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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Carly: Alexis and Sonny were upstairs in bed together.

Gia: Now we can find out what Scott has on you and take it from there.

Brenda: Jax asked me to pinch him, and I did, hard, and he didn't feel anything.

Skye: You don't need to worry about Jax anymore. Now it's my turn.

Jax: I can't feel my legs.

Carly: You are never going to guess who is here.

Jax: Did you hear what I said? I can't feel my legs.

Skye: Jax, you just got out of surgery.

Jax: I can't feel the sheets on my legs. It's like my legs have disappeared.

Skye: Maybe the anesthetic hasn't worn off, that's all.

Jax: Grab my leg.

Skye: Oh, Jax -- come on, I might hurt something --

Jax: Just do it, Skye.

Skye: I think we should wait for Dr. Bennett to come in --

Jax: If you don't, then I will.

Skye: Jax, please, come on, don't -- don't do that. No, Jax, it's too soon! Really! Don't!

Jax: Feel my leg!

Jax: I'm paralyzed, Skye.

Scott: Alcazar is out of intensive care, huh?

Taggert: We've got uniforms on his room.

Scott: What else?

Taggert: The evidence is in. I've finished my interviews.

Scott: And?

Taggert: Miss Barrett, she knows a lot, but she's, you know, she's a wild card.

Scott: I want Alcazar booked on the day of the debate. I want the shackles, the 6:00 news. I'll drop a couple of sound bites into the debate.

Taggert: We have a strong case, all right? But Alcazar's got some powerful friends. I don't know if he's going to win you --

Scott: Well, if he doesn't, Alexis Davis will win it for me.

Ned: The numbers go down every time the voters see Sonny's face.

Alexis: We'll be fine if we just focus on the issues.

Lucky: Here we go again.

Gia: Why couldn't Sonny just stay dead until after the election?

Nikolas: The public thinks that you are in Sonny's pocket.

Alexis: I wasn't.

Nikolas: Alexis, we need to know what Scott has on you.

Lucky: Is it about Sonny?

Mike: Will you just let go?

Courtney: It's just a few more steps.

Mike: Where's A.J.?

Courtney: Out of town, Daddy. You know that. Come on in.

Mike: All right. You know, I don't like this one bit.

Jason: It's ok, mike.

Mike: No, I mean, can't you just leave me alone? Was I bothering anybody at Jake's? Can't a man just have a drink in peace anymore?

Courtney: I know that you're upset about Sonny.

Mike: Sonny -- Sonny who?

Courtney: Michael? Your son?

Mike: I have no son. I just have you, my precious little girl.

Courtney: Would you like to get some sleep?

Mike: If that'll make you happy.

Courtney: Yes.

Mike: Then I'll sleep just until the game.

Courtney: Why do you want to gamble anymore? You must be exhausted.

Mike: All right, I'll have a nightcap, then the game.

Courtney: Well, we're out of everything. Sorry.

Jason: Come on.

Mike: Jason, just don't put your hands on me.

Courtney: I'll handle it.

Mike: All right, all right.

Courtney: Try and get some sleep.

Mike: Ok. Angel, anything for you.

Courtney: Ok.

Mike: Oh, man.

Courtney: Thanks for calling me.

Jason: Yeah, I couldn't just leave him at Jake's, you know?

Courtney: Well, maybe he's down for the night.

Jason: Are you ok with him here?

Courtney: Sure. Unless he tries to go to that card game.

Jason: Then I'll stay in case you need me.

Carly: I thought you were Jason.

Brenda: No, I just need to talk to Sonny for a second.

Michael: Who's the lady, Daddy?

Sonny: That's Brenda. She's an old friend of mine. Brenda, this is Michael, my son.

Brenda: Michael. What's up? High-five. Ooh! Wow, you're strong. It's nice to meet you.

Michael: Nice to meet you, too.

[Brenda laughs]

Sonny: So what do you need?

Brenda: I just need to talk to you for a second -- alone, if that's ok.

Courtney: I haven't seen my dad like this since I was little. He'd come home and have a screaming argument with my mom, and sometimes I could get him to settle down and stay. Sometimes I couldn't. One time, he went out to get me a candy bar and he didn't come home for a month. Anyway, I'm glad that you called me.

Jason: Mike really listens to you. I was only making things worse.

Courtney: Yeah, well, most people wouldn't even care.

Jason: Well, Mike has good reason to be upset. So do you.

Courtney: I just -- I wish that Sonny hadn't made you lie to me.

Jason: He didn't. I chose to make everyone believe Sonny was dead. It was the best way to protect him, but we only planned on keeping it up for a couple of days.

Courtney: Dad will never believe that.

Jason: Sonny feels real bad about this. He really does.

Courtney: What about you? How do you feel?

Mike: Well, will you look at this. Jason Morgan hitting on his own brother's wife.

Alexis: Scott could be bluffing. I mean, that's what he does all the time.

Lucky: Why does he keep saying that you're hiding something?

Alexis: Well, we don't have to buy into that.

Ned: What if he springs his big secret on you at the debate?

Nikolas: How can I do damage control if I don't know all the facts?

Gia: Alexis' personal life should have nothing to do with this campaign.

Alexis: Thank you.

Gia: And I think that we all need to be a little bit more supportive of that fact.

Nikolas: What are you up to?

Gia: Well, I could really use some fresh air. How about you?

Lucky: Oh, that's real subtle.

Ned: All right, whatever you're planning, keep me posted.

Alexis: Same here.

Gia: Oh, you people are so suspicious.

Nikolas: All right.

Ned: Ok. We have to find out what Scott has on you and see if we can spin it to our advantage.

Alexis: How much do you think he knows?

Gia: Alexis is never going to tell us what Scott has on her.

Lucky: Yeah, it must be really bad.

Gia: Well, that makes it our job to find out.

Nikolas: And how would that work?

Gia: I'm open for suggestions.

Nikolas: That's what I thought. I had to ask.

Alexis: Why not plug Alcazar into the campaign? That way, it'll take the focus off of Sonny.

Ned: That could work. Unless, of course, he knows about you and Sonny and he knows that you're pregnant with his child.

Carly: All right, Michael, Daddy has business to discuss.

Michael: Do you work for my daddy?

Brenda: No. We're just friends.

Carly: Michael, upstairs.

Brenda: Good night.

Sonny: This won't take long.

Michael: Good night.

Sonny: So what's the problem?

Br: I just -- I just wanted to let you know that Taggert has a new angle on things. He's saying that I asked Luis to kill you and Jax. You already know about this?

Sonny: Taggert's bluffing.

Brenda: Well, he knows about my disease, so he knows I get confused about what's real and what's not. He's twisting my statement around.

Sonny: Just tell the truth.

Brenda: Right. You know, it would have been nice to know you didn't really get shot that night.

Sonny: Yeah. I had to do what I had to do.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: I will take care of you. Don't worry about Taggert.

Brenda: No, no, no, I didn't ask you to take care of me. I just came to tell you what's going on.

Carly: Jason's on the phone. He needs you.

Skye: Jax, the doctors said there might be some swelling. You might not feel anything for a while.

Jax: You knew there might be a problem?

Skye: We both knew the risks when you went into surgery.

Jax: You're sitting here spinning me tales about our honeymoon while you knew all along.

Skye: Jax, look, this could just be temporary, all right? But you have to keep a positive attitude. That's what counts.

Jax: I want to know what the doctor said, his exact words.

Skye: I didn't hear it from the doctors.

Jax: It's Brenda. That's right, yeah. She was here when I woke up. She figured it out, didn't she?

Skye: Nothing's official yet.

Jax: Well, I want to talk to my doctor, and then you can go.

Lucky: How about we kidnap Baldwin, tie him to a chair.

Gia: Tell me you're kidding.

Lucky: Lock him in a room till he talks.

Nikolas: Let's try something more subtle, all right?

Gia: How secure is his computer? We could raid his e-mail.

Nikolas: We could bribe somebody. Who could we bribe?

Lucky: That stuff's too easy to trace. We can't do that.

Nikolas: Ok, you got a better idea?

Gia: Well, we're not driving anybody's car over a cliff. Can we at least agree on that much? And no freezers.

Lucky: I like freezers.

Gia and Nikolas: No freezers.

Lucky: Oh, come on. You guys are no fun at all.

Nikolas: No. Let's go.

Gia: No freezers.

Lucky: Ugh.

Alexis: There is no way that Scott Baldwin knows about me and Sonny.

Ned: Look, it was obvious that you were attracted to Sonny. Everybody suspected, even Baldwin.

Alexis: No, he didn't.

Ned: Are you sure?

Alexis: Scott, I think, caught me once staring at Sonny at the grill. And then there was the day that I bought my pregnancy test and I ran right into Scott.

Ned: This could get a little messy.

Sonny: Is Mike there now? All right, I'm on my way.

Brenda: Everything all right?

Sonny: Yeah. Can you hold on for just one second?

Brenda: Ok.

Carly: What's going on with Jason?

Sonny: I got to go.

Carly: Is he ok?

Sonny: He's at Courtney's.

Carly: What, did A.J. come back?

Sonny: No. Mike's been drinking, and I got to go take care of it, so I'll be back as soon as I can, ok?

Carly: All right, I'll be here.

Sonny: All right. Do you need a ride?

Brenda: Oh, no. I just need to call a cab.

Sonny: Ok, do you need any money?

Brenda: No, I don't. I borrowed from Ned. I'm fine.

Sonny: Marco can give you a ride.

Brenda: I'm fine.

Sonny: Ok.

Brenda: I'm just going to call a cab.

Sonny: Ok. I'll see you, ok?

Brenda: I'm just going to use your phone to call a cab.

Carly: Ok, no. You know what? You're not going to go anywhere.

Skye: You don't really want me to leave.

Jax: Why are you making a big deal out of this, Skye? Why don't you just go, please?

Dr. Bennett: How are you doing?

Jax: I need to speak with you alone.

Skye: He's just upset, that's all. I was trying to be positive, like you told me.

Jax: I want to talk to my surgeon in private. I mean, that's my right, isn't it?

Monica: Skye?

Skye: I didn't mean to lie to him, Monica. I was just trying to stay positive till Dr. Bennett got there.

Monica: Well, Jax is dealing with an awful lot right now.

Skye: I know. I know, and I've just made everything worse.

Dr. Bennett: The bullet fractured multiple parts of the vertebrae. We had to go in and rebuild with bone grafts and support rods. You sustained a great deal of manipulation of the back and spinal cord causing significant swelling.

Jax: Meaning, I'm paralyzed from the waist down.

Dr. Bennett: Yes.

Jax: For how long?

Dr. Bennett: No one can be sure.

Jax: An hour? A week? A month? I mean, give me something.

Dr. Bennett: It varies. I can't rule out permanent paralysis.

Jax: Well, I have. Ok, I don't care about your science, your statistics. You've never met a patient like me before.

Dr. Bennett: It's a terrible shock, I know, but you need --

Jax: Oh, you think I'm in denial. I'm not. I listened to your facts. I want to start physical therapy right away. I want to start tonight. I'll work harder than anyone you've ever seen. And my wife, she's going to try and pamper me, but I'm not going to let that happen.

Dr. Bennett: You have a remarkable attitude.

Jax: That's right. We're going to set a new standard here, doc. I'm going to walk out of here within a month.

Skye: Monica, I need to know exactly what I'm dealing with here.

Monica: It's awfully early yet, Skye.

Skye: Was the spinal cord bruised? Is that what happened?

Monica: Yes, it was badly bruised.

Skye: Well, did that happen in surgery?

Monica: Look, we all knew there was going to be a risk. If we can get the swelling down --

Skye: What if we can't? Will he walk again? Monica, what are the odds?

Monica: There is a chance that he could spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Brenda: You don't want me to use your phone?

Carly: Don't show up on my doorstep, ever. I don't care how much trouble you are in. I don't care how needy or desperate. You know what? You call the cops. You call a shrink. You call whoever you need to, but do not come into my house and give my kid a high-five ever again.

Brenda: Ok. Anything else?

Carly: Yeah. I know you love attention, and I know that your favorite game is Jax versus Sonny, with your fabulous self as the ultimate prize. You know what? Sonny could have been killed because of you. And so could Jax.

Brenda: You don't know anything about Jax.

Carly: Yeah, well, you know what? I know my husband and I know what you've cost him, and here you are once again at his doorstep with some ridiculous excuse to see him. I'm going to tell you right now, I'm not going to have it, ok? Not tonight and not ever.

Brenda: Do you know, if you weren't so sad, you'd actually be kind of funny.

Carly: Ok, listen to me a second, all right? I am not Lily and I am not going to sit back in silence and suffer while you throw yourself at my husband.

Brenda: Sonny loves you, right? He wants to spend the rest of his life with you, right? So why are you so afraid of me?

Jason: Mike, you just need to relax, the way you've been drinking.

Mike: Just stay away from my daughter.

Courtney: Daddy, it's all right.

Mike: The minute A.J.'s back is turned, here you are?

Courtney: Jason is just looking out for me. For you, too.

Mike: Yeah, yeah, yeah, Jason is just doing his job, nothing more.

Jason: Yeah, that's right, I am doing my job.

Mike: Yeah, yeah, coming on to your brother's wife and getting paid for it. I mean, that must be really nice.

Courtney: Why do you say things like that? Ok, you have worked so hard to put your life back together. Don't let Sonny tear it apart. Don't do this to yourself, ok?

Jason: Mike, can't you see how much you're hurting your daughter?

[Courtney sighs]

Courtney: Can we just call it a night? Just let it go.

Mike: All right, honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You don't deserve this. Hmm.

Courtney: Hey, come on, why don't you lie down?

Mike: No, I'm ok.

Courtney: I'm sorry about what he said.

Jason: No, don't. Don't apologize for him. It's ok.

Courtney: I know that you're only trying to help -- even when you covered up about what happened to Sonny.

Jason: I did what I had to do.

Courtney: I'm starting to understand that.

[Knock on door]

Courtney: Sonny?

Sonny: You all right? Where is he?

Courtney: In there.

Sonny: Passed out?

Courtney: I'm not sure.

Sonny: How'd this happen?

Jason: Mike went to Jake's when he left your place. He was drinking. He wouldn't leave, so I called Courtney.

Sonny: Why didn't you call me?

Jason: Because Mike's angry, and you're the last person he wants to see, and I just thought that would make things a lot worse.

Sonny: So you call my little sister out to a bar to drag her father out?

Jason: Mike really listens to Courtney.

Sonny: Why didn't you call Marco or Max? Why didn't you drag him out yourself? Do you have any idea what it's like to deal with your father in a bar? Now, I don't get it. Why did you think it was such a good idea to call Courtney?

Courtney: Jason is trying to help. Do you even care?

Sonny: I do not want you anywhere near Jake's.

Courtney: Mike is drinking and gambling because of you, not Jason.

Sonny: You should not have to see him like that.

Courtney: And why is he like that, Sonny? Because you made him think that you were dead. You broke his heart, ok, just when he's getting his life back together. You'd probably be dead if not for Jason. And all you can do is yell at him? How is that helping anything? Why are you here, anyway?

Sonny: Because I was worried about you, that's why.

Courtney: Well, don't, ok? Because I don't need you watching out for me.

Gia: You guys, this is never going to work.

Lucky: Don't start, ok?

Gia: Well, why would there be plumbers in the D.A.'s office?

Lucky: Because there's a leaky pipe above the ceiling. I thought we already went over this.

Gia: Well, why can't I stop thinking about Watergate?

Nikolas: Oh.

Lucky: All we got to do is find out what Scott has against Alexis. Then we're free and clear.

Gia: And what if we get caught?

Nikolas: Look, look, Gia, if you don't want to do this, you don't --

Gia: Did I say that I don't want to do it? No.

Lucky: Ok, then just distract Scott, ok?

Gia: Ok, while you break into his office, go through the files, and we all end up in jail. And for what? So your aunt can be the district attorney and you can get back at Scott because of your father.

Lucky: Sounds like a pretty good reason to me.

Nikolas: Are you in or not?

Gia: Well, if there's no other way, then --

Lucky: Good luck.

Gia: Scott? Mr. Baldwin?

Lucky: Try the door.

Gia: Will you give me one second, please?

Nikolas: Just see if it's open.

Lucky: Go.

Nikolas: See if it's open.

Lucky: Go!

Nikolas: Shh, shh, shh.

Lucky: Hey.

Gia: Mr. Baldwin?

Taggert: Hello, sis. What can I do for you?

Alexis: If Scott brings up anything in the debate, I'll deny it.

Ned: That doesn't matter because he'll make his allegations during the debate, and then he'll keep repeating it over and over until the town thinks it's true.

Alexis: So?

Ned: That's the world of politics.

Alexis: Fine. We'll keep the entire situation, then, out of it.

Ned: Any idea how you're going to do that?

Alexis: Yes, as a matter of fact.

Ned: Alexis?

Scott: Ms. Davis. Ned.

Alexis: Working late again?

Scott: Yeah, the D.A. Keeps long hours. It might be kind of rough with a baby.

Alexis: I can manage. Do you have a second?

Scott: Sure.

Alexis: Excuse me.

Alexis: Regarding the debate, should you bring up anything personal, I guarantee that you will regret it.

Jax: I'm sorry I was harsh with you.

Skye: Oh, you don't need to apologize.

Jax: Yes, I do.

Skye: Jax, you are going through a very difficult time.

Jax: No excuses. I'm sorry.

Skye: Tell me what you need.

Jax: Don't tell me to take it easy. Don't help me accept what the doctors say.

Skye: I'll try.

Jax: No, no, trying's not good enough. I will beat this on my own terms. Skye, no one else's.

Skye: All right.

Jax: Think of it like a corporate raid or a triathlon. I'll train past my limits. I'll set myself unreasonable goals. I'll push myself until I win.

Skye: I hope so.

Jax: No, no. No hope. Hope means I could fail, and I'm not going to. I'm going to heal in record time. And then I'm going to walk out of this hospital with you on my arm. And we're going to go on our honeymoon.

Skye: That sounds wonderful.

Jax: I need you to be with me on this.

Skye: I believe you can do anything.

Skye: Jax, the nurse said that physical therapy is closed for the night.

Jax: Can't they bring in a physical therapist overtime? I mean --

Skye: Well, can't you wait till tomorrow?

Jax: No, I want to start physical --

Dr. Bennett: If you push that call button again, every nurse on this floor will walk out.

Jax: Wouldn't it be a lot easier if you just brought me a therapist?

Dr. Bennett: You need to rest.

Jax: No chance of that, doc.

Dr. Bennett: Give your body a chance to heal.

Jax: I can't sleep.

Dr. Bennett: That's why I brought you a sedative.

Jax: The nurses put you up to this, didn't they?

Skye: Do you really think a sedative's necessary?

Dr. Bennett: You've only been out of surgery a few hours. Pushing too hard too soon can make everything worse.

Jax: All right, go ahead. The sooner I get to sleep, the sooner I can wake up and start.

Skye: That sounds good.

Jax: I do expect to start physical therapy first thing in the morning.

Dr. Bennett: I'll see what I can do.

Jax: If you can't make this happen, doc, I'll find someone who can.

Dr. Bennett: He's all yours.

Skye: Yes, he is.

Jax: I'm glad you're here.

Skye: Where else would I be?

Alexis: Should the opportunity present itself, I will have no qualms about dragging poor Theresa Carter into the debate, literally.

Scott: You seem a little nervous.

Alexis: Picture me holding a skull on the 6:00 news. "Mr. Baldwin, is it true that you buried Theresa Carter's body in the Scorpio back yard?"

Scott: Are you sure you want to go there?

Alexis: We all have secrets. Some are felonies and some aren't.

Scott: I didn't kill Theresa Carter.

Alexis: But it looks like you did. That's all I need.

Scott: Well, think about the implications here. What about Nikolas? Lucky? You want to hurt them?

Alexis: Then we're agreed. We're going to stick to the issues?

Scott: Right. Well, ok. I'll stick to the issues. Agreed. Good-bye.

Ned: Planning to stay up late to prepare for the debate?

Scott: No. I'm going to be out catching criminals. See, that's what the district attorney does. You might tell Alexis that. You know, I think she needs some milk. She's looking a little peaked.

Ned: Are you all right?

Alexis: If he wants a debate, I'll give him a debate.

Ned: That's what concerns me.

Sonny: Ok, I do want Jason to look after you.

Courtney: But only when you order him to?

Jason: Come on, you guys.

Courtney: You don't have to take this from him.

Mike: Well, if it isn't the mighty Sonny Corinthos in the flesh.

Sonny: How you doing, Mike?

Mike: Well, see how much he cares? What did you do, drag yourself away from Brenda to come over here? Well, I am honored. You know, you should be, too.

Sonny: Ok, we're going to take this out in the hall.

Mike: Oh, I'm in trouble now.

Sonny: Come on, Mike.

Sonny: I'm not happy about what I did.

Mike: Now, have you ever been happy about anything?

Sonny: But if I had to do it again, I would. I understand. I already said that I was sorry, and it wasn't good enough for you. But this is not good, Mike. Drinking at Jake's? Courtney coming after you?

Mike: I didn't call Courtney. Jason did.

Sonny: Oh, come on. How many times has Courtney come after you when she was a kid? How many times has her mother sent her into a bar? Is that the way you want her to see you? Like this, huh? Is this what you want? Dragging you home drunk? She's already married to A.J. isn't that enough?

Courtney: Why do you let him talk to you like that?

Jason: Sonny's going through a lot right now.

Courtney: That still doesn't give him the right.

Jason: Well, he's worried about you and Mike and sometimes he doesn't know how to say it, so he yells. It's not fun, but it's no big deal. It's ok.

Courtney: Well, I hope that Sonny knows how lucky he is to have you as a friend.

Mike: I'm sorry, sweetheart.

Courtney: It's all right.

Mike: I'll do better, I promise.

Courtney: I know you will.

Mike: I love you, honey.

Courtney: I love you, too. It's ok.

Sonny: Make sure Mike gets home.

Jason: Yeah, no problem.

Courtney: I'm going with you.

Brenda: What are you so afraid of? Are you afraid that you're not the love of his life? Are you afraid he just really likes having sex with you?

Carly: No. Sonny loves me.

Brenda: Well, that's good. Then you should relax, you know? You should try and grow up a little bit. I mean, you're a mom, right? So you should stop being rude to people for no reason.

Carly: I'm not being rude to you. I'm being honest. Sonny married me.

Brenda: I heard.

Carly: Yeah, three times. How many times did he marry you? Which one of us did he leave standing in the rain on her wedding day? Yeah. You know what? Sonny was right. You're not strong enough to be his wife. And he walked out on you for a reason -- because he doesn't want you anymore. So go bother Jax.

Brenda: Leave Jax out of this.

Carly: Why, Brenda? Isn't he your all-time favorite white knight? Go mess up his life.

Brenda: Jax may be paralyzed.

Monica: Skye?

Skye: Oh -- hi.

Monica: You need to get some rest.

Skye: Oh, yeah. I'm just going to -- I'm going to ask a nurse to bring a cot in.

Monica: Oh -- bad idea.

Skye: But I need to be here when Jax wakes up. He needs me.

Monica: Well, Jax just got a rather heavy sedative.

Skye: Well, I'm staying.

Monica: What about the next few days, Skye? Or the next few weeks? What about the whole long haul? Going to be up for that?

Skye: Ok.

Monica: Ok. Ok, you go home, you get some food, get some rest, and I'm pretty sure he's going to sleep through the night.

Skye: All right. All right.

[Music plays]

[music stops]

Brenda: I love you.

Jax: Skye?

Jax: Where are you? Where are you, Skye?

Gia: I can't believe Scott isn't here. I just need to review some of the ground rules for the debate. I mean, you'd think he'd spend a little more time in his office.

Nikolas: Calm down.

Lucky: I'm always calm.

Nikolas: She's going to be fine, ok?

Taggert: He just went to get a cup of coffee.

Gia: Oh. And he's going to grab you one, too?

Taggert: What difference does that make?

Gia: I was thinking maybe we could go for one.

Taggert: You trying to get me out of here?

Gia: No. Why would I do that? Where is Scott, anyway? Is he at Kelly's?

Taggert: Probably.

Gia: Well, why don't we go meet him there?

Taggert: And miss a chance to visit with my little sister? I mean, since you've been doing this Alexis Davis thing, I hardly get to see you. Have a seat.

Gia: You know, I believe in Alexis, and you really should, too, Marcus. Why don't you give her an endorsement?

Taggert: You want me to tell people to vote for Alexis Davis?

Gia: Well, people respect you and they listen to you.

Taggert: Ok. She's the reason that Sonny Corinthos is out on the street, not to mention Jason Morgan.

Gia: Well, she was just doing her job.

Taggert: I've spent my entire career trying to make Sonny Corinthos pay. I'm not going to tell people to vote for Alexis Davis.

Gia: Ok. It was just an idea.

Taggert: Why are you really here, Gia?

Gia: Why don't you walk me over to Kelly's? You know, I really need to find Scott.

Taggert: There's no need to yell. No, sis, I'm standing right here.

Gia: Why are you locking the door?

Taggert: I can't leave the D.A.'s door unlocked.

Gia: Well, what if Scott doesn't have his key?

Taggert: Let's just forget about this. I'm hungry. Are you hungry?

Gia: Yeah! Yeah! Let's go.

Taggert: Ok.

Nikolas: Come on, man. Hurry up, please? Hurry up.

Lucky: Give me a second, man. We're in.

Nikolas: All right.

Nikolas: What are we looking for, exactly, huh?

Lucky: Anything about Alexis.

Nikolas: Yeah? Like what?

Lucky: Anything with her name on it, something that seems off, anything.

Nikolas: Ok.

[Door opens]

Scott: Well, well, well. Heckle and Jekyll. How you going to talk your way out of this?

Courtney: Were you a good girl? Huh? Did you keep Mrs. Larosa company? Yeah. They watch out for each other when I'm not home.

Jason: That's good, right?

Courtney: Do you think Mike will sleep it off?

Jason: Yeah, yeah, I think he will.

Courtney: I didn't mean to cause trouble between you and Sonny.

Jason: No, no, no. It's not your fault. I called you. I'll deal with it. Are you going to be all right?

Courtney: I think so, yeah.

Jason: Did you get any more weird phone calls?

Courtney: A couple, but A.J.'s going to call, so it always makes me feel better, so --

Jason: Ok. I can stay if you want.

Courtney: No, no, that's ok. But thanks, anyway.

Jason: All right. No problem.

Courtney: Oh. Did Mrs. Larosa feed you hamburger like always? Were you a good girl? Yeah? Come on, let's go in the kitchen. Come on. Whoa-ho-ho, what are you doing?

Courtney: Let's take this off of you.

[E-mail notice chimes]

Carly: Ok, so Jax can't get you where you need to go, so maybe Sonny can? Is that what you're thinking?

Brenda: Jax might never walk again. I mean, do you care about anybody?

Carly: Do you? I mean, because you say Jax may be paralyzed, yet you come straight to my husband when you know that Jax hates Sonny. You just can't be loyal, can you? I want to know, do anyone's feelings matter but your own?

Brenda: I don't conspire to hurt people.

Carly: But you do, Brenda. And I'm not going to let you hurt Sonny again. Ok, go play your games with Jax, ok --

Brenda: Right.

Carly: Because Sonny and I, we are married. We have a family and a life together. I'm not letting you take that from me.

Brenda: Ok, that's great. You know what?

Carly: What?

Brenda: You talk a lot about protecting Sonny, right, and protecting your family and everything, but I know you.

Carly: Yeah?

Brenda: Yeah. I remember you.

Carly: Oh?

Brenda: You don't protect anyone but yourself.

Carly: Get out.

Sonny: Hey, hey, whoa, whoa. You all right?

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