GH Transcript Friday 7/19/02


General Hospital Transcript Friday 7/19/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Luke: What are you really after? I think he's got something to hide.

Skye: If you cheat me, I will grind you into dust.

Jax: What's this about you being Edwardís only heir?

Jason: And I'll be back to check on you later.

Elizabeth: I'd like that.

Carly: I said leave.

Sonny: I'm leaving, t I'm not giving up.

 [Music plays]

Skye: Have I joined forces with Edward? Oh, absolutely. You know how close we are.

Jax: You told Jason that you were sole heir to E.L.Q.

Skye: Oh, I was just trying to rattle him a little. You know, Jason can be so annoyingly superior. I just wanted to get to him. All right, everybody, I do believe it's time to open up. Let's remember to give our patrons the nightclub-going experience of their dreams. All right? Let's go.

Jax: Skye. You wouldn't be falling for some ploy of Edward's, would you?

Skye: Oh, please. Come on, Grandfather sold me at birth. He's not going to get one over on me. On the contrary, I'm waiting for you to grab E.L.Q. from him and present it back to me just like you promised, hmm?

Edward: My, my, my, aren't we ambitious. And here I thought it was going to be a dull evening.

[Edward laughs]

A.J: I didn't expect Grandfather to show up here.

Courtney: Well, we can turn around and leave.

A.J: No, no, no. You know what? We have been spending way too much time at home. You deserve a nice night out.

Courtney: This club is kind of expensive.

A.J: It's all right. I have a surprise for you. It's a special night, come on.

Luke: Well, serious bucks spent here.

Laura: It's nice, don't you think?

Luke: If you're into nice.

Laura: Of course it doesn't hold a candle to Lukeís place.

Luke: Ah, spoken like a woman with taste. Well, as long as we're here --

Laura: We should just relax and enjoy ourselves.

Luke: Right.

Audrey: Well, I'm awfully sorry I had to cut our dinner short.

Elizabeth: Oh, that's okay, Gram.

Audrey: Well, if it hadn't been for that staffing shortage at the hospital --

Elizabeth: I'd have ordered a hot fudge sundae and already be regretting it.

Audrey: I do wish you'd reconsider coming home to live with me, just for a little while. I -- I worry about you being here all by yourself. It's so isolated.

Elizabeth: My friends come by.

Audrey: Well, if you mean Zander and Jason, I'm afraid they are hardly your friends.

Elizabeth: I know you don't approve --

Audrey: Ah --

Elizabeth: But they have both been really good to me.

Audrey: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Hmm?

Audrey: Did you realize that your sister is going to be returning to Europe? So why don't you give her a call? She feels terrible about your disagreement.

Elizabeth: Well, it was a little more than that.

Audrey: Well, I know, but she loves you and I know you love her and it's worth the effort to patch things up, believe me.

Elizabeth: I'll think about it.

Audrey: Good.

Elizabeth: Thanks for dinner, Gram.

Audrey: Ah. Any time, darling. Well, now, you lock the door and I'll call you tomorrow.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Audrey: All right.

Elizabeth: Good night.

Audrey: Good night. Sleep well.

Elizabeth: I will. You, too.



Jason: I met with Jax.

Sonny: And?

Jason: I don't think he's the one financing Roy DiLucca.

Sonny: Well, it was a long shot anyway. Did you make him an offer on the club?

Jason: Jax gave the place to Skye. He's not going to sell.

Sonny: I want that club back for Carly, Jason.

Jason: Sonny, Carly's hurt. The club's not going to make that go away.

Sonny: Do you have a better idea?

Jason: I don't know. That's why I'm having dinner with her tonight.

Carly: Hey, Mr. Man. Hey, look, there's Grandma.

Bobbie: Hi.

Carly: You're going to have such a good time spending the night at her house.

Bobbie: Hi.

Leticia: Hi.

Michael: Come with me, Mommy.

Carly: Oh, sweetie, I can't because a friend is coming over for dinner, but you know what? I'm going to see you first thing in the morning.

Michael: Okay.

Carly: Okay? All right. Go say hi.

Bobbie: Hey. Ooh, I was missing you so much.

Carly: Leticia, can you bring Michael on upstairs and help him pack up his bag?

Leticia: Yeah, sure.

Bobbie: And it's going to be fun, okay?

Michael: Yeah.

Bobbie: All right, I'll see you in a minute.

Carly: Go on up.

Bobbie: Get your stuff. A friend's coming over?

Carly: Mm-hmm, that's right.

Bobbie: The friend wouldn't by any chance be Jason, would it?

Carly: You know what? I'm reading Michael "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," so let's make sure that I don't forget to get that and put it in his bag.

Bobbie: Carly, I know what you're planning because it's not a huge leap from something you said earlier.

Carly: Look, will you just take Michael for me, please?

Bobbie: Carly, what are you doing? I thought you were so past this kind of behavior.

Carly: What -- what kind of behavior, Mother? I haven't said a word.

Bobbie: You are arranging for Sonny to walk in and find you and Jason in bed, and there is no way I'm going to help you do that.

Luke: Is Rick spooking you?

Laura: Um -- I just -- I think I'd rather go hear the blues tonight.

Luke: Darling, I think we should stay.

Laura: No, no, not tonight, okay?

Luke: Laura, the sooner we deal with this, the sooner we can get over it, behind us, move on.

Laura: Okay, all right. All right.

Luke: That's my girl. Come on.

Rick: This is an unexpected pleasure. Hi, sweetheart.

Luke: Hi, Rick.

Rick: Hi.

Laura: How are you?

Rick: I'm -- I'm fine. No second thoughts on anyone's part, I hope.

Luke: Hmm, not a one.

Rick: Good.

Luke: Do you want to back me up on that?

Laura: Uh -- um, oh, right, the -- the wedding plans are going along just -- just as planned.

Rick: Well, that's great. That's -- if I can do anything else, please, sweetheart, let me know.

Laura: We'll let you know.

Rick: Okay. Excuse me.

Edward: You can't seriously believe that Jax can just snap his fingers and hand you E.L.Q. all done up in a silk ribbon, huh?

Skye: Oh, what, no one would dare stand up to the great Edward Quartermaine. Is that it?

Edward: Oh, I hope she hasn't bored you immeasurably with the pipe dreams that she has.

Jax: Did I detect a whiff of nervousness, Edward?

Edward: You know that Skye nearly ruined E.L.Q.? Took me months to recover what she's lost. I hope you don't let her wreak havoc on your own life.

Jax: Yeah, my life's only been better since Skye's been in it.

Edward: Oh, you know, it's sad to think of the once-great jasper jacks being bamboozled by this little conniver. Hmm.

Jax: Well, you know, Edward hasn't lost his taste for a fight.

Skye: I can hardly wait to see him lose.

Jax: Well, it won't be quick and easy. Edward's always got a trick or two up his sleeve.

Skye: Yeah.

Courtney: What is your grandfather even doing here?

A.J: I don't know and I don't care. He can't ruin my surprise.

Courtney: Are you going to keep me in suspense all night?

A.J: Maybe.

Courtney: Tell me.

A.J: I got a job.

Courtney: A.J., that's great. I am so proud of you. So what are you going to be doing?

A.J: Well, I told you that I was going to be stepping off my elitist perch and getting a regular job?

Courtney: Yeah, well, you said you were either going to be a salesperson or a moving man so you could drive a truck.

A.J: Yeah. Close. I'll be driving a forklift.

Courtney: That's great.

A.J: It's a starting position, so the money's not great. So unfortunately, I think you should keep your second job.

Courtney: Well, that's -- that's okay. It's not so bad.

Laura: The dance floor's over here. Let's go check it out.

Luke: Oh, darling, I think we ought to stay just -- just Ė

Bobbie: Don't even try to deny it because I know what you're up to.

Carly: This is between me and Sonny.

Bobbie: Carly, it doesn't make any sense.

Carly: Well, it makes sense to me, okay?

Bobbie: Donít. Honey, don't ruin what you have with Sonny.

Carly: It's too late, Mama. He already ruined it.

Bobbie: What are you talking about? He just remarried you.

Carly: Yet he did something awful, okay?

Bobbie: What did he do?

Carly: You know what? I can't tell you. Will you just trust me? It was bad.

Bobbie: Oh, Carly, you have been known to overcompensate.

Carly: Okay, will you please just make a little bit of effort and try and be on my side for once?

Bobbie: Honey, I am always on your side. Look at me. You know that. Honey, come on.

Carly: I wanted it to work with Sonny so badly. Okay, when we renewed our vows, I was over the moon. I thought this was a new beginning and everything was going to be good again. We could be honest and nothing was going to come between us.

Bobbie: Maybe Sonny's trying to keep those vows.

Carly: No. Sonny is doing exactly what he wants, as usual. He won't even see the problem and he wants our marriage just to continue exactly the way that it is.

Bobbie: Then let it.

Carly: Have you been listening to me at all?

Bobbie: Oh, Carly, don't destroy your own happiness!

Carly: I'm not happy! I am miserable, okay, and I'm tired of being second on Sonny's priority list or third or 53rd or --

Bobbie: Oh, now, stop it. Stop it. You don't really believe that. Come on, come on. Deep down I know what you want. You want Sonny to be so devastated, he'll come running to you to tell you how much he loves you and he can't possibly live his life without you.

Carly: Well, it wouldn't matter, okay?

Bobbie: Of course it would. You still love him.

Carly: I don't want to love him. Okay, no, I'm so tired and -- I'm so tired of hoping that things are going to work out when I know they're not going to and it hurts too much and it's too hard. You know what? It's Sonny's turn to get his heart stomped on. And seeing me in bed with Jason is going to be just the way to do it. You'll help me or not?

Sonny: You're having dinner with Carly tonight? Whose idea was it, hers?

Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: I don't want to stick you in the middle, Jason.

Jason: No -- sometimes when you're hurting, it's always helpful to have someone who will listen. I don't mind doing that for Carly.

Sonny: Do not let her do anything crazy.

Jason: Carly does what she wants. I've never been much good at stopping her.

Sonny: But she listens to you more than anybody else.

Jason: Sonny, I can't tell Carly anything she needs to hear. It has to come from you.

Sonny: Well, I can't tell her anything if she doesn't let me in the house, and I'm not going to fight with her with Michael upstairs. So, you know, the best thing I can do now is just wait it out.

Jason: Okay.

Sonny: You don't agree?

Jason: It's not up to me.

Sonny: Well, I'm asking because, you know, this is my family, my wife, and I don't want to drag this on any more than it has to be. I don't want to hurt anybody else.

Jason: Well, sometimes you can wait too long for something -- or someone. You think they're going to be there when you get back, but they're not, and what you wanted to say doesn't matter anymore.

Sonny: You saying I'm going to lose Carly?

Jason: Do you want to take that chance?

Sonny: No.

Jason: Maybe you should tell her that.

Sonny: Does Elizabeth know what you put on the line to rescue her?

Jason: What does that have to do with Carly?

Sonny: I'm just -- you know, you're handing out advice --

Jason: I'm not. You're asking.

Sonny: Well, I'm just saying that you're right. You can lose a lot if you wait. Sometimes you got to say what you got to say when you have the chance.

Luke: Laura? Wait. What happened? What happened in there, sweetheart?

Laura: Nothing.

Luke: Darling, listen, I'm listening, I'm here with you. No matter how weird or irrational it seems, just -- just tell me. Tell me.

Laura: I don't know. I -- I -- I was looking at that redhead. She was with that man. And then when she turned and she looked at me, it just panicked me.

Luke: It triggered something.

Laura: Yeah.


Laura: Oh!

Luke: What? What?

Laura: It happened on a night like this. It was hot and muggy and it was about to storm.

Luke: And what did you see?

Laura: I don't know. I -- I don't know.

Luke: Yes, you do.

Laura: No.

Luke: You're on the verge of remembering. We're going to go to that attic right now and finish this thing.

Laura: Oh.

Luke: Come on. Come on, darling.

Edward: So, Monica, if you're going to have an affair with Rick, I hope you'll be discreet about it.

Monica: Since when is any of this your business?

Edward: I do not have room on my plate to handle the chaos that will undoubtedly ensue. There will be you and Alan bickering at the breakfast table and divorce papers being drawn up and --

Monica: For your information, Edward, I happen to be in love with your son.

Edward: You have a fine way of showing it.

Monica: Did it ever occur to you that maybe -- maybe I am hanging out with Rick to find out exactly what he is doing with General Hospital?

Edward: Well, that -- that seems rather far-fetched, hmm?

Monica: It also is a technique you perfected a long time ago.

Edward: Well, at least I'm not bedazzled by some charming doctor.

Monica: Oh, Edward, just put a sock in it, will you?

Edward: Oh, Monica, you just never --

Monica: Well, A.J., Courtney. How are you doing?

Courtney: Great.

A.J.: I got a job.

Monica: Well. Well, that's great. What are you doing?

A.J.: Driving a forklift.

Monica: Um -- well, I'd have to say that's probably a first in the family. Excuse me. I'm just -- I'm a little surprised.

A.J.: Why?

Monica: Well, A.J., because you have so many other skills.

A.J.: Mm-hmm?

Monica: I'm -- I'm just a little --

A.J.: What? What, it's a little inappropriate, maybe? Am I embarrassing you, Mother?

Monica: No, I didn't say that you were --

Courtney: You know, A.J.'s grandfather tried to shut him out of the job market, but A.J. didn't give up. You know, he got this all on his own without the family name or connections. And I couldn't be more proud of him.

A.J.: Hmm.

Monica: Well, good. You got a job. You're earning your own living.

A.J.: Mm-hmm.

Monica: That's -- something. Excuse me.

Courtney: God, could you believe her attitude? "But, A.J., you have other skills."

A.J.: Are you kidding me? That's the nicest thing my mother's ever said to me.

Courtney: Oh. Come here.

Bobbie: Carly, I remember how you felt when Sonny was gone from your life.

Carly: I survived.

Bobbie: Yes, you did. You held your head up high and you found your independence and you made sure the club was a big success. And through it all, you never stopped loving Sonny.

Carly: Yeah, we all have our problems, don't we?

Bobbie: And Sonny loves you, too.

Carly: Yeah, well, you know, he has a very funny way of showing it. He lets me twist and turn in the wind for a month. He -- he shuts me out to punish me and, you know, he doesn't see a thing wrong with that. It's just who he is. Nothing I do is going to change him, and I'm tired of giving more than I'm getting back, okay? I need to break free.

Bobbie: Carly, this isn't the way to do it.

Carly: Actually, I think it's a perfect way.

Bobbie: Jason is not going to sleep with you. He knows you. He's going to see this coming from a mile away.

Carly: Okay. Well, it doesn't really matter as long as Sonny sees us first.

Bobbie: Oh, well, that's really nice. So, what, so Jason can get hurt? You really think he deserves that after the friend he's been to you?

Carly: Look, Sonny isn't going to blame Jason. He was going to blame me as always. "Carly is a tramp. She's a slut." And -- you know what? It's actually kind of nice symmetry because our relationship, it'll come full circle. Michael? Grandma's ready. Come on down.

Bobbie: And what about your self-respect? All you've done to try and turn your life around?

Carly: Look, I am doing what I want to do. Why can't you just accept it?

Bobbie: I'm not going to stand here and accept the fact that you are tearing your life to shreds!

Carly: Michael? Hey! You ready?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Carly: All right. You be a good boy for Grandma, okay?

Michael: Okay.

Carly: All right.

Michael: Bye, Mommy.

Carly: Bye, sweetheart.

Bobbie: All right, honey, go out and get in the car, all right? I'll be out in two minutes.

Leticia: Bye.

Michael: Okay.

Carly: Fine. Go ahead, say it.

Bobbie: I love you.

Jason: Do you want me to make a final offer to Roy, or should we just get this thing started?

Sonny: The arrangements are in place?

Jason: It could go tonight if you want.

Sonny: And you're having dinner with Carly tonight?

Jason: Right. You should be out in public.

Sonny: Yeah.

Jason: Somewhere --

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hello?

Carly: Sonny, hey. I need you to do something for me.

Sonny: Carly. What's up?

Carly: Well, I asked my mom to watch Michael tonight, but she canít. Can you take him tonight?

Sonny: Oh, you want Michael to stay here with me?

Carly: Well, yeah, if it's not too much trouble. I'm assuming that you still want to be part of his life.

Sonny: Carly, that goes without saying.

Carly: Okay, great. So be here at 7:00.

Sonny: What time did Carly ask you to come over for dinner?

Jason: 6:00.

Sonny: 6:00. She wants me to pick Michael up at 7:00. Does this sound familiar to you, like maybe she's up to one of her plans?

Courtney: Uh-oh.

A.J.: What?

Courtney: Incoming -- Edward, 2:00.

A.J.: Let's get out of here.

Courtney: Okay.

[Phone rings]

Courtney: Oh.

A.J.: What?

Courtney: It's work.

A.J.: Ooh. Okay, take the call. I'll hold down the fort.

Courtney: Okay.

A.J.: Yeah.

Edward: So, A.J., Monica said something about your getting a job.

A.J.: That's right

Edward: I must admit I'm a little surprised.

A.J.: Joke's on you, old man. I have a job that you have absolutely no control over.

Mr. Coleman: I'm going to need you tonight.

Courtney: Tonight? No way.

Mr. Coleman: Well, one of the girls called in sick. You have to sub.

Courtney: No, I canít. I'm with my husband.

Mr. Coleman: Put him on the phone. I'll tell him what you've been doing to keep him out of jail. Be here at 10:00, Daisy.

Courtney: You can't order me around like this.

Edward: A forklift, huh? Is that wise? You know, you shouldn't drink and operate heavy machinery.

Courtney: What is the matter with you? God, one minute you're telling A.J. He needs to get a backbone, and the other minute you're trying to rip his confidence to shreds. God, you know, with a grandfather like you, I mean, it's amazing that he's even functioning at all.

Edward: Cut out the dramatics, Courtney.

Courtney: You just don't get that A.J. and I are happy.

Edward: Of course you're happy. You finally brought him down to your level.

A.J.: Watch it. She may not have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she is the finest, most honest, loving woman I have ever met in my life.

Laura: I can't go up there.

Luke: Laura, something happened in the attic that you saw and that you blocked out. Now, it's been in your head all these years. It's time to let it go.

Laura: The storm was getting nearer. I could hear the thunder. I could smell the lilacs and there was sort of like electricity in the air.

Luke: You were outside?

Laura: Yes, I was in the back yard and it started to rain. And it was like someone turned a faucet on. I was completely drenched. I was just standing in the back yard and I saw a light on in the attic.

Luke: Good. Good. Did you see anything else? Maybe someone up there? A shadow go across the window? Anything?

Laura: No, no, I -- I -- no, I'm not sure.

Luke: Okay. We'll take it slow. Let's go up and see if you remember any more.

Luke: So you came up the stairs and you came to the door.

Laura: And it was closed.

Luke: Did you open it?


Elizabeth: Oh, my God.

Elizabeth: No. Hello? Can anyone hear me? I'm stuck in the stairwell! Please, somebody, help me!

Elizabeth: No. Oh, no. No.

Elizabeth: What? No. No. Is anyone out there? Come on. No.

Sonny: Carly's playing games. I'm going to call her on it.

Jason: So you're going to start a fight?

Sonny: No, I'm going to tell her to be straight with me. If -- you know, if we have problems, then we should deal with it head-on.

Jason: Look, I'm just going to tell her that I'm working.

Sonny: No, you're not. Let Carly think whatever scam she's running is going to work.

Jason: You're setting her up.

Sonny: Damn straight.

Jason: Carly's already hurt and mad, so you're going to go over there and make her even angrier?

Sonny: I want our marriage to work. Can you do this for me as a friend?

Jason: Yeah, fine.

Sonny: Good.

Jason: I don't want any part of this.

Sonny: Wise choice. Okay, now, if this thing happens tonight --

Jason: Yeah?

Sonny: You need to be with somebody. Call Elizabeth.

Jason: Worry about yourself because Carly's not going to make this easy on you.

Luke: Did the room look anything like this?

Laura: There was a couch over there.

Luke: Good. Now you're starting to remember a few things. Did you come inside?

Laura: I -- I can't remember, Luke. I canít.

Luke: But the light was on.

Laura: Yeah.

Luke: And someone was up here.

Laura: Yeah.

Luke: Where were they?

Laura: On the couch.

Luke: Who? Who was it, angel?

Jax: Well, you certainly sent Edward away unhappy.

Courtney: Yeah. He just drives me crazy.

Skye: Well, I couldn't have told off the old coot better myself.

Jax: Could I get you a refreshment just out of admiration? I'm a big fan of yours now.

Courtney: Sure.

Jax: Enjoy.

Skye: That was amazing. Courtney really went to bat for you.

A.J.: Yeah, I know. She makes me believe that I can be the man she deserves.

Skye: Do you know how lucky you are?

A.J.: I didn't at first. I sure as hell do now.

Jax: I believe I owe you an apology.

Courtney: What for?

Jax: Well, you know, because we said that your -- that your marriage would be a disaster.

Courtney: Well, at least you put it nicely, which is more than I can say for A.J.'s family.

Jax: Well, we're all wrong because you are glowing with happiness.

Courtney: So it shows?

Jax: You obviously made the right decision.

Courtney: Well, A.J. and I are in love, and it's real and it's going to last.

Jax: Yeah. I know all about proving the doomsayers wrong. I'm glad it's working for you.

Skye: Wow. I'd give anything to have what you have.

A.J.: Uh-oh. What's going on? What's up with you and Jax?

Skye: Ugh -- I've caught him in all sorts of lies. He's gone behind my back, been with other women.

A.J.: Protect yourself, okay?

Skye: Oh, believe me, I am trying, but then I just look into those big blue eyes and -- oh -- I just melt.

A.J.: Skye, he's a player, okay? That's the way he's always conducted business. Don't let him use you.

Elizabeth: Help me! Somebody, help me!

Zander: Elizabeth? Elizabeth, hey, hey.

Elizabeth: Zander? Zander, I'm trapped in here. The doors are stuck!

Zander: All right. Hold on, there's a dumpster blocking the doors.

Elizabeth: What's happening? Zander? Zander, what's happening?

Zander: All right, it's too heavy. It's going to take too long.

Elizabeth: It's dark in here. You got to get me out. Please, you have to get me out.

Zander: Elizabeth? Okay, listen. I'm going to go up and I will meet you on your landing, okay? That's all you have to do, okay, just climb the stairs.

Elizabeth: Okay. Okay.

Elizabeth: Zander? Zander? Zander, please don't leave me alone in here. Please.

Zander: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Yeah?

Zander: Okay, okay, stay there.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Okay.

Zander: It's okay. It's okay. You're okay.

Carly: Jase -- um -- could -- could you go away, please? I was going to do something really stupid, but I canít.

Laura: I could hear a branch banging against the window. Then I heard something else.

Luke: What?

Laura: A woman. A woman moaning.

Luke: Were you frightened?

Laura: I was confused, surprised. I -- I couldn't figure out who else would be up here, so I thought maybe it was the wind. And then I heard it again.

[Woman moans]

Laura: I pushed the door open. I saw my own face in the mirror. A mirror -- a mirror. It was here. And then I looked from the mirror to the couch. And I saw --

[Woman moans]


Laura: I saw Rick with a red-haired woman making love.

Jax: You know, I think your brother stumbled across something amazing when he married Courtney.

Skye: Yeah. She really loves him, doesn't she?

Jax: You know, she might just save him from himself.

Skye: Just like you're doing for me, right?

[Phone rings]

Skye: Ooh. Ah-ah. Hello? Mr. Jacks' private line. May I help you?

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