GH Transcript Friday 9/20/02


General Hospital Transcript Friday 9/20/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Luke: I'll tell your mother I couldn't have done this without you.

Zander: You've got me accepting help from a guy that I used to hate?

Elizabeth: I tried to get us to the safest place I knew.

Carly: When Taggert went to open that lid, I was so scared.

Sonny: I had to take something to lie in this thing.

Alcazar: You still have to kill Jax, of course.

Brenda: Promise me that you'll warn Jax. I just don't want to hurt the people that I love anymore.

Taggert: Look, if you didn't help your father escape, then you know who did.

Lucky: Lieutenant, why would I come down here and ask about the transfer if I was helping my father escape?

Taggert: To throw off suspicion. All right, do I look like an idiot? Now give me an alibi that I can check out.

Lucky: I was at the waterfront.

Taggert: Doing what?

Lucky: Trying to think of a way to tell my little sister that our Mom's sick and my Dad's in prison.

Taggert: Who saw you there?

Lucky: Anyone looking in my direction. I wasn't hiding!

[Phone rings]

Taggert: Excuse me. This is Taggert. As a matter of fact, I have him standing right here in front of me. Well, looks like the D.A.'S coming down here to question you personally. Looks like you're our prime suspect.

Courtney: Thank you, but I saw enough flowers at Sonny's funeral to last me a long time.

A.J.: Hey, sweetie, if you're not up for this, it's ok. Skye said she would understand if you don't want to go.

Courtney: No, I think the distraction would be good for me.

A.J.: "Distraction." Hmm. You know, I think that's the nicest thing ever said about a Quartermaine family get-together. Thank you.

Skye: Oh, excuse me for a second. Hey, brother. Thanks for coming. I know it hasn't been an easy day.

A.J.: Mm-hmm. So I take it all is well between you two?

Skye: Yes. But that is not the surprise. I am sworn to secrecy until everyone arrives, but since you are my staunchest supporter, I'll let you in on something.

A.J.: Mm-hmm?

Skye: I am on cloud nine. And nothing, not even grandfather, could knock me off.

Zander: Thank you.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Zander: Hey. How did the funeral go?

Elizabeth: Oh, it was awful. Taggert showed up and demanded the coffin be opened to make sure Sonny was inside. I don't know how Carly got through it.

Zander: Elizabeth, look, I'm sorry about what happened to Sonny, but it proves that us staying at Jason's is a joke. I'm leaving.

Elizabeth: When?

Zander: Tonight. But I have a huge favor to ask of you.

Jason: Shh. Be quiet! What the hell are you doing here?

Carly: All right, I'll -- I'll go see who it is and I'll get rid of them.

Sonny: Don't, don't, don't.

Carly: Why not?

Sonny: Because it could be anybody, all right, and Jason's going to take care of it.

Jason: What the hell are you doing here?

Brenda: I want to see Sonny.

Jason: Carly's in there. You want her to see you?

Brenda: Fine, I'll wait till she leaves.

Jason: No, I'm taking you back to the safe house.

Brenda: Don't touch me or I'll scream. I will scream.

Jason: Listen to me. Think. Alcazar's people could be watching this place.

Brenda: No one saw me.

Jason: Let's go.

Sonny: I said Jason's going to take care of it.

Carly: I wonder who it was.

Elizabeth: You can't leave. The person behind Sonny's murder is probably this Alcazar guy, and he wants us dead, remember?

Zander: You went to the funeral.

Elizabeth: Yeah, with armed body guards in a limo with blacked-out windows at night, and we drove from a garage to a garage. I was barely outside.

Zander: I want my life back, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: You don't even have your memory, Zander.

Zander: I know, I know. And I'm not going to get it by staring at the ceiling in Jason's guest room. Ok, look, I was hoping that maybe you would take me around Port Charles. You could take me to the places I used to hang out -- alone, with Emily, with you -- and maybe something would jump-start my memory.

Elizabeth: Yeah, unless Alcazar finds us and kills us first.

Zander: Ok, look, I'm climbing the walls over there, all right?

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, it beats being dead. Neither one of us can leave until Jason says it's ok.

Zander: Oh, great. So, what, now I have to get permission from Jason to breathe?

Elizabeth: No.

Zander: Are you sure you're not trying to come up with a reason just to stay close to Jason? Because after what happened to Sonny, that could get you killed.

Skye: If you two will excuse us, there is a family matter that I feel compelled to mention. I just thought that I should give you fair warning -- grandfather's coming.

A.J.: No problem.

Skye: Why not?

A.J.: Well, let's just say that grandfather and I are grudging allies at the moment.

Skye: Are you crazy?

A.J.: Look, with Sonny gone, I have a chance to get my son back. He's fronting me the money to pay for a lawyer.

Skye: Oh, my God, A.J. In exchange for what? He's going to get Michael regardless. What, does your soul come with it, too?

A.J.: You know what? I've set the ground rules, so don't worry.

Skye: Grandfather doesn't play with rules. Now, I should know that. It almost cost me everything. Please, let this go. A.J., Come on, just make a life with Courtney and tell grandfather to keep his money.

A.J.: Skye, I'm not going to pass up a chance to get my son back.

Courtney: My brother was a difficult person, but he loved me in his own way. I just wish that I had the chance to tell him I understood.

Jax: Well, there was a lot of hatred between Sonny and A.J. It's sad that you always got caught in the middle.

Courtney: Well, the biggest sore spot between Sonny and A.J. Was Michael. But A.J. Realized that putting Michael through an ongoing custody battle would only hurt him. So my husband did the right thing.

A.J.: By marrying you?

Courtney: I was just telling Jax how proud I am of you for not taking advantage of Sonny's death to go after Michael.

Edward: And what an uncharacteristically noble gesture that is.

Scott: Well, well, well. This has got father and son written all over it. I'm going to charge you with aiding and abetting. I'm going to basically throw the book at you, lucky, unless you come clean with me.

Lucky: I can't help you. I wasn't there. How did my Dad get away, anyhow?

Scott: Cut it out, will you? What'd you hit me with? I got a knot on my head, and I'm not in a good mood.

Lucky: If someone hit you, it wasn't me, ok?

Alexis: Even an interim D.A. Doesn't get to question a suspect without an attorney present.

Scott: If you got nothing to hide, what are you doing here?

Alexis: Always ask for an attorney. Let me see if I can sum this up. You let Luke slip through your fingers, so you're retaliating against his son -- again.

Scott: No, what I'm doing is questioning a suspect. Lucky, your father has ruined your mother's life. That's what he's going to do to your life. Wise up, kid.

Alexis: Provide grounds for interrogation or let my client go.

Scott: Well, he needs to prove that he didn't tail the van. In other words, he needs to have an alibi. Got one?

Nikolas: Yes, he does, Scott. Me.

Scott: This whole thing is getting fishier by the minute.

Nikolas: Well, Scott, my brother was with me tonight.

Scott: You know, maybe it wasn't you that hit me. Maybe it was your brother over here. That makes more sense. See, he came with two cars. Luke escaped in one, and the two of you came back in the other.

Lucky: I wasn't there. You were. How many cars did it take to force you off the road?

Alexis: Lucky. As your counselor, why don't you let me handle this. All right, so you had Luke in a moving vehicle, and somehow he ended up outside that vehicle. So how did that happen? Was it a roadblock, flat tire, maybe engine trouble?

Scott: Luke goaded me into pulling the van over.

Alexis: Oh, really? Ok, well, let me write that down, then. "The prisoner escaped because the D.A. Ordered the prison van to stop."

Scott: You know, I don't really care whether you skywrite it over port Charles. The fact is Luke had help escaping. Now, it was either him, him, or both of them. And neither one of them has said where they were. And they have no one that can vouch for them.

Alexis: Nikolas and lucky were with me.

Ned: Alexis isn't inside. Did I miss anything?

Jax: Just the usual -- Edward dispensing words of kindness toward his near and dear.

Courtney: Stop badgering A.J. For doing the right thing. You just hate that he's too strong to listen to you anymore. You know, the old A.J. Would have been on the phone the second he found out about Sonny's death, trying to take advantage of this tragedy to go after Michael.

Edward: Sure, that was the bold, effective thing to do.

Courtney: A.J. Thinks differently now.

A.J.: Don't do this, ok?

Courtney: I guess it just took getting away from his grandfather's manipulations to make A.J. A better human being. Maybe the time and the distance allowed him to realize that there is a lot more to life than playing people against each other to get what you want.

Edward: You say all this as if it were a bad thing.

Ned: I think we're getting off point here. Didn't Skye call this gathering?

Skye: I did. I have an announcement to make, but I'd like to wait until everyone's here and seated.

Monica: Alan is not going to be here. He's in Arizona trying to block a consortium from taking over General Hospital.

Edward: Oh.

Jax: Edward, perhaps you could use your influence to get us a table.

Monica: Let me do that. With Edward's influence, we may be eating leftovers in the alley.

Edward: Well, now, there's no reason to say that.

Jax: Listen, since we seem to be on hold for a little bit, I've got to go outside and check something. I'll be right back.

Skye: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Roy: Hello? Where are you?

Alcazar: That's not your concern. I'm calling for an update.

Roy: Well, at the moment, I'm tailing Jax, as instructed. And if Brenda tries to make contact with him, I'll intercept her, as instructed.

Alcazar: I don't want Brenda hurt.

Roy: I can't guarantee that. If she resists being taken back to you, she could hurt herself.

Alcazar: Make sure she doesn't. It's a simple assignment, DiLucca -- kill Jax and bring me Brenda, or Felicia pays the price.

Roy: You need to stop worrying for a change. I know exactly what to do.

Carly: There's definitely no one out there now.

Sonny: Let it go. Just let it go.

Carly: Ok, so -- so, what about the woman who set up the meeting at St. Timothy's? The minister said that he saw a woman in the church, but after the shooting she was gone. Did you or Jason or Roy -- did you see her?

Sonny: Roy shot me before I got inside. You know, I haven't thanked you for what you did that night. I mean, you were great. You were fantastic. You made everybody think that I was really dead.

Carly: Yeah, well, when Jason called me and told me to meet you at the church because you needed me, you know, I thought something -- I thought that something really bad happened with the plan, that one of Roy's bullets went astray or -- I don't know, he sent another shooter and you got hit above the bulletproof vest.

Sonny: No, I'm all right. I'm sorry I put you through that.

Carly: Why'd Jason leave you?

Sonny: Well, I told him to, you know. Bringing you in at the last minute, I knew that you'd be a lot more convincing, you know, to the police.

Carly: Yeah, well, I was because I thought you were dead.

Carly: So have you had any luck figuring out what it is that Alcazar has that he thinks that you want?

Sonny: Alcazar has gone underground. He disappeared without a trace, so it looks like you're going to have to keep up the grieving widow act a little while longer.

Carly: How long?

Sonny: Until Alcazar gets frustrated enough to make a mistake.

Carly: Frustrated about what? He thinks you're dead.

Sonny: Yeah, well, he -- he's got business in town.

Carly: All right, so where are you going to be while I'm playing grieving widow?

Sonny: We can't see each other.

Carly: But we can meet in secret.

Sonny: No.

Carly: Why not?

Sonny: It's too risky. I can't do that. You can't --

Carly: Can we call each other at least?

Sonny: The less you know, the better, ok? I mean, just -- I will call you if I can, but right now I can't be out in the open like this. I got to get out of here. All right?

Carly: But -- well, wait a minute, wait a minute.

Sonny: What do you mean, wait a minute?

Carly: I need a better good-bye, especially if I'm not going to see you for a while.

Sonny: I love you. I love you, and I'm proud of you. Ok? All right?

Carly: I can't stand the fact that we're going to still be apart.

Sonny: Hey. Think about the reunion.

Carly: Oh, you --

Zander: Jason was supposed to protect Sonny. We see how well that turned out.

Elizabeth: Sonny was standing out in the open. We're being guarded in a bulletproof penthouse. The worst thing we could do is leave. We don't know where Alcazar is. We don't know what he wants or who he's coming after next, which means it's still dangerous, especially if one of the things you can't remember is overhearing Alcazar ordering Sonny's murder. If you're a potential witness, Zander, that makes you even more of a target. We need to stay here where Jason can protect us.

Zander: What if Jason is this guy's next target? What if Alcazar wants Sonny's territory and Jason is the only thing that stands in the way and we're holed up here with him? I don't sleep, Elizabeth. I lay awake trying to remember who I am, remember my life, waiting for some guy to come along and shoot me for something I don't even remember. Waiting to come after you. I got you into this, Elizabeth. Now, you say you trust Jason. He's barely surfaced since Sonny's died.

Elizabeth: Maybe he's going after whoever did this to Sonny. Or maybe, like you said, he knows he's in danger and he's trying to keep it away from us.

Zander: Ok, then why not tell us? I mean, if Jason is expecting us to trust him with our lives, then why not be honest with us and tell us what the hell is going on?

Jason: You know, Benny was trying to help you. Where do you get off knocking him out?

Brenda: He's all right, isn't he?

Jason: What if he wasn't? Did you consider that possibility or the possibility that you could have been grabbed by Alcazar when you showed up at the funeral home? Do you ever think about anything, Brenda?

Brenda: I wanted to say good-bye to Sonny.

Jason: And nothing matters except what you want. Max, get us out of this traffic. Cut through the hotel parking lot.

[Jason sighs]

Brenda: You know, I find it really interesting that you can be so cold and detached about Sonny's death.

Jason: He told me to take care of you. You don't have to like it.

Brenda: Well, I'm not going back to the safe house.

Jason: I'm not giving you the choice, and you're going to stay there --

Brenda: Well, I'm just warning you right now that I'm not a good prisoner.

Jason: You call it whatever you like, but you're not leaving.

Brenda: Jax.

Brenda: There's Jax. Look. Look, right there.

Skye: Hey! I got worried.

Jax: Well, when a man waits this long to marry the woman of his dreams, he doesn't just pick the first rose in the bunch.

Skye: Oh.

Brenda: Jax!

Jason: Brenda! Brenda!

Brenda: Jax!

Jason: Max, get us out of here!

Brenda: Let go of me!

Jason: Brenda!

Brenda: Jax!

Jason: Just --

Skye: Is something wrong?

Jax: I don't know. I just -- I thought I heard someone yell my name.

Skye: Hmm.

Elizabeth: There's a lot Jason can't discuss. That's how he does business.

Zander: I understand he seems distracted. Just keep that in mind when he's protecting you with his life. What are you doing here anyway? I didn't think you even liked this Carly.

Elizabeth: She just lost her husband, Zander. The least I could do is pick up for when she got back.

Zander: Can you imagine living your life like this? You're acting all 24/7? I mean, it's bad enough having to hide out this way. What would it be like if your whole life was like this?

Elizabeth: Well, that's Carly's problem, not ours. We only have to stay until Alcazar's caught -- unless you're thinking about leaving tonight.

Zander: You know what? I'll stay. For now.

Bobbie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.

Carly: No, it's just I'm -- I was in my own world with Sonny.

Bobbie: I came back to make sure you're all right.

Carly: Thanks. Yeah, I'm -- I'm -- ok. I just didn't say everything I wanted to say. You know, I wanted more time with him.

Bobbie: Yeah, I know. Where's Jason? Jason should be here.

Carly: Jason's got more to do than baby-sit me.

Bobbie: Honey, you've been through so much. This isn't about babysitting. This is about love and support.

Carly: Well, Jason's going through as much as I am right now, so -- you know what Sonny did, though? He -- he taught me that I was strong, and so I'm going to rely on that right now, even though I know I'm going to miss him, because he won't come home with me tonight or tomorrow.

Bobbie: Carly, you are strong, and you are very brave, and I am very proud of you. And if you need a shoulder, I'm here.

Carly: Ok. I'm ok. I know Sonny's here. I feel him.

Bobbie: Sonny loved you very much, no matter what, and you loved him. And you know something? What's in here isn't what's left of Sonny. Sonny's going to live on in your heart and in your memories and in the hearts and minds of everybody else that knew him and loved him.

Carly: Yeah.

Bobbie: Ok? Because that's what Sonny would have told you to do. That's what he would have wanted.

Carly: Ok.

Bobbie: Ok?

Carly: Ok.

Bobbie: All right, that's a good girl. It's ok.

Carly:  All right, let's go.

Alexis: Luke set this up a while ago.

Scott: Luke asked you to go over the future of Deception with the boys here.

Alexis: In retrospect, it seems that he was planning this escape and he wanted to make sure that the boys had an alibi.

Scott: Well, Lucky, why did you tell Taggert that you were hanging out at the waterfront during the escape?

Lucky: I didn't. He asked me where I went after I said good-bye to my dad, and I told him I went down to the waterfront. Taggert didn't ask me where I went next, and before I could answer that question, you called him and told him to hold everything until you got here.

Nikolas: Not that I have to explain myself to you, Scott, but after I met with Alexis, I went home.

Lucky: And I came back here.

Scott: And you didn't think to mention that the minute you walked in?

Alexis: I was just so curious to hear how you let Luke escape out of a van. I'm assuming now that my clients are released?

Scott: For now. Bye. Not so fast.

Alexis: Yes?

Scott: Your story doesn't fly. You're lying through your teeth. A confessed murderer's on the run, and you gave an alibi to the two boys who allowed that to happen. You know what that is? It's a felony.

Alexis: You knew Luke was innocent and you sent him to prison anyway. That's also a felony. The only difference is I can prove that one.

Ned: I just got a voice message from Alexis. She's been held up at the police station.

Courtney: Hey.

A.J.: Huh?

Courtney: What's bothering you?

A.J.: I don't know. It's the way you support me, always on my side, believing the best in me, even after the day you've just had.

Courtney: And that bothers you?

A.J.: I'm still blown away, that's all.

Courtney: Well, I just told the truth. You're not going after Michael because you know it would only confuse him, and you've seen the damage that Edward does. He did it to all of you. He'll do it to Michael, too.

Edward: Well, they wouldn't make Lila wait.

Monica: You're not Lila. Unfortunately, there is a private party on the terrace, and the dining room seems to be overbooked. They're having a little problem getting a table for a party as big as ours.

Ned: Well, then, maybe we should just move this soiree to a different restaurant.

Edward: I say to hell with dinner. Why doesn't Skye just say what she has to say and get it over with?

A.J.: Actually -- excuse me. I'm sorry. Actually, I have an announcement I'd like to make first. My wife's seemingly unshakable faith and trust in me is amazing and very appreciated, but misplaced. The truth is right after I found out about Sonny, I -- I did call an attorney to get custody of Michael.

A.J.: I know you're disappointed in me. No more than I am. First, I asked my mother to help foot the attorney fees, and she wisely turned me down. But grandfather had his trap ready, didn't you? And I walked right into it. I took money from him to pay a lawyer to file a custody suit to get Michael. I gave into temptation. I'm sorry. But after listening to you, I realized it'd be disastrous to continue this fight, Courtney, and it'd be even a worse mistake for me to allow myself to be put back under your thumb, and an even bigger one to let Michael move back under your roof.

Edward: That boy is your son. Don't you even care about your own flesh and blood?

A.J.: Yes. I care enough to finally realize he's better off with his mother than anywhere near you. I love Michael. I will always love Michael. That's why I made a decision here and now to leave him where he is. He's -- he's lost enough. I'm not going to try to separate him from his mother.

Edward: You're just not thinking clearly, A.J.

A.J.: No, I'm just not letting you use me again.

Skye: It's the only way grandfather can get an ally -- by preying on someone's insecurity or need for revenge.

A.J.: Yeah, well, not me, not anymore, and not Michael, ever!

Edward: Why don't you stop trying to impress your wife and remember who that little boy is with and what Carly is capable of!

A.J.: Yeah, and what about what you're capable of? All the way down to your latest. You tried to frame Skye for attempted murder. With all I've done, you will still be the biggest disgrace this family has ever had.

Edward: If you're so anxious to talk about bringing disgrace to the family, why don't we discuss your latest debacle, huh?

Lucky: Nikolas, hey.

Nikolas: Hey.

Lucky: I'm here.

Nikolas: Listen, we're probably ahead of Alexis. Now, she lied. You weren't with me.

Lucky: I know. I know. I was down at the pier. Scott's lying, too, and he's probably putting an A.P.B. Out on my dad right now saying that he's armed and dangerous and he probably should be shot so that the truth will never come out.

Nikolas: Well, listen, all right, your Dad is more connected than Scott. He will be fine. But I think it's better if the truth didn't come out.

Lucky: Well, how can you say that? Hang on a second. Hey, Roy.

Roy: Hey, what's up?

Lucky: Where did my dad go?

Roy: What are you talking about?

Lucky: It's ok. I know you helped him.

Roy: Luke escaped?

Lucky: Yeah.

Roy: I'm glad to hear it, but I didn't have anything to do with it.

Alexis: We both know that Luke is innocent. He didn't kill Rick Webber.

Scott: I know nothing of the kind.

Alexis: He was covering for Laura, she did it, you knew it, and you railroaded him, knowing that he would do anything to protect her.

Scott: He drove his wife crazy.

Alexis: I will not rest until he is exonerated and you are exposed for the lying incompetent that you are.

Scott: Go ahead. You want to turn a blind eye as to who Spencer really is? You know, you want me to play by the law while he's out there running wild? So be it. But last time you messed around with him you got yourself in trouble, didn't you?

Alexis: You know what I want? I want you to stop using this position for your personal vendettas. There seems to be a real murderer out there. Sonny Corinthos was shot to death. You want to make a name for yourself? Go after him.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Carly: Hi.

Elizabeth: I just wanted to put the place back to normal for you when you came home.

Carly: Home. Doesn't feel like a home without Sonny.

Elizabeth: I know. And I'm really sorry. Did Jason come home with you?

Carly: I don't know where Jason is, but if I hear from him, I'll tell him to call you.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Bobbie: You probably haven't eaten all day. Why don't I fix you something?

Carly: Ok, Mom, no, really. I know you're just trying to be helpful, and I appreciate it so much, but you know what? Right now I just need to be alone.

Bobbie: Ok. Well, if you need me, call me.

Carly: Ok. Thanks. I will be calling, ok? Because I'm going to need that shoulder.

Bobbie: I'll keep it available.

Carly: Thanks.

Carly: Jase, it's me. I need you. Ok? I -- I didn't finish my conversation with Benny, and I really need to, so, call me, ok?

[Knock on door]

Carly: What is it?

Man: You have a visitor.

Carly: All right, let them in.

Man: Mrs. Corinthos, I'm Sammy Tagliati. I've come to express my condolences on your loss. I knew your husband. All of us in the families did. I came to pay my respects and with your indulgence, discuss business.

Jason: Feel better now? Screaming and yelling, almost giving Alcazar what he wants?

Brenda: If Jax knew that Alcazar was coming after me, he wouldn't be standing out on the street buying flowers and kissing girls. So what's the update? How is that whole using-Jax-as-bait plan working out for you anyway?

Jason: Yeah, the window's been nailed shut.

Brenda: Yeah, I can see that.

Jason: Good. And there's guards posted outside. You're more trouble than you're worth.

Brenda: God, I hate you.

Edward: A.J., I've always tried to do what was best for this family, but you instead have driven down one drunken self-destructive road after another, culminating in this latest display by nearly killing your wife, smashing your car into the wall of a strip joint.

Skye: All right, I think everyone's said enough.

Edward: No, no, no, no, no. Fair is fair. No one's above disgrace in our little gathering here. What you people don't know is that A.J. Could have gone to jail for this latest little D.U.I. fiasco, but his wife made other arrangements.

Edward: Oh, yes, she agreed to get up on a stage in front of a bunch of men every night, taking her clothes off in that very club to pay the price for marrying a worthless drunk.

Roy: Luke had me on standby, but he never called. So if he got away, it was without my help. Apparently, whatever plan he had must have worked. You'll keep me posted?

Lucky: Yeah.

Roy: If he needs anything, you'll let me know.

Lucky: Sure.

Roy: Ok, I'll see you guys.

Lucky: See you. I don't get it. If Roy didn't help, who did?

Alexis: Thank you for waiting for me. Smartest thing you've done today. Lucky, your father is a fool, and you are worse. I could have helped him before it got to this point, but he refused, so now he's a wanted fugitive with a murder confession in his file, and you now have just put your freedom on the line by helping him escape.

Lucky: I didn't do --

Alexis: Listen to me. I want you to understand how this compounds itself. First, he lies for you, then I lie for you both.

Nikolas: Alexis, you have it all wrong. You didn't cover for Lucky, you covered for me. I helped Luke escape.

Scott: Listen, where was DiLucca when Luke escaped?

Taggert: He was in his penthouse answering questions for A.D.A. Jensen.

Scott: Well, who the hell helped Luke escape? I want his picture spitting out of every police fax in the country. I want Interpol on this. I want W.S.B. On this. I want the hospital in London that Laura's in -- I want that staked out. What's the matter with you?

Taggert: Luke is no immediate threat, all right? However, the fallout from Sonny's murder could blow this entire city wide open.

Scott: Well, good. Jason will handle that. Then we'll just bust him.

Taggert: I'm talking about the shooters here. I'm talking about the jackals that are going to be moving in, trying to divide up Corinthos' territories. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the chaos and shut down the mob influence in this town once and for all. You are in a position to become the white knight of Port Charles.

Carly: Let me get this straight. You want to do business on the night of my husband's funeral?

Sammy: Some matters can't wait.

Carly: And what is that?

Sammy: There's $2 million, payment for all of your husband's holdings, from the families.

Carly: You must be kidding, because Sonny's worth 100 times that much.

Sammy: Sonny isn't here.

Carly: Yeah, well, Jason Morgan is.

Sammy: Not at the moment. Morgan's been curiously absent. It's just you, Mrs. Corinthos, alone and grieving. Take the money. Protect your future, the little boy's future. Don't start something you can't finish.

Carly: Sonny would never roll over for the likes of you, and neither will I.

[Brenda screams]

Jason: It's ok, it's ok, it's ok. Brenda, it's ok. It's ok. It's just a dream. You're all right.

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Edward: A Quartermaine stripping in a dive on the edge of town.

Courtney: You are a hateful old man.

Nikolas: You're just mad at me because he came and asked for my help instead of you.

Carly: No one is going to touch Sonny's territories.

Jason: We need to get her out of here right now.

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