GH Transcript Monday 8/5/02


General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/5/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Elizabeth: If you let Zander stay in Port Charles, he will never cross you again.

Man: Sonny Corinthos would like a word with you.

Felicia: I'll be there.

Alcazar: Your lovely partner is on her way to Corinthos' warehouse. That's not a good place to be right now.

Carly: She is going to find Sonny and tell him everything that she knows.

Alexis: What?

Alcazar: Do it.

Zander: Are you okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah -- what was that? What happened?

Jason: You okay?

Elizabeth: Jason, what are you doing here?

Jason: Are you hurt?

Elizabeth: No, no, no -- what happened --

Jason: The warehouse.

Zander: I didn't have anything to do with it, I swear to you. Come on.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Guard: Hey, are you all right? Are you all right?

Roy: Yeah.

Guard: Help's on the way.

Roy: Yeah.

Roy: Felicia. Felicia? Felicia?

Felicia: Roy?

Roy: Hold on! I'll get you out!

Felicia: Roy?

Roy: You're all right.

Felicia: What about you?

Roy: Alcazar said you were on your way over here.

Felicia: Oh, I was supposed to meet with Sonny. His guy called and then Maxie called and delayed me.

Roy: Okay. There's a woman buried over here.

Felicia: Oh, my God.

Roy: I thought it was you. Iíve got to get her out of here!

Felicia: This place could collapse any second.

Roy: Yeah, just --

Felicia: How are we going to do this?

Roy: Just be careful. Grab this and lift.

Felicia: Oh, God.

Roy: On three. One, two, three. Get it up there.

Alexis: Kristina?

Kristina? Kristina! Oh, my God, Kristina!

Ned: Alan, have you seen Kristina?

Alan: Last time I saw her, she went charging out of the house with a suitcase.

Ned: Well, things change.

Alan: Now, how does that work? You and Alexis are having a baby. Where does that leave Kristina?

Ned: At the center of my life, for starters.

Alan: Is she even speaking to you?

Ned: Well, as a matter of fact, she left a message on my cell phone. She needs to see me about something and, well, I'm looking at that as a positive sign.

Alan: Well, unless, of course, she just wants to tell you to your face that you're a lying, unfaithful rat. However, have heart because Monica has told me exactly the same kind of thing under similar circumstances, only worse.

Ned: That's right, and look at you two. You're still together -- infidelity and illegitimate children notwithstanding. Kristina and I are going to be just like that. I'm going to win her back. It's only a matter of time.

Roy: Don't move anything.

Alexis: Kristina --

Felicia: We'll get her out of here.

Roy: Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Alexis: I don't care. Kristina -- please help her.

Roy: Yeah, I will.

Alexis: Is she's breathing? Oh, good. Thank you, thank you. Okay, listen. I'm here, all right? I'm here, sweetie. It's going to be all right. We're going to get you some -- somebody, go get some help.

Roy: They're on their way.

Alexis: You're okay, honey, you're okay.

Jason: Where's Sonny?

Guard: I don't know.

Jason: Well, did you see him come back tonight? Is he inside the warehouse?

Guard: I'm not sure. There was a woman in there waiting to meet with him, but I guess Sonny could have gone in while I was around back checking the loading docks.

Jason: Who's the woman?

Guard: She wouldn't say.

Jason: All right, now call 911.

Guard: I already did.

Jason: Good. Good. When the paramedics get here, tell them there's at least one person caught in the explosion. I'm going to go see if I can get her out.

Elizabeth: Let's go, let's go.

Jason: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Elizabeth: What?

Jason: You stay here. The building could collapse.

Elizabeth: Well, then we better hurry!

Jason: No, you're not going to be able to help. You don't know the layout of the warehouse. You need to stay here.

Zander: I'm going to help.

Elizabeth: You know, I'm going to go with you.

Zander: No, he was -- look, he was right, okay?

Elizabeth: Zander, I'm going to be with you. You know your way around this place.

Zander: Elizabeth, no, it's going to be too dangerous.

Elizabeth: Yeah, especially for whoever's trapped in there, and we know what that's like, remember, Zander? What if no one had come for us? What if everybody thought that it was too dangerous? Now, look, I can either go in there alone or we can go together. It's your choice.

Zander: All right, let's do it. Come on.

Sonny: Hey. You got to just remember what I said. You be careful.

Carly: I'm not afraid for me, okay? It's you I'm worried about.

Sonny: What, you think I can't look out for myself?

Carly: I think you're smart and you're strong, and over the years, you have been incredibly lucky.

Sonny: Luck runs out. That's why you have to know how to protect what's yours and I do. The way to hurt me is through the people that I love. That's why you and Michael --

[Knock on door]

Mac: Police. Open up.

Sonny: Oh, come on. How can I help you?

Mac: Your warehouse just blew up.

Carly: Well, was Jason there? Is he okay?

Mac: We aren't sure.

Sonny: Jason probably wasn't there.

Mac: No, you made sure of that, didn't you, Sonny? Got everyone out of the building before the bomb went off.

Carly: Wait, you think Sonny blew up his own warehouse?

Mac: We're going downtown.

Carly: For what?

Mac: I've got some questions for Mr. Corinthos.

Alexis: Ready?

Roy: Alexis, you're going to have to move.

Alexis: Kristina, I'm here.

Roy: Alexis, you're going to have to move.

Felicia: We need to get out of Roy's way.

Roy: We can't get her out of the way unless you move.

Felicia: Okay, okay. We'll just wait right over here.

Alexis: She shouldn't have been in the warehouse!

Roy: It's okay. It's okay.

Felicia: I know. It's all right.

Alexis: It's my fault!

Felicia: No. We'll get her out of here, Alexis. Come on, over here. I got you. I got you. It's all right.

Jason: Have you found anyone else?

Roy: Just Kristina. Do you have a reason to believe anybody else was in here?

Jason: No -- I don't even know why she was in here.

Felicia: I'll call 911.

Jason: It's already done.

[Building creaks]

Alexis: Just get her out of there! Please. Somebody do something. Help her!

Zander: All right. All right. Can you hear me? All right, let's pick her up.

Jason: No, no, hold on. Wait. Her spine could be broken.

Alexis: No!

Zander: You want to just leave her here? Wait for the place to cave-in on her?

Jason: If we move her now, she could be paralyzed.

Felicia: Wait for the paramedics.

Elizabeth: No, I'll go get them.

Jason: Yeah, go. I don't want you in here, anyway. Go, Elizabeth.

Roy: Okay, I'm losing her pulse. I'm losing her --

Zander: All right, look, we don't have all night to wait for a paramedic, okay? We've got to pick her up!

Jason: Alexis, do we wait or pick her up? It's your call.

[Building creaks]

Jason: Alexis, what do you want us to do?

Alexis: Pick her up. Move her. Whatever it takes, just get my sister out.

Roy: We need a brace, something we can strap her to --

Zander: There's got to be something.

Roy: To take her back.

Jason: Here! Right here!

Zander: What do you got?

Alexis: Please don't hurt her. Please don't hurt her.

Roy: As close to her as you can get it.

Jason: Okay, careful. Okay. Now, we're going to move her on three.

Zander: Okay.

Jason: Okay?

Zander: Here we go.

Jason: One, two --

Roy: Three.

Alexis: It's okay, Kristina, honey. It's all right.

Jason: Okay.

Alexis: It's all right. It's going to be okay. Don't hurt her, guys. Please, please, please, get her out of this.

Jason: You got it? You guys got it?

Zander: Got it.

Jason: Okay, here we go.

Sonny: You have questions? Call my attorney. I'm not answering them.

Mac: Oh, would that be Alexis? It's hard to keep straight these days.

Carly: Look, my husband's place of business just blew up. Do you think he has time for this? Why don't you care about the people who may be hurt?

Mac: Paramedics are on their way down there. My job is to find out why this happened. It'll be easier if you came downtown now.

Carly: Well, Sonny didn't have anything to do with this.

Sonny: I need to be at the warehouse, Mac, not at the police station.

Mac: Here's the deal, Sonny -- come downtown now. It'll be easier for everyone later on.

Sonny: You're aware there's a harassment suit pending? You aware of that?

Mac: I'll take that risk.

Sonny: You will?

Mac: Yeah. Come on, let's go.

Carly: What are you --

Sonny: Get out of here.

Carly: Are you going with them?

Sonny: Call Jason. Call Jason.

Carly: Oh. Oh. Oh, come on, Kristina. Kristina, pick up, pick up.

Roy: Okay, hold her arms.


Jason: You guys have her?

Zander: We've got her. Go ahead.

Roy: Okay, thanks.

Zander: All right.

Jason: Kristina's purse. Grab this. I'm going to move it to the right.

Roy: On three.

Zander: Yeah.

Roy: One, two, three. Okay?

Zander: Got it.

Roy: Watch your feet, man.

Zander: Okay.

Roy: You okay, Zander?

Zander: I'm good. Good.

[Phone rings]

Jason: You okay?

Felicia: Yeah.

Jason: You got it?

Zander: Yep.

Jason: All right. All right.

Carly: Kristina? Oh, I'm so glad you're all right. Do not go to the warehouse, okay? There's been an explosion or something. Just stay away. Do not go to the warehouse.

Alexis: Carly?

Carly: Oh, my God.

Elizabeth: Excuse me, excuse me. She's over here. Come with me.

Paramedic: Okay. All right. Can we get by here?

Roy: Yeah.

Paramedic: What do we got?

Roy: She was pinned under some beams.

Paramedic: Possible spinal injury?

Roy: It's possible. We had to get her out. The building's coming down. She -- she's got breath, but her pulse has been erratic.

Paramedic: Any allergies?

Roy: Alexis?

Alexis: What?

Roy: Any allergies?

Paramedic: Like to medications.

Alexis: I -- I don't know. I don't think so.

Paramedic: Any medical history?

Alexis: I don't know. I -- I don't think so.

Paramedic: Okay, any cardiac problems?

Alexis: She was perfectly healthy until she walked into that building.


Alexis: Why don't you fix her?

Jason: Alexis, Alexis, where are Kristina's medical records? Do you know?

Alexis: At General Hospital. She volunteers. I -- I'm sure they're there.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Oh. Hello?

Jason: Where's Sonny?

Carly: Jason. I've been trying to reach you forever.

Jason: Is he in the warehouse?

Carly: No. Are you all right?

Jason: Is he with you right now?

Carly: Jason, are you all right?

Jason: Yes.

Carly: Are you at the warehouse?

Jason: What's left of it. Where is Sonny?

Carly: They took him down to the police station. Is Kristina all right?

Jason: How'd you know Kristina was here?

Carly: Is she all right?

Jason: She was inside when the bomb went off.

Carly: Oh, my God.

Jason: She looks real bad. They're going to take her to the hospital.


Felicia: The building's all clear. No one else is inside.

Roy: That's good news.

Felicia: Do you want to go to the hospital with me?

Elizabeth: I'm going to stay here.

Felicia: All right.

Roy: Thank you for your help.

Felicia: You want to come to the hospital with me?

Roy: No, I canít. You okay?

Felicia: Mm-hmm.

Roy: Okay. I'll help.

Felicia: Okay. I'll catch up to you later.

Roy: Yeah.

Jason: You defused a bomb once. You know how to set one.

Roy: You don't think I did this?

Jason: You were the first one inside after the explosion.

Roy: I was here trying to help.

Jason: You were trying to cover your tracks. You planted that bomb for payback. Now an innocent woman might die.

Roy: Like you give a damn about that. All you care about is --

Jason: Get up!

Elizabeth: No!

Zander: It's over! It's over!

Elizabeth: No!

Zander? Now, just like you hurt me, huh?

Elizabeth: Don't do this!

Zander: You want to beat him up? You want to give him a warning? Go ahead.

Jason: Zander, just drop the gun.

Roy: Do what he says.

Zander: As soon as he backs off.

Elizabeth: Zander, please! Nobody else has to get hurt. Please.

Jason: You started something you can't finish, Roy.

Zander: This isn't a good time for you to be making threats, I don't think.

Elizabeth: Zander, just put down the gun -- for me.

Jason: You think you got power, huh?

Roy: I got power and you can't deal with it, Jason!

Jason: No, all you got is the money, man, and you're about to be taken out of the way.

Roy: Yeah, so you keep saying! All you ever do is talk, talk, talk, talk!

Elizabeth: Zander, no!

Zander: Elizabeth?

Zander: Elizabeth?

Tony: Is this the blunt chest trauma?

Paramedic: We called it in.

Bobbie: Give me an update.

Paramedic: B.P. has dropped to 104/68, pulse 100 with ectopy.

Tony: All right, take her to trauma one, please.

Paramedic: Abdomen is becoming distended and possible spinal fracture.

Tony: So we have internal bleeding?

Bobbie: I'll page the trauma team.

Tony: All right. Reserve the O.R. Page Monica Quartermaine, stat.

Bobbie: Got it.

Alexis: She's going to be all right, isn't she?

Tony: Felicia, I need you and Alexis to stay outside, please.

Alexis: No, please. Please, please, let me stay. She needs me to stay with her.

Felicia: It might help Kristina to be close to her sister.

Tony: All right, you can stay for right now, but you've got to keep out of the way, and if I tell you to go again, you get out of here.

Alexis: I promise I will.

Tony: Okay.

Alexis: Okay, you're in the hospital. Okay? It's going to be all right, sweetie.

Tony: How's her pressure?

Nurse: Holding at 104/68. Monitor is showing ectopic --

Alexis: I'm right here. I'm not going to leave you. You're going to be all right. What were you doing at the warehouse?

Kristina: Carly.

Mac: You wanted to see Corinthos, here he is.

Sonny: I'll be glad to cooperate, gentlemen.

Mac: Have a seat.

Scott: Thank you, Commissioner.

Mac: He's all yours.

Scott: So, who blew up the warehouse? For all we know, you did it yourself.

Sonny: Like I kidnapped my wife?

Scott: Listen, wise guy, you think that you're above the law. Well, you're not.

Sonny: I'm just an ordinary citizen trying to run a business.

Scott: No, what you are is a two-bit thug who's had run of this city for way too long. Well, that's over as of now.

Sonny: How'd you end up district attorney? You're not showing much talent for it.

Scott: Shut up! I'm asking the questions here. I got you in here, didn't I?

Sonny: I came in on my own free will, Scotty. So, like I said, I'll help out any way I can. What do you need?

Scott: Why did you blow up the warehouse? Is it because of the turf war?

Sonny: Turf war? You mean, like, the old gangster movies?

Scott: Was it for the insurance?

Sonny: My warehouse was already shut down.

Scott: Yeah, I know. A couple of beans were contaminated.

Sonny: The insurance check's already in the mail. Why -- why would I blow up my place?

Scott: Well, let's see. Maybe you wanted to set up Roy DiLucca. You know, get him off to prison, get him out of your way. You like to get rid of people that are in your way.

Sonny: Be sure to notify me as soon as you find any evidence on Roy DiLucca. I want him prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think we're done here. I'm going to go see what's going on with --

Scott: No, no. What are you -- we're not done. Not so fast here.

Sonny: My lawyer will contact you, Scotty. We're through here.

Scott: No, I will tell you when we're through here.

Sonny: I'm not under arrest, am I?

Scott: You think you're going to roll over me like you do everybody else? The last time I was district attorney in this town here, I put a lot of thugs away, and I especially hate you for what you did to my daughter -- turned her into a stripper. Now the whole waterfront's a war zone.

Sonny: Don't ever touch me like that again.

Scott: I can do anything I want. You know, we have something in common -- I don't play by the rules, either. I will do whatever it takes to put you away. I will frame you, I will fabricate evidence, I will set up illegal surveillance, wiretaps -- anything. Do you think I dragged you in because a coffee bean warehouse blew up? I'm coming after you for murder.

Elizabeth: Something happened. My -- my finger --

Jason: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Elizabeth, Elizabeth. Okay. We're just going to move back right over here. Okay? It's okay.

Zander: I didn't mean to. It was an accident.

Jason: Hey, look. Look at me, okay? You need to breathe. You need to stay -- you have to help me -- help me take care of you.

Elizabeth: He shot me. I think --

Jason: It's okay. I just -- I just need to see where the bullet went in.

Roy: How bad is it?

Jason: I can't tell yet. Can you find one of the paramedics? They were everywhere five minutes ago.

Roy: Yeah.

Zander: I'm so sorry, Elizabeth.

Jason: Don't be sorry -- help. I need to put pressure on the wound.

Roy: Hey!

Jason: Okay, it's okay.

Zander: Elizabeth --

Jason: It's okay, just breathe.

Zander: The gun just went off. He knocked my hand, the trigger went off. I swear I never meant to hurt you, okay? Please believe me, Elizabeth. It was an accident.

[Elizabeth groans]

Jason: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. It's okay. It's okay.

Elizabeth: Oh, God --

Jason: No, no, no, no. Hold on. Elizabeth, Elizabeth -- Elizabeth, pay attention to me, okay? You're going into shock. I need you to look at me. Where are you?

Elizabeth: Your warehouse.

Jason: Good. Good. That's good. Go get the paramedics!

Zander: But Roy's already looking --

Jason: Forget Roy! I need something to help her with! Check that thing for a first-aid kit! Oh, hey. Hey, hey, hey. Right here. Look. Hey. Hi. Just tell me about Italy, okay?


Jason: Tell me about some painting you want to see or where you want to go --

Roy: Look, look, she's right there!

Andy: All right, freeze!

Zander: Nobody move! She's hurt! She's hurt!

Andy: Put your hands behind your head --

Jason: I told you she needs help!

Andy: Now!

Jason: She's bleeding!

Andy: Shut up, Morgan! Put your hands behind your head and step away from the girl.

Jason: Pressure.

Andy: He's up. Help her! Take it easy, Ms. Webber, all right? We're going to get you out of here just as soon as we can. Let me take a look. All right, get a first-aid kit from the squad car and call the paramedics now. All right, how you feeling?

Elizabeth: I'm --

Andy: All right, all right, just take it easy now. Hurry up with that stuff! Now! Move it!

Sonny: If you have any more questions, I'll ask my attorney to call.

Scott: Oh, you mean Alexis? Well, she's a little busy right now. See, her sister was in the warehouse when it exploded. She's in bad shape. She may not make it through the night.

Sonny: I'm sorry to hear that.

Scott: Well, if she dies, I'm charging you with murder.

Sonny: You can try.

Scott: You probably didn't know Kristina was anywhere near that warehouse. Wasn't part of the plan, was it?

Sonny: There was no plan.

Scott: She got mixed up in somebody else's fight. Turf war. Call it whatever you want, but an innocent girl may die because of you, and that sickens me. You probably didn't even get around to sleeping with her, did you?

Scott: Oh. Maybe I'm not the only one that's coming after you. Maybe there's someone else who's not afraid of you who's got some real power, wants to get rid of you. So maybe you tell me who it is, we can work together. Or I'll just come after you myself.

Sonny: Any time.

Scott: Get out of here.

Sonny: Hey, Scotty? Enjoy your new job.

Bobbie: Blood pressure's 84/60.

Tony: All right, pump that blood bag up, please.

Alexis: What are you doing?

Tony: We're going to have to move her.

Alexis: What happened?

Tony: She's bleeding internally.

Alexis: Is she going to be all right?

Tony: We got to get her ready for O.R. And get Alexis out of here, please.

Alexis: Please don't let her die.

Bobbie: Alexis --

Alexis: Bobbie, please --

Bobbie: If you want to help your sister -- you need to wait outside.

Alexis: Please don't let her die.

Bobbie: Come. Let's go outside. Do you need me to call somebody to be with you?

Alexis: No.

Bobbie: You want Nikolas?

Alexis: No.

Bobbie: I'm going to get you somebody to take a look at your knee, all right? Stay over here. Come here.

Alexis: I don't want any --

Bobbie: I know, honey --

Alexis: Just go help her.

Tony: All right, let's get her out of here.

Carly: Alexis? Is Kristina okay?

Alexis: You did this.

Alan: Monica got the page.

Bobbie: To O.R. 4?

Alan: Yeah. She's on her way. How is Kristina doing?

Bobbie: Tony thinks she's bleeding out.

Alan: Oh, damn.

Ned: Excuse me. Kristina Cassadine?

Alan: Nobody told you?

Ned: Well, no. Just that she's late for her volunteer shift and Amy went to try and track her down.

Bobbie: Ned, Kristina's on her way to emergency surgery.

Ned: What?

Alan: There's been an accident. I'm actually on my way up to surgery to see her. I'll see you up there, Ned -- O.R. 4.

Ned: How bad? Tell me what happened.

Bobbie: It's -- it's bad. Sonny's warehouse blew up, and Kristina was inside.

Ned: No, no, no, that's impossible. She hates Sonny. Why -- why would she be at Sonny's warehouse?

Bobbie: I have absolutely no idea, Ned, but she's going to need your prayers.

Ned: Is she going to make it through surgery?

Bobbie: We'll do our best.

Zander: Please, you have to help her, all right? You have to stop the bleeding.

Andy: Look, I am doing the best I can, all right? We've got paramedics on the way.

Zander: Well, why aren't they here yet? Did you tell them she'd been shot? Elizabeth, are you all right?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Zander: Ah.

Roy: You need to calm down.

Zander: Why? So she can bleed to death, huh? The stupid cop has no idea what he's doing.

Andy: Will you cuff him, already?

Roy: Shouldn't you be on the radio?

Zander: Elizabeth -- she's going to pass out.

Andy: Look, I got it covered, all right?

Jason: I can stop the bleeding.

Elizabeth: Please, just let him help. Please.

Jason: Thank you. All right. Now, this is going to hurt, okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah, no kidding.

Jason: All right. It's okay.

Elizabeth: Oh --

Jason: Okay, hold on.

Elizabeth: Oh --

Jason: There we go. Okay, don't be scared. Now, don't be scared.

Elizabeth: I'm not.

Jason: Okay, I'm just going to lift your arm up a little bit there.

[Elizabeth groans]

Jason: Now, just a little. There we go. It's only a flesh wound.

Elizabeth: What does that mean?

Jason: Well, the bullet --

[Elizabeth groans]

Jason: It's okay -- grazed you shoulder and it went past, and you're going to be all right.

Elizabeth: Lucky me, huh?

Jason: Yeah, just make sure they give you some pain medication when you get to the hospital.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Andy: Which one of you shot her?

Roy: What the hell are you -- it was an accident.

Elizabeth: That feels better.

Jason: Can we get her to the hospital, forget the ambulance?

Andy: What, you're giving orders, now?

Zander: Okay, she needs a doctor.

Roy: She can't wait any longer.

Zander: He's not a doctor, either. She could be bleeding to death, all right? You have to help her.

Andy: Look, cuff the other two, all right? Look, we're going to take my car, all right? Hey, hey. Easy, easy. Relax. I'm going to carry you. Take it easy.

[Elizabeth groans]

Zander: You take care of her, all right? Elizabeth, you're going to be all right.

Elizabeth: I know.

Jason: You're going to pay.

Mac: All right. Put Smith in the interrogation room. D.A. Baldwin wants to question him separately.

Zander: Wait a second! Did you hear anything about Elizabeth? Did the detective get her to the hospital? Is she going to be all right?

Mac: You know, when you cooperate with the D.A., then there's a chance somebody will get answers for you. Take him away. Cuff Morgan to the desk. Sit down, Jason! Sit down! You know what? I already told D.A. Baldwin that talking to you is like talking to a tree stump, but he's determined to witness firsthand the joy that is Jason Morgan. You know what, Jason? I don't care who pulled the trigger. Elizabeth Webber wouldn't even have been there if it wasn't for you. You got her shot, pal, no one else.

Jason: I want my phone call.

Mac: Take it up with the D.A. All right. Uncuff DiLucca. You're free to go.

Roy: What --

Man: I'm here to take you with me. Come with me now.

Roy: Who the hell are you?

Man: Come with me.

Jason: Hey, who posted Roy's bail?

Mac: No one. The guy came in with an order for his release.

Jason: Who is he?

Mac: A lawyer.

Jason: Whose lawyer? Roy's? Come on, Mac. Is he representing someone else?

Mac: Why do you care, Jason? You know what? I don't believe you or Sonny would blow up your own warehouse, and I don't believe DiLucca did it, either. So who did? Who's coming after Sonny and what do they want?

Man: Get in.

Alcazar: May I assume you received my message?

Roy: You set off that bomb.

Felicia: Hi. Where's Roy?

Mac: Gone.

Felicia: I have his bail.

Mac: A guy in a designer suit came in with a release order before he was even booked.

Felicia: Who?

Mac: I don't know. I've never seen him before in my life. But then again, Roy's making all sorts of new friends these days, isn't he?

Felicia: I have to leave.

Mac: Felicia, Felicia, Roy is into this deep, and so are you.

Felicia: Don't lecture me, Mac.

Mac: I'm worried about you. Whatever Roy has got you into was dangerous before. Now it's lethal. What the hell is going on?

Scott: How did Elizabeth Webber get shot?

Jason: It was an accident.

Scott: Yeah, well, I'll buy that since you're so inexperienced with firearms.

Jason: All right, all right, I'll -- I'll talk. I want a lawyer.

Scott: Let's spin a few theories first. Crime of passion kind of comes to mind. See, you got a thing for Elizabeth after you beat up Zander Smith. He grabs the girl for payback, you get a little upset, you go for your gun. Okay, let's see if Zander Smith is any more talkative.

Scott: You and Jason don't like each other much, do you?

Zander: Is Elizabeth all right?

Scott: I don't know. Capelli hasn't called it in.

Zander: Well, then call the hospital and make sure she got there.

Scott: No, listen, listen, first things first. Did he shoot her or did you? Either way, tell me the truth. I can only help you.

Tony: Well, someone had done a real nice job on that bandage. Was that you?

Elizabeth: It was Jason.

Tony: Well, the wound wasn't critical. Youíll get some stitches in it, we'll need a round of antibiotics, and you need to get some rest.

Elizabeth: Sounds good. Thank you.

Tony: Also get you something for the pain, too.

Elizabeth: Okay. How's Kristina?

Tony: She could use your prayers. Excuse me.

Andy: You're very lucky.

Elizabeth: Yeah, there's that word again.

Andy: A little bit more to the left and you'd be dead. I arrested Jason Morgan on a double homicide a few weeks ago. I pulled his file. And when we found out that you had been kidnapped, I pulled your file, too. The man has brought you nothing but trouble. I mean, he's big-time bad news, Ms. Webber, and so is this Zander Smith -- drug dealing, kidnapping, you name it. Now, one of them shot you, and I want to know who it was -- Zander Smith or Jason Morgan.

Monica: All right, let's get some suction going here.

Bobbie: Here you go.

Monica: Oh, good.

Bobbie: Oh, Monica, a lot of blood.

Monica: I know. I just have to find out where it's coming from. Retractor. Let's get a cautery going.

Bobbie: All right.

Monica: Ah.

Bobbie: Oh.

Monica: Sponge.

Bobbie: Got it.

Monica: All right. Okay, let's have a clamp.

Bobbie: Okay.

Monica: Keep up with that suction.

Alan: If they can stop the bleeding, she's got a chance.

Ned: What are the chances they'll stop it?

Alan: That's hard to say.

Ned: Kristina's strong. She loves life and she's going to -- she's going to make it.

[Pager beeps]

Alan: I got to take this.

Ned: Okay, sure. Go ahead.

Alan: I'll be back.

Ned: Come on, Kristina. Hang in there. You can do it.

Alexis: You sent my sister to that warehouse.

Carly: Why are you saying that? I was trying to stop her.

Alexis: You wanted this to happen.

Carly: Alexis, think.

Alexis: You're telling me to think?

Carly: You know, I'm going to get you a glass of water --

Alexis: An excuse to hide what you did.

Bobbie: Pressure's dropping.

Monica: Almost there.

Carly: All I did was call you the second Kristina walked out of the house. I wanted to let you know she was looking for Sonny.

Alexis: You sent my sister to the warehouse --

Carly: No, I didn't.

Alexis: Because that way she would never be able to tell.

Carly: I wanted Sonny to know. Don't you remember?

Alexis: It's what you said. You set me up.

[Monitor alarm beeps]

Bobbie: She's arresting.

Carly: You're not making any sense.

Alexis: You want my sister to die.

Carly: Alexis, calm down.

Alexis: You sent my sister to the warehouse.

Carly: Alexis, stop it. You're going to hurt Sonny's baby.

Alexis: It's my baby, and don't you ever forget that!

Carly: Alexis -- Alexis? Somebody? Somebody!

Alexis: My baby --

Sonny: Hey. Hey.

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Andy: Zander Smith or Jason Morgan -- which one shot you?

Alan: Alexis, what is it?

Alexis: Something's wrong, Alan.

Alan: All right, just take it easy.

Alcazar: You do precisely what I ask from now on.

Scott: If Kristina dies, that is homicide.

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