila: I wish you all the best, dear.

Brenda: Oh --

Edward: You know, dear, you -- you have always been full of surprises.

Brenda: I hope we have your blessing, Edward.

Edward: Of course you do. I just never realized that Jason had such good taste.

Brenda: Thank you, Edward.

Lila: Our Jason will give you the best life he can.

Brenda: I know he will. Well, I'm going to get some air.

Edward: All right, dear.

Brenda: Ok. Good night.

Edward: Good night.

Skye: Why on earth would Jason marry Brenda?

Jax: I guess she doesn't want me around when she gets sick.

Skye: Oh. I guess Jason will take care of her.

Jax: I'll make sure that he does. I don't think Brenda has a lot of time left. He'll probably take her to Europe.

Skye: And she'll be gone.

Jax: Yeah.

Skye: Well, at least she was able to help you get better, right?

Jax: Right. So, where have you been? What's your news? Tell me everything.

Skye: Well, I traveled a long way to find out the truth.

Jax: And?

Skye: And seems like I knew it all along. Jax, look, I need to tell you something, ok? No matter what happens with Brenda, I need you to understand this.

Jax: Tell me.

Skye: I am never leaving again, ok, so don't ask me. I am your wife, and I love you. And no matter what you're battling, I am going to be by your side, ok?

Jax: I'll hold you to that.

[Music plays]

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