GH Transcript Friday 9/6/02


General Hospital Transcript Friday 9/6/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Brenda: Did you kill Jason?

Alcazar: He breached my security.

Elizabeth: What happened?

Scott: Sign the confession, and let her get some help!

Luke: I ain't signing anything until I see my wife.

Sonny: You're going to be safe when Alcazar's gone. I need to know why he showed up in the first place.

Alcazar: I want you to kill Sonny Corinthos.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Sonny: How you doing? You all right?

Carly: What happened to your head?

Jason: They shot into the water.

Carly: And they got that close?

Jason: It's okay.

Elizabeth: I took care of it.

Carly: Well, I'm glad you're here.

Zander: Who's she?

Sonny: What do you mean, "who's she?" She's my wife, Carly.

Carly: I'm Carly. You know me. We're friends. I mean, kind of. At least we were.

Zander: Is that true?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Carly: Look, Zander, you need to remember what happened on the boat. If my being here is messing you up, then I'll just --

Sonny: No, it's all right. Just stay right here. Tell me what you saw. And listen to him, if it triggers anything.

Jason: I found the woman.

Roy: That wasn't part of the deal.

Alcazar: It's the reason I made contact in the first place. I want Corinthos dead, and you'll kill him.

Roy: I'm glad you finally put your cards on the table. I've been wondering about the real reasons you left me that money, the true purpose behind this partnership. You have made a serious miscalculation. I'm not going to kill Sonny Corinthos or anybody else.

Felicia: I'm glad you're home.

Bobbie: Thank you for keeping me posted on Luke and Laura.

Felicia: Was Lucas disappointed about cutting his vacation short?

Bobbie: No, no, he wasn’t. Actually, I think he was ready to get back to normal life.

Felicia: Did you call the hospital to see how Laura was doing?

Bobbie: Yeah, and she's -- well, she's the same. And of course, Luke is blaming himself for the shape she's in.

Felicia: I know that he and Roy are cooking up a plan.

Bobbie: Well, let's hope it works.

Felicia: Lucas is getting more handsome by the second.

Maxie: Yeah, oh, isn't Lucas getting more handsome by the second.

Lucas: You missed me and you know it.

Maxie: Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that.

Bobbie: Hey, come on, what do you say we pull a couple of tables together and we'll catch up?

Felicia: Good idea.

Maxie: Think you could manage, Lucas?

Felicia: Thank you, Lucas. Thanks.

Maxie: So, how was the vacation with mom?

Lucas: She got a little nervous around the bears.

Georgie: You saw bears?

Lucas: Yeah, only a couple. It was really no big deal, except for the one that I chased.

Georgie: Weren't you scared?

Lucas: Nah.

Felicia: Is it true? Is it really true?

Bobbie: Well, let's just say Lucas takes after his namesake.

Felicia: Oh, I see. I got it.

Nikolas: So, how about some cups from the kitchen for your tea party, huh?

Lesley Lu: Thanks. I want my teacups. Call Mommy. She knows where they are.

Nikolas: We can't really call her right now.

Lucky: Mommy doesn't have a telephone in her room.

Lesley Lu: When will Mommy be home?

Nikolas: Soon. I promise you. She just needs some extra time to get well. But don't worry, okay? Because Mommy will be home before you know it and she'll be tucking you in to your bed, singing lullabies, just like she always does.

Laura: Get away from me!

Luke: Laura --

Laura: No!

Luke: No, it's all right. It's all right. It's all right.

Laura: You are a bad man.

Luke: Well, that may be true, but I love you. I love you, sweetheart, and you love me.

Laura: No, you want to hurt me.

Luke: No. I never wanted to hurt you ever. Sweetheart, it's us -- you and me. Nobody else matters. Just us. I'm going to get you out of here. I'm going to get you past these walls, through all this fear. We'll leave these damn doctors in the dust. Just you and me -- Luke and Laura. We are meant to be.

Laura: We are?

Luke: Yes. Yes. Remember? Please. Remember?

Laura: No. No. No! I don't remember. No. I don't remember, and you can't make me.

Luke: No, sweetheart --

Laura: No, no, you go away. Go away. Go away.

Luke: Okay. Okay.

Scott: Don't hurt her.

Luke: Keep them out of here, Baldwin!

Scott: What's the problem? Kick it in!

Laura: No, no! Help me!

Luke: No, no --

Laura: Help! Help me!

Scott: Call security.

Laura: No, no, no! Why are you doing this?

Luke: Look at me.

Laura: Why?

Luke: Look. It's me. Look at me.

Laura: What do you want? What do you want?

Luke: I want you to stay with me where I am.

Laura: Who are you?

Luke: I'm your life, Laura, and you're mine.

Laura: No! No, no.

Luke: No, please, I need you to be with me in this world, not wherever it is you're going. Please.

Laura: Oh, I'm in so much trouble.

Luke: I can get you out.

Laura: But how? I don't even know who you are.

Luke: Yes, you do. Yes, you do. We've traveled the world together, and we're just getting started, baby. But this place that you're going in your mind -- I can't go there with you. And once you're gone, I won't be able to find you. Please, please, don't leave me behind, sweetheart. You're leaving me behind. Just take one little step toward me. Just -- just back and I can get you out. Just one step toward me, and then we'll jump in the pink Cadillac and we'll go anywhere you want to go. We'll throw Lulu in the back seat, and we'll jump on the turnpike, and we'll go wherever it takes us.

Laura: I don't know anybody named Lulu.

Luke: But Lucky -- you know Lucky. You know Lucky. We'll put Lucky in the car. It'll be like a big family trip, all of us.

Laura: I already have a family.

Luke: Yes, you do. You do -- with me. We have two children. Two beautiful children, and they need you. I want to take you back to them.

Laura: No. You're a liar! Stop it! You're a liar!

Luke: I don't lie to you. I've never lied to you. You own my heart! You own the piece of me that nobody knows! Please, just come with me. Don't leave me behind. Please, please, Laura. You'll be safe. You'll be safe.

Scott: Get him out of there. Laura, everything's going to be okay!

Laura: Who's yelling?

Luke: No, he doesn't matter. It's just us. Just stay with me. Just us. You and me. We've lived on the run most of our lives. We do it better than anybody. We can do it. You'll be safe. Just take my hand.

Laura: No --

Luke: Laura, take --

Laura: No, I don't --

Scott: Luke, open that door!

Luke: Take my hand.

Laura: No, no --

Luke: Please.

Laura: No!

Luke: My hand --

Laura: No. I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

Luke: No!

Laura: I hate you! Get him away from me.

Luke: No!

Laura: Get him away from me! You get him away from me!

Luke: No! Don't! She doesn't need that! No!

Doctor: Just till the medicine kicks in.

Luke: No, don't let her see the syringe!

Scott: You get out of here!

Luke: No!

Laura: No, don't do that to me! Don't give me a shot! No! No!

Luke: Laura!

Jason: I found two stacks of passports on the desk. Alcazar has a lot of I.D.

Sonny: Any names sound familiar?

Jason: None.

Sonny: What about the woman?

Jason: I didn't even get a chance to see her passport. Alcazar walked in. I hid. I guess the woman had tried to escape, so Alcazar had her locked in his cabin.

Sonny: And you got into the cabin?

Jason: Yeah, it was upstairs. That's where I found the woman.

Sonny: What does she look like?

Jason: Dark hair, small.

Sonny: Is the woman in the surveillance pictures?

Jason: I've never seen her before.

Sonny: Well, she doesn't sound familiar to me, so she's beside the point. Whatever leverage Alcazar has against me, it's not her.

Brenda: It's just me. I just heard him tell that man to kill Sonny. Did you know about this? Diana, tell me. Has this been his plan all along?

Alcazar: Sonny Corinthos is an obstacle. He has to be removed.

Roy: So remove him yourself.

Alcazar: Look at the life you're living. Did you think it would be free?

Roy: I feel like I'm paying for it every time I'm in your presence, but I'm not killing anybody. Excuse me.

Alcazar: You know what to do.

Brenda: He's going after Sonny because of me.

Diana: Try to calm down.

Brenda: No, Luis is doing this because of me, because I tried to leave. I tried to make it off the boat. I tried to call Sonny, and he stopped me.

Diana: Stop.

Brenda: I told him -- no, I asked him if I ever tried to contact Jax or Sonny for him to stop me, and this is his way of doing it.

Diana: Maybe it's not too late to convince Mr. Alcazar that Sonny and Jax mean nothing to you.

Brenda: If he is going after Sonny because of me, Jax will definitely be next.

Diana: If he knows that he's the only man for you and that you have no intention of leaving him -- Mr. Alcazar loves you. He wants you to love him back. Prove to him that these men mean nothing to you, that you want to spend the rest of your life with him.

Brenda: Oh.

Alcazar: Brenda, what's wrong?

Felicia: So, a grizzly bear came after you?

Bobbie: Thank you. Yeah. Why else would I curl up on the sidewalk?

Felicia: My gosh.

[Pager beeps]

Bobbie: Oh, that's my beeper. Ah, I've got to go to O.R. You ready to call it a night?

Lucas: Sure. Maxie can drive me home in her new car, right?

Maxie: In your dreams.

Lucas: Do you even know how to drive it yet? You know, I can actually walk four blocks by myself. I promise.

Bobbie: I know you can. Bye, sweetie.

Maxie: "Bye, sweetie."

Georgie: You know, you're not that funny, Maxie.

Felicia: I'll walk you out.

Bobbie: I'll see you soon. Be good.

Georgie: I will.

Maxie: Bye.

Felicia: Hey, let me know if you hear anything about Luke, okay?

Bobbie: You do the same for me, okay?

Felicia: Okay.

Bobbie: Thank you for the phone call. You're terrific.

Felicia: Glad you're back.

Roy: Hi.

Felicia: Hi. How's Luke?

Roy: He's good so far. I'm waiting for him to call me again, actually.

Felicia: Where did you go?

Roy: I've been around.

Lucas: Hey, Roy.

Roy: Hey, Lucas.

Maxie: Mom missed you.

Roy: Oh, yeah?

Felicia: Why don't you guys go outside and order dessert out there.

Lucas: Is she trying to get rid of us?

Maxie: Either that or throw you into an insulin shock.

Felicia: Well, you can order fruit salad or some of Ruby's special cookies.

Lucas: That works for me. Georgie?

Georgie: Sure, if there's nothing better to do.

Maxie: Georgie's just trying to be sophisticated. Don't laugh.

Felicia: Hey, don't talk to anybody.

Maxie: Even if we know them?

Felicia: Stay where I can see you.

Lucas: You know, your mom seems a little tense.

Maxie: Yeah, what else is new?

Felicia: I heard that.

Maxie: Good-bye, Mother.

Felicia: So, what has Alcazar done now?

Zander: Okay, Alcazar knows that Jason was on his yacht. Now, isn't he going to fight back?

Sonny: The situation is dangerous for everybody.

Zander: Okay, so then why aren't you going after this guy? Are we going to sit here and wait for him to come to us? I mean, I would like to live long enough to remember who I am. Look, I don't -- we can see the boat from the window. I don't understand. What's the problem? Why not get together and go take this guy out?

Carly: Well, his personality hasn't changed.

Zander: What's that supposed to mean?

Sonny: What it means is you speak without thinking. You can't see what's in front of you.

Zander: What if this guy comes after your wife, huh? Have you thought of that?

Sonny: Okay, we're finished here. Thanks for your help. Be careful. Zander -- calm down, don't make any more stupid choices, and watch out for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: What's wrong with you?

Carly: I can't believe that they shot at you in the water.

Jason: It was a wasted trip.

Carly: Wasted trip? Jason, you put your life on the line. Thank you.

Sonny: At least you're safe.

Jason: I'm sorry. I wanted to find out more.

Sonny: That's all right.

Carly: All right, you two obviously have some things to discuss. I'm going to call it a night, okay?

Sonny: All right, I'll be up in a second.

Carly: Sounds good.

Jason: Good night.

Carly: Good night, sweetie.

Jason: Alcazar is going to retaliate.

Sonny: Probably so.

Jason: You want me to take care of him?

Alcazar: Frightened?

Brenda: This place scares me. I just feel sick here. I don't know. I've been feeling very cloudy and confused. I'm sorry that I tried to leave the ship today. I shouldn't have. Thank you for coming and finding me. I know I'm always safe with you.

Alcazar: I wish I never had to leave you.

Brenda: Can we go to Belize again? Let's go right now. We can be there by next week.

Alcazar: That was a wonderful time.

Brenda: I want things to be the way they used to be between us. You know, we could run up the stairs in the dark. I'll even let you open all the doors and the windows when it's raining outside. Remember you opened that one and the moon was right outside?

Alcazar: It was a full moon.

Brenda: Yeah. And then the next day we went to that grove and just sat there all day and waited for the butterflies to hatch and fly away.

Alcazar: Wild and beautiful.

Brenda: Do you remember what you promised me that day? You promised that you'd give me a life like the butterflies, wild and beautiful, remember? You also promised me that you'd always be with me no matter what.

Alcazar: Yes.

Brenda: Even if these are my last days.

Alcazar: I will never let you go.

Luke: What did you give her?

Doctor: Something to calm her down.

Scott: Spencer, she doesn't know you anymore. She's gone back in time.

Luke: I almost had her out of the attic. We could have made a clean getaway. Why didn't you let us go?

Scott: Because she needs help and you out of the picture.

Luke: And if you can't help her, what are you going to tell yourself then?

Lucky: Hey, Dad. How is she?

Luke: It's not good.

Nikolas: Is there anything they can do for her? Any kind of treatment?

Scott: Nobody knows anything right now.

Lucky: Doc, can I go in and see her?

Doctor: First we should discuss her condition and treatment options. I've arranged to have Laura transferred to a hospital in London.

Luke: London?

Lucky: That's too far away.

Nikolas: No, no, I'm not going to let you take her to London. I can find a hospital closer to her family, Doctor.

Doctor: I know the place. They have been doing very innovative work. It would be best for Laura if she left tonight.

Lucky: Is my mom going to recover?

Doctor: She'll be in the finest facility in the world for her condition.

Luke: Which means you've got no idea.

Lucky: Well, I've got to say good-bye to my mom.

Doctor: This would be a good time.

Nikolas: You're going to be all right.

Lucky: Yeah. Everybody's going -- everybody's going to take real good care of you.

Laura: Scotty. Are you going to sign me out?

Doctor: The further away Laura is from Port Charles, the better -- at least for now. She suffered a severe psychotic break. The pain of reality is unbearable for Laura. She needs to hide in her fantasy world for a while until she has time to heal -- if possible.

Luke: How much time do you think that's going to take?

Doctor: Well, the therapy could take years, and the chance of a full recovery is -- is not good.

Luke: I have to say good-bye to her.

Doctor: I don't recommend that.

Luke: Why not?

Doctor: In my professional opinion, Laura would be much better off if she never sees you again.

Elizabeth: Are you trying to alienate Sonny and Jason?

Zander: I just -- I think they can do more. That's it.

Elizabeth: They're obviously trying to help.

Zander: No, Elizabeth, you are trying to help me. Those guys? They're using me.

Elizabeth: Okay, Alcazar is a threat to all of you -- and me, by the way. So what's the harm in working together to stop a common enemy?

Zander: I'm sorry I dragged you into all this.

Elizabeth: No, it's -- it's okay, Zander. Look, I'm glad that boat captain brought you to me. I wouldn't want you to go through this alone.

Jason: I got on the yacht once. I can do it again.

Sonny: I can't -- I can't make a move against Alcazar until I know what kind of leverage he's got on me. I can't trust him with my family.

Jason: Sonny, we're missing something.

Sonny: You know what? I would have -- I thought the key to all this was the woman. I would have bet my life.

Brenda: Why do we have to stay in Port Charles when you know how painful it is for me?

Alcazar: We have business here.

Brenda: Well, I don't like it here. All I do is sit and stare at the shoreline and wonder what my friends are doing. You know I can't ever go back to that world. Why do I have to look at it?

Alcazar: I love you more than I've ever loved anyone.

Brenda: Well, if you love me so much, why are you making me stay here? I mean, have I done something wrong? Are you upset with me for something? Are you punishing me?

Alcazar: You know everything I do I do for you.

Felicia: Why don't you just tell me what's going on with Alcazar?

Roy: Either that or we could head back to Club 101, have dinner, maybe dance a little bit.

Felicia: He threatened my kids. I need to know what's going on.

Roy: I can't think about Alcazar tonight. I've got to be ready when Luke calls.

Felicia: Is that what you're worried about?

Roy: Yeah, you know, this is a bad situation. Luke will do anything to protect the people he loves.

Felicia: Whatever happens, though, it's going to be awful for their kids.

Nikolas: How can we help?

Laura: Don't worry. Scotty will take care of everything. He always does.

Lucky: I'm not who you think I am.

Laura: Scotty, will you tell my parents that I'm sorry for whatever -- whatever I did? I won't do it again. No, no, tell them what they want to hear and then pretend to get me out, and we'll run away.

Lucky: I'll see what I can do.

Laura: Okay. You never let me down.

Nikolas: You need to know one thing.

Laura: Who is that?

Lucky: It's just -- it's just a guy I know.

Nikolas: Maybe you can't understand it right now, but your family -- we love you and we always will. And you don't ever have to worry about Lulu because she's got a lot of people looking out for her.

Laura: Who's Lulu? Is that someone I go to high school with?

Lucky: Don't give up, all right? Fight this thing.

Laura: Are you leaving?

Lucky: I'll be back as soon as I can.

Laura: You're going to get me out?

Lucky: I'll see what I can do.

Laura: Thank you. I love you, Scotty.

Lucky: I love you.

Laura: Bye. Nice meeting you.

Nikolas: You, too.

Nikolas: She had no idea who either one of us were.

Luke: Well, maybe she will again sometime.

Lucky: What am I supposed to do, Dad?

Luke: It's very simple, cowboy. You take care of Lulu. You make sure she doesn't worry too much.

Lucky: What am I suppose to say to her?

Luke: Tell her her mother loves her and that she wants to come home.

Lucky: Dad.

Luke: It's okay, boys. You both -- you both have to be strong. Lulu needs her brothers, both of them.

Scott: About that confession, Spencer --

Luke: I'm saying good-bye to my wife.

Scott: It's not going to happen.

Luke: I'm going to stand on this side of the door and say good-bye to my wife. Otherwise, I'm going back to jail and I ain't signing nothing, and I'm going to get my attorney to call a press conference, and I'm going to tell them everything that happened in that attic. Everything! What's it going to be, Scott?

Scott: Don't let him in the room.

[Laura hums]

Elizabeth: Jason?

Jason: Why aren't you in bed?

Elizabeth: That was a long meeting.

Jason: Where's Zander?

Elizabeth: Oh, he's crashed.

Jason: You waited up?

Elizabeth: I made you a sandwich in the kitchen.

Jason: I'm not hungry.

Elizabeth: You're in pain.

Jason: It's all right.

Elizabeth: Why act like nothing happened?

Jason: It's late. Just go upstairs.

Elizabeth: I want to take care of you.

Jason: Just, Elizabeth, don't do this.

Elizabeth: Why not?

Jason: Because I don't like pushing you away.

Elizabeth: Then don't. What if you hadn't come home tonight? What if something terrible happened on that boat? We would have missed our only chance. I don't want that to happen. Do you?

Brenda: Luis?

Orderly: Where's your blanket at, Ms. Spencer? Let's go get that so you don't get cold.

Singer: Hey, Laura Laura hey, Laura Laura every once in a while I'd see her smile and she'd turn my day around a girl with those eyes could stare through the lies and see what your heart was saying think of Laura but laugh, don't cry I know she'd want it that way yeah, when you think of Laura laugh, don't cry I know she'd want it that way I know you and you're here in every day we live I know her and she's here I can feel her when I sing hey, Laura where are you now? Are you far away from here? I don't think so I think you're here taking our tears away think of Laura but laugh, don't cry I know she'd want it that way hey, Laura

Luke: Good-bye, my angel.

Singer: Laura I know you'd want it that way

Luke: Good-bye.

Singer: Hey, Laura

Jason: I'm not what you need, Elizabeth. We can't work out. My life is too dangerous. You don't like my job. You think it's wrong.

Elizabeth: I can deal.

Jason: No, see, one day you're going to look at me, and see exactly what I am. And your face will change and you'll back away, and I can't deal with that.

Elizabeth: Will it happen tonight? Jason, I don't care what you do out there or what happens tomorrow or the day after that. But we do have tonight and each other.

Jason: What about Zander? I mean, he's the reason you're here at all.

Carly: So it was good of me how I snuck back into the apartment, right?

Sonny: You want me to compliment you?

Carly: Like I need you to tell me I'm good.

Sonny: All right, all right, you were good. You're good. You're so good. You're the best.

Carly: You're right.

Sonny: I think about that all the time.

Carly: Hmm?

Sonny: My wife, how good she is. And when she's bad, she's even better.

Carly: Oh, you like it when I'm bad, huh?

Sonny: Yeah, I like you any way I can get you, I guess.

[Phone rings]

Brenda: Come on, Sonny.


Carly: You should get that.

Sonny: Hello? Hello?

Carly: Was it a wrong number?

Sonny: I don't know. I doubt it.

Felicia: Mmm. Did you know that triple chocolate pecan pie can cure anything?

Roy: It definitely saved tonight.

Felicia: For a moment. I'm not going to worry about Alcazar right now because I have a lot to be grateful for.

Roy: And I would like to keep it that way, Felicia.

Felicia: Do you think that we could swear off danger for a while?

Roy: Sure. It'd be easy -- the day you swear off chocolate.

Felicia: That's not going to happen.

Roy: I didn't think so.

Lucas: Go, DiLucca.

Maxie: What? Oh, my God. That's so rude.

Georgie: That is so embarrassing.

Maxie: If I ever did that, I'd be grounded for life.

Georgie: Oh, I wish I could fall through the sidewalk.

Lucky: Hey, Lulu, you okay?

Nikolas: Why aren't you in bed?

Lesley Lu: Come look.

Nikolas: Okay. Wow.

Lesley Lu: I found everything all by myself. It's a surprise for Mommy.

Lucky: Does Grandma know you're up?

Lesley Lu: Where's mommy?

Lucky: She's at the hospital, sweetie.

Lesley Lu: You said she was coming home.

Lucky: I know, sweetie. I didn't mean tonight, though. I'm sorry.

Nikolas: She had to go far away to London.

Lucky: Which is all the way across the ocean.

Nikolas: But I can promise you one thing, the place that she's going to will help her feel a lot better.

Lesley Lu: Is Mommy mad at me?

Lucky: No, no, of course not. Mommy loves you. She wants to come home.

Nikolas: It just may take a while, that's all, okay? You have us.

Lesley Lu: I'm scared.

Lucky: Oh, come here.

Lesley Lu: I want Mommy.

Lucky: I know, sweetie. We all do.

Scott: All right, Spencer, I kept my end of the deal. You got to see Laura, so now it's your turn. Sign the confession. All right, fellows, I think that's going to be --

Luke: Hold it! Okay. There's not going to be any question about who commits this crime.

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Alcazar: You trust me, don't you?


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