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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Zander: It's time for me to become my own man, maybe even a brand-new one.

Roy: Felicia, I'm not your family.

Felicia: Yes, you are.

Jax: You're here because I asked you to stay.

Brenda: You get well, ok?

Elizabeth: Do you even care that you've ruined any chance we ever had of being together?

Man: I'm watching you, Daisy. I'm watching you now.

Courtney: Hey.

Jason: How's everything going?

Courtney: Well, no phone calls and no one followed me to work, if that's what you're asking. Listen, thank you, again, for walking me home last night. Hopefully, that jerk has lost interest.

Jason: Hey.

Elizabeth: Here you go. I'll get you some more coffee.

Jason: Are you -- wait, hold on. You're just going to walk -- walk by me from now on?

Elizabeth: I'm going to treat you like any other customer -- like I barely know you, because I don't. So, what can I get you?

Jason: The usual.

Elizabeth: And that would be?

Courtney: Just black coffee, right?

Elizabeth: You get it for him.

Courtney: What was all that about?

John: Long time no see.

Zander: Sorry, I don't know you.

John: Very funny.

Coleman: What'll you have?

John: Coffee. Last time we connected, you were thinking about getting back in the business. I'm looking to score some premium blow in quantity. You always had the best.

Zander: Hey, man, I'm sorry. I don't know what you're talking about. Obviously, you've got me confused with somebody else.

John: Is someone watching us?

Zander: Look, pal, I don't know you, ok? I don't have any connections to any of your areas of interest. I am just a guy trying to sit here and have a cup of coffee by myself, ok?

John: My mistake.

Coleman: The guy sounded pretty sure he knew you.

Zander: I'm not who he thought I was.

Alcazar: Am I as good as I feel after taking two bullets?

Bobbie: You'll live.

Alcazar: And Jasper Jacks?

Bobbie: Oh, we're going to make sure he survives to testify at your trial.

Alcazar: Well, if it isn't my partner and his accessory. It's perfect timing. We were just discussing actions and their consequences.

Bobbie: Excuse me.

Alcazar: If you had just killed Sonny when you said you would, everything would've been fine.

Monica: It's the fragment near the anterior spinal artery that I'm most concerned about.

Doctor: Is Mr. Jacks experiencing any numbness?

Monica: Only the tingling in his toes that he started feeling last night. And the woman that he's with is his wife, my stepdaughter.

Doctor: I read about it in the paper. They were just married and getting ready to leave for their honeymoon when he was shot.

Monica: Yeah, that's right.

Doctor: Well, why don't you go in and explain what's going on to the Jacks' while I take a closer look at these.

Monica: Ok.

Brenda: Hi, Monica.

Monica: Oh.

Brenda: Hi. Is there anything that you could tell me?

Monica: Unfortunately, no.

Edward: Brenda? Oh, my God. Oh-oh. Brenda. Oh, Brenda.

Skye: Hey. How do you feel?

Jax: I don't know. Depends. What's the prognosis?

Skye: Well, they haven't told me anything -- which I think is good news -- but I still haven't been able to get a hold of your parents.

Jax: I don't want to bother them.

Skye: I know. Hopefully, when we do get in touch with them, we'll be able to tell them that all this trouble's behind us and then get back to the Iditarod or wherever they are.

Jax: You've been here all night, haven't you? Why don't you go home and get some rest?

Skye: You are my husband. There is no way I'm leaving you alone.

Jax: What's the matter?

Skye: You're not wearing your wedding ring.

Jax: I guess they take it off before you go into surgery. Would you find it for me?

Monica: Well, how long have you been awake?

Skye: He just woke up.

Monica: Oh. And how are you feeling?

Jax: I thought I'd go windsurfing today. Ok, maybe not today. Perhaps next week.

Monica: You still feel that tingling you felt in your toes last night.

Jax: Yeah.

Monica: You feel this?

Jax: Yes.

Monica: And how about this?

Jax: Yep. I can even lift up the foot --

Monica: Ah, ah, don't. Don't move. Don't move at all. The surgery you had last night was to stop the internal bleeding, and we got some of the bullet out, but it fragmented. So there are pieces still lodged near the vertebral area. Now, the post-op x-rays show that there are slivers and splinters of metal that are lodged in the soft tissue that supports the spinal cord and the vertebrae. That leads us to a couple problems here. If we don't remove the fragments, there's a possibility they could rupture the vessels that lead to the nerves and the spinal cord. That could cause more internal bleeding and possible permanent neurological damage.

Jax: So much for windsurfing.

Skye: No. So you have to get the fragments out.

Monica: To reach those fragments, it's going to take very delicate microscopic surgery, and the place where the fragments are is not easy to access.

Jax: Bottom-line it for me -- I mean, what could go wrong?

Monica: Well, your spinal cord could be compromised.

Jax: Meaning paralysis?

Monica: From the trauma site down, yes.

Jax: Um, do you have -- do you have numbers on this kind of surgery? I mean, do you have success -- success rates?

Monica: Well, it's 60/40 -- against.

Jax: So I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.

Coleman: You know, Zander, I was thinking you need a job, right, and I could use an extra bartender.

Zander: I appreciate the offer, but serving drinks probably isn't the best career choice for me. It just seems a little too easy. Probably lead me back to the trouble I'm trying to get away from.

Coleman: Yeah? You trying to start over?

Zander: Something like that.

Coleman: Yeah, I know the feeling. Well, good luck, man. I hope the girl sees you differently than she did before.

Zander: Who said anything about a girl?

Coleman: Well, let's just call it a hunch from a guy whose business was girls.

Zander: Well, I'm doing this for me. I got to figure out what I want. You know, I don't want to be the guy that somebody shows up at 11:00 in the morning looking to score drugs with. You know what I'm saying?

Coleman: Well, then I'm glad to hear it. I just bought this place and if the cops are going to stop by, I want it to be because they're thirsty, you know?

Zander: What'd you do before this?

Coleman: I ran a club called the Oasis.

Zander: What made you buy this place?

Coleman: Well, the old one burned down and, you know, this was for sale. And I was ready for a change, you know? Trouble is, the past has a way of hanging on to you. You know, the mistakes you made, they come back and -- you know, it's like they say -- you are who you were.

Zander: I don't know. This time, it's going to be different. See you around.

Coleman: Adios.

Courtney: Is Elizabeth mad at you for walking me home last night?

Jason: Elizabeth thought Sonny was dead like everybody else and she didn't like being lied to and I can't really blame her.

Courtney: Well, did you explain to her that -- that you kept a secret to save my brother's life?

Jason: Yeah, I -- I mean, I think so. I think she knows it. You know, I don't even know what I said. She was hurt and angry and everything she was saying was right, so there wasn't really a lot I could -- I could say back. I mean, not even that I was sorry. Because I had to do it that way and if it happened again, I would do the exact same thing.

Courtney: Well, that's your job, right, to protect Sonny. I mean, even if it means doing things that you don't particularly like -- like guarding me.

Jason: Guarding you is easy, trust me, compared to some of the jobs Sonny makes me do.

Courtney: Well, maybe Elizabeth will realize that you didn't want to lie to her. Maybe she just needs time to cool down. I feel like that when I lose my temper. I blow up and I say things that I don't really mean, and then I think of it better and I'm sure she will, too.

Jason: Hey, you know, it's just -- I mean, it's not one lie. It's my whole life. It's what I do, everything I can't tell her. She -- she doesn't want to deal with it anymore, so -- I mean, she shouldn't have to.

Courtney: You know, you might not realize this, but pretending that you don't exist is -- it's a clear sign that Elizabeth still cares about you.

Jason: Yeah, if you say so.

Courtney: And why wouldn't she? I mean, yeah, ok, your job's awful. But -- I don't know -- it also seems like the danger makes everything else more intense. And as hard as it is for her to wait for you to come back, when you do, I'm sure she's -- she's so relieved and happy. I'm sure Elizabeth will realize that the highs are worth the lows. You know, you can do a lot more than you ever dreamed of for somebody when you really love them. I mean, just ask me and A.J.

Jason: I think that guy wants more coffee.

Courtney: You're right. I'm a terrible waitress. Luckily, I only have 10 more minutes in this shift.

Jason: I'll wait and walk you home.

Courtney: Oh, it's ok. It's broad daylight. I think I'll be all right.

Jason: I'm going that way anyway.

Courtney: If I said no, would you accept it or would you just follow me anyway?

Jason: I'd follow you.

Courtney: Then why'd you even ask?

Jason: I said I'll wait and walk you home.

Courtney: Right.

Alcazar: How was your trip to the Bahamas? I make it my business to know the movements of my partner.

Roy: I'm not your partner.

Alcazar: So you accept my million-dollar investment, you sell me out to Corinthos, and I assume that search for Brenda was all pretense. Oh, and you shot me. Do I strike you as the kind of man that could forget all that?

Roy: I'm the one who just came back from the Bahamas. You just came out of surgery. Now, it could be I'm just lucky, or maybe you've been underestimating me. Either way, I've definitely been unlucky for you. You haven't had a damn thing go right since you met me. You lost your yacht, lost your woman. Sonny got two shots in you and walked away without a scratch.

Alcazar: So you're here to advise me to cut my losses.

Roy: You do whatever you want in that regard, Luis. But I would advise you not to threaten anyone I care about ever again.

Alcazar: Well, since it appears I may be facing some legal issues, I think we should sever this business arrangement. It'll be as if we never met, as if this never happened. It's over.

Taggert: I may have something to say about that.

Brenda: I never thought I'd get to hug you again. How's Lila?

Edward: She is as anxious to see you as I was.

Brenda: Oh, I guess Skye must've filled you in on everything. I didn't even know you had another granddaughter.

Edward: Well, that's a story for another time, mm-hmm.

Brenda: How's Ned?

Edward: He's expecting a child. The mother is -- is questionable, but I don't want to go into that now. The important thing is that you are home again and anything you need, you must come to me for help.

Brenda: Ok. Thank you. I'm going to stay here until I make sure that Jax is ok.

Edward: Hmm.

Brenda: Part of me feels like I should be here.

Edward: Now, listen. No one who understands your history with Jax could possibly resent your concern for him. Hmm?

Brenda: Edward, maybe you could talk to Skye for me. You could tell her that I'm not here to break them up.

Edward: Mm-hmm.

Brenda: I want you to know that your granddaughter's happiness really is important to me now. You know, I know Jax loves her, and I understand that your loyalties lie with Skye, so --

Edward: You are three very good people and you're caught in a terribly awkward situation. I'm not going to pass any judgment. I just trust that you will do the right thing, hmm? Hmm.

Jax: Ok, just so we're clear -- I'm choosing between bleeding to death or possibly being paralyzed?

Skye: There -- there must be another option, a procedure that's less risky.

Monica: You -- of course, you're free to make any calls you want to, but I've got to tell you time is not on your side. Things -- things can go bad at any moment, and, Jax, you are definitely not to move at all. You call a nurse if you need anything.

Jax: But would it just be my legs that are compromised or --

Monica: It could vary.

Jax: I need to talk to Skye alone.

Monica: Sure. I'll be outside.

Skye: There is no option. You need to have the surgery.

Jax: We have to take a step back here. Look at the hard reality. I mean, when you take a look at the kind of life I'd be facing if I were paralyzed, the kind of life you'd be facing.

Skye: You would be alive.

Jax: I'm an athlete, Skye. Being physical and active, that's part of who I am.

Skye: Yeah. You can still be physical and active.

Jax: I've never been very good at depending on someone.

Skye: I know, but you could learn. And in terms of making love, we would learn, Jax. Now, look, without this surgery, you could die, and it cannot happen, ok? No, if you're paralyzed, I wouldn't love you any less. I wouldn't want to be with you any less. Look, I fell in love with who you are in here, ok? And in here. And in here. The way that you look at me. Now, we got married, "better or for worse."

Jax: You didn't marry someone confined to a wheelchair.

Skye: I would have.

Jax: You don't know that.

Skye: Oh, Jax, none of this matters right now, it doesn't. God, you -- you've sailed through hurricanes. You survived a week in the Sahara desert without water. You outlasted me. You create your own luck, ok? You taught me that -- never to accept a negative outcome, by loving me. You showed me the love that I never thought existed. Now, if -- if you can survive everything I put you through and still love me, then you can go into that OR.. And know that everything's going to be ok. And if -- if things don't go perfectly, then I will be there to take your hand, ok, and we will face it together. Together forever. No matter what.

Jax: Together. No matter what.

Elizabeth: Hey. Did you make it through the night ok?

Zander: I did.

Elizabeth: Where'd you sleep?

Zander: I got a room.

Elizabeth: Hmm. You looking for a job?

Zander: Yeah. The sooner, the better.

Elizabeth: Well, I think Bobbie needs a handyman.

Zander: Well, thanks, but I think I want to do this on my own. I mean, you keep telling me that I took the easy, fast route on everything, and I want to see what it's actually like to work for something. So I'm going to think things through, even if it takes a little longer and I have to be a little more patient.

Taggert: Luis Alcazar, I am informing you that you're the subject of an ongoing murder investigation. Be advised, you are not to leave the city of Port Charles.

Alcazar: As it happens, I'm incapable of leaving this bed at the moment.

Taggert: I'm also advising you to retain legal counsel. You could be charged with murder, attempted murder, kidnapping. The list goes on from there.

Alcazar: I consider myself warned.

Taggert: You do that. Now for you. Let's go.

Taggert: I don't have anything I can hold you on in connection with faking Sonny's death. However, I do have a D.A. That is in the middle of an election campaign and if you should so much as go after Alcazar, Scott Baldwin will nail you for the headlines it will produce.

Roy: I'm not going after him. I'm done with all of this. Felicia's had misgivings about it from the beginning. Her daughters have already suffered because of it. I'm not going to further jeopardize any of them. I've had to make a choice and I'm choosing her.

Taggert: Oh, Roy, those words, they sound so nice. But, you see, I know your history. I know you don't mean it.

Roy: Pleasure as always, Taggert.

Felicia: You never said anything to me about this while we were gone. When did you decide?

Roy: Just now.

Bobbie: Skye, this is as far as you can go. The waiting room's around the corner.

Skye: Ok. I love you, and I'm going to be the first person you see when you come out of this. And I'm going to tell you that it just went great, ok, because that is exactly what's going to happen.

Jax: I love you, too.

Bobbie: It's time to go.

Brenda: Oh, um, I'll wait in the lobby.

Skye: No. Stay.

Roy: I mean, I couldn't start thinking about our future together until I knew that Alcazar was out of the picture.

Jason: Uh -- you know what? I got to talk to Roy, and it might take a few minutes.

Courtney: It's ok. It's all right. Like I said, it's broad daylight out. Besides, I probably shouldn't get too used to relying on you. I mean, A.J. Will be home soon. If I have any more problems. I'll -- I'll call my Dad.

Jason: Ok.

Roy: It was the most --

Jason: Hey, you guys.

Roy: Hey, Jason.

Jason: Do you have a minute?

Roy: Yeah. Anything you need to say to me, Felicia can hear.

Jason: Want to sit down?

Roy: Sure.

Jason: Sonny would like to make you a business proposition.

Roy: Oh, man. I'm not interested.

Jason: That's fine.

Felicia: Wait a minute. Don't you even want to know what you're not interested in?

Roy: Yeah, whatever. What? What was it?

Alan: Oh, wipe that grin off your face.

Edward: Alan, I was just looking for you.

Alan: You were tracking Brenda.

Edward: I just saw her. Is there some reason that I shouldn't be happy about that?

Alan: I know that look in your eye.

Edward: What?

Alan: You're already imagining what Brenda's presence is going to do to Skye and her new marriage. I'm warning you, Father, you start rubbing her nose in it, and I will have you barred from the hospital.

Edward: Skye never even saw me, Alan. I see that they're taking Jax back into surgery. Why?

Alan: They're going to try to remove the bullet.

Edward: Well, look, Brenda is worried to death and nobody will tell her a damn thing. Would you please go in and just explain everything to her?

Alan: I like Brenda, but right now I am much more concerned with Skye and her new husband.

Edward: Is it bad?

Alan: Oh, please don't pretend like you care.

Edward: What?

Alan: You are just getting ready to launch this new assault on Skye.

Edward: No, no, no, don't -- but I do think that Skye is in for a very rocky ride.

Alan: And the last thing that she needs is somebody like you who is going to come --

Edward: Alan, I am not going to do a damn thing for the first time in my life. I am just going to sit back and watch.

Skye: I know you're concerned about Jax. I know you were looking for that reassurance that he's going to be ok, and I'm here to give you that reassurance. Jax is going to get through this.

Doctor: All right, I'm inside through the vertebral ligament.

Monica: And there's a fragment.

Skye: Jax and I have discussed all of the possible eventualities, and that isn't even necessary because Jax is going to walk out of here healthy and fine.

Brenda: I don't doubt that for a second.

Skye: Good. Because time is precious.

Monica: Can you get that without lacerating the artery?

Doctor: It's like Chinese pickup sticks. If you pull the black one out from under all the others without moving anything, you win. I need more magnification.

Skye: Jax explained to me about you inheriting your mother's disease. Now, I don't think that you want to hang on to something that's over, that's in the past. You don't want to waste time being a third wheel in some relationship. It's not your style, Brenda. I can tell, you're better than that.

Brenda: Right. Yes, you -- you're right. Skye, after Jax is fully recovered and you guys are together, and he leaves for a business meeting or you go shopping -- basically any time he's ever out of your sight -- you're going to be wondering where he is. If he's not answering his cell phone, you're going to be wondering if he's with me in my bed by my side. And the fact is someday, he will be.

Brenda: Jax will come to me one day, but it's not for the reason that you think. I am not going to go running after your husband behind your back. This is what this is all about, right? This is why you're so intent on hurrying me out of town.

Skye: What, so that little riff about getting my husband into bed was all for effect?

Brenda: Well, it might've been similar to your little riff about time being precious and me not wanting to be a third wheel because I'm too good for that. Skye, you can just be honest with me. I mean, you can just tell me that you're threatened by me and you'd like me to leave town.

Skye: I'm not threatened. I'm not. I also think a part of you thinks that you can get Jax back if you really put your mind to it.

Brenda: You don't know what I think.

Skye: Go ahead, Brenda. Try it, really. Accidentally walk out of the shower naked when Jax drops by. It won't work. It won't change anything. He loves me. Jax married me and we made the most incredibly romantic vows to each other. You were there. You heard, right? Tell me something -- when you saw us married, were you happy for Jax at all, or were you just heartbroken?

Monica: Well, we got all of the fragments.

Skye: That's good news.

Doctor: We need to discuss potential side effects and further treatment options. The next 48 hours are crucial to your husband's recovery.

Jason: Sonny's having business difficulties in Miami. Our associates down there saw an opening when they thought Sonny was dead.

Roy: What does that have to do with me?

Jason: Well, you worked in Miami. You understand the business. You've proven yourself. And Sonny needs someone like you to report on the situation, possibly take it over. And he thinks you're the best man for the job, if you're interested.

Roy: But there are a lot of people that have interests in Miami. He's not the only one.

Jason: That's right.

Roy: There's a potential for conflict down there.

Jason: And a lot of money, if it's done right. That's why we need to move fast.

Roy: I'm out of the business. I mean, I realize the rewards can be great, but the risk is huge and I'm not willing to pay it anymore. Man, I swore that if I got myself and Felicia and her daughters away from Alcazar, we would find a way to end this, and we've done it. We have all we need now. We have a lot going on. As a matter of fact, Felicia and I have hashed this out and we've already decided to sign pier 52 over to Sonny again, give it back to him free and clear. Did I bring that thing? Thanks.

Jason: I'll have a check cut for you this afternoon.

Felicia: Roy and I bought that pier on Alcazar's orders with alcazar's money. We don't want anything more to do with it. In fact, I don't even want the profits from it.

Roy: This is a transfer of title. The pier officially belongs to Corinthos-Morgan coffee imports. Tell Sonny to think of it as a gift, a show of good faith.

Jason: You guys sure about this?

Felicia: Oh, yeah. It's a relief to give it away.

Roy: Thank him for the job offer, but make it clear that I'm out of the business.

Jason: I'll take this to Sonny.

Roy: See you around, Jason.

Jason: Thanks.

Felicia: Yeah. Yeah.

Felicia: I want you to be honest with me. Did you want to accept that offer from Sonny?

Courtney: Mrs. Larosa, it's Courtney. Let me know when you get this message and I'll come pick up Rosie. Bye.

[Phone rings]

Courtney: Hello? Who is this? I know you're there.

[Phone rings]

Coleman: Jake's.

Felicia: I want you out of the mob. Maybe I should just keep my mouth closed and just be happy, but I need to know it's what you want.

Roy: I've got what I want sitting right in front of me.

Felicia: Are you ready to walk away from the rush and the adventure and that money?

Roy: Yes, I am.

Felicia: What are you going to do? Be a bartender?

Roy: Actually, you know, I had something a little more wholesome in mind. I was thinking about maybe two people trying to make a real home together. Someplace where a couple of kids could finish growing up. Maybe space in it for another kid to show up. I want you to marry me.

Jason: Get the paperwork started, ok? Thanks.

Zander: Congratulations, on your boss being alive and all.

Jason: Yeah. Um -- you know, Alcazar is in custody, so I'm pretty sure you can stop worrying.

Zander: Well, Elizabeth's pretty upset about you lying to her. I mean, not that I blame you or -- I probably would've done the same thing in your place. Anyway, it's over. Besides, it doesn't sound like I gave you much of a reason to trust me in the past. Sounds like I pretty much ticked off everybody I ever met, so -- but I'm going to try and do better.

Jason: Something's changed since the last time I saw you.

Zander: I decided to move on with my life.

Jason: No, no, see, I lost my memory after -- after the car accident, so I know what it's like to have no connection to anything. That look's not in your eyes anymore. You remember, don't you?

Courtney: It was you, wasn't it? You just called me a little while ago and didn't say anything. Don't even bother denying it.

Coleman: I won't. It was me.

Doctor: The splinter we're most concerned about was already starting to cause a hemorrhage, which would've compromised the anterior spinal artery.

Skye: But you're fairly certain that you got everything out without affecting the spinal cord?

Monica: Well, we've taken a wait-and-see posture, but everything went very well.

Doctor: We got the fragment out, and his injury is no longer life-threatening.

Monica: And Jax should be coming out of the anesthetic soon, so we'll examine him, make sure there aren't any complications. But like I said, it did go very well.

Skye: Oh. He's going to be all right. He has to be.

Brenda: Hey. Skye is talking to the doctors about the surgery.

Jax: I need to know how it went. Monica said that I could be paralyzed.

Brenda: No, no, no, no, no. Skye's talking to the doctors. As soon as she finds out anything, she's going to come and let you know.

Jax: No, no, no. I need to know now.

Brenda: You want me to go get a doctor?

Jax: No. Just -- just put your hand on -- on my leg. I want to see if I can feel it.

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