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General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 9/3/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Skye: I think I unplugged his life-support system.

Jax: You've been drinking, haven't you?

Scott: Laura, what did you do?

Laura: I killed my own father.

Alcazar: I can get to you anytime I want.

Roy: As long as I do what the man wants, you stay safe.

Elizabeth: Somebody's trying to kill him, and he can't remember anything.

Man: Zander, it’s Jason.

Alan: Father seems to be holding his own.

Jax: Will there be any long-term damage?

Alan: We can't really tell at this point.

Monica: His vitals are strong and his brain activity seems normal.

Alan: He just won't wake up.

Lila: I'm not ready to lose you, dear.

Elizabeth: So, did you find anything out about Zander?

Jason: Nothing. Maybe he left town. Tell me, what about the guy he shot?

Elizabeth: He's stable in room 512. Jason, this had to be self-defense. I don't know what else --

Jason: I'll see if I can get some answers.

Taggert: Well, well, well. Anger boy shows up at hospital.

Jason: Can't help you, Taggert.

Taggert: Hmm. This little visit wouldn't happen to have anything to do with the guy in 512, would it? Because, you see, he claims he had this accident while cleaning his gun, then he walked himself to the hospital. But, you see, there's a problem. There's no gun and he's too hurt to walk.

Jason: Why are you telling me this?

Taggert: Because you dumped him at the E.R. because you need him for something -- you and Corinthos.

Elizabeth: Zander Smith hasn't landed in jail again, has he?

Taggert: Jason Morgan, Zander Smith -- I mean, you know, it's none of my business, but what do you see in these guys?

Elizabeth: I'm concerned about Zander, that's all.

Taggert: Why? Is he mixed up in this war? You're too close, Elizabeth. You've already been shot at. You've been kidnapped. What's it going to take?

Elizabeth: I care about my friends.

Taggert: So did Kristina Cassadine. Look what happened to her.

Roy: You threw Zander Smith overboard?

Alcazar: Unfortunately, he survived.

Roy: Uh-huh. This deal was supposed to be about money, not about killing people.

Alcazar: You need to adjust your expectations because your job isn't finished.

Roy: I will not cross that line.

Georgie: Roy.

Maxie: Hey.

Georgie: We brought you a present from Texas.

Maxie: Yeah, we would've brought it with us if we knew you were going to be here.

Roy: Oh, hi, girls. Listen, you know, this is not really the greatest --

Felicia: Hi.

Roy: Hi.

Felicia: How are you?

Alcazar: Your friend has lovely daughters.

Lucky: So, what do you want?

Gia: What, you can't even say hello anymore?

Lucky: He sold out my dad. He's in jail. You asked me to be here. I'm here. So why don't you make it fast?

Nikolas: We're all worried about Mom, Lucky. So when the police gave me the chance to see her --

Lucky: Why don't you just spare me the diplomatic song and dance! There's no way in hell my dad murdered Rick Webber, took our mom hostage.

Scott: Confession of Luke Spencer for the murder of Rick Webber. Go ahead.

Luke: For weeks now, my wife has been having memories and bad dreams about an attic. Something terrible happened there. And these memories got worse after her stepfather came back to town.

Scott: Name the stepfather.

Luke: Dr. Rick Webber. These memories -- they were haunting her, and she couldn't figure out what it all meant, and they'd been bothering her since she was a teenager.

Scott: Give me an example.

Luke: Well, Laura walked in on Rick Webber and a woman named Theresa Carter in the attic. Rick was married still at the time to Lesley, Laura's mother. Long story short, this Theresa Carter was killed in that attic.

Scott: Who do you think killed Theresa Carter?

Luke: Dr. Rick Webber killed Theresa Carter. And Laura remembered it the night of the rehearsal dinner for our wedding, so she went to the attic to look for proof, and Rick followed her there.

Scott: Where were you?

Luke: I also went to the attic. When I got there, Rick was about to inject Laura with something. He was moving in on her with a syringe.

Scott: So Rick and Laura were struggling?

Luke: Well, he had her cornered. She was in danger.

Scott: So are you saying it was self-defense?

Luke: Possibly.

Scott: Are you going to confess to this, Spencer, or what?

Alexis: Thank you.

Orderly: I'll be right outside.

Alexis: I'm sure we'll be fine, thank you. Hi, Laura.

Laura: Hi, Alexis.

Alexis: How are you doing?

Laura: I'm all right.

Alexis: Good.

Laura: I miss my children.

Alexis: I can only imagine.

Laura: Have you seen them?

Alexis: I have. I've seen Lucky and Nikolas, and they're both fine. And I -- I will check on Lesley Lu for you.

Laura: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Alexis: Do you want to talk about what happened, Laura?

Laura: We got arrested.

Alexis: Yes.

Laura: I know it probably looks bad.

Alexis: Laura, Luke is in jail. Did you know that?

Laura: Is he all right?

Alexis: He's being charged with the murder of Rick Webber.

Laura: Oh.

Alexis: Laura, he needs your help.

Laura: We almost got away.

Alexis: He could go to prison.

Laura: Well, how can I help him?

Alexis: I want you to tell me what happened in the attic the night that Rick died.

Young Laura: Don't tell.

Alexis: Laura, who are you looking at?

Young Laura: Don't trust her.

Alexis: Laura, who are you looking at?

Laura: What -- what were you saying?

Alexis: I'm representing Luke.

Laura: Oh, yeah. He always liked you.

Alexis: I'm going to try to do the very best that I can for him.

Alexis: But I really need your help. I need you to give me the facts, and I know that it's very difficult for you.

Laura: Yes.

Alexis: Why don't I tell you what I think happened and then you can tell me if I'm right or wrong?

Young Laura: It's a trick.

Laura: Oh -- well, what do you think happened?

Alexis: I think that you couldn't shut your memories down and they were taking over your life. And the night before the wedding, you went up to the attic, and Rick was there. He showed up. He surprised you.

Young Laura: Don't tell her anything.

Laura: I want you to go now.

Alexis: Laura, you had good reason to believe that Rick killed Theresa Carter.

Young Laura: That's a lie.

Alexis: He came after you with a syringe --

Young Laura: Get her out of here.

Alexis: And you thought he was trying to kill you.

Laura: Get out of here.

Alexis: If you could just -- just bear with me for one more minute.

Young Laura: She's blaming you for this. She's blaming you.

Laura: No, I -- I can't --

Young Laura: They'll lock you up forever.

Alexis: I want to help you, Laura. I do. But I need for you to help me.

Laura: Get out of here.

Alexis: You have a clear-c case of self-defense.

Young Laura: Lawyers always say that.

Laura: Get out of here!

Young Laura: She's trying to hurt you.

Laura: Help me!

Orderly: You have to leave.

Alexis: Laura, please, let me help you. I can get you back to your family.

Laura: She warned me about you.

Alexis: Who?

Laura: You were right. She is out to get me.

Alexis: Laura, who are you talking to?

Laura: Get out of here!

Orderly: Let's go.

Alexis: All right. All right.

Scott: Why are you dancing around this confession?

Luke: I ain't the only one dancing in this room, Mr. Bojangles.

Scott: Get on with it.

Luke: When I got to the attic, I went up the stairs, I heard voices. I heard my wife talking to somebody, and she sounded frightened.

Scott: Did you hear what she was saying?

Luke: Yes. She said, "I know you did it, Dad. You did it." When I went through the door into the attic, she was crouched against the wall and Dr. Webber was moving in on her with a syringe.

Scott: Then what?

Luke: Then I wanted him gone.

Scott: Because you thought he was going to inject her.

Luke: Because he was a liar. Because he was a small-minded, petty little man and a smarmy liar. He kept a secret from Laura all those years, not to protect her, but because he relished the power it gave him over her. Yeah, I -- I wanted him gone.

Scott: That's why you killed him?

Luke: I picked up a candlestick, and I clubbed him in the head. He fell. He was dead.

Scott: How do you know he was dead?

Luke: Because he didn't move and he wasn't breathing.

Scott: Did it ever occur to you to maybe call the paramedics?

Luke: No. I told you -- I wanted him gone. I killed Rick Webber. I killed him. You wanted your confession. You got it.

Gia: Will you just wait one second --

Lucky: Hey, you're wasting my time, both of you.

Gia: Nikolas is trying to help.

Lucky: Yeah, well, my family's had about enough help from Nikolas.

Gia: Then I guess you don't want to see your mother.

Lucky: What's that supposed to mean?

Gia: Why don't you ask your brother?

Lucky: What's she talking about?

Nikolas: I got us both in to see Mom.

Lucky: So, how'd you swing that?

Nikolas: I have a lot of pull at the hospital, man. And I'm going to go see her right now. You're more than welcome to come.

Lucky: I'll meet you there.

Gia: Well, I know you mean to say, "Thank you, Gia. You saved the day."

Nikolas: That's right.

Gia: Okay.

Felicia: Girls, go inside and get a table.

Roy: That's an excellent idea.

Alcazar: It was a pleasure to meet you both.

Maxie: Nice to meet you, too.

Georgie: Are you a friend of Roy’s?

Alcazar: Hmm. More of a business associate.

Felicia: Girls, go inside.

Maxie: All right.

Alcazar: Your daughters are splendid. Friendly, too.

Felicia: Stay away from them.

Alcazar: I believe I made my point.

Roy: You -- you better take the girls and get out, get away from here right now.

Elizabeth: I don't know. We've checked the bus station, the docks. I don't know where else Zander could be.

Jason: You said he has no money, so he can't get far unless he hitched a ride or something.

Elizabeth: Zander?

Elizabeth: Zander? We're glad you're all right.

Zander: Who is that guy?

Elizabeth: That's Jason. That's who I told you about. He's the one that's going to help us.

Zander: No, the -- the guy who came after me -- his name was Jason. He said you were going to get a car. If I would've never opened that door --

Elizabeth: Okay, okay, okay, okay. It's all right. You weren't thinking clearly. How did you end up here?

Zander: I don't know. Something just told me it would be safe. It was like -- it was like I almost remembered, and then it was gone.

Elizabeth: Zander, you don't need the gun, okay?

Jason: It won't help.

Elizabeth: Just put it down. Come on, just -- Zander, put it down. It's okay. Yeah. Put it down.

Jason: Okay. Now, listen to me. A powerful man is trying to kill you. He may have someone on the way over here right now. We need to get out of here.

Elizabeth: I'm going to pack my bags.

Jason: Look, you're not going to need that gun where I'm taking you.

Zander: Okay, but I'm keeping it just the same.

Roy: All right.

Felicia: You want me to pack up my kids and run away from Alcazar?

Roy: What are we going to do here? What if he goes after the girls to try to keep me in line?

Felicia: You think we're going to be safer in Texas? Alcazar is an international arms dealer. Think of the connections that he probably has in Texas.

Roy: Well --

Felicia: We probably wouldn't even make it to the ranch!

Roy: I'll get -- I'll get you security somehow.

Felicia: Tell me one person that you trust that could watch over me and my girls!

Roy: Okay, calm down. Calm down. It's going to be okay. We'll figure a way that'll make us okay. It's going to be good.

Felicia: The best way that I can protect my girls is to help you shut down Alcazar.

Roy: Yeah. Yeah.

Lila: I believe Edward squeezed my hand, but I'm not sure.

Alan: Mother, if anyone can bring him through this, you can.

Ned: Jax. Haven't you hurt this family enough? What are you doing, trying to kill Grandfather yourself?

Jax: Good morning to you, too, Ned.

Ned: Don't you realize what he's done?

Reginald: Glad to see you.

Alan: Just calm down, Ned.

Monica: Yes, if you have something with Jax, will you take it outside, please?

Ned: Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you, Jax? What, did you think they'd never find out?

Jax: Okay, you know what? This isn't the place, okay?

Ned: Tell them, Jax.

Alan: What have you done?

Jax: I didn't want you to find out this way.

Ned: Quit stalling.

Jax: I didn't want you to hear it on the news, either.

Ned: Oh, yes. Ever the gentleman.

Monica: If this has something to do about Skye --

Alan: Oh, please, let Skye go for just a moment.

Ned: Skye is the least of our worries. Grandmother, I apologize in advance. Jax, if you don't tell them, I will.

Jax: I have attained complete control of E.L.Q.

Ned: You mean you stole it from my family.

Alan: How did that happen?

Jax: Well, it's a raider's market. You know, I'm a corporate raider.

Ned: You're a thief.

Monica: Ned, weren't you supposed to be running things?

Ned: Yes. Well, the company was briefly exposed during the transition, and he came in and attacked!

Jax: What can I say? It's what I do best. Lila, you'll be taken care of, of course.

Lila: Thank you, dear.

Jax: As for the rest of you, E.L.Q. belongs to me now -- every last dollar. So I suggest you don't quit your day jobs.

Alexis: "Small-minded little man, smarmy liar. Hit him hard, he fell. I wanted Rick Webber dead, so I killed him." Did you make up that confession or did Scott Baldwin?

Luke: I did the crime. I'll do the time.

Alexis: Spare me the couplets.

Luke: Rick was going after my wife, so I killed him.

Alexis: Never mind that you just told me the opposite.

Luke: Well, you know me -- I lie.

Alexis: If you had killed Rick Webber, you'd be trying everything you could to get out of it. In fact, you'd be out of the country. No one would ever see you again.

Luke: Bubba caught me. What can I say?

Alexis: If you're trying to protect Laura --

Luke: That's a tad noble, even for me, Alexis.

Alexis: Here's what I think, Luke.

Luke: I don't care what you think, darling.

Alexis: I think that Laura killed Rick Webber in self-defense. She snapped. You tried to get her out of town. It almost worked. She got away. She ended up in the attic, which ruined your plan. You had to come up with a new plan. And as inconceivable as it may sound, your new plan consisted of confessing to the crime.

Luke: You should write fiction.

Alexis: I know that Laura's in very bad shape and I know how disappointed you may be, but this is not the way out, Luke.

Luke: How do you know what kind of shape she's in?

Alexis: I went to see her.

Luke: Stay the hell away from Laura. How is she? Is she okay?

Lucky: Hey -- excuse me. How is she?

Orderly: Don't upset her.

Nikolas: Okay. We'll be careful. Thanks.

Lucky: Mom?

Nikolas: Hey.

Laura: Oh, Lucky. Nikolas. Oh. I missed you. Oh.

Nikolas: We've --

Laura: I've missed you both so much.

Nikolas: We've missed you, too.

Lucky: We've all been pretty worried.

Laura: Oh. I -- I got overtired, that's all. How's Lulu?

Lucky: She's great.

Nikolas: Yeah. Lesley's got her in day camp.

Laura: Then life's going on.

Nikolas: Better than ever.

Lucky: Yeah.

Laura: What about you?

Nikolas: We're fine. We're --

Lucky: We're great.

Laura: Oh. You don't know how much it means to me to see you both together.

Lucky: Hey, Mom, we're brothers. What else could we do?

Nikolas: How -- how can we help?

Laura: I just need to get a little rest, that's all, and then we'll just put all of this behind us.

Nikolas: That's what we want, too.

Lucky: Actually, Mom, there's a few things that we really need to get straightened out.

Nikolas: But, you know, you don't have to -- you don't have to worry about it right now. It's not a good time --

Lucky: Actually, you know, there's a time crunch. See, Dad's in jail.

Laura: I know. I heard -- I heard a lot of things.

Nikolas: If thinking about it upsets you, we don't really have to --

Lucky: No, no, no --

Nikolas: We don't --

Lucky: See, I -- actually, we -- we can work through this, Mom. See, you taught me we put everything on the table, we can deal with this as a family.

Nikolas: Maybe now is not the best time.

Lucky: No. We both want to help.

Nikolas: It's a matter of how, really.

Laura: My sons. Oh, my sweet sons. I love you. Oh. Hmm.

Young Laura: Don't trust them.

Lucky: Hey. You okay?

Laura: I'm fine. Tell me what you need.

Lucky: Dad's in big trouble.

Laura: Oh, well, what else is new?

Nikolas: You don't have to think about it right now, okay?

Lucky: Scott Baldwin’s trying to pin all of this on Dad.

Laura: All of what?

Nikolas: Lucky, please, give her a break. Please.

Lucky: Do you love Dad? You're going to feel a lot better if you can help him out.

Nikolas: We -- we can find other ways to slow Baldwin down. It's okay.

Laura: Luke and Scotty -- they never got along.

Lucky: Right, right. That's why we need to sort some things out here. What really happened to Rick Webber, Mom?

Young Laura: Do not trust them.

Laura: Don't say that. They're my sons.

Lucky: Mom? Mom, who are you talking to, huh?

Nikolas: There's no one else in the room, Mom.

Laura: You're trying to help, and you're closer than ever.

Nikolas: That's right.

Lucky: Yes, that's right. You can do this.

Nikolas: But not right now.

Lucky: You're the strongest person I know --

Young Laura: Don't trust them!

Laura: You think that I would fall for that? That I'm -- I'm the strongest person you know? Come on. Didn't your father give you a better line than that?

Lucky: Mom?

Laura: You're trying to blame everything on me, and I won't let you.

Nikolas: Can I -- can I call your doctor?

Young Laura: No, don't trust them.

Laura: You want to get me drugged. That's what you want. The Cassadines always wanted to keep me drugged.

Lucky: No, no, no, no, no. Mom, whatever's going on in your head, you need to fight this. Come on -- look at -- listen to me here --

Laura: No! Leave me alone!

Lucky: You need Dad.

Nikolas: Let's go.

Lucky: No!

Nikolas: Let's go.

Lucky: Nikolas, no!

Nikolas: Let's go! Nurse!

Lucky: Mom --

Nikolas: You need to let us out!

Laura: You're not my sons.

Nikolas: Come on, let's go.

Lucky: You need to help

Laura: You don't like each other and you haven't got --

Young Laura: They're bad. You're right to get rid of them.

Laura: Leave me alone.

Luke: How is Laura?

Alexis: Not very well.

Luke: Was she all drugged up?

Alexis: Not that I could see.

Luke: What did she tell you?

Alexis: I don't mean to be insensitive, Luke, but she was talking to thin air.

Luke: We almost got away. Then she got spooked and she ran. I found her in the attic.

Alexis: Is that where you got arrested?

Luke: Is her wedding dress in the police report?

Alexis: Apparently not.

Luke: When I got to the attic, she -- she was wearing her old wedding dress. It's all in rags and tatters. And she was acting out the wedding. She thought Rick Webber was walking her down the aisle.

Alexis: I'm sorry. I should've cleared the visit with you first. I apologize.

Luke: I never believed in the truth, you know? I always knew that the truth was beside the point. It's -- who knows what the -- what the truth is, anyway? Nobody does, really. But this one time, just this one time I thought maybe the truth will do what it's supposed to do. Maybe it'll set my wife free. Well, I was wrong.

Alexis: What really happened to Rick Webber?

Luke: It's all right here in the confession.

Alexis: Why do you think sending yourself to jail will help Laura?

Luke: Because she can't go through a trial. It would kill her.

Alexis: I can create a very good case for self-defense or insanity.

Luke: And then what? She spends the rest of her life in a rubber room at the psych ward?

Alexis: Your confession could put you in jail for the rest of your life.

Luke: That doesn't matter. I don't matter. Maybe it'll give her a chance to get her life together and put these memories that have been haunting her back where they belong in the back of her head where I should've left them.

Alexis: What about your kids?

Luke: They'll be okay. I'm -- I'm a lousy father, anyway.

Alexis: Luke, your confession is shaky at best.

Luke: Well, Scott Baldwin will take care of that. He's wanted to send me away for so many years. It'll work.

Alexis: As your attorney, I cannot allow you to confess to a crime that you didn't commit.

Luke: Then you're fired.

Lucky: Let go of me.

Nikolas: What the hell is the matter with you, man, huh?

Lucky: What's the matter with me? What's the matter with you?

Nikolas: You were -- you were making everything worse --

Taggert: Glad to see brothers getting along.

Lucky: You're here to check on the snitch. Don't let me get in the way.

Taggert: Luke confessed to killing Rick Webber.

Alan: How could you let this happen?

Ned: Didn't I just tell you?

Monica: Weren't you going to mention this to the family?

Ned: The family? Is this the same family that was about to welcome Jax into the fold?

Alan: I wouldn't exactly use the word "welcome."

Ned: Why do you think Jax wanted to marry Skye in the first place? Because he loved her? Come on. Skye, the most unlovable woman in the world?

Alan: Can we stop blaming Skye?

Monica: Who reported her to the police?

Jax: Yes, that wasn't very nice.

Monica: Weren't you paying any attention at all, Ned?

Ned: Grandfather, I'm sorry. I let you down. I -- I wasn't paying attention. I lost focus on what was really important. What can I say? My life is a mess.

Reginald: Just what we need -- a mea culpa.

Ned: And the whole music business thing -- it was nothing more than a pitiful, pathetic excuse to dodge my responsibilities from my family. You were right all along. I'm sorry.

Jax: Yeah, well, Ned, it's a little late for apologies --

Ned: Get your hand off me.

Jax: Back off, okay? You lost, and it cost your grandfather everything he's lived for. Your empire belongs to me now, Edward. You could say that I am E.L.Q.

Edward: You won't get away with this.

Jax: You old faker.

Lila: Welcome back, dear.

Monica: You were faking?

Alan: How could you do this to me?

Edward: Can't you people believe that someone in this hospital can actually get well?

Alan: And you just now happen to wake up?

Edward: It was a miracle.

Jax: It was a nice try.

Ned: Never mind that it's completely untrue.

Edward: How is it that the people that I love most believe I was faking?

Lila: But you were, dear.

Ned: Definitely, it was good work, though.

Jax: Yeah.

Monica: And you were in on this, Ned?

Ned: From the start. It was Jax's idea.

Edward: See how he has turned against me?

Alan: Has Jax taken over E.L.Q. or not?

Ned: Of course not. Do you really think I'd let that happen?

Edward: Well, you ganged up with that Aussie against your own flesh and blood.

Lila: I'll see you at home, dear.

Edward: No, Lila, don't leave me alone here with these vultures!

Monica: Put a sock in it, Edward.

Edward: Some doctor you turned out to be.

Alan: We saved your life. What else do you want?

Jax: Your coma was your final revenge against Skye, wasn't it? So was blaming her for pulling your plug.

Monica: So Skye didn't pull the plug --

Jax: You pulled your own plug, didn't you, Edward?

Alan: You what?

Jax: So Skye would be charged for attempted murder.

Monica: You pulled your own plug?

Ned: It was brilliant. You have to admit.

Edward: I wanted revenge, and, by God, I got it.

Jason: You guys will be safe until things calm down.

Elizabeth: There's lots of security here.

Zander: You live here?

Jason: There's plenty of room.

Zander: Why are you helping us?

Jason: Well, you're mixed up in something that affects me and the man I work for. You probably know too much.

Zander: But if I can't remember anything --

Jason: Maybe you will. And that puts both of you in danger, and we're running out of time.

Elizabeth: Have you remembered anything at all?

Zander: I remember the guy that tried to kill me was on the boat. I mean, he probably tried to kill me there, too. Other than that, I -- I can't remember a thing.

Elizabeth: You know what? Just don't -- don't try to force it, all right?

Jason: Yeah. You guys, just -- just relax.

Elizabeth: Wait. Where are you going?

Jason: To see if the shooter's ready to talk.

Elizabeth: Room 512.

Jason: Don't go anywhere.

Elizabeth: We'll be right here.

Alcazar: I'm here to visit a friend.

Nurse: Do you have a room number?

Alcazar: I believe he's in 512. Could you point me in the right direction?

Alexis: It makes absolutely no sense to fire me.

Luke: I want to throw myself on the mercy of the court. That has a good ring to it, doesn't it? "I throw myself on the mercy of this court."

Alexis: I know you didn't kill Rick Webber, and so does Scott Baldwin.

Luke: But if the D.A.’s going to press charges, what can I do?

Alexis: It's my job to come up with a vigorous defense.

Luke: Alexis, I know you can do that, but I don't want you to do it for me. And if I hear that you've said one word about me not being guilty --

Alexis: You won’t.

Luke: Good old attorney/client privilege -- God bless it.

Alexis: You're not helping anyone, Luke, just to be clear.

Luke: Good-bye, Counselor.

Luke: Well. I can't tell you how good it is to see you, son.

Lucky: Did you really confess?

Luke: Yes.

Lucky: There's no way in hell you're going to prison for this, Dad.

Luke: This is not your call, cowboy.

Lucky: Well, who do you think you're dealing with? I mean, really, Dad? Some 4-year-old trying to cheat his way through poker? Some kid about to hit the road on his own? I don't think so.

Luke: Lucky -- I need you to stand beside me and be a man.

Lucky: So you want me to stand around while Scott Baldwin hauls you off to prison? Never going to happen.

Edward: So, are you never planning to leave?

Jax: You do realize that the police are after Skye?

Edward: Why do you care about that?

Jax: She didn't try to kill you.

Edward: No, she was too drunk to find the plug.

Jax: She was at the most vulnerable moment of her life. I think you should cut her some slack.

Edward: You're still in love with her, aren't you? Although I don't -- I don't expect you to admit it. But whatever happens, Jax, you will always know that Skye betrayed you, hmm? She offered you up to your enemies in return for power and money. It's real, Jax. I have it in black and white. Now, that's my revenge, and you are going to have to live with it, hmm?

Nurse: Code blue, room 512. Code blue, room 512.

Elizabeth: Hey -- can you remember anything else about the boat? Like maybe -- were there windows? What about the food? Were you alone?

Zander: I don't know. There was -- there was a woman.

Elizabeth: A woman? Was she on the boat?

Zander: She had -- maybe. She was close to me. Skin like porcelain. Smooth and soft and -- scent of jasmine, I think. Dark hair. Eyes like she understands everything. I don't know. Maybe it's you.

Scott: So, I understand that Spencer wants another lawyer. The cheaper, the better, huh?

Alexis: You know that he didn't kill Rick Webber.

Scott: All I know is what he confessed to.

Alexis: Are you aware of the fact that it's against the law to prosecute an innocent man?

Scott: Should a pregnant lady be working this hard?

Alexis: You playing the mommy card already? You must really be desperate.

Scott: Listen, let this one go.

Alexis: You know what, Scotty? You're kind of cute when you're scared.

Lucky: Would you just explain to me one more time why sending yourself to prison is going to help Mom?

Luke: Because she can't go through a trial right now, Lucky. It'd kill her.

Lucky: That's not the way you fix things.

Luke: Sometimes you got to go with what you got.

Lucky: Not this time.

Luke: Son, I need you -- I really need you to help your mother. You got to help her put her life back together.

Lucky: She needs you. And I need you.

Luke: Well, you got to get over that. You just have to get past it. You got to take care of Laura and Lulu, and you just let me step out of the picture. You can do it. I know you can do it. You're Luke Spencer’s son.

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