GH Transcript Wednesday 10/2/02



General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 10/2/02

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Scott: Your baby doesn't get a choice as to your qualifications as a mother, but the voters -- now that's a different story.

Alcazar: You're Morgan's mother.

Monica: And I could slip and just kill you.

Tagliati: There is a meeting of the families tomorrow. Why don't you let me escort you?

Carly: This is going to be over soon. Just let me help you.

Jax: The cottage tomorrow. Will you be there?

Ned: Pick an issue, any issue.

Alexis: Street crime.

Ned: And I should vote for you, why?

Alexis: Because I'll be tough on petty criminals, and I'll focus on the quality of life. Next question.

Ned: The mob in port Charles. You can't hesitate.

Alexis: I'm thinking.

Ned: While Baldwin cashes in. Sonny was your main client.

Alexis: I know, I know. I'm going to have to come up with a concise explanation as to my association with Sonny. I realize that.

Nikolas: Ok, may the best candidate for D.A. win.

Gia: That would be you.

Alexis: Whoa.

Nikolas: It's your first contribution.

Alexis: Should I choose to accept it.

Gia: What do you mean?

Ned: Well, we just turned Edward down.

Alexis: Too many strings attached.

Nikolas: It's politics, Alexis. Strings come with the deal.

Alexis: Then keep your money.

Nikolas: It's family money.

Alexis: Just because we're a family doesn't mean that you have to support me. I want to win this election on the issues that I believe in.

Gia: Is that possible?

Nikolas: Ok, forget the issues. Packaging. Packaging wins elections.

Ned: He sounds like a campaign manager.

Nikolas: That's more or less the idea. So, am I hired?

Alexis: Are you trying to buy this job?

Ned: He'd be terrific.

Nikolas: Just as you'd be a great D.A. All you need is a little, you know, focus. Ok?

Gia: And the youth vote, and I can help you there. When was the last time you had a good haircut. Huh?

[Ned laughs]

Alexis: What's wrong with my hair? How about cleaning up the docks? That's an important issue.

Gia: I think rethinking your blush is important. You're looking a little pale.

Alexis: I'm concerned about crime, not my cheekbones.

Gia: Well, cheekbones win elections.

Alexis: Since when?

Gia: You have to look good on camera to win. You can't look good without cheekbones.

Nikolas: Well, she didn't go pre-law at Columbia for nothing, I guess.

Alexis: How about fighting white-collar crime or drugs or gun violence? That sort of thing.

Gia: Well, you'll have your work cut out for you in this town.

Ned: And you have to get elected first.

Nikolas: Ok, you know, Alexis, you have the drive. You have the legal experience. If Cassadine money pays for the campaign, who cares? You'd be the first D.A. In history not to owe anybody anything.

Gia: Except me and Nikolas.

Ned: And me. We're kidding.

Alexis: I know.

Gia: We are?

Reporter: What is your main concern here?

Scott: Well, I have a lot of concerns but --

Alexis: Did you call the press?

Nikolas: Maybe I should have.

Reporter: Is Alexis Davis a personal enemy?

Scott: Oh, no, no, I have the utmost respect for Alexis Davis.

Reporter: Hasn't she defeated you in court?

Scott: No, no, but I've seen her try cases, and I don't think anybody has represented the mob more brilliantly. Of course, I want to clean up the crime in Port Charles, and maybe if I can get Alexis Davis out of the courtroom, I might have a chance.

Reporter: Ever heard of the five families?

Scott: As in organized crime? Of course. But the families I'm concerned about are the ones that have a mother and a father and a couple of kids. You know, that's what holds this world together. I may be old-fashioned, but if the voters want an unwed mother as district attorney, so be it. Who am I to judge?

Carly: So, what do you think? Hmm?

Sonny: I don't know about this. You shouldn't be at this meeting.

Carly: Well, Jason isn't available. You are supposed to be dead. So do you really want Tagliati and his friends thinking that they can grab your territory? I have to go, Sonny. There's no other way.

Sonny: I'm coming with you.

Alcazar: Am I alive?

Monica: Yes.

Alcazar: You're his mother. Jason Morgan.

Monica: Yes.

Alcazar: Why didn't you kill me?

Monica: I wish I had.

Skye: Hey! What do you want? I can shoot skeet. I can shoot you. Do you work for alcazar? I'm taking that for a yes. Pull!

Jason: He's on your side. So am I.

Jax: Brenda?

[Brenda gasps]

Brenda: I'm covered.

Jax: Sorry, I should have called.

Brenda: Yes, you should just call, so --

Jax: Yeah, I'll call next time.

Brenda: Yeah.

Jax: I wanted to make sure that you were ok.

Brenda: I'm fine.

Jax: Nothing out of the ordinary?

Brenda: No, no, everything's fine, given the circumstances.

Jax: Good.

Brenda: Yeah.

Jax: Good.

Brenda: Jax, you know, when I was away, I would dream a lot about this cottage, and in my dreams, I always thought I'd stay here for the rest of my life, but I'd wake up, and Luis would be next to me, and he's -- he was very good to me, and I never imagined that he would be capable of killing Sonny or coming after you.

Jax: Look, we're going to catch Alcazar, ok?

Brenda: Yes.

Jax: Then you'll be safe.

Brenda: And then I can leave.

Jax: Right, right. Then you can leave.

Brenda: Yeah. You should be gone already.

Jax: I know. Skye -- she understands.

Brenda: Yeah, well, she -- she must love you a lot.

Jax: Yeah. And I love her.

Brenda: Yeah.

Jax: Listen, is there anything that you need medication-wise?

Brenda: No, no, I'm --

Jax: Anything at all?

Brenda: No, I'm fine. I -- the drugs don't really help, so -- I used to have my little dream that I'd live long enough for the miracle drug, but --

Jax: Well, you never know. It could still happen.

Brenda: No, no. No, the doctors disagree. It doesn't matter. I love Europe, and my life's over there now. It has been for a long time. Yours is just beginning. You're so happy.

Jax: Yes, I am.

Brenda: Well -- what's she like?

Jax: What? Skye?

Brenda: Uh, yeah.

Jax: Oh, she's -- she's -- well, what do you want to know?

Brenda: Uh -- I don't know. Just -- when I'm away, it'll make me happy to imagine exactly what your life is like. You know, now I'll always remember you standing there at the church, waiting for her, happy, knowing you'll have a family some day.

Jax: Well, Skye -- she -- she gave me back my heart.

Brenda: Hmm.

Jax: It's not the same as before. But she challenges me. She's -- she's fearless. She's a survivor. And she's vulnerable, too. Most people don't really see that side of her.

Brenda: And she needs you?

Jax: Yeah, and I need her.

Brenda: Do you really expect me to believe that?

Skye: Well, that -- that goon works for you?

Jason: Yes.

Skye: What do you mean he's watching the house? And what do you mean you're on my side? Jax already hired people to guard the property, ok? So what are your guys doing here? My God, I don't know why I even bother. Jax told me about Alcazar.

Jason: Ok, well, that's good, because you need to be careful. He might show up here.

Skye: Is that why your guards are snooping around? I mean, what -- why would somebody go after Jax and Sonny? What could they possibly have in common?

Jason: Look, if you're going to shoot somebody, just make sure you shoot the right person.

Skye: Yeah, well, it's pretty hard to tell the bad guys from the bad guys these days. That was a joke. Kind of.

Jason: This is not a joke.

Skye: So you came to warn me? What are you doing here anyway?

Jason: Ok, look, Jax and I are trying to get Alcazar, so you need to stay out of it and just stay in the house.

Skye: Do you know where Jax is?

Jason: No.

Skye: Because he's been disappearing a lot. Has he been meeting with you about Alcazar?

Monica: You want to kill Jason. I could save my son's life by letting you die, but I'm not a murderer like you are. I took an oath to heal people, so I -- I did the best I could.

Alcazar: I need to sleep.

Monica: You also need antibiotics. You're spiking a fever and you're going to die if you don't get them.

Alcazar: Send the guard to get some.

Monica: Well, a little difficult. See, my prescription pad is at the hospital.

Alcazar: Should call it in.

Monica: Now that's a -- that's a problem, too. You see, I've been missing. My family's looking for me, and the police probably are, too. And I could easily be traced right to here. I have to go get them myself.

Alcazar: No.

Monica: Ok. Ok, then I can save my son because I can just sit here and watch you die. You're going to feel cold after a while because your fever's going to rise. And delirium is going to set in as your body shuts down. You're going to die. Maybe it will take a couple of days, but you're going to die.

Alcazar: What about your oath?

Monica: Well, what about it? I mean, there's not much I can do. I don't have any access to any medication for you. So, you will die, and my son will live.

Alcazar: Take her to the hospital. Don't let her out of your sight.

Man: Yes, sir.

Alcazar: Hey, hey. Get the meds and then kill her.

Sonny: Ok, this -- put that down. This goes in your ear, ok? This one goes on you.

Carly: You want me to wear a mike?

Sonny: No, what I want you to do, I want you to go to Puerto Rico and be with Michael. You can leave tonight. Take that.

Carly: I can handle this, Sonny, ok? All I need to do is stall them long enough so you and Jason can get rid of Alcazar.

Sonny: Do you have any idea what's going to happen if you get caught?

Carly: I won't get caught.

Sonny: Ok -- I hear you with this. You hear me with that. All right?

Carly: And you tell me exactly what to say?

Sonny: I tell you exactly what to say, ok? Everything.

Carly: What to say --

Sonny: Yes.

Carly: Exactly what to say.

Sonny: Nothing less, nothing more, right.

Carly: Oh, you're going to love this now, aren't you? Because finally, you get to control every word that I say.

Sonny: Yeah. So, once you're there, if there's a vote on the table -- let me have that -- if there's a vote on the table, I'll tell you how to vote, I'll tell you how to answer every question, ok?

Carly: All right, so where are you going to be?

Sonny: I'm going to be in the limo outside the No Name.

Carly: Sonny, what if somebody sees you?

Sonny: They won't.

Carly: Ok. So this picks up everything that I say?

Sonny: Everything everybody says.

Carly: All right, and I'll hear you with this?

Sonny: That's right. And you repeat everything I say.

Carly: Ok.

Sonny: Get over there for a second.

Carly: "Get over there for a second."

Sonny: See when I -- is this a joke now to you?

Carly: Can you hear me or not?

Sonny: Yes, I can.

Carly: Ok.

Sonny: And you only do what I tell you.

Carly: Only what you tell me.

Sonny: Ok. If there's a problem, ok, and I tell you to bail, you will bail. You understand what I'm saying?

Carly: Ok, I understand.

Sonny: We're not playing games here. This is not a game.

Carly: Sonny, I can handle this.

Scott: As district attorney, I want to clean up port Charles. I believe in law and order.

Reporter: How did Luke Spencer escape?

Scott: Well, I got the arrest and the conviction. The police fell down on the job.

Reporter: Did Spencer have you in shackles on a back road?

Scott: My main concern right now is the murder of Sonny Corinthos. Even Alexis Davis couldn't save him.

Reporter: Do you have a suspect?

Scott: No, but I'm going to find out who did it. I'm going to drive organized crime out of this town.

Reporter: Is Alexis Davis a mouthpiece for the mob?

Alexis: You know what? I can't let this go on for one more minute.

Ned: Just hold on, hold on.

Scott: You have to ask yourself that question if you want to know her sudden interest in politics, being pregnant and everything. But I'm sure she would never put her political aspirations over the well-being and health of a child. I got to admire her for having a child out of wedlock.

Alexis: I -- I -- sorry.

Reporter: Hey, Ms. Davis --

Alexis: I'm sorry -- "out of wedlock"? Are you kidding me? What century are you from?

Ned: You pompous jerk.

Reporter: Are you the father?

Second reporter: Did you run away from your own wedding and then hitch a semi to a bar?

Scott: Now, now, now, let's stick to the points here.

Reporter: Sure. Did you sleep with a trucker?

Alexis: Yes. Yes, I -- the trucker was going by, I needed a ride. I just hopped in. I barely remember this night. Now what happened?

Scott: Now, now, now, now, give her a break. I want to stick to the issues here.

Ned: Like hell you do.

Reporter: Ok, but who was he?

Alexis: Hey, folks, you know what? Hey, hey, hey, you need to know upfront that my personal life is not going to be an issue in this campaign, all right?

Scott: Now, Alexis, just take it easy. Ned is really concerned about you. Obviously, not enough to marry her, though.

Alexis: Oh, Ned, for God's sakes!

Reporter: How do you feel?

Alexis: Get that thing out of my face.

Nikolas: Back off. Give her some room.

Alexis: This whole thing is a setup.

Gia: Alexis, don't get hysterical.

Alexis: I'm not hysterical!

Reporter: Are you all right?

Alexis: We're done.

Scott: Never better.

Reporter: Are you ok?

Second reporter: Are you going to press charges?

Scott: I have no intention of pressing charges against Mr. Ashton.

Ned: Go ahead.

Scott: Alexis would probably represent him, anyway. I would like to get back to the issues, what's important to the voters.

Alexis: Thank you, Mr. Baldwin. I think it is important that we stick to the issues at hand. A district attorney should provide leadership, not confrontation.

Reporter: Did you mean to get pregnant?

Alexis: My pregnancy is a joyous event. It is also a private matter.

Reporter: Boy or girl?

Alexis: I would like to discuss some of the issues and the problems that exist right here in Port Charles.

Reporter: Why aren't you getting married?

Alexis: I don't believe parents need to be married to raise a child.

Reporter: What about the family unit?

Alexis: Families come in different shapes and different forms. I intend to bring up my child with love in my home right here in Port Charles, which is why I have a vested interest in the safety here. It's the least we can do for our children no matter who their parents are.

Reporter: Are you saying it's all right to be pregnant when you're not married?

Alexis: I'm saying that that has been asked and answered several times already before now.

Reporter: But what kind of message does that send to young people?

Carly: Gentlemen.

Tagliati: We'll have to search you both.

Sonny: Say, "I come with respect."

Carly: I come with respect.

Tagliati: We understand.

Sonny: Tagliati's sitting down. Take the empty seat. Be quiet.

Tagliati: Espresso? Wine?

Sonny: Espresso.

Carly: Espresso.

Sonny: Just nod.

Man: Any comments, concerns before we start?

Sonny: Don't say anything.

Man: We have a lot to cover.

Tagliati: Well, let's begin.

Man: Mrs. Corinthos, Eddie Benedetto. We are honored you could join us. May your husband rest in peace.

Sonny: Say "thank you."

Carly: Thank you.

Eddie: We'll put any misunderstandings aside.

Sonny: Say, "I appreciate that."

Carly: I appreciate that.

Eddie: I see new opportunity for our work in Port Charles.

Tagliati: Yes.

Sonny: Don't agree or disagree.

Eddie: Baldwin's for sale. Alexis Davis used to represent Sonny Corinthos. Does that mean she can be bought?

Tagliati: Mrs. Corinthos?

Carly: In a time such as this, I want to ask myself -- what would Sonny think?

Sonny: Say, "buying Alexis is not an option."

Carly: And buying Alexis isn't an option.

Tagliati: We'll wait and see.

Sonny: You're doing good. Keep it off Alexis.

Carly: No problem.

Sonny: I heard that. Pay attention to the meeting.

Eddie: Any comments? Next topic.

Tagliati: The shipment. We've got a big shipment of drugs coming in. We'll need to move them through the Corinthos territory on the docks.

Sonny: Nod. Go along with them.

Carly: Excuse me?

Eddie: The docks. We'll need to move drugs through Corinthos territory.

Sonny: Go along with them.

Carly: Sonny hated drugs.

Tagliati: We mean no disrespect to your husband.

Sonny: Carly, listen to me. We'll deal with it later.

Carly: We will deal with this now.

Tagliati: Will you allow us to move the drugs?

Sonny: Just say --

[Sonny's audio cuts out]

Jason: Jax told you he's been meeting with me?

Skye: Are you saying that he hasn't?

Jason: I'm just saying he has his own problems.

Skye: Has he met with you or not?

Jason: We've talked, but protecting Jax isn't my first priority.

Skye: Oh, that's a surprise. So if you're not watching Jax, who is?

Jason: Jax understands who he's dealing with. I'm sure he's fine.

Skye: Well, what if something happens? Why won't anybody help him? Look, Jason, ok, I know you're my brother, even though you say you aren't, and I know you probably hate me, and I can't say I completely blame you, but if you know where Jax is --

Jason: I told you, I don't know.

Skye: Oh, my God! We're supposed to be on our honeymoon, but instead, he's out there risking his life, and, I mean, what if he needs help? What if he's in trouble?

Jason: He probably isn't.

Skye: What kind of an answer is that?

Jason: Just be careful with this.

Skye: Jason, do you have any idea where my husband is?

Jason: No, I -- he's taking care of you. Stay here.

Brenda: You know, I can still tell when you're lying. You could never fall in love with somebody that perfect. I mean, I don't even think you can get through dinner with somebody that perfect, not even with a lot of champagne.

Jax: I don't know. Perhaps if it was really good champagne --

Brenda: You want to tell me what she's really like?

Jax: She's -- she's intense. Difficult. Estranged from her family.

Brenda: Hmm.

Jax: She doesn't have a lot of friends. In fact, most people hate her. Ned can't believe I actually married her.

Brenda: Yeah, Ned. How is Ned?

Jax: Same as ever.

Brenda: How's Lois?

Jax: I don't really see her that much.

Brenda: I wish I could call her.

Jax: Well, perhaps you can someday.

Brenda: No, I can't. I know what's ahead, you know? I don't want to drag anybody through that. And I am so glad that you are going to have your hands full with Skye.

Jax: Yeah, yeah, I am.

[Brenda laughs]

Jax: She's infuriating, astonishing. I'm in love with her. What can I say?

Brenda: Yeah. Well, I know how you are when it comes to marriage, and I know how you are when it comes to making a commitment to something. You never let go.

Jax: Not completely.

Brenda: I'm -- I'm sorry things have turned out this way. You know, I never had great judgment when it came to men. Except for you.

Jax: Yeah.

Brenda: I really -- I thought Luis was my friend. And now Sonny's gone, and you're in danger, and I really do have to leave tonight.

Jax: No, Brenda, you're not leaving until we catch Alcazar, ok?

Brenda: Jax, what if Jason shows up here again?

Jax: You think he's going to help you get away?

Brenda: Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea now that you know everything.

Jax: No, no, Brenda. Not without saying good-bye.

Brenda: No. I'm very grateful I got to see you.

Jax: Yeah, it's more than I ever expected.

Brenda: It's been a very long time, Jax. I want you to promise me that you'll never put your life in danger for me again.

Jax: No, please, don't think of-- don't think of it like that.

Brenda: You don't know Luis.

Jax: Just call it grace under pressure.

Brenda: Just be careful.

Jax: I will. I will.

Brenda: If -- if anything ever happened to you, I'd --

Brenda: So --

Jax: Good night.

Brenda: Good night.

Jax: Good night, Brenda.

Brenda: Good night.

Reporter: Ms. Davis --

second reporter: Ms. Davis, one more question, please.

Alexis: Thank you very much. That's it for now.

Alexis: What was that all about?

Scott: Oh, yeah, yeah, the press conference got a little out of control, didn't it?

Alexis: I thought we agreed to keep our private lives out of this campaign, Scott.

Scott: Well, if I stepped over the line, I apologize.

Alexis: You deliberately provoked me and Ned.

Scott: Well, at least you didn't punch me.

Alexis: You know what, Scott? You have made some very question choices as D.A. -- The skull, Luke Spencer. There's a number of other things. You know, a lot of people can get hurt if I decide to drag this out into the open.

Scott: Well, that's your call.

Alexis: I want to run a clean campaign.

Scott: So do I. I mean, we both did look bad.

Alexis: Just in time for the late news.

Scott: Oh, I doubt they'll run it.

Alexis: You'd better hope not.

Scott: Well, I mean, if they do, I'm the one that looks silly getting punched in the nose. You were in control.

[Beeper beeps]

Alexis: Saved by the beeper once again.

Scott: Yeah. The district attorney's job is never done. I wonder how that will work with maternity leave and everything?

Alexis: You ever hear of a live-in nanny?

Scott: See you later. Ho, ho, whoa, whoa, slugger. Take it easy, I'm leaving.

Alexis: So who do you think won that round?

Gia: I think you made a pretty good save.

Ned: You made a very good point about the family unit.

Nikolas: Well, we'll just have to wait and see when we see the news.

Alexis: If it ever airs.

Nikolas: Oh, it'll -- it'll air.

Alexis: All right, well, then he'll look like the jerk that he is.

Nikolas: I hope so.

Ned: So obviously, Scott is going to use this pregnancy against you any way he can.

Gia: So? Throw it back in his face. Who says the D.A. Can't have a baby on her own? I mean, where is the law against that?

Nikolas: This is just the beginning, Alexis. Baldwin is obviously planning to use the pregnancy as a character issue, and a lot of people are going to see it his way.

Alexis: All right, so we need a counterattack. Any suggestions?

Nikolas: You could get married.

Monica: Bobbie.

Bobbie: Hey, Monica. Where on earth have you been?

Monica: Oh, Alan didn't tell you?

Bobbie: Tell me what? Oh, no!

Monica: I got -- I got stuck in surgery. It went on forever. Listen, I need to get some antibiotics -- 614.

Bobbie: I.V.?

Monica: No, P.O.

Bobbie: Ok.

Monica: Listen, I'll write it down for you, ok?

[Phone rings]

Monica: Bobbie, um, here.

Bobbie: Nurses' station.

[Bobbie gasps]

Bobbie I, I'm on my way.

Monica: Hey, Bobbie?

Bobbie: Hey, would you pick up these meds for --

Monica: Bobbie, here. No, no, I wrote it. I wrote it right down here.

Bobbie: It's ok, I already ran it in the computer. It's good to see you.

Monica: No, really --

Carly: Sonny refused to move drugs through his territory. I believe you all know that.

Tagliati: Yes.

Sonny: Stop talking, Carly.

Carly: So then why would you expect me to agree?

Eddie: Your husband could never make the tough decisions. He was weak.

Tagliati: Some respect for the dead, Eddie.

Eddie: Don't be like your husband, Mrs. Corinthos. Don't make his mistakes. Think before you answer.

Sonny: Tell him he can move the damn drugs!

Eddie: To reiterate -- the families are requesting permission to move drugs through Sonny's territory. What you say next will affect all of us for a long time.

Sonny: These are new times. You will cooperate. You know I'm --

[Sonny's audio cuts out]

Sonny: So tell him it's ok.

[Carly covers Sonny's mike]

Carly: I came here with respect and I expect the same.

Sonny: Carly? Uncover the mike.

Carly: You ask me to move drugs through the territory -- Sonny's territory -- something he would never do. How can you do that? How can you act like my husband's life meant nothing? That the code that he lives by can just be ignored? You say my husband is weak. You ask me to go against him, and you spit on his memory. Is that why you asked me here? So you can disrespect my husband? May he rest in peace.

Tagliati: That was never our intention.

Carly: You asked me to consider my answer, and I have. Will I allow you to run drugs through Sonny's territory? There is no way in hell.

Sonny: What's going on, Carly? Carly?

Nikolas: I really wish you would listen to me.

Alexis: My private life has nothing to do with my ability to be district attorney. How many times, how many ways do I have to say that?

Nikolas: Alexis, listen, if you marry Ned -- I'm serious -- if you marry Ned, your private life is off the table. If you don't, Baldwin will not let up.

Gia: Why should Alexis have to build her whole life around what Scott Baldwin believes is right?

Alexis: Good for you. Go on.

Gia: Why not pitch Alexis as a symbol for women everywhere. I mean, forget the makeover. Alexis lives by her own terms and she makes her own choices.

Nikolas: Ok, that's great if she wins, and if she doesn't, then what?

Gia: Don't you believe in Alexis at all?

Nikolas: Yeah, I do, I do. I just want to get you elected first, and you can make changes from the inside, ok?

Ned: I think you're selling the voters short.

Gia: So do I.

Nikolas: Fine. Ok, fine. I hope you're right.

Alexis: Look, if Scott wants to sling mud, let him. It will fly back and hit him in the face.

Gia: That's right.

Alexis: I'm going to run a clean campaign, and I'm focusing on the issues, and I believe that the people will respond to that.

Ned: Let's hope.

Alexis: I will win this the right way. You watch, Nikolas. Don't worry about it.

Nikolas: Ok.

Gia: Is that Scott Baldwin?

Nikolas: What'd I tell you?

Ned: All right. You made the news already.

Reporter: Did you mean to get pregnant?

Alexis: My pregnancy is a joyous event. It is also a private matter.

Reporter: Boy or girl?

Alexis: I would like to discuss --

nurse: Here you go, Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica: Thank you.

Man: Let's go.

Tagliati: You're a brave woman. We appreciate that.

Eddie: Brave and naive.

Carly: You know, I came in good faith. I want you to understand, I will honor Sonny's agreements with you as I honored Sonny as my husband. These are new times, new circumstances, and I was prepared to reach out.

Sonny: Ok -- Carly --

Carly: But there is no way in hell that I will let you run drugs through Sonny's territory. Sonny never dealt in drugs and neither will I.

Sonny: Carly, you there?

Eddie: You've got guts. Too bad you don't have brains.

Carly: What will it take, gentlemen? Do you honestly believe I will let you do this? Well, you are wrong. All of you. Don't you realize that I have Sonny's entire organization standing behind me and ready to do what I want? Do you want to deal with them and Jason Morgan? No, I didn't think so.

Man: You dropped your earring. She's wired.

news anchor: Who will be the next district attorney? You tell us.

Scott: I may be old-fashioned, but if the voters want an unwed mother as district attorney, so be it. Who am I to judge?

Alexis: The trucker was going by, I needed a ride. I just hopped in. I barely remember this night.

Reporter: What was his name?

Scott: Now, now, now, now, come on, come on, please, please. I want to stick to my points --

Alexis: This whole thing is a setup.

Gia: Alexis, don't get hysterical.

Alexis: I'm not hysterical!

Scott: Alexis, just take it easy. Ned is really concerned about you. Obviously not enough to marry her, though.

Alexis: Oh, Ned!

News anchor: The flash poll's in. Baldwin's way up. As for Ms. Davis --

Alexis: Get that thing out of my face.

News anchor: Need I say more?

[Ned turns TV off]

Ned: I'm thinking big church wedding.

Alexis: Huge.

Ned: 1,000 guests.

Alexis: At least.

Ned: Traditional, traditional, traditional.

Alexis: And even more traditional.

Ned: And a big fat cake.

Alexis: For my big fat mouth.

Eddie: You have dishonored your husband, disrespected all of us.

Tagliati: I'm glad Sonny isn't here to see this.

Carly: He would understand.

Tagliati: You'll join him in hell.

Officer: Party's over, boys.

Second officer: Up against the wall, up against the wall. Get your hands up! In the air, in the air!

Scott: All right, everybody's under arrest.

Officer: Turn around, turn around now.

Andy: Put them against the wall.

Scott: Hands on the table, gentlemen. Put your bracelets on.

Carly: Let go of me!

Scott: Aren't you happy to see me?

Alan: You -- get away from my wife!

Monica: Oh, Alan!

Alan: To think I was worried about you not coming home.

Monica: Oh, Alan --

Alan: What the hell are you doing kissing my wife in my hospital?

Monica: Alan, don't lose your temper.

Alan: Did you think for a second, maybe, that she was a married woman?

Monica: Alan, Alan, forget it --

Alan: Stop -- no, you're not going anywhere. I'll deal with you later.

Monica: Alan, just forget that and --

Alan: I want to know who the hell you are. I want to know what you're doing here and with --

Brenda: Port Charles is cold this time of year.

Alcazar: Is there snow on the ground?

Brenda: A little. I wish we were invisible.

[Alcazar laughs]

Brenda: I want to show you where I used to live.

Alcazar: Do you miss it?

Brenda: Hmm -- those damn birds used to wake me up every morning. But it was so cold, so I'd stay in bed and dream of coffee.

Alcazar: Mm-hmm.

Brenda: I had pet deer, you know.

Alcazar: Oh?

Brenda: Oh, yeah. I'd go out, I'd feed them, ask them for advice. Every night I used to light a fire and watch the snow through the window. I did love that cottage. It's just -- it was the only place that I ever lived that belonged to me.

Alcazar: I know where she is.

[Knock on door]

Skye: Oh, Jax. God, I was so worried.

Jax: Hey, don't be, don't be, don't be.

Skye: Oh, God, I thought that Alcazar found you.

Jax: Skye, this will be over soon, ok?

Skye: I want to help.

Jax: You are helping by postponing the honeymoon, by not asking any questions.

Skye: Almost no questions.

Jax: Look, we're closing in on Alcazar, ok? I'm going to catch him soon, and then you and I will go to the south of France for a honeymoon.

Skye: I don't care about the south of France, Jax. All I want is you. And where have you been?

Jax: I was in meetings, you know, planning security, things like that.

Skye: Were you with Jason?

Jax: Yeah, yeah.

Skye: The whole evening?

Jax: Well, you know, there was a lot to discuss.

Skye: Jason was here tonight. Who were you really with?

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Scott: Search the premises, see who else is hanging around.

Woman: Operator.

Monica: This is Dr. Monica Quartermaine it's an emergency.

Jason: If you said anything about this house, Alcazar is going to know about it.

Alcazar: Brenda Barrett's last known place of residence. I need the address.

Skye: Where were you, Jax?

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