GH Transcript Tuesday 9/10/02



General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 9/10/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Skye: I wished that he was dead.

Jax: And?

Skye: I think I killed him.

Courtney: I tried to save you!

A.J.: You took your clothes off for a bunch of drunken losers!

Felicia: I got to get my girls back.

Alcazar: I'm sure you're aware of the consequences if you fail to cooperate.

Roy: I understand completely.

Alcazar: Good. Then you'll eliminate Corinthos.

Brenda: I need to get off this boat. I have to warn Sonny about this.

[door opens]

A.J.: Well, you're in a hurry. I shouldn't keep you.

Courtney: I -- I guess I have a lot on my mind. We got the gas and electric bill today --

A.J.: Courtney -- I would never push you into something you're not ready for, ok?

Courtney: I want to, A.J., be with you, I mean. You know that. I've been trying to put what happened at the strip club out of my mind. I just -- I keep picturing you watching me there up in front of all those men and it's just still so hard.

A.J.: Don't do this to yourself. You're the same woman you've always been -- the woman I love.

Courtney: Oh, I hate feeling like this. You've been so patient with me and I --

A.J.: I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here, as long as it takes.

Courtney: Just a little longer.

[Knock on door]

Edward: Hello, Courtney. My, you look lovely as usual.

Courtney: I -- I have to get to work. I'll see you later?

Edward: So, tell me, A.J., How is poor, little Daisy?

Alexis: I have two sets of interrogatories to review. I have a deposition due on Thursday. I -- I don't have time for this.

Ned: This won't take long.

Alexis: Whenever your family suggests a little get-together, it's usually some form of warfare.

Ned: Consider this a preemptive strike.

Alexis: Look -- you need to know that I can only take so much of your family staking claim to my baby suddenly becoming anointed the new Quartermaine heir. So, you know, if there's such a thing as premeditated, premature kidnapping, they should all be behind bars.

Ned: Humor me? I have a feeling something's up and I need to find out what it is.

Monica: Hello.

Ned: Hello.

Alan: Hey. Alexis, you look great.

Alexis: Thanks, Alan. You, too.

Alan: Can I get you something?

Alexis: No, I'm fine, thanks.

Monica: You're feeling ok?

Alexis: Good, great. My -- they told me to avoid stressful situations, though.

Monica: Oh. Well, how was your last checkup?

Alexis: The baby's great.

Ned: Your invitation came a little out of the blue, so, what's the occasion?

Alan: Well, we wanted to speak to you both privately in the wake of father's latest little stunt.

Monica: Yes -- pulling the plug on his own life-support system.

Alan: And framing Skye for it.

Monica: We just want you to know, Ned, that we are behind any action that you want to take against Edward.

Alan: Ned, as the newly installed head of E.L.Q., If you need us to vote with you, we're there.

Monica: Yes, don't hesitate to ask because, quite frankly, we are delighted that you are stepping up and taking charge.

Alan: And it's gratifying to know that the company is going to be used for the benefit of the family rather than as leverage or a weapon. So here's to you restoring our good name.

Ned: So, in other words, we're all on the same side as long as I keep making money and keep Edward under control. That's not going to be a problem. But I do expect something in return.

Felicia: I can't take much more of this. I have to see my daughters.

Roy: Hey, we've been over this. He -- he doesn't want to hurt them. Alcazar is just using your daughters as leverage to keep me in line to show me he means business.

Felicia: Things go wrong in situations like this.

Roy: Maxie and Georgie are going to be all right. Believe me, I -- I wish to God I had never gotten you or the girls involved in this, but I am going to fix it.

Felicia: Well, we're both responsible. We both knew that Alcazar was dangerous. We should've called the police the minute we found out he was behind that money.

Roy: Felicia, you remember how fast he got me released and out of the warehouse explosion? The man has connections in the government. The police would not have been able to help us.

Felicia: What does he want you to do?

Roy: Look, it's --

Felicia: These are my daughters we're talking about! Tell me what he wants you to do.

Roy: I -- I think it's better if you --

man: Mr. Alcazar sent me. Your daughters are all right. You'll see that for yourself. Are you ready?

Roy: Not quite. I'm going with you.

Brenda: Oh. Hi.

Alcazar: Hi.

Brenda: I'm so glad you're back.

Alcazar: I missed you, too.

Brenda: Listen, I'm feeling really good, so you can let me out.

Alcazar: It won't be much longer.

Brenda: No, really, I'm so happy. I'm really not having an episode. I'm thinking very clearly. Ask me anything.

Alcazar: I hate this as much as you, Brenda. It was a mistake to bring you back to Port Charles, bring you back to a past you want to forget.

Brenda: No, don't worry about that right now. You know I owe you whatever's left of my life.

Alcazar: Don't say that. We have our whole life together.

Brenda: You are my whole life. You're the only person I want to be with.

Alcazar: You don't know how much I want to believe you.

Brenda: Luis, you know that that's true. Let's leave here. Let's go someplace where we can really be alone together. Why are you pushing me away like this?

Alcazar: You need to calm down. Too much excitement isn't good for you. She's ready.

Brenda: What is happening to you?

Jax: Not exactly your usual taste in accommodations.

Skye: How did you find me?

Jax: Does it matter?

Skye: Not much does at this point, does it? I'd ask why you bothered but that's pretty obvious. What was that speech you gave to me once about people betraying you, about revenge? No mercy when it comes to paybacks? Wasn't that it? I suppose the police are out there just waiting for me. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but if you think that I'm going to try and make a break for it, you can forget about it. I won't humiliate myself any more than I already have, so go ahead. Tell them I'm ready to surrender.

Jax: You're not going to jail, Skye. What happens from here on is entirely up to you.

Brenda: No more drugs.

Alcazar: It's only what the doctor prescribed.

Brenda: Well, I don't need them. I'm fine.

Alcazar: You're not well.

Brenda: Luis, the drugs just make me more confused, and I do not want to take them. Why have you stopped listening to me?

Alcazar: I'm only doing what you asked. Please don't fight with me. You know I'd never do anything to hurt you, Brenda.

Brenda: I know that and I trust you. Now please trust me. I don't need them. Luis --

Alcazar: Just get it over with.

Brenda: Luis -- I don't need them.

Diana: It's just a shot. It'll make everything easier.

Brenda: I'm not having an episode. I feel fine. He's just trying to control me.

Diana: There's a guard outside, I don't have a choice.

Brenda: It doesn't matter. We have to find a way to warn Sonny and Jax, Luis is going after them.

Diana: Alcazar is not going to give you access to a phone and he's not going to let you off the ship.

Brenda: Well, then I have to find a way to persuade him to take me away from here.

Diana: Why do you think he'll listen when he hasn't listened before?

Brenda: I don't know, but I have to try and I can't do it if I'm on drugs. Listen, do you feel ok knowing that people could die because of us? These people think that I'm dead. They don't even know me anymore. The knew me once a lifetime ago. Diana --

Brenda: Thank you.

Diana: That's all I can do. Mr. Alcazar is sending me away.

Brenda: It's ok. I'm going to give you Sonny's phone number.

Guard: Is everything all right?

Diana: Everything's fine.

Brenda: Ahem.

Roy: Let's get out of here. We're wasting time.

Man: My instructions were specific -- either the lady comes alone or she stays here.

Roy: Don't you worry about your boss. I'll answer to him. Hey!

Felicia: Wait. Please?

Man: Just you -- that was the deal.

Roy: The deal has changed.

Felicia: No, I'm going alone.

Roy: I can't let you do that.

Felicia: Well, you don't have a choice. I have to see my kids.

Roy: Felicia, it is too dangerous.

Felicia: I can handle it.

Roy: Listen to me. You're going to be looking for a way out, a chance to create a diversion. That's when things go wrong.

Felicia: I couldn't do anything to jeopardize my children!

Man: Ahem.

Roy: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! If anything happens to that woman, I'm going to find you.

A.J.: What do you know about Daisy?

Edward: Well, I would prefer not to embarrass the both of us with the tawdry details.

A.J.: Who else knows?

Edward: I'm nothing if not discreet, A.J.

A.J.: How'd you find out?

Edward: You see, I have a habit of keeping tabs on my family members, whether or not I'm in their good graces or not.

A.J.: You threw me out, remember, grandfather? There's no need for polite metaphors here. We're at each other's throats.

Edward: You misunderstood what I was trying to accomplish. You see, you thought I was throwing you out, but, actually, the opposite was my intention.

A.J.: Yeah, which was what, exactly?

Edward: Well, you see, A.J., I have been involved with money most of my life --

A.J.: Yeah.

Edward: And it's a double-edged sword. It gives you freedom and it gives you power, but taken for granted and used without clear, rational thought and ambition and enterprise, well -- look, this is what it can lead to.

A.J.: Mm-hmm. Here it comes, lecture number 22.

Edward: The point is, A.J., If you had had the family fortune at your disposal, your poor, little wife would have never had to go through such a humiliating experience. And you are to blame, but so am I. So am I. Your wife's recent travails have forced me to take a good, hard look at -- at what I've put you through.

A.J.: Get to the point. And don't expect me to believe that you're here hoping to reconcile.

Edward: A.J., Courtney danced in that snake pit and she lied about it because she loves you and she was determined to keep you out of jail, and I have never seen a more selfless, heroic act in my life, and as a Quartermaine and as her husband, you have to see to it that she never has to go through that again.

A.J.: She won't.

Edward: All right, you can guarantee it -- with my help.

A.J.: Talk about selfless. Thank you so much, Grandfather. Or did you want something in return, hmm?

Edward: Well, not much, really. You see, Ned has taken control of E.L.Q. And, frankly, he's getting a little full of himself, and I could use your help in -- in bringing him down a notch or two.

Alan: I cannot believe that you would take this gesture of support and turn it into an opportunity for blackmail.

Ned: I'm simply stating my terms right upfront. This family is a priority to me, as I've proven over the years by the sacrifices I've made for all of you and for E.L.Q. But, obviously, I'm not a saint, nor am I completely selfless. I'm going to run E.L.Q. To your benefit, but I also want this company because of what it can do for me.

Monica: Make you richer.

Ned: I'd like to think that it would make me more powerful. A beautiful, young woman is dead because of Sonny Corinthos.

Alan: Are you sure you want to get into this? It's obviously very painful for Alexis.

Alexis: Sonny is responsible for my sister's death and he should pay for it.

Monica: What -- what does all of this have to do with E.L.Q.?

Ned: Sonny hides behind his legitimate businesses. He files tax returns and leaves a paper trail making him look like a fine, upstanding citizen. I'm going to raid everything he owns and force him into bankruptcy. This will leave him with two options. Either he'll prop up these legitimate businesses with illegal cash or he'll let them go under. Now, the first choice will land him in jail for racketeering, and the second one will force him out of the country. Either one is fine by me.

Alan: You can't do that, Ned. You could wind up bankrupting E.L.Q.

Ned: Well, you're a doctor, aren't you, Alan? If E.L.Q. Goes under -- which, of course, it won't -- you still have your professional fees, don't you?

Alan: You can't throw everything at Sonny Corinthos. It affects your own child.

Alexis: This child's mother, who you're all so conveniently ignoring, makes a damn fine living with or without E.L.Q. And the truth is this baby's life will be a lot safer without Sonny in it.

Monica: Alexis, you just lost your sister to violence. It doesn't honor her memory to react now out of anger and fear. There are better ways. Surely you know that.

Alexis: This is Ned's decision, and I wouldn't presume to tell him how to handle his grief, his loss, or his assets.

Alan: You are the mother of this child. You're about to bring a new life into this world, both of you. What kind of world do you want it to be?

Ned: Safer.

Monica: Starting a war with Sonny Corinthos isn't going to make it safer, Ned. And challenging him is going to bring Jason into it. He's going to be pitted against his own family.

Alan: Ned, you need to focus on making a home. Bring the family together, stop tearing it apart.

Ned: Sonny's taken as much from you as he has from me, and it's past time that he was dealt with. Thank you both for the invitation. Hope we can get together soon again.

Alan: Arrogant fool. All things being equal, I'd rather deal with father.

Monica: Wait a minute. I mean, what if this could work? What if, once and for all, we could be free of Sonny Corinthos?

Skye: Are you certain I didn't pull the plug? All this time I thought --

Jax: Edward set you up. You're upset, and he saw an opening.

Skye: I was drunk. That opening was big enough to drive a truck through.

Jax: Are you still --

Skye: I'm back on my program. I have been to meetings every day.

Jax: Well, that's good to hear.

Skye: Yeah. It helps knowing I'm not a murderer. I -- I don't get it. I don't know why Edward would risk his life to frame me when he already got his revenge. I mean, he had you believing that I betrayed you. He wrecked my life -- mission accomplished. Unless he thought you might forgive me. Why would he think that?

Jax: Look, the good news is you can stop running, ok? With Ned's help, Edward's been exposed, and the police know that you weren't involved. You're cleared.

Skye: Oh. I've been cleared of the crime.

Jax: Right.

Skye: Where do I stand with you?

Skye: I never stopped loving you, Jax. I never lied to you about that.

Jax: No, you trusted Edward over me.

Skye: I know. I know I should've believed in you, in us, in what we had, but you know me. You know that kind of trust doesn't come easy for me.

Jax: Ok, yeah, so when are you going to grow up, Skye? Huh? When are you going to deal with life head-on? When are you going to stop hiding behind your history?

Skye: Look, I'm not going to make excuses, ok? I'm not going to blame my childhood or my lousy family or anything like that. I take full responsibility, all right? It was me. Who I am, ok? Or maybe, hopefully, who I was. Jax, I know -- I know I have a long way to go. But I could never, ever have fulfilled that contract with Edward. I would never hurt you like that. Tell me. Tell me you know that.

Jax: Look, you've -- you've got a lot of other things to deal with right now, ok? There's a lot of questions to be answered. So --

Skye: Well, you didn't tell me to go to hell. That's a start.

Jax: Yeah. Let's -- let's get your stuff and go, ok? I'm sure there's something you want to take care of.

Skye: Oh, you know me so well.

A.J.: You want me to help you with E.L.Q.? Wouldn't it make you a little nervous teaming up with an incompetent drunk?

Edward: Oh, well, you -- you just think of all the insults you've hurled my way over the years, A.J. We mustn't let that stand in the way of our mutual interests. I will supply you with access to and information on all of the E.L.Q. Dealings, and you can make sure that they don't come off quite as planned.

A.J.: Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. You want me to sabotage Ned? Right, throw his ability to run the company into question.

Edward: Well, no, "sabotage" is not the right word. I think maybe "restore equilibrium." You know, bring things back to normal.

A.J.: Back to normal?

Edward: Mm-hmm. Exactly.

A.J.: People going behind each other's backs and lying to each other -- that's normal?

Edward: Oh --

A.J.: To the Quartermaines', yes, but you know what? I don't want any part of it, Grandfather.

Edward: I have to remind you, young man, you are throwing away a fortune.

A.J.: I am much better off without it.

Edward: Oh, God, A.J., look around you and think of your wife.

A.J.: That's all I'm thinking about. I owe her, not you. I'm going to give her the life she deserves, on my own, no help from you. And the best part -- it'll be for us. Ok? No strings, no jumping through hoops. Just us.

Edward: God, put your damn pride aside for a while, please, and just think of your wife up there on that stage every night, taking off her clothes in front of all those dirty old men and --

A.J.: The fact that you would even use that to try to keep me in line makes you no better than the sleaze who forced her up on that stage to begin with. I want you out of here.

Edward: But --

A.J.: Get out.

Edward: All right.

Courtney: Hey, could you take table five for me?

Waitress: I think he wants you. He specifically asked to be in your section.

Coleman: Hey.

Courtney: Look, I don't want you bothering me anymore, so could you please just leave?

Coleman: You're jumping to conclusions.

Courtney: Oh, right. See, you just happened to wander in here off the streets?

Coleman: I came to see you. Ok, I've started a new business. I thought maybe if you needed --

Courtney: Go to hell.

Felicia: Can you please just take off this blindfold before we go in? I don't want my children to be any more frightened than what they already are. Please.

Felicia: Oh, God, baby --

Georgie: Mom?

Maxie: I am so happy to see you!

Felicia: Oh, God, I was so worried about you. Did they hurt you?

Georgie: No -- no.

Maxie: They gave us whatever we wanted. They just won't let us leave.

Georgie: Mom, I'm really scared. I -- I just want to go home. I --

Felicia: You're fine. Everything's going to be fine. I promise you. It won't be that much longer, all right?

Georgie: Why is this happening?

Felicia: It's complicated. I'm working on getting us out of here. It won't be much longer, all right?

Alcazar: Girls, would you go back to your video game for a few minutes? Mother and I need to clear some things up.

Felicia: He's right.

Alcazar: As you can see, they're fine.

Felicia: They're captives.

Alcazar: I kept my part of the agreement. I expect you to keep yours. Go back to DiLucca and convince him to follow through on his part of the bargain.

Felicia: No.

Alcazar: Well, then I'm afraid I'm going to have to --

Felicia: Send them back. Keep me.

Brenda: Ow! Ow! Ow!

Guard: What's going on?

Brenda: I -- hurt! Ah! I tripped.

Guard: On what?

Brenda: Ah, I don't know. I wasn't paying attention. You know, can you help me up? I need to see if I can put any weight on it. Ow! You want to help me up or you want me to crawl? Ow. Just -- oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! That hurts. Oh. I hurt this ankle once before. It might be the same -- oh, God. Let me see. Oh! Careful, careful. Ow. Oh, oh -- oh, yeah. I think I sprained it again. Can you get the first-aid kit? Ow, ow, ow.

Guard: You wait.

Brenda: Where am I going to go?

Brenda: Ow. Boy, that hurts.

Brenda: Oh, you can do that tighter. It won't hurt me. Oh, that's perfect. Wow, you have such great hands. They're like  sculptor's. Hmm. Let me see. Oh, you're strong.

Guard: Ahem. Is there anything else you need?

Brenda: Oh, well, I'd love to be able to breathe.

Guard: Why don't you go lie down?

Brenda: Hmm, I can't lie down in here. I feel like I'm suffocating. Do you ever feel like you can't breathe?

Guard: Yeah.

Brenda: You do? It's so nice to have somebody to talk to. You know, I'm alone a lot in here.

Brenda: Will you stay with me?

Felicia: They're teenagers. They're afraid. They don't understand what's going on.

Alcazar: Someday maybe you'll be able to explain it to them.

Felicia: The police commissioner is a big part of their lives. He's like a father to them. Keeping them here would only draw attention to you, and I know you don't want that. You're not a kidnapper. You need leverage against Roy. Use me.

Alcazar: I understand your instinct to want to trade yourself with your children. As far as I'm concerned, it's just a business decision. My only interest is encouraging Roy to do the job I paid him for.

Felicia: What is it that you want Roy to do? What could be so damn important to hold my children like this?

Alcazar: Discuss it with DiLucca.

Courtney: Look, if you think that I'm going to dance for you again, you're out of your mind. You know, if Jason Morgan or my brother knew that you were here right now or that you were trying to talk to me --

Coleman: I'm not running another strip club. I bought a new bar and restaurant across town called Jake's.

Courtney: Well, so, why come to me?

Coleman: To apologize and say thanks.

Courtney: For what? And -- and why would I believe you?

Coleman: Ok, you never know when you meet someone what's going to come of it, right? I mean, ok, what I'm trying to say is in some weird way that I don't get, all the stuff I put you through, it changed my life.

Courtney: Oh, please.

Coleman: It made me look at who I am and what I was doing. And what you did for your husband, it was the most generous thing I've ever seen a girl do for a guy. And just to know that that kind of sacrifice was possible, it -- God, it pretty much convinced me that it was -- it was time to start over. That's why I came -- to tell you that. And I'm a fool for apple turnovers, and this place does have the best. Wait. Here. No, it's -- hey, it's not what you think. It's just a -- I'm hoping maybe it'll make me feel a little better about myself. Ok?

Alan: You know I would love to lead a Sonny-free existence, but the idea that Ned could use E.L.Q. To drive Corinthos out of business, you're deluding yourself.

Monica: Well, Ned is ruthless and now he's motivated.

Alan: Yeah, but Ned doesn't employ men with guns and he's not willing to risk his life to get what he wants. And you know what? That's fine. I tell you, the only way to beat Sonny is to use his own methods against him, and Ned's not willing to go that far and he shouldn't.

Monica: Well, part of me is glad to hear that because if hurting Sonny means hurting Jason, I don't want any part of it. I would like Jason to hang on to the few legitimate businesses he has, and I definitely don't want to see him go to jail.

Edward: Who's going to jail? Well, I can assure you it isn't me, because you both agreed that my alleged framing of Skye is a bygone.

Monica: There's nothing alleged about it, Edward. You framed Skye for attempted murder. And now to add insult to injury, Ned is blackmailing you out of E.L.Q., Which he, in turn, is going to destroy by going after Sonny. Can't anyone in this family leave well enough alone?

Edward: Oh-oh-oh, I would expect that of you, Monica. You know something, lady? You have made a cottage industry of leaving things alone. That's true. You know, indecision is the ultimate refuge of the spineless, and you, Alan, are the -- what the hell are you doing here?

Jax: I've just -- you know, I've come to watch the show.

Edward: Show? What in the world are you talking about?

Skye: When I get through with you, Grandfather, you're going to wish I pulled that plug.

Skye: You sick, twisted human being. How cold-blooded can you actually be, you old tyrant?

Edward: Well, if it isn't the family fugitive. Did you enjoy your time on the run, my dear?

Skye: You used me, set me up! You were ready to let me rot in jail.

Edward: You obviously wanted me dead, otherwise you wouldn't have convinced yourself --

Skye: Oh, you cruel, sadistic old man. Do you really hate me that much? Tell me, what was my crime, my unforgivable transgression? Finding love? Being happy? Or maybe it was the fact that Jax might actually forgive me. Is that it?

Edward:  Signing the contract, dear, was your idea.

Skye: You manipulated me.

Edward: Just play the innocent-lamb bit you want, but you cannot hide the facts!

Skye: No, you tell him the facts, Grandfather. You tell him the truth or I swear to God it won't be attempted murder they charge me with. Now, you tell him that I begged to get out of that contract, and you agreed. You tell him that you swore you would get rid of every hateful copy of that contract. You tell him you knew how much I loved him and I would never do anything to hurt him. Now, you know that! You tell him!

A.J.: Coleman --

Coleman: Look, I don't want any trouble, man.

A.J.: Neither do I. I also don't want you anywhere near my wife.

Coleman: I just came in for a cup of coffee.

A.J.: Find someplace else.

Coleman: Look, I have every right to be here.

A.J.: No, you don't. After what you did to my wife, no, you don't. That chapter's closed. I don't want to think about it anymore. Neither does my wife. You're a reminder of a really bad time. So let's pretend that you and I are adults, and you're a nice guy who's sorry for what happened and who's getting the hell out of our lives.

Coleman: Keep the change.

A.J.: She doesn't want your money. Just take your money and go.

Courtney: I have never seen you like that.

A.J.: I saw you two together, and you know what? It sets me off. I'm sorry, but --

Courtney: Hey, A.J., You're amazing!

Brenda: Will you help me? You need to get me out of here.

Guard: You belong to Mr. Alcazar.

Brenda: Oh, forget about Alcazar. I'm nobody's property, you know? I'm a woman. Oh. Oh. Oh!

Courtney: You were so amazing, A.J., So in control. I mean, you shut Coleman down without even raising your voice.

A.J.: You asked me not to start anything, so I didn't.

Courtney: It made me feel so good having you stand up for me like that, so special. Thank you.

A.J.: You're my wife.

Courtney: I love you so much.

A.J.: Courtney, and I will always protect you. You know that, don't you? No matter what. I thought he was making you feel uncomfortable. I wasn't going to let that happen again. I'm going to go to the gym. I won't be long, ok?

Courtney: Don't leave.

A.J.: What? Hey, don't worry. This guy, he's not going to bother you anymore. I mean, if you're -- you're still feeling uncomfortable --

Courtney: You asked me before to let you know when I was ready.

A.J.: Mm-hmm. Ready.

Edward: All right, listen, everyone. I want you to know that everything that Skye has said is true. You happy now? You have convinced yourself that she is the poor, misunderstood romantic, instead of the treacherous viper who has been wreaking havoc on this family from the day she barged in through the door.

Alan: You never even gave Skye a chance. You turned her against the family before we knew her.

Edward: I knew her the moment I laid eyes on her, and she is loyal to only one person and that is herself. She never had any faith in you, Jax, none. No matter how hard you tried to convince yourself, the very fact that she even considered stabbing you in the back should tell you all you need to know about her so-called love.

Alan: That's enough, Father. We're leaving.

Edward: No, no, don't you tell me that. This is my house.

Monica: Oh, Edward, this is my house, and I'll have you thrown out by sundown if you don't go find Lila and have her plead your case for you.

Edward: How can you be defending Skye? She is a lying, conniving --

Monica: So are you. The only difference is I can throw you out.

Edward: Very well, very well. We'll -- we'll find my wife and she can talk some sense into you. Oh, and, by the way, enjoy your little reunion, my dear. Just remember that he is absolutely as faithful as you are trustworthy, so enjoy.

Skye: What he just said --

Jax: That's -- that was just desperate words from an old man.

Skye: Well, you know the truth now.

Jax: Yes, I do.

Skye: Jax, this was a test. Don't you see? If we can get through this, we can get through anything. All we have to do is -- is try.

Jax: It's a little more complicated than that.

Maxie: They've got mom! She convinced that man to keep her instead of us!

Roy: Wait -- slow down, slow down. Alcazar kept your mom?

Maxie: We're supposed to send you a message -- to hold up your end of the bargain. Does that make sense to you?

Roy: No, no, no. Nothing will happen to her, I swear. I will never let anything happen to your mother.

Brenda: Bye. I hope you've come to let me out. I hurt my bad ankle, you know.

Alcazar: I admire you, Brenda. Your ingenuity is a thing of wonder, trying to seduce the guard to escape. I need to watch you more closely. I don't want you to do something you'll regret.

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Alexis: Mr. Spencer is not acting in his own best interest because he is too intent on protecting the woman that he loves.

Alcazar: The sooner you take care of Corinthos, the sooner Felicia will be released.

Skye: I don't know where Jax is.

Carly: Maybe he needed a breather.

Sonny: You think you're ready to say good-bye now, Jax?

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