GH Transcript Friday 5/31/02


General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/31/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Lucky: You feel it, don't you?

Sarah: Yes, Lucky, but I shouldnít.

Courtney: Who's the tramp?

Elizabeth: I'm glad that you're back. I could use a friend right now.

Lucky: You're never going to be anything but a kid sister to me.

Jason: I know you faked your death, and I think Sonny should know, too.

Alexis: If two blue lines appear in the window, you're pregnant.

A.J.: Have you lost your mind?

Monica: You heard what she said to me.

A.J.: You insulted her entire family. What'd you expect her to do, smile and say, "Thank you, ma'am"?

Monica: She is in my house, and I will not be --

A.J.: Stop! I don't want to hear it! And don't ever raise a hand to my wife again. Are you okay?

Monica: No, none of us are okay, A.J.!

Alan: Monica, Monica, Monica -- stop it.

Monica: Stop what?

Alan: Look what this is doing to you, to us. You need to stop before you tear this entire family apart.

Monica: Well, you're right about that.

Alan: Okay. Well, then, go and say you're sorry to Courtney.

Monica: No.

Alan: Tell her it's not her fault. Tell her this all started with A.J.ís vendetta against Sonny --

Courtney: Save your breath. I'm out of here.

Monica: Let her go, A.J.!

Lucky: I should've paid attention to what was happening to Maxie sooner. All the signs were there. I didn't see them.

Sarah: Only because you didn't feel the same.

Lucky: And now I've hurt her, which is the last thing I meant to do.

Sarah: It may take Maxie a while, but I'm sure she'll get past it.

Lucky: I do this, Sarah. See, I get so focused on my own stuff that I don't pay attention. And after all the damage is done, I end up sitting around making excuses, except there are no excuses.

Sarah: You can't control other people's feelings, Lucky. Attraction is about chemistry. It doesn't follow the rules of logic.

Elizabeth: Bobbie, I can't believe how much stuff you got.

Scott: Yeah, well, she knows how to throw a party.

Bobbie: Well, I'm glad you think so because I'm putting you both to work.

Scott: Oh.

Elizabeth: Oh, right.

Sarah: Hey, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Sarah: Can I help?

Elizabeth: Yes, you can. Here you go. Thank you.

Lucky: Oh, shoot.

Bobbie: Thank you very much. Lucky, could you do me a big favor and move that table just out of the way?

Lucky: Oh, this?

Bobbie: Yeah, right there.

Elizabeth: Hey, Sarah, you're planning to stick around for the party, aren't you?

Sarah: Well, actually, I'm supposed to be on duty tonight --

Elizabeth: So, call and switch with someone.

Sarah: And I called and switched with someone.

Elizabeth: Good.

Lucky: Hi. I'm glad you came tonight.

Elizabeth: I'm here for Bobbie.

Lucky: Yeah. Well, if you don't want me here, I can leave. You know, we both know that I'm not Carly's favorite person, so --

Elizabeth: Lucky, I know you're all of a sudden worried about hurting my feelings. Donít. I'm over this. Hey, did you know that Jason's back in town?

Jason: Someone saw you in a diner in Sycamore Bend the day before your own funeral.

Carly: You know, Jason, it could've been anyone there --

Jason: What, another blond woman matching your exact description eating a chili dog and cheese fries she paid for with a roll of quarters? Come on.

Carly: So I was hungry.

Jason: You told Sonny you were in a cabin somewhere delirious with hypothermia --

Carly: I was.

Jason: And that when you woke up, you could not remember anything. I know how that feels. You donít. You don't want to. So, how long?

Carly: How long what?

Jason: How long did you hide out in Sycamore Bend letting everybody who loves you and Sonny believe that you were dead?

Carly: It wasn't supposed to work out that way.

Jason: A plan of yours didn't work out like you thought? What a surprise, Carly.

Carly: Jason, I almost died. Look, when I woke up in that cabin, I was already missing. I wanted Sonny to feel sorry for what he did, so I just stayed missing a little bit longer. But I did not pretend to be dead ever. As soon as I heard they found my body, I came right back.

Jason: You lied again. You lied to Sonny. You know, this is going to blow up in your face like it always does.

Carly: No. No, it won't, not -- not -- look, he's never going to find out unless you tell him.

Jason: No.

Carly: Jason --

Jason: No. No, there's no way you're putting me in the middle of this.

Carly: Jason, Jason, just wait, please! Jason, stay here and listen and I will tell you everything.

Sonny: Okay. I know I'm sounding like a broken record, but you're positive you're all right?

Alexis: Are you going to ask me that every hour?

Sonny: Well, I know you told me you're having a bad day and you basically ducked me and went into your apartment, but -- so, you know, as long as you're, you know -- you're telling me everything, you know, right?

Alexis: What makes you think that I'm not?

Sonny: Because you're acting -- I don't know -- a little strange?

Alexis: You should be used to that by now.

Sonny: We're supposed to go to this party tonight. If you got a problem with that, then let me know --

Alexis: No, I don't -- I can. I'm fine. Yeah.

Sonny: Because if there's something I can do, I'll do it.

Alexis: Stop hovering. You're making me jumpy.

Sonny: Are you telling me everything?

Alexis: I'm telling you everything that you need to know at this particular time.

Sonny: Okay. Nothing more?

Alexis: No.

Sonny: Because if there's something on your mind, you should really tell me because otherwise you're going to go over it and over it in your head, you know, until it's twisted out of proportion.

Alexis: Yeah, okay. Well, I -- I won't do that.

Sonny: Oh, yeah, you do. I mean, you -- you over-think everything.

Alexis: I think you're over-thinking things a bit right now. You're letting your imagination get carried away.

Sonny: Is it my imagination that you haven't let me inside your apartment?

Alexis: I'm busy. I have a lot of legal work, some of which is yours.

Sonny: Uh-huh.

Alexis: I'm an independent woman. I've been independent since I left law school, and I have chosen that life, and I'm quite content with it. Honestly.

Sonny: Okay.

Alexis: I'll see you at the party.

Jax: Alexis.

Alexis: Oh! What are you doing? You scared me. Giving me a heart attack.

Jax: I'm sorry. The door was open.

Alexis: Okay --

Jax: I saw Sonny leaving.

Alexis: Next time you need to knock.

Jax: Okay. Are you all right?

Alexis: Yeah, I'm great. I'm good. You're here, I'm here, they're there, and all's right with the world.

Carly: Okay, yes, I lied to Sonny, but it wasn't about everything.

Jason: The point is you lied.

Carly: Jason, you know what? This is really hard for me, so will you just listen for a minute?

Jason: Okay.

Carly: When I left Zander's, I was hurt, I was angry, and I really should not have gotten behind the wheel in my car, but I did. And I drove along Richland Avenue, and I went wide on a turn, and my car went over the bluff. And for a moment, everything, it just -- it slowed down, and I could see my car -- it was sliding towards the rail, and I knew that I was going to die and I was never going to see my child or anyone that I loved ever again. And the next thing I knew, my car was upside down and water was -- it was pouring in, and I knew that if I wanted to survive, I had to get out of that car, and so I did. The water, it was -- it was freezing. It was numbing me. I could barely move and -- I don't know -- I guess adrenaline or anger or something kicked in because all of a sudden I started -- I started hitting and punching and I clawed my way out. I don't know. I swam to safety. Jason, I don't know. I -- I have no idea how long I was in that water or -- or -- but it seemed like forever. But I did eventually get out, and I swam to shore, and I found this cabin. It was a summer cabin. I broke in. And I stayed there for -- I don't know -- a few days. I was drifting. I was drifting in and out. But when I finally got my energy back, I walked to a town. It was Sycamore Bend. And I went to call my mother to tell her where I was. Why are you looking at me like that?

Jason: I'm listening.

Carly: I'm telling you the truth.

Jason: I know.

Carly: So when I was at the pay phone, I was about to call my mom. I looked over, I saw this newsstand, and there was an article about me in the paper. It said they were searching for me. So I wanted Sonny to feel sorry for what he did, and I decided to make him wait a little longer and get my head on straight. Did he tell you he slept with Alexis?

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: That's all you can say -- "yeah"? He slept with Alexis, his lawyer, and it's fine by you?

Jason: Carly, if you were mad at him, you could've just told him. You didn't have to pretend you were dead.

Carly: I didn't. Okay? I stayed missing to make Sonny feel guilty for what he did with Alexis. Look, yeah, okay, it was stupid, Jason, but I was hurt. Look, when I saw him in bed with Alexis, it ripped my heart out, okay? As soon as I found out that they had found my body -- I don't know how that happened, okay? That was not my plan. But as soon as that happened, I came back.

Jason: And you show up at your own funeral?

Carly: I didn't want my mom and Michael and even Sonny to think that I was -- look, I wanted them to know that I was alive. When I came back, it -- it was like a miracle. Sonny had forgiven me. He had really forgiven me. We have another chance, which is what we both want, so please don't take that away from us, Jason -- please -- not after everything that we have been through. You say you want Sonny to be happy, so let us. Let us just be happy and don't tell him anything.

[Music plays]

Lucky: Ahem. So, how long has Jason been back?

Elizabeth: Just a few days.

Lucky: Yeah? He sticking around this time?

Elizabeth: Yeah, for a while, I think.

Lucky: Yeah.

Elizabeth: And it was really great to see him back. Funny how things work out, huh?

Lucky: Yeah? What do you mean?

Elizabeth: I just meant that you and I are not together anymore and --

Lucky: Yeah, but --

Elizabeth: No, no. No buts, Lucky. You have absolutely nothing to worry about where my feelings are concerned.

Lucky: Unless you're rebounding into something that could hurt you.

Elizabeth: I hate to burst your bubble, but I'm feeling great.

Lucky: Okay. Well, then, be careful.

Elizabeth: Yeah. I know what I'm doing.

Sarah: It bothers you, doesn't it? Lizzie might be seeing Jason. You don't like it.

Lucky: No, I mean, Elizabeth can do what she wants.

Sarah: And why do you sound like you're trying to convince yourself?

Lucky: It's Jason. The guy's trouble. He's Sonny's enforcer, and he's dangerous, and Elizabeth deserves better.

Sarah: You're jealous, aren't you?

Felicia: I'll be right back.

Monica: Cut your losses, A.J.

A.J.: Cut my losses? We're talking about my wife.

Monica: You got into this marriage under false pretenses. Now is your chance to get out of it. Let her go and live with her gangster brother.

A.J.: Mom, what's your interest in this?

Monica: Well, I am the one person in this family that wants the best for you. And you can salvage the rest of your life, A.J., if you would just do the right thing.

A.J.: Like you when you slapped my wife in the face?

Monica: No --

Edward: A.J., listen to me. Your mother has inadvertently played right into your hands. Yeah.

A.J.: You want to run that by me?

Edward: You don't have to abuse the girl anymore. Monica's already done it. It fits our plan perfectly.

Alan: What plan? Don't tell me. Whatever it is, A.J., drop it.

Edward: No, A.J. Now -- now, don't drop anything. Just see it all the way through. Courtney is upset, hmm? You can tell her that you are staying here and you are siding with the family. And then you can say a few words about making her realize that this was a disastrous marriage and that Sonny will have to get her out of it and he can use Michael as a bargaining chip.

Alan: I don't believe what I'm hearing.

Monica: This is low even for you, Edward.

Edward: It's just a means to an end. A.J., listen. If you see this thing through, you will be returning Michael to his rightful place in the world, and no one -- not Ned, certainly not Skye, not even your amazing brother Jason -- can hold a candle to you!

Skye: A.J., if you go along with this old geezer, you're just as twisted as he is.

Skye: A.J., at the risk of agreeing with Alan and Monica, this is getting sicker by the minute. Do you actually intend to force Sonny to return Michael by tormenting Courtney?

Edward: Courtney is old enough to bounce back. Michael's another matter. He is Quartermaine, and his childhood belongs here with us. A.J., you set out to get your son back. Now stick to it. Be your own man.

Monica: A.J., this isn't about Michael. It never has been. It's about trying to impress your grandfather, which you have been doing all of your life. And for him to dangle this as a way for you to get the better of Jason is just --

A.J.: Which you don't believe is possible, no matter what I do.

Alan: You need to think this out, A.J. Let Courtney go. Stop doing this to her or yourself.

Courtney: I'm getting out of here, A.J. Let's go.

[Music plays]

Scott: Okay, I got the wine. I got the vodka. I got the glasses.

Bobbie: Where's the beer?

Scott: Beer -- beer's coming up.

Bobbie: Oh, good, okay. And the ice -- don't forget the ice.

Scott: Boy, are you some kind of a slave driver.

Bobbie: Hey, I got a list. Look at this list. Ta-da.

Scott: "B-q-b-w"?

Bobbie: Barbecue Buffalo wings -- over there on a platter.

Scott: "T-c-c-s"?

Bobbie: Tossed chicken Caesar salad, and that's already done, so I think we got everything covered.

Scott: Wait a second. Let me see that pencil.

Bobbie: "H-t-o" -- "h" -- hot something --

Scott: Whoa --

Bobbie: Time-out.

Scott: Hot hostess time-out.

[Bobbie laughs]

Bobbie: Okay.

Scott: All right.

Bobbie: "D-y-w-t-d?"

Scott: Uh -- did you walk the dog? I don't have a dog. Did -- did you water the daisies?

Bobbie: Do you -- do you --

Scott: Oh, do you. Do you want -- do you want to dance?

Bobbie: Hmm.

Scott: Wait, wait, wait.

Bobbie: I want to -- I want to -- what's --

Scott: Take.

Bobbie: Take --

Scott: Take.

Bobbie: Take you -- I want to take you in my arms and kiss you.

Sarah: So, is Jason coming or --

Elizabeth: I don't think so. He's not really big on parties.

Sarah: No? Then why make a point of mentioning him to Lucky?

Elizabeth: Uh. I don't -- I was just shooting my mouth off. Maybe a therapist would say I'm subconsciously looking for a hint he still cares? I don't know.

Sarah: Lizzie, do you want Lucky back?

Elizabeth: A part of me will always want Lucky. But it's not going to happen, so I have to move on, okay?

Sarah: Good for you.

Lucky: Hey, Felicia?

Felicia: Hmm?

Lucky: Did Maxie talk to you about the conversation that we had?

Felicia: You mean did we communicate?

Lucky: I take that as a no.

Felicia: How'd it go?

Lucky: Well, I tried to let her down as gently as possible, but she ended up getting hurt anyway.

Felicia: I was afraid of that.

Lucky: Yeah, but, you know, still, I'm really glad that you let me know because if it would've gone any longer, it just would've made things worse.

Felicia: True.

Lucky: So, if there's anything else you need, you'll let me know?

Felicia: I will.

Lucky: Okay.

Maxie: You witch. It's all your fault.

Jax: Look, if Sonny and Carly are back together, then that's the best thing that could happen to you. You were getting dangerously close to what could've been a disastrous relationship.

Alexis: If you are referring to Sonny and me, we have never been remotely close to a bona fide relationship, despite what you may think.

Jax: Alexis, come on. I'm not blind. I know that something has changed between you and Sonny.

Alexis: So, what's your point?

Jax: Are you sure you're all right?

Alexis: I'm fine. Why does everyone keep asking me?

Jax: Hey --

Alexis: I'm don't have any out-of-the-ordinary difficulties, sorrows, regrets, or angst of any kind. I have my life. I have my work. I have my routine. I'm content. You don't need to worry about me. And my relationship with Sonny will remain unchanged despite what happened.

Jax: What exactly did happen between you and Sonny?

Jason: You need to tell Sonny the truth.

Carly: It's only going to hurt him, Jason.

Jason: Carly, he already has questions about what really happened. If you tell him now, you have a chance. If you don't, he's going to find out.

Carly: Look, just give it some time, okay? Don't say anything. Maybe he'll just drop it.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Uh -- Jason -- he was just leaving. Thank you so much for coming by.

Jason: I can stay.

Carly: You know what? I need to -- I have to talk to Sonny in private.

Jason: Okay.

Carly: Hey, I need to be the one to tell him.

Jason: If you don't, I will.

Carly: Let me do it my way.

Sonny: What is it you want to talk to me about?

Carly: This.

[Music plays]

Elton: Forget it.

Bobbie: You took me by surprise.

Scott: What, by my saying I want to kiss you? I just -- I just - that kiss that happened on the docks - it was great. Am I crazy for thinking about that kiss? I mean, tell me -- tell me what you're feeling right now in your heart.

Bobbie: Okay, I will.

Maxie: You told Lucky to stay away from me.

Felicia: No, I did not.

Maxie: I don't want to hear it, okay? One minute Lucky's totally fine. The next he's giving me the "we're just friends" speech. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, mom.

Felicia: Maxie, be patient. You'll get through this.

Maxie: Oh, right. Mother knows best. Last year you couldn't be bothered with what I was doing because you were too busy chasing after Luke Spencer. But did I get all bent about it? Did I try to screw it up for you? No. I stayed out of your life. So stay out of mine.

Roy: Looks like that could have gone better.

Felicia: Teenager problems.

Roy: Well, it's been a while since I went through it with Hannah, but if there's anything I can do --

Felicia: Do you have a connection to a convent? Here.

Courtney: A.J., come on.

Alan: Courtney, can you give us a minute?

Courtney: No, actually, I canít. I have to get out of here now.

Edward: Why don't you let her go, A.J? Give her some time to cool off. You can find a place to stay, can't you, Courtney, dear? With your brother perhaps, huh?

Courtney: Is that what you want?

A.J.: They're my family, Courtney. I've spent my life with them. But after you and I walk out that door, I don't care if I see any of them ever again.

Edward: A.J., you're -- you're making a big mistake.

A.J.: No, the mistake I made was listening to you. I needed your approval more than I needed a drink. I'd have done anything for you.

Edward: Now, A.J., you -- you're carrying this much too far.

A.J.: "Too far"? Too far was wanting me to pretend to be a drunk and abuse my wife. But no more. It's over, Grandfather. I'm taking Courtney and getting the hell out of here. Come on.

Skye: You nasty old man.

Sonny: I thought you were mad at me.

Carly: I am.

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: Yeah, I'm furious.

Sonny: I thought you were never going to forgive me.

Carly: I changed my mind. You did something that hurt me. And I can continue to let it hurt me or I can choose to just let it go and to be happy with you. None of it matters anymore, Sonny -- not what you've done to me, not what I've done to you. It's -- it's just behind us now. You know, I've done things that I'm not proud of, things that I wish I could take back.

Sonny: I told you I forgive you for going to the FBI.

Carly: And that means the world to me. But it's not that. It's something else that I need to tell you.

Alexis: My life was very manageable. I never wanted it to change. I still donít.

Jax: However?

Alexis: Things with Sonny and me got complicated. I became more than his attorney. It was not something that I was looking for. It just happened.

[Music plays]

Scott: Come on. Come on, now, say it. Say it, Bobbie.

Bobbie: No, just humor me a minute, okay?

Scott: I don't want to play any more games.

Bobbie: I want to see if you can figure out this one last thing.

Scott: So, wait a minute. This is going to say what's in your heart?

Bobbie: Yeah.

Sarah: So, where'd you learn to dance like that, huh?

Elizabeth: Me? Oh, come on now. You've got a few cute moves of your own.

Sarah: Oh --

Elizabeth: Oh, my God, Sarah, I'm so sorry. I am so sorry.

Sarah: Hey, I'll just go upstairs and dab some water.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Sarah: I'll be right back.

Lucky: Oh. That was my last roll of film.

Roy: Then, dude, you'd better get another one. The guest of honor hasn't even arrived yet.

Lucky: Yeah, you know what? You're right. I'll be right back.

Roy: Okay.

Scott: Hey, Jason. It's been a while.

Bobbie: Jason. Hi. I didn't expect to see you here.

Jason: Yeah, well, Carly wanted me here.

Bobbie: Oh, well, of course, to celebrate. Or is something about to go wrong?

Carly: You know, all the time that you thought that I was dead, it was terrible for me, too. I was so scared and I was so alone, and I felt like I'd almost died.

Sonny: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on. It's over, it's over. You're safe. You're home, okay? All right?

Carly: You know, when I saw you in bed with Alexis, I got so angry and -- I know -- I know I had no right to be. But I said the meanest things about you, and I wanted you to hurt. I wanted you to hurt as badly as you hurt me. And I'm so sorry. I just -- I want to put all that behind us. I do want to be with you, Sonny. And I want to go to my party now --

[Carly and Sonny laugh]

Carly: Because I want to -- I want to dance and I want to have fun. And my mother's probably wondering what happened to us.

Sonny: All right. Let's go.

Alexis: Aside from our professional relationship, Sonny and I found ourselves in a series of highly emotional situations, and we became friends. Good friends. The "I don't have to tell you how I'm feeling, you don't have to explain anything to me" kind of friends. And then I don't know exactly how or when, but the line between a relationship and something else got blurred. And I don't think that either of us knew what to do really or where it was going.

Jax: Did you want it to go further?

Alexis: No! No. No. The two of us are ill-suited in every possible way. If you took out a piece of paper and made a list of all the pros and cons, we would be mismatched from top to bottom.

Jax: Okay, okay, you're rationalizing it, but I'm asking you how you feel.

Alexis: I'm relieved is how I feel. I -- what happened was almost inevitable, but it happened, and it's over, and that's good, and we can go back to the way things were before because that's clearly for the best.

Jax: Is it?

Alexis: Being a lawyer with my reputation representing a client with Sonny's reputation is already pushing the envelope. Having a line-blurring relationship with said client is grounds for insanity. Don't make me say any more. I rest my case.

Jax: Well, you present a strong argument, Counselor.

Alexis: I'm going upstairs to change. Will you please escort me to Carly's party? I'll be right down.

Jax: Sure.

Courtney: Are you sure that this is what you want?

A.J.: Absolutely.

Courtney: You turned against your own family, A.J.

A.J.: You -- you are my family.

Courtney: But if I'm the only reason that you did it, then maybe --

A.J.: No. No, no, no, Courtney. I should've left a long time ago. You did me a favor. We have our lives ahead of us. And believe me, it's looking better than anything I've ever had before.

Courtney: You know, it feels so right being here where we first fell in love.

A.J.: I know. I know. It's like it's happening for the first time, like it's brand-new, having you here as my wife, holding you in my arms.

A.J.: Making love for the first time.

Skye: Game over, Grandfather, and you lose. A.J. finally realized how pointless it is to try to impress you.

Edward: A.J. just threw away his best chance to get little Michael back.

Skye: A.J. just gained back some of his self-respect. Getting away from you is the smartest move he's made in a long time.

Edward: I'll handle A.J. -- and then you, Skye.

Skye: Nobody's listening, Grandfather. Everyone's turned against you -- which is exactly what you deserve.

[Music plays]

Felicia: Hey, hey, hey -- where do you think you're going?

Maxie: I am out of here, Mom.

Felicia: Maxie, the party is for Carly, and we have to stay until she arrives.

Maxie: Why does Carly care if I'm here or not?

Felicia: Bobbie cares, and I think we should stay here and support Bobbie. I'm asking you to stay.

Maxie: Fine. I'll stay. Have you seen Lucky?

Sarah: Hey. Um -- I just -- I spilled something on my dress, and now the zipper's stuck. Would you mind?

Lucky: Uh -- sure. That's fine.

Lucky: Put this down here.

Elizabeth: Jason. What are you doing here?

Jason: Carly asked me.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Jason: And I wanted to see you.

Sarah: The zipper.

Lucky: Uh, yeah, it's just -- it's caught up in the fabric here. Just give me a second. All right? There we go.

Sarah: Thank you.

Lucky: You're welcome.

Carly: Um -- you know what? You -- you go ahead.

Sonny: What do you mean? You okay?

Carly: Yeah, yeah. You know what? I'm fine. I just -- I need to get my head together, put my party face on.

Sonny: Well, I could stay here with you. Doesn't matter. You know --

Carly: No, I'm fine. Really, honestly. You go ahead and I'll -- oops -- I'll see you in there, okay?

Carly: Yeah, hi. Is -- is Jason Morgan there? Well, do you know when he's going to be back? All right. Well, listen, if he shows up, tell him that Carly called and he needs to call me at 555-1315 as soon as he gets in. It's a matter of life and death. Oh, hey.

Jax: Hey.

Carly: Hey. Jax. Hi, guys. Um --

Jax: Everything okay?

Carly: Yeah. Can you -- can you give us a minute together?

Jax: Well, we just got here.

Alexis: It's okay. I'll be right in.

Jax: All right. Okay.

Sonny: Jason. Since when do you go to parties?

Jason: Carly asked me. I got to get out of here.

Sonny: Hey, she's right outside. She'll be -- she'll be glad to see you.

Jason: She drove over here with you?

Sonny: Yeah. That lead pan out, the guy who saw Carly when she disappeared?

Carly: Get this straight, Alexis. It is over between you and Sonny. You will never be with him again because we are back together. So whatever little fantasies that you have going on in your head, you can get rid of them because there is nothing that you have to offer that I can't give him.

Alexis: Oh, I wouldn't bet on that.

Carly: Excuse me?

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Elizabeth: What do you mean about Sarah?

Maxie: Sister friend is upstairs in bed with Lucky as we speak.

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