GH Transcript Monday 8/12/02


General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/12/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Taggert: Everybody, you're under arrest. PCPD. Let's go.

A.J.: Having her father here to celebrate her birthday is like icing on the cake.

Skye: Why the sudden interest in Jax?

Alcazar: I've eliminated most of the obstacles. Soon this will all be worth our while.

Laura: Stop it! Stop it!

Rick: Look --

Laura: No!

Rick: Please. No.

Jax: Dad, I'm looking at the map right now. I mean, if this bedrock formation is the same further north, then this field is immense. We should move on the oil leases immediately. Okay. Good. Well, if a case of Dom arrives at your doorstep, you'll know that I've closed the deal.

[Jax chuckles]

Jax: Right, I'll do that. Yeah, give my love to Lady Jane. Bye.

Skye: For the fundraiser tonight, should I wear this one or this one?

Jax: This one.

Skye: Okay.

Jax: Yeah. How was the club last night?

Skye: Busy and intriguing. Roy DiLucca was there on some sort of fishing expedition.

Jax: Really? What'd he want?

Skye: Wanted to know about you. Seems you have a mutual enemy.

Sonny: Keep going. Like that. There you go.

Carly: Okay.

Sonny: That's good.

Carly: All right, now we need to get going soon because, knowing Luke and Laura, they're going to start the wedding early just to make me late. How are things coming along?

Sonny: Oh, see for yourself.

Michael: Daddy's teaching me how to tie my tie.

Carly: Aw. Isn't that nice?

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Yeah.

Michael: You want to come with us to a wedding?

Jason: No, thank you.

Carly: Hey. All right, why don't we go upstairs and get those socks and shoes on you.

Michael: Is Johnny coming to the wedding with us?

Carly: Probably, he is. Come on, let's go.

Sonny: So you think you can manage a break-in at the Port Charles Hotel?

Jason: Roy is renting the penthouse Jax used to live in.

Sonny: Get in; see what you can find out.

Courtney: Are they going to arrest us?

Wynona: No. Look, I already told you -- they just hold us overnight to harass us. The first raid's always the hardest.

Courtney: God, A.J.'s got to be worried sick. We made special plans and I didn't even call him. How am I going to explain that?

Wynona: Okay, look. Just tell him that you got stuck somewhere without a phone. He'll believe you because he wants to.

Courtney: God, all I need is for someone out there to recognize me and call my husband -- or my brother.

Wynona: Honey --

Courtney: What?

Wynona: Looks like somebody already did.

A.J.: Excuse me. I would like to file a missing-persons report. My wife never made it home last night.

Bobbie: So --

Lesley: Hmm.

Bobbie: How are the bride's nerves holding up?

Lesley: I don't know. I haven't seen her since last night. I thought you were supposed to pick her up this morning.

Bobbie: Oh. Well, I was, but I went by there and nobody answered the door. So I just assumed she came with you.

Lesley: Uh-oh.

Bobbie: But don't panic. I mean, I'm sure it's fine. She's -- well, she's probably with Luke. Has anybody seen Luke?

Gia: Hey.

Lucky: Hey.

Gia: Did you bring those shots I asked you to rush?

Lucky: Oh -- you know what? I'm sorry. I had -- another project came up.

Gia: Lucky, I need those.

Lucky: I know, I know. I'm not going to be able to get to them -- at least tomorrow.

Gia: Yeah, well --

Bobbie: Lucky -- excuse me -- have you heard from your father?

Lucky: Not since last night, no.

Elton: Ah. Everything's perfect. Now all we need is the bride and the groom.

Bobbie: Well --

Elton: Oh, no. Oh, no, no, people. My nerves are already on edge. I can't take another wedding disaster.

Bobbie: Has anyone seen Luke and Laura since the dinner last night?

Lesley: No. We all left when you guys were still there.

Elton: Oh -- I knew it! I knew it! That man is completely untrustworthy. Why, what do you bet he's probably spirited her off to that garish club of his? Why, they've probably been grinding to B.B. King records all night. Really!

Bobbie: I'm going to check their cell phones.

Lesley: I'll call the house.

Bobbie: Excuse me. All right, good.

Scott: Hey, Bobbie. Oh, you look nice.

Bobbie: Hey, Scott. Thank you.

Scott: I'm here. Now, when can I leave?

Bobbie: We have a slight delay -- the bride and groom aren't here.

Scott: Oh. Well, maybe Laura wised up and got cold feet. I'll go keep a lookout, okay?

Bobbie: Okay, thank you, Scott.

[Phone rings]

Scott: Hello? Rick, is that you?

Carly: How do I look?

Sonny: You look gorgeous.

Carly: Yeah?

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Oh, thanks.

Sonny: You were less nervous at your own wedding.

Carly: You know, I don't know why my mother insisted that Luke and Laura invite us to this.

Sonny: The Spencers are your family.

Carly: Yeah, which is something Luke bitterly regrets. And you know what? My mom already told me she's taking Scotty as her date, so he'll probably be harassing you the whole time.

Sonny: I will handle him.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Okay.

[Knock on door]

Johnny: Mac Scorpio.

Sonny: All right.

Carly: You know what? We're on our way out. We're going to a wedding.

Mac: You might want your wife and her son to go ahead.

Carly: Well, we'll be waiting when you're finished questioning the wrong guy. Come on, Michael.

Mac: The forensics report on the explosion in your warehouse came in. The bomb was set off by a remote detonator, which probably means whoever triggered the explosion was watching the building and knew you weren't inside. So this was a warning.

Sonny: Thanks for the update.

Mac: So far, an innocent woman has been killed, one of your shipments was sabotaged, Elizabeth Webber has been kidnapped, and one of your warehouses has been destroyed. Someone has it in for you, Sonny. Who? Yeah, well, I didn't expect you to answer, but I wanted to be able to write down the police made an effort and asked. Carly and Michael are back in your life. How soon before they end up like Kristina Cassadine? If you're telling yourself you can keep your family safe, you're not looking at the facts. Bobbie Spencer’s a friend of mine. I don't want to bring her bad news about her daughter or grandson. Look, if you need my help, you know where to reach me.

Sonny: Mac? Nobody's going to touch my family. And if they try, they're going to wish they hadn’t.

Jax: What sort of questions was DiLucca asking?

Skye: I think he was trying to gauge how much you dislike Sonny.

Jax: Oh. What'd you say?

Skye: I said that I don't discuss your business with just anyone, that he'd have to talk to you, but I did encourage him to drop it.

Jax: Drop what?

Skye: Kristina died as a direct result of the tension between Roy and Sonny. Jax, I don't want to see you get dragged into something dangerous. I've got too much invested in spending the rest of my life with you.

Jax: Hey, spending the rest of our lives together is a given. It doesn't mean I'm going to pass up an opportunity to ruin Sonny.

Skye: Well, come on. Life is too short to waste on a vendetta. Kristina's death was a wake-up call, you know? Life can change any second. You shouldn't take anything good for granted. Sonny's like a contagion -- nobody gets near him without being infected. Whether you're working for him or against him, he's poisonous, and I don't want to see you anywhere near him. Now, Jax, promise me, please, that you will -- you will stay away and just drop the whole Sonny thing and leave it alone.

Jax: No, I can't do that.

A.J.: Okay, look, my wife is Sonny Corinthos' sister. Now, what if whoever blew up Sonny's warehouse has now kidnapped my wife?

Andy: Look, adults have to be missing at least 24 hours before we can take a report.

Mike: Look, look, wait a minute. It was Courtney’s birthday last night --

A.J.: Yeah.

Mike: And she and A.J. had special plans. Now, if -- if she weren't in trouble somewhere, she would have called.

Andy: Did you check where she works?

A.J.: Yeah, well, I can't reach them yet.

Andy: Well, I'd keep trying.

A.J.: I may not be able to until tonight.

Andy: Look, my hands are tied until she's been missing 24 hours.

A.J.: Ah, come on.

Mike: A.J., A.J., Lets go see Sonny.

A.J.: What?

Mike: Listen, listen, we'll get further with him.

Coleman: Your vice raid is officially over. There are no charges. So I want my girls released now.

Andy: Cut them loose.

A.J.: What -- wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. You -- you have time to process these -- these bimbos who work for this sleaze, but you don't have time to look for my missing wife?

Mike: Come on, A.J., let's go.

A.J.: What?

Officer: Okay, ladies, you're free to go. Wait until you're given a release form, then show it at the front desk to collect your personal items.

Officer: Good night. Be careful. You in the kimono; pick up your feet, let's go.

Coleman: Hey --

[Coleman whistles]

Coleman: Buddy? You know what? Maybe -- maybe I should do a public service and tell the cops how we know each other, huh?

Mike: A.J. --

Coleman: So, hey, hey, is your wife really missing or did, like, you go on another bender and she got smart and dumped you?

Mike: Why don't you just back off, pal, okay? Come on, let's go find her.

A.J.: You're right.

Coleman: Do you even remember? I mean --

Coleman: It's cool, it's cool. He left without a clue.

Courtney: Why was he here?

Coleman: To report you as missing.

Courtney: Thank you.

Coleman: I'm just protecting my investment.

Elton: Whoa. Have we heard from them yet?

Amy: No.

Lesley: No, sweetie, we haven't.

Elton: Oh, God, this is absolutely tragic. I can't believe they would do this to me. Well, I can believe Luke would, but not Laura.

Scott: Elton, let's just face it -- they've eloped.

Lesley: I think I might agree.

Scott: You know, Bobbie, it doesn't surprise me that Luke would fish out of this -- this whole wedding thing. You know, maybe he thought we'd get in another fight.

Bobbie: Well, just in case you're wrong about the elopement, can anybody think of one place where Luke and Laura could be?

Amy: Everybody, I think Scott might be right. I think they probably did elope.

Elton: Elope?

Lesley: They may have.

Elton: Why, the traitors. An entire reception -- flawlessly planned, I might add -- now it's just gone to pot. And the worst part of all, nobody got to see Laura's dress!

Amy: I know.

Lesley: Sweetie, it's all right, it's all right. I think we can salvage the reception. It'll be okay. Here's what we're going to do. We're going to tell everybody that the bride and groom have eloped --

Elton: Now, now, wait a minute. I'm not set up out there. The reception is not ready. Just give me a minute!

Lesley: In a few minutes.

Amy: I'll -- I'll stall. I'll figure something out. Excuse me.

Lucky: Hey. That's an interesting theory on my parents eloping, you know? Just one small thing doesn't fit for me. Rick's not here, either, and I don't think my parents would take him along with them, you know? You don't happen to have a theory where Rick is, do you?

Scott: Why would you ask me?

Bobbie: Excuse me. Sorry, Lucky. Could I have you for a minute in the garden?

Scott: Absolutely.

Lesley: I'm going to call Laura's cell phone again.

[Phone rings]

Laura's voice: Hi, it's Laura Spencer. I can't make it to the phone right now, but if you leave a message, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

[Phone beeps]

Lesley: Hi, baby, it's mom. I -- I've been calling the house. I've called you on -- would you please, as soon as you get this, call me and let me know that you and Luke are okay, all right?

Jax: I hate Sonny.

Skye: Because of what he did to Brenda, or just in general?

Jax: They're too entwined to separate. You know, the sad irony of it is that the hatred between Sonny and me -- it's the only thing that's really left of Brenda.

Skye: She really mattered to the both of you that much?

Jax: Well, he claims he loved her. If he did, then his love almost destroyed her. But she's not the only woman he almost destroyed. I mean, take Alexis, for example. You know, he -- well, he played the misunderstood bad boy with her while she represented him, and then he went back to his wife.

Skye: Men like that usually do.

Jax: Yeah, he's destroyed a lot of people. It's time for him to pay. I wouldn't mind being that guy.

Skye: Jax, come on. You told me that you would be content to sit back and watch Sonny fall without taking any active part in it.

[Knock on door]

Roy: Hey. You have a minute?

Jax: Come on in. I got a pretty good idea what this is about, so –

Carly: So Mac’s gone?

Sonny: Yep, a waste of time. And we're late. Let's go.

Carly: Actually, we're not. My mom called and she said that Luke and Laura decided to skip the wedding. They eloped.

Michael: What's that?

Carly: Well, eloping is when instead of having a big wedding and inviting a whole bunch of people, the bride and groom decide that they're just going to get a priest and promise to love each other.

Michael: Like you and Daddy?

Carly: Well -- well, kind of, but your dad has given me three very nice -- but small -- weddings.

Michael: How come you keep getting married?

Sonny: Well, you see, getting married means, like, making a promise that you'll always love each other, and Mama has to hear that more than once.

Carly: Oh -- oh, I do? Me? Me?

Sonny: But you know what the good news is? Since Luke and Laura aren't having a wedding, you don't -- you don't have to wear that tie, okay? So why don't you go upstairs and have Leticia change your clothes. Yay.

Michael: Yeah!

Carly: Oh, okay, so it's me. I'm the one who needed the weddings, Mr. "Our marriage isn't real till we've said our vows in front of a priest." What are you doing with our son, hmm? Hmm?

[Knock on door]

Carly: Who's that?

Sonny: Yeah?

Johnny: Your father and A.J. Quartermaine.

Carly: What the --

A.J.: I need your help. Courtney didn't come home last night. We need to find her.

Michael: You go away. He's a liar. He stopped me and Mommy in the park and he said he was my dad, but you are.

Scott: Look, just get back to me as soon as possible. Good-bye.

Bobbie: Scott, this is odd, but Rick isn't here, either.

Scott: Well, maybe he got the hint that Luke and Laura didn't want him around, after all.

Lesley: Guys, we're going to gather everybody inside for a toast, so come on in.

Bobbie: Okay, we'll be right in. The mother of the bride is taking this awfully well, I think.

Lesley: Excuse me, everyone. May I have your attention just for a few moments, please? Well, what would a Luke-and-Laura wedding be without surprises? So, in keeping with my daughter and son-in-law's unconventional way of doing things, we're going right ahead with the reception. It's out in the garden. We have dancing -- oh, and I'm being told that now it is ready. So, let me just hold you for one more moment for a toast. To the unpredictable but undeniably-in-love couple. To Luke and Laura, wherever you are.

All: To Luke and Laura.

Lucky: Dad? Mom? Dad? Mom? It's Lucky. Open up!

Nikolas: Hey, hey, hey. What's going on?

Lucky: What are you doing here?

Nikolas: I could tell something was wrong and I followed you. What's going on? Tell me.

Lucky: We need to get this door open.

Nikolas: What, is this about Mom? Huh?

Lucky: I don't know. I just want to make sure that she didn't come back --

Nikolas: Okay, okay --

Lucky: Help me out here. Oh, my God!

Sonny: Mike, don't let this man upset you. Don't ever listen to a word he says. I'm your father; she's your mother, okay? He ever does anything like this again, you let me know. Okay?

Carly: Okay. Come on, let's get upstairs. Couldn't Leticia help you with your tie?

Michael: No.

Sonny: Why are you doing this again, A.J.? Why? What do I have to do?

A.J.: I'm not going to do this with you right now, okay? I'm worried about my wife, Sonny, okay? She's missing. She hasn't called, which isn't like her. We need your help, man.

Mike: Look, coming here -- Sonny, coming here was my idea. We got nowhere with the cops. And I thought you might be concerned enough about your sister to try to do something.

Sonny: I've done everything I could with this guy! I've tried to keep her away from him. She doesn't listen --

A.J.: Look, this isn't about me!

Sonny: Keep your voice down.

A.J.: This isn't about -- Sonny, this isn't about me, okay? Courtney and I, we are in a great place. I swear to you, okay? Look, we had plans last night, which she made. She was excited about it. But she never came home from work.

Sonny: Maybe she's come to her senses and realized that she married a lying piece of garbage.

A.J.: Or maybe whoever blew up your warehouse didn't get your -- your attention, decided to grab your sister because they knew you would care. Sonny, you really think this is what I wanted to do? You know how bad the situation's got to be for me to come here and ask you for help? My wife is in trouble. Maybe -- maybe it's about you, about your enemies, maybe it's not. I don't know! I just -- bottom line is, will you help me or not?

[Phone rings]

A.J.: All right. Hello?

Courtney: A.J., it's me.

A.J.: Oh! Courtney!

Courtney: Hey, look, I just got home. I'm okay. I -- I know you must have been worried.

A.J.: Don't move. You stay right there. I love you. Okay. She's okay, Mike. She's okay. Are you coming?

Mike: No, no. You go ahead and just give Courtney my love.

A.J.: Thank you for your help, okay?

Mike: All right.

Sonny: You and A.J. are buddies?

Mike: It was about time you gave Courtney and A.J. a break. Or don't you need to worry about how many enemies you keep in this world?

Jax: Can I offer you something to drink?

Roy: No, thanks.

Skye: Well, if you'll excuse me, I -- I have some phone calls to make.

Jax: Skye tells me that you're interested in some sort of partnership.

Roy: Well, you know, we share a common enemy in Mr. Corinthos. And I want you to know, despite what you may have heard, I had nothing to do with the Corinthos Morgan warehouse bombing. I don't do things like that -- put innocent lives at risk. I want to bring Sonny down, but through legitimate means.

Jax: So how do I fit into your plans?

Roy: Well, I managed to gain a foothold on the waterfront. You won't find anyone more committed or harder working than I am. You got cash and connections. If we were to pool our resources, we could box Sonny in, force him to retaliate. All we need is for the guy to make one mistake. Then the police could nail him finally with some kind of solid evidence. You interested?

Jax: I might be.

Nikolas: What the hell's going on?

Lucky: Oh, God!

Nikolas: What the -- oh, my God! Blood.

Lucky: Oh -- he's dead.

Nikolas: Looks like he was -- no, don't, don't -- don't touch it! Put it down!

Lucky: Why?

Nikolas: Put it down!

Lucky: All right.

Nikolas: I can't --

Lucky: Hey, what are you doing?

Nikolas: I'm calling the police --

Lucky: No, no, no, no! Wait! Wait, Nikolas. We need to think this thing through, okay?

Nikolas: What do you mean, "think this through"? Rick Webber is dead; Luke and Mom are miss-- okay, start talking. Tell me what the hell's going on. You think Luke did this, don't you?

Lucky: Either that or -- or Scott couldn't trust Rick anymore and he ended up getting rid of Rick.

[Car door closes]

Nikolas: Okay, we -- cover this up. Come on, get -- get the blanket, get something.

Lucky: All right.

Nikolas: No, that doesn't fit.

Lucky: Wait a minute.

Nikolas: Grab that rug, grab the rug, grab the rug.

Lucky: We can't let them find this, man.

Nikolas: Oh, gee. Come on. Cover the head, come on.

Nikolas: That's --

Lucky: No, no, no, no. Straighten them out.

Lucky: Close. Okay. All right. All right.

Nikolas: Hey, Scott.

Scott: What are you boys doing up here?

Lucky: Well -- what we're doing here is actually -- you know, I've been thinking about how my mom was obsessing about this attic, you know, and, well, I thought Nikolas and I should swing by here just to make sure that she wasn't here and if she was all right.

Nikolas: Why are you here?

Lucky: Yeah, why are you here?

Scott: I had the same idea. I guess we were mistaken.

Lucky: You know, Scott, I've actually been thinking that you were absolutely right about them eloping. I'll bet you anything that they're in Niagara Falls right now as we speak.

Nikolas: So, did the reception start when you left?

Scott: Well, your grandmother gave a toast and told everybody to move out to the garden.

[Phone rings]

Nikolas: Excuse me. Hello?

Gia: Hey. Thanks for deserting me. Where are you?

Nikolas: Mom? It's Mom. Are you and Luke all right?

Gia: What is wrong with you? It's me -- Gia.

Nikolas: Well, where are you?

Gia: Oh, I'm at the church where you left me.

Nikolas: I'm -- I'm sorry. I can't -- I'm starting to get some static. You're in Vegas? You eloped? Congratulations. Yeah, Lucky's here and -- and Scott, too. You want to say hi to him? Oh -- yeah -- no, Lesley Lu -- she -- she's doing great and I think Elton might sue you for emotional distress, but other than that, we're all -- we're all very happy for you. Okay, I'll let them know. All right, love you, too. Bye. Mystery solved. That's it. Vegas.

Lucky: Well, looks like we can all leave, huh? Yeah, let's go.

Roy: You might be interested if --

Jax: If I didn't have a problem with the partner. You're into something a lot deeper and more dangerous than you're letting on. Plus, we have a rhetoric problem. Contaminating someone's coffee shipment isn't exactly what I would describe as -- as legitimate means. Look, I'm not claiming to be a choir boy or anything, but when it comes to a partner, someone lying to me from the start -- that's not something I want to get into.

Roy: Well, I think I have a good sense of when I can change someone's mind and when I can't. Appreciate your time.

Jax: Hey, all else aside, good luck to you.

Roy: Thanks. I'll let myself out.

Jax: You can stop listening and come out now.

Skye: Oh! I am shocked you would think such a thing of me, but I am so glad to hear that you turned him down. I'm right, right? I mean, you're not going to go behind my back and get involved with him, are you?

Jax: No, no, no. I'm through with vendettas -- they're about the past. I have a life of loving you to look forward to and a whole afternoon out on the lake sailing to prove it to you.

Skye: Ooh.

Sonny: A.J. has brought Courtney nothing but misery, Mike.

Mike: Your sister disagrees.

Sonny: She's afraid to admit she made a mistake.

Mike: Courtney loves A.J. and he loves her back.

Sonny: Do not defend A.J. Quartermaine to me. After what he's done? Come on, Mike!

Mike: Love can change people for the better. It's been known to happen. And if you weren't so unforgiving, you could be receiving some of that love yourself. Isn't it time that you just let go of this grudge you're intent on carrying and reconcile with your sister?

Carly: Okay, mike. How can you ask either of us to forgive A.J. and accept him? All he's done is hurt me and Sonny over and over again.

Mike: A.J. is trying to make a fresh start with Courtney.

Carly: Oh, please! Mike, he's just going to crash and burn like he always has and he's going to bring Courtney down with him. You know what? You should be trying to get her away from him.

Mike: Look, I am tired of fighting! I want peace. Why don't you?

Sonny: You are so desperate to have Courtney love you, yet you're willing to support a relationship even when you know he's going to hurt her.

Mike: You're right. Oh, you're right, yeah. Yeah, I want my daughter's love just like I wanted my son's love. But I'm starting to think that's never going to happen, and that is a shame. That is devastating. But I won't distance myself from Courtney or her husband, trying to please you. Now, I missed most of Courtney’s life, and that is my fault, but I'm not going to miss any more. Now, you can be a part of both of our lives or not. That's your choice.

Mike: Hey, by the way -- yesterday was your sister's birthday.

Carly: Okay.

Sonny: I hate what A.J.'s done to both of us.

Carly: I know.

Sonny: If you know, why didn't you tell me what he tried to pull with Michael in the park?

A.J.: Oh, God. Thank God you're all right. Oh! Where were you? Why didn't you call? What happened? What --

Courtney: Well, Wynona -- we got stuck in the bank elevator overnight. The storm must have knocked out the power on the whole block -- the whole building froze. The alarm didn't work. We didn't have cell phones. God, you must have been so worried when I didn't show --

A.J.: Oh, "worried"? Are you kidding? I was petrified. I mean, I thought something had happened, that I was going to -- that I was going to lose you. Oh, I'm so glad. P.S. -- you're busted.

Courtney: What do mean, I'm "busted"?

A.J.: About last night.

Courtney: How did you find out?

A.J.: Your father.

Courtney: My father?

A.J.: Courtney, just because a father loses track of a child doesn't mean that he forgets the day she was born.

Courtney: My birthday?

A.J.: Yes, your birthday. Why didn't you just tell me? Don't move. Wait right there, okay?

Courtney: Oh, A.J. --

A.J.: Here you go. Ah --

Courtney: You don't have to get me a present.

A.J.: Please, please. Open it, would you? Come on.

Courtney: A.J., it's beautiful.

A.J.: That's to remind you that you always have my heart. Here, sit down, please. Please. Now, I know you wanted to do something special last night more than sitting in a stuck elevator and, for the record, once I found out it was your birthday, I tried to make plans, which we will do another time.

Courtney: I don't need --

A.J.: Okay. Now, I -- I want you to close your eyes, please.

Courtney: I don't need anything else, A.J.

A.J.: Ah, since I'm throwing this shindig, I say you do. You -- you -- you keep your eyes closed. Okay? All right. Okay. Now, don't open them yet. Open your eyes.

Courtney: A.J. -- God, it's beautiful.

A.J.: Happy Birthday. Make a wish.

A.J.: I hope you get whatever it is you wished for. I've got every wish I ever made -- in you.

Carly: Look, I knew you would be furious about A.J. approaching Michael. Nothing came of it, so I just let it go.

Sonny: Michael was upset. He held on to it. That's what came of it.

Carly: Yeah, but he seemed fine, even on the day that we were driving home --

Sonny: You have to tell me when anything happens. Anything.

Carly: Okay. This is not just A.J. What's -- what's happening?

Sonny: There's too much going on out there for you to keep any secrets from me.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: What?

Jason: Sorry to interrupt. This can't wait.

Carly: Obviously, I'm not supposed to hear this, so you can keep all the secrets you want while I can't have any. I love you. Bye, Jason.

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: Did you find anything at Roy’s?

Jason: He has some sort of surveillance photos of a meeting.

Sonny: Yeah? You ever seen him before?

Jason: No. But Roy had a file on him.

Sonny: All right.

Jason: Okay? I didn't take everything, but there's enough in there for Benny to start running a trace.

Sonny: "Luis Alcazar" -- I never heard of him. Seems like I would recognize somebody who was going through this much trouble to get rid of me. Well, we just got to stop him before he makes his next move.


[Beeping stops]

Roy: Yeah.

Bobbie: Where were you?

Scott: Oh, I was just working my backup plan as to where Luke and Laura could be and then I ran into Nikolas and Lucky and they had just gotten a call from Laura.

Bobbie: Oh, thank goodness. Everybody, Nikolas got a phone call from Laura.

Lesley: When?

Elton: Well!

Tony: Are they okay?

Bobbie: Scott just told me.

Lesley: Oh, my. What? What? What?

Scott: Well, it turns out they -- they eloped. Las Vegas.

Amy: Oh, Vegas.

Elton: Vegas?

Scott: That's right, Vegas.

Lesley: I'm going to kill her. I'll kill her, then you'll kill her. Elton, I need a drink.

Bobbie: So we can go to Vegas.

Tony: Yeah.

Officer: Mr. Baldwin?

Scott: Yeah? Yeah? What's up?

Officer: I checked Rick Webber’s hotel room last night like you ordered.

Scott: Yeah?

Officer: Mr. Webber hasn't checked out and his things are all around, but he didn't sleep there last night.

Lucky: My God. What are we doing? Do you want to talk to him? You know, you took one hell of a chance saying that to Scott. What if he would have taken you up on that?

Nikolas: The fact is he didn't, all right? And I don't buy Scott as Rick Webber’s killer. If there was a body up here and we found it before he did, he'd be a lot more nervous, don't you think?

Lucky: I don't know, Nikolas. You know, Scott’s pretty good at covering things up.

Nikolas: The fact is we need to deal with reality, all right? Your dad killed this guy -- Rick Webber.

Lucky: Yeah, well, if he did, he had a good reason for it. Whatever terrible thing happened to Mom up here, Rick is responsible for it, and I'm not going to let my dad take the fall for it.

Nikolas: Okay. Okay. Fine. So how can you stop it?

Lucky: We are going to stop it.

Nikolas: "We"? We?

Lucky: Yeah. If there's no body, there's no murder, right?

Nikolas: Oh --

Lucky: Right?

Nikolas: "We"?

Lucky: Brother?

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