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General Hospital Transcript Thursday 7/4/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Roy: Start looking for investment opportunities.

Jax: I can't trust you. I want your resignation from the club.

Edward: All this says really is just you working for me against Jax.

Jason: When I asked Hayes where I could find Elizabeth, his last words were, "E.L.Q."

Sonny: "E.L.Q."? What does that mean?

Jason: I don't get it.

Reginald: Everything's all set up. Enjoy, if that's possible.

Monica: Any sign of A.J.?

Reginald: No. So far, so good.

Edward: Where are you going?

Reginald: To pick up Mrs. Quartermaine. I'll have her back in time for the fireworks.

Edward: God, that man has a terrible attitude. Why Lila keeps inflicting him on us, I -- I'll never understand.

Monica: Well, I don't know that Lilaís going to leave the house until she hears about A.J.

Edward: A.J. guzzled vodka, and then he took off with his little lovesick bride in a car that he brazenly stole from us. But at least he didn't make the morning newspapers, and I say no news is good news.

Alan: Well, I checked the paper, as well, and we can be reasonably sure that A.J. has not driven into a tree.

Monica: And he wasn't admitted to General or to Mercy. I checked on that.

Edward: Good thing he wasn't arrested. How many D.U.I.s now?

Monica: You should have stopped him, Alan.

Alan: Well, maybe if you'd thrown yourself in front of the door as well as you throw yourself in front of Rick Webber, he wouldn't have gotten very far. What is he doing here?

Monica: Rick. Rick, I'm so glad you could join us.

Alan: Don't tell me I'm going to have to spend the holiday with him.

A.J.: Better hurry before all the good places are taken.

Courtney: A.J., I told you I can't leave. I'm only on a break.

A.J.: Well, just tell them that it's our first Fourth of July together and if they don't like it, they can take their job and shove it.

Courtney: You know I can't do that. And maybe you can pretend like last night didn't happen, but I canít.

A.J.: Considering that chaos that could have happened last night, my tossing a few little knickknacks around didn't even make a ripple. And it wouldn't even have happened had Jason not shown up, so --

Courtney: Oh, A.J., stop it. Come on, this is not flying with me. You don't get to use your brother or anyone else as an excuse to start drinking again.

Jason: What do you want?

Taggert: Didn't growing up with the Quartermaines teach you any basic etiquette? Oh, yeah, that's right, I'm sorry, you forgot all that you when you became Sonny's go-to boy.

Jason: Taggert, please get to the point. I'm busy here.

Taggert: I bet. Well, I've come into some information that might shed a little light on why you're in such a hurry. Remember Hayes, the guy you killed at the River Rat? In self-defense, of course. Well, we pulled his cell phone records, and what do you think we found? He called a pay phone on Elm Street Pier 10 times -- 10 -- in the period of an hour. Do you know the one I'm talking about? By Elizabeth Webberís studio? Huh? You haven't seen her by any chance lately, have you?

Jason: No.

Taggert: But you are looking for her?

Jason: Why would I?

Taggert: Because she's missing. And I have a vivid recollection of some bad guys who tried to use her once before to get at you. Are we having a collective deja vu here?

Elizabeth: I never knew that summer could be so cold and dark. I wonder -- wonder how many days we've gone now without food or -- and water.

Zander: Elizabeth, hey -- think about something else, okay?

Elizabeth: How?

Zander: Mind over matter. Here, I'll help. Close your eyes. Come on. Visualize the ocean. Perfect blue sky. White sand beach. Sun is out, but it's not hot. Sun is just tickling your skin. There's boats with yellow and orange sails all over the water.

Elizabeth: Florida? Where you grew up?

Zander: Yeah. Yeah, I spent more time outside than in, swimming and surfing.

Elizabeth: You? Surfing?

Zander: What? I don't strike you as the type?

Elizabeth: No. No.

Zander: Well, I windsurfed. It was the ultimate freedom. It was -- it was like flying on water. Pete used to always say that there was nothing better.

Elizabeth: Who's Pete?

Jax: Don't feel married to the decor. You can change it any way you like. Same goes for the rest of the club.

Skye: Ooh, all this can be mine. Why, again?

Jax: Because you're the best person for the job.

Skye: Carly's job.

Jax: Past tense, past tense.

Skye: You know, you never did really explain why Carly would resign from a club that she's geared her whole life around for months.

Jax: Well, that was before she got back with Sonny. I'm not going to have my name linked with his in business, okay, not even once removed. Look, I know it's not E.L.Q. It's not meant to be. It'll just give you something to play with while I get you what you really want.

Skye: Well. Careful. Might spoil me.

Jax: I intend to. Now, why don't you take a look around with a managerial eye and let me know what you think.

Skye: All right.

Alexis: Okay, I'm here. What was so important that I had to drop everything?

Jax: Hey. I have a job for you.

Alexis: Good. I'm looking for work.

Jax: Yeah, I need you to go after Carly.

Carly: Is he driving you nuts about how long till the fireworks? I know. He's loved them since -- since his first look. All right, yeah. Well, I will be over to pick him up shortly. Okay, bye.

Sonny: Michael's looking forward to that park, isn't he?

Carly: Oh, the fireworks, the hotdogs. You know, your son -- he adores the Fourth of July.

Sonny: You be careful.

Carly: We will. I wish you could come with us.

Sonny: Yeah, but, you know, I got business to take care of. But you know what? I'm going to stop by the club late and help you lock up.

Carly: You know, I meant to tell you. I've got good news for us.

Sonny: Really?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: All right.

Carly: I'm not going to the club tonight. In fact, I'm not going back again.

Sonny: What do you mean?

Carly: I quit.

Sonny: Like hell.

Carly: You don't -- you don't believe me? Look, why would I lie about quitting the club?

Sonny: Well, the question more is, why would you want to quit? I mean, the club means the world to you. You fought for it. You worked for it. I mean, you put your heart and soul into it. You wouldn't give it up for anything.

Carly: Except for you.

Sonny: But I'm not asking you to.

Carly: I know, I know, but I want to. Look, you know, when we weren't together, I -- I needed something to throw myself into, and now I don't need those distractions or want them anymore.

Sonny: You decided this when, between the time we got to the club and the time we left?

Carly: Look, I've been thinking about it.

Sonny: Oh, you've been thinking about it?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: What about all that stuff about being, you know, all sentimental opening night, not being able to kiss me?

Carly: Well, you know, that was just my one regret. And then kissing you in that spot last night, it fixed it.

Sonny: Right, right. And then Skye, right, came over, wanted to talk to me privately, right? Everything she said didn't mean much, but Jax had the opportunity to pull you aside. Is he trying -- is he trying to force you out?

Carly: Sonny -- Sonny, it's my club. It's my decision. Look, I needed to prove something to myself and I did, and now I'm over it and I'm moving on. Okay? I want to spend time with you and Michael. I want to take our son to the park for a picnic this Fourth of July, and I want to tuck him in bed tonight. And I want to wait for you to come home so you cannot tell me about your day. Okay? And then I want to spend every extra minute of our time trying to expand our little family unit.

Sonny: Well, that part sounds all right.

Carly: It's fine. You don't need to worry or fix anything, Sonny.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Okay? I'm happy. Don't spoil it. I'm going. Bye.

Sonny: Bye.

Alexis: What do you mean, you want me to go after Carly?

Jax: I need you to draft up papers that will remove Carly as co-owner of Club 101. She'll remain profit sharing, of course.

Alexis: , I'm just going to ask a few questions, not in any particular order. Do you have a death wish?

Jax: No, that would be my brother, Jerry. You're getting us confused again.

Alexis: I know, you think this is funny. But three guesses as to who won't think this is funny. How do you think Sonny's going to react when big, bad Jax steals helpless Carly's new toy? Not to mention Carly. You don't think she'll fight you with everything she's got?

Jax: No, I think Carly will prefer losing the club over going to jail. She embezzled $100,000 from the club.

Alexis: Really? Are you sure?

Jax: Positive.

Alexis: Do we know why? Do we care?

Jax: Well, she's obviously got something up her sleeve. Something that's going to backfire in her face, and I don't want my businesses associated with that.

Alexis: I love you. I mean, you know that. And I would do anything for you.

Jax: Good.

Alexis: But this really isn't something that I even remotely want to get --

Jax: Sorry, it has to be you.

Alexis: Why?

Jax: Because I need you, that's why, and because you need the work. And there will be a lot more where this is coming from.

Alexis: Are you denying the fact that by hiring me to pursue this constitutes one more extra "go to hell" to Sonny?

Jax: Is something wrong with that?

Skye: Well, I am appalled by Carly's lack of taste and we are already late for the family picnic, so do you think we can discuss the whole manager-club thing another time?

Jax: Yeah, I'll be --

Skye: We really should get going.

Jax: I'll be right out.

Alexis: No, no, no, no, no, don't tell me -- Carly's replacement.

Jax: Oh, she'll be great, don't you think?

Alexis: I'm liking this less and less.

Jax: But you'll do it?

Alexis: Oh, come on. I want for the record that I am doing this under duress, emotional duress, and against my better judgment.

Jax: Okay. I knew I could count on you. Look, the club is closed for the holiday. If you want to stick around and draw up a rough draft of Carly's termination agreement, I'll come back and check on it in a little bit.

Alexis: All right.

Jax: Good.

Alexis: Hey, you. It's none of my business, but Skye? Really. Seems to me like you are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Jax: Yeah, you're right -- it is none of your business.

A.J.: I realize the family dynamic is -- is strange and very difficult to understand. And when we're only dysfunctional, it's a good day. I guess the best way to describe it, Courtney, is that no matter what we say or do to each other, there's always something else going on underneath. As far as Jason's concerned, well -- I don't know. Every time we're in the same room, it's like this chemical thing. I only had one drink. It was for effect. Come on, it's not as if I'm headed down the dreaded slippery slope. Okay? And look at the bright side. We got a car out of the deal, right?

Courtney: You're just complicating it by bringing in family garbage when it's so much more simple than that. You promised me you wouldn't drink, and I'm holding you to it. End of story.

A.J.: Fair enough.

Courtney: Don't you get it, A.J.? I would die if I lost you.

A.J.: I'm not going anywhere. Now, can we put this behind us, please?

Courtney: I guess that depends on you.

A.J.: Oh, okay. And how about a picnic?

Courtney: I canít. I have to work a double shift.

A.J.: On a holiday?

Courtney: It's double time. We need the money.

A.J.: Okay.

Courtney: But I could meet you back here for the fireworks.

A.J.: I'd love that.

Courtney: I'll see you later.

A.J.: All right. I'll be waiting.

Taggert: You know, you are pathetic. We have an innocent girl missing because of you, and the best you can do is stonewall Morgan. Why don't I save us both a bunch of time and tell you what I think happened, okay? Hayes and/or somebody that he worked for needed something from either you or Sonny, and I'm figuring it was you because they took Elizabeth instead of Carly. So you got guys combing the entire city, looking for her 24/7, and so far you've come up with zip. How am I doing so far?

Jason: Oh, you're a genius. Are we done?

Taggert: If you say so.

Jason: All right.

Taggert: But it doesn't have to be that way, Morgan. Just hear me out. Lucky Spencer reported Elizabeth missing just a while ago. Now, the longer she's out there --

Jason: Look, I don't need you to paint me a picture. Just say what you have to say.

Taggert: I can find her. I have a police department and all its resources at my command, and you need all the help you can get.

Jason: Why would you want to help me?

Taggert: I wouldn't, believe me, but I have a soft spot for Elizabeth and I don't want to find her dead just because of you.

Elizabeth: Should I not have asked?

Zander: No, it's -- it's okay.

Elizabeth: So, was Pete a friend of yours?

Zander: I thought we were talking about the beach, you know? I mean, at least I was. I mean, if I'm boring you or something here --

Elizabeth: No. No. No, I want to hear about it, please. Go on. Did you live close to the ocean?

Zander: Yeah. Yeah, I spent more time outside than in, especially summers at the beach. I mean, you didn't need shoes. Hell, you barely needed clothes. The best part about it was anything you didn't want to think about would either melt away with the sun or be drowned out by the waves. Then I'd go home. Shades drawn against the light. Air conditioning blasting so hard that you felt it before you even got to the door. I mean, all summer, day and night, it was that damn air conditioner. In the middle of July, you were sleeping with comforters. I mean, even the third-floor bedrooms were like iceboxes.

Elizabeth: Wait a minute. Did -- did you just say "third-floor bedrooms"? How big was your house? Oh, come on, you can't stop now. Just tell me.

Zander: Well -- we had 15 rooms, give or take a few. Five-car garage, beachfront property, tennis court, pool. You know, the whole thing.

Sonny: Where you been?

Jason: Taggert pulled me in.

Sonny: What now?

Jason: Well, he's figured out that Elizabeth is missing and Hayes was the one who grabbed her. Now he's thinking the same thing we are -- that when Hayes died, so did our last chance of finding her. The pay phone hasn't rung, and there hasn't been a single lead from the list of E.L.Q. properties.

Sonny: Tell me what you want me to do.

Jason: You're not going to --

Sonny: What?

Jason: You're not going to like it.

Sonny: I don't -- tell me anyway.

Jason: Taggert offered to help, and I want to take him up on it.

Sonny: You're joking, right?

Jason: No, I'm serious.

Sonny: Come on.

Jason: Sonny -- Elizabeth is trapped out there somewhere. She may be hurt, she may be dying.

Sonny: This is Taggert. He's not going to help without a price tag attached. Any information you give him, he'll try to find a way --

Jason: I know -- I know that, and I have to be smarter than he is.

Sonny: Elizabeth means this much to you?

Jason: Yeah, I guess she does.

Elizabeth: Excuse me if my jaw is completely on the ground, but did you say 15 rooms?

Zander: Give or take a few.

Elizabeth: Wow. I never imagined you in something --

Zander: Bigger than a midsized trailer?

Elizabeth: No. No, Zander, of course not. But, I mean, big, rambling beachfront property never crossed my mind, either.

Zander: Well, Elizabeth, that's because I didn't fit. I couldn't wait to get out. And once I did, I never looked back. I drop-kicked that life and everything that had to do with it.

Elizabeth: Including your identity?

Zander: What's in a name?

Elizabeth: "Zander Smith" isn't yours?

Zander: No.

Felicia: I'm not adverse to investments, I just think that we should start small. After all, you know, we only want to attract the attention to the people who left the money, not, say, the I.R.S.

Roy: Ooh, that is a good point. That's a very good point. But I'm so sick to death of thinking small. I've been doing that my whole life.

Felicia: So, how are we going to invest my half of the million?

Roy: By the way, when did we decide that half the cash is yours, anyway?

Felicia: When you said you were going to throw it out. Or could it be when I asked Mac to check it out? No, I know. It was when you gave me the key to the safe-deposit box where you have the money stashed. Right here. After all, possession is 9/10 of the law, remember?

Roy: Okay, it's yours.

Felicia: God, you're so easy.

Roy: If you only knew.

Felicia: Are you flirting with me?

Roy: Is that allowed?

Felicia: I'll get back to you on that one.

Monica: Oh, Rick, this is silly. You don't have to wait on me.

Rick: I didn't do a very good job. I forgot your drink.

Monica: Oh, I am perfectly capable of getting that myself.

Rick: You're probably the most capable woman I've ever known, but it doesn't mean you have to do it every second. I'll get your drink.

Monica: Oh. Some things never change. Rick is always the gentleman.

Alan: Why don't you just drag him off into the woods and get it over with.

A.J.: And here I was afraid I was going to miss all the fireworks.

Monica: Oh, A.J., we were so worried about you.

Alan: You all right?

A.J.: Dad, why don't you just -- why don't you just ask what you really want to know.

Alan: Okay, are you drunk or sober?

Edward: Hey. Hey. I demand that you return the car that you stole from us immediately, or I'm going to turn you over to the police for the common criminal that you are.

A.J.: Take your best shot, Grandfather. That goes for all of you. Hey. Michael. How you doing? You remember me?

Carly: Come on, honey, let's get that ice cream.

A.J.: Carly, would it kill you to let me say five words to -- to Michael?

Michael: I know you. You came over while Mommy was gone, and you made Grandma Bobbie sad.

Carly: You see, honey? That's why we're going to just walk away right now.

A.J.: Hey -- why don't you just stop the charade and tell Michael the truth, hmm?

Michael: Are you mad at my mommy?

Carly: A.J., don't you dare do this.

A.J.: No, no, no, no, no. Michael, I'm not mad at your mommy. But there are some things that you don't understand because no one has explained it to you. I'm your father.

Michael: You're not my daddy. I'm Michael Corinthos iii. My father's name is Sonny.

Carly: Yeah, A.J. is just teasing, sweetheart. He has a very strange sense of humor. Sonny is your father and he always will be, and A.J. knows that. Come on, let's get that ice cream now.

Edward: What the hell kind of weak-kneed display was that? You take your best shot at telling little Michael the truth and you let it lie there like a dead fish. My God, you are no use to this family.

Monica: A.J., my God, I don't understand you.

Alan: What do you think you accomplished?

A.J.: Isn't anyone going to introduce me to the man who should have been my father? I'll do it myself. How you doing? I'm A.J.

Rick: A.J.

A.J.: I do wish you were my father.

Rick: Why is that?

A.J.: So I could have been spared being used as a weapon between a faithless mother and a clueless father.

Rick: Hold it right there. You have any idea how lucky you are? You were born to two parents who love you very much and you had a silver spoon sticking out of your mouth. Instead of taking every opportunity to blame everyone else for your inadequacies, I'd get on my knees and thank God every day for what I had.

A.J.: Thank you for those words of enlightenment, Dr. Webber.

Skye: Maybe I should go after him.

Edward: No, absolutely not. Attention is the last thing that A.J. needs now. It exacerbates his behavior, and you know as well as I do that nothing is ever enough for him.

A.J.: What were you thinking?

Jason: Hayes grabbed Elizabeth from her studio.

Taggert: Go on.

Jason: I got the ransom call at that pay phone on the docks. Now, don't -- don't ask me what they wanted. It's something you don't need to know. I found Kent. I got him to meet me at the River Rat. He was going to tell me where they had Elizabeth, and that's when Hayes showed up and killed him. He tried to shoot me, too, and that's when I did fire back in self-defense. Now, Hayes was dying and I tried to make him tell me where to find Elizabeth, and he taunts me. He says, "E.L.Q. You'll never figure it out."

Taggert: E.L.Q.? How does that figure into it?

Jason: I don't know yet. Now, that is a list of all E.L.Q. properties within a 50-mile radius of Port Charles. I have searched them all except for the circled ones I cannot get into.

Taggert: We can with search warrants.

Jason: Right away?

Taggert: Elizabeth -- she -- she must be important to you.

Jason: What does that matter?

Taggert: It doesn't. I'll make this a priority, but you're going to have to trust me. You're going to have to stay out of it from this point on.

Jason: No, no, Taggert, come on. I can't promise that. I will try.

Taggert: Am I to assume Sonny will drop the lawsuit against me?

Jason: You find Elizabeth and we'll talk.

Elizabeth: Why won't you tell me your real name?

Zander: "Zander Smith" is my real name. It's the one I go by. It's the one I chose. Why does the name I never was matter to you?

Elizabeth: Well, wouldn't you be a little curious if all of a sudden I said, "Oh, by the way, my name really isn't Elizabeth Webber and I grew up in a palace full of servants"?

Zander: Hey, I never said we had servants.

Elizabeth: Oh, well, I bet you did. Oh, come on, Zander. It's not like I'm getting out of here any time soon to start telling the world your secrets. Look, look, look. Whatever we say or do now is just between us, okay?

Zander: I'm sorry, I'm just -- just not all that interested in spending what could be the last minutes of our life sitting here talking about things that I couldn't wait to get away from or spent a lifetime trying to forget.

Elizabeth: Okay, I suppose I can understand that -- she said reluctantly.

Zander: Thank you.

Elizabeth: All right. Well, now that that's settled, what would you like to spend our last moments doing? More pretend beachcombing?

Zander: Truthfully? I'd like to spend it looking at your incredible mouth.

Elizabeth: This interest in my mouth -- isn't it a bit sudden?

Zander: Not really. When Emily used to rave about what a great friend you were, I never expected you to be so beautiful. I noticed that right away, and it always bothered me that you didn't like me.

Elizabeth: Oh, correction -- I couldn't stand you.

Zander: But you were always nice to me for Emilyís sake. For that, I respected you. You know, I've -- I've always wanted to ask you something.

Elizabeth: Well, I guess there's no time like the present.

Zander: I would catch you looking at me every once in a while. Why?

Elizabeth: I was trying to see what Emily saw in you -- the kind, brave, sensitive guy she was so crazy over. I never really got it until now.

A.J.: Well, well. Doesn't this just round out my day.

Jason: This is E.L.Q.'s property list. Is anything missing?

A.J.: Well, if what you're looking for isn't there, you won't find it. You're welcome!

Monica: I'm sorry, Rick. It's not really all A.J.'s fault.

Rick: Really? Whose is it?

Alan: Usually mine.

Monica: No, he has his problems.

Rick: Monica, everybody has problems. It doesn't mean we treat our mother and father with such disrespect.

Alan: You know, you've got an awful lot of opinions for someone who's been here for 10 minutes. When I want your advice about how to parent a child, I will ask you.

Monica: Yes, you've done so well up till now.

Alan: Oh, and you're the mother of the year, Teresa.

Rick: I think I should probably go.

Monica: No, Rick, please, please don't go. Actually, this is the best holiday I've had in a long time.

Alan: Oh, for God's sake.

Felicia: Hey. Hi, Edward.

Edward: Oh, hello, Felicia. You know, every time I see you, I am dazzled by how lovely you are. Can I get you something? Thank you.

Edward: Well, here, have a bench.

Felicia: Very nice of you to say. I hope you don't mind I interrupted your little family Fourth of July celebration.

Edward: No, no, no.

Felicia: Actually, I have a business proposition.

Edward: For me?

Felicia: Yes, for you. You see, I've come into some money. A distant relative of mine recently passed away. And I'd like to start my own company. And I've been thinking about investments and stocks, but they're just a little bit too remote for me. I want something a little more hands-on. And I happen to know that E.L.Q. has a subsidiary for sale -- Tumble Bee children's clothing.

Edward: Do you know anything about running a business?

Felicia: Well, I'm a mother and I buy children's clothing. I can pick up the rest from there. What do you think if I come over and visit tomorrow and we discuss this a little further?

Edward: Well, it works for me, if you think you can handle it.

Roy: I'm aware of the risks. Yeah, I know it'll take the whole million. No, I'm going to do this no matter who is in the way.

Sonny: Jax?

Alexis: It's just me.

Sonny: Um -- I've been waiting for that bill you were supposed to send over.

Alexis: It's in the mail.

Sonny: You couldn't walk it across the hall?

Alexis: I thought it best not to.

Sonny: So, where's Jax?

Alexis: He's not here at the moment.

Sonny: Well, I need to see him. I think he's trying to steal the club away from Carly. As a matter of fact, I'm glad I ran into you because I need -- need to ask you a favor. Can you file an injunction against Jax, prevent this from happening?

Alexis: I'm afraid I can't. Jax has already hired me to draft Carly's termination.

Edward: So, where's the scoundrel?

Skye: Oh, business of some kind -- or so he says.

Edward: Hmm. You know, dear, you -- you did the right thing signing on with me to torpedo Jax. I'm your real future. So, here, come on, take your place over here. Does everyone have a glass?

Alan: Yes, we do.

Edward: All right.

Lila: Yes, dear, make a toast.

Edward: All right. To our country on her birthday.

All: Hear, hear.

[Fireworks explode]

Courtney: A.J.?

Courtney: A.J.?

Courtney: A.J.?

Carly: Hey, where's Sonny?

Jason: I don't know. I've been looking for him, too.

Carly: You're never going to believe what happened in the park. What A.J. pulled today --

Jason: I don't care what A.J. pulled in the park. Has anyone left me any messages?

Carly: Someone from the pcpd said that --

Jason: Yeah? And?

Carly: They didn't find anything and -- what the hell is going on? Why is --

Jason: Elizabeth is missing.

Carly: So you called the cops?

Jason: Carly, I have to find her!

Carly: Okay. All right.

Jason: I thought -- I thought I had a clue. E.L.Q. I just -- I figured that maybe she was being held in some building that Edward owned. And between me and the cops, we searched every inch of every one of them. Wait a minute. Maybe E.L.Q. isnít a building or a company. Maybe it's someone's initials.

Elizabeth: I can't remember how many days I've been in here.

Zander: That's good. You'd be banging your head.

Elizabeth: I really meant it when I said I'm glad you're in here with me. I know it's not fair, but I would have gone crazy by now alone. What?

Zander: I don't want to die without kissing you.

Sonny: Why you doing this?

Alexis: Because Jax asked me to.

Sonny: And Jax picked you to make it personal. Why did he force Carly out of the club?

Alexis: I'm afraid you're going to have to ask Carly that yourself.

Sonny: Well, I'm asking you. All of a sudden, you're on Jax's side. You're not making this personal, too, are you?

Alexis: You know better than that.

Sonny: Well, let's not play games here. Just tell me what's going on.

Alexis: I can't violate attorney-client privilege with Jax any more than I can do it with you.

Sonny: You can at least give me an answer.

Jax: Sonny, back off.

Sonny: No, I'm not backing -- not until you tell me why you aced Carly out of the club.

Jax: Okay. I'm dropping Carly because she embezzled $100,000 from the club.

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Jax: You suspect that she really did it, don't you? Otherwise, you wouldn't be so wound up.

Carly: Jason isn't going to tell you what you want to hear.

Taggert: That depends on how much finding Elizabeth Webber means to him.

Zander: Want me to stop?

Elizabeth: No.

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