GH Transcript Tuesday 6/18/02


General Hospital Transcript  Tuesday 6/18/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Janine: What are you doing on that side of the counter?

Courtney: It's no big deal.

Maxie: I was only trying to prove a point --

Felicia: Stop it and go to the car -- now!

Nikolas: If she wants to do a cover, she can do it.

Lucky: You have an exclusive contract to Deception.

Nikolas: Trevor? Yeah, it's Nikolas. I owe you one.

Jax: If Edward doesn't give up his claim to E.L.Q., then I’ll decimate the Quartermaine fortune.

Roy: Hey.

Felicia: Surprise.

Roy: Hi. What -- what's this?

Felicia: It's a thank-you gift for fixing my car the time that it broke down near the pier -- not to mention your good humor in the face of Maxie's embarrassing stunt.

Roy: Aw, Felicia, you shouldn't have. But since you did, what'd you bring me?

Felicia: Oh, no.

Roy: What?

Felicia: Get ready, because I am about to transform your life.

Nikolas: Do you know that I could almost forget what day it is just to spend the morning with you in bed?

Gia: Is staying in bed as long as you like one of the perks of being a prince?

Nikolas: Well, now, see, there are two kinds of Royalty -- the natural-born, the title kind, and the real thing, like you. You're natural Royalty, you know that? Born to dazzle, so special. God, Gia, this is it. You know that? The most beautiful woman in the world, on the planet, is about to pose for the world's most famous photographer. You are about to launch your reign. Do you know that?

Gia: My reign can start a little later. At the moment, I just want to lay here in your arms.

Nikolas: Well, no, because you need to get to the photo shoot in less than an hour, you see, because you're about to have everything you've ever wanted.

Gia: Well, everything I really want is right here in this room.

Nikolas: Maybe, but you deserve more. You deserve anything you want. And today you're going to get it.

Lucky: The ad people need everything messengered over by the end of the day. If not, the deal that my mom made will be going into golden time, so tell everybody that I need them ready. I told Gia she should've been in makeup about an hour ago. Don't worry. She'll be breezing in there in a few minutes. All right, so get it started and I'll be there in about 10. All right, bye.

Lucky: Hey.

A.J.: What's up?

Courtney: Oh, God, what a day for the two other girls to call in sick. Oh, wait. Here. I got six, seven, eight. Hey -- between your looks and charm and experience, you are going to have job offers flooding in.

A.J.: Yeah. Uh -- you know what? My first meeting's over on 21st Street. Do you -- you have another couple of bucks?

Courtney: You know what? All I have left is 54 cents. You better take the bus.

A.J.: Right. The bus. Why didn't I think of that?

Courtney: Well, you know where to catch it to get to 21st Street, right?

A.J.: Sure, yeah.

Courtney: Why don't you pick up a newspaper at the Bank Street newsstand across the street from the bus stop?

Man: Hey, babe -- hey, yeah, you, honey buns. I think you forgot my home fries.

A.J.: Who in the hell do you think you're talking to?

Alan: I'm sorry, I was –

Petra: No one sees Mr. Quartermaine without an appointment. If you wish to speak to him, you must call first.

Alan: Who are you?

Petra: Who are you and what is your business with the maestro?

Alan: The maestro?

Edward: At what percentage? Oh, good. Buy more. Buy everything you can get until noon and not a second after. Fine.

Jax: Did you enjoy your last meal, Edward? I truly hope so because you have bitten off more that you can chew.

Edward: Hmm. Well, as a matter of fact, I had a wonderful meal. I had Wilburton Limited over easy with a side of Krestman Properties.

Jax: You do realize that you have hastened your financial demise. A few months ago, Edward, I took your entire company out from underneath you without even breaking a sweat. It's not a good idea to provoke me.

Edward: My financial demise has been greatly exaggerated. I have never felt more fit, and I am hungry enough --

Skye: Why the hell am I locked out of my office and who do I have to kill to get back in?

Edward:   Merry Christmas.

Skye:  whoa, what are you --

Edward: You don't have an office anymore, Skye, and your name will not be found on any door here at E.L.Q. I was thinking of putting it on the custodian's door, but since I'm doing all the cleanup from the mess you left, I realized that that won't work. You need to also know that you no longer hold controlling interest in the company that I started from scratch. And you, young lady, are very lucky to be sleeping with a wealthy man who can keep you fed and clothed as long as you maintain his interest. After that, you're going to find yourself out on the street with your brother A.J.., groveling. So, if you both will excuse me, I have some more pirating to do. Have a nice day.

Jax: It's why I asked you to breakfast.

Skye: Please tell me those were the rantings of a delusional man.

Jax: Look, Edward -- Edward took advantage of your trip to Bangkok, okay? He pulled off something of a coup, but, really, it's no big deal. Don't worry about it. Just --

Skye: "Don't worry about it"? What -- I go out of town on an emergency call and I get a call from Thailand that I'm not C.E.O. anymore? What should I do? What should I say?

Jax: Okay, calm down, calm down, calm down --

Skye: "Gee, easy come, easy go"? Or "why didn't my silent partner give me a call?"

Jax: I did call. I left you a message --

Skye: Oh, "Edward's on the move"?

Jax: Look, Skye, I know how you feel, all right, but just --

Skye: No, you don't know how I feel, Jax! You don't know how I feel. But you know what? I can help you out with that.

Jax: Skye -- whew. Sorry.

A.J.: This is my wife. You want something from her, you say, "Excuse me, Miss," not, "Hey, babe." And you can save "honey buns" for the bimbo that's waiting for you at the rat hole you call home.

Man: I'm sorry, man. I guess your wife, honey buns, forgot her tiara at home today.

Courtney: A.J., no, no, no, no.

A.J.: I'm A.J. Quartermaine, you moron.

Courtney: Your home fries are coming, okay?

Man: Yeah. You're a Quartermaine like I'm Bill Gates. You know, your fries are your tip.

A.J.: And stay away, you --

Courtney: Look, I know you love me and want to protect me, but that moron tipped me 10 bucks yesterday. We need all the tips we can get, A.J.

A.J.: You don't belong in this apron. Serving home fries to creeps like that -- you don't. In fact, you know what? You should bag this job. I don't want you here anymore.

Courtney: Hey, I can deal with waiting tables, okay? I've done it since I was a teenager, which was when I learned how to handle creeps like that -- by politely shutting them down. What I can't handle is seeing you upset, so maybe you shouldn't come by during my shifts anymore.

A.J.: You know what? I'm -- I'm going to turn this whole thing around. I'm going to get a great job, and I'm going to get you out of this apron.

Courtney: I don't mind the apron.

A.J.: I do.

Courtney: A.J., come on. And I was serious before -- you are going to come home with your pick of jobs. You're smart. You have a great personality. You ran E.L.Q. and you outperformed the previous earnings thingy.

A.J.: Yeah.

Courtney: Listen, every single person who will see you will want you.

A.J.: I'm not going to let you down.

Courtney: I know.

A.J.: I promise.

Courtney: Okay.

Felicia: I'm not making this up. There have been scientific studies on the effects of color in human brain enzymes. You know, when you go into a restaurant, the menu is usually in red? That's because the color red stimulates that gland that -- whatever that gland is that's in the mouth -- to tell the body that you're hungry. Now, in the house, the brighter the walls, the brighter the outlook, the greater the quality of life.

Roy: Okay, so you think that my quality of life needs an upgrade?

Felicia: Oh, Roy, everybody's quality of life needs an upgrade.

Roy: What if I said I like my life?

Felicia: You'll like your life a whole lot better with the fresh coat of paint.

Roy: The thing is, see, this place -- I rent this place from Jake --

Felicia: Oh, I've already spoken with Jake, and it's okay. So you go ahead, you do your errands, and I'll stay here and I'll be fine.

Roy: You're serious? Well, no -- no man worth a coat of primer is going to let a woman paint his inner walls by herself.

Felicia: I can lock a full-grown man in a chokehold. Doing the paint job in here is like a little bit of work for me.

Roy: Prove it.

Felicia: Okay. Well, I mean, I got permission --

Roy: Oh, I didn't mean the paint job. I meant the chokehold.

Felicia: Now, wouldn't it be a whole lot easier just to say "thank you"?

Roy: Well, you know, actually --

Felicia: Oh --

Roy: You're right. So, thank you.

Gia: So, your mother lives in Port Charles?

Man: Take the blush down a notch. Yeah, she lives about 15 miles north of here, so I get to work and visit Mom.

Gia: Hmm.

Man: Good. You know what? I'm going to change my mind. Let's go with the other earrings.

Woman: Hi. I'm Zoe Hernandez. I'm the publicist.

Nikolas: Yes, yes, Nikolas Cassadine.

Zoe: I know. I take it you approve?

Nikolas: She looks incredible.

Zoe: She's one of those beautiful women other women envy. First she gets gorgeous looks. Then she gets a fiancé with enough pull to bag her a "Tempo" cover story. Please tell me she doesn't have great metabolism.

Nikolas: I didn't -- I didn't get her this cover, Zoe. She got it because she is talented and beautiful.

Zoe: Right. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to imply otherwise.

Man: Okay, people, let's do this. You are flawless.

Lucky: Take another look.

Man: Is there a problem?

Lucky: Yeah. Your flawless model is in breach of contract.

Nikolas: Donovan, let me handle this.

Lucky: No, you know what? Your name isn't on the contract. Hers is.

Nikolas: This is not the time. This is Gia's big chance.

Gia: Look, there seems to be some sort of miscommunication, so I'll just need a second to set it straight.

Donovan: All right. Gia's going to take five. I want everyone else to stay put. I booked you for this time to catch this light. I need you back.

Gia: Okay.

Lucky: What the hell are you thinking?

Gia: I'm thinking I'm doing the cover of "Tempo" with Ian Donovan Sabatini.

Lucky: Yeah, well, you're supposed to be at the studio doing the reshoot of the reshoot that you walked out on. Now, we've pushed this date back twice now. We need those photographs today.

Nikolas: Gia can do your shoot this afternoon. Three or four hours, man. It's not a matter of life and death.

Lucky: No. Gia can do this photo shoot this afternoon.

Nikolas: Okay, listen, listen, I will cover any overage for the crew and anything else, okay?

Gia: Lucky, these people came all the way from Pine Valley just to do this shoot.

Lucky: You should've had them come on a day that you weren't already booked.

Nikolas: I see. You're jealous because Gia's moving up and you're not, so here you are trying to sabotage this.

Lucky: No. No, you see, if we don't get those prints developed and send them off to the ad people, Mom loses all sorts of money for expensive space that she's already paid for.

Nikolas: Okay, Lucky, Lucky, I told you I would cover it, okay?

Lucky: Nikolas, this is a domino effect. See, Deception's launching a whole new line. And for B, C, D, and E to happen, we need A. And you know what? We wouldn't even be having this conversation if you wouldn't have pulled Gia off the set the other day.

Nikolas: I will call Mom and I will make it right, okay?

Lucky: No. No. You know what? The only way to make it right is for you to honor your word and your contract and do the Deception shoot right now.

Gia: Lucky, this is Donovan Sabatini.

Lucky: I don't care if it's Ansel Adams or Pablo Picasso back from the dead. My mother is counting on you.

Donovan: Gia, the light.

Nikolas: Let Donovan do the shoot and e-mail it to you.

Lucky: No, see, I booked Gia this morning for the same reason that he did -- I want her fresh. And, personally, I don't want his leftovers. Now, this isn't about my ego. It's about your respect for my mother, the person who made you her company's signature model when "Tempo" would've never even returned your phone calls.

Donovan: All right, people, let's go. Gia, come on. I need you. Let's go.

Gia: I'm sorry. Yeah, I guess I'm betting that Laura seeing me as a subject of a major cover story will be an asset to Deception.

Lucky: Gia, there are thousands of girls that would jump through hoops for this job that you're ditching. Now, I really -- I really hope that this "Tempo" job works out for you. Because if it doesn't and you do this, you're cutting all ties off with Deception.

Donovan: And she's back. And I still think she's flawless. Okay, Gia, look over here. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Look over here and look this way. Look up at me. Okay, next you look at me, let your eyes do the smiling. Perfect. Ready? Okay, look down. Look over your right. Perfect. Stay right there. I love that. Everything's perfect right there. Terry, I need a little bit more light on her left side, please.

Courtney: Sorry about the wait. Breakfast is still being served if you want that. Special is eggs benedict. If you want lunch, the blue plate is Caesar salad with grilled chicken. Don't tell me. Let me guess. You want a hamburger burned with French fries. You guys always do.

Jason: "You guys"?

Courtney: Yeah. Investment bankers dressing down for your morning off. I can spot you every time.

A.J.: I'm leaving the family business because I'm ready to expand on my own. As far as references go -- well, my grandfather’s a little quirky, you know. Feel free to make some calls, but please keep in mind that you will be speaking with people that are in business with my grandfather and he wasn't exactly thrilled about my decision to leave the company. Yes, the -- ahem -- RICO charges were manufactured by my grandfather to keep me at E.L.Q. He sees me as critical to the future of the company. But you don't have to worry. There's no validity in those charges or that my focus on the job will be distracted. Well, I didn't -- I didn't actually finish college. I was too busy working my way up the ladder of a multinational corporation. Computer software? Well, I'm comfortable with computers. Software is part of computers, right?

Alan: Hmm, you're good. You're very, very good.

Monica: Isn't this special. Keep it up and we'll be on the streets in no time.

Alan: Uh -- Monica, this is Edward's new assistant, Petra. Petra, this is my wife, Monica.

Petra: Your husband is holding a lot of tension in his neck.

Monica: Oh, well, we're facing bankruptcy. That happens. What exactly do you assist Edward with?

Petra: I keep him fortified so he can win his battles against the thugs and thieves and ingrates he must deal with daily.

Alan: Petra, could you give us a moment alone, please?

Petra: In the maestro's office?

Alan: Well, I'll take full responsibility if my father has a problem with it, okay? Thank you so much.

Monica: "Maestro"? You got to be kidding.

Alan: Oh, don't jump to conclusions. I'm just trying to win her trust.

Monica: You weren't coaxing Edward into retirement like you were supposed to be doing. Come on, Alan. Jax is going to pulverize E.L.Q., leave us penniless, unless we get Edward into retirement.

Alan: Having Petra in our back pocket will be a big help.

Monica: Well, she was looking for a lot more than just your back pocket.

Alan: She is a potential ally that has useful information.

Monica: Oh, and you would've gotten a lot of information if I'd let you two alone for another 10 minutes. Did you manage to get any information before you were waylaid?

Alan: She was here when I walked in.

Monica: Hmm.

Alan: What?

Monica: List. "Jax's Top-10 Performers," and Edward has crossed out two, which means he's out to raid Jax's stock portfolio.

Alan: Well, if Father's already gone into action, that means that we're at war and we have very little time left.

Monica: Certainly no time for back rubs.

Alan: Can you please let it go?

Monica: I'm not going to have Edward jeopardize our family's security. I mean it. He has got to be stopped.

Edward: Stopped? I don't think so. And I pity the poor fool who tries.

Jax: Skye, let me in.

Skye: Go away!

Jax: Come on, Skye. If you want to destroy something, let's destroy Edward, okay? Skye, come on. Unlock the chain!

Skye: Ooh! Ah!

Jax: Okay, okay, okay --

Skye: Jax, let go of me!

Jax: Stop it, stop it, stop it.

Skye: Let go of me! Let -- Jax, let go of me!

Jax: Okay, okay, okay. This is your strategy -- you throw a tantrum? Come on, stop, all right?

Skye: Let go of me now.

Jax: Listen to me. If you can't stand to lose a couple of rounds, then maybe you should get out of the game.

Skye: Oh, this "game" you're talking about, Jax -- this is my life, all right? I didn't simply lose rounds. I lost knowing who my parents were. I lost that sense of identity and belonging that every other kid had, all right? I wasn't -- I wasn't outsmarted. I was sold and years later informed that I was neither wanted nor missed by my family. Do you really think that this company is about business to me? I mean, where have you been all this time? Tell me, who've you been sleeping with? Not me. Taking over E.L.Q. was about more than -- than getting revenge on my grandfather. It was about proving that I was better, faster, smarter than any of the Quartermaines, the old man included. And no one thought that I could do it. Well, I did it, all right? No one saw it coming, but I did it. And maybe I didn't do it single-handedly, but, then again, none of them thought that I could ever get you to take a second look. I didn't only hurt grandfather’s pride when I kicked him out of E.L.Q., I earned his respect, and I kept it every single time that he tried to force or trick or badger me out. Pushing me out was his way of saying that I'm a mistake, disposable, a misfit, Jax. And you let it happen. You let me think that I had somebody watching my back, and your only explanation to me is you tried to call? I -- Jax, you -- you climb sheer ice walls that are 10 stories high. You want to get something done, it gets done. You just didn't care enough. Or maybe -- I don't know -- maybe you -- you were momentarily caught playing another game that had your attention, huh? Well, I certainly made a mistake by letting my guard down against my grandfather because I thought that you were watching my back. But you know what? No more. That's it. I am cutting my losses and I'm folding.

Jax: Skye -- I'm not going to let you fold.

Alan: Father, there's something you need to know.

Edward: Get on with it.

Alan: We got the report on your heart. Seems that the cardiac surgery was not as successful as we thought it would be. Your heart muscle is not very strong. As a matter of fact, it's too weak for another surgery. It's even too weak for you to go back to work. Now, if you decide to go back to work, your chances of survival are slim to none. So, what we recommend is an open-ended retirement, maybe an extended cruise.

Edward: I hate cruises. I'd rather be caught dead. In fact, I would rather keel over right now than be trapped on a ship with a bunch of creaky old retirees.

Monica: Okay. Forget that. You know, you could hire a yacht, and you and Lila could just sail the Mediterranean. Or you could take up painting, like Winston Churchill did.

Edward: My best medicine is power. Just this morning, I -- I closed a deal on a chain of department stores.

Alan: Since when have you been interested in retail?

Edward: Since Jasper Jacks set his sights on Wilburton Limited. Swallowing it up before that Aussie raider could dot his I's and cross his T’s was better for my well-being than a month at a spa. I have never felt healthier or more invigorated in my life. Now, I have work to do. And not a word to Lila about that -- that other stuff.

Monica: Well, now you've got us involved in an idiot medical hoax that Edward's going to debunk in a phone call.

Alan: Look, it was the best I could do on short notice. Did you have a better idea?

Monica: Well, I kind of like the one where you scoured his office and came up with something against him instead of getting back rubs from Petroushka. Well, the weak heart story isn't going to fly, Alan. We're just going to have to sit Edward down and reason with him.

Alan: Reason with Father?

Monica: Yes.

Alan: When did you ever know that to work? No, we have to stretch the medical story even further.

Monica: You're kidding me.

Alan: I am -- I am not kidding you. We'll build on it. We'll make him think he's going to die tomorrow or maybe the next day.

Monica: It's never going to work.

Alan: It will work –

Roy: A P.I. needs to blend in. You don't blend in.

Felicia: I can when necessary. May I put this lamp in the closet so it doesn't get splattered with paint?

Roy: Uh -- yeah. We'll have to clear some of that junk out of the way. There's a dumpster out behind Jake’s.

Felicia: Don't you want to sort through it first?

Roy: You know, I've been meaning to get rid of this stuff since I moved in. Might as well do it.

Felicia: Okay. Whatever you say.

Roy: Some of it --

[Felicia grunts]

Roy: Let me get that.

Felicia: Oh, no. It's okay. I got it.

Roy: No --

Felicia: I got it.

Roy: Come on. Let me have it.

Felicia: Well -- wow.

Roy: What?

Felicia: This photo of you.

[Felicia whistles]

Felicia: When was it taken?

Roy: Oh, it was one of my assignments for the Feds.

Felicia: Not a good memory?

Roy: Well, you know, the thing is, with that kind of work, you start to think that you really are the person you're pretending to be sometimes.

Felicia: Oh, and this wasn't the guy you wanted to be?

Roy: He was everything I wanted to be and everything I thought I'd turn out to be once I got out from under the government, but, you know -- I mean, look at me all these years later. I'm free, and what am I doing? I'm scoping out two-bit thugs for the local P.D. I'm tending bar for a living. I'm living behind another bar. I'm fixing my life through the magic of paint. It's not -- that part about the paint was uncalled for.

Felicia: Hmm?

Roy: No -- you know, you're obviously right. I -- I need a brighter outlook. You know. What was it I was going to get at the store? Wasn't I going to go to the store?

Felicia: Paint thinner.

Roy: Paint thinner, yeah. Why don't I just go do that?

Felicia: Okay.

Roy: I'll be right back. Felicia -- you know, about that -- that tirade --

Felicia: Tirade? I didn't hear a tirade.

Roy: Thanks.

Felicia: Okay.

Donovan: Stop smiling. High fashion is very serious. Good. That's it. Okay, now, I'm serious. Just do that again. It's perfect. Hold it. Beautiful. Keep it turning. Put one arm up on the wall. Bring it up.

Nikolas: I don't --

Donovan: Beautiful.

Nikolas: I don't care how much it costs. Just make it happen and fast, okay? I want the buzz around town to be that Gia is going to be huge. Use every connection you have. By this time next week, I want her to be positioned as the next supermodel, okay?

Zoe: Got it.

Nikolas: I want the world at her feet.

Zoe: Gia's feet. The planet. Check.

Nikolas: Thank you. Keep in touch.

Zoe: I will.

Nikolas: Okay.

Lucky: Huh.

Nikolas: You have something new to criticize? You hate the fact that the shoot is going on. You hate the fact that Gia is doing quite well. In fact, you can't tear yourself away from this shoot because this is an opportunity you wish you had but you're just too proud to admit it.

Lucky: Hey, speaking of pride, what would Gia think if she knew that you were buying her success?

Nikolas: Come on, Lucky, take a look. I'm not buying anything for Gia. I am simply supporting her dreams, her hard work, her dedication. You want to tell her? Go ahead. She'll understand that sometimes you have to make your own breaks, you know?

Lucky: See, I think where you're confused is the philosophy only works when Gia's making her own breaks. You see, when somebody else is pulling strings for her, it gives her a false sense of reality, which I'm sure that Gia doesn't appreciate.

Nikolas: You see her? She has what it takes, man. And all I want is for her to be able to live every one of her dreams because I love her. Now, if you would pull your head out of the sand and realize that being on the cover of "Tempo" magazine doesn't only benefit Deception and our mother but it benefits you.

Lucky: Spoken like a true Cassadine.

Nikolas: You know, Lucky, all I'm doing is what's good for the woman I love.

Lucky: Good for Gia or what's good for you? Think about it.

Woman: Oh, Miss?

[Woman whistles]

Woman: Could you -- I need to -- could you please come over -- I don't have time. Could you just -- I ordered over-easy eggs. These are not over-easy.

Courtney: I think that's what our cook calls over easy, but if you just give me --

Woman: Yeah, well, I've been waiting here for almost 15 minutes.

Courtney: I'm really sorry. Look, we're short and it's really busy --

Woman: Not my problem. I'm going to be late for work.

Jason: Over-easy eggs.

Woman: Thank you.

[Key in lock]

Felicia: Ooh, ooh, ooh.

Roy: I don't remember locking this door. Hey, what are you doing?

Courtney: Hey, I -- I just wanted to thank you for your help with that customer over there. I'm new here, and I really don't need the complaints.

Jason: All I did was hand the lady a plate of eggs.

Courtney: Yeah, well, you came to my rescue, so I owe you.

Jason: I thought someone should cut you a break.

Courtney: You know, most people don't even notice the waitress unless their order is wrong. And then some people just look and you don't want them to, but that's another story. I have no idea how I will ever repay you.

Jason: I do.

Courtney: Look, I am happily married to a wonderful man who I am madly in love with, so --

Jason: That's great. Could I get another order of eggs?

Courtney: Oh -- ahem.

Skye: You won't let me fold? What are you going to do, watch my back in case my grandfather tries to ambush me? You know what? I am -- I am done listening to you. I am. I mean, whatever we were, we are not anymore. No way. I -- this is why I hate relationships. I do. I fall into one, and I start trusting and I start believing, and before I know it I am relying on some man and I'm relying on him some more, and then I end up making the same stupid mistakes all over again.

Jax: Skye, you're obviously jet-lagged, so --

Skye: I'm not too tired to know when I've been stabbed in the back. Now, please, just get out of my way so I can go pack my clothes.

Jax: If you want out of the personal relationship -- you know what? It's not what I want, but -- but I can't keep reassuring you forever. I mean, if you want to think that I betrayed you, then you're going to believe that regardless of the truth. But I'm still going after Edward because this time he's gone too far. Look, by the time I realized that he'd cut you out of E.L.Q., it was too late. There was nothing that I could do. I warned him, I told him to back off, and in his response he made a move on two of my holdings. I will get you back the stock you've lost, Skye. Look, you're in this game whether you like it or not. But if you don't want to play your hand, then I'll play it for you. Either way, the game goes on. But I won't let it end until we win.

Lucky: You're beautiful. You're making my heart stop. Stop it. No, no, I'm just kidding. Actually, you're not. Just go ahead. Give me more. That's right. That's right, baby. Just me and you. You're the best I'll ever have. All right, I'll tell you what. Make love to me with your eyes. Come on, look at me. All right. So -- you know what? Ahem. Let's just take five. Can you put some color in her face for me? Thank you. Hey.

Sarah: Hey. Tough day?

Lucky: Sometimes I don't think my mom pays me enough money.

Sarah: Hmm. I thought you were shooting Gia.

Lucky: Yeah, well, Miss Big Shot is working with a bigger name, thanks to her high-and-mighty boyfriend. Nikolas has made it his decision to make Gia, like, the most successful model of all time. He actually used his connections he got from Deception, if you can believe the nerve. So he got her hooked up with this famous photographer as opposed to me.

Sarah: Gia bailed on your shoot?

Lucky: Yeah. Which is why I'm trying to make salvage of this human train wreck over here.

Sarah: Yeah, I -- I recognize her. Chanel? She was huge four or five years ago.

Lucky: Yeah? Well, she's not anymore, and I know why. She's impossible to shoot. She's got no fire, she's got no spark. Gia was, like, a colossal pain in my butt, but this experience is letting me know how good she really was.

Roy: Felicia, what are you doing?

Felicia: I thought I'd shift things around a bit, give us some room to paint.

Roy: Oh. Well, here's the thinner. And don't worry about those boxes because they're headed for the dumpster. What the hell am I doing? I'm holding onto a bunch of junk in boxes I haven't opened for two years? It's absurd. So just grab that one. Come on.

Felicia: Where are we going?

Roy: We're going to the dumpster. I just -- the trash truck is due any minute.

Felicia: You're pulling my leg.

Roy: No, I'm not. Is that a request?

Felicia: Don't you want to check what's in this box? May be something in here that you want.

Roy: If I haven't wanted it in two years, I really don't want it, do I? I mean, that's a good yardstick for throwing something away. So we got to get a move on or I'm going to miss the truck. I'll have to hold onto it for another week here. Come on.

Felicia: Roy, you really want to throw this box away? This box here that I'm holding in my hands?

Roy: Unless you can give me a really good reason not to, yeah.

Felicia: It's full of cash!

Skye: You talk a good game. You know, I fell for it once, but I'm not going to be suckered again. You ever get the best of my grandfather, you send me a certified check. And as for my clothes, you can trash them.

Courtney: On the house.

Jason: That's not necessary.

Courtney: No. You sacrificed your first order for me, and, maybe even better, you made me laugh. Well, the situation did.

Jason: It had to be the situation. Nobody thinks I'm funny.

Courtney: Well, you don't smile much.

Jason: Most people don't think the truth is funny.

Courtney: Well, what do they know? Um -- so, do you think that maybe you were one of those people born without a sense of humor?

Jason: No. I used to have one, but I lost it a while ago.

Courtney: So, how do you think you lost your sense of humor?

Jason: It's a long story.

Courtney: Well, I would love to hear it sometime. Hey.

A.J.: Why is my wife making nice with the man who threatened to kill me?

Courtney: What?

A.J.: This is Jason, my brother.

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