GH Transcript Thursday 6/6/02


General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/6/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

A.J.: We are officially broke. Grandfather's made sure I don't have a dime to my name.

Edward: You're going to regret this, and soon.

Sonny: Something's not right with you. And whatever it is, I can help you.

Elizabeth: Jason would do anything for Carly, and she knows it.

Jason: I couldn't tell him that you stayed away to punish him for sleeping with Alexis.

Carly: Thank you.

Edward: All of the A.J. Quartermaine accounts are frozen, right? Credit cards? And you've shut down his own personal portfolio? What about the family assets? Oh, that -- that ridiculous football team that he was interested in for about five minutes? Fine. Yeah. Good. All bank accounts, hmm? And retirement funds? There is no way that my grandson can get his hands on a dime, correct? Good. Keep it that way.

A.J.: What do you mean, that card won't go through?

Waitress: I've tried it three times.

A.J.: Try these.

Waitress: It's $11.47 cash.

A.J.: All right. Five, six, seven, eight -- wait, hold on -- and 50. I'll run to the cash machine. I'll be right back.

Waitress: No. When I get your money, you get your breakfast.

A.J.: Sweetheart, you see the name on these cards, right?

Waitress: Rich people think they never have to pay.

A.J.: What do you mean, pay? Whoa. Back off. I pay. I've spent hundreds -- no, thousands in this joint. I used to sit right there and run stock deals on my laptop. Bobbie -- she's my ex-wife's mother. Now, she hates my guts, but she knows I'm good for the money. Now, come on. Look, don't you get this? I'm A.J. Quartermaine.

Ned: Got a big day lined up today.

Kristina: Well, the Access Denied contracts will be in L.A. tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. I spoke with the promoter in Austin. He says that carbonated spring water and organic lime will be fine. Backstage, no problem. And I set up the photo shoot for Miguel. He loves the idea of Puerto Rico.

Ned: Sounds good. Thanks.

Kristina: Anything else I can help you with?

Ned: No, not right now.

Kristina: Hey. Hey. What's on your mind?

Ned: Your sister.

Alexis: You cannot just walk into my apartment like you own it -- which technically you do -- but the point is, is I have a life and you aren't always in it.

Sonny: I want to help.

Alexis: Then back off.

Sonny: Are you in some kind of trouble?

Alexis: No, I'm not in any -- and if I were, I would be perfectly capable of handling it.

Sonny: No question about it, you're one of the strongest people I know. That's why, you know, I'm concerned. Because whatever this is has got to be serious, whatever's bothering you.

Alexis: And I can handle it.

Sonny: You don't have to deal with this alone.

Alexis: I'm not dealing with it alone. I'm just not choosing to deal with it with you.

Sonny: Oh, so you're getting help, then?

Alexis: Stop worrying about me.

Sonny: Okay, I'm going to make you some coffee. It'll make you feel a lot better --

Alexis: I don't want any coffee.

Sonny: What do you mean --

Alexis: I don't -- I don't even want a heart-to-heart. I just want you to understand that I want you to go.

Sonny: I care about you --

Alexis: I know you do, and you can't just drop in here anytime you want, day or night. I have a lot of work I have to do right now.

Sonny: Do you want me to leave?

Alexis: Yes!

Sonny: Give you a little room, get the hell out of here?

Alexis: Please.

Sonny: Okay, you're going to tell me what the problem is.

Carly: You know you are the one person that I can count on no matter what.

Jason: You don't have to keep telling me that.

Carly: No. You accept me for who I am, no matter what I do, no matter what crazy stunts I pull. How crazy I get, you are always there to back me up.

Jason: I just don't want to hurt Sonny.

Carly: Neither do I. But I cannot live if he shuts me out again, Jason.

Jason: Yes, you can.

Carly: God, I've missed you.

Jason: I've missed you, too.

Zander: You know, you're really something, you know that?

Carly: Did you follow me from the docks?

Zander: What, do you think I've got nothing better to do than that?

Carly: Okay, so, what are you doing here?

Zander: I work for Sonny, remember? I'm just checking in.

Carly: Well, he's a little busy right now.

Zander: Not quite as busy as you since Jason's back, right?

Carly: What does Jason have to do with any of this?

Zander: I don't know. Let's see. Let's see. He understands you no matter what, never asks any questions. He accepts you just the way you are. Yeah. Is that right? Yeah.

Carly: Yeah.

Zander: She said all the same stuff to me.

Carly: Zander, Jason and I, we have been friends a very, very long time.

Zander: Oh, okay. So you take him to bed when you get mad at Sonny, just like you did with me? Is that how it works?

Jason: You always had a big mouth.

Carly: Jason --

Jason: You're not any smarter, either.

Carly: Please, just wait.

Sonny: When I shut down, go into myself, you won't let me. You try to help. That's all I'm doing now.

Alexis: I'll try to remember how annoying that is.

Sonny: You don't look well.

Alexis: Thank you.

Sonny: Did you go see the doctor?

Alexis: Will you please give this a rest?

Sonny: As soon as you tell me why you're so wound up, I will do that.

Alexis: What is wrong with you? I'm serious. You need to respect me enough to back off.

Sonny: Well, you know I respect you.

Alexis: Then back off.

Sonny: Tell me what the problem is, I'll make it go away.

Alexis: I seriously doubt that. I'm swamped. I'm swamped. And, as a friend, you need to go.

Sonny: There's got to be something I can do.

Zander: Get off of me!

Carly: What is wrong with you?

Zander: Stay out of this!

Carly: You do not realize who you are dealing with.

Zander: It's the mighty Jason Morgan, so what's the problem?

Carly: You cannot be here.

Alexis: Bye-bye.

Jason: When the elevator comes, get on it and don't come back.

Zander: So I'm supposed to be afraid? The mighty Jason Morgan’s upset?

Carly: Look, will you please just get out of here?

Zander: Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you, if I just disappeared? You'd both like that, wouldn't you?

Carly: Zander, don't be like that.

Zander: So, what's the plan here? You going to take him down to Jake’s, play a little pool, see what happens then?

Sonny: Enough!

Zander: You going to take his side, defend him? Your long-lost buddy Jason's back? Well, I got a news flash for you, Sonny. He's stabbing you right in the back.

Ned: Don't you think it's odd that Alexis would want to go to the hospital?

Kristina: That's what you're thinking about?

Ned: She hates doctors. She hates hospitals. She wouldn't go if she was sick, so why would she go when she only stumbled at Kelly’s?

Kristina: Well, what difference does it make?

Ned: She's obviously not hurt, which means she's hiding something.

Kristina: Who isn't, Ned?

Ned: Would you do me a favor and just see if you can find out what it is?

Kristina: No!

Courtney: Here you go. Did you try cash advances?

A.J.: Every single one. Nothing.

Courtney: God.

A.J.: Hey.

Courtney: Hey, Rosie.

A.J.: All right.

Courtney: Hey, girl.

A.J.: Thanks for the save.

Courtney: Yeah, no problem.

A.J.: Well, at least we have breakfast, right?

Courtney: Yeah, well, next time order the special.

A.J.: Why?

Courtney: Well, we can't go around spending $11.40 on breakfast every day.

A.J.: I lost my appetite.

Courtney: Hey -- better eat now. You don't know where your next meal's going to come from. What you got? Oh, steak and eggs.

A.J.: Yeah. It sounded good at the time.

Courtney: Well, help yourself.

A.J.: It's probably cold.

Courtney: Hey -- when you're broke, you can't be too picky. Trust me, I know.

A.J.: You're the best.

Courtney: Me? How about you sticking up to your family like that?

A.J.: I wasn't going to let them treat you like that.

Courtney: We'll get through this.

A.J.: In time, I know.

Courtney: You know, I've been thinking. I could probably get some money for this and some of the other jewelry that you gave me.

A.J.: No. No.

Courtney: It's just a ring. I haven't even had it --

A.J.: No, no, I am -- no, no, I'm not going to let you hock your ring. No.

Courtney: I could just pawn it.

A.J.: No. No. You don't have to do that.

Courtney: A.J., my mom used to pawn things all the time. It's not that big of a deal. I mean, you usually get all of your stuff back.

A.J.: All right, look, don't do anything, okay?

Courtney: Wait. Where are you going?

A.J.: Just sit tight. I will -- I will be right back.

Courtney: Come here, Rosie. Come here, you. Aw. You haven't had your breakfast, either, have you? Bet you're hungry. It's going to be okay. We're going to be just fine.

Mike: Well, hi, Courtney.

Courtney: Hey.

Mike: Look at -- hello.

Courtney: Hi.

Mike: Well, you got that pretty little girl with you. Hello, sweetheart. Well, what -- what's going on?

Courtney: Uh -- well, it's kind of a long story. What are you doing?

Mike: Did you and A.J. have a fight? Did he leave you here alone?

Courtney: No, no, he's coming back.

Mike: What happened?

Courtney: Did you really mean it when you said that you'd stick by me no matter what?

Mike: Absolutely.

A.J.: Yeah, look, we've got a situation. I'm on my way over.

Courtney: The cops showed up this morning along with a government agent. Edward called them.

Mike: Why?

Courtney: Well, he's just mad because A.J. walked out on the Quartermaines.

Mike: How did that happen?

Courtney: Well, A.J. stood up to the old man and he just couldn't take it. So he -- he, you know, kicked us out of the hotel. We can't go back to the house. He froze all of A.J.'s money.

Mike: All of it?

Courtney: Every last dime. Something about Rico violations or embezzlement? I don't know.

Mike: A.J. doesn’t seem like much of a racketeer.

Courtney: This whole thing is about Michael. Edward wants A.J. to treat me awful so Sonny will give up Michael. It's ridiculous, I know.

Mike: Sweetie, A.J. has given his family a lot of trouble over the years.

Courtney: Yeah, well, that family treats A.J. like he's nothing. He never even stood a chance next to Jason, even now that Jason's a criminal. I mean, they don't even really talk to him unless it's about Michael. And when Monica slapped me --

Mike: Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Back up, back up here. Monica Quartermaine slapped you?

Courtney: I should've punched her lights out.

Mike: And A.J. was there and he allowed it to happen?

Courtney: Why do you think we left? I mean, A.J. couldn't possibly stay in that place after -- after that. And so we went to the hotel, and Edward just cut us off. So now we have no money, no place to live. I know A.J. will figure things out. It's just, until then --

Mike: Yeah. Hey, I'll take care of it.

Courtney: So you'll lend us some money?

Mike: I will give you some money. That's the least I can do.

Courtney: Just enough to tide us over. That's --

Mike: Look, I -- a guy owes me a couple of bucks. Just let me go see him.

Courtney: We'll pay you back.

Mike: Not in this life you won’t.

Courtney: Thanks, Daddy.

Mike: I'd do anything to help. You know that.

Courtney: That's just until A.J. gets back on his feet.

Mike: If that ever happens.

Courtney: You have no faith in him at all, do you?

Mike: I have faith in you.

Courtney: You just watch. A.J. will surprise you.

Mike: I hope so.

Courtney: You know, I think that getting booted out of the Quartermaines' was the best thing that could've happened to him.

A.J.: You owe me.

Janine: Yeah? Since when?

A.J.: Janine, I gave you a lot of money.

Janine: You promised my little girl a life as a Quartermaine.

A.J.: And I can still give her that!

Janine: With what, your good looks? Please. The old man turned against you. Now my kid is on the street, and that is not the deal I made.

A.J.: You obviously haven't seen a Quartermaine family fight.

Janine: Well, maybe not, but I can sure tell you who's losing.

A.J.: Yeah, well, they can get ugly. And if you don't want to end up on the losing side, give me that money!

Kristina: I am not going to go rummaging around in my sister's life again.

Ned: Kristina, I'm just asking you to try to find out what's going on.

Kristina: And then what do you want me to do? You want me to try and fix it? Like when I badgered Alexis into admitting that she was in love with Sonny and then I turn right around and told Sonny? I mean, if I would've just stayed out of that whole situation --

Ned: Alexis and Sonny never had a prayer.

Kristina: How do you know that?

Ned: Well, because Alexis is crazy about Sonny because she knows deep down Sonny will never commit. And that makes him the man of her dreams -- especially now that Carly's back.

Kristina: Then why don't we just leave it alone?

Ned: Don't you care what happens to your sister?

Kristina: Oh. Oh. That is really fair, Ned. Thank you.

Ned: You know what I mean.

Kristina: No, Alexis can make her own decisions. You know that. And why are you so obsessed all of a sudden?

Ned: Because I just really feel like there's something off, okay? And I'm really --

Kristina: You're really enamored, smitten, or just totally out of your mind?

Sonny: We're not discussing this in the hall.

Zander: I don't blame you for wanting to cover it up. Carly and your best friend --

Carly: Zander, stop it!

Zander: Truth hurts, doesn't it?

Sonny: What do you want?

Zander: What do I want?

Sonny: Yeah. What do you want?

Zander: I want the last year of my life back. I want the $5 million that Jax offered me to sell you out. Because I turned him down because I was loyal. And for what? I tell you that Carly and Jason are all over each other and you don't even ask him to explain himself? Is that what my word means to you, Sonny?

Sonny: You giving the orders now, Zander? You're telling me to question Jason's loyalty? A man who's been shot for me twice, a man who saved my life, a man who's taken orders from me and not once has failed me? Is that what you think I owe you? In return for what, Zander? One year of your services? Huh? Huh? Fine! Jason?

Jason: Yeah?

Sonny: Were you and Carly holding each other?

Jason: Yes.

Sonny: Are you sleeping with Carly behind my back?

Jason: No.

Sonny: Are you planning to?

Jason: No.

Sonny: Have you ever been disloyal to me in any way?

Jason: No, I haven’t.

Sonny: There you go, Zander. You satisfied? Because I am.

Zander: You know what, then, Sonny? You're a damn fool. You hear that?

Sonny: No, I didn't hear it. Say it again.

Zander: You're a damn fool!

Sonny: Yeah? You're a fool! A year and half, you're making the same mistake! You show up at my home, cause a disturbance, run off at the mouth. You don't think. You don't listen. You are a liability, Zander. I can't count on you to work for me like I can't count on you to keep your mouth shut. And unlike Jason, you cannot be trusted with my wife.

Carly: Sonny -- Sonny, that was my fault. I came on to him --

Sonny: That's not -- wait a minute! Listen to me. He disagrees! He claims that first kiss was his idea -- unless you're denying it now, Carly.

Carly: No -- it was complicated --

Zander: You know what? I don't need you to talk for me. I don't need you to talk for me. I kissed you because I wanted to. And the only reason -- the only reason that I stopped, that I backed down, was because I thought that I owed something to Sonny, because I bought into all this loyalty and honor crap. You tell me, Sonny -- where's all this loyalty crap gotten me, huh?

Sonny: I'll tell you what it's gotten you -- one month's severance pay. Your employment with me is terminated. I don't want you talking to my associates, I don't want you showing up at my warehouse, and I want you to stay away from my wife. And whatever you think you know about my business, you don't. I don't want you talking to anybody. You didn't hear anything, you didn't see anything. It's like you never worked for me at all.

Zander: It's like I was never here.

Sonny: Yeah, that's right.

Zander: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah.

Zander: Yeah. I'll get that.

Carly: Okay, okay, okay, okay. All right. Zander was wrong. He was completely, delusionally wrong, okay? He doesn't know how Jason and I are. He -- he lost his temper. He jumped to conclusions. But did you really have to fire him?

Sonny: Yeah, I did.

Carly: Sonny, he was loyal to you.

Sonny: Okay. Zander never was going to learn, so eventually he was going to get himself killed.

Carly: But this was my fault here.

Jason: Zander knew enough to back off, Carly. He chose not to.

Carly: You know, I -- I tried -- I tried to explain to Zander what you mean to me and what our friendship --

Sonny: You know what? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. You know why? Because he's going to start a new life now. And who knows? Maybe in the end it's going to be better than the one he's got now.

Zander: Come on, damn it.

Alexis: Why don't you come inside?

Zander: I'll pass.

Alexis: Remember all the times that you wished that you'd just had five minutes to calm down? Here's your chance.

Zander: I'm out of here, Alexis. Okay? Sonny fired me, all right, for pointing out the thing that's right in front of his face -- that Carly has a thing for Jason.

Alexis: They're good friends.

Zander: Like you and Sonny? Picked the wrong time to sleep with Sonny, Alexis. I picked the wrong time to be noble. He doesn't need either of us now. He's got Carly to sleep with and Jason to keep her from doing anything crazy. I'm redundant, and so are you. He'll probably be firing you next.

Alexis: He did you a favor. You don't have to live in a world that you despise. You don't have to do things that you know are wrong, Zander. Go to college.

Zander: He used me up.

Alexis: Get a real job.

Zander: He used me up, Alexis, just like everybody said he would. He made promises that he never even meant to keep.

Alexis: I don't believe that's true.

Zander: You're scared, aren't you? Bet he made promises to you, too.

Carly: Zander did not mean any harm.

Sonny: We're not discussing this.

Carly: Oh, you know what? That -- that is so annoying, and you both do it all the time.

Jason: What's the point of talking about something that's already over with?

Carly: It's not over for me. Zander has been a good friend.

Sonny: Yes. What are you doing?

Carly: Very nice.

Sonny: Have fun.

Carly: I will.

Sonny: She's just wasting her time. I mean, you know, he's not going to apologize. Besides, this is the best thing.

Jason: Yeah, it is.

Sonny: You never liked Zander, did you?

Jason: No. He mostly annoyed me.

Sonny: You're kidding me.

Jason: Well, he did a lot of stupid stuff. He never shut his big mouth.

Sonny: But he still annoyed you? I mean, that's quite an accomplishment because, you know, usually with people, you don't care one way or the other.

Jason: Well, most people don't kidnap my little sister at gunpoint and accuse Carly of sleeping with me.

Sonny: Yeah, that's true. I don't want to talk about this anyway.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: I'll get it.

Mike: Hey, I'm glad I caught you. This is about Courtney. Heard you were back.

Jason: Hey, Mike.

Mike: Hey. It's good to see you, Jason.

Jason: You, too.

Mike: Look, I'm -- I'm sorry to interrupt, but this is kind of important.

Jason: No, no, no. I got to check on Carly, make sure she's okay.

Mike: All right. Take care.

Jason: Good to see you.

Sonny: Take it easy.

Mike: So, did something happen to Carly?

Sonny: Nothing serious. So, what's going on with Courtney? Is she in some kind of trouble?

Mike: All right. The Quartermaines threw her and A.J. out, and they have no money, no place to live.

Sonny: How is she?

Mike: Well, I left her sitting at Kelly’s. She thinks that A.J. is going to provide for her somehow and -- I mean, it's like she's out on the street already.

Sonny: Then give her some money.

Mike: I'm a little short at the moment.

Sonny: After all the money I just gave you?

Mike: That money's tied up.

Sonny: Oh -- you know what? I knew I shouldn't -- I can't trust you giving you money. I should've known myself, right?

Mike: Look, I'll pay it back and more.

Sonny: What did you -- what did you blow it on this time, mike? The ponies? Cards?

Mike: No, I -- I picked up a tip, a stock tip, from Edward Quartermaine.

Sonny: You what?

Mike: I caught it on the sly.

Sonny: You dumped all that money on the stock market?

Mike: Look, it paid -- it paid back big. I reinvested it. In a couple of weeks --

Sonny: Edward's setting you up, Mike!

Mike: It's not like that.

Sonny: The stock market is the biggest numbers game there is. Don't you realize that? You come to me. I give you money. You gamble it all away. How am I supposed to trust you? Why should I give you anything, Mike?

Mike: Look, Courtney needs her family, Michael.

Sonny: Stay out of it! I'll take care of it. Man.

Carly: You don't understand me and Jason, all right?

Zander: What's to understand, Carly?

Carly: Hey, you did not see what you thought you saw.

Zander: You know, here's the funny part. All this time I've been loyal to Sonny, holding myself back.

Carly: And you were right to do that, Zander.

Zander: Yeah, and I thought you were being loyal, too. Huh? True to Sonny. Honorable ex-wife. How messed up is that?

Carly: All right, I made some mistakes, okay?

Zander: Hell, if I was Jason -- if I was Jason, we'd be rolling around in the sack right now. That's the way it works, isn't it? Sonny treats you like dirt, throws you out. You sleep with Jason. You run to him just like you ran to me. That was the game from the start, isn't it? I just -- I just didn't see it. It's really a shame, too, because we really could've had some fun, you know? But, instead, I threw you out of my bed.

Carly: Okay, you know what? I am sorry about that.

Zander: If I'd played my cards right, you might've never ran off that cliff. I might still be Sonny's right-hand man.

Carly: You know what? You were never that. Jason is, and he always has been.

Zander: You ever wonder what it'd be like if I wasn't on Sonny's side?

Carly: Are you threatening me?

Ned: I'm concerned about your sister, and that makes me totally out of my mind?

Kristina: Do you have any idea what's really going on here?

Ned: Apparently not.

Kristina: I spent 45 minutes getting ready for work this morning. I blew three paychecks on this dress. I got into work early and worked like a dog so you and I could spend some time alone this afternoon together. And all that you can think about is Alexis?

Ned: I'm sorry. You look wonderful. You always do. And I'm sorry that I didn't make that clear.

Kristina: If I thought that my sister was in trouble, don't you think that I would be doing something about it?

Ned: Well, you don't know her as well as I do.

Kristina: Oh, my God. Are you kidding me? Ned, Alexis is everywhere. Forget all the years that we -- we spent apart. I mean, every time you're in the room, she's standing right next to you. She's in the room with us right now as we speak. She goes to bed with us at night. She wakes up with us in the morning. All roads lead to Alexis.

Ned: No, no -- Kristina, Kristina, Kristina -- look -- you know how I feel about you, okay? But I also care about Alexis, and I always will.

Kristina: Well, why wouldn't you, you know? Because you can have me, otherwise known as Alexis without the baggage, and you can have her, too. That's one hell of a deal, Ned. You get two for one.

Ned: What, you want me to apologize for how I feel?

Kristina: You want me to apologize for thinking this is weird?

Ned: Do whatever you want!

Kristina: Oh –

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Alexis?

Alexis: Yeah?

Sonny: Can I come in?

Alexis: Is it about business?

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexis: Fine.

Carly: Look, things did not turn out the way you wanted, and maybe we all let you down, but you cannot go around making threats.

Zander: Is that what I'm doing?

Carly: Sonny does not deal with that and neither does Jason.

Jason: All right, that's enough. Leave Carly alone.

Zander: Yeah? Or what?

Carly: Okay, you know what? Let's go. Let's go.

Zander: No, you know what? Go ahead. Walk away. Don't think this is over.

Jason: I let you stay in town because of Emily. That was a mistake.

Zander: You "let" me?

Jason: Emily loved you, and she's still paying for that.

Zander: Hey, don't talk about things you know nothing about. I was trying to protect her.

Jason: And you couldn't. You can't because you don't think. You don't get it.

Zander: Just keep telling yourself that.

Carly: Okay, you know what? Come on, come on.

Zander: Go ahead, go ahead. Might as well do it right here on the sidewalk. I mean, don't let me stop you. I hope you have a lot more fun with her than I did.

Carly: Okay, he will calm down. Don't -- don't worry about it.

Alexis: My favorite county clerk just informed me that Edward has charged A.J. with Rico violations.

Sonny: On what basis?

Alexis: Never underestimate the power of a Quartermaine.

Sonny: So A.J.'s money is really frozen?

Alexis: From what I can gather from a few phone calls.

Sonny: Okay. Do me a favor, okay? Get this check to Courtney. If she has trouble cashing it, tell her to call Benny. It can't get anywhere near A.J.'s accounts. Here you go.

Alexis: This is pretty serious money.

Sonny: You know what? I can't trust Mike with the money and Courtney will never take it from me. Yeah, it is serious money, but I can't have her out in the street.

Alexis: You do know that Courtney is going to use this money to support A.J. as well as herself.

Sonny: A.J. doesn’t matter.

Alexis: Well, except that he's married to your sister, who, for some ungodly reason, happens to be in love with him.

Sonny: Well, if I use the money to split them up, then, you know, it's only going to make her love him more, so --

Alexis: So, no strings attached?

Sonny: If you can think of another way to do this, I'll listen. Otherwise, give the money to Courtney because you know what? I -- I want her safe and I want her taken care of, with or without A.J.

Alexis: Okay, I'll pass it along.

Sonny: Courtney's family, and nothing is more important to me.

Courtney: Oh, look, Rosie. Look who's back. That didn't take long.

Mike: Listen, honey, I wish -- I wish I had better news, but the guy couldn't pay me back. I'm sorry.

Courtney: Hey, we'll be all right.

Mike: Look, why don't you come -- why don't you come stay with me for a while?

Courtney: All three of us?

Mike: Yeah. Why not? Look, my apartment isn't fancy. Not like the -- the room that Sonny put us up in that hotel, but we can manage.

Courtney: Well, don't you think it'll be a little crowded?

Mike: You think A.J.'s ever slept on a sofa bed?

Courtney: I don't think that A.J.'s ever even heard of a sofa bed.

Mike: Well, then, it will be an adventure. I mean, after all, we're family now.

Courtney: Hey, you are so sweet.

Mike: Well, we can't have the newlyweds sleep outside, now, can we?

Courtney: You know, I -- it'll only be for, like, a couple of nights, that's it. I have total faith in A.J.

Mike: You know, this -- this can be a real test for a man.

Courtney: And you don't think A.J.'s up to it, right?

Mike: I didn't say that.

Courtney: Hey, don't worry. A.J. will take care of us. He's that kind of man.

Janine: Maybe I should tell Courtney what's really going on -- that you're just using her to try to get your kid back.

A.J.: No, no, not anymore.

Janine: And that you paid me to speak well of you and encouraged her to fall in love with you.

A.J.: Janine, Courtney needs your help.

Janine: You promised she'd be a real Quartermaine.

A.J.: Okay, if you love her, you'll give her the money.

Janine: I don't -- I don't believe this! How do I even know that you're going to not just go spend the money on you?

A.J.: You don't believe that my family shut me out? Why don't you just ask your daughter? If she's even speaking to you.

Janine: Oh, so you do want me to tell her everything?

A.J.: If you hurt her, you will deal with me.

Janine: Oh, my God, you're in love with her.

A.J.: Janine, just get her the money.

Janine: Well, love wasn't part of the deal.

A.J.: I just -- I -- I just want to give her a good life, make her happy.

Janine: Well, that's never going to happen, A.J. You're a loser. Can't keep your hands on your own fortune. Get out.

A.J.: I thought I had the family from hell.

Edward: Well done, my dear.

Edward: I'm sure that taking care of Courtney has always been your first priority.

Janine: Damn straight.

Edward: Mm-hmm. Well, you'll -- you'll have your chance soon enough, along with plenty of money.

Janine: And what's that supposed to mean?

Edward: Courtney may need your help to get over the heartbreak after she divorces my grandson.

Courtney: Hey.

A.J.: Where's the mutt?

Courtney: Oh, Mike took her for a walk.

A.J.: You didn't tell him.

Courtney: I had to. He offered us a place to stay. I told him it would just be for a couple of nights. I know that you'll figure everything out.

A.J.: I will. Unfortunately, my latest idea didn't quite work out.

Courtney: Well, the next one will, or the one after that.

A.J.: Yeah. I hope so.

Courtney: Hey -- as long as I have you, I have everything that I need. We're going to be just fine. Come here.

A.J.: You're starting to make me believe it.

Carly: Look, Zander -- he was -- he was great to me. As great as anyone could be that wasn't you.

Jason: He definitely did you a favor by not sleeping with you.

Carly: Yes, because Sonny never would've forgiven me. Which is completely unfair, considering the fact that when I came on to Zander, he was in bed with that hag Alexis.

Jason: Can you not tell me about that again? Hearing the whole thing once is way more than enough.

Carly: Okay, well, it was revolting, don't you agree, right?

Jason: Carly, stop. It's over. Sonny chose you. Why not enjoy that instead of looking for new ways to screw it up?

Carly: You're right, okay? You're always right. I have a chance to get my life back and my marriage. And me and Michael and Sonny -- we can be a real family.

Jason: Just like you've always wanted.

Carly: And who knows? In a year -- or maybe even sooner -- I could be pregnant with Sonny's child.

Alexis: You know, I'm not sure that Courtney’s going to accept this.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. Well, do the best you can.

Alexis: What about Zander?

Sonny: He -- he doesn't stop to think, talks way too much. It's dangerous for him and everyone else.

Alexis: So he's definitely out?

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexis: Good. So now he can have a life.

Sonny: Maybe.

Alexis: Did you ever want out when you were Zander's age?

Sonny: I used to see these college kids on the subway with their books and pens and cheap clothes, and they'd go on and on about geometry or some history exam and something I didn't know anything about. Still don’t. And I always wondered, "What do these guys do every day? What would it be like to sit in a classroom all day?" Sometimes I wanted to be like that.

Alexis: Could that have happened? I mean, I -- could you have gotten out?

Sonny: I was already in too deep. If I had even mentioned it, Scully -- Scully didn't like quitters. Ahem.

Alexis: So you gave Zander a chance.

Sonny: Yeah. Maybe he'll realize that one day, you know? Just like Courtney. Maybe she'll understand that I'm just trying to help and -- she needs a family to depend on. That's all I know, Alexis. That's who I am.

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