GH Transcript Thursday 6/27/02


General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/27/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Jax: Despite that your life may be in turmoil, you still have a club to run.

Lesley: Would you like Rick to give you away again?

Roy: Somebody could be setting me up here as payback.

Alexis: I am having this Bobbie on my own.

Dr. Bonds: Then we'll leave it at that.

[Elizabeth screams]

Sonny: When you spoke to Elizabeth, did you have any idea where she was?

Jason: She said she was trapped.

Bobbie: I'm paying for lunch, so get over it.

Scott: Well, wait a minute. Not if you don't tell me why.

Bobbie: I will -- somewhere around the salad course.

Scott: If you think I'm going to wait till my T-bone arrives, you're crazy.

Bobbie: Look, Scott, I'm planning to ask you a favor and you're going to hate it, but I'm hoping you'll say yes.

Scott: Now you're making me nervous.

[Phone rings]

Scott: Oh, wait. That's my phone. Hello? Uh-huh. Thanks for getting back to me. Already, huh? When did he leave? Listen, do me a favor. When he checks in, would you have him call me? Good. Thanks. Bye.

Bobbie: What happened?

Scott: Ah -- nothing compared to what you're probably going to drop on my head at lunch.

Alan: Hi.

Monica: Oh. Listen -- you are not going to believe the rumor that is going around.

Alan: Speak right up.

Monica: A doctors' consortium is planning a buyout of General Hospital. Isn't it ridiculous? Alan?

Alan: The truth is General Hospital is at risk for takeover.

Lesley: Rick.

Rick: Have I missed the wedding?

Lesley: No, you're about a month or so early.

Rick: Don't ask me to wait out in the car, please.

Lesley: No. No, this is great. This is great. I've been trying to figure out a way to talk to you without everybody else being around, so perfect timing. Go in, please.

Rick: Thank you.

Lesley: Well --

Rick: Hi.

Lesley: Um -- I'm really glad we talked on the phone last month, but -- but I wasn't honest with you. I haven't been completely honest with anybody. I'm so grateful to Laura and her kids and Luke. They -- they gave me back my life. They -- they give me love and a safe home. And so I have never been able to show them all of the anger and pain I have inside. Rick, I came back and -- it was all gone. I know. I understand. You did the only thing you thought you could do at the time, and I'm honestly glad that life has been good to you. I'm even really pleased that you're going to walk Laura down the aisle, but -- but if I keep all of this locked up inside me, I am going to destroy myself better than the Cassadines ever could. So I have to start living now. And the only way that I can do that is to be able to say to you you are welcome here and I mean it.

Rick: Thank you. Thank you, Lesley. Thank you.

Lesley: So -- did you ever imagine that someday we'd be -- we'd be here in Laura’s house, preparing for another wedding?

Rick: Well, she did keep us on our toes, didn't she?

Lesley: You were a great stepdad for my little girl.

Rick: I am her father, and I thank you for that. Where is this little girl?

Lesley: Oh, it's -- it's the strangest thing. She came across an old photo of the stairs to the attic in the garage.

Rick: Our old house?

Lesley: Uh-huh, yeah, which is now her new favorite place. She's over there now with Lesley Lu, showing her around that attic. I don't know. Maybe I'll get us some iced tea.

Laura: Hi.

Lesley Lu: Hi.

Felicia: Hey, you two.

Maxie: Hi.

Laura: Thanks for letting us do this.

Felicia: Well, you're welcome to look around in that old attic any time you want.

Maxie: But watch out for ghosts.

Felicia: Don't tease her.

Maxie: I was just kidding. You know that, right, Lulu?

Lesley Lu: Right.

Laura: Well, thanks again.

Felicia: Sure.

Laura: Come on, sweetie.

Felicia: Since when do you around teasing little children?

Maxie: Lulu was fine with it. You're just overcompensating. You feel weird around Laura because for a while you dated her husband.

Felicia: I am not going to tolerate this today.

Mac: Hey. Hi.

Felicia: Will you tell her to go clean her room?

Maxie: I'm going, all right?

Mac: No, you're staying right there, Maxie.

Maxie: See? I'm always wrong no matter what I do.

Felicia: What happened?

Mac: You're in major trouble.

Laura: Come on, honey. Sometimes the door sticks a little bit, but it's nothing to be afraid of. There we go.


Lesley Lu: Mommy, did you hear that?

Laura: It's okay.

Lesley Lu: Something's in here.

Carly: Thanks. Thank you for flying up here at such short notice.

Man: You called in regard to Alexis Davis.

Carly: She's a brilliant attorney.

Man: Well, we still miss her at the firm. None of us understood why she moved to Port Charles in the first place.

Carly: Alexis -- she never quite fit in here. I mean, it's not her fault. I am -- I'm one of her closest friends, but I just --

Man: Is there a problem?

Carly: Alexis needs to get out of town as soon as possible.

Sonny: Anything on Elizabeth Webber? All right. Jason's going to be checking in. Yeah. I need you to stay on it, Benny, because, you know, they grabbed her for leverage and they're going to be coming after me and I don't want her hurt in somebody else's fight. Thanks.

[Knock on door]

Alexis: Good morning.

Sonny: Hi. Come on in.

Alexis: About yesterday --

Sonny: Taggert let Jason and Zander out. All I had to do was drop your name.

Alexis: Impressive --

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexis: I think.

Sonny: Maybe you're spending too much time at the police station.

Alexis: Maybe. What's going on?

Sonny: Nothing -- you know what? Taggert's acting up, and it's not -- no, I shouldn't even have called.

Alexis: Why don't you tell me what's going on.

Sonny: Nothing. Nothing.

Alexis: And you're lying. You're in trouble, aren't you?

Luke: Hello.

Laura: What are you doing here?

Lesley Lu: Daddy!

Luke: Hello, my darling. I called Lesley. She said you were on your way over here, so I thought I'd meet you.

Laura: You're checking up on me.

Luke: Well, no, but, honey, you're spending a lot of time here. I'm getting a little concerned.

Lesley Lu: Mommy, why do you like it here so much?

Laura: Honey -- um -- this is a part of Mommy's childhood, and it's kind of interesting to me right now.

Lesley Lu: Can we go now? I have Sunshine Girls.

Laura: Would you drop her off for me, please?

Luke: Oh, darling, those savages, sunshine girls? I think they'll probably tie me up and stuff me full of marshmallows again.

Lesley Lu: Yay! Let's go!

Laura: I'm not going to be long.

Luke: How about I teach you and the Sunshine Girls how to order pizza?

Lesley Lu: After we tie you up.

Luke: Now, let's don't tie people up. That's not nice. Let's just get some ice cream, then we'll order pizza. Okay?

Lesley Lu: No way.

Luke: Bye-bye.

Laura: I won't be long.

Luke: Okay.

Lesley Lu: No kissing.

Luke: The kissing police. Okay, we're going. Check me in about an hour, will you? If you can't find me, I'm tied up somewhere.

Bobbie: Thank you, Jason.

Scott: So, listen -- you know I hate suspense, so ask me now.

Bobbie: Since we're both going to Luke and Laura’s wedding, do you want to be my date?

Scott: That's it?

Bobbie: Well, I mean, unless you want to go with somebody else.

Scott: Come on, Bobbie, there's more to it than that.

Bobbie: Okay. I'm the matron of honor, and you're the guest who promises he's not going to slug anybody.

Scott: I'm not making any promises.

Bobbie: Come on, Scott. Laura wants the wedding to be perfect. She even asked Rick Webber to give her away.

Scott: But she hardly even knows Rick anymore.

Bobbie: They stay in touch.

Scott: Oh, you know, some Christmas cards, but yet she wants him to hand her over to that coconut-headed brother of yours.

Bobbie: What is this about? I thought you always liked Rick Webber.

Scott: You can't recapture the past, not even Laura. Sometimes it's best to just let it go.

Bobbie: And sometimes the past is all we have. You know that. So you hold on to the good and you just let go of the bad.

Scott: Yeah, if you can tell the difference.

Bobbie: Well, we have to assume that Laura can. Now, come on! Laura's planning the wedding that she wants to have, no matter what anybody thinks. And I, for one, am going to give her my full support.

Carly: Where Alexis decides to practice law really isn't any of my business, and she would kill me if she knew that I called you, but --

Man: Is she having a problem in Port Charles? I understand she's been doing some criminal work.

Carly: My husband is an ordinary businessman. There happens to be a cop here who has hated him since childhood, and so he has decided to make his life miserable.

Man: Then your husband is --

Carly: Sonny Corinthos. Didn't I mention that? Not that it makes any difference.

Man: Would Alexis be bringing him along as a client?

Carly: You know, you would have to ask Alexis, but I don't -- I don't see why she would. My husband doesn't really need any special treatment. But -- you know the Quartermaines? They are a different story.

Man: She's still working with them?

Carly: Yeah, occasionally. You know, Alexis really could bring in some terrific clients.

Man: Alexis hasn't mentioned that I offer her job back at least once a month?

Carly: You know how private Alexis is. That just drives me nuts.

Man: She would already be back at the firm, but, frankly, we just can't touch the kind of money she's bringing in.

Carly: And that's the only problem?

Man: Far as I know. How about we stay in touch and if anything changes, then I'll just --

Carly: No, no. Alexis -- she needs help now.

Man: Look, it's really been a pleasure meeting you, but if I hurry, I can catch the shuttle.

Carly: No. There has got to be something we can do.

Sonny: There's -- there's no more trouble than usual.

Alexis: I already know this is serious, so why do you keep denying it?

Sonny: Taggert has a grudge against Jason.

Alexis: And now you're deflecting. Aren't we a little past that?

Sonny: Yeah, we are, but, you know, we're friends and I don't have very many. But, you know, no one has to know everything about my business.

Alexis: You don't have to tell me the details.

Sonny: Well, being my friend has already cost you way too much.

Alexis: I'll deal with it.

Sonny: That's the thing -- you shouldn't have to.

Alexis: Boy, by the way you're dodging, this must really be bad.

Sonny: No. There's no problem.

Maxie: Yes, I saw Cody, and, yes, I know I'm not supposed to speak to him.

Felicia: Then you deliberately disobeyed us.

Maxie: It was about homework.

Mac: That isn't the point.

Felicia: You're grounded for two weeks. And if you don't go clean your bedroom, you're ground for three.

Maxie: You can't run your own life, so you're going to ruin mine?

Felicia: Three weeks.

Maxie: Thank you, Mother.

Felicia: We are having such a bad morning.

Mac: I'll look in on her when she cools off, okay?

Felicia: Thank you. She listens to you.

Mac: About that money you wanted me to check on?

Felicia: Yes. What'd you find out?

Mac: I may have a lead.

Laura: Rick?

Rick: What are you doing up here?

Laura: Rick!

Rick: Hey.

Laura: Oh, my gosh! What am I doing here? What are you doing here? For God's sakes, my wedding is not for another month.

Rick: Oh, I'm not late.

Laura: No, you're not.

Rick: Great.

Laura: My gosh, how did you know where to find me?

Rick: I'll give you one guess -- your mom.

Laura: You -- you saw my mom, then?

Rick: Yes.

Laura: Oh.

Rick: She's a miracle. Well, you are, too. You look great.

Laura: Thanks. It was really nice of you to come back after all this time.

Rick: Laura, I could've never asked for a better daughter.

Laura: Thanks.

Rick: Sure.

Laura: Well, I have a whole new respect for you, I must say. I've raised two teenaged boys, and --

[Laura and Rick laugh]

Laura: I have to say you never gave up on me, never once.

Rick: Obviously it paid off. You're a very successful businesswoman and a mother. That's --

Laura: Oh, oh, I want you to meet my children. Lesley Lu was just here. You just missed her. She left with her dad.

Rick: I hope Luke really appreciates what he has this time around.

Laura: Oh, well, we went through our hard times, but we're back on track now.

Rick: Good. That's what counts.

Laura: Yes, it does.

Rick: Your mom says that you have spent a lot of time up here.

Laura: Well, you know, for some strange reason, I wasn't even able to remember this place until just a couple of days ago.

Rick: The wedding ceremony -- it's going to bring up memories and -- I'm sure it's that.

Laura: Yeah. I guess that's probably it.

Rick: Well, I don't think there's anything to be concerned about.

Laura: No? You don't think it's kind of strange?

Rick: Honey, everybody -- I mean, places -- it brings feelings, emotions, and memories.

Laura: You're calming me down again, just the way you always used to. Thank you.

Rick: No. Thank you. And if that is the case, I will take charge. And I want you to get rid of all these cobwebs. Please?

Laura: Okay. All right. You know what? Let's go find my son. I really want you to meet my son.

Rick: I want -- we will do that. I've got to touch base with a couple of people at the hospital, and then if we can do it later?

Laura: Yeah, of course.

Rick: Okay.

Laura: That's terrific. I forgot -- you know, you've got so many people here. You want to say hello to people, and I'm sure you need to get settled again, don't you?

Rick: Watch out. I'll be fine.

Laura: Okay.

Felicia: Then the money isn't stolen?

Mac: Apparently not. Any idea where it came from?

Felicia: No.

Mac: So your client just happened to come into it?

Felicia: Mac, you know I can't discuss my clients with you.

Mac: Do you know how long your client had the money?

Felicia: I can't tell you about it.

Mac: Is there anything else you need?

Felicia: No. I just have to find out where the money came from.

Sonny: You always understood that there are areas of my business that don't involve you.

Alexis: So that's where the trouble is?

Sonny: We agreed that I wouldn't ask you to do something that you believed is wrong.

Alexis: And I won't do it, but I can listen.

Sonny: I appreciate that.

Alexis: So talk.

Sonny: Nothing -- nothing's going on. No -- no trouble. Nothing that would concern you.

Alexis: I understand.

Sonny: Thanks for coming by.

Alexis: Fine.

Jason: I got the ransom demand.

Sonny: What do they want?

Jason: They're trying to get control of Pier 52.

Sonny: This is bad.

Carly: Look, if salary is a problem, don't let it be.

Man: Well, Alexis has gotten very expensive.

Carly: Well, would you consider a finder's fee?

Man: Meaning?

Carly: What if I toss in a hundred grand?

Man: Look, I don't mean to be untoward, but if this money is coming from Mr. Corinthos --

Carly: Okay, let's just call it a retainer fee and leave it at that. I wasn't going to mention this, but you should know that Alexis is fresh out of a disastrous relationship with a married man. She was obsessed with the guy. She practically stalked him and then she created this whole -- this whole fantasy life in her head that the two of them would be together forever. It's humiliating for her, and she needs to get a fresh start, and I want to help her.

Man: By paying part of her salary?

Carly: Alexis loved working in Manhattan and living there and working for your company. She is a total cash cow. She's going to bring in twice that amount in the next six months.

Man: I must admit, it's a very good offer.

Carly: Sonny wants Alexis to be happy almost as much as I do. So, do we have a deal?

Man: Well, if the funding is in place --

Carly: You'll have your money within the hour.

Man: Then we have a deal.

Carly: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Alexis: Alexis Davis.

Man: Les Owen, as in Nelson, Clark and Owen, Third Avenue.

Alexis: Les! How are you?

Les: Can you make your way over to the Port Charles Grill?

Alexis: Is that where you are?

Les: I may have an offer that will interest you.

Alexis: I'll be right there.

Les: She's on her way.

Carly: Wonderful.

Sonny: Any idea where Elizabeth is?

Jason: No, they cut me off too soon.

Sonny: What about Zander?

Jason: He went into a bar. Nobody's seen him since.

Sonny: So they want Pier 52 in return for Elizabeth?

Jason: Yeah, so far.

Sonny: They could be just getting started.

[Knock on door]

Felicia: Sonny, it's Felicia. May I speak with you?

Sonny: What can I do for you?

Felicia: Answer some questions?

Bobbie: Actually, I can understand why you wouldn't exactly look forward to Luke and Laura’s wedding.

Scott: Bobbie, I want this marriage to work out for Laura.

Bobbie: Could've fooled me.

Scott: I just want her to put the past behind her.

Bobbie: What's with you and the past all of a sudden?

Scott: Well, because I've been a prisoner of it for too long. Thank you for lunch. Next time I'm going to take you out for clams.

Bobbie: You got it.

Scott: Well, let's make it dinner instead.

Bobbie: Okay. That's the best offer I had all day.

Scott: I'll see you.

Bobbie: See you.

Scott: You're here.

Rick: Did you call the office?

Scott: Yeah. Thanks for checking in with me.

Rick: What did you need?

Scott: Well, I think you ought to get on a plane, go back to Tucson, and send Laura a gift.

Rick: Scotty, Laura asked me to give her away. I was not going to say no.

Scott: Are you sure you're doing her a favor?

Rick: Alan.

Alan: Oh, my God.

Rick: Alan, you look great.

Alan: We're not hiring.

Rick: No, I am here for Laura’s wedding.

Alan: Wrong time, wrong place.

Rick: No, I'm here in Port Charles. I just stopped by the hospital to say hi to a few friends, that's all.

Alan: Well, Tony’s in the E.R. and Amy’s in Pediatrics. If you're going to talk to them, do it on a break because we're busy.

Rick: How's Monica?

Alan: She's in surgery all day.

Rick: Still at it. That's great.

Alan: Why wouldn't she be?

Rick: Alan, Monica is a brilliant surgeon.

Alan: And still married.

Rick: Ah, so I hear.

Alan: Why? You been asking around?

Rick: No, I -- I'm happy that the two of you have done well together.

Alan: Well, good. We have two sons and a lovely daughter.

Rick: Congratulations.

Alan: We live in the same house that I gave her and I'm the Chief of Staff.

Rick: She must be very proud of you. Give her my regards, please. Thanks.

Monica: Psst -- hey. Did you get a chance to look at my request for a third nurse in O.R.?

Alan: I am knee-deep in charts. I'm dealing with patients. I haven't had a chance to do any paperwork.

Monica: Ooh. What's wrong with you?

Alan: I'm busy.

Monica: Excuse me, but I think I know you well [missing]

Luke: Rick? In the attic?

Laura: Yeah. He came back for the wedding. He came back early.

Luke: Well, he's month early. Why would he come that early?

Elton: Oh. I can't bear it.

Laura: What's wrong, Elton?

Elton: Not another moment, not another nanosecond.

Luke: What, the coffeemaker broken?

Elton: You're funny. Provence -- and such a lovely region.

Laura: Is it something with our supplier in Provence?

Elton: I tell you, it's a nest of vipers. A nest of vipers. My heart is broken. Look at my face. Can't you tell my heart is broken?

Luke: What broke your heart?

Elton: Betrayal. Intrigue. Filthy lies.

Laura: In Provence?

Elton: Vipers, I tell you! All of them -- vipers!

Luke: Honey, we're going in a circle now.

Laura: Elton, take a deep breath. Sit down.

Elton: All right, all right. The French. I tell you, never trust the French.

Laura: Just take a deep breath and tell me what happened.

[Elton exhales]

Elton: Our Provence supplier has sent our entire line to the competition.

Laura: What?

Elton: Yes! You'll [missing] support in French, Italian and Swahili.

Elton: All right. Hang said that, I close the meeting. Chow mein.

Laura: Chow mein.

Luke: Moo goo gai pan.

[Door closes]

Laura: I'm sorry, Luke, but I have to go. I have to. They're stealing my fragrance right out from under my nose.

Luke: I totally understand, sweetheart. You go ahead.

Laura: Ugh. Thank you.

Luke: I'll handle everything here.

Carly: Do your stuff.

Les: Alexis, wonderful to see you.

Alexis: Same here. Is it safe to assume that you're offering me my old job back?

Les: Will you consider it?

Alexis: One quick question -- why now?

Laura: I wish I could stay.

Luke: Yeah, I know. So do I.

Laura: Try to be patient with Elton, all right? He's going to be in wedding overdrive.

Luke: How do you tell the difference?

[Doorbell rings]

Laura: Oh, I know.

Luke: I'll get that. Well, the good Dr. Webber.

Rick: Hi, Luke.

Luke: Come in, come in.

Rick: Thank you, thank you.

Luke: Laura said you were lurking around.

Laura: I didn't say "lurking."

Luke: Well, it's good to see you.

Rick: I think it's good to see you.

Luke: You know, after all this time, I wasn't even sure you'd show up.

Rick: How could I say no to Laura?

Laura: Thank you.

Luke: But a whole month early?

Rick: Time-out. I am the father. I'm supposed to be quizzing the groom.

Laura: Okay, I'm going to let the two of you work this out. I have to get busy.

Rick: Oh, do you have to leave?

Laura: Well, actually, I do have to leave. There's a crisis in Provence.

Luke: She's got to go over there and whip them all into shape.

Laura: I know the timing is really terrible --

Rick: Listen, honey, I know. Business -- business is business. You got to go.

Laura: I --

Rick: I understand.

Laura: I do. I do. But I will be back in time for the wedding, I promise.

Luke: You better.

Laura: Yes. Honey, will you help me get my suitcase down?

Luke: Oh, sure. Sure. I'll be right back.

Rick: Hello? Yes, I heard. Two weeks will be just fine. That'll be enough time.

Les: Several clients have been asking for you.

Alexis: Yeah, but that's been going on for years.

Les: Well, you know how persistent I can be.

Alexis: I'm not saying that I'll take the job, but you should know that I'm pregnant and I would require medical insurance from day one and a very generous amount of maternity leave.

Les: I'm sure we can work something out.

Alexis: So there's money?

Les: Would you consider your old salary plus 50%?

Sonny: What kind of answers do you need?

Felicia: This is about Roy DiLucca. He turned you in to the Feds when you saved his daughter's life. Everybody knows there's plenty of bad feelings.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? I hope Roy and the commissioner didn't send you over here.

Felicia: No. Mac wouldn't do that.

Jason: What about Roy?

Felicia: Roy wouldn't, either. Someone's trying to set him up. Someone's trying to make him look like a criminal. Do you know anything about that?

Jason: Roy is a criminal. He shot a state senator and he turned himself in to the F.B.I. rather than do his time. And he's been lying to Bobbie for years.

Sonny: Felicia, I don't know if you know this, but Roy set up Carly to send me to prison. Why wouldn't he lie to you?

Felicia: Oh, I suppose he's lied to a lot of people. Well, I'm finished. Thank you for your time.

Jason: What was that about?

Sonny: Hopefully nothing.

Jason: Do you think Roy could be involved in what happened to Elizabeth?

Sonny: I don't think so, but it's pretty strange to have Felicia come in here asking questions. I mean, I think there's something else going on here. Things are getting dangerous.

Jason: You want me to get Carly and Michael out of town?

Sonny: No, no. No, that's just -- that'll only scare her, and it'll make her do something crazy.

Jason: So you want her to stay here?

Sonny: No, I'm going to tell her -- I'm going to tell her there's trouble, okay? I'm not going to be like before. I'm going to tell her what's going on.

Jason: You know she might try to help.

Sonny: No -- I -- it's all right. You know, I think it's going to be fine as long as I don't shut her out.

Carly: Hi. Sorry. You guys are obviously in the middle of a meeting. I'll just go upstairs.

Sonny: Wait. Hold on for a second.

Roy: Hey.

Felicia: Hi.

Roy: Thanks for meeting me.

Felicia: Did you find out anything?

Roy: Well, I checked out, you know, everyone I could think of.

Felicia: You got no leads?

Roy: Most of my enemies don't have access to that kind of cash at the moment.

Felicia: Sonny Corinthos does.

Roy: Yeah. Sonny -- he has access to pretty much anything. You didn't go see him?

Felicia: He denies it, of course, but I think he's hiding something.

Roy: Oh, Felicia, why would you do that? Don't you realize who you're dealing with?


Luke: So I take it Arizona agrees with you?

Rick: Great fishing, golf -- yeah.

Luke: You're a lucky man.

Rick: Thanks.

Luke: Not many doctors can afford to walk away from such a good practice.

Rick: I like to think of it as a sabbatical. It's just an opportunity to see old friends -- and hear some blues. I got to see your club.

Luke: You trying to get me to stop asking questions?

Rick: Luke, there is no great mystery.

Luke: You know, Rick, I don't know any stepfathers who haven't seen their stepdaughter in many years who would show up a month early for a second wedding.

Rick: I do. Little wedding humor.

Luke: Oh. I -- okay, I get it.

Rick: Good.

Luke: What are you really doing here?

Rick: I may go into a business if things work out, that's all.

Luke: What kind of business?

Monica: Boy, are the rumors flying around O.R.

Alan: About what?

Monica: The takeover. What else?

Alan: How would I know? What am I, a mind reader?

Monica: Have you ever heard of Kappa health care?

Alan: That doctors' consortium that's thinking about taking over General Hospital.

Monica: Well, they seem to have a rather solid reputation.

Alan: Oh, so you think it's a good idea?

Monica: I didn't say that.

Alan: God forbid you should support the chief of staff.

Monica: What is wrong with you?

Alan: Now there's something wrong with me?

Monica: Look, if you're upset with me, tell me. If you're upset with somebody else, please go dump it on them.

Alan: He's nobody you'd be interested in.

Alexis: So how did the firm get so rich all of a sudden? Stock market is down. Most law firms are cutting back.

Les: We just landed a major retainer, and we want you. What else do you need?

Alexis: Throw in a corner office?

Les: No problem.

Alexis: Then I'm yours.

Les: Welcome back.

Jax: Yeah, who just took $100,000 out of the Club 101 account? Well, find out where it went.

Carly: You know, you don't have to tell me what's going on.

Sonny: I know.

Carly: When you and Jason are like that, I'm used to it, you know. It's something --

Sonny: Trouble's coming. The safest place for you and Michael to be is far away from me. I would protect you with my life, but unfortunately that may not be enough. So I can send you out of town or leave you alone.

Carly: Why would I want that?

Sonny: I'm being honest here, okay? I'm in danger and it's probably going to get worse. So if you're near me, then you're in danger, too, okay?

Carly: Nothing -- nothing is going to tear our family apart again ever. I mean that. I mean it no matter what.

Sonny: Listen to me. As long as we're honest with each other, we're going to be okay.

Carly: Yeah. Come here.

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Rick: I love Laura.

Luke: Why haven't you been in touch with her before now?

Alexis: I need to speak to you.

Carly: You know what? This isn't a really good time.

Alexis: This really shouldn't wait.

Man: I don't want any trouble.

Jason: Answer my question.

Elizabeth: Zander -- oh, my God.

Man: He tried to interfere.

Elizabeth: Zander, wake up.

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