GH Transcript Friday 6/7/02


General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/7/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Courtney: We're going to be just fine.

Sonny: Give the money to Courtney. Here you go.

Lucky: Elizabeth --

Elizabeth: No explanation necessary. How can I be such an idiot?

Jason: At least now you know the truth.

Nikolas: Nobody takes anything away from me.

Gia: You sound just like your father.

Zander: You want to tell me, Sonny, where all this loyalty has gotten me?

Sonny: Your employment with me is terminated.

Lucky: Hey, Sarah, it's me. Listen, I got your message. Give me a call, and if I don't pick up, by chance, it's because my model hasn't -- excuse me, I'm sorry. She just showed up. Let me know when and where you're going to be. We need to talk. You’re late -- again.

Gia: I'm 15 minutes early.

Lucky: I left a message at Wyndemere last night. Didn't you get it?

Gia: No. But I'm here now, so let's go. Didn't we already do this dress?

Lucky: Yes, we did do it. Mom didn't like your hair, so we're doing a re-shoot. I left all this on the message last night.

Gia: Well, leave it on my voice mail next time, okay?

Lucky: Okay. I'm going to call the stylists and let them know that you finally made it.

Florence: Sorry to interrupt. Hi, honey. You left your cell phone and your book at my apartment last night. I thought you might need them.

Gia: Thanks, Mom.

Florence: You're welcome. Well. You call me if you want to talk.

Gia: Okay.

Florence: I'd better go now. Sorry to interrupt.

Lucky: That's all right. That explains why you didn't get my message. You didn't stay at Wyndemere last night, did you?

Elizabeth: Can I get a B.L.T., hold the mayo, and a Cobb? Thanks. Hi, what can I get you? Special is chili, dessert is peach cobbler, and Lucky's room's upstairs on your left. Oh, but you already know that, don't you?

Sarah: Look, I am -- I went to Bobbie’s and she said you were working. Can you take a break or something, please?

Elizabeth: You know what? I said everything I wanted to last night.

A.J.: Maybe we should've stayed outside. Less chance of being chased away for vagrancy.

Courtney: Well, I want to introduce myself to the manager when she gets in.

A.J.: Why?

Courtney: That's usually the first step to getting a job as a waitress.

A.J.: What? You're not going to work here.

Courtney: We have to pay the rent somehow, and we can't stay with my dad for more than a couple of days.

A.J.: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Time out. No, 20-second here. We are not living with your dad, no.

Courtney: It is only until we can work something out that's better.

A.J.: Courtney, no. You signed on to this marriage for love, not to be chucked out on the street by some pit viper I affectionately call Grandfather.

Courtney: Don't let him get to you.

A.J.: Well, I just hate knowing that everyone is shaking their heads and telling you, "We warned you. Don't hook up with that loser."

Courtney: Don't say that about yourself. Come here. Hey.

A.J.: You know? What?

Courtney: You are a wonderful man. I knew that when I married you, and I know that now.

A.J.: You know, I have a lot of making up to do. I really do. I mean, I knew when I married you that you were beautiful and -- and independent and kind and loving and -- but I promise I'm going to turn this around. I am going to give you the life that you deserve on my own without owing anything to my grandfather. Okay?

Courtney: Okay.

Elizabeth: Hi. What can I get you?

Roscoe: Hey. I remember you from last winter. I'm sorry. I completely mishandled that situation on the pier. I was less than polite to you. Accept my apologies. And if I promise to be on my best behavior from now on, will you please allow me to eat here?

Zander: Hey. You stay away from her.

Carly: Look, I gave Zander the wrong idea, okay?

Jason: By climbing into bed with him?

Carly: I was mad. I mean, why should I be faithful to Sonny when he's not faithful to me?

Jason: Shh. Just leave me out of this.

Carly: Look, the point is I should've left Zander out of this. Okay? I wanted him to be someone he wasn’t. I missed you so much, but I turned him into a substitute for you and it really wasn't fair to anyone.

Jason: Did you tell him you love Sonny?

Carly: Yeah, about three million times.

Jason: Then he knew the deal going in, just like he knew there were rules to working for Sonny. Zander's the one who chose to push things and it blew up in his face. That is not your fault. And trust me, you can't fix it.

Carly: No, but I understand Zander. Look, he gets hurt and he acts out and he makes things worse for himself. Sound familiar?

Jason: You just swore to me that you were finished wrecking yourself.

Carly: Yes, and I am.

Jason: Okay.

Carly: Look, I'm going to quit while I'm ahead because this time Sonny and I are going to be okay, thanks to someone I know.

Jason: You and Sonny are going to be okay if you don't lie to him.

Carly: You know what? I'm happy you're home. But you know what? Once, just once, I would really like it if you showed up when I wasn't in the middle of a crisis. You know, I got to head for the bakery. You want to walk with me?

Jason: Sure.

Carly: Get some sticky buns.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Hold on one second. Yeah? When -- when did he get back? Does Sonny know? No, no. No, no. No. It's -- it's okay. I'll take -- I'll take care of it.

Carly: Trouble for Sonny?

Sonny: Alexis? What's wrong?

Alexis: It's just amazing to me how you can be so perceptive and generous one minute and then so jaw-droppingly obtuse the next.

Sonny: Okay, you know, we've always been honest with each other, right? So can we stop dancing and tell me what's wrong with you so we can start dealing with it?

Alexis: This is really difficult.

Sonny: Is this about us sleeping together? Because me getting back with Carly -- because I -- you know, I didn't -- I never meant for it to hurt you. That was not my intention.

Alexis: You are the most self-obsessed person I have ever met in my life. I have told you over and over again that I'm fine about you and Carly -- in fact, I'm more than fine. The fact that she's alive and she's well and you're with the woman that you want to be -- you're my friend and I'm happy for you.

Sonny: And I want you to be happy, too, so --

Alexis: And why do you think every time I'm not that it automatically has something to do with you?

Ned: Sonny doesn't get to decide who sees Alexis. He may be her client, he may even be her landlord, but he's not her jailer, all right? Just get out of my way. This is her penthouse! Get out of my way.

Alexis: Okay. Hi. How you doing? Obviously there's some sort of misunderstanding here. Johnny, when your employer is in my house as a guest, it doesn't give you the right to screen my other visitors. Ever. Ned, I -- it's great to see you, and this isn't a good time right now because I've got things that I have to take care of for my client. Sonny?

Sonny: We're not finished.

Alexis: Do you want to ride down with me?

Ned: No, no, no, go ahead. I'll catch up with you later.

Sonny: Johnny, can you help Ms. Davis to the car, please?

Alexis: I don't need anyone to help me to the car.

Ned: There seems to be some tension between you and your trusted attorney. Maybe she's finally waking up to who you really are.

Sonny: I don't think this is really any of your business.

Ned: Actually, Sonny, it is.

Zander: With the trouble you had last winter with Sonny, showing your face in Port Charles is either stupid or crazy.

Roscoe: Sonny isn't as all-powerful as you seem to think. And my trouble's with him, not with you and your lady.

Zander: All right, that's fine. Well, then you show you face in this town, that's between you and Sonny. You come near this lady again, it's between you and me.

Roscoe: For the misunderstanding last winter. Again, I apologize. I'll get my food to go and I'll make sure I order from someone else.

Zander: If he bothers you again, let me know.

Elizabeth: I was handling it.

Zander: Don't bother thanking me.

Elizabeth: Well, thank you. It -- it was a nice gesture. So was taking my side on the pier this morning with Carly. But I'm a big girl, Zander. I don't need rescuing from anyone.

Zander: Okay. I got it. Never happen again.

Courtney: Oh, no.

A.J.: What?

Courtney: Excuse me.

A.J.: What are you doing?

Courtney: Listen. If you're here as some kind of messenger from Sonny to say "I told you so," you --

Zander: I don't deliver messages for Sonny anymore. He fired me, which is fine by me because I finally figured out what everybody's been trying to tell me all along -- Sonny's out for Sonny. He'll use you if it works for him and he'll get rid of you for the same reason. Sonny's only looking for people he can use. Have a nice lunch.

Courtney: Um -- well, I guess Zander doesn't work for Sonny anymore.

A.J.: Well, looks like he probably doesn't qualify for unemployment, either.

Courtney: But we're not going to get unemployment, we're going to get jobs.

A.J.: What are you doing? What are --

Courtney: If you don't want me to work here, I have to try and find something else.

A.J.: No, you don’t.

Courtney: Hey, I am not going to be one of those wives that just sits around and waits for her husband to solve everything. We're in this together.

A.J.: Yeah, but -- not here.

Roscoe: Yeah. I think I found someone who will give you everything you need to move against Sonny. Yeah. I'll be in touch.

Sarah: Liz, would you please just let me say something?

Elizabeth: Like what? "It just happened" or "It'll never happen again" or a dozen other meaningless lies that all boil down to, "Oops, we got caught"? I don't want to hear it, Sarah. I truly could not care less.

Lucky: All right, loosen up. Have some fun with it. Now, give me that scandalous smile, all right?

Gia: Why don't you just ask me?

Lucky: Ask you what?

Gia: Nikolas and I had a disagreement, but we will get past it, okay?

Lucky: I'm not saying anything.

Gia: No, but you want to. I mean, you've been making a full-time job out of bashing your brother. Why pass up this opportunity?

Lucky: Because I'm over Nikolas and I don't care how he feels or what he thinks or what he does. Now, I will say this. You can have an amazing life and a career without Nikolas. And whatever's going on with you and you finally figured out who Nikolas really is, how the Cassadines operate, this is your chance to get out. Take it while you can.

Sonny: If something's going on with Alexis, ask her.

Ned: Do you ever think about Brenda? I do. She was my best friend. I think about who she was before she met you. She was a brat and a pain in the butt, but she was also a free spirit, full of confidence. And I watched -- I watched you slowly take it away from her, and I'm begging you, Sonny. Do not take it away from Alexis. Now, something is troubling her, and I know you know what it is. So, tell me. If you're truly her friend, just tell me what it is so I can help her.

Sonny: If something's going on with Alexis that she wants you to know about, she'll tell you.

Courtney: "Animal care supervisor."

A.J.: No.

Courtney: "Full-time, must be good with dogs and cats."

A.J.: No.

Courtney: "Hot-Diggity-Dog Daycare."

A.J.: No.

Courtney: Come on. It says "no experience." I can do --

A.J.: No, no, no.

Courtney: You say no to everything.

A.J.: And I mean it. I got us into this mess, I will get us out.

Alexis: May I? Sonny is aware that you've been disinherited, and he's also aware that the rest of your assets have been frozen by the government. So he has made you a very generous offer.

A.J.: Wait.

Courtney: Forget it. We're not interested.

A.J.: No, wait a minute. Let's hear what Sonny has to say.

Elizabeth: Hey, Zander, wait.

Zander: What'd I do now?

Elizabeth: Nothing. Nothing. Look, I'm really sorry about before. You're not who I'm mad at. I am -- I found Lucky and my sister in bed together last night.

Zander: Oh, wow.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, it was like a slap in the face all over again with all the time I wasted, trying to be what he needed, trying to be someone that he could love. I just -- I just feel stupid.

Zander: Well, I'm -- I'm sorry. But, you know what stupid is? Stupid is building your life around people that never even cared about you at all.

Elizabeth: What happened to you?

Zander: Oh, what always happens. I tried to build my life around a bunch of lies, tried to make something better. Well, there is nothing better, Elizabeth. Anybody that tries to tell you differently is just -- just a liar.

Carly: Oh, Zander. I am so glad I found you. You know what? We need to settle this now.

Sonny: Benny said you went looking for Roscoe?

Jason: Oh, I found him. At Kelly’s. He was on a cell phone talking to someone about getting what they need to move against you.

Sonny: Man's a fool. Last winter he threatened Carly. Now he comes to my territory thinking he's going to make a move? Somebody that crazy needs to be stopped, Jason.

[Music plays]

Lucky: All right. Good. That's perfect. Better than perfect. Gia, that is distracting. Is anybody else getting hot in here? Sarah.

Gia: All right, everybody, take five.

Sarah: Yeah. You know, I'm bothering you. I should go.

Lucky: No, stay.

Gia: You know what? I'll make it 15. I'll be in my dressing room, not that you'll notice.

Lucky: It's all right, it's all right. I'm glad you came by.

Sarah: Yeah, I just -- I saw Elizabeth, and she's not interested in apologies. In fact, it's pretty clear that she hates us both.

Lucky: I wish there was a way that I can make it right. I just -- I don't know how.

Gia: Lucky? You are not going to believe this. Sorry. Guess who called, although, I think you will never guess, but --

Lucky: Well, then why would I try?

Gia: Thing big. Think big.

Lucky: Um -- thinking --

Nikolas: Should I be jealous?

Gia: Hi. I just got the most incredible news.

Nikolas: I'm sorry.

Gia: Thanks. Actually, I'm glad you're here to share this with me. What's the one thing every model wants to do? Be on the cover of a national magazine!

Nikolas: You're kidding, right?

Gia: No! No, I'm not! There was a message on my voice mail, and I called them back. They said that there was this cover that had been in the works, but it just fell through, and somebody mentioned my name and they got all excited. I can't believe the senior fashion editor actually knows who I am!

Nikolas: Come here. Congratulations. Hey.

Gia: Thank you!

Sarah: Congratulations.

Gia: Thank you. I think Lucky's speechless.

Lucky: You can't do it.

Gia: Why not?

Nikolas: Yeah. Why not?

Carly: Zander, will you stop? Please?

Zander: What part of "go away" do you not understand?

Carly: Look, I know what you're doing, Zander. You're hurt and you're lashing out.

Zander: I will deal and move on, that's how I work.

Carly: No, wait, wait, wait. What wasn't real? Our friendship? Because it was real to me.

Zander: We didn't have a friendship, Carly. You used me as a substitute for Jason. And it wasn't like you didn't warn me. But you were right about one thing -- you are a liar and Sonny is, too. You deserve each other. So you go on. You spend the rest of your lives fighting, lying, messing with each other's heads. And when Sonny gets fed up with you, you can go get your boy on the side Jason who's too stupid to see how you jerk him around.

Carly: Look, you know what? Jason cares about me, and you do not understand what we mean to each other.

Zander: I think I have a pretty good idea. Jason enjoys the fringe benefits of how you get back at Sonny. And anything that I owed you and Sonny, I paid with my loyalty and my honesty, and protecting you from yourself every time the damn moon came out. I don't owe you anything else.

Carly: Oh, okay.

Zander: And unlike Jason, I'm not stupid enough to stick around to get used.

Carly: Oh, okay. You don't want any part of me, that is fine. But, you know, while you're on this honesty kick, why don't we just call it what it is? You are jealous, plain and simple. You are jealous that I went back to Sonny.

Zander: What do I have to be jealous about, Carly? I could've had you more than once. I just didn't take you up on the offer when I should have. You know what? The next time you and Sonny get in a fight, you'll go run to Jason, not like he'll care. Because he'll just go crawl right back into bed with Alexis.

Carly: You know what? You are right about one thing -- we are not friends anymore.

Alexis: Sonny wanted to make sure that you were provided for and he wanted me to be very clear about the fact that this money has no strings attached to it.

Courtney: Yeah, well, what my brother says and what he does aren't always the same thing. Sonny just wants to be the hero and prove that he's right.

Alexis: Unlike Edward, Sonny just doesn't want someone from his family living on the street.

Courtney: Well, tell Sonny that Edward threw us out because A.J. refused to use me to get back Michael. Tell Sonny that if he wants to make things right, he needs to let A.J. see his little boy. You know, a child deserves to spend time with his father. I know. I'm a kid whose mom, just like Carly, thought she knew what was best for her child and she was wrong.

Alexis: Carly is Michael’s mother and believes that she has good reason to protect Michael from a potential danger.

Courtney: My mom thought she was acting in her best interest when she cut me off from my father, but I didn't know that I was supposed to be better off without him. All I knew was that it hurt and that I missed him. And that no one that she ever dated would fill that place in my life.

Alexis: All I can do is relay that message to Sonny. I'm sure he'll be disappointed.

A.J.: Life is full of disappointments. Thank you for those kind words.

Courtney: Whew. Well, I meant every word, but there is a catch.

A.J.: All right. Let's hear it.

Courtney: Since I turned down my brother's money, that means that I get to contribute to our finances in some other way.

A.J.: Oh, no, no, no, no -- we're not going to work at the Hot-Diggity-Dog Daycare Center, no.

Courtney: Fine, then I'm applying here. Come on, if nothing else, it means that you can sit around here for as long as you want without ordering anything.

A.J.: I hate this.

Courtney: Don’t. A.J., come on. You've given me so much. It feels good that I can finally do something for you.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: You know what? I should probably get you a key.

Carly: What?

Sonny: Well, you should --

Carly: Are you -- are you serious?

Sonny: Yeah. I mean, you know, you should be able to let yourself in.

Carly: I -- I haven't had a key to this place in almost a year.

Sonny: Well, then I should have one made as soon as possible. Unless you don't, you know, want it, I understand.

Carly: Well, you know, I mean, I'll take it if you insist.

Sonny: So I guess your meeting didn't go so well? With Michael’s teacher, the one you couldn't postpone?

Carly: Oh, you know what? Things got mixed up --

Sonny: Don't even try that with me, Carly. Come on, now.

Carly: Okay. All right, you're right. You're right, I lied about the teacher. Because things were moving really fast with us, okay, and I'm afraid to trust it because I know if I do, the bottom is just going to drop out.

Sonny: Not this time, not if we trust each other.

Carly: I know. And so I came back here, and Jason was here and then Zander saw us together. Look, I really -- I cared about Zander, I did. But if he's bound and determined to destroy his life, then I'm finished with him.

Zander: You following me?

Roscoe: No, but I'm glad I found you. We need to clear up some misunderstandings.

Zander: Yeah, why is that?

Roscoe: Cooperation could be profitable for both of us.

Zander: I'm listening.

Roscoe: I need some information on Sonny Corinthos, and I'm willing to pay for it. You interested?

Zander: You don't have much of a learning curve, do you? Sonny's a wall. Can't get around him.

Roscoe: Well, even the most well protected, selfish man can be out-maneuvered by, say, an ex-employee with enough inside knowledge and a big enough grudge to settle.

Zander: Hmm. You made a lot of mistakes last winter. Doesn't really inspire confidence. If I wanted to make some money off you, I'd just buy an insurance policy.

Roscoe: Well, I represent a third party that is more than capable of handling any fallout from Sonny Corinthos.

Zander: Oh, oh.

Roscoe: He needs information, you got it, and I'm willing to pay for it. Simple transaction, kid. What do you say, yes or no?

Zander: Maybe you and I could do business after all.

Sonny: Zander was getting into a life he couldn't handle. I did him a favor by firing him.

Carly: I know. Okay, but I don't have that many friends, but Zander was one of them, and I feel like I messed it up.

Sonny: No, no. First rule of survival -- keep your hands off the boss' wife.

Carly: Ex-wife.

Sonny: Oh, right, right.

Carly: Yes, which means that you didn't really have a vote in what I did at that time.

Sonny: Yeah, but you always kept telling me about it because you wanted me to care. Come on, admit it.

Carly: Well, you know, I wanted you to mean it, instead of always just pushing me away.

Sonny: All right, I'll mean it right now. I care about you and always will. And it would drive me crazy whenever I would think you were with somebody else.

Ned: Need some help?

Alexis: You're still here.

Ned: I know. We didn't get a chance to talk yet.

Alexis: Why is it so important that you talk to me now?

Ned: Actually, I was sitting in my car downstairs asking myself the same thing.

Alexis: Did Kristina tell you something?

Ned: Does Kristina know something? I didn't think so. I know you, Alexis, and I've seen things that worry me, things I don't really understand until I add Sonny into the equation.

Alexis: You need to understand that I know him much better than you do, Ned. And despite what you think, he does have a sense of honor and commitment, and he fiercely protects the people that he considers his family.

Ned: He controls the people he considers his family. There's a difference between control and love. He's back with Carly again, isn't he? So where does that leave you?

Alexis: I don't want to have this conversation right now. You wanted to talk, I talked, now you got to go. I mean it.

Ned: I know something is bothering you, Alexis, and I know it has to do with Sonny. You know, underneath Sonny's charm and heart-of-gold persona is a man who preys on the weakness of others. I mean, look at Jason. He uses my cousin to kill people.

Alexis: You don't have proof of that.

Ned: Thank God, because I don't know what would happen to my family if Jason ever went to prison for murder. But that's what he does on Sonny's orders. Think about it. Sonny took a brain-damaged boy and turned him into a hit man.

Alexis: Why are you doing this?

Ned: Because for the first time in a long time, you seem to be listening to me. Jason is back and soon he'll be taking orders from Sonny again, and all the people who defy him, who inconvenience him, will start to disappear. That's what Sonny does. That's the man you claim to be your friend.

[Music plays]

Gia: Why can't I do it?

Lucky: Because you have an exclusive contract to Deception.

Nikolas: No, she can't shoot for a rival cosmetic line, but she can do a cover if she wants to.

Lucky: No, an exclusive contract calls for a higher salary, which she's already been paid.

Nikolas: Well, look, I'm sure something can be worked out. If she wants to do a cover, she can do it.

Lucky: We're already over on this -- this re-shoot. Let's go. Come on, take your position.

Nikolas: You know what? Gia's got a headache. I can see it in her eyes. You'll have to postpone. Right?

Gia: Right.

Lucky: Gia, the ad people need this by tomorrow.

Gia: Come on, Lucky. Every picture you take is wonderful and you've already taken dozens. Models are like thoroughbred horses, and if you don't handle us very carefully, you'll break our spirit.

[Lucky turns music off]

Sarah: You know, I -- I should probably go, too.

Lucky: No. We haven't finished.

Sarah: You know, I did my best to make peace with Lizzie, but it's just not going to happen. Why does everybody get to do what they want to except for us? You make me feel alive, Lucky.

Lucky: And you do the same thing for me. We really have a chance at something here, Sarah. Does it make sense to walk away from it?

Lucky: I know this isn't easy for you.

[Sarah sighs]

Lucky: You remember when I talked about taking you away? How about right now?

Sarah: Away where?

Lucky: Just give me one second.

Lucky: We're on that desert island that I told you about, only it's nighttime now and the stars are out. And there's a warm breeze that's blowing across your face. Close your eyes.

Sarah: I don't have to close my eyes. And I don't want to.

Nikolas: Do you forgive me?

Gia: For trying to set up my brother? Let's just say we still have some work to do. But I don't want to fight about it right now. You know, I don't think I could ever really stay mad at you for very long.

Nikolas: I missed you last night.

Gia: I missed you, too. And I'm so glad you came by when you did. "Tempo" -- can you believe it? And no one can say that I just got the job because my fiancé’s mother owns the company. I didn't even go after it. They came after me.

Nikolas: No, they came after your big brown eyes.

Gia: If I actually even get to do it.

Nikolas: Not "if," "when," okay?

Gia: Well, then you can take me to Paris.

Nikolas: That's right. I can.

Gia: Would you grab us a table and order me an iced tea or something? I'm going to run around the corner and grab their latest issue.

Nikolas: Okay.

Nikolas: Trevor? Yeah, it's Nikolas. Listen, I owe you one. Yeah, she spoke with the senior fashion editor. Now, listen, don't worry. Don't worry. This is very important to her, all right? And I promise you I will make it worth your while.

Elizabeth: So, have you had a lot of experience working as a waitress?

Courtney: This will be my eighth job. I -- I've been waiting tables since I was 15.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, Kelly’s is a great place to be. Most of the customers are pretty nice.

Courtney: How are the tips?

Elizabeth: Not bad.

Courtney: I didn't mean for that to sound as selfish as it did. It's just my husband. He had a big fight with his family, so now we're on our own.

Elizabeth: Oh. I'm sorry. That must be tough.

Courtney: No, not at all. Actually, I really hated A.J.'s family. They disinherited him because he married me. So I really need to come through for him right now.

Roscoe: Sonny doesn't own Pier 52 outright. He controls it through a holding company.

Zander: His accountant, Benny, handles all that business.

Roscoe: Yeah, but you were a shipping clerk. You saw the paperwork. What is the name of the holding company Sonny uses?

Zander: Z.B.D. Dillinger and Goreman holdings. Those are the only ones I know.

Roscoe: Well, that's a good start.

Roscoe: There's plenty more where that came from.

Alexis: I wouldn't drink this for anyone but you.

Alexis: Speaking of you -- as an officer of the court and as your mother, it is my job to always protect your rights. And you have a right to know who your father is, and he has a right to know you. I mean, it's not like I did this alone. It's not like I can hide it. It's not that I would want to. I know he would want you. I know he would love you. And I know that I need to tell him, and I need to do it right now, before I lose my nerve.

Alexis: I'm sorry to bother you, but I have something I need to talk to you about, and it's important.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Ned: Kristina has accused me of obsessing about Alexis.

Jax: Maybe she has a point.

Sonny: Did you go see the doctor?

Alexis: I've been to the doctor, I'm not sick.

Sonny: Well, I'm glad because I don't want you to be sick.

Roscoe: Sonny's not the only game in town anymore. Thanks for the information. You'll be hearing from me again when we need more.

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