GH Transcript Tuesday 7/9/02


General Hospital Transcript  Tuesday 7/9/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Monica: What brings you back to Port Charles?

Rick: Laura's wedding.

Luke: Lesley Lu?

Mac: Incredible stroke of luck you happened by when you did.

Scott: Yeah.

Luke: That's what I'm thinking.

Man: You're drunk.

A.J.: No.

Courtney: We don't have the money.

Man: There may be another way, maybe.

Sonny: It's a miracle she's alive with all that gas.

Jason: In another minute, she wouldn't have been.

Laura: No.

[Woman moans]

Mac: What the hell are you doing here?

Luke: I'm investigating what you said was a very suspicious fire.

Mac: Do everyone a favor, Luke. Let the police handle this.

Luke: Look, Mac, I don't want to insult you or anything, but the police track record is not too good.

Mac: And you're disturbing evidence. Look, I don't need you adding your foot and fingerprints to a crime scene.

Luke: My daughter could have been killed in here. I'm going to find out who did this.

Mac: Luke, the arson investigators have been here. Any evidence pointing to the arsonist was destroyed in the fire. All we know is that it was set by some time-delayed ignition, which means whoever set it got halfway across town before it ignited. It could be anyone, including half the people partying with you at your club that night.

[Music plays]

Monica: I -- I can't help noticing that we are the only two people left in the place.

Rick: I thought we were the only two people here all night.

Monica: What's going on?

Rick: We're dancing.

Monica: Oh, no, no, no. You know what I mean. Come on, you got me to sneak away from the picnic to come here. Why?

Rick: Because you said you hadn't had fun in a long time. Now, you are having fun now, right?

Monica: Yeah, I'm having fun, but it is getting late, and I'm sure they want to close up.

Rick: They'll let us know when they want to close, so in the meantime --

Monica: Hmm?

Rick: Hmm -- I haven't enjoyed that song so much in a long time. Long time.

Monica: Me, neither.

Rick: Hmm.

A.J.: Courtney? Courtney? Hey.  Oh.

Courtney: What do you mean, another way?

Man: You want to keep your husband out of jail?

Courtney: Yeah, of course I do.

Man: Have you noticed the place that he smashed his car into?

Courtney: The Oasis, but it looks like a bar or something.

Man: Well, it's more of a social club. Adult entertainment. You know, it is for men, mostly.

Courtney: You mean a strip club.

Man: Well, most of the girls prefer to think of themselves as dancers, and you probably will, too.

Courtney: Me? Are you insane?

Man: I'm generous enough to offer you a deal, okay? You work off your husband's damages, I don't press charges.

Courtney: You want me to strip?

Man: That's the general idea, yeah.

Courtney: Forget it.


Jason: Are you okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I think so.

Jason: All right, stay here.

Elizabeth: Oh, wait, Jason. Can you find Zander? Please.

Jason: Sonny? Sonny?


Jason: Easy, easy, easy.

Elizabeth: Is he okay?

Jason: Yeah, he's still breathing. I don't think he's burned.

[Sonny groans]

Jason: Sonny, you okay?

Sonny: Yeah.

Jason: The explosion knocked you out.

Sonny: Get Zander. Go -- go get Zander.

Jason: No, no. No, no. No, you stay here.

Elizabeth: No, I have to find Zander.

Jason: Elizabeth, you can't even walk. Just stay here.

Elizabeth: Jason, let me go with you. I --

Sonny: You're wasting time. Go. Go.

[Elizabeth coughs]

Elizabeth: You think he's dead, and you don't want me to see this, like you won't let me go because you think he's dead, don't you?

Sonny: Elizabeth --

Elizabeth: Oh, God --

Sonny: Don't worry about it. Jason -- Jason will find him. He's going to find Zander.

Elizabeth: Jason.

Elizabeth: Jason, did you find him? Is he okay?

Jason: Zander's alive. I don't want to move him. He needs an ambulance.

Courtney: I could never do what you're asking. I could never take off my clothes and dance.

Man: Well, then maybe you'd rather talk about prison because that's where your husband's headed if you don't take my deal.

Courtney: There has to be some other way.

Man: Not that I can see. I mean, your husband should have been a little more cautious before he went for a spin all boozed up and nearly smashed through a room full of people. How long do you think that a spoiled little rich boy like your husband's going to last in prison? I mean, is any of this getting through? You know, most people just don't know how to accept help when you offer it.

Courtney: Wait.

Scott: Hey, Bobbie. Congratulations. This is to all the nurses and orderlies who chose duty over fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Bobbie: Aw.

Scott: Come on, open it up.

Bobbie: It's so nice to be appreciated, isn't it?

Scott: Mm-hmm.

Bobbie: Oh, well, I like this box. Oh.

Nurse: Oh.

Scott: Well --

Bobbie: Okay, what was it?

Scott: Well, wait a minute. Wait --

[Bobbie laughs]

Scott: It was this great cake with stars and stripes and little stethoscopes and little nur-- well, I guess it was that pothole I hit at Hillhurst.

Bobbie: If it makes you feel any better, I can salute for you. And it's the thought that counts, so thank you very much.

Scott: Well, I got a backup plan. I'm going to take you out for a big T-bone.

Bobbie: You are?

Scott: Uh-huh. I'm hungry. You must be getting off soon, huh?

Bobbie: I am.

Scott: Okay.

Bobbie: Could we go to Luke’s?

Scott: Now I just lost my appetite. Come on, you know the food there stinks.

Bobbie: Oh, come on, Scott. What's with you? You don't like the food. You don't like the people.

Scott: No, I -- I just dislike your brother. That's the only person.

Bobbie: Rick Webber.

Scott: Well, okay. Two people. So what?

[Bobbie laughs]

Scott: Find somebody else.

Bobbie: Well, I probably could, but why you suddenly don't like Rick Webber after all these years is really beyond me.

Alan: Anybody here seen Monica?

Bobbie: Alan, Monica wasn't scheduled to work tonight. Why? Is something wrong?

Alan: Yeah. Rick Webber’s what's wrong.

Bobbie: Oh. What happened?

Alan: Same thing that's been happening since before we were married -- he chases her and she's willing to be caught.

[Nikolas laughs]

Nikolas: All right. How you doing?

Laura: Okay.

Rick: I think this party's just getting started. Luke is not going to shut things down early, so how about a nightcap? Another dance?

Monica: Uh --

Rick: Both?

Monica: I really shouldn't, but come on, it is late, you know.

Rick: Why don't you call home? I mean, you're not doing anything behind anybody's back; you let them know you're running late, and they don't worry.

Monica: I am a big girl, Dr. Webber. Besides, what is there to worry about?

Gia: So what if Luke isn't in the mood to keep the place open so late?

Nikolas: Don't worry. Because the one way to Luke’s heart is through his wallet. All right? Besides, you see Vance? He is one of the hottest agents in New York City. Sparky, he can open up all the right doors for you just by picking up a phone, and I am going to make that happen, all right? Follow me. All right, everybody, listen up. I just want you guys to have a great time tonight. Enjoy yourselves. The night's on me.

Luke: Drink up, everybody. We're closing.

Nikolas: Hey, Luke.

Luke: Hey, where -- you're going to have to take your party somewhere else.

Nikolas: Listen, I just -- I'll give you some extra money just for an hour or two. Please?

Luke: Well, I really can't --

Nikolas: 300. 300, Luke, an hour or two.

Luke: 300?

Nikolas: 400, 500, here.

Luke: Make it 500.

Nikolas: All right, thank you.

Luke: All right, an hour. You have an hour.

Damien: Luke, telephone for you. It's Laura.

Luke: Oh, thanks, thanks. Hi. Hey, baby.

Laura: Luke? Oh, thank God. I was afraid that you wouldn't still be there.

Luke: Hey, it's got to be close to dawn in France. What's up, besides you?

Laura: I had a really bad dream. I -- I was dreaming about the attic, and, I don't know, I just kind of woke up with this terrible feeling like it was some kind of a premonition.

Luke: Maybe it was. There was a fire in the attic.

Laura: There was? Was anyone hurt?

Luke: Not at all. Nobody, no.

Laura: Well, thank God.

Luke: Well, Lulu was trapped for a couple of minutes. Honey, she wasn't hurt. No smoke inhalation, nothing. Your mother said it was probably better not to tell you.

Laura: Well, my mother was wrong. For God's sakes, I have a right to know about that.

Luke: Well, what could you have done except worry?

Laura: I could have come home!

Luke: Yeah, and cut your trip short for no good reason. Look, Lulu wasn't even scared. I'm telling you, everything's fine. Look, baby, whatever that terrible thing is you've been thinking about the attic, the good news is it's over.

Laura: Why but would I be dreaming about the attic tonight after the fire, then?

Luke: Well, probably because it's been kicking around in your subconscious.

Laura: You know what? I think I'm just going to come home, and whatever work I have to do, I can do on the phone.

Luke: Well, if that's what you want, but don't worry about Lulu. She's perfectly healthy.

Laura: Do they know what caused the fire?

Luke: Mac seems to think it was arson. Maybe somebody's got a grudge against him or the police department. Maybe some spud with too many parking tickets. You know, that kind of a thing. Everything's fine. I promise. Yeah, now, just you get some sleep and let me know when you book a flight.

Laura: Okay, I will.

Luke: I love you.

Laura: I love you, too.

Luke: You better.

Laura: Good night, Luke.

Rick: How's Laura?

Luke: Funny you should ask.

Nikolas: Whoa, whoa, excuse me. Here you go.

Gia: Thank you.

Nikolas: Let's take a seat, shall we?

Gia: Okay.

Nikolas: So, how'd it go with Vance?

Gia: He seems cool.

Nikolas: Yeah?

Gia: He's a little intense.

Nikolas: Well, he should be. You know, I mean, he's got his hands practically coming out of everything in Madison Avenue right now.

Gia: Yeah, so you keep telling me.

Nikolas: You look tired. You want to go home?

Gia: No, no. Not a chance. You know, I'm going to look back on this and think, "That was it. That was the night that my career really took off for me."

Nikolas: You see? That's the right attitude. Cheers. I want you to get to know Vance, let him get to know you. Okay?

Gia: Okay. Well, as long as you're here with me.

Nikolas: Every step of the way. Besides, there's a whole world waiting for you out there, and you are going to have it all. Right?

Gia: Yes.

Nikolas: Go have a good time. Go.

Gia: Okay.

Nikolas: Hey. What are you doing here?

Lucky: Gia invited us.

Gia: Hey, guys. I'm so glad you finally came. So, Vance is over there. He's the guy that you have to meet. Just mingle for a few minutes, and then I'll introduce you in a little bit, okay?

Lucky: Great. Great. All right.

Nikolas: Let's take a walk.

Gia: What? Right now? We're supposed to be impressing Vance.

Nikolas: Yes. We need to gaze at the stars and you need to tell me why you invited Lucky. Come on.

Luke: Told Laura about the fire.

Rick: You think that was a good idea?

Luke: I find it's usually a good idea to be truthful.

Rick: She's alone, thousands of miles away from home, working, and nothing bad happened, so why upset her?

Luke: Well, you know, Lulu's her daughter and she would want to know. Rick, I'm going to marry her again. I think it's kind of a good idea to establish mutual trust.

Rick: And discretion.

Luke: Well, you know, that, too. She told me she had a nightmare about the attic. You know, she's really good with these premonition things. She's got a little bit of psychic in her, and, of course, this happened after the fire.

Rick: Oh, it's probably nothing.

Luke: Well, I find that Laura's pretty accurate with this stuff. If she's got a bad feeling, there's a reason.

Monica: Excuse me. Is there a problem?

Rick: No, no, none at all.

Alan: Oh, there's a problem, all right. Get the hell away from my wife!

Courtney: I already have a job waiting tables.

Man: I'll give you the sweet shift -- 10:00 to 2:00. It's the biggest crowds, biggest tippers.

Courtney: No. What I mean is I can pay you for the damages. Okay, I don't make that much, but if I can just give you a little bit every week until there's enough to --

Man: Honey, I'm not a bank. Okay? I can't give you a 30-year loan.

Courtney: I don't know anything about dancing like that.

Man: You will make more money in there in one night than you would in a week waiting tables. And it's easy. I mean, you just get your head into the music, you move your body around, make a little eye contact, flash a smile, and the guys will do the rest. And nobody touches the girls, if that's what you're thinking. They just look and drink -- and spend money. I mean, it's a pretty sweet deal. And the way I see it, I mean, everybody wins.

Courtney: I can't do it.

Man: You think about it, then you get back to me. You got 24 hours before I turn your husband in.


Elizabeth: What's taking so long?

Sonny: You heard Jason. Zander's alive. He's going to be okay.

Elizabeth: You don't understand. Zander kept me from going crazy in there, okay? I need to find him.

Sonny: No, no, no. You are in no shape to -- get down. You're in no shape to help.

[Elizabeth coughs]

Taggert: Sonny? Elizabeth, what are you doing -- are you all right?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Taggert: Sonny, what's going on here? 911 said you were involved.

Sonny: In there. There was an explosion. A kid's in there trapped. He's with my friend.

Elizabeth: Oh, please --

Taggert: Kid? What kid? What kid?

Elizabeth: You got to go. Zander. Zander was locked in there with me.

Taggert: Zander? All right, Sonny, that's it. I want to know what is going on and I want to know now.

Jason: Still breathing, but his pulse is weak.

Paramedic: Okay, thanks a lot. We'll take care of it from here. All right.

Elizabeth: Jason. Jason. Is Zander okay? Did he say anything?

Jason: He's still unconscious, but they're working on him.

Taggert: I'm going to need statements, starting with you, Elizabeth.

Sonny: Why don't you back off now, Taggert. Can't you see what she's been through?

Taggert: Yeah, whose fault is that, huh?

Elizabeth: Taggert, please. I need to know what's happening with Zander, okay?

Jason: Okay. Okay. Let's go.

Jason: Okay.

Paramedic: I'll get the board.

Second paramedic: He's still unconscious.

Elizabeth: Zander? Zander, please wake up.

[Elizabeth coughs]

Elizabeth: I want to go in the ambulance with him, okay?

Taggert: Hey, listen, Elizabeth? They need to get him to the hospital as soon as possible, all right, and I need to ask you a few questions. Then I'll have one of my guys take you over there personally.

Elizabeth: I don't know anything except I was locked in the dark for God knows how long, and Zander's the only one who got me through it, okay?

Taggert: Okay, I know, I know. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I need --

Jason: Taggert, just leave her alone!


Taggert: She was kidnapped. Two people are dead. I need to know what she knows.

Elizabeth: Nothing! Nothing, except two guys came and got me out of my studio. They threw me in a car. One of them took off. The other one brought me here. He's the only one I ever saw, okay?

Taggert: Did he say why he kidnapped you? I mean, you have to know that these two are involved.

[Elizabeth coughs]

Jason: You know, I'm taking her to the hospital.

Taggert: No, you're not taking here anywhere, all right? She is a material witness in a long list of capital crimes.

Elizabeth: All right. I will tell you everything once I'm sure Zander's okay. All right? God, my head!

Taggert: All right. All right.

Sonny: She needs medical attention, Taggert, not the third degree from you.

Taggert: Fine.

Sonny: All right.

Taggert: I'll follow you to the hospital, and then I need to interview you and I need to interview Morgan.

Sonny: You want to know how we found her, how we saved her, while you and the PCPD were useless like always?

Taggert: No, you what I want to know? I want to know how an innocent little girl like that got kidnapped in the first place, all right? She's leverage against Morgan, and we both know Morgan doesn't even breathe without you telling him to. I want to know, Sonny. What are you into, huh? What has got somebody so desperate that they would kidnap an innocent girl just to have you back off? I want to know that!

Sonny: As far as I know, the man who did this to her is dead. So who cares? It's over.

Taggert: No.

Sonny: No?

Taggert: No, it's not over by a long shot, because when the dust settles, you are done.

Monica: What are you doing?

Alan: Catching you in the act. The same thing that's been going on for years. Am I hurt? You bet. Am I surprised? Hardly.

Monica: Are you really that paranoid?

Alan: Are you really that transparent? You two can't wait to get your hands on each other. The little smiles, the little gestures, and you wait until I'm watching because there wouldn't be any point unless you could rub my nose in it.

Monica: Your imagination has run off with what little sense you have left.

Alan: Don't tell me there's nothing going on between the two of you.

Monica: You can see what's going on. I am having a drink with an old friend, catching up on old times.

Alan: And you are planning your next romantic getaway. You going to a motel again, or are you going more upscale to a hotel suite?

Monica: Like you arranged for Rae? In fact, why don't you just rush home and call Rae up and pour out all of your woes on her sympathetic ears.

Alan: Don't turn this back on me. You locked on to your old lover like a heat-seeking missile.

Rick: Alan, you're exaggerating. A drink, a dance -- that's all.

Alan: Oh, shut up, you geriatric Romeo.

Rick: Think before you put your foot in your mouth.

Alan: Well, if that wasn't clear, try this -- stop sniffing around my wife, bird dog! Chase some other skirt. You've had enough experience, the way you treated Lesley.

Rick: That's untrue and uncalled for, Alan.

Monica: Rick -- Alan! Alan, stop it, for God's sake!

Rick: You've had this coming for years.

Scott: Hey, hey, come on, come on. You starting trouble?

Monica: It's over. It is over, okay?

Alan: It ain't over till it's over. I want him out of town for good.

Nikolas: I put tonight together so you can meet Vance, not to baby-sit Lucky because he feels guilty for sleeping with Sarah.

Gia: What? There is more to it than that. Lucky happens to be a great photographer who pretty much put me where I am today. Look, he deserves a chance, too. What is the big deal?

Nikolas: Okay, so you're telling me that you invited him for the sake of his career, not for us to find a way to reconcile?

Gia: Okay, that's part of it, yes.

Nikolas: Exactly.

Gia: Look, Lucky is your brother. Whether you admit it or not, I know you miss him.

Nikolas: Gia, it doesn't matter to him, all right? And I am tired of getting on my hands and knees, crawling back for forgiveness. Look, I think -- I think it's great that you want to include Lucky. I do. Do it when you can. But tonight is about you. Do not worry about Lucky.

Lucky: Hey, thanks, but nobody has to worry about me. Let me guess, Gia. My brother doesn't want me here, right?

Gia: Look, don't be silly. Look, I am headed in there right now. I'm going to talk Vance up about you. So don't go anywhere, okay?

Nikolas: Look, man, it's fine that you're here, all right, but remember, tonight is about her.

Lucky: Gia is the one who invited us, your highness.

[Phone rings]

Sarah: Excuse me. Hello? What? Okay. Thanks. We'll be right there. That was the hospital. Elizabeth's being brought in.

Lucky: Let's go.

Sarah: Yeah, I'll get the car.

Nikolas: Do me a favor -- give Elizabeth my best, will you?

Lucky: You're not going to see her?

Nikolas: No, not tonight. I mean, what's the point? I'm going to go there and she's going to ask me to leave.

Lucky: Well, considering Gia's kissing up to some major modeling agent right now, walking out might blow the deal, right? Maybe you were always this selfish.

Nikolas: Oh, come on.

Lucky: Maybe I just couldn't see it. You know, I just don't know how Gia puts up with it. Yeah, do me a favor -- give her my condolences, because she's sure earned them.

Courtney: I thought you'd be asleep.

A.J.: I didn't know whether you were coming back or not.

A.J.: I woke up and you were gone -- for good, I thought -- and I figured, "What's the big deal?" You know.

Courtney: That stuff is poison, A.J.

A.J.: I know. I got around to that all by myself. Courtney, hey, okay, come on, please. Look at me, please. Believe me, I didn't do it. I didn't drink.

Courtney: God, A.J., the bottle's right there!

A.J.: I know, I know. I know. I bought it and I opened it and I was this close, but I didn't do it. I couldn't because of you. I want you, and I need you. God, please, Courtney, believe me. Believe me.

Courtney: I love you, A.J. I would never leave you.

A.J.: Oh, thank God. Thank God. You mean everything to me. You are my world. You have given me so much love, and I'm going to be worthy of that love. I'm going to be the husband you deserve. I promise.

Courtney: I love you, and I love our life together, and I will do anything to protect it.

Alan: You have haunted me and my family long enough. I can't even look at A.J. without seeing you!

Rick: That's in your head.

Alan: For the first year that child was alive, I thought that you were his biological father, and I am sure it made it impossible for me to have a relationship with him.

Rick: Hey, you blame me? I think you should assume the responsibilities for your own actions, Alan.

Alan: What about your actions, Rick? You chase every woman that isn't yours. You're not interested in Monica because she's beautiful or talented. You just want another trophy. Rick Webber -- the pillar of moral integrity till it comes from his libido!

Rick: Just how many illegitimate children of yours have ended up on her front doorstep?

Alan: I should have dropped that roof on your head in the first place.

Monica: Okay, Alan, Alan, stop it, please.

Alan: Rick's the one that's got to be stopped, and I'm going to do it once and for all. Come on, Monica.

Luke: All things considered, Rick, I think it's time for you to go.

Scott: Yeah, all the way back to Arizona.

Gia: Hey, excuse me? Guess what.

Nikolas: What?

Gia: You are not going to believe this.

Nikolas: What?

Gia: Vance just told me he thinks he can get me a booking.

Nikolas: You see? Aren't you glad you came? I told you.

Gia: I'm ecstatic. You were right.

Nikolas: I was right.

Gia: And he wants to meet Lucky. Where is he?

Nikolas: What -- what did you tell him?

Gia: Oh, about Lucky? I told him that he's the best, and I think I might have convinced him to book him for the job if they get along.

Vance: Gia? So, where's this Lucky you've been telling me about?

Nikolas: You know, Vance, I think he left. Actually, he did leave.

Gia: He did?

Nikolas: Yeah, he left. He left.

Vance: No big surprise. A lot of photographers are flakes. Here today, gone today. Wait till you get to New York. I'm going to introduce you to the most professional photographer you ever worked with. I want to tell you all about him, during this next dance?

Gia: Okay.

Sarah: Elizabeth?

Lucky: Hey, what happened?

Elizabeth: I don't want to go into it.

Lucky: Wait. Just let us know that you're okay, at least.

Elizabeth: I'm fine. I'm fine. I just -- I can't handle visitors right now, okay? Can you get me out of here, please?

Lucky: Wait a minute --

Jason: Hey, no, no, no, no. She asked you to leave her alone.

Lucky: What, you're her bodyguard now? Because that's a switch, because you're usually the one that puts her in danger. Now, why don't you leave her alone before she ends up getting killed?

Jason: You back off, Lucky, or I'll back you off.

Sonny: Hey, hey. What's -- Jason? What's going on here? Why don't you go check on Elizabeth and Zander. You might want to dial it down a little bit.

Lucky: I don't take orders from you or Jason. As a matter of fact, one of these days, you guys are going to push into somebody who's going to push you back. I just hope I'm there to see it.

Taggert: Hey, Sonny. I'm glad I caught up with you. We have some unfinished business. Me and Morgan, we had a deal -- I help find Elizabeth Webber, you drop the lawsuit, so it's time to make good.

Sonny: You know better than that, Taggert. Jason doesn't make deals for me.

Taggert: Yeah, that's what I figured.

Sonny: Yeah.

Taggert: All righty, then. Time for the question-and-answer session. Who kidnapped Elizabeth Webber? What was the ransom demand? Somebody wants something from you, Sonny. I want to know what it is.

Tony: No visitors right now. Zander just got back from hyperbaric. I've got blood gasses and neurological studies to evaluate, so it's going to be a few minutes.

Jason: Dr. Jones says no visitors yet.

Elizabeth: I would like to wait.

Jason: You know, you should be resting. All right? I'll wheel you around. I could take you up to your room and come and get you as soon as Zander wakes up.

Elizabeth: Jason, I want to thank you for saving my life. I kept telling myself that you wouldn't give up, and I was right.

Jason: I'm just sorry I took so long. I'm sorry it happened at all.

Elizabeth: Look, will you stop apologizing. I'm trying to thank you for my life. You know, when I blacked out in the crypt, I felt like I couldn't breathe and I was choking on the gas. I honestly thought that I was going to die. But when I woke up in the fresh air and I saw your face, I knew I was going to be safe.

Jason: And I'm glad you're okay.

Elizabeth: Me, too. Look, Jason, I feel like --

Tony: You can go in now.

Elizabeth: How is he?

Tony: Well, it's going to take some recovery time, but he's going to be okay if he takes it easy and gets a better class of friends.

Elizabeth: Will you take me in?

Elizabeth: Zander? Hey.

Zander: Hmm? Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Zander: We made it out. Good.

Elizabeth: Yeah, Jason found us. I wouldn't have made it without you. Thank you.

Taggert: They were desperate enough to take hostages, risk federal charges. They paid with their lives, Elizabeth, Zander almost paid with theirs, and it's not over, is it?

Sonny: You're asking me to do your job for you, Lieutenant? Get out of here. Do a little investigating. Get your hands dirty.

Taggert: Something's coming, something bad. And you know what? I want to stop it before it gets here, and I believe you do, too. So work with me on this, Sonny. Give me something. What the hell do you got to lose?

Sonny: Do your job. Leave me out of it.

Courtney: Mr. Coleman?

Mr. Coleman: Yeah.

Courtney: It's Courtney Quartermaine.

Mr. Coleman: I was hoping you'd call.

Courtney: Look, I've been thinking about your offer. I'll do it.

Mr. Coleman: Smart move. I'll tell you what -- you come on by, I'll have one of the girls show you the ropes. You are going to dig this gig, husband or no husband.

Scott: What are you doing hanging around? Laura's out of town, Alan has blocked any takeover of the hospital, so why don't you just go home and send her a gift?

Rick: Scott, I came here to give Laura away at her wedding. I intend to do that.

Bobbie: Scott, I think you're making way too much out of this. I mean, what happened between Alan and Monica just now isn't anything new.

Scott: Bobbie, if he succeeds at what he's trying to do, you'll be out of a job!

Bobbie: Rick, would you please tell Scott that's not going to happen?

Rick: There's not one word I can tell you, Scott, that you're going to believe. I'll leave -- not leaving Port Charles. I understand why you're in such a rotten mood. I do remember what today is. Bye.

Bobbie: What day is it?

Scott: It's the anniversary, the wedding to Laura.


[Woman moans]

Rick: Thank you for another very interesting evening. Your club is quite the spot.

Luke: I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Rick: Well --

Luke: Clear something up for me, will you? What's going on? I know you're here to give Laura away for our wedding and take over General Hospital. What are you really after?

Rick: I'm after the same thing that you are, Luke, and that's Laura's happiness. Good night.

Luke: Good night.

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Sonny: Where'd you disappear to?

Alexis: Carly knows.

Ned: Carly knows you're pregnant?

Jason: I'm the reason you almost died.  And I can't guarantee that that won't happen again.

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