GH Transcript Friday 8/02/02


General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/02/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Theresa: Laura Webber?

Kristina: Your husband got my sister pregnant and I am going to tell him.

Alcazar: Can I speak to you, Felicia? Felicia's not only a beautiful woman, she's also smart as a whip.

Zander: I'm going to Florida and I want you to come with me.

Jason: I asked him to take you. Bad things are about to happen. It's better if you're not here.

Scott: Hey, Bobbie. What -- what are you doing here?

Bobbie: I work here. Your turn.

Scott: Oh. I came by to pick up a report and nobody was around and -- is there any light that you don't look good in?

Bobbie: Scott, you are standing here holding a skull.

Scott: Oh. Oh, that, yeah. You know what? It was sitting there and I picked it up and I don't know why because it -- it gives me the willies. You know what I'm realizing, though?

Bobbie: What?

Scott: I -- I miss you, Bobbie. I -- come here. What?

Bobbie: Ah! Don't you dare touch me until you wash your hands!

Scott: Oh, yeah.

[Pager beeps]

Bobbie: Oh, I got to go.

Scott: Okay. All right, well, listen, I'll see you later.

Bobbie: Hey, yeah. You can come by later if you like. Luke and Laura are probably going to be off following up on that lead that I gave them.

Scott: What lead?

Bobbie: I found out some information on that missing nurse -- Theresa Carter. I'll see you later.

Laura: You remember me.

Theresa: You look almost the same, Laura. What are you doing here? And how did you find me?

Laura: This is my husband, Luke Spencer. May we come in?

Theresa: I haven't heard why you're here.

Laura: Uh -- I know this must seem very odd, us just popping out of the blue like this, but I need some information from you.

Theresa: About what?

Laura: About the night that I walked in on you and my stepfather, Rick Webber, in the room over the garage. Please, I need to know exactly what happened that night.

Theresa: You know what happened. You were there.

Laura: No. I blocked it out. I need help retrieving the details. I need someone to fill in the gaps for me.

Theresa: It's in the past. Leave it there.

Laura: Please, Theresa.

Theresa: I don't want to remember that night, and neither, for that matter, should you.

Luke: Ms. Carter, I'm sorry if this is inconvenient or uncomfortable for you, but my wife needs answers and we're going to get them. Now, we won't take up much of your time and you're perfectly welcome to call the police. If you'd like to bring them in on this, that would be fine with us.

Luke: Thank you.

Carly: I know Sonny is the father. I have known for weeks. When did you figure it out, 15 minutes ago? You know what? That's your problem. You were so excited about your detective work that you don't care that Alexis doesn't want Sonny to know.

Kristina: You don't have a clue what my sister wants!

Carly: I know what she told me. Yeah, that's right. We discussed this baby. How ironic is this? You were ready to stab your sister in the back and I am the one who's protecting her.

Alexis: God, you don't have to worry. The baby is uppermost on my mind all the time.

Sonny: Prove it. Stop working so hard. Or at least slow down.

Alexis: I’ll take that under advisement.

Sonny: I'm not criticizing you, Alexis. I -- you're going to make a great mother. That baby boy or girl is very lucky.

Alexis: Thanks.

Sonny: You're on your way home?

Alexis: I was going to have a late supper with my sister.

Sonny: All right. See you later.

Alexis: Sonny, wait a minute. Um --

Alexis: There's something that I haven't told you, something that I want you to know.

Roy: You want to take down Sonny. I want to run a business.

Alcazar: You seem to think those goals are mutually exclusive.

Roy: As far as I'm concerned, they are. It's nothing personal. We tested the waters, see if we could work together. We can't. It's obviously time to sever ties.

Alcazar: I'm a good partner, a generous friend, and a powerful ally to those who are loyal to me. But I can become very difficult to one of my associates when he tries to say good-bye.

Elizabeth: So this is good-bye? Why does it feel so wrong?

Jason: I'll let you pack.

Elizabeth: If I'm going anywhere, I'd want you to be there, too.

Jason: You don't have much time to get ready. By tomorrow morning, Zander needs to be -- he needs to be gone. Just take care of yourself, okay?

Elizabeth: You, too.

Laura: I'm sorry to force myself on you like this, Theresa, but I just don't have any other choice.

Theresa: I have a home now, a family. I have a job as a counselor for troubled teenagers.

Laura: Well, then you should be able to understand me, then. I -- I am tortured by these flashes of memories that I just don't understand.

Theresa: Rick should be able to fill in the gaps. Why not ask him?

Laura: I have.

Theresa: What did he say?

Laura: He begged me not to go looking for you, he begged me to leave it in the past, but I just can't do that.

Luke: Ms. Carter, what happened the night of that storm? What is it that Laura saw that was so traumatizing that she made herself forget? Just tell her. She's not going to sue you or cause you any trouble at all. She just wants to close this chapter so she can get on with her life.

Laura: Please, Theresa, help me.

Theresa: Okay. I'll tell you.

Alcazar: Hm nice view. You worked in one bar, lived behind another one. Now you own your own business and live quite well. I made this happen. Just like that, I can make it go away. As easily as I entered your home, I can dismantle your life.

Roy: You could give it a shot, but you'd be wasting your time. I'm sure your time is as valuable as mine. You need to get off my back, get out of my way, start enjoying the profits on your investment. I'm going to make a lot of money. But as far as someone to do your dirty work, that is never going to be me.

Alcazar: You're a proud man. I like that. So, I'm going to make a rare exception and compromise. Accept Corinthos' $2 million offer for the pier, use it to buy an interest in a casino in New Jersey. They're about to have a partnership opening. Very lucrative.

Roy: Hmm. Corinthos likes casinos. Nah. I think I'll keep the property I have. I got no problem giving you a reasonable share of the profits. You want to turn your nose up at that, I'm sure I can find some other direction to put the money. Maybe a new security system.

[Roy opens the door]

Alcazar: Push the first button on the speed dial when you change your mind. You have an hour. Waiting any longer would be a risk.

Alcazar: Do it.

Amy: No, you know what, Felicia? Looks like Georgie’s caught up on her rubella.

Felicia: I thought so.

Amy: Yeah, I think that they're both caught up on everything.

[Phone rings]

Amy: I don't think you have to worry.

Felicia: Could you make a couple copies of those for me?

Amy: You know I will.

Felicia: Thank you.

Amy: Back in a sec.

Felicia: Hello?

Man: Sonny Corinthos would like to meet with you.

Felicia: About what?

Man: The tension between himself and your partner -- it's bad for business. Can you meet Sonny at his warehouse office at 11:00 p.m.?

Felicia: Is my partner invited?

Man: Mr. Corinthos thinks it would be more productive to meet with you alone. Can I tell him you'll be there?

Felicia: I'll be there.

Man: 11:00 P.M.

Kristina: Don't give me this garbage that you're on Alexis' side. The only side that you're on, Carly, is your own. You don't want me telling Sonny that Alexis is carrying his baby because you know that Sonny would leave you.

Carly: Sonny and I have worked out our problems. I want Sonny to know that this is his child. Alexis is the one who objects.

Kristina: Oh, right. You expect me to believe that you're keeping Alexis' secret hidden -- Alexis, a woman that you hate -- out of the goodness of your own heart.

Carly: You know what? I am not going to do to Alexis what someone did to me. I was raising my son the way that I wanted, and then some self-righteous twit a lot like you decided to take it upon herself to tell the truth, never mind the fact that it tore Michael’s world apart and it devastated everyone else involved. If you love your sister, you will discuss this with her instead of just blabbing to Sonny.

Kristina: You have no idea what love is. You don't even know what the word means. Every lie that my sister has told, every way that she's hurt everyone around her, including me and herself, is because of you, Carly!

Carly: Alexis lies just fine on her own! She is the liar. She did everything she could to break up my marriage and seduce Sonny, and she got him in bed for one night and she got herself pregnant. If you have a problem with that fallout, you take it up with her.

Kristina: Alexis wanted to tell Sonny. She wrote him a letter telling him the truth, but she couldn't go through with it.

Carly: What does that tell you?

Kristina: It tells me that I have to say the truth for her. I'm going to find Sonny; I'm going to tell him he's the father, if I have to search all night for him!

Alexis: You're a dangerous man with a dangerous life which I no longer want to be a part of. But the time that I've spent as your lawyer and as your friend I don't consider a waste. In fact, you've given me something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Sonny: And that would be?

Alexis: A new understanding, and I'll always be grateful for that. Excuse me.

Sonny: A new understanding of what, Alexis? Alex-- Johnny? Okay, bring the car around. I need to stop at the warehouse on my way home.

Theresa: Rick had broken off the affair, but I refused to accept it. I did insane things like following your mother, calling your house at all hours. You may not remember this, but I rang your doorbell one time and you answered.

Laura: I do remember.

Theresa: Rick didn't want anything to do with me, which only amped my desperation to change his mind. I came to the house one night and I found Rick alone in the kitchen. I threatened to create a big scene that would wake up the whole house if he didn't hear me out. So Rick steered me up to the attic over the garage.

Laura: And? Please, Theresa, tell me.

Theresa: I did my best to seduce Rick. I had myself convinced I could win him back. I pushed him down on the chaise, and when Rick tried to stop me, I went crazy. And just then, you walked in. The second I saw his face, I knew I had lost him. And before I could stop myself, I -- I grabbed whatever was heavy and took a wild swing at Rick and you jumped in and tried to protect him, and he started trying to get me under control. You became hysterical. And then your boyfriend showed up.

Luke: What did you try to hit Rick with?

Theresa: I don't remember. The nearest thing? Your boyfriend couldn't calm you down, so Rick gave you a sedative, a shot.

Luke: And you were still in the room when Rick gave Laura the shot?

Theresa: I was pretty hysterical myself. Then Rick grabbed my arm and virtually dragged me down the stairs.

Luke: And was that the last time you saw Laura after you left the attic and went down the stairs?

Theresa: Yes. Except when I glanced back up at the attic window just before Rick dragged me out the gate. She was standing at the window staring down at me. That was also the last time I saw Rick. I didn't even go back to work. I woke up the next morning and knew I needed help, so I left town and I got it. I have a new life. I am not the same person. I don't want to remember that night ever again.

Laura: Thank you very much, Theresa. I realize that that was very difficult for you.

Theresa: My husband will be home soon. Will you please go?

Laura: Yes, of course. Thank you again.

Luke: Thank you.

Laura: It's over.

Luke: You sure?

Laura: Yes, yes. Everything that Theresa said matches with my memories of that night. I even remembered when she tried to hit Rick. She was holding a camera, an antique camera that had been up in our attic for years. Everything she said meshes with my memories perfectly.

Luke: Oh. Good.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Come on.

Alexis: Alexis Davis.

Carly: Kristina's on a mission to inform my husband that he is the father of your child.

Alexis: What?

Carly: Yeah, she read your confession, the one that you wrote and didn't quite burn. She stormed in here looking for Sonny to tell him everything, and then when she realized he wasn't here, decided she was going to scour the city to find him.

Alexis: All right, I'm meeting her for dinner and I'll -- I'll talk to her.

Carly: She is not going to show up for dinner. She is going to find Sonny and tell him everything that she knows. I've done everything that I can to fix this. Now it's up to you.

Jason: Fix what?

Jason: What's going on?

Alexis: Amy, when was the last time my sister called in?

Amy: Uh -- she didn't call in tonight. In fact, she didn't show up for volunteer work, which is very unlike her.

Alexis: Joe, Joe?

Amy: Something must've happened --

Alexis: It's Alexis Davis. I need you to help find my sister. It's an emergency.

Sonny: Hey, run.

Ron: Hey, boss.

Elizabeth: Sonny. Sonny, could I talk to you for a minute, please?

Sonny: You all right?

Elizabeth: No. No, I'm -- I'm almost all packed and ready to go, but how do you pack a life?

Sonny: Where are you going?

Elizabeth: With Zander. Jason explained how Zander has to leave town tonight.

Sonny: That's what Jason told you, that Zander had to leave town?

Sonny: Jason told you Zander had to leave town? And you're going with him?

Elizabeth: Jason wants me to. He thinks I'll be safer.

Sonny: Well, he has a point.

Elizabeth: I don't want to go. I just want Zander safe, and you can make that happen.

Sonny: Zander's made some bad choices. He knew there was going to be consequences. He's got to live with them.

Elizabeth: Sonny, he's important to me. He used to mean something to you, too. Look, I know he has a temper and he acts before he thinks, but he's really good with --

Sonny: I've warned Zander so many times. Unfortunately, he does not get it.

Elizabeth: Okay, Sonny --

Sonny: There's nothing more I can do about that.

Elizabeth: Let me just talk to him, please. Please, if you give me a chance, I -- listen, I swear, if you let Zander stay in Port Charles, he will never cross you again. I'll leave with him if I have to, but do I really have to give up my whole life?

Sonny: Give up your life or give up Jason?

Elizabeth: Jason's part of my life. Does that answer your question?

Sonny: No, the question is, does that answer yours? If Zander slips up one more time, I will treat him like anybody else.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Sonny: No special consideration. I'm going to give him one more chance. After that, all bets are off.

Elizabeth: I understand --

Sonny: I don't want to hurt Zander, but he's pushed me to the wall. He needs to stay clear of me and my business.

Elizabeth: Okay. I will tell him. I'll tell him.

Sonny: And he needs to stop working for DiLucca. Now, you tell him that.

Elizabeth: Okay, I will, and he will. I'll make sure of it. Thank you, Sonny, thank you.

Carly: Have you seen Sonny?

Jason: He should be here soon, we have a meeting. You know he could've walked in on you instead of me. What are you fixing now, Carly?

Carly: Nothing, it's personal.

Jason: Oh, okay. It's personal. So you don't want to tell me, that's fine. But if it's something Sonny needs to know, you better tell him before he finds out --

Carly: I will deal with it, okay, because he is my husband. And if I think he needs to know something, he will hear it from me. Unless you're going to stand around here so you can be the honesty police and tell Sonny the minute he walks in the door that you walked in on a conversation that you know nothing about and you're jumping to a conclusion that Carly's up to something sneaky. Okay, you know what? Of course she is because no one else in this town lies to Sonny except me, just untrustworthy Carly.

Jason: Okay, I'm not in charge of what you tell Sonny, you are, right?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jason: Oh, good.

Carly: So don't worry about it.

Jason: But -- hold on. I'm not going to keep another secret from him because of you. I've gone as far against Sonny as I'm going to.

Carly: What are you talking about, Jason?

Jason: Ah. Never mind.

Carly: No, this is important, Jase -- what?

Jason: Yeah, you know what? It is important. Because I was given an order and I didn't do it. And I saved somebody I hate. And now I'm going to have to tell Sonny what I did and why. I have no idea why you tell so many lies, Carly, because it just blows up in your face and now you're stuck in the same situation that I am. You have to go to someone and tell them what you did and make them wonder why they ever trusted you in the first place.

Carly: Jase, of course Sonny trusts you. You are --

Jason: He trusts you, too, and that's my point. Don't make him wrong. Whatever you're hiding, tell Sonny now.

[Phone rings]

Man: Smith?

Man: So?

Zander: Look, my girlfriend's not here yet, all right? She'll be here in just -- just two minutes, okay? Two minutes.

Man: Girlfriend or no girlfriend, the boat's leaving. Are you coming or not?

Laura: Rick? What are you doing here? Where's Elton?

Rick: With your mother somewhere on some last-minute wedding arrangement that I -- I couldn't figure out. I just stopped by to bring you a little gift.

Laura: Oh, well, that's very nice, but it wasn't necessary.

Luke: We just paid a visit to your old squeeze -- Theresa? She had quite a story to tell.

Rick: What did she say?

Luke: Why don't you tell us your version first?

Rick: I gave you a sedative to calm you down. Then I escorted Theresa to the car. Scotty stayed with you. It -- it's been a lot of years and I'm not sure if Theresa’s memory -- she was not calm at all that night, so I -- I don't know if her story's any different than --

Laura: No, it's the same. It's the same story.

Luke: I have a question to Rick. Why -- why would you think Laura would be so upset by this that you didn't want to tell her about it? I mean, granted, a crazy woman in an attic wielding a blunt instrument isn't a pretty picture, but you just told her. She did fine with it. She didn't fall apart. Why the conspiracy?

Rick: It's a father's basic instinct to protect his child.

Luke: She wasn't a child when you came into her life. And what's the instinct that kept Baldwin lying all this time?

Carly: There's a difference between out-and-out lying and holding something back.

Jason: No, come on.

Carly: There is, Jason. Look, you don't lie, okay, but you let everyone believe that Michael was your son because I asked you to. You even put your name on the birth certificate.

Jason: I -- no, just hold on. How did this get to be about Michael? This is about you and Sonny and you know what happens when you hold back on him, keeping --

Sonny: Is everything all right?

Carly: Yeah. I was starting to worry. You didn't call me.

Sonny: Yeah, I know, last-minute problems came up. Sorry. I need to speak to Jason alone.

Carly: Okay.

Sonny: All right?

Jason: I -- I told Zander to leave town.

Sonny: I know. Elizabeth came to see me.

Jason: Why?

Sonny: Try to change my mind. I guess she had the impression that I ordered you to get Zander out of town.

Jason: Well, that's what I came to tell you. I told her --

Sonny: You know -- why would you give Zander the option to leave on his own when you hate him?

Jason: All that matters is he goes.

Sonny: You saved him for Elizabeth.

Jason: Yeah, I did.

Sonny: Okay. Um -- she wanted me to give him a second chance. She said she would keep him out of trouble.

Jason: What did you say?

Sonny: I agreed. But I'll tell you right now, Zander slips up one more time, there are no warnings, no travel suggestions, no reprieves. And the next time I tell you to make him vanish, do not get creative on me.

Jason: I understand.

Sonny: Yeah, I know you do.

Jason: Sonny, you did a good thing. You did a generous thing.

Sonny: Well, I don't know, you know. I don't know about "good" thing. "Generous"? Yeah. Extremely generous. But you need to know I didn't do it for Elizabeth. I only did it for you.

Elizabeth: Zander?

Roy: Felicia, it's me. Call me when you pick this up. We need to get together tonight and talk. Hopefully you're on your way over --

[Phone beeps]

Roy: Oh, I'm getting beeped. Maybe that's you. Bye. Hello?

Alcazar: Your lovely partner's on her way to Corinthos' warehouse. That's not a good place to be right now.

Kristina's voice: Hi. This is Kristina. Leave a message and I will get back to you.

[Answering machine beeps]

Alexis: Kristina, it's me. Please, don't do anything until I get a chance to talk to you, all right? Call me.

[Phone beeps]

Alexis: Hello?

Man: It's Joe. Good news -- we've located your sister's car.

Alexis: Where is she?

Joe: Her car's parked in a lot of the Corinthos Morgan warehouse.

Alexis: Thanks. Ooh -- uh -- damn it!

Luke: But why would Baldwin jump through hoops to hide an affair you had with some nurse?

Rick: You're going to have to ask Scotty for his specific reasons for hiding the truth from Laura, but Scotty has been almost as protective of Laura as I have.

Laura: Look, I think the point here is that it's over.

Rick: Sweetheart, I didn't want to hide those details. I just -- I never wanted you to --

Laura: I know. I understand. I really do. I understand the impulse to want to protect your child and then ending up keeping secrets.

Rick: I love you, sweetheart.

Laura: I love you, too.

Rick: Now, I would like you to concentrate on your marriage. Work for that. Why you want to marry this guy twice, I'm not quite sure.

[Laura laughs]

Laura: Well, you know something? You're not the first person to say that, but I see things in him that nobody else does.

Luke: Thank you, baby.

Rick: Obviously. Oh, your mom -- please say good night to your mom.

Laura: I will, absolutely.

Rick: Honey.

Laura: Thank you.

Rick: Sure.

Laura: That's it. It's over. I mean, everything Rick said matched with what Theresa said and it matches with what I remember, so I think -- I think that's it. I think it's finally over.

Luke: I'm so glad.

Laura: Oh, what a relief. Now I can concentrate on our wedding. Oh, my gosh. It's only one week away. I love you.

Luke: I love you, too.

Rick: Evidently, you gave a brilliant acting performance.

Theresa: I'm glad you're pleased. So when do I get paid?

Rick: I'll wire the money tonight.

Elizabeth: Oh, Zander. You stayed!

Zander: I couldn't leave you.

Elizabeth: We don't have to leave, after all. I worked it out.

Zander: You worked it out?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Zander: Worked it out with who?

Elizabeth: With Sonny. Listen, Zander, he says you can stay, but -- and this is nonnegotiable -- you can't make Sonny mad ever. Okay? That's the deal. Can you take it? Can you promise me that? Can you? Please.

Zander: I can do anything as long as it's with you.

Carly: Hey, hey, hey. You're tense. Did something happen today?

Sonny: Something happens every day and, lately, Roy DiLucca's involved. I got a feeling -- I got a feeling about something. You need to hear me.

Carly: All right, tell me.

Sonny: I don't want you going anywhere, you or Michael, without a guard.

Carly: Okay.

Sonny: I don't want you opening that door unless you know who's on the other side. If you hear anything, you call me immediately. If you get any weird calls, you call me immediately. If you walk out the door, the guard's not there, you come back in, you lock the door, and you call me immediately, okay?

Carly: Okay, okay.

Sonny: Okay.

Carly: Hey. Hey. Come here. I know things are dangerous right now.

Sonny: Hey. They're not going to get any better, okay? As a matter of fact, they're probably going to get worse for a while.

Carly: It's okay.

Sonny: All right?

Carly: Come here.

Sonny: All right.

Roy: Did a woman go in there?

Ron: Yeah. Said she had an appointment.

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Jason: Are you hurt?

Elizabeth: No, no. What happened? Did you --

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