GH Transcript Monday 7/1/02


General Hospital Transcript Monday 7/1/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Maxie: I'm babysitting. She's up in the attic playing dress up. I'll meet you on the corner.

Jax: This would look very nice on Skye. Would you mind trying it on?

Woman: Not at all.

Sonny: So you took the job?

Alexis: Yes, I did.

Man: All right, I'll tell you.

Jason: Tell me where Elizabeth is!

Sonny: My life, every choice I've made, every path I've taken, has led me to you. And as I stand here with God as our witness, I make this solemn vow.

Alexis: Taggert, you can't go in there. They're in the middle of something.

Carly: What the hell are you doing?

Sonny: What do you think you're doing?

Taggert: I got a warrant.

Sonny: What do you mean a warrant?

Taggert: Tear the place apart.

Jason: I don't -- I don't have time for long explanations, Benny.


Jason: Just do what I say and do it fast. Elizabeth Webber’s life is riding on it. Okay, okay, look, listen to me. Benny, track every piece of real estate owned or leased by E.L.Q. All of it -- every building, every warehouse --

Andy: Everybody freeze! Get your hands where I can see them.

Officer: What happened?

Andy: Jason Morgan’s back in town. That's what happened.

Alan: This isn't a game, Monica.

Monica: I didn't think it was.

Alan: I understand you cozying up to Rick to pay me back, but there's a lot more at stake here.

Monica: Well, then why don't you get over your personal feelings?

Alan: My personal feelings?

Monica: Yeah, you're opposed to anything that Rick says simply because he's paying attention to me.

Alan: Look, Skye almost broke up our marriage, and I admit that he pushes my buttons, but there are employees of this hospital who are going to turn out to be the losers if there's a takeover.

Monica: So you've already made up your mind.

Alan: This hospital has to remain independent. I'm telling you, it's going to be a war.

Monica: Well, I don't think Rick is all that warlike.

Alan: You're not seriously buying this line that he's selling you, are you?

Monica: Let me tell you this. I'm going to listen to everything he says, even if it means late-night meetings at the hospital or at a restaurant, or even in his hotel room.

Alan: Don't do this, Monica.

Monica: Why not? Isn't it exactly what you did with Rae?

Skye: Hey.

Alan: Hey.

Skye: Your call sounded urgent. Is something wrong?

Alan: Him.

Skye: You said there was an emergency.

Alan: He's it.

Skye: Who?

Alan: Him. Look at her, mooning over him like some ridiculous teenager with overactive hormones. I mean, how unattractive is that?

Skye: Well, obviously, he disagrees. Does this person have a name?

Alan: Rick Webber.

Skye: Oh. I see. And who the heck is Rick Webber?

Alan: That's a long story. Suffice it to say that I thought that he was A.J.'s Father the first year that little boy was alive. The reason was, was that Monica was head over heels in love with him. I'm telling you, that man came close to taking her away from me than anybody ever has.

Skye: Get out. She had an affair with him?

Alan: Made me so angry, I wanted to kill the both of them.

Skye: Ooh, wait. Of course -- the infamous Rick Webber. The guy you tried to drop a roof on. Well, he certainly is good-looking, isn't he? I mean, you know, if you like that type.

 [Monica laughs loudly]

Rick: That's exactly it.

Alan: Look at her, gushing at her age. It's disgusting.

Skye: I have to admit this is all very fascinating, but what is he doing in town anyway?

Alan: Ostensibly, for Luke and Laura’s wedding, but I think that snake has another agenda, and I need you to block it.

Skye: Oh. Well, I don't know what to say. This is the first time you ever actually asked for my help.

Alan: Well, this is the first time I've ever been desperate enough to need it.

Skye: I'll try not to be overwhelmed. Thank you.

Alan: Thanks. So are you going to help me or not?

Skye: I'd love to. I just don't know what I could possibly do to keep Monica from flirting with her old lover.

Alan: Well, I will handle Monica. I need you to handle this on the professional front. I mean, it's bad enough the guy's trying to steal my wife, he's trying to steal my job.

Skye: How would he be able to do that?

Alan: He is the head of the doctors consortium that wants to buy out General Hospital.

Skye: Wow. That's big.

Alan: I'm not going to let him get away with it.

Skye: I don't know how I can help. I'm not even a member of the board.

Alan: You are now.

Skye: That's fast.

Alan: Of course it's fast. That's why I needed you down here right away. I was hoping that we could strategize for the rest of the night.

Skye: Oh, Dad -- um -- I'm sorry, but I'm actually -- I'm headed to Paris tonight.

Alan: Paris?

Skye: Yeah. I have an emergency of my own to resolve.

Scott: Look, Spencer, I got a little news flash for you. I'm the attorney for Deception, so I know your wife's business.

Luke: I'm not talking about her business, I'm talking about my family's personal business. Stay out of it.

Scott: Listen, I've been a part of Laura’s life long before you ever came over from the wrong side of the tracks.

Luke: That was a million years ago. Will you stop living in the past? You're involved with my sister -- fine. But my wife is none of your concern.

Scott: She'll always be my concern.

Lesley Lu: Maxie, help me!

Andy: Word to the wise -- I'd be a little bit more forthcoming than you were at the crime scene. Serve you better in the long run. Okay, I'll get you started. One of the dead guys I recognized -- Luther Hayes, former Sorel enforcer. Now it's your turn. Who's the other guy? I get it, Mr. Morgan, you don't know nothing. Never saw either one of these stiffs before in your life. So how do you end up standing over their bodies at the River Rat Bar? Coincidence? Because you know it does happen, even to guys like you. So throw me a bone and I'll see what I can do with it. This is going to be your complete repertoire? I ask the questions, you stare? One cool customer, Mr. Morgan. So cool, I bet you won't even blink when I book you on a double homicide. Anything to say at all, Mr. Morgan?

Jason: I want my call

Carly: You pigs have no right to do this.

Alexis: Can I see that?

Taggert: I assure you everything's in order.

Alexis: You don't mind if I don't take your word for that?

Sonny: You burst into my home, I'm in the process of getting married with the person I love, and my priest is right there. What do you think you're doing?

Taggert: We mean no disrespect to the Father. Father what?

Father Coates: Coates.

Taggert: You know what? Father Coates, you're free to go, the sooner the better. Get out.

Father Coates: I'm in the middle of conducting a renewal of marriage vows. I prefer to finish.

Taggert: Really? I admire your dedication, Father, but you see --

Sonny: Leave him alone, Taggert.

Taggert: Mr. Corinthos has more on his mind tonight than his wedding vows. So unless you want to be held as a material witness --

Father Coates: That would be your decision, Officer, not mine. I have no intention of abandoning a parishioner in need.

Sonny: You know what, Father? My attorney will get me off. You don't need to see this. Come with me, please.

Father Coates: If that's what you wish.

Sonny: Thanks for coming. I'm sorry about this.

Carly: We really appreciate this. Thank you so much. It was almost a perfect ceremony.

Sonny: Get out of my house now!

Taggert: Do you want me out?

Sonny: Yeah.

Taggert: I can make that happen. You talk to me, Sonny.

Alexis: This warrant isn't worth the tree that died --

Taggert: You know what? Shut up!

Sonny: Don't tell her to shut up! Get your thugs out of here right now.

Taggert: Thugs?

Sonny: Yeah.

Taggert: You know, it's funny you should mention that, Sonny, because I've got a full-out thug Mardi Gras on the streets of Port Charles -- your thugs, thugs from the next county, thugs from the east coast. You want to explain that to me?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm going to explain it to you right now because you're going to regret this. I will promise you, I will promise you.

Taggert: I'm going to take your word on that, Sonny. Oh, yeah, I'm going to believe that. You, Sonny, are under arrest for threatening a police officer.

Sonny: This guy's a joke.

Alexis: Taggert, have you lost --

Taggert: You have the right to remain silent.

Carly: Okay, you have no right to do this.

Taggert: Anything y say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Sonny: Don't break my arm, man!

Taggert: You have the right to have an attorney present, but, you know, you know that, Sonny.

Sonny: I don't care --

Taggert: Let's go, buddy. You're going on your way to your cell.

Sonny: I ain't going nowhere.

Alexis: Wonderful.

Sonny: Okay. Leave her alone! Get out!

Taggert: All right. It's all right. It's all right. Yes, sirree. Mrs. C. Oh, yeah. I want to thank you for that. You just made my day.

Skye: What do you mean I can't have the jet? I need to leave tonight. Hey, hey, I'm a Quartermaine. I should be able to take possession of that jet whenever I want to.

Edward: Arguing with the pilot won't help. The E.L.Q. jet doesn't leave the ground without my permission.

Skye: Fine. I'll fly commercial.

Edward: You hate commercial -- it's inconvenient and it's uncomfortable and it's very time-consuming.

Skye: Well, it beats walking and it certainly beats standing here talking to you.

Edward: Oh, no, no, no, no. Why don't you just -- here, have a chair, dear. Just sit down. And Paris is a hell of a long way to go, and for what? To smash some crystal against the walls of Jax's suite, and call Jax's French lover some American names that are ugly? Is that the impression you want to make, that of a clichéd jilted lover? It's so unworthy of you, Skye. And if you even thought five minutes beyond the anticipation of your emotional tirade, that you might discover Jax consumed in a search for Brenda? Hmm?

Skye: How did she get into this?

Edward: The last time that Jax flew off to Paris, it was poor Chloe that was left high and dry. Then he was just following a lead to try to find Brenda. Restraint is not only appropriate in this situation, it is mandatory. Don't help Jax humiliate you.

Skye: Oh, I'm not the one who's going to be humiliated, Grandfather. I happen to enjoy smashing crystal and I'm quite good at it.

Edward: What then? He throws you out and he calls housekeeping and they come in and clean up the mess and he avoids you like the plague? If it were I who had been played for a fool, I would make sure that my revenge meant something. Don't you want to get even, or do you like just feeling wretched?

Lesley: So, how shocked were the two of you to hear that our Rick was behind this takeover attempt?

Amy: Not as shocked as Alan was.

Lesley: How do you stand on all this, Tony?

Tony: I want to hear some more about it, but, you know, a bunch of doctors running a hospital -- that seems like a pretty good idea to me. General Hospital's got to change with the times just like everybody else.

Monica: No --

Rick: No -- don't --

Amy: I -- um -- if you're not going to say anything, I will. Isn't there a little kind of flash of deja vu going on over here?

Lesley: Yeah.

Bobbie: So, wait -- what are you saying? Scott just left and he didn't say anything?

Luke: Nothing quotable.

Bobbie: Oh, Luke. You picked a fight with him, didn't you? You promised me you wouldn't and you did.

Luke: Barbara, I don't pick fights, they pick me. And don't worry about Baldwin -- he can give as good as he takes.

Bobbie: Well, that's true, but still --

[Phone rings]

Luke: Luke's.

Maxie: Mr. Spencer? Is that you?

Luke: Maxie?

Maxie: There's a fire. It happened so fast!

Luke: Where are you?

Maxie: I'm in my back yard.

Luke: Is Lulu with you?

Maxie: That's the thing. I think she's trapped inside.

Luke: It's a fire!

Scott: Lesley Lu? Lesley Lu, can you hear me?

[Scott bangs on door]

Scott: Are you in there? Lesley Lu?


Scott: Lesley –

Jason: That was fast.

Taggert: Oh, boy, oh, boy. Some nights just get better than others. So, what did we do to deserve the honor of Mr. Morgan's presence?

Andy: We got a call about gunfire at the River Rat. Found two stiffs and him.

Alexis: I hope you're done with your little macho tirade, Taggert, because it'll be the last one you have for a while.

Taggert: Is that so?

Alexis: Yeah, it is so because you're going to be facing a lot of charges -- there's false arrest, there's malicious prosecution, there's abuse of process, there's violating my client's civil rights. And after that, if I'm still as angry as I am right now, I'm going to sue the city of Port Charles and then you, Taggert, individually, just for the mere fun of it. Here's your choices -- actually there's only one -- you release my client immediately, or I will go before a judge for a writ of habius corpus and have him released within an hour. After which, I will call the New York Attorney General's office via his private line and I will have a little chat with him about rogue cops gone amuck. How do you feel about this?

Taggert: Get him out of here.

Carly: Hey, don't think this is over, Taggert. Alexis may not sue, but I sure as hell am going to and I'm not going to stop until I have your badge.

Taggert: You're free to go.

Carly: Someone give the lieutenant a towel to wipe all that egg of his face.

Taggert: You know what? I'm sorry, Mrs. Corinthos, but you attacked a peace officer, all right? You're under arrest and you're going to stay that way.

Sonny: How many ways you trying to push me, Taggert?

Taggert: I don't make the law, Sonny, I just enforce it. Let's go, Mrs. Corinthos.

Sonny: Hey, be nice.

Taggert: Hey, hey!

Sonny: What?

Taggert: You better back off. Back off. All right? You're not under arrest, and I don't believe you're her attorney, are you? No. I didn't think so.

Alexis: Must we do this?

Carly: Sonny, get me a lawyer, anyone but Miss Holier-than-thou over there.

Alexis: Fine. Have a good night. Nice to see you all.

Sonny: Alexis, wait. I know Carly can be hard to take.

Alexis: "Hard to take"?

Sonny: Okay, borderline obnoxious, and she hasn't been very nice to you lately.

Alexis: Ever.

Sonny: Okay, ever. Could you help her, please?

Monica: Well, the party seems to have ended rather abruptly.

Alan: Ah, you actually noticed.

Monica: Are you ready to call it a night?

Alan: Are you ready to go now because Rick disappeared?

Monica: Look, it was his party, Alan, he was the host.

Alan: Well, why don't you just hang out here and maybe he'll come back?

Skye: Why do you want to help me get back at Jax? Because you love me with all of your heart? Because I'm the great God-given comfort of your golden years?

Edward: No. I don't even like you very much. But I'm a realist, and who else do I have? Alan would much rather run a medical bureaucracy than the empire that I built. And A.J.'s a fool. Always has been. Oh, and now he is disastrously enthralled with Sonny's sister. And Jason -- Jason was my family's best and brightest, uh-huh, but he's lost to us. Bonded like brothers with that local crime lord who has as his life's mission -- keeping me away from my only little great-grandson. So as much as it pains me to admit it, at the end of the day I realized that you are the only shot I have if I'm going to leave any kind of a legacy.

Skye: What do you want from me?

Edward: I want Jax's head on a platter, and I want his empire in my hip pocket. And for you, I would like to have his heart on a stick roasting over a flame. Now, I could -- I could ruin him, you know, by myself, and I will if I have to, but I could do it more quickly with an accomplice.

Skye: By "accomplice," you mean you want me to keep Jax distracted by continuing to sleep with him?

Edward: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I -- I don't want to rock --

Skye: Do you ever get tired of pimping me out?

Edward: Oh, please, please, please. Let's not revisit that old territory. Besides, it's not asking you to do something torturous or something you haven't done willingly before. Besides, you will be rewarded amply for your time and your effort.

Skye: How amply?

Edward: Like I promised -- I'll reinstate you as C.E.O. of E.L.Q.

Skye: I think I'd much rather see the look on Jax's face when I crash his Paris hideaway. My old job isn't worth missing that particular moment.

Edward: Then what would be?


Lesley: Maxie, what happened?

Luke: Maxie --

Maxie: I'm -- I'm not sure.

Luke: Where's Lulu? Is she still in there?

Maxie: She's still in there. I don't know how the fire started!

Lesley: I should go, I should go. Oh, my God.

Scott: Okay, she's safe.

Lesley: Oh, baby. Is she all right?

Scott: She's all right. Come on, come on, come on.

Lesley: Thank you, Scott. Thank you, Scott.

Luke: Oh, are you okay? Oh, you're all right. You're all right.

Lesley Lu: I was so scared.

Luke: Yeah, but you're okay now. I've got you.

Lesley: I think we should get her to the emergency room.

Luke: Yeah, okay.

Rick: Let me take a look. Hey, hey.

Lesley: It's all right, baby. It's all right.

Bobbie: Don't be scared, honey.

Lesley: It's all right. Bobbie: Dr. Rick just wants to --

Luke: You saved my kid.

Scott: No big deal, man.

Luke: Well, it's a lucky coincidence you just happened to be passing by in the nick of time, isn't it?

Mac: Let's go.

Lesley: Oh, honey, look, fire guys. Look at that.

Scott: I wonder how that fire got started.

Luke: Yeah, maybe you can help me understand this. You left my club; you were on your way home. This is 20 blocks away. How is it that you happen to swing by here in time to get my daughter out of a burning building? What's --

Scott: Spencer, I have no idea what you're implying, but a simple thank-you would've been sufficient.

Lesley: Take a deep breath. Deep. Good girl.

Luke: How's she checking out, Doctor?

Rick: I think she's doing fine.

Luke: Oh, good, good, good.

Lesley: But I still think that we should go to the emergency room because it's just better to err on the side of caution.

Luke: Sure, okay.

Lesley: Okay.

Luke: I'm going to call Laura and let her know what's going --

Lesley: Oh, Luke, don't do that, hon.

Luke: Why not?

Lesley: Well, she'll just be beside herself the whole time she's gone.

Luke: Lesley, the reason to call her is so she won't be beside herself. She's been real worried about whatever feelings have been about this attic and now we know why. So I think it's better to call her.

Bobbie: Luke, I agree with Lesley because Laura’s first instinct is going to be to jump on a plane. And Lesley Lu's fine. I mean, they're going to take her to E.R. I'm sure she's going to turn out fine. There's no reason for Laura to cut her trip short.

Luke: You agree with that?

Lesley: Well, I'm really okay with that.

Luke: Okay, but I know my wife. When she finds out she's been left in the dark, she's going to start shooting, and I'm going to tell her to move her cannons away from me and point them at you two.

Bobbie: We can handle that.

Lesley: Yeah, well, one of us can. Okay, come on, let's go.

Luke: All right.

Lesley: Sweetie? We're going to go to the hospital now. We're going to ride over, okay?

Luke: Will you go with them?

Lesley Lu: Aren't you coming?

Luke: Sweetheart, I will. I'll be right there, but I need to take care of something here first. So will you go with Rick and Lesley? Okay. I'll see you soon.

Lesley: Okay.

Luke: Thanks.

Lesley: Thank you.

Maxie: I'm so sorry.

Luke: Oh, of course. Hey, listen, thank you. Thanks for calling. It's okay. It's all right. Thank you. Hey, Baldwin -- Baldwin?

Bobbie: Very proud of you.

Luke: If you don't mind, I'm still waiting for an answer here.

Scott: Well, you know, you of all people know that timing is everything.

[Mac coughs]

Luke: What's the verdict? Faulty wiring?

Mac: Possible arson.

Monica: I can't believe you're being so childish.

Alan: I can't believe you're being so obvious.

Monica: No, Alan. "Obvious" would be if I invited Rick to spend Christmas and the holidays at my house. "Obvious" would be if Rick barged in on your birthday two years in a row. And "obvious" would be if you and I had planned on renewing our wedding vows and Rick came in right in the middle of the ceremony and my response was to invite him to stay as long as he wanted to.

Alan: You need to get over this obsession with Rae. We have a child together, for God's sake.

Monica: Oh, Skye is not an excuse, and she is hardly a child.

Alan: I haven't slept with Rae in decades and I certainly didn't cheat on you with her.

Monica: Well, I am certain it wasn't for lack of trying.

Alan: As hard as you’re trying to seduce the man that's after my job, you shameless hussy.

Skye: There's not a job in this world that can make me want to crawl back into Jax's bed.

Edward: Well, then let's talk about the immediate future. Now, at the present time you are careerless, and that's not a state that you're acquainted with. You have no firsthand experience with the crashing boredom of the unemployed -- the tedious days, the ennui. Not to mention the financial constraints.

Driver: Should I park the car, Ms. Quartermaine?

Skye: No. We're leaving. Good night, Grandfather. It's been mildly entertaining. Oh. You know what? I'll meet you -- front.

Edward: I knew you were too smart to pass up my offer. So, do we have a deal?

Skye: No. But we could get there on my terms, which you should know straight out are nonnegotiable.

Alexis: Honest to God, the things I do for you.

Sonny: I will not forget this.

Alexis: Neither will I.

Alexis: I need to speak to my client.

Taggert: Your client? Why doesn't that surprise me? She's all yours.

Carly: Do you have any idea how pathetic you are?

Alexis: Who is wearing the handcuffs?

Carly: How many times do you have to hear this? Sonny and I are back together. Call before you drop in. For God's sake, we can't even get married without you crashing through the door.

Alexis: I was trying to warn your husband.

Carly: Oh, well, too late.

Alexis: Actually, it was. I was hoping to get an injunction.

Carly: An injunction? No, you just couldn't stay away, Alexis.

Alexis: An injunction to keep the police from entering your penthouse. I know that's difficult for you to understand, Carly, because it wasn't about you.

Carly: I am Sonny's wife and I know that it kills you, which is why I do not trust you to handle this situation. Sonny may think you're some paragon of virtue and honesty, but I know better and so do you. So what the hell is to keep you from deliberately throwing the case so I end up in jail?

Alexis: What an inspired idea. And here I thought you were intellectually challenged. It's lovely to see that you're not.

Andy: I hope now that Ms. Davis is here, she can convince you to tell us what you know.

Jason: Why bother? You wouldn't believe me. Go ask somebody you trust.

Andy: Hey, look, I trust my gut and it's telling me you offed Hayes and Kent at the River Rat. So you might as well come clean, Morgan, because we're going to get to the bottom of this with or without your cooperation.

Sonny: What went down?

Jason: I had Kent against the wall, scared enough to say where they took Elizabeth. Before he could tell me, Hayes came in and shot him.

Sonny: And then came after you?

Jason: Yeah. And then when I asked Hayes where I could find Elizabeth, his last words were, "E.L.Q. You'll never figure it out."

Sonny: E.L.Q.? What does that mean?

Jason: I don't get it. Benny's on it.

Sonny: Hayes and Kent both gone?

Jason: That's it. Maybe the only two people who could've told us where to find Elizabeth.

Taggert: The bartender at the River Rat is terrified of you or he's on Sonny's payroll or both. He claims that Hayes shot at Kent, then he aimed at you, and you fired back at him in self-defense.

Jason: That's what happened.

Taggert: No, that's not what happened! That's your story. Now, we're never going to know the truth, are we?

Sonny: What's going on with Carly, Taggert?

Taggert: Look, I don't know what's going on with Carly, okay? Capelli's taking care of that because I have some kind of personal connection to her.

Andy: Your client struck a police officer. She's not getting away with that.

Alexis: Capelli, you have to admit that the circumstances are extenuating. I mean, she's still recovering from a near-fatal accident and she's still suffering from posttraumatic shock. And your lieutenant disrupted her wedding with some flimsy probable cause; in fact, it's probably the flimsiest I've ever heard in my entire career. So I can file a suit. I mean, that's not really a problem, but I would think we could just forget about it. It's a nuisance. Let's just make it go away.

Carly: Don't fall on a sword for me or anything.

Andy: What's your bottom line?

Alexis: She'll sign an admission --

Carly: Like hell, I will.

Alexis: In exchange for a suspended sentence.

Andy: Yeah, plus 200 hours of community service. She assaulted a police officer in front of a lot of --

Alexis: I know. In front of a lot of witnesses.

Andy: Of which you are one.

Alexis: 250.

Carly: Hey! The deal -- 200.

Alexis: Sorry. Okay?

Andy: Okay. Come on.

Carly: Ow!

[Door closes]

Carly: You did that on purpose. You added an extra 50 hours to my sentence and you're supposed to be defending me. Very nice.

Alexis: One more shriek out of you and I will personally recommend that you serve out your sentence in the city dump, or the graveyard duty in the bowels of the morgue. Is that clear?

Carly: Oh.

Taggert: You're free to go, pending further investigation. Get out of here.

Sonny: And my wife?

Carly: Get me out of here. You know what? You may have wrecked my wedding, but you're not going to wreck the rest of my --

Sonny: Nothing is wrecked. Let's go. Let's go. Don't worry about it.

Monica: Okay. I've had it. I don't need to sit here and listen to insults. I can get that in the comfort of my own home.

Alan: It's only yours because I gave it to you. But I'm certainly ready to get out of here.

Skye: You will treat me with respect. Never again will you refer to my being cunning with any negative connotation. My cunning is the reason you need me. Never again will you forget that I am the missing piece to the puzzle, the granddaughter with the same ruthless qualities you embody so well. You are lucky to have me and you are going to start acting like it.

Edward: Well. You drive a hard bargain. But I'll agree to your conditions.

Skye: Oh, no, I'm not done. Sit. That was just me setting the stage for a peaceful working environment which I must insist on.

Edward: I have offered you your job back, but all right. I see no problem in working out a way that we can mutually co-exist.

Skye: Excellent. You're doing great so far, Grandfather. Here's the real tester -- see, not only do I want my job back, but I want controlling interest in E.L.Q. and I want your will to be changed so that it reflects me as the sole heir.

Edward: Oh, God, that's preposterous. No, no.

Skye: Those are my conditions, Edward. Nothing less would make it worth my while to continue sleeping with a man that I despise.

Edward: "Sole heir"? How would I explain that?

Skye: You don't have to, at least not face to face. Make a video. Then when you croak, I'll play it for everybody. I certainly would love to see the looks on all their faces. That pack of losers doesn't deserve any better, do they?

Edward: Hmm. Well, you have a point. Maybe I'd like to see that myself.

Skye: So, what's it going to be, Grandfather? How badly do you want to take Jax down? Really makes no difference to me.

Edward: All right, you have yourself a deal.

Skye: Uh-uh. I want it in writing, notarized, with copies for attorneys.

Jax: Skye?

Skye: Your call. Do I greet him with a kiss or slap his two-timing face?

Mac: All right, you guys, just get everything cleaned up, okay? The fire could've been started by any number of people -- a disgruntled ex-con with a vendetta against me. A message from the mob -- something's brewing on that front. I wouldn't rule out an alimony-strapped ex-husband Felicia might've busted for adultery. Are you sure you didn't see anything, Scott? I mean, a car pulling away, someone lurking around the house.

Scott: No. You know, the street was completely shut down.

Mac: Inedible stroke of luck you happened by when you did.

Scott: Yeah, it was.

Luke: That's what I'm thinking.

Mac: Hold it. Hold it. Excuse me. I want to know what you have to say for yourself, Maxie, and if I were you, I'd make it good.

Maxie: I only went down the block for five minutes, tops. I --

Mac: Five minutes can make all the difference. You should get on your knees and thank God Scott Baldwin showed up when he did. The little girl you were entrusted to take care of tonight could've died.

Maxie: I'm so sorry.

Bobbie: I wouldn't be a teenager again for all the money in the world.

Scott: Well, you have the figure of a teenager. On that, I'm going to go wash my hands.

Luke: Baldwin, before you go, I'd appreciate an answer to the question. How is it you happened to drive by here?

Luke: Baldwin?

Scott: All right, look, Spencer, if you're going to stick your nose in my business, here it is, all right? Serena happens to like key lime. There's an ice-cream parlor on Third Street, so I thought I'd stop by and I'd surprise her.

Luke: Key lime ice cream.

Scott: That's right.

Luke: Sounds delicious.

Scott: It is.

Luke: I'd like to try it. Ooh, on Third Street, you say? What exactly is the name of that ice-cream parlor?

Bobbie: Luke? Hey, what's up with the third degree? Scott saved your daughter tonight. You should be thanking him instead of giving him a hard time.

Luke: Well, Barbara, I just happen to like my miracles with details.

Scott: See you later.

Bobbie: Scott, wait up. I'm walking him to the car. Hey.

Skye: Final offer, Grandfather.

Edward: The contract will be ready for your signature at 10:00 a.m. sharp.

Skye: You're back.

Jax: Surprise.

Skye: Oh. I missed you. How was Sydney?

Jax: It was lonely without you.

[Music plays]

Taggert: Look at you. All lit up.

Alexis: What's that supposed to mean?

Taggert: Oh. Well, it's really obvious, you know. How much of a charge you get for being Sonny's savior. Have you ever sat down and examined that?

Alexis: If I do, Taggert, it will be with a medical professional, not you -- not to mention that the thought is absurd.

Taggert: Is it?

Sonny: I, Michael, take you, Caroline, to be my wife again. I'll marry you once a year if that's what you want. I promise to love, to cherish and honor you, to trust you. And I promise I'll work on forgiveness, and I know it's going to be easier because you're going to be by my side helping me find the way, you know. And I'll be there for you, for richer or poorer, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live.

Sonny: There it is.

Father Coates: You may kiss the bride.

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