GH Transcript Tuesday 7/2/02


General Hospital Transcript  Tuesday 7/2/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Man: 200.

A.J.: Fine.

Edward: Sole heir? How would I explain that?

Skye: Final offer, Grandfather.

Edward: All right, you have yourself a deal.

Jason: Where is Elizabeth Webber?

Elizabeth: He's never left me alone like this before, not for this long. Something's happened.

Skye: I'm warning you -- you stay away from me!

Jax: Hey, come on -- Skye, Skye -- hey, come on, open the door. Come on, come on.

Skye: Or what?

Jax: Come on, come on. I'm going to have to kick the doors in again and it'll be the second time this month we replaced the locks. Please, come on.

Skye: You promised me you wouldn't throw me in the water. What's the first thing you did?

Jax: I know, I couldn't resist. The only thing sexier than you in the world is you wet. Okay, never again, okay? I cross my heart.

Skye: What heart? The lump of coal in your chest?

Jax: I'm sorry. No, really, I am. I'm sorry.

Skye: Promise?

Jax: I promise.

Skye: Okay. Oh! I knew I couldn't trust you. Well, you got me. Satisfied?

Jax: Almost.

Skye: You certainly have a burst of energy since you've been back. What ever happened to jet lag?

Jax: I'm used to the flight.

Skye: Sure it isn't something else?

Jax: Yeah. It's you. I missed you.

Skye: You know, we haven't even talked about your trip. You didn't say a word about what happened in Sydney, about what you did, who you saw. So tell me what happened in Australia.

Petra: The minutes of your last meeting are on your desk. The 1:15 is a review of the outputs contract with Lungren Enterprises. At 3:00, we --

Edward: No, no, just reschedule all of them.

Petra: Yes?

Edward: I'm only having one appointment today. I'm meeting with one of my wayward grandchildren -- the last one that I thought would play into my hands.

[Knock on door]

Edward: Oh, let the games begin.

Edward: Good Lord, what are you doing here?

Jason: We need to talk.

Courtney: Morning. What can I get you?

A.J.: Everything I need is right in front of me. You look beautiful.

Courtney: Well, thank you, but you should know that I never flirt with my customers. It makes my husband crazy.

A.J.: Come here. I sort of hit the lotto. I found some money in an old coat pocket. I went to buy the paper, flower shop next door -- I couldn't resist.

Courtney: You shouldn't have.

A.J.: I wanted to.

Courtney: No, I mean, you shouldn't be spending money on flowers.

A.J.: I love you. And I thought we'd celebrate. I found an ad in the paper this morning and it looks a little interesting -- or bearable, anyway. I called and I have an appointment this afternoon.

Courtney: That's great.

A.J.: I don't know how great it is, but for now --

Courtney: Oh, I got paid this morning, and the tips have been really good.

A.J.: Good.

Courtney: Yeah. Take it. Take a cab to your interview.

A.J.: No. No, I won't take this. This is your money. You earned it.

Courtney: It's ours. Take it. I was thinking that maybe -- maybe you could buy back that thing you took from your family and return it.

Sarah: I have an incredibly rare day off, and I thought you and I could maybe take a drive in the country?

Lucky: Yeah --

Sarah: Just the two of us?

Lucky: You know, that sounds real great. I just -- I got a lot of work to do.

Sarah: All right. Another time, maybe.

Lucky: I'm sorry, Sarah. I'm just -- I'm worried. I'm worried about Elizabeth.

Sarah: What a surprise.

Lucky: You see, Elizabeth actually has painted a lot of those backdrops I use in my photo shoots and the one that I happen to have right now has a hole in it, so I called her last night. I asked her if she could repaint it, but she hasn't called me back.

Sarah: You know how she feels, Lucky. She's probably avoiding you. No, scratch that. She's definitely avoiding you.

Lucky: No, this is work for her. This is a paying gig. You know, I'm not going to get anything done until I check. You want to swing by her studio with me? Do you mind?

Sarah: No, not at all.

Lucky: Good. Thank you.

Zander: Hey, easy, easy. I'm here. I'm right here.

Elizabeth: Zander. How long have I been asleep?

Zander: All night. All night, pretty much.

Elizabeth: That guy come and check on us?

Zander: No.

Elizabeth: What? Are you sure?

Zander: Yeah, I was awake all night.

Elizabeth: He's never left me alone like this before, not for this long.

Zander: Well, by this time, they've probably put out the ransom. Maybe he doesn't want to risk putting you on the phone again.

Elizabeth: No, no, that's not it. Either -- either Jason gave him the information he wanted and the guy doesn't need me anymore or something's happened.

Zander: Like what?

Elizabeth: Like maybe the guy is dead.

Zander: Elizabeth, there could be a hundred reasons why this guy hasn't shown back up, okay? Maybe he made a dentist appointment. Maybe he overslept. Maybe he had somebody else to kidnap.

Elizabeth: Zander, that's not funny, okay? The whole time I've been in here, I've only seen one person, and now he's stopped coming by. Nobody else knows where we are. We could be in here until --

Jax: The trip was business. There was nothing extraordinary.

Skye: Really? Where did you stay?

Jax: At the observatory. They know me there.

Skye: Oh. So did you see anyone? You know, friends, family?

Jax: It wasn't a social visit, Skye. I basically just, you know, was stuck in business meetings the whole time.

Skye: Oh. All work and no play. Did you get everything that you wanted?

Jax: Yeah, ultimately, I worked everything out.

Skye: Could you be any more vague?

Jax: Why is this so important to you?

Skye: Well, I just -- you know, I'm trying to share here, and you've been on me about that since the day we met.

Jax: Well, it's just, you know, there's not much to share. I had an emergency board meeting when I got there and then there were a few unexpected, you know, compromises.

Skye: You? Compromised? Do tell.

Jax: Well, I just, you know, made a few little concessions. It's no big deal.

Skye: Really? Almost sounds like you're hiding something.

Jax: You trust me?

Skye: Always.

Jax: Look, I'm here now. I'd rather concentrate on you and me than some stupid business meeting. Don't go away.

Jax: Skye? Listen, I got a business meeting this morning, but the rest of the day I'm free. How would you feel about going sailing?

Skye: Oh, sounds lovely, but I actually have something I need to go do. Could you take a rain check?

Jax: It's a date.

A.J.: I canít. I can't take back what I stole from my family, Courtney.

Courtney: Why not? Nobody even has to know.

A.J.: Skye already knows. She saw me take the damn thing.

Courtney: She won't tell anyone, do you think?

A.J.: The point is I am not going to buy my way out of this with your money that you've earned. You don't support me, okay?

Courtney: We're supporting each other.

A.J.: Emotionally, not financially.

Courtney: No, no, in every way. This is about us and doing whatever we can for each other.

A.J.: Not this. Listen to me. I will gladly spend this money on you or us, but I will not spend it on me, especially not to correct a mistake I've made.

Courtney: But you've given things to me -- money, clothes, jewelry.

A.J.: And look at you now -- you're slinging hash for a bunch of dock workers.

Courtney: And I'm happy. I'm happy because I'm married to you. I don't love things, A.J., I love you.

A.J.: You may want to reconsider that.

Courtney: Well, don't count on it. Do this, please. Put all this behind you. Let your family live their life, and we can live ours. This isn't about pride, right? This is about us and our future. Take it.

Courtney: I better get busy. Good luck on your interview.

Lucky: Elizabeth wasn't anywhere near her studio. My aunt doesn't know where she is, neither does your grandmother. She's nowhere we've looked.

Sarah: You know what this is? Guilt. You still feel responsible for Elizabeth.

Lucky: I am, in a way. I'm the one who left her stranded, Sarah. I left her hurt and alone.

Sarah: You have to let this go, Lucky.

Lucky: No, don't you see? She doesn't love these guys. She's just hanging out with Jason and Zander just to make a point. They're dangerous and she doesn't even care.

Sarah: And she's a big girl, and she can make her own decisions. You can't keep pushing yourself back into her life again. She's just going to resent you even more for it.

Lucky: Then I'll risk it because if she's out there and she's hurt and in trouble, I'm to blame for that. Let's go.

Max: No, no one's used the phone, Sonny. Yeah, Jason made it real clear. He said to stay here while he ran down a lead.

Jason: I need to see you alone.

Edward: Would you excuse us, Petra, please? Thank you. Well, I can only assume that this -- this isn't a social call. Has someone been hurt or someone about to be?

Jason: This is about E.L.Q.

Edward: Oh, now, wait. If you're on some kind of a reconnaissance mission for Mr. Corinthos, you can tell him that this company has never been stronger and never less ripe for takeover. You just tell him to keep his distance.

Jason: This isn't about Sonny. I need a list of all E.L.Q. properties and their addresses within a 50-mile radius of Port Charles.

Edward: Whoa, that's a fairly substantial list.

Jason: I know. You got it on a computer somewhere, okay? So print me out a list, starting with the properties that are developed, anything with a structure. Especially anything with a basement or storage facility.

Edward: If Corinthos is looking for a place to store a body, you tell him to go somewhere else.

Jason: I need the list right now.

Edward: In other words, you're asking a favor. Oh, you must really be desperate, Jason, to come to me.

Edward: I never thought that I would live to see the day when you'd admit needing something from this family, the family that you abandoned for Sonny Corinthos.

Jason: Just give me the list.

Edward: Now, listen, this is a negotiation, young man. You come to me and you tell me what you need. All right, I'll tell you what I need. I need for you to find your way back home.

Jason: Oh, this is a waste of time.

Edward: You'll get your list. All I'm asking is the pleasure of your company at a family dinner tonight.

Jason: I want the list upfront.

Edward: Oh, that would mean I would trust you to show up, and I donít. You'll get your list at dinner tonight. You want something from me, young man, so you will cooperate. Those are my rules, Jason, and they don't change.

Jason: You help me now, and I owe you. If you jerk me around, I know never to come back to you again.

Edward: Hmm. You would starve in the street, Jason, before you would come to me, and we both know that. No, you're here on behalf of someone else, and these circumstances don't repeat that often, so I must use every advantage that I have. Uh-huh. My offer still stands. You will get your list at dinner tonight. It will be served with the dessert. 7:30. How's that for you, huh?

Skye: What was that?

Edward: That was me getting what I want, which I assume is why you're here -- to sign the contract to pay Jax back for all of his betrayals, huh?

Skye: Maybe. Maybe not.

Jax: Well, thanks for all your help, Celine. You'll let me know if you track down the matching earrings? Great. Yeah, I'll tell her, but I'm hoping she already knows. How are things at Club 101?

Man: Business is great.

Jax: Yeah, except that missing 100 grand, huh?

Man: I brought the returns and the account records just like you asked.

Jax: Why don't you have a seat while I look over this?

Man: I swear, Mr. Jacks, I had nothing to do with the money disappearing.

Jax: I'll keep that in mind. Well, this is certainly no bookkeeping oversight. Someone took the money on purpose. Did you mention this to Carly?

Man: You said not to.

Jax: Good. Because it looks like Carly took the money.

Taggert: Everybody close to Sonny, all right? You understand that? Friends, family, employees. Nothing goes down without me knowing it, and that includes the temperamental Mrs. Corinthos.

Officer: Sonny's got a lot of people on the street.

Taggert: I know that. I want to know why. According to the amount of activity on the street, something's going down soon.

Officer: All right.

Lucky: Hey, excuse me. Who do we talk to about filing a missing persons report?

Officer: Depending on who's missing.

Lucky: It's actually a friend of ours. Her sister, Elizabeth Webber.

Officer: When and where was she last seen?

Lucky: You know, I'm not sure.

Officer: Was she with anyone?

Lucky: I don't know.

Officer: Do you actually know if she's gone?

Lucky: Hey, what's with the third degree? We have a friend that's missing here. She could be in some sort of trouble.

Officer: Okay, take it easy, take it easy. Now, without some evidence of foul play, there's nothing that we can do, all right? Being missing is not a crime.

Zander: We are not going to die in here, Elizabeth. Jason is out there searching right now and he's not going to give up and neither will Sonny. They're going to find us. Now all we have to do is hang on.

Elizabeth: I'm trying. I really am, but I hate the dark. I feel like I've been in here for weeks, like I've been buried alive.

Zander: Don't think about dying in here, okay? You have to think about living out there.

Elizabeth: I am trying, okay? But you need to be realistic.

Zander: Okay, realistically, you've got too much going on to give up, okay? You're too talented, too smart, too beautiful, okay? People like you don't die in crypts, okay? They go out and they do amazing things. They make lots of money and live in big, beautiful houses.

Elizabeth: I'd settle for an ugly, cramped studio right about now.

Zander: I'd say that studio you have is pretty nice.

Elizabeth: Yeah, compared to this.

Zander: Hey, don't -- don't think about being here, okay? Just keep yourself distracted, or at least keep me distracted, all right? Get to work on that list.

Elizabeth: What list?

Zander: The list of amazing things you're going to do when you get out of here.

Elizabeth: Oh, right, like tour Italy, sail to Easter Island, put on a show at the Guggenheim. You mean stuff like that?

Zander: You got something better you're going to do?

Elizabeth: All right. All right, fine. I'll -- I'll do it if you help me.

Zander: I'll tell you what. We'll help each other.

Elizabeth: All right, deal.

Max: The phone hasn't rang yet. It could just be the kidnappers stringing this out on purpose.

Jason: Yeah, or no one's left alive to make a phone call. Which means Elizabethís trapped where they're holding her. All right, listen. This is a list of all the E.L.Q. holdings that I know of, okay? Benny's tracking down the rest. In the meantime, search them. Do whatever you have to do. Put everybody on it.

Max: Right away.

Jason: Hey, Sonny. Yeah, no, I got a list of all the E.L.Q. holdings and I got people searching them. No, no, Bennyís doing everything he can. It's just going to take time. Who knows how many holdings these people are using. I have to call you back. I'll check in later. Uh -- could you use another phone? I'm just waiting for a call.

Courtney: What's wrong?

Jason: It's not your problem.

Courtney: I'd still like to help. Is there anything I can do?

Jason: Yeah, could you get a message to A.J. for me?

Courtney: God, you really are a hit man, aren't you?

Skye: I find it disconcerting that you would be conspiring with Jason just before your meeting with me. Suddenly, I am seeing my golden brother as sole heir with me conveniently disappearing.

Edward: Oh, no, no, no, no. You're not going anywhere, I assure you. But, you know, I am really encouraged, though, when I see your constant suspicion and your raging paranoia. You're going to need all that if you're going to run the family fortune.

Skye: How naive do you think I am?

Edward: Oh, I don't think you're naive at all, dear. I think you are sensible enough to demand that we make our agreement in writing, and I'm happy to comply. Here.

Skye: Mind if I read it first?

Edward: Take your time. All it says really is that you're working for me against Jax.

Skye: If that's all it said, you wouldn't need 30 pages.

Edward: Well, here, look on this next page. It really boils down to this. This is what matters. You agree to advise me promptly of any proprietary knowledge that you come into possession of, anything you see or hear that might contribute to help dismantle Jax's empire -- financial holdings, individual and corporate transactions. And in exchange and upon final, verifiable affirmation of Jax's financial collapse as a result of information provided by or obtained by you, you will be made sole heir to the Quartermaine fortune. But you are expressly forbidden to discuss with anyone the fact that you are my sole beneficiary. It's all ready for you to sign. All you have to do is just sign it and then convince Jax that you're still on his side. Go ahead.

Edward: All right. Now I'll sign. There. All done. That's all there is to it. Look, there are no more excuses. It's the end of it -- unless you decide to develop a conscience. It seems it's a little late in the game for that, my dear. But, anyway, there's for your records.

Skye: All right. Here's what we're going to do. We're going to make everyone think that I'm reconciling with the family, making peace for grandmother's sake, to make sure Jax doesn't get suspicious.

Edward: Uh-huh. Starting tonight. I'm having a little -- a little family get-together. A dinner. You'll come.

Skye: That will actually be the first time I get together with my family for dinner and really enjoy myself.

Edward: Mm-hmm. And you'll bring Jax, of course.

Skye: Of course. After all, we are inseparable.

Jax: This makes no sense.

Man: Well, maybe you should have the club's accountants take a look at that.

Jax: No, there's no need. It's obvious that Carly took the money. She didn't even try to hide it. She took $100,000 from the club's main account. There are no matching deposits, no purchases, no repair orders, no promotional expenditures -- nothing.

Taggert: Hey. Spencer has no concrete evidence Elizabeth Webberís actually missing?

Officer: That's just what I told you.

Taggert: Okay, you follow up. Find out where she was last seen and with who.

Officer: All right.

Taggert: You keep it between us.

Officer: Okay. We're going to keep our eyes open. Let us know if you see the Webber girl or if you donít.

Lucky: So you're not going to do a damn thing about it?

Sarah: Well, there can be another explanation to this. I hate to even think it, though.

Lucky: What?

Sarah: That Lizzie's just doing this on purpose to get some attention.

Lucky: What? No. No, Elizabethís not like that, Sarah.

Sarah: Come on, Lucky. I love my sister, you know I do, but the fact is when we get in competition with each other, Lizzie gets desperate. So she and Zander are probably off somewhere, okay? The best thing we can do is just ignore this.

Lucky: I canít. No, you know, it's not what you think, Sarah. I don't love Elizabeth anymore, but I do care about her. And if she's in some sort of trouble -- you know what? I know exactly the person who might know where she is.

Jason: I have a permit to carry this.

Courtney: Why would you?

Jason: Well, sometimes Sonny needs a bodyguard. Get this to A.J. Have him call me and tell him that there's more where this came from.

Courtney: I don't know. What would he have to do for all that money?

Jason: Just call me, that's it. I need information, and he probably has it.

Courtney: What kind of information?

Jason: An innocent person's in trouble and I'm trying to help them out. What A.J. knows might give me a clue.

A.J.: Jason! You stay the hell away from my wife.

A.J.: You tell your boss we're not for sale.

Jason: It's not Sonny's money, it's mine.

A.J.: You think I need a handout from you or that I want to owe you for anything, Jason?

Courtney: It wasn't like that, A.J.

A.J.: Courtney, everything Jason does is on Sonny's orders. You take money from my brother, it's the same as taking money from yours.

Jason: Hold on, this is not a handout or a bribe. It's payment.

A.J.: For what?

Jason: Information which I'm guessing you have because you used to work for E.L.Q.

A.J.: Since when do you give a damn about E.L.Q., Jason?

Jason: I need a list of local company properties -- real estate holdings, anything.

A.J.: And why would you need a list like that, hmm? What, to help your boss with a little industrial sabotage, maybe? Sorry. You think because Grandfather tossed Courtney and I out on the street that I turn for a quick buck? Well, my loyalties, little brother, run a little deeper than that.

Jason: This is not about the Quartermaines or their company. You have my word.

A.J.: Your word means nothing to me.

Jason: A.J., come on. Just sell me the information. You get the money, someone gets help. It's good for everybody.

A.J.: Why would I want what's good for you? Why? The man who stole my son. Go to hell. And you stay away from my wife. You hear me? Let's go.

Courtney: You're not being fair.

A.J.: We're leaving now.

Elizabeth: Now that I have some distance on it, I think I'm almost ready to thank Sarah.

Zander: You would thank your sister for stealing your boyfriend? Wow, you're a lot more understanding than I am.

Elizabeth: Sarah helped me face things that I denied for a long time. I thought being with Lucky was a good thing. Turns out it wasnít. It wasn't even what I wanted. It just took a while to see that.

Zander: You know, Emily used to talk about how you and Lucky were the perfect couple, once in a lifetime.

Elizabeth: I used to feel that way, too. You know, after the rape, my entire life changed. I shut down. I went inside myself. I hid in this place where there were all these voices in my head blaming me for what happened. And Lucky rescued me -- physically, emotionally. He saved me every way one person can save another. And all I wanted to do, all I wanted to be was someone he could love.

Zander: Well, I know what that's like, trying to be somebody you're not for somebody else.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but Lucky and I didn't even have to try. I mean, we just fit. We belonged together. Until the fire. You know, that year he was gone, the two of us -- we changed so much. We couldn't go back, but neither one of us could admit it. And then I did try to become someone else, someone that Lucky could love. But it wasn't me, it was this idea of me, this person I built around him.

Zander: So who are you when you're not trying to be Lucky's perfect girlfriend?

Elizabeth: That part I haven't figured out yet. But the one good thing that did come out of all this was my painting. It's the one thing I can just do and be myself, do what I feel.

Zander: You make me want to paint. Of course, I can't draw a straight line.

Elizabeth: Oh, please. Straight lines are completely overrated. Thank you.

Zander: For what?

Elizabeth: For distracting me. Or, no, wait -- for you helping me distract myself. Thinking about the future. But in the meantime, I noticed you've completely steered this whole conversation away from you. You know, you do this a lot. Why? Who are you, really?

Jax: Wait, wait, wait. Don't come in yet.

Skye: Why? Is there something in there you don't want me to see?

Jax: Oh, no, no. There's something in there that I want you to see very much, just not yet.

Skye: Jax.

Jax: Here. Trust me on this, okay?

Skye: I thought you said you had business to conduct.

Jax: Yeah, well, it got finished much, much quicker than I thought. Come on. Watch your step.

Skye: Okay.

Jax: There we go.

Skye: Well, you certainly are efficient.

Jax: Well, I like to think of it as motivated. Well?

Skye: What is all this?

Jax: Well, you know, it worked so well the last time I brought France to you, I thought I'd do it again. I also got something for you while I was away.

Zander: Well, at least we still have air.

Elizabeth: Yeah, cold air. I'm freezing.

Zander: Here. Come here. Come here. Come here. Is that better?

Elizabeth: Yes. Thank you. So you never answered my question.

Zander: Did you ask something?

Elizabeth: Yeah, only about 50 times. Why won't you talk about yourself? What's the big secret?

Zander: There's not a secret, just not much to know.

Elizabeth: I remember Emily told me that you were from Florida, but nobody really knew why you were here or why you left or even if your name was really smith.

Zander: All right, fine. I'll -- I'll tell you. My name is john Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

Elizabeth: Oh --

Zander: But you can call me Schmitty or Jake. Just please, anything but Jingleheimer.

Elizabeth: You know, you realize that I thought Emily had flipped when she started defending you after everything you did to her. I told her you were a complete loss, just a total loser.

Zander: Please, please, don't spare my feelings.

Elizabeth: I'm trying to apologize. As bad as the situation is, it helps to be going through it with someone. Even if it is with you.

Courtney: What are you so angry about?

A.J.: Were you not paying attention back there to my brother, the killer?

Courtney: Jason wasn't going to hurt you. He looked like he really needed help.

A.J.: What do I care about what he needs? Let's not argue about my brother. In fact, we should stay away from him, okay? The loot from my brief career as a thief. You sure you want to return this to my family?

Courtney: A.J.

A.J.: Unfortunately it cost all of the money you gave me. I'm sorry.

Courtney: I don't care. That's what it was for. Come on, let's go.

A.J.: Where?

Courtney: To your parents' house. I'll distract them while you put it back. Who knows, maybe we can even talk some stuff out. Can we at least try?

A.J.: If that's what you want, that's what we'll do, okay?

Skye: I -- I don't quite understand.

Jax: Well, you know, my trip wasn't all business. I did tell you that I was thinking about you, didn't I? Go ahead, open it up. Those pearls have a very long and colorful history -- revolution, court intrigue, empires built and lost, love and betrayal. I thought they'd suit you.

Skye: They're -- they're beautiful, Jax. Thank you.

Jax: They pale next to you.

Skye: Well, I only think it's fair to warn you that I am going to have to pay you back for that little surprise.

Jax: You don't owe me. You don't owe me anything.

Skye: Oh, but I do.

[Phone rings]

Skye: Oh, let me get that. Hello? Oh, yes, just a minute. It's for you. It sounds like long distance.

Jax: Oh, actually, I've been expecting that. Would you excuse me? Thanks. Yeah, this is Jax.

Skye's voice: Oh, you compromised, all right.

Jax: So how about cashing in that rain check and joining me for a sunset sail around the lake?

Skye: Sounds wonderful, but we've been invited to dinner this evening with my family.

Jax: Oh, what's Edward got up his sleeve now?

Skye: Who cares? As long as you and I know where we stand with each other, then nothing can touch us ever. Right?

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Lucky: You know something, don't you? Don't you?

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