GH Transcript Wednesday 7/17/02


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/17/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Man: You work for us, Mr. DiLucca.

Roy: I don't work for anybody.

Jason: They're telling him to go after Sonny. I don't want you to end up in the middle.

[Doorknob rattles]

Sonny: I got to know the truth.

Carly: If you go, I’m not going to be here when you get back.

Ned: I am the baby's father.

Kristina: How could you do this to me?

Mr. Coleman: We have a new dancer tonight. Give a warm welcome to Daisy.

 [Phone rings]

Courtney: A.J.? Hello?

Mr. Coleman: Morning, Daisy. That was quite a performance you put on last night. Hard to believe you never stripped before.

Courtney: Coleman --

Mr. Coleman: Yeah, well, you know, some girls are naturals, born into it -- that's you, babe. You got a bright future in this business, and I'm -- I'm honored to guide you.

Courtney: I told you never to call here again.

Mr. Coleman: As long as you keep dancing like you did last night, I won't have any reason to call. More important -- well, at least for you -- I won't have any reason to send your husband to jail.

Courtney: Hi.

A.J.: Hey. Who was on the phone?

Courtney: Wrong number.

A.J.: Is that what woke you up? Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry.

Courtney: Oh, it's past time. You shouldn't let me sleep so long.

A.J.: Oh, you know what? I didn't have the heart to wake you, you were so innocent and beautiful. Besides, you worked your pretty little tush off all night on that new job. How'd it go, by the way?

Courtney: It's inputting numbers into a computer at a bank. It's boring and repetitious.

A.J.: Well, you know what? I was thinking -- you know, you may not really need a second job.

Courtney: Why do you say that?

A.J.: Well, I was hanging up your coat, and I found your tips from Kelly’s. I mean, you must have had a killer day to make all that money.

Jason: Will you just hear me out, please?

Felicia: Why should I? Why should I listen to you disparage my partner, a man that I know you hate?

Jason: For your own good -- and the sake of anybody you love. The people Roy is involving you with, Felicia, aren't very nice. They do things like kidnap. Ask Elizabeth Webber.

Felicia: Hmm. I got the impression that Elizabeth was kidnapped because of you.

Jason: Do you know what they wanted for ransom? Control of Pier 52 -- the same property that you and Roy just bought with money that appeared out of nowhere. Come on, you're a private investigator. Do you believe in that kind of coincidence? Come on, Felicia, someone gave Roy that money and told him exactly what to do with it, the same person that had Elizabeth Webber kidnapped. Don't let Roy use you as a front anymore.

Felicia: I'm not a front. Roy and I have been full business partners from the very beginning. All he did was beat you out of a smart business deal, and here you are trying to intimidate me into selling him out.

Jason: Then why are you letting a guy like Roy DiLucca do something like this?

Felicia: Stop it! Just mind your own business.

Jason: No, Felicia, just listen to me!

[Banging on door]


Man: Hey! Hey, Marsh! What the hell is wrong with you? Open the door!

Elizabeth: There's no Marsh here.

Man: Isn't this studio 3-D?

Elizabeth: Up one more flight.

Man: Oh. Sorry.

Leticia: Hi.

Sonny: Is Carly here?

Leticia: No, she just went to go do some errands. She should be home soon.

Sonny: Oh, all right.

Leticia: Michael and I are just on our way out. We're going to the movies.

Sonny: Oh.

Michael: Hi, Uncle Sonny.

Sonny: Hey.

Michael: Are you here to see mommy?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, I got to tell her some things.

Michael: Good things or bad things?

Sonny: Good things, important things.

Michael: Mommy was crying. Can you make it better?

Sonny: I'll tell you what -- I'm going to try my best, okay? I promise you that.

Michael: Okay.

Sonny: All right. Now -- you going to have fun at the movies.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: You're going to mind Leticia?

Michael: Yeah.

Leticia: Yeah, he always does.

Sonny: All right.

Michael: Bye, Uncle Sonny.

Sonny: Bye.

Alexis: Kristina, it's me. Please, call me right away. I want you to call me on my cell, okay? Thanks. I suppose congratulations are in order for both of us.

Carly: Yeah, I can see why you think that.

Alexis: What does it actually take to please you, Carly?

Carly: Oh, I should be pleased?

Alexis: Gratitude wouldn't be inappropriate, either.

Carly: Oh, pleased and grateful -- to who?

Alexis: To Ned, now that he's claimed to be the father of the baby, and Sonny knows about it, we can all just go on about our lives.

Carly: You are kidding --

Alexis: No, I'm serious. You didn't know?

Carly: That was just priceless.

Alexis: Why are you laughing?

Carly: Because it's funny. It really is funny, don't you think? Because I left Sonny last night because he chose you and your baby over me, so I walked. And all of a sudden, you get bailed out. I don't really think it's fair, so you know what? Maybe I will go to Sonny and I will tell him that he is the father after all.

Alexis: You're bluffing.

Carly: You want to bet?

Alexis: Don't waste your time, Carly.

Carly: Well, it seems like I'm going to have plenty of that on my hands these days.

Alexis: Sonny is a magnet to danger. People close to him are at constant risk of being shot at or blown up. I had to learn this, my child will not.

Carly: Well, that sure is some flip-flop, isn't it, because one minute, you were the only person in the world who understands Sonny, and the next, he is too dangerous to be near. Why don't you just admit what's going on?

Alexis: I'm trying to protect my child.

Carly: No. Sonny doesn't love you, and you cannot stand the thought of him just tolerating you because you got pregnant with a child of his on a night he would take back in a minute if he could.

Alexis: You do whatever you need to do. The bottom line is, is that I will disappear off the face of the earth before I will give access to Sonny.

Carly: Even more reason to tell him as soon as possible.

Alexis: Carly, even you can't be this vindictive and shortsighted.

Carly: You deserve it, you hypocritical slut. But you know what? I will. I will keep your secret for one reason and one reason only -- because I respect a mother's choice to protect her child in any way that she sees fit. You know, I lied about Michael’s paternity, and you spit on me for it. Well, I guess things have come full circle now, haven't they, because Sonny is not going to know that you are carrying his child. And you'll have me to thank for it. Bet you hate me for that, don't you? Well, choke on it.

[Knock on door]

[Kristina sighs]

Kristina: I came to see Alexis. I guess I should have figured that you'd be here -- you being the father of her baby and all.

Ned: Alexis isn't home.

Kristina: Well, that's fine. I'll come back and see her some other time.

Ned: No, no, please, don't -- don't go. Just hear me out.

Kristina: You can say what you want -- it's not going to change a thing.

A.J.: Wish me luck.

Courtney: Luck? Well, did you see anything interesting?

A.J.: I don't know. There are a couple of possibilities here. Hopefully, I'll get a job today, and you can quit one of yours.

Courtney: Oh, please, don't put too much pressure on yourself, A.J. I can handle two jobs. I've done it before. Besides, I've got a husband who makes coming home worth anything. The flowers you left for me last night were beautiful.

A.J.: It's the least I can do. Hey, you know what? I should get me a job at Kelly’s. I had no idea the tips were so good.

Courtney: They're usually not. One of the last-shift waitresses called in sick. I covered all the tables, so I got all the tips. Oh, here, take some.

A.J.: What? No, no, no, no --

Courtney: Shh, don't argue. You need money in your pocket. What if something were to happen?

A.J.: At least I'll have clean underwear.

Courtney: Bye.

A.J.: See you later.

Alan: How's that for timing?

Courtney: Alan?

Alan: Hello, Courtney.

Courtney: You just missed A.J.

Alan: Well, I meant to. I actually came here to see you.

Courtney: Why?

Alan: I think I have a solution to your problems.

Felicia: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have slapped you.

Jason: It's okay.

Felicia: You going self-righteous on me -- when it comes to Roy, that's a little hard for me to take. Roy's a good friend of mine, and I trust him more than I trust you.

Jason: I'm telling you the truth, Felicia.

Felicia: Yes, I understand your truth. And Roy's a bad person. Everyone keeps telling me that. But what about all the great things that Roy has done since he's been back in town? Remember when he disarmed the bomb that was in Elizabeth’s apartment? The one that was put there because of you? He helped take down the Cassadines with Luke. He helped save Carly with her family. And I know you and Sonny twisted that whole story around to make it look like Roy was to blame, but I know better.

Jason: But none of this has anything to do with what's going on right now. Roy didn't just find that kind of money and by accident -- the way he chose to spend it wasn't by accident, either. Has he ever explained to you why he needed that particular piece of property? He's stringing you along, Felicia. That's his M.O. That's the way Roy DiLucca works.

Felicia: No, no -- no. I was there when he saw the money for the first time. He was genuinely surprised.

Jason: Could he be acting?

Felicia: No. If you want to get technical about it, I was the one who found the money. And when he walked in, he saw the money. He was actually going to throw the money out, and I wouldn't let him. Roy doesn't work for anybody. Roy works for Roy.

Jason: And I can see that you believe that.

Felicia: I do believe it.

Roy: Okay, now, let me guess. I'm interrupting another offer on Pier 52?

Jason: It's still on the table.

Roy: Answer's the same -- it's not for sale.

Jason: Roy, you're making some bad choices. You know, eventually, they're going to catch up to you. Think about what I said.

Roy: Wow, you look good. What was that about?

Felicia: Sonny and Jason have this theory that you're working with this mysterious enemy of theirs to take over Sonny's territory. I said that was impossible. It is, isn't it?

[Phone rings]

Roy: Excuse me. Hello?

Zander: It's Zander. Have you had time to think about my offer?

Roy: You know, actually, man, my partner and I were just about to consult on that. Zander Smith is looking for gainful employment.

Felicia: That's very admirable. What exactly would he be doing?

Roy: Felicia and I need somebody to schedule shipping on the pier -- scout properties, be our eyes and ears, as it were, for further investment opportunities. You be interested in something like that, man?

Zander: Well, if it pays, I'm interested.

Roy: Meet me on the pier tomorrow morning -- 10:30, say. See if we can work something out.

Zander: All right. I'll be there.

Roy: Don't be late.

Felicia: The more I think about it, maybe Jason is right about a few things.

Roy: What does that mean?

Felicia: He says there's more going on than I've been told. And then suddenly, this phone calls comes in, and you're scouting properties, when as far as I know, all the money that we have is invested in just the one. Maybe you need to tell me what's really going on.


[Knock on door]

Jason: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Oh. Jason, I'm so glad you're here.

Jason: What's going -- what's going on?

Elizabeth: I can't even call -- the phone's dead.

Jason: What happened? Did someone come after you?

Elizabeth: No, no -- some guy knocked on my door by mistake, and I got completely freaked. I've been jumping at shadows ever since you and Zander -- look, look, I plugged in the night-light, and it's still daytime out. I hate being afraid like this. It's a place I never want to be back in again.

Jason: Okay. Listen to me -- I have men protecting you. If you still don't feel safe, maybe you shouldn't be here alone.

Elizabeth: No. No, I won't run. I'm not going to give fear that kind of power over me anymore.

Jason: We can get you one of these. I'll show you how to use it.

Ned: I know you're hurting, and I am truly sorry. And I wish I had a better explanation than it was an impulse, but that's all it was. Alexis was in trouble, I tried to help, and it spiraled out of control. Kristina, it was one night, nothing more. We are only friends, okay? You are the only woman that I want to be with.

Kristina: And that's why you're here right now -- because you're so in love with me!

Ned: Actually, I came here to tell Alexis that you know -- okay? -- And that you're hurting. And I thought that together, maybe we could figure out some way to make things okay.

Kristina: Surprise. Congratulations! Ned told me the wonderful news. I just have one question for you -- how could you be my sister and do this to me?

Carly: I do not want you here.

Sonny: I needed to see you.

Carly: Just get out.

Sonny: No, not a chance.

Carly: Look, I told you I was going to leave if you went to Alexis. You went to Alexis, I left -- end of story.

Sonny: Alexis' baby isn't mine.

Carly: Well, how terribly disappointed you must be.

Sonny: Ned said that the baby was his, and Alexis can be with him if that's what she wants, but I want to be with you.

Carly: I begged you to choose me for once -- our love, our family -- and just to let Alexis live her life as the way it is. You couldn't do that. That was your choice, and so now, what happens next is my choice. And I'm done, Sonny. You broke my heart for the last time.

Sonny: I'm not going to apologize for making a decision to take responsibility for a child that could've been mine.

Carly: Because you never apologize -- that's my job. I am the one who's always wrong, and you know what? I was again. But you cleared it all up for me last night because I know exactly where I rank on your priority list, so you know what? I'm not going to forget it. Go on back to Alexis, okay? Or you know what? Fly down to Puerto Rico and sleep with every woman in your casino -- I don't care. Just stay away from me.

Sonny: That's not going to happen because you are my wife and I love you.

Carly: No, Sonny, you love me when it's convenient for you, when you're lonely or your life feels empty or you can't find someone who's sweeter than me or who's smarter than me or who's just plain better.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? Go ahead. Call me names, kick me out. But I'm staying right here. I'm not moving.

Alexis: Kristina, I never intended to lie to you. I never intended for any of this to happen.

Kristina: You -- you swore to me that you were over Ned. You encouraged me to fall in love with him. You told me what a wonderful guy he was, and then when I asked you if you had any residual feelings left for him, you know what? You patronized me. You told me that it was all in my head!

Ned: Kristina, we made a mistake.

Kristina: No, you got back together and then you lied about it. And I asked you point-blank if anything happened that night at the cottage and do you remember what you -- you remember what you -- what you said to me? You said, "Yeah, we made love till we were cross-eyed." Wow! What a laugh you must have had on gullible, stupid Kristina!

Ned: It was never like that.

Alexis: It was never, Kristina. You need to let us try to explain this so that you can --

Kristina: You know what, though? You know what? I see it. I see the whole picture right in front of my eyes. Sonny broke your heart, so you rebounded to Ned who was just waiting in the wings for you to come back to him all along. I'm the odd one out, you know what? But, hey, it's not the first time. It was nice having a sister while it lasted.

Alexis: Kristina, please. You -- Kristina! So, what have I done to all of our lives?

Alan: You did a really nice job decorating the place.

Courtney: Really?

Alan: Yep -- it's very homey.

Courtney: Well, that was exactly what I was going for, so thanks for saying so.

Alan: Yeah. But despite your ingenuity, it's pretty obvious that you and A.J. are still struggling. You can tell from the neighborhood. So, has A.J. got a job yet?

Courtney: No, but he will. He's out looking right now.

Alan: I'm glad to hear it. Look, Courtney, the last thing on this earth that I want to do is enable A.J., but I also don't want him to sink into such despair that he starts drinking again.

Courtney: No, really. That's not necessary.

Alan: Humor me, please? It's not that much -- just until A.J. gets on his feet.

Courtney: Well, I do have to admit, it would be nice to be able to quit my second job.

Alan: Then take the money. And I promise you, A.J. will never know where it came from.

A.J.: Would you like me to tell you what you can do with that check?

Elizabeth: You know what? An innocent person knocked on my door today and I got so freaked, I grabbed a knife. If I had a gun, I might've shot the guy. That's not a chance I'm comfortable taking.

Jason: Then you shouldn't.

Elizabeth: Aren't you ever afraid that you're going to make a mistake and hurt some innocent person?

Jason: I never go for my gun out of fear or anger. Just -- just work. You know, it -- it stills bothers me that you're afraid.

Elizabeth: It'll pass. I do have experience with this. The memories start to fade, the fear becomes less. You just have to wait it out.

Jason: What about knowing that you can protect yourself?

Elizabeth: Well, when I'm rational about it, I know I have nothing to worry about because it would take a cannon to get through that door you had installed. And if by some miracle somebody managed to, I always have my trusty artist's knife.

Jason: All right. Now, let me show you why that won't work. Pretend I'm an intruder.

Elizabeth: What?

Jason: Come on. Get your little knife over there and come at me with it. Come on.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Jason: Do it.

[Elizabeth laughs]

Elizabeth: Okay, I am starting to see your point.

Jason: All right. Try again.

Elizabeth: Ready.

Jason: You ready?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Jason: Okay.

Elizabeth: Okay.

[Elizabeth laughs]

Elizabeth: Okay, you know what? If you're trying to convince me that I'm powerless, it's not going to work because I did take self-defense classes and I know how to fight.

Jason: But you still need something better than that thing to defend yourself.

Elizabeth: I already told you I don't like the idea of having a gun.

Jason: Come with me.

Elizabeth: Where are we going?

Jason: Just trust me.

Elizabeth: No problem.

Carly: I assume you got my wedding rings.

Sonny: Oh, yeah. They're in my pocket, actually, until they're ready to be put back where they belong.

Carly: They are where they belong. Here -- that is every single piece of jewelry you ever gave me. I am going through my closets, through the clothes later. You can pay child support because I'm not going to break your tie with Michael and I'm not accepting a dime in alimony.

Sonny: Well, that'll work because you're not going to get any. No divorce is happening here.

Carly: It sure as hell is. I'm filing the papers today.

Sonny: Oh, well, I'll have them throw them out tomorrow. I'll bribe the judge, the clerk, whoever I got -- you're not leaving me.

Carly: You can't control me, Sonny. I am not your property.

Sonny: I never claimed you were. I just claim to love you and I do.

Carly: Great, but not enough to choose me over Alexis.

Sonny: Okay. I went to a woman --

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: To find out if -- if the child she was carrying was mine. What is wrong with that?

Carly: Right, right -- okay, you know what? I'm not going to argue with you about that.

Sonny: But I don't want --

Carly: I'm not arguing!

Sonny: Okay.

Carly: It's over.

Sonny: Come on.

Carly: I said leave. Sonny, get out.

Sonny: Did you see --

Carly: Sonny, do not ignore me! Do not act like what I want doesn't matter! Get out of my house!

Sonny: Whoa -- hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey.

Carly: Get!

Sonny: I'm -- calm down. I'm leaving, but I'm not giving up.

Carly: You know what? What you broke, it cannot be fixed. I am through!

Sonny: No, you're not. And I'm not -- not by a long shot.

Carly: Get out.

Sonny: All right.

Carly: Don't touch me.

Roy: I got a soft spot for Zander. He's a good kid. Sonny just gave him the boot. He needs some place to go, something to do. And what that might be, I figure we can make it up as we go along. Whatever it is, it'll be better than him going back on the street and selling drugs again.

Felicia: I am sorry that I sounded suspicious before.

Roy: Nah.

Felicia: But after hearing Jason spew off a steady stream of paranoid accusations, you know, I just had to readjust.

Roy: Yeah. Jason accuse me of anything in particular this time or was it just the usual "Roy's a lying snitch" deal?

Felicia: Mostly party line.

Roy: Ah.

Felicia: And that thing about using me as a front.

Roy: He said I was using you as a front?

Felicia: Yeah.

Roy: What'd you tell him back?

Felicia: I hit him.

Roy: You hit Jason?

Felicia: Uh-huh.

Roy: In defending me?

Felicia: Yeah. I'm a very passionate person. I get very passionate about my friends.

Roy: Wow. Well, one day, your passionate faith in me is going to pay off. I really -- I really believe, you know. It may take a while, but this is going to be good.

Elizabeth: You are the most original gift giver I know. Let's see -- a piece of red glass, a post card from Italy, and now this?

Jason: It's -- it's better than -- what do you call that thing?

Elizabeth: Oh, my artist's knife?

Jason: A bat gives you more power, plus distance from your intruder. Okay? Now, let me show you how to use it.

Elizabeth: Oh, I think I can figure that part out for myself. You just bonk the guy on the head, right?

Jason: Big mistake.

Elizabeth: Why?

Jason: Well, you see, you're too small. You can't get proper leverage. See, you need to go for the guy's kneecap. That way, you immobilize him and run, and that's always the goal -- just to get away. You're not trying to win anything. You just want to put him down and get the hell out.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Jason: Come here. I want you to stand like this.

Elizabeth: Okay, like this?

Jason: There you go, yep. Okay, good.

Elizabeth: All right. How am I doing?

Jason: Good, the grip's good.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Jason: Just loosen it a little bit, put these two hands right there. Okay.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Jason: All right, I'm going to let you go.

Elizabeth: Uh-huh.

Jason: Okay. You're going to pull back, you're going to swing.

Elizabeth: Swing. All right.

Jason: Okay?

Elizabeth: I can do that -- swing. Ready? Swing!

Jason: Hold on, hold on, hold on, let's try --

Elizabeth: Okay.

Jason: Maybe we should try that again.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Jason: Okay. Now. It's like this --

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Jason: And it's going to be more like that. Okay?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm, okay.

Jason: Think you got it?

Elizabeth: Kneecaps, kneecaps.

Jason: Okay.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I'm ready. Kneecaps. Ready -- kneecaps -- oh! See, that was better, wasn't it? Oh. How'd I do?

Jason: Congratulations. You just knocked down your first bad guy.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Damn it.

Elizabeth: You better get that.

Jason: Yeah?

Carly: Jason, I need you.

Jason: What happened?

Carly: The bottom fell out like it always does. I really need you.

Jason: Okay. Okay, I'll be there as soon as I can.

Elizabeth: Sounds important.

Jason: You going to be okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah.

Jason: Okay. You keep practicing that swing. And I'll be back to check on you later.

Elizabeth: I'd like that.

A.J.: What a surprise -- my father taking the easy way out, as usual. You see, Courtney, he's not really interested in standing by me, defending my choices, taking my side -- no. His solution is to slip me a little guilt money. You see, it keeps me pacified and off of his conscience.

Alan: That's not fair, A.J. I'm trying to help.

Courtney: He really was.

A.J.: Is that right? Why didn't you stand up to Grandfather and insist I keep my rightful place in the family? You know what? Forget it, Dad, because I don't want anything from you anyway.

Alan: Oh, you and your damn pride. Look what you're doing to this wonderful young woman. You married her under false pretenses, promising her a life of comfort and ease and then you promptly get yourself disinherited, and now she's waiting on tables to support you, and you're too good to take my money?

Courtney: Waiting tables is good and honest work and we have nothing to be ashamed of. And I'm not supporting A.J. We're supporting each other.

A.J.: You hear that, Dad? Amazing, isn't it? Someone finally loves me.

Alan: You know, I'm really glad to hear that. It makes me very hopeful on the one hand, but then on the other, A.J., I know from bitter experience you have a really hard time accepting love. There's always something wrong with it. It's either too much or too little. It's come from the wrong person at the wrong time, and you always find some excuse to think that you have been betrayed, and the sense of betrayal leads to self-destruction and it goes on and on and on. You test us and test us, and then the only sane choice that we have is to walk away from you. You're a wonderful young woman and I really appreciate the fact that you love him so much, but I've got to tell you something -- it's not going to be easy and you're going to get very little in return.

Courtney: He's so wrong.

A.J.: No, he's not.

A.J.: You remember what I told you when we first met? About me being a chronic screw-up, hurting people left and right? It's true. My family has always loved my brother more than me and I've had to learn how to deal with that. And I've been particularly angry with my father. I always wanted him to notice himself in me and care more. Maybe -- maybe even be proud. Ahem. Anyway, I guess, you know -- I guess somewhere along the line, I -- I got in the habit of justifying his lack of faith, okay? I have made so many stupid and self-destructive choices in my life, it's not even funny -- most of which have had to do with drinking, Courtney, like drunk driving into trees, to bars. I lost my brother. Then I almost lost you.

Courtney: But you didn't and you won’t. And your father is totally wrong about you not being able to accept love. You've accepted mine, and you loved me back and that is worth everything.

A.J.: Oh. You know what? I have told so many lies and I've had so many lies told to me in return. And I just thank God that I have finally found the one person who will be totally honest, always. I love you. I love you so much.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: That was fast.

Zander: You expecting takeout or something?

Elizabeth: No, I -- I thought you were Jason. Hey.

Zander: Hey. Nope, just me. Is that a problem?

Elizabeth: No, no, not at all. I just made some coffee and you look like you could use something warm.

Zander: Well, actually, I could use a towel.

Elizabeth: Hang your jacket on the radiator.

Zander: Okay.

Elizabeth: I'll be right back.

Zander: All right.

Elizabeth: Do you want milk?

Zander: No. Black's good.

Elizabeth: Here you go.


Zander: You okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, I'm just a little -- I'm a little jumpy, that's all. I'm really glad you're here.

Zander: Me, too.

Alexis: I just found my sister. I'm not going to lose her over this.

Ned: Should we tell her the truth?

Alexis: That's exactly what we should do. That goes without saying. I'm just afraid of what she'll do with the information.

Ned: You're right to be concerned. When I first told her that you were pregnant, the first thing she wanted to do was to confront Sonny. I mean, if she finds out that Sonny really is the father, it'll only be a matter of time before he knows.

Alexis: That can't happen. Carly threatened me tonight.

Ned: You're kidding.

Alexis: No, she threatened to tell him, but it was hot air. But it made me more sure than ever that I am doing the right thing. I knew in that moment that I would flee the country, I would change my name, I would do whatever it takes to keep my child from being exposed to Sonny's life.

Alexis: I am so sorry you got caught up in the middle of this.

Ned: I'm here because I want to be. We're going to get through this. And eventually, we will find a way to make Kristina forgive us.

[Music plays]

Jason: It's okay. What happened?

Carly: I loved somebody and he didn't love me back. Tell me what else is new. You are the only person that I can count on, Jason. You are the only one who's always there to catch me when I fall.

[Music plays]

[Answering machine beeps]

Dr. Bonds' voice: This is Dr. Bonds. I'm so pleased to be the bearer of good news. The hormone analysis test results were encouraging. With additional treatment, Carly should have no difficulty conceiving a child. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call me.

[Answering machine beeps]

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Jax: Treycon Industries is now mine.

Bobbie: I don't care what Sonny did. What were you thinking -- sleeping with Jason?

Ned: I know I made a mistake. I don't want to lose you.

Sonny: It's only natural for a man to take care of the woman who's carrying his child.

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