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General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 9/17/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Alcazar: It happens tonight, or Felicia dies.

Sonny: Some woman wants to meet me at St. Timothyís.


Brenda: He's not coming.

Father Dade: Why not?

Brenda: He always leaves me standing in the rain.

Jason: My job is to protect you. You're going out there because Alcazar is daring you and you want your answers.

Sonny: Then Iíll get what I deserve.


[Music plays]



[Brenda screams]



Sonny: Get her out of here.

Brenda: No, I'm staying with him. No, I'm going to stay with him! I'm going to stay with him! Let me -- let me go! Please, let me go! Let me go!

Sonny: Brenda --

Jason: Max, go!

Brenda: Damn! I don't need you to protect me!

Jason: Would you calm down?

Brenda: Go to hell! Let me out!

Jason: Knock it off.

Brenda: What are you doing?

Jason: Ok, just -- just be quiet. Yeah, a man was just shot in front of St. Timothy's church. Get an ambulance there as fast as you can.

Brenda: Who was that?

Jason: Knock it --

Brenda: I want you to take me back to Sonny right now! Take me back!

Jason: Would you just shut up!

Brenda: Now!

Jason: Shut up!

[Phone rings]

Carly: Hello?

Jason: St. Timothy's church. Sonny needs you to get there as fast as you can.

Brenda: Who was that? I want you to take me to Sonny now.

Jason: How long have you been with Alcazar?


Alcazar: It won't be long now, if Roy's meeting with Sonny went according to plan.

Felicia: Great. Take it personally when I say Iím ready to leave. That's the deal, isn't it? Roy calls and then Iím out of here.

Alcazar: You'll be free, as promised. As soon as my contact from the PCPD confirms that the project went off as planned.

Felicia: "The project"? You mean Sonny's murder.

Alcazar: What do you care? You don't even like the man.

Felicia: You don't know who I like; you don't know what I like. And you're forgetting the fact that Sonny Corinthos is a human being!

Alcazar: And you're a Sunday school teacher disguised as a hard-nosed P.I. The same idea as Roy -- the simple bartender, desperate to believe he's a player.

Felicia: No, you don't believe that. You would've never sent a simple bartender to take care of Sonny Corinthos.

Alcazar: You know, in retrospect that may have been my mistake. I should've killed Corinthos myself -- less room for error. Not to mention the money and aggravation Roy cost me.

Felicia: We shouldn't have taken the money in the first place. If we only had known where it came from and the demands that you were going to make.

Alcazar: I love money. Take the most honorable person in the world, throw the right amount of cash at him or her, you watch all their lofty principles just vanish in the wind.

Felicia: We knew there was a price to pay, just not so steep. Roy is not a killer.

Alcazar: You better hope you're wrong about that.

[Roy sighs]

Roy: It's done. Let her go.

Alcazar: Soon.

Roy: Now!

Alcazar: I need independent confirmation that Sonny didn't miraculously survive.

Roy: That was not our deal.

Alcazar: Maybe you misunderstood.

Roy: I understand you're a double-crossing dirt bag and I should've emptied my gun into you when I had the chance. That's what I understand!

Alcazar: Hey, hey, hey! Be careful. You don't want to ruin my mood. I don't want to become sullen and resentful, especially after my lovely conversation with the very pleasant Felicia.

Roy: All right, you listen to me. I want Felicia back here safe now. If she doesn't walk through my door inside an hour, I'm going to come get her myself. If you make me do that, you'll regret it for the rest of your extremely short life!

Jax: Skye?

Jax: Skye?


Jax: Hey.

Skye: Hey.

Jax: Couldn't sleep?

Skye: Oh, I dozed off for a while. I woke up. But I didn't open my eyes for the longest time.

Jax: Why not?

Skye: I was afraid that Iíd be in some motel, miles away from you. Afraid that being with you, asleep in your arms was just some fantasy that I came up with to keep myself from going crazy. But then I went for it. I -- I opened my eyes and -- and there you were. I don't know. I just got -- I just choked up.

Jax: A knot in your chest, heart in your throat.

Skye: Exactly.

Jax: Yeah, I know the feeling.

Skye: Knot in chest? Heart in throat? Those are all symptoms of fear, Jax. I don't get it. I wouldn't think you'd be afraid of anything in your life.

Jax: Well, the physical sensation of fear is something Iíve lived with for a while. I just call it something else. I call it grief.

Felicia: Sonny's little boy will grieve his father for the rest of his life. And so will Carly and Mike. I don't know how I'm ever going to look those people in the eye ever again.

Alcazar: Don't. Focus on those beautiful daughters of yours and ask yourself this -- who's more important, Georgie and Maxie or little Michael Corinthos?

Felicia: Don't you threaten my girls! I won't let you hurt my girls!

Alcazar: You know I have to say I'm very touched by the citizens of Port Charles, the lengths they go to, to protect the ones they love. Lives openly, sometimes eagerly, put on the line at every turn. Yours for your daughters', Roy's for yours. He's not a killer, according to you. And yet, he's willing to kill to ensure the safety of the woman he loves. It's quaint. It's charming. It's main street. Unfortunately for the rest of us, killing people is not quite that noble. We have to do it to survive. That's what I'm doing, Felicia, right now -- surviving and protecting what's mine.

Felicia: Sonny's not a threat to your life. He didn't even know you.

Alcazar: "Life." You say that like I had one. Yeah, I had money and power, lots of meaningless female companionships. And then one day, I met this woman who challenged me, surprised me. Nothing about her was ordinary or predictable. She was full of risk and the unexpected. That's when I got a life, when I met her. And I'm not willing to give that up. So according to the laws of nature, Sonny Corinthos must die.

Brenda: Luis Alcazar saved my life. He rescued me from drowning.

Jason: What, you've been with him ever since you left?

Brenda: Oh, I'm sorry, are we catching up now? The only thing I want to talk to you about is why we left Sonny bleeding on the ground!

Jason: Listen to me. Every move that Alcazar made against Sonny has been because of you, Brenda.

Brenda: I know. That's why I went to the church to warn him. Now, you tell me what is going on.

Jason: Ok, do you listen? Did you hear what Sonny said?

Brenda: Who'd you send to go get him?

Jason: You think I'd rather be here fighting with you than helping Sonny? He told me to protect you, and that's exactly what I intend to do whether you like it or not!



Father Dade: Oh, God. You're not alone, my friend. I'm Father Dade. There's a phone in the church. I'm going to go for help.

Sonny: Don't go, don't go. Don't go.

Father Dade: Would you like me to pray for you? Dear God, holy father, you bring healing to the sick through our son --

paramedic: I've got penetrating chest wounds.

Father Dade: Jesus Christ.

Paramedic: I got a weak carotid pulse. Let me get a blood pressure.

Father Dade: Hear our prayers in faith, and send the holy spirit, our helper and friend.

Paramedic: I've got an S.V.T. on the monitor. Blood pressure's 68 palpated.

Father Dade: May your blessings come upon us --

paramedic: Let's open up both IVs.

Father Dade: Free him from illness --

paramedic: He's gone into d-fib!

Father Dade: And sickness.

Paramedic: Let's defibrillate.

Paramedic #2: No good. He can't take it.

Father Dade: Make him whole again in mind, body, and soul.

Paramedic: We've lost him.

Carly: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Sonny! Sonny! Oh, my God! Why aren't you doing something?

Paramedic: I'm sorry, miss. He's dead.

Carly: No!

No! No, that's a lie! Sonny, tell them! Tell them. Tell them you're not dead! Open your eyes. Open your eyes and tell them you're not dead! Sonny, please! No, Sonny!

Carly: No. There's no way I'm letting you get away with this. No! There's no way you can bail on me, not after everything -- and we've got to get back to each other. Sonny, if you're not here, what am I going to do about our plans? I know you remember. You remember the house, the big house where Michael would run around and play in your room. And the horses. You remember, Sonny. What -- what am I supposed to do if you're not here? You can't let all that go, Sonny. Come back to me, Sonny, please. Please, come back to me, Sonny.

Paramedic: We have to move the body.

Carly: What?

Father Dade: Come on. Let the paramedics do their job.

Carly: My God -- no! No! No, I'm not leaving my husband! Oh, Sonny, I love you.


Carly: I love you so much. You are my heart and my soul. You are the best parts of me, Sonny. And I swear, no matter where you are I will always love you. I will never love anyone like I love you. Never, ever again.

Paramedic: We have to take him now.

Carly: Take him where? Where?

Paramedic: We have to take him to mercy hospital.

Carly: No! Go away!

Leave us alone!

Father Dade: Come on. Come on.

Carly: No!

Paramedic: On three. One, two, three.

Carly: No! Wait -- wait -- wait! Wait. Sonny, I love you. I'll love you forever.

Paramedic: You can't come with us.

Carly: Why not? He's my husband.

Paramedic: It's against regulations.

Carly: Wait, he's my husband!

Father Dade: Come on in. Get out of the rain. Come on.

Carly: No! No! Sonny!

Taggert: We were advised of a shooting. Where's the victim?

Carly: He's gone!

Taggert: Gone?

Carly: He's gone!

Taggert: What are you doing here?

Carly: I came to see about my husband and he's dead now!

Alcazar: Of course, the police will assume Roy murdered Sonny. They may even arrest him. But if Roy is as smart as he thinks he is, and he covered his tracks, he won't be charged, especially after his airtight alibi.

Felicia: And what would that be?

Alcazar: The three of us shared a lovely dinner, discussed waterfront development.

Felicia: I have a better idea -- how about Roy and I, are at the lovely dinner, and you're out murdering Sonny.

Alcazar: Hmm, that wouldn't play. See, I'm severely lacking in motive. But Royís animosity towards Sonny -- that's common knowledge.

[Phone rings]

Alcazar: Yes.

Alcazar: I have enjoyed your company.

Felicia: So I'm free to go?

Alcazar: Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Felicia: Does that mean Sonny's dead?

Alcazar: Don't think about it like that. Think about it like you and your daughters are alive and safe. Think about Roy.

Felicia: Who is most definitely not safe. How long do you think it will take before Jason comes after Roy?

Alcazar: That's not my problem.

Felicia: Well, it should be because once Jason finds out that you're the one who's behind Sonny's murder, he's going to hunt you down like the animal you are.

Alcazar: He'll have to find me first. And he won't. Not until I want to be found. I thought you were so anxious to leave.

Brenda: All right, all right! What are we doing here, you idiot?

Jason: We're doing what Sonny needs us to do.

Brenda: Jason, just tell me -- is he ok?

Jason: The paramedics should be there by now. There's nothing we can do.

Brenda: All right, like that's all you know. Why don't you call?

Jason: Why don't you tell me this -- if Alcazar pulled you out of the water, what does that make him to you, a hero or --

Brenda: Oh, I see, but I'm supposed to tell you everything.

Jason: Just answer me!

Brenda: I don't know anything.

Jason: Do you know he's an arms dealer?

Brenda: How about this? I'll tell you whatever you want to know about Alcazar if you tell me what the hell is going on, because unless you've changed, I know that you would never leave Sonny laying there like that.

Jason: Why did you stay with Alcazar?

Brenda: Because I'm sick.

Jason: What, you're not responsible for what you do?

Brenda: No. I don't want to hurt the people that I love the way my mother hurt me.

Jason: What does your crazy mother have to do with you staying with alcazar?

Brenda: My mother had a genetic illness. She gave it to me. This man promised me that no matter how sick or dangerous I got, that he would keep me away from the people that I love.

Jason: So when you decided to turn your life over to Alcazar, did you even bother to ask what he did for a living?

Brenda: Look, Jason, I don't know anything about this guy's business. You know, he doesn't discuss it in my presence. It's not exactly a foreign concept to me.

Jason: Ok, so what did you need to tell Sonny that was so important that you came out of hiding after four years?

Brenda: All right, listen. I heard Luis tell a guy to kill Sonny. I wanted to warn him. I tried to get to a phone. I couldn't get to a phone, so I sank the yacht because it was the only way I could get off.

Jason: And that's when you called him at the penthouse?

Brenda: Yes.

Jason: So, ok, so why not warn him then, Brenda? Why the church? Why waste time?

Brenda: Because I wanted to see him.

Jason: I guess you got what you wanted.

Jax: See, it -- they wouldn't hit me right away. I mean, I'd wake up fine. Maybe someone would even wake up beside me, someone that I genuinely liked. In 20, 30 seconds, sometimes if I was lucky, even a minute, everything just seemed normal, the way it should be. And then -- it hit me, and I realized that Brenda was gone and that she was never coming back. Morning after morning, year after year after year. That's how Iíd greet each day. Until I met you.

Skye: I am so honored that you love me. And I am so grateful for this time with you, just the two of us, in love and in trust. No more secrets or hidden agendas, which were mostly mine, I admit. You are -- you are an exceptionally generous person to forgive me my trespasses, Jax.

Jax: No, I'm more like monumentally selfish. I love you and I want you in my life. It's as simple as that.


Skye: Just sitting here with you, listening to the storm, I feel like I'm living in a miracle, some magical fairy tale about an enchanted cottage. Jax, I want you to know, no matter what happens, no matter what the future holds for us, I will always remember this magic time with us.

Jax: You know the thing about magic -- it doesn't last beyond the moment. And then you're left with what's real. Don't you think it's time we start dealing with that?

Skye: You're right. Magic is fleeting. It streaks across your life like a shooting star and burns out just as fast. That's what makes it special. But real life doesn't make room for magic, and that's what we all know -- real life rules.

Jax: No, I don't think you're understanding me.

Skye: No, I am just trying to make this easier on both of us. I will pack up what I have here and I will be out first thing in the morning.

Jax: Skye, Skye, I don't want you to leave tomorrow or any other day, ok? If you'd just let me finish. I'm trying to ask you to marry me.

Roy: Oh. Thank God. Oh. Oh, baby, I was so afraid for you. Did that bastard hurt you?

Felicia: No.

Roy: In any way?

Felicia: No, I'm fine.

Roy: What about the girls?

Felicia: I just spoke with the girls. They're fine. In fact, I'm on my way to go get them now, but I wanted to come by and see you before you left.

Roy: Where am I going?

Felicia: I know about Sonny. I know that you didn't have a choice, but regardless, when Jason finds out you killed Sonny, he's going to come after you and he's going to kill you. You have to disappear.

Roy: No, no, Felicia, Felicia, running is not an option.

Felicia: I -- I don't have time to argue with you on this. I have to go to the girls.

Roy: I know, I know. It's ok. I'm going to take you.

Taggert: Who removed the body?

Father Dade: The paramedics.

Taggert: Well, they have no authority.

Father Dade: The paramedics said they had to transport him to mercy hospital so a doctor could officially declare him dead, I imagine.

Taggert: Ok, I'm going to need you to cordon this area off as a crime scene. You -- get forensics here ASAP. Tell them to start collecting evidence. You -- start canvassing neighbors. See if you can find some potential witnesses, please. Mrs. Corinthos, I know this is a bad time, but I need to know everything that you saw.

Father Dade: She arrived just as her husband died.

Taggert: What about you? Did you see anything? Did you hear anything?

Father Dade: No, no. Only the storm.

Taggert: And I'm going to need names, addresses, witnesses -- anybody who was here tonight.

Father Dade: As far as I know, I'm the only witness. My name is Rev. Thomas Dade. I live next door at the rectory.

Taggert: Did you find the victim?

Rev. Dade: Yes, as I was locking up for the night.

Taggert: Did you call the police?

Rev. Dade: No, he asked me to stay with him. That's right. He wasn't alone. I prayed with him and stayed till the very end.

Carly: Thank you.

Taggert: Hey, what about groundskeepers, maintenance men? Was there anybody else here that might have seen anything?

Rev. Dade: Uh -- there was a woman. She was waiting in the church.

Taggert: I'm going to need her name.

Rev. Dade: I don't know. She's not a parishioner. I've never seen her before.

Taggert: Can you describe this woman?

Rev. Dade: Um -- dark hair, small frame, something enormously sad in her eyes.

Taggert: I'm sorry for your loss.

Carly: You hated Sonny.

Taggert: I didn't want this. I didn't want you to have to see him die like this, Mrs. Corinthos. Can I call your mother?

Carly: No.

Taggert: Is there anyone else? Anything else I can do?

Carly: Just leave me alone, Taggert. Please leave me alone.

Taggert: Mrs. Corinthos, I'm going to need your help on this. Sonny was gunned down tonight, and the paramedics moved his body --

Carly: He was lying in the street! He was lying in the street and it was raining! It was like a piece of trash!

Taggert: Where were his bodyguards? Do you know?

Carly: I -- Marco drove me here, ok? And max was driving Sonny. I don't know where they are.

Taggert: So here's the big question -- where was Jason?

Jason: How long have you known that Alcazar was coming after Sonny? Brenda?

Brenda: I'm not sure!

Jason: Well, think about it. When was the first time you heard Alcazar use Sonny's name? When did he start making business trips to Port Charles? You got to remember something.

Brenda: Look, I'm not sure. I can't think clearly, all right? I've been doing drugs for a while. I don't know when things are real and when they're not. It wasn't until I saw that we were in Port Charles, I stopped taking them. I started hiding them.

Jason: Are you ok right now?

Brenda: Did I just see Sonny get shot?

Jason: No, I'm asking -- do you need medication? Do you know what you're supposed to take? Because I can find a way to get it for you.

Brenda: I don't need the drugs. They just make me confused. Why is this happening?

Jason: Look, you know more than I do. Ok, why would you tell Sonny to meet you at that church? Why would you tell him to meet you alone? Was that your idea, or was that Alcazar setting him up?

Brenda: I just told you that I ran away from Luis.

Jason: Ok. Why?

Brenda: Because I wanted to warn Sonny, and I wanted to ask him to protect Jax. Luis stole some map from Jax, so I'm pretty sure he's trying to hurt him, too.

Jason: Ok, did Alcazar --

Brenda: And you know what? I have had it with your questions, all right? You need to give me something. Anything.

Jason: Fine.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: Ok, I'm pretty sure Alcazar has been coming after Sonny for about four months. He's tried to use a few different guys. They didn't work out. Now he's using a guy named Roy DiLucca. Ok, now, what --

Brenda: Wait, wait, wait. Wait -- Roy. Wait, that's -- that's the guy. That's the name of the guy who he -- Luis told this guy to kill Sonny.

Jason: Roy -- ok, listen, Alcazar said he had something that Sonny wanted more than anything in the world. Apparently, that was you. Ok? But Sonny thought that Alcazar had a way to hurt his family, so we could not do anything until we made sure. He could not move against Alcazar until he made a mistake, and tonight the yacht blew up. And then you show up, and you want to meet with Sonny. See, I -- we knew. We knew that Alcazar had a woman with him, ok I thought it was a setup, but Sonny was willing to take that chance.

Brenda: Why'd you leave him there?

Jason: He told me to get you away.

Brenda: Who'd you call?

Jason: I called an ambulance and then I called Carly. That's his wife. She loves him. I thought she needed to be there.

Brenda: All right, well, what are we doing here? What's this?

Jason: Oh, Brenda -- this is a safe house, ok? We're going to be here until someone calls us and tells us something about Sonny. No one knows that we're here, that we own this place. There are no neighbors. No one can see us. Alcazar will never find you here.

Brenda: All right, what about Jax?

Jason: Jax? What does he have to do with anything?

Brenda: What about Jax? Jax. I told you that I went to warn Sonny. I was going to ask him also to protect Jax. Look --

Jason: First of all, you're not going to tell me anything until we hear what happened to Sonny.

Brenda: Look, you need to protect him. You need to protect Jax because that's what Sonny would have wanted --

Jason: He hates Jax. Sonny hates Jax.

Brenda: You think he wants him dead? I'm saying you need to protect a man, all right? Can you do that? You need to protect him because Sonny would have wanted you to do that. That's what you do, isn't it? That's what you guys do. It's like an honor thing or whatever.

Jason: Hey, don't pretend to understand the relationship that we have, ok? If he wants me to protect Jax, that's what I do. If you want me to, I'm not going to do it.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Now just be quiet.

Jason: Hello.

Jason: Did he -- did he say anything? Ok, but someone has to be with Carly to make sure she gets home ok.

Brenda: What? Where'd they take him?

Jason: To the morgue.

Carly: What difference does it make who told me? It doesn't even matter to you! You hated Sonny! You don't even care that he is dead!

Taggert: Wait, it's true, I did -- I hated your husband, all right, but I care that he was murdered. I care enough to find his killers. I care enough to grill you, and I'd rather see you get home ok. I mean, do you really think I'd like to make this difficult for you?

Carly: You do.

Taggert: I know how much you loved Sonny, ok? No one should have to watch the person they love die on the street.

Taggert: There's a war going on, Mrs. Corinthos, and one side was eliminated tonight. Help me take down the other. All right, for once, we want the same thing here. Help me.

Carly: I was at home, and Jason called me and he told me to come to the church.

Taggert: Did he give a reason why?

Carly: He said that Sonny needed me.

Taggert: Did he say for what?

Carly: He didn't have to. You want to know who murdered my husband? His name is Alcazar.

Roy: Get out.

Alcazar: Looks like you've had a difficult evening. But a productive one. For me, at least.

Roy: It never happened. As of this moment, we never met.

Alcazar: I'm curious. Do you know why Corinthos was at St. Timothy's?

Roy: You know, I forgot to ask him. I was too busy shooting him.

Alcazar: Was good work. Now, there's one last thing I need you to do.

Roy: You got to be kidding.

Alcazar: This woman, Brenda Barrett, is somewhere in port Charles, trying to make contact with men in her past. Now, Corinthos is unavailable, which means she's on her way to see Jasper Jacks. I need you to get there first. Intercept Brenda and return her to me.

Roy: I would only agree to do this in order to sever ties with you once and for all.

Alcazar: Understood. You'll still have to kill Jax, of course.

Jax: Relax. Clear the mind.

Skye: Oh. All clear.

Jax: Good, because I really need you to focus on this.

Skye: Oh, I am so focused. Almost. Wait, I need you to ask me that -- that other question again.

Jax: Skye, will you marry me?

Skye: Yes.

Jax: And you're sure you're ready?

Skye: I am beyond ready. I -- I can't wait to be your wife!

Jax: Oh!

Brenda: I can't believe it rained at that church tonight. I was just waiting for him, again. You know, he looked at me.

Brenda: He looked right at me, and I finally knew everything.

Brenda: He loved me.

Brenda: For a long time, a part of me thought that he didn't, but he did.

Brenda: I've always loved him.

Brenda: And he's always loved me. Hasn't he? It's really ok that he never loved me as much as I loved him.

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