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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Dr. Meadows: Do you care about your child?

Alexis: Of course, I do.

Dr. Meadows: You better start acting like it.

Edward: Alexis had an amnio, so we have a sample from the child. All I need is your DNA

Sonny: Not a word to anyone.

Jax: So, what, are you offering yourself up as my therapist?

Brenda: Yes, I am.

Skye: Jax is paralyzed because of you!

Elizabeth: Hey.

Zander: Hey. Thanks for coming.

Elizabeth: No problem. You said it was important?

Zander: Well, it is to me. I realize that I have some information that --

Elizabeth: Wait. You remember, don't you?

Zander: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Well, that's great, Zander! I -- I guess it's -- I mean, it might be a little awkward considering, you know, what happened, but it's great news. What triggered your memory? Was it an image or a person, or did you just wake up this morning and it all came back?

Zander: My memory came back the night Jax was shot. I saw a news report and remembered everything and how I -- everything I'd seen on Alcazar's yacht, how I went there to sell him information on Sonny, and every stupid, pointless thing that I've ever done came rushing back to me, and I wish it hadn't, so I lied to you.

Lucky: I stayed up all night looking for a message in the legalese.

Alexis: I don't know, lucky, this is pretty straightforward, this will.

Lucky: Yeah, but there's got to be something in there, there's got to be some sort of clue to where my dad is.

Alexis: That would sound like Luke.

Lucky: Yeah. Do you see any legal weirdness, any sort of red flag that only a lawyer would be able to catch?

Alexis: I don't, Lucky. I really don't. This is pretty boilerplate, but I will -- I'll look more carefully later.

Lucky: You know what? What am I doing? You're hooked up to all these machines. I shouldn't even be wasting 10 minutes of your time.

Alexis: You know what? It's nice to think about something else.

Lucky: Yeah, but after the debate? No, this is just too much. Don't worry about it.

Alexis: The doctor put me on bed rest. I'm on bed rest and the baby is fine.

Lucky: Then you should be relaxing.

Alexis: I know this will sound bizarre, but I actually find this relaxing.

Lucky: Not when my dad's involved.

Alexis: Lucky, it is not unusual for someone to draft a will after a personal loss.

Lucky: And air-express it to his kid from Atlantic city? Do you even know this law firm?

Alexis: I don't. I don't know any attorneys in Atlantic city. I'm sorry, but I can make some phone calls for you.

Lucky: No, I don't have time for that. My dad needs me. I can feel it. I just need to get out of here. I got to find him.

Alexis: All right, well, whatever you do, don't let Scott trail you because the last thing we need is for him to drag Luke back here in time for the election.

Lucky: That's not going to happen.

Ned: I see you're hard at work already.

Lucky: I shouldn't even be here.

Alexis: Listen, I want you to take care of yourself and keep in touch, please.

Lucky: Sure. Ok.

Ned: Did Dr. Meadows sign off on bedside client meetings?

Alexis: Dr. Meadows told me to get my priorities in order and you told me to make a choice, and I have. I'm dropping out of the race for district attorney.

[Bobbie sighs]

Bobbie: I don't believe this. Get the flowers out of my face.

Scott: Now, Bobbie, come on, just hear me out.

Bobbie: Roses, huh?

Scott: Yes, nothing but the finest. I only wish there were more --

Bobbie: Well, this is for blackmailing Carly, this is for threatening Michael, this is for running my brother out of town, for putting Alexis in the hospital, and this one -- this one's for lying to me.

Scott: Ok, ok, ok, I think you're still a little bit upset.

Bobbie: Get out of my diner, Scott. Go! Just go!

Jax: Can you feel that?

Therapist: Nice work.

Jax: Thanks. Well, we're not done yet, are we? I mean, we just started.

Therapist: You need a break.

Jax: Speak for yourself. I could do this all day.

Therapist: Pushing too hard won't help.

Jax: Well, just trying to impress someone with my progress. They'll be here any moment.

Therapist: Your wife?

Jax: Actually, no.

Sonny: Damn. If you aren't enough to make a blind man see, I don't know what is.

Brenda: Hi.

Sonny: Hi. It's good thing Jax is in the hospital because, I tell you what, one look at you, he may need C.P.R.

Brenda: Checking up on me?

Sonny: Is that what I'm doing?

Brenda: I don't know. Maybe you're here for the breakfast buffet?

Sonny: No. Isn't it amazing how all of Port Charles revolves around you now, especially Jax? That's where you're going, isn't it, to see candy boy? In that getup?

Brenda: You think it's too much?

Sonny: Well, I mean, you know, a little revealing on the thing right here, you know. Right?

Sonny: You know what?

Brenda: Hmm?

Sonny: One look at you and Jax is going to get up out of that bed, walk out of that hospital.

Brenda: Oh, that's funny.

Sonny: Yeah, or go into cardiac arrest.

Brenda: You know, I'm his physical therapist.

Sonny: Yeah?

Brenda: Yep.

Sonny: Then I guess I had it right before.

Brenda: I don't know what you're --

Sonny: You should probably --

Brenda: Don't -- don't touch me.

Edward: Oh, splendid. I am so glad to see that your life is getting back to normal.

Jax: Wow, all these exercises should keep me busy for a while. So I guess the upper-body workout is so I don't lose ground? Well, Brenda can help me with that.

Therapist: That's the whole idea.

Jax: So I'll see you later today?

Therapist: Sure will.

Jax: Cool.

[Phone rings]

Jax: Hello?

Skye: Good morning.

Jax: Hey. It's great to hear your voice.

Skye: I got your message last night.

Jax: Then you got it.

Skye: I played it over and over.

Jax: Look, I was wrong to push you away.

Skye: No, Jax. All that matters is that you get better right now.

Jax: Yeah, but it isn't fair. I miss you.

Skye: Look, you're taking care of yourself. You're getting better. Nothing matters more to me right now.

Jax: Look, if I've hurt you in any way --

Skye: You haven't, ok? I will stay away as long as you need me to.

Jax: Yeah, that would probably be best. Are you at the lake house now?

Skye: Yeah. I wish you were here with me right now. It's so beautiful.

Jax: I love you so much.

Skye: You're going to get through this.

Jax: When I see you again, I want to be whole.

Skye: As far as I'm concerned, you already are.

Jax: No, I mean completely. You know, maybe -- maybe it's pride or a quirk in my personality, but --

Skye: Jax, the only thing that concerns me right now is that you have somebody helping you get through this.

Jax: Yeah, yeah, my physical therapist. He's great, and Brenda's agreed to help, so --

Skye: Oh. She's really helping?

Jax: Yes.

Skye: Well, that's very reassuring. A good friend is exactly what you need right now.

Zander: I didn't lie to you to hurt you. It's just it's a lot easier to start over when you're not dragging round every mistake you've ever made. I shot you, Elizabeth. I kidnapped Emily. Made about 10,000 other bad decisions that I don't want to remember anymore.

Elizabeth: I can understand that.

Zander: I don't want to be somebody else that you can't trust. I guess I just took the easy way out. I seem to do that a lot.

Elizabeth: And the easy way is to keep pretending?

Zander: Well, it'll come out in court, anyway.

Elizabeth: What? When? What happened?

Zander: There's going to be a grand jury hearing to indict Alcazar. The main witness is Brenda Barrett, and she's got some sort of mental illness and the cops are afraid that -- that the jury won't believe her. They need backup witnesses. I was on Alcazar's yacht. I heard him threaten to kill me, which helps prove that he's a murderer.

Elizabeth: How do the cops even know what happened to you?

Zander: I told them. I went to visit Alcazar in his room and he acted like he was going to get away with all of it -- killing Kristina, shooting Jax. I just I couldn't let that happen.

Elizabeth: So you told the police what you remembered? You told them the truth?

Zander: For once. Well, I just -- I wanted to come to you and tell you what was going on and apologize.

Elizabeth: You have started over, Zander. Don't you see? You're not doing what's easy. You're doing what's right. I admire you for that.

Zander: Well, don't speak too soon. All I've done is offer to testify.

Elizabeth: Oh, excuse me, I'm in the process of trying to forgive you for lying to me. Can you at least let me do that?

Zander: All right. Absolutely.

Elizabeth: I'm glad you remember and I'm really glad you told me. Are we still friends?

Zander: Yeah. Still friends.

Alexis: I had a dream about Kristina last night.

Ned: You want to tell me about it?

Alexis: Yeah, it was -- it was a good dream. It was a nice dream. She was a baby again. She was just like she was, and I was playing with her. She had little baby fingers and carrot-top hair, and she -- I could smell -- you know, you can smell that baby smell. And everything was exactly the way it was, you know, before things went wrong. It was wonderful. We felt very safe. And then I woke up. There's no job, there will never be any job that will ever be half as important as my daughter.

Ned: So you're dropping out of the race and running again in four years?

Alexis: Possibly.

Ned: Works for me. So I'm seeing a platform that includes childcare in the workplace, maybe even a daycare center in city hall.

Alexis: Well, right now I just want to think about the baby and I want to sleep, and I want to have as many grilled-cheese sandwiches and milk shakes as I want for lunch.

Ned: Then I'll take you out for a nice, quiet dinner.

Alexis: After meditation class because deep breathing will be a very important part of my life now.

Ned: Very good. Well, I think Kristina would appreciate that.

Alexis: I think the baby will, too. Do you think it's too late for me to become serene?

Ned: Actually, you look very serene right at this moment.

Alexis: I think I can do this all right, don't you?

Ned: Maybe. I think so.

Scott: Oh, hey. Peace offering.

Brenda: Sonny was just leaving.

Edward: Oh, no, no, no. Now, an occasional well-earned slap is no problem, as long as you aren't slapping me.

Brenda: I'm still not even sure why he stopped by, but I don't think he'll be doing it again, right?

Sonny: Well, I'm glad we cleared that up.

Brenda: You know, Edward, now that you're here, maybe you could explain to Mr. Corinthos that I don't want to talk to him ever.

Sonny: Ooh, then I'd better go.

Brenda: Yeah, I guess you'd better.

Edward: No, no, no, wait.

Sonny: Well, you know what? Is that all right with her? Because she looks a little upset.

Brenda: I'm fine.

Edward: Oh, but you see, I invited Sonny here this morning, hmm?

Sonny: You in the medical profession, me hanging with Eddie. Who knew?

Brenda: I'm going to go see Jax.

Edward: Hmm.

Sonny: Yeah, he's a lucky man. But, you know, what you do isn't really medical. I mean, it's more like spiritual healing? I don't --

Brenda: Edward, have a lovely day.

Edward: Thank you, my dear. I will now that you're back with us.

Sonny: Hey --

Brenda: It was nice to see you.

Sonny: Yeah, it's nice to see you, too. Bye.

Brenda: Bye.

Edward: Oh, she's a lovely girl.

Sonny: Oh, yeah.

[Door closes]

Sonny: Ok. You got the DNA Results?

Edward: I'll pick them up at the hospital within the hour.

Sonny: What'd you call me over here for, Edward?

Edward: To start negotiations.

Sonny: There's nothing to negotiate until I see proof of paternity.

Edward: I think we both know that you are the father of Alexis' baby. Now, I've gone to a great deal of effort to prove that. I just want to be sure that you are ready to make a deal, that's all.

Sonny: All you need to know, Edward, is you don't come to me unless you got something to say. And there is nothing, nothing I won't do for my child.

Ned: We appreciate the thought, but Alexis isn't seeing anyone at this moment.

Scott: Well, I just -- flowers, make sure the baby's ok.

Ned: The baby's fine.

Scott: Well, you know, if I did anything at the debate that caused you to end up here, I truly am sorry.

Alexis: You mean the debate where we're now neck-and-neck for the first time since I entered the race?

Ned: Alexis isn't worried about the election today.

Scott: Of course not. Of course, you know, politics, it's bare-knuckle business, you know. I feel as though it doesn't really go hand-in-hand with motherhood, but you seem to think differently. So if I was a little rough on you, I --

Ned: Rough? Try dirty. Try underhanded.

Alexis: Try sloppy, which explains why the overall consensus is that I kicked your butt in the debate, hands-down.

Scott: Well, that's because Sonny and Carly lied.

Alexis: You opened up the door, Scott. I just walked right in.

Scott: Yes, you did. You came waltzing right in as a strong contender. It's just that, you know, in a political campaign, to me, it's a lot like -- like a war, you know? I mean, girls really don't belong there, right?

Alexis: It's a good thing they do because I would rather be defended by one of them than by one of you.

Scott: But as a rule, men start wars, women stay home and have babies.

Alexis: Ok, honey, since I can't get up, can you hit him for me?

Ned: Well, actually, I'd love to take another whack at him.

Scott: All right, take it easy, take it easy. I'm just, you know, trying to apologize.

Alexis: Good. You've done it. Get out now before the press get here.

Scott: Press? What are they doing here?

Alexis: Watch the news at noon.

Scott: Oh, come on, you're not going to take advantage of your unborn baby in front of --

Ned: Don't even think about going there.

Alexis: I'm dropping out of the race.

Ned: Which means you won by default.

Alexis: Congratulations. You must be thrilled.

Scott: Thrilled? I put you in the hospital and you do your best and biology won out? E.

Alexis: I think you'll survive.

Ned: All right, thanks for coming by, Scotty.

Scott: Ok, well, listen, I just wanted to make sure that, you know, the baby was ok.

Ned: Good-bye, Scotty.

Scott: Ok. You know, you gave me a real run. Yeah!

Felicia: Excuses, corrupt stories, bold-faced lies. You keep coming up with them, Maxie. You had no business going to that party at Vista Point.

Maxie: Yeah, well, it's not like you've never snuck off before. Not even after Luke Spencer, huh?

Felicia: This isn't about me. I don't want you anywhere near Vista Point. Do you understand me?

Lucas: Hey. Vista point was my idea. Maxie didn't even want to go.

Lucky: Thank you.

Nikolas: Yep.

Lucky: So the way I see it, the most logical place to start looking is Atlantic city. That's where the will was sent from.

Nikolas: Alexis had never heard of the law firm?

Lucky: As far as I know, it was a drop.

Nikolas: Then what are we waiting for?

Lucky: No, you have to stay here just in case Baldwin gets suspicious, because if he brings back Dad in chains, that's going to win him the election.

Nikolas: Ok, fine, fine. Excellent point.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but why Atlantic city? I mean, does your dad have connections there?

Lucky: Not that I know. And for all I can think of, he's probably long gone, but there might be a clue.

Elizabeth: Do you have any idea where he's going to go next?

Lucky: He travels light. He can cover a lot of ground in a short time.

Nikolas: That's exactly what I'm afraid of.

Lucky: Why?

Nikolas: Ok, forget it, all right? Forget I said anything.

Elizabeth: No, Nikolas, tell us.

Lucky: Yeah, why don't you tell us what you mean.

Nikolas: Fine, fine. What if Luke is trying to save Laura again? All right, he's probably at the institute right now. He's caused enough damage already, man, you know what I'm saying?

Lucky: What are you saying? Are you saying that I shouldn't go looking for him?

Nikolas: Did I say that? No, I did not say that. All I'm saying is you tell your father to back off, all right?

Lucky: He was trying to help Mom.

Elizabeth: Ok, you know what? The both of you knock it off, ok?

Nikolas: I'll bet you -- I will bet you that Mom's in worse shape than Luke is.

Lucky: We don't even know what shape my father's in. We don't even know where he is, Nikolas!

Bobbie: Way to go, guys. That is just great. Why not rip each other apart and destroy what little family we have left?

Sonny: You look better than the last time I saw you.

Jax: Thanks.

Sonny: At least you're conscious, or as close as you can get.

Jax: You saved my life. I'm in your debt. What do you want?

Sonny: Oh, don't worry about it. I didn't do it for you.

Skye: Brenda.

Brenda: Oh, hi.

Skye: Glad I ran into you.

Brenda: Yeah.

Skye: Oh, that's a great little outfit. Who's the designer?

Brenda: I don't remember. I got it in Paris.

Skye: Oh, really? I would have thought that all your clothes sank along with Alcazar's yacht.

Brenda: No, actually, my clothes just arrived last night from Paris.

Skye: Oh, very good. It must feel nice to have something of your own rather than relying on gifts from other people.

Brenda: Right. Have you seen Jax today? How's he doing?

Skye: No, I haven't, and you haven't seen me, ok? But I am grateful for your help.

Brenda: Don't worry, I'm playing by your rules.

Skye: Which aren't so unreasonable.

Brenda: Yeah, I'm not going to tell him that I love him.

Skye: Yeah. I'm the wife. You're the old girlfriend. Is there a problem?

Brenda: No, there's not. As soon as Jax is well, I'll be leaving. Is there anything else that I can do for you?

Skye: Well, you should be gone by then.

Brenda: What if I'm not?

Skye: All I want is what's best for Jax.

Brenda: What would you do if I told him how I feel?

Skye: I have no idea.

Brenda: Hmm. What would you do if I stayed after he was walking again?

Skye: If you want to stay, Brenda, stay. After all, you have known Jax a lot longer than I have. Maybe you know what's best for him. Maybe these silly rules that I set up are just getting in your way. So go ahead, break them. I would if I were you. Why would I think that you would really want to convince Jax that you're not in love with him when you so obviously are? I mean, maybe I -- I can't spare Jax the pain of loving a dying woman.

Brenda: That's not what I want for Jax, and you know that.

Skye: But what if we're both fighting losing battles here? What if Jax decides to leave me for you regardless of what plans I've set up? I've not been very good at keeping men in love with me, and, well, you obviously have been, so maybe I'm just out of my league here.

Brenda: Anything's possible, I guess.

Skye: Brenda, if you think that you can give Jax a full, rich life, then you go for it. I won't stand in your way, ok?

Brenda: He was happy with me before, but I wasn't sick.

Skye: Maybe a few good years with you would mean more to Jax than a lifetime with me. Maybe it would be an honor for him to deal with your illness once it sets in, I mean, once you get so sick that you don't recognize yourself or him. And if that's what you really want, Brenda, then you go for it. You seize the day, ok? Just don't think about what it's going to cause Jax in the long run because, hey, maybe you have more time than you think. You look pretty healthy now. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad --

Brenda: Do you know that I don't believe one thing that you say? Jax is yours, and when he's well, I'll leave.

Skye: If that's what you want.

Brenda: Yeah, it is what I want, but I have a few conditions of my own and they're not negotiable.

Skye: I'm listening.

Brenda: Don't ever lie to him.

Skye: I can do that.

Brenda: Give him a happy home. Do you have dogs? You don't have dogs. Buy some dogs, get some horses, learn how to ride. Jax loves to ride, and he'll be riding again soon. You should, too. Hike or do something. I mean, you need to loosen up a little bit. You know, go camping, have some kids. Laugh a little bit. Do you ever laugh? I mean, just try this. Just once, try laughing once a day from now on. And at Christmastime, just make sure he gets the biggest tree you can find.

Skye: I will make Jax happy for the rest of my life. Nothing matters more to me.

Brenda: You promise? Then we have a deal.

Jax: Yeah, I realize that you don't care if I live or die. You nearly saved my life to free Brenda from Alcazar.

Sonny: Yeah, basically.

Jax: But still you want something.

Sonny: I don't want Brenda wasting what's left of her life taking care of you. I don't know why, you know, she has to be your private nurse, hands-on healer. I mean, what's going on?

Jax: Well, you know, she's been a great help.

Sonny: But you've already got a wife. Being paralyzed doesn't entitle you to have two.

Jax: Oh, that's right, I forgot, only crime lords are allowed to have two wives, right? One to leave at the altar and the other one to marry. That's, of course, if she doesn't start the wrong car at the wrong time.

Sonny: By the way, where is your wife? She's not driving off a cliff, is she?

Brenda: Sonny, what are you doing?

Bobbie: Well, no wonder you want to drop everything and go find Luke. So do I.

Lucky: Yeah, well, the whole family can't disappear. Baldwin will know something's up. So I'll tell you what. I'll find him. You two stay here and you distract Baldwin.

Bobbie: Oh, him. Why don't we just shove him off the docks and be done with it.

Lucky: I don't have a problem with that.

Nikolas: Could you string Scott along for a while and keep his mind off Luke?

Bobbie: I'm not sure I've got the stomach for that.

Nikolas: Well, just feed his ego a little.

Lucky: Yeah.

Nikolas: You know, pretend that everything's all forgiven.

Lucky: Buy me some time?

Bobbie: I'll see what I can do.

Nikolas: Listen, I'm sorry. Ok, I got angry earlier, I jumped on you, and I apologize.

Lucky: I was up all night. I'm sorry, too.

Nikolas: I just want your dad to be ok.

Lucky: Yeah, I know that. You helped him escape. What more can I ask for, you know? I appreciate it.

Felicia: It's gallant of you to shoulder all the blame, Lucas, but Maxie went to that party on her own free will.

Maxie: Yeah, and I had a great time.

Felicia: You're grounded until further notice.

Maxie: Whatever you say, Mom.

Felicia: I'll have to tell Bobbie that you went to that after-hours party at Vista Point.

Lucas: Do what you got to do.

Felicia: Thanks.

Maxie: Thanks for trying.

Lucas: Hey, we're in this together.

Maxie: Yeah, well, you just got yourself in even more trouble.

Lucas: Well, it'll just go on the list of things I've been doing wrong anyway -- something about how Lucas is trashing his future and hurting the people that he loves most. You get used to it.

Ned: Deep breath, that's right. One more.

Alexis: Is it working?

Nurse: Your blood pressure's running high.

Alexis: What's the problem?

Ned: Think long, leisurely mornings.

Alexis: How's the baby?

Nurse: The baby's fine.

Ned: That's right, honey, you need to learn how to relax.

Alexis: I'm relaxing. I'm breathing, I'm breathing. "Men go to war, women make babies."

Ned: Think milk shakes.

Alexis: I hate milk shakes.

Ned: Ok, a nice afternoon nap.

Alexis: "Biology won out"? He actually said that. Did you hear him? He said that.

Ned: Honey, relax on the exhale.

Alexis: Somebody ought to take the roses and toss them in his face, although it looks like somebody already has.

Ned: Deep, cleansing breaths.

Nurse: If I don't see a lower pulse rate by the time I get back, I'm calling Dr. Meadows.

Alexis: No, don't.

Ned: Oh, thank you. That's all she needs, more pressure.

Alexis: I'm breathing, I'm breathing, all right?

Ned: Here, will you do me a favor and just take these roses and just stick them somewhere? Thank you.

Alexis: I hate him.

Ned: Good, you're breathing. That's good.

Alexis: And his hypocrisy.

Ned: In with the good --

Alexis: And the good old boys who run this town?

Ned: Out with the bad.

Alexis: How bad was it that he came in here and said what he did? That pompous jerk. I don't want to hear another word out of those skinny little lips.

Ned: Then you'd better not watch TV or listen to the radio or read the paper for the next four years.

Alexis: He's a pig.

Ned: Breathe. Breathe. Deep, deep breath. Good.

Alexis: Why is it that you guys always compare everything to war, anyway?

Ned: It's genetic.

Alexis: It's infantile. We're not having a war here. We're running for office.

Ned: I know. Exhale.

Alexis: I wonder what he's going to say to the press.

Ned: Who will be here any minute.

Alexis: What time is it?

Ned: Well, if you want to cancel this news conference, you'd better do it now.

Brenda: You are still mean and immature.

Sonny: Thank you.

Brenda: You have to come to his hospital bed to upset him? You're in serious need of psychiatric help.

Sonny: Oh, so you're a shrink now? You see that, Jax? She's going to make you walk, take all my troubles away. You got a real gift.

Brenda: Oh, thanks. I don't really think anybody can help you.

Sonny: Can you at least try?

Brenda: You're still so insecure, you have to feed on other people's insecurities?

Sonny: Pretty tough question.

Brenda: For you, yeah.

Jax: Why don't you just get the hell out of here, Sonny.

Sonny: He's getting better already. You're a regular Florence nightingale.

Brenda: I'm here to help.

Sonny: Yeah, I guess you won't --

Brenda: What?

Sonny: Ok, no, I'll see you guys later.

Brenda: Ok, bye.

Sonny: Bye.

Jax: Whoa. Psycho.

Brenda: God, he makes me mad.

Jax: I'm sorry.

Brenda: It's fine.

Jax: You know, you're cute when you're mad.

Brenda: Let's get to work.

Bobbie: I can't believe what Felicia told me. Dragging Maxie off to an after-hours party at Vista Point?

Lucas: Well, believe it.

Bobbie: Lucas, what's going on with you? You're missing homework, you're skipping school. After-hours parties? What are you doing? Why are you trashing your life?

Lucas: Oh, and hurting the people I love most?

Bobbie: You find this funny? Are you trying to self-destruct?

Lucas: Who's trying? Just comes naturally.

Bobbie: Ok. No internet, no phone calls after 8:00, no TV.

Lucas: Why don't you just send me to prison?

Bobbie: How would you feel about military school? It's a real possibility if you don't shape up.

Lucas: Hey, kids. Don't try that one at home.

Lucky: Yeah, you know, just a straight, plain room, cheap, in the middle of Atlantic city. I'll let you know. All right, bye.

Elizabeth: Do you think Scott would get suspicious if I went to Atlantic city with you?

Lucky: You would be the perfect cover.

Elizabeth: Then sign me up.

Lucky: Thank you. But why do you want to go?

Alexis: Although the race may be too close to call, my baby's health takes priority over anything else.

Ned: And let me assure you that the baby is fine.

Alexis: Actually, I think she's enjoyed the campaign thus far. I think we all have. But I'm not going to do anything to risk the health of my child. And although it may be difficult to step down --

reporter: Are you bailing out?

Alexis: I have the ability to serve this city well due to my legal background, my close ties to the community, not to mention that I'm going to be raising my daughter in this community. I think all of these things make me a better district attorney than my opponent.

Reporter: Even from a hospital bed?

Alexis: My doctor has indeed prescribed bed rest for me, so I am here. And as I've said, my child comes first and this is a very difficult decision for me.

Reporter: Then you're throwing in the towel?

Alexis: As of today, my campaign for district attorney will be run from this bed.

Reporter: Are you serious?

Alexis: Look, every woman knows that life goes on. So do I. I will do what I can manage to do to take care of business, even if it means being attached to this fetal monitor. The bottom line is, folks, that on my worst day in this hospital, I'm a better district attorney than my opponent is as we speak. My priorities are very clear -- healthy baby, clean town, law and order.

Reporter: What about Sonny Corinthos?

Alexis: Sonny Corinthos is the subject of an ongoing investigation. If he's indicted, he will be put on trial, and, if a jury sees fit, he'll be sent to prison like anyone else.

Reporter: No one else stopped him. Why will you?

Alexis: I'm uniquely motivated to deal with organized crime, which includes Sonny Corinthos. Look, guys, plain and simple, my priority is to see that justice prevails in the city of Port Charles.

Lucas: "Brief summary of 'Romeo and Juliet.'" One paragraph? What kind of assignment is that?

Georgie: So rent the movie, fast-forward through the boring parts, write a couple of sentences, and it's no big deal. Take, like, two seconds.

Lucas: Yeah, more like two days. I hate to write.

Georgie: Well, with my laptop, it's no big deal.

Lucas: Yeah, not unless you don't mind torturing yourself.

Georgie: You don't know how to type?

Lucas: Maybe that's my problem.

Georgie: Well, how about you dictate and I type?

Lucas: Sounds good.

Lucky: You want to get away from Jason, right?

Elizabeth: Well, mostly, I want to find your father.

Lucky: Enough to drop out of your own life for a while?

Elizabeth: You know, after the rape and that year you were missing, your dad was really kind to me. Even after we split up, he went out of his way to be nice. So did your mom. I'll always consider your parents my family.

Lucky: Well, I appreciate that.

Elizabeth: Well, family means more than just being related.

Lucky: I appreciate this.

Elizabeth: No problem.

Lucky: All right.

Alcazar: Oh, you're right, a beautiful woman is waiting for me. Not the one I want to see.

Skye: A lot of people feel that way.

Alcazar: You slap them, threaten their lives?

Skye: I have a few questions, if you can spare the time.

Alcazar: How can I help you?

Skye: You and Brenda, you were together for four years?

Alcazar: Yes, and we'll be together again soon.

Skye: You saved her, took her to a clinic in Switzerland?

Alcazar: The Reinmar clinic, one of the best in the world.

Skye: And that's where her disease was diagnosed, and it's fatal, correct?

Alcazar: So many questions from such a lovely woman.

Skye: Look, I need to know exactly how long Brenda has to live.

Brenda: Oh, only two more. 49. You're doing so good. 50. Whoo!

Jax: It's harder than I thought.

Brenda: Aw. You were perfect.

Jax: Oh --

Brenda: You ok?

Jax: I just want to sit up a little.

Brenda: Let me help you. You need help?

Jax: Sure.

Brenda: Ok, ready? On three we'll do it. One, two, three.

Alexis: What's the verdict?

Nurse: I don't believe it.

Alexis: Everything's back to normal?

Nurse: Better than normal.

Ned: Deep breathing works every time.

Nurse: Dr. Meadows will be very pleased.

Alexis: All right, well, good, tell her to put a star on my chart.

Ned: And make sure she doesn't miss the evening news.

Nurse: Sure thing.

Alexis: She must like politics.

Ned: Who knew her mother would be so good at it, too?

Alexis: So you don't think it's too weird I'm running the campaign from this bed?

Ned: Actually, I think it's brilliant. The baby gets her rest, you're doing great, and there's no way Scott can compete.

Alexis: You and I are doing something the good old boys can't.

Ned: Who says you can't have it all? All it takes is a little fine-tuning.

Alexis: Fetal monitor.

Ned: Stress management.

Alexis: Which I'm getting better at.

Edward: So, Alexis, how are you feeling?

Ned: Grandfather, you have no business here.

Edward: Your press conference was extraordinary.

Alexis: It aired already?

Edward: No, I heard everything from the hall.

Ned: What do you want?

Edward: And your attack on Corinthos was brilliant, if poorly timed.

Ned: Call us after the baby's born, all right? We'll try to work you in.

Edward: You know, uncertainty, it's just a terrible thing, isn't it? Will Alexis win the election? Will she be found out?

Alexis: What are you talking about?

Edward: Oh, it can wear down the strongest woman's soul, especially when she's about to become a mother.

Ned: Grandfather, get out now.

Edward: Well, why should Alexis deal with any more uncertainty? It can't be good for the child.

Doctor: Excuse me, Edward Quartermaine?

Edward: Yes?

Doctor: Here are the results of the tests you ordered.

Edward: Oh, thank you.

Alexis: What tests did you order, Edward?

Edward: You've heard of the old saying "and the truth shall set you free," hmm?

Ned: If you've done anything to hurt Alexis --

Sonny: Hope you're feeling better.

Alexis: I'm -- I'm fine.

Sonny: Got your message.

Edward: I see.

Sonny: Those the results?

Edward: Yes.

Alexis: What -- what -- what results?

Sonny: I understand you're having my baby.

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Reginald: He didn't say where he was going.

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Sonny: To confirm that I'm the father of the baby.

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