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General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 6/19/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Skye: Pushing me out was his way of saying that Iím a mistake, and you let it happen.

Felicia: It's full of cash, Roy.

Nikolas: All I'm doing is what's good for the woman I love.

Lucky: Good for Gia or what's good for you?

Sonny: What did the doctor say?

Carly: That Iím healthy as a horse.

A.J.: Why is my wife making nice with the man who threatened to kill me?

Jax: If you still want to leave, it's your choice. But if you do, don't bother coming back.

Skye: I'm not sure how Iím supposed to take that.

Jax: Well, take it for what it's worth. I promised you that I would go after Edward, and I will. You either trust me or you don't, which is a subject that we have covered extensively, and I don't intend to go down that road again. In fact, I refuse to go down that road again. So make up your mind, Skye, because this is getting old. Well, I'll take that as a subject closed. Any objections, speak now. Good.

R.C.: Mrs. Corinthos, it is so great to see you. We missed you around here.

Carly: Thanks, R.C. It's good to be back. So, I hear business has been booming, huh?

R.C.: We've been turning people away three nights in a row. Listen, are you -- want to go over the receipts?

Carly: You know what? Just leave them on the bar, and I will deal with them later.

R.C.: All right.

Carly: Thank you, though.

R.C.: Hey.

Carly: Hi, yeah, this is Carly Corinthos. Dr. Meadows referred me. I've been waiting for your call all morning. Look, I know. I appreciate you squeezing me in, okay, but I need a fertility consultation yesterday, literally. Okay, you know what? I have a better idea. You have Dr. Bonds call me directly.

Edward: Sounds like you've had some distressing news, Carly. How can I help?

Felicia: You swear you didn't know the money was here?

Roy: I swear. If it hadn't been for you, this money would be on the way to the nearest garbage dump.

Felicia: Have any idea where it came from?

Roy: No. No, no, no. It's got to be some kind of setup. It's real.

Felicia: It could be stolen. It would help to know when it appeared.

Roy: Well, like I said, you know, I haven't looked at these boxes since I moved in. Anybody could've put this back there pretty much any time.

Felicia: Well, let's start by assuming that it was recent. No one's just going to drop this off here in this apartment at random or otherwise for months at a time.

Roy: Yeah. So somebody wants me to be found with it. Smart thing to do would be to, you know, give it to the cops or just dump it.

Felicia: But you really don't want to do either one of those things, do you?

Jason: You're Sonny's sister?

A.J.: Oh, here we go -- Mr. Innocent act. You know, Jason has somehow built himself a reputation of being Mr. Honesty, but it's bull. He lies when it suits him, don't you, Jason? Like right now. Sonny sent you, didn't he?

Jason: I usually have breakfast at Kellyís. I didn't know you worked here. It's nice to meet you.

Courtney: Wait. Your tab was 6.59. You have change coming. I don't want a tip.

Jason: No, no, keep it. It's yours.

Courtney: So, that was your brother.

A.J.: That's him.

Courtney: He's a little strange.

A.J.: I don't want you anywhere near him or his money.

Lucky: All right. Looks great. Work the camera. Work me. There you are. Okay. You know what? Let's just call it a wrap, huh? That was great, everybody. Thank you. Thanks. That was a big, fat waste of everybody's time.

Sarah: You might be surprised when you see the shots. I saw the way you were working with Chanel. You got her focused, made her trust you, made her believe she was beautiful. You always that convincing when you don't mean a word you say?

Lucky: What? Photographers never mean anything they say to a model and vice versa. But when I'm saying something to you, that comes from the heart. Want me to prove it? What are you doing later?

Sarah: I don't know.

Lucky: You want to go out?

Sarah: Yeah, sure.

Lucky: Okay, so, let's see how you feel after you get off work, huh?

Sarah: Okay.

Lucky: All right.

Sarah: I'll probably just call you when I'm done.

Lucky: Sounds good to me.

Sarah: Okay. Talk to you later.

Lucky: Bye.

Gia: I'm here, everybody. What's going on?

Lucky: What's it look like?

Gia: Look, I know I'm late and I'm sorry, but I'm here now. Your camera's still out. We could still do this, right?

Jax: You know, that was quite a tantrum that you threw.

Skye: It was quite a betrayal I felt.

Jax: No, it's just a little setback, that's all.

Skye: So you say.

Jax: Look, Skye, you're never going to get anywhere in business if you insist on making everything personal.

Skye: What if it is personal? I mean, not just for me but for the other side, too?

Jax: Well, then, your opponent's made a serious mistake. You take advantage of that.

Skye: You make it sound so simple.

Jax: It is. It's ebb and flow, back and forth. Edward may have won this round. But as quiet as it's kept, everyone knows that the round that matters is the one that wins the game. All the other moves are merely shore excursions.

Skye: "Shore excursions"?

Jax: That's right. They're entertaining little side trips.

Skye: Oh. "Trips." "Race." "Game." Do you know how crazy that makes me? I mean, you sit there ruminating over it like it could be a deck of cards or something, and this stuff is life and death to me.

Jax: Which is exactly how you get in your own way. You don't need acceptance from your family to validate your worth, which is a good thing because you're never going to get it. However, you can get the next best thing. You can get even. You can take from Edward what he really values if you stop acting like a needy little girl and look at E.L.Q. for what it is -- business.

Skye: Oh. Yeah. Right. Why didn't I think of that before? Business, personal -- separate. Got it.

Jax: Look, all I'm saying is look at the big picture. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, Edward snaking out your office from under you is a blip on the radar. You'll have that company all to yourself. But the way you're going to get it is by letting it go now.

Skye: What if my grandfather's smarter than you think?

Jax: I don't underestimate Edward. He's a pretty crafty old bastard. But he's also been complacent for the last few years. I'll get you what you want, Skye, but you do have to trust me. Which is where I came in.

Skye: I do. I trust you.

A.J.: How long is your break?

Courtney: 15. So, what do you want to do with the money?

A.J.: Find Jason, cram it down his throat.

Courtney: I'm so sorry, A.J. I've seen pictures of him before. I should have recognized him.

A.J.: No.

Courtney: It's just he was so out of context, I --

A.J.: No, no. I'm sorry. Courtney, I'm not mad at you, okay? It's Jason and Sonny. They took my son away from me, and now they want to take you.

Courtney: That would never happen. I married you. I love you.

A.J.: Come here. I love you so much. You have no idea. And if I ever lost you, I don't know what I'd do. That's why you have to promise me that you will not buy into Jason's act or take his word over mine.

Courtney: You don't have that to worry about. There is nothing that Jason could tell me that I'd believe or even want to hear.

Carly: My health is fine, Edward. Really, it is. I have completely recovered from the accident. In fact, I was just confirming my latest checkup that I passed with flying colors. So thank you for your concern, but I don't need it, I don't want it, and I have work to do.

Edward: But I really just wanted a minute of your time.

Carly: No.

Edward: Carly, I've come in a spirit of peace and co-existence.

Carly: Why do I find that difficult to believe?

Edward: You heard that I disinherited A.J.

Carly: Yeah, I heard something like it.

Edward: And, you know, you were so right, my dear. My grandson is a very unique combination. He is useless, but he's also dangerous. But you shouldn't have to worry because I have made sure that A.J. has no power to, you know, make good on any threats that he might have made against you or precious little Michael.

Carly: You know, it's funny, Edward. I actually like you. Really, I do.

Edward: Oh, thank you.

Carly: But you're a twisted old man and I will never let you near Michael. Am I making myself clear?

Edward: You're a smart cookie, Carly, and I admire brains in a woman.

Carly: Oh, please. Since when?

Edward: But you lack experience. You see, you haven't lived nearly as long as I have, and there are a few things that you need to learn. Here's an example -- those who refuse to compromise set themselves up for defeat.

Jason: Don't threat her. Carly knows what's best for Michael, and she just told you what that is. Now go on home and leave her alone.

Edward: Well, Jason. I see that your mysterious, unsavory travels have not improved your manners in the least.

Jason: Have a nice day, Edward.

Edward: You think about what I had to say, young lady. And, Jason, it's -- it's really so nice to see you again. You are damaged and you are rude and you are irredeemable. But you know what, son? You have a backbone, and that's more than I can say for some of the Godforsaken others.

Jason: Hey -- tell me what's wrong.

Carly: Nothing. Edward -- he irritates me.

Jason: No, that's the point, Carly. He didnít. You weren't even mad when Edward started talking about seeing Michael. So whatever's bothering you is bad. What is it?

Carly: I am so scared, Jason.

Jason: I can see that, but you have to tell me before you panic and you do something crazy that I have to get you out of.

Carly: Well, you know how Sonny and I wanted to have children?

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: Wrong. Turns out I can't conceive, so I guess the joke's all on me now.

Jason: Oh, Carly.

Courtney: Hey. Great news.

A.J.: What's up?

Courtney: Even without your brother's money, I made enough tips to take you out tonight.

A.J.: Oh, okay. Only under one condition -- once I join the ranks of the gainfully employed, all entertainment is on me.

Courtney: Deal. So, none of the job interviews panned out?

A.J.: Not yet.

[Phone rings]

A.J.: Excuse me. A.J. Quartermaine.

Man: Mr. Quartermaine, this is Ronald Baker from Worman Associates.

A.J.: Yes, Mr. Baker, it's good to hear from you.

Mr. Baker: First, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to interview with us.

A.J.: It was my pleasure.

Mr. Baker: Unfortunately, you were not really qualified for the position.

A.J.: That's terrific. Yes, that's great news.

Mr. Baker: I beg your pardon?

A.J.: Yes, well, you know, thank you so much for calling. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Courtney: A.J.?

A.J.: Ahem. I got a job.

Courtney: Oh, I knew it.

A.J.: So let's celebrate, all right? Whatever you want, sky's the limit. Name it.

Courtney: Dancing?

A.J.: Absolutely. Where?

Courtney: I kind of like Carly's club, but that's probably a really bad idea.

A.J.: Oh, phooey on Carly. Come on. She's opened up a public place, right? Let's not let her scare us off. We're going to go out and have a great time.

Courtney: This is so incredible.

A.J.: Yeah.

Courtney: We both have jobs, and now we don't have to worry about depending on your family or mine. All we have to do is concentrate on loving each other.

A.J.: Yeah, yeah.

Carly: You know, one of the first things they tell you when you're pregnant is not to drink anymore. Just doesn't matter for me. Don't have to worry about it.

Jason: Are you sure?

Carly: Dr. Meadows is.

Jason: Did she say why?

Carly: She mentioned something about the fall I took when A.J. shoved me down the stairs. God, I hate him. I hate him so much. Not only did he kill the baby that I was carrying, but he may have taken away a chance of me ever having another child again. You know what? No. I don't accept it. I donít. I won't. A.J. -- I'm not going to let him take that much from me and Sonny. You know, Dr. Meadows, she said that I might be a candidate for fertility treatments, so she set up an appointment with someone from Mercy and I'm going to start. I'm going to start right away tomorrow, and it's going to work. It'll --

Jason: Instead of talking yourself into believing that, maybe you should just sit with this for a while?

Carly: I can't, Jason. Sonny wants to have another baby right away. He told me that last night.

Jason: And Sonny loves you. That's not going to change whether you have more kids or not.

Carly: It's not that simple, Jason. As much as Sonny wants another child, it is -- it's as much as he fears even trying it. Look, if he finds out that I cannot conceive, he's going to take it as some kind of sign from God that he's not worthy of being a father or that it's like some -- some punishment or something. I can't let that happen. No. You know what? We're going to be okay. We're going to be happy. We're going to be a family again. I just have to find out a way.

Jason: Just hold on, hold on. This -- I know this seems bad. It doesn't have to be as bad as you're making it. Just tell Sonny what happened.

Carly: No, Jason, I can't, and you have to promise me that you won't tell him, either.

Jason: It's not my place to talk to anybody about whether or not you can have kids, okay? But I think you should give Sonny the chance to help you.

Jax: Jason. Hey, we have some business to discuss, so if your friend will excuse us.

Carly: No, Jason's not going anywhere.

Jax: Well, that could be a problem.

Petra: Mr. Quartermaine, your granddaughter is here. She claims to have information that will affect the future of E.L.Q.

Edward: Well, then, by all means, send her in.

Petra: Oh, but, Sir, you specifically warned me not to trust her. You said I should never let her inside this room.

Edward: My dear, I told you never to let Skye in here alone. But, you see, I'm here now. And if my granddaughter has some valuable information, I'd like to hear what she has to say, so you can let her in. Thank you, Petra. Well, Skye, my, how beautiful you look. What brings you here? Did we forget some personal item when we packed up your things?

Skye: Gloating is not only unattractive, Edward, but it's a waste of your time and mine, so I will get to the point. Now, listen very carefully because I will only make this offer once. You either cut me back into the business at E.L.Q. or I will make it my life's work to destroy this company. Now, you've seen me in action. You know that I can do it.

Edward: Oh, I can only assume that Jax has promised you E.L.Q. on a silver platter. I'm very touched, Skye. I had no idea that under this confident, self-assured exterior there lives a very naive little girl.

Skye: Now, you listen to me very carefully. If I walk out that door without regaining my position as C.E.O., E.L.Q. won't even survive the next fiscal year.

Edward: And what if you get what you want, Skye? You might realize that your position is not nearly as stable as you imagine once Jax kisses you good-bye and rides off into the sunset with E.L.Q.

Skye: Jax doesn't give a damn about E.L.Q. He gave his proxy vote to Lila.

Edward: Because he is good, Skye. He's the very best. If I had my druthers, I would like to have had him on my side. But over the years, I've come to know his M.O. And I've also come to recognize his classic Jax setup. And you, my dear, are it. Oh, Jax made a wonderful grandstand play for your trust, and, bingo, it worked.

Skye: Jax has proven himself to me more than once. It's going to take more than you and your innuendo to shake my faith in him.

Edward: My innuendo? Oh, forgive me. Oh, please, I've just been too subtle. You want some details? Airtram Industries, the Klaxton Group, world luxury resorts -- those are only three of the companies that Jax has successfully raided. And you contact any one of the wives of these former C.E.O.s, and you'll find out how Jax was able to carry off his coups. You see, what he does -- he breaks down the company from the inside out. He zeros in on -- on a vulnerable female, and he romances her until he gets all the information that he wants. And then he dismantles the company and he dumps her. All, oh, very charmingly, of course. No one can ever say that Jax is not a gentleman. Now, I can't speak for those women that he used as to whether or not the pleasure of his company was worth the price.

Skye: That's a disgusting lie.

Edward: Oh -- why would I lie about something that is so easily proven? Jax's acquisitions are public knowledge, and so are the divorces that he has left in his wake. Skye, you -- Jax is a businessman first, and you are just the means to his end. And your trust is the tool that he needs to bring down E.L.Q.

Skye: Well, we seem to have gotten off the subject. How convenient for you.

Edward: You want a place in E.L.Q.? You might even deserve one. But you sure as hell won't get one from me, lady, until you can prove to me that you are no longer vulnerable to jasper Jax.

Skye: Oh. This -- this is a trap, and I am not falling in. Now, you are going to remember and regret this moment the rest of your life.

Carly: Look, the numbers -- they speak for themselves. The club's through the roof.

Jax: Yeah, even though don't you think this number is a little high for premium vodka?

Carly: Only the best for my customers.

Jax: How many of your customers actually requested this particular brand?

Carly: You know, you'd be shocked, Jax.

Jax: No, I'd be shocked if you actually knew what went on here while you were gone.

Carly: Why are you picking on me? I let in a friend that you don't approve of, and all of a sudden you're jumping down my throat?

Jax: No, I'm simply pointing out that despite that your life may be in turmoil, you still have a club to run.

Carly: Oh, excuse me for almost dying.

Jax: Well, evidently you've made a full recovery. Tell you the truth, I thought you'd be back long before this. If you have other priorities, I understand that. But this clubs needs hands-on management, so if you can't provide that, then, you know, perhaps you should consider stepping down.

Carly: Perhaps you should consider getting a life because I will do no such thing. This is my club, it's my dream, and I'm not stepping down for you or anyone else.

Jax: Good. I'm glad to hear that. So you'll do your job, then? I'll be in tonight with a guest, so I expect to see the place packed.

Carly: Yeah, and it will be. And Jason's going to be here as my guest, so I hope you don't have a problem with it.

Jax: Well, you know, that remains to be seen. Carly, I thought this whole idea behind this -- this club was to get a life of your own, to get away from Sonny.

Carly: Plans change.

Jax: Yeah, that's true. Sometimes you have to make adjustments.

Jason: I got to tell you, you did some stupid things while I was gone.

Carly: Thanks.

Jason: Turning Sonny in to the Feds -- that would have to top the list. But going into business with Jax is a close second.

Carly: I was mad.

Jason: So you wanted to make a big statement about how you don't need Sonny, right? Right. Well, now the mortgage to your club is held by a guy who not only hates Sonny's guts but he's totally untrustworthy.

Carly: Jax would never double-cross me.

Jason: All you have to do is give him a reason.

Carly: You know what? Who cares? You know, I used to be obsessed with this place. It was my idea, my creation. But really, tell me what it matters compared to a baby.

Gia: Lucky, what was I supposed to do?

Lucky: I don't know, Gia. How about honor your contract with Deception? Respect me? Do you remember when we first started working together? We didn't like each other much then, either, but we made magic and you know it. And that carried us a long way. And I thought that meant something to both of us.

Gia: Look, I wasn't trying to hurt or betray our working relationship, Lucky. It was a cover shoot with one of the three best photographers in the world. It was the only time he could do it. But I'm here now. Doesn't that count for something?

Lucky: It's already too late. The moment you breached your contract, we flew in another model to cover for you.

Gia: Who?

Lucky: A bigger name. And if the pictures come out as well as I think, your reign with Deception as their signature model is going to be over. See you around.

Felicia: There's exactly $1 million in cash.

Roy: $1 million in nonsequential serial numbers so it can't be traced. So, assuming this is -- this is clear -- I mean, what -- what --

[Knock on door]

Felicia: Oh, God.

Roy: Uh --

Felicia: Oh, God.

Roy: We got to get it.

Felicia: Okay --

Roy: Just a second! Can you --

Felicia: Oh --

Roy: Yeah.

Felicia: Hang on, hang on, hang on.

Roy: Yeah.

Felicia: Hang on, hang on --

Roy: Just a second. Taggert. Hey. Come in, man. What's -- what are you doing here?

Taggert: Sorry I didn't call. It's official business. Merry Christmas.

[Music plays]

Carly: Hey, R.C., listen, Jason Morgan, who you met this afternoon --

R.C.: Mm-hmm.

Carly: He's coming back tonight as my guest, and I want to make sure that everything is taken care of for him, okay?

R.C.: Oh, yeah, sure. Don't worry about it.

Carly: Thank you.

R.C.: Okay.

Carly: Hey, partner. So, is it packed enough for you?

Jax: Well, it looks pretty good. I'm glad not to see Sonny or Jason in the house.

Carly: Well, Sonny doesn't particularly like coming here for reasons you can probably figure out. But Jason is coming, so if you don't want to see him, I suggest you stay out of my vicinity.

Jax: I'm not trying to be arbitrary --

Carly: Oh, hi. Guys, how are you doing?

Sarah: Good.

Carly: So, I guess you're here for Nikolas' party?

Lucky: Nikolas?

Carly: Yeah, the press. The famous P.R. person, Zoe. Nikolas is throwing a party for Gia's first cover shoot.

Nikolas: What's wrong? You seem like you don't want to be here at all.

Gia: I'm nervous. And I feel bad about blowing off the Deception shoot.

Nikolas: Forget Deception because you are going to be a star.

Gia: How can you say that? You know, if it weren't for Deception, no one would be taking my picture except for my mother. And stars burn out.

Nikolas: Well, maybe, but not this one. Certainly not you. Come on. Your public awaits.

Zoe: May I have everyone's attention, please? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the fashion world's newest sensation, Gia Campbell.


Jax: See? That's exactly the kind of publicity this club needs.

Carly: You know what? You have a lot of nerve looking down your nose at friends of mine. Oh -- look, Lady Godiva just walked in.

Jax: You look beautiful.

Skye: Thank you.

Jax: I expected you sooner. What was the delay?

A.J.: I'm going to grab us some sodas. Will you be all right?

Courtney: Sure. Oh!

Man: I'm so sorry.

Courtney: It's -- it's okay. No harm done. It's okay.

Man: Sorry.

Carly: Uh, uh, uh -- no, no, no, no. I do not want this man served. You take back those drinks. And, A.J., you don't come to my club, so you either leave quietly or you give me the immense satisfaction of having your butt -- what are you looking Ė

Taggert: Um -- it should only take a couple days to pick up on the guy's trail.

Roy: Yeah -- that sounds good. I'll see what I can find out, and I'll -- I'll report back to Mac.

Taggert: All right. I'll let him know.

Roy: Good.

Taggert: Hey -- so what's the deal with you two? You -- you working a case or something?

Felicia: Yes. Roy offered to help me.

Taggert: Oh. And you just were so grateful, you decided to come over and help him paint his apartment?

Felicia: That's none of your business.

Roy: It improves, you know, your -- your brain enzymes or something.

Taggert: Oh, yeah, that's good.

Roy: Yeah.

Taggert: Why don't you keep Felicia out of the surveillance, okay? Mac gets a little nervous when he thinks she's going to get killed, you know?

Roy: Yeah, I'll keep that in mind. So, thanks for coming over, man.

Taggert: Okay.

Roy: I'll be in touch.

Taggert: Yeah.

Felicia: I guess you agreed not to tell the police about the money.

Roy: I guess we both agreed not to tell the police about the money.

Felicia: What are we going to do now?

Roy: Well, the money is going to stay in the box and the box is going to stay in the closet until I can figure out who I know -- or who I used to know -- who would go to such lengths as to set me up like this.

Felicia: Roy, it could be the opposite. Maybe you did something nice for someone and they're just repaying you.

Roy: Oh, wouldn't it be nice if the world worked like that? This is going to cost me somehow, Felicia. I got to decide if I'm willing to pay the price.

Felicia: Oh, so negative.

Roy: Excuse me.

Man: They found the money.

Petra: This is the most current information available on Mr. Jax's recent investments.

Edward: Well -- thank you, my dear.

Petra: If I may be so bold, why the sudden interest in Jax's activities?

Edward: Because, my dear, I intend to squash him like a bug. And Skye's going to help me.

[Edward laughs]

[Music plays]

Skye: Admit it. I was right when I convinced you not to close Carly's club when you thought that she was dead.

Jax: Well, the jury's still out on that one. It has its advantages -- being in business with Carly -- but it also has its drawbacks.

Skye: Oh. Trouble in paradise?

Jax: I was thinking about repositioning myself. Yeah, what about you? You never told me why you were held up this afternoon.

Skye: Oh, you know, I -- I got a call from my mother, and she was giving me advice that I didn't want to hear, as usual, and -- well, I don't want to get into it. What I really want to do right now is dance with you. Come on.

Jax: All right.

Lucky: Congratulations.

Nikolas: No, don't congratulate me. Congratulate Gia.

Lucky: No, no, not when you're the one that deserves the praise. I mean, you orchestrated this whole thing. But I have to ask myself why, though. Because Gia wasn't famous enough as a signature model for Deception? She had to have a higher profile? She had to be better for you? Right? Let me ask you this -- when is somebody officially good enough for Prince Cassadine?

Nikolas: Lucky, I am -- I -- I love her. All I'm doing is helping her dreams come true. That's it.

Lucky: No, no, no. You know what? Your dreams, brother. This is about you.

Carly: So, I see you have met Courtney, Sonny's sister. It's hard to believe they're related, isn't it? Not much of a family resemblance. But, then again, there's not much of a resemblance between you and A.J., thank God.

Courtney: You know, I thought a near-death experience would make you a nicer person. My mistake.

A.J.: Our mistake was coming here to begin with.

Carly: Yeah, you got that right. Now get out.

Jason: No, Carly, just let them stay.

Carly: Excuse me?

Jason: Yeah, you heard me.

Carly: And why would I want to do a thing like that?

Jason: Because it's what Sonny would want, the way he -- you should treat his sister with respect.

A.J.: I don't need you to interfere for me, Jason, okay? My wife and I are leaving.

Carly: What a couple from hell. A.J.'s a snake and Courtneyís not much better.

Jason: Why, because she told you off?

Carly: Don't take her side.

Jason: I'm not on anyone's side.

Carly: No, just mine, right?

Jason: Why else would I be here?

Carly: Because you know how much I need you.

Jason: You need to tell Sonny. You need to tell him what's happened to you.

Carly: No. Jason, no. I'm going to fix this myself, and then we're going to be happy again. I know it. I do. I know it.

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