GH Transcript Thursday 5/30/02


General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/30/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Lucky: When I think of Maxie, I think of her as a kid sister.

Felicia: She reads romance into everything that you do.

Zander: If I had it to do over, I would never let you go.

Sarah: We can't do this to Elizabeth.

Jason: You've been doing a lot of things you shouldn’t. It stops here.

A.J.: Is that a threat?

Jason: You don't show up at Carly’s door.

Alexis: Things are going well for you?

Sonny: Actually, better than I thought.

[Music plays]

Maxie: Hey.

Lucky: Hey. Back at you. How'd you get in here?

Maxie: I know where Aunt Bobbie keeps the keys. I'm not too early, am I?

Lucky: I thought we were prepping for an algebra exam, not conducting a séance.

Maxie: Oh -- you mean these. The green tea's for mental focus and the lemon grass is for energy. I need all the help I can get.

Elizabeth: Are they here yet?

Sarah: God. No, come on.   We still have time to bail.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no, no. We are not standing up Darren and Winthrop.

Sarah: Come on, sure we can. What kind of names are those anyways -- Darren and Winthrop? Sounds like a law firm. Why don't we just leave a note with the waitress and -- saying that I had to go to work early at the last second and you got typhoid?

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no, no. You agreed to go on this double date, okay? You're the one that said, "What’s the worst that can happen?"

Sarah: Yeah, well, I thought of a few things.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God. Well, you know what? It is too late to back out. You are going to have fun tonight whether you like it or not.

Monica: Jason, A.J. said you were back.

Alan: It's good to see you. You look well.

Edward: I assume you're not here to see us, but at least you have the manners to visit your grandmother.

Monica: How long are you going to be staying?

A.J.: I already told them, but my word doesn't mean much. They want to hear it from you. Go on, Jase, tell them about your assignment. Tell them that Sonny brought you back here to kill me for trying -- for trying to take Michael away from Carly. Tell them.

Carly: Hey.

Zander: Hey. You look great.

Carly: Oh. Oh. Thanks.

Zander: A lot better than the last time I saw you.

Carly: Oh, yeah. They are gorgeous, Zander. Thank you.

Zander: So is this what you're wearing or are you going to have to change 20 times?

Carly: Well, you know, I'm finding it a little hard to decide what's appropriate for a party honoring the fact that I'm not really dead. Why are you dressed so early, though?

Zander: Well, I thought maybe we could go get some dinner before the main event. I found this great little place in Greenfield, this guy at the piano that sounds exactly like Harry Connick Jr.

Carly: Oh, you know, Zander, that's really sweet, but I don't think that's --

Zander: Okay, okay, okay. Hear me out. You gave me -- the night of the accident, you gave me a pool cue. You remember?

Carly: Yeah.

Zander: And we had made sort of a date to go and play pool after you got off work. I mean, you weren't thinking of it as a date -- I mean, neither was I. I mean, if it was a date, I would dress up, I'd bring flowers --

Carly: Zander, stop. It's --

Zander: No, no, no. You know what? I made a mistake the night of the accident and now I have a chance to do things differently, to make it up to you --

Carly: Okay, you know what, Zander? A lot has happened since the last time I saw you.

Zander: Like what?

Sonny: I didn't mean to startle --

Alexis: You didn't, really. I got it, thanks. No problem. Thanks. It's good to see you again. Have a good evening.

Sonny: Hang on, hang on.

Alexis: What?

Sonny: What aren't you telling me?

Sonny: I mean, you know, last night you almost fainted and then you're desperate to get into your apartment and away from me, so what's going on?

Alexis: I'm not trying to get away from you. I'm just having a bad day.

Sonny: Well, your bad day kind of started when I -- at Kelly’s, I told you I was back with Carly, so --

Alexis: I want to make this easier for you. I am not a school girl whose heart that you've just broken. I am an educated, independent woman who knew what she was doing and who she was doing it with. And however unplanned, I am not, nor will I ever be, sorry that it happened. So you can stop worrying, go to your apartment. Don't worry about the consequences -- if there are any, I'll handle it. There's no problem.

Sonny: Hi.

Courtney: I need to speak to you -- alone.

Sonny: Okay. Can you just wait for me one second?

Courtney: No, this can't wait.

Alexis: No, it's all right. Go ahead.

Sonny: No, I mean --

Alexis: I -- I really need to get inside. I want to go to bed early.

[Sonny sighs]

Courtney: No, I don't want anything to eat, anything to drink, and I don't want to sit. I want you to stop threatening my husband.

Sonny: I don't know what A.J.'s been saying, but I haven't seen him since the day of the funeral.

Courtney: Yeah, right. That would be when A.J. tried to pay his respects without causing a scene or making anyone feel uncomfortable. That would be when you repaid him threatening to make sure that [sentence ended here]

Sonny: Is that what A.J. told you?

Courtney: Are you denying it? Why is A.J.'s brother back in town? To do your dirty work? What's the plan, Sonny? A.J. doesn’t stay away from Michael, you get his own brother to get rid of him?

A.J.: Go on, Jase, tell them what you said on the pier. Mr. Truthful, Mr. "I never tell a lie." Tell them how you threatened me. Jason's back to kill me on Sonny's orders.

Edward: Oh, don't be so dramatic, A.J.

Alan: He's hardly going to murder you in the family home with all of us watching.

A.J.: Oh, wow, Dad. Why didn't I think of that? Gee, I guess I have nothing to worry about, now, do I? It must be so wonderful being you. You never have to say anything, lift a finger, send a birthday gift, a Christmas card. You don't have to apologize for anything or give a damn what anybody thinks! No wonder you feel so powerful, Jase! You destroy lives, you bend rules, you break laws, and these people still think you walk on water!

Alan: A.J., that's enough.

A.J.: Do it. Do it! Just go ahead, stab me in my heart! Get it over with!

Edward: Put that down now!

A.J.: Don't worry about them.

Monica: A.J. --

A.J.: Don't worry about them. They'll swear it was an accident.

Monica: A.J., stop it.

A.J.: Or self-defense. Come on, you got a room full of witnesses. These people will walk through fire for you.

Monica: Stop it, A.J.!

A.J.: Do it! Do it!

Monica: Stop it! Right now, A.J.! I mean it. I want to talk to my son.

A.J.: Her son. That would be you.

Elizabeth: In the night the whole universe comes back into balance after all the heartbreaks and the -- and the disasters that came before. Darren could be your Mr. Right. He could be some brilliant research scientist who is -- who is on the cusp of developing the cure for cancer.

Sarah: Oh, yeah, and he could also be an internet porn star, okay? Lizzie, we need, like, a signal in case we have to bail.

Elizabeth: Or how about a self-made philanthropist who funds scholarships for deserving children and is a major benefactor to the arts.

Sarah: Liz, I'm serious, okay? Come on, let's get Gram to call us in a half an hour with an emergency.

Elizabeth: Oh. Uh-uh, too late.

Man: Hi.

Second man: Hey.

Man: Sorry we're running behind. Winthrop was at a fundraiser and had his cell phone turned off, and I was in the middle of an experiment. I couldn't leave to track him down.

Winthrop: So, why the change of mind -- not that we're not glad you did?

Sarah: Um --

Elizabeth: Let's just say we got inspired.

Sarah: Yeah.

Lucky: All right, so, when you have X over Y, what do you do?

Maxie: Oh --

Lucky: Do you not remember what I told you?

Maxie: Multiply both sides by X?

Lucky: Okay. Maxie, you know what? There's something -- um, ahem -- going on here other than algebra, and I think we need to deal with it.

Maxie: I'm so glad you said that. I've been waiting forever to tell you how I feel.

Maxie: Not that I don't like Elizabeth, but if she can't see what an incredible guy you are, that she can search the whole world and never find anyone as special, then she doesn't deserve you, especially when there's someone who gets you and loves everything about you.

Lucky: Yeah, and I hope that --

Maxie: And the only problem that she would ever have is if she changed you. Like, have you ever seen the movie "Cast Away"? You know, how Tom Hanks was totally in love with Helen Hunt, and after the plane crash, she moved on to someone else. That just proves that they weren't meant for each other. I've never liked anyone like this. I will never give up on you or us. I would do anything for you. I know this probably isn't what you were expecting to hear, but I just really wanted to be honest. Okay, one last thing -- you probably aren't feeling everything I just described, and that's okay because I've had a lot longer to think about it and get comfortable with it. But I just truly hope you'll open your mind and feelings to see where they take you. Okay. Your turn.

Sarah: So, you invented The Terminator Exterminator?

Darren: Have you played it?

Sarah: No, but it's very popular with the pediatric patients. Let me -- let me ask you something. Has anyone ever done a study to see how kids' reading and communication skills were affected, say, from when they bought the game to two weeks later?

Darren: Ah, but their computer skills have increased.

Sarah: Right. And I bet their tolerance for violence has increased, too.

Elizabeth: So, Darren, when you're not developing software and you're not putting in sound systems for fundraisers, do you guys have any hobbies?

Winthrop: Well, it's more like an obsession than an interest -- we want to bring curling to the U.S.

Darren: It's a huge sport in Canada.

Sarah: Curling?

Winthrop: Yeah. We got into it when we were in junior high, you know, and since high school, we've been to every national curling league playoff.

Sarah: Oh.

Darren: So you're familiar with it?

Sarah: Well, yeah. Isn't it that thing in the Olympics where someone sweeps in front of that big thing that looks like a hockey puck?

Winthrop: That's what everyone says the first time they see it, but it's actually an art.

Darren: Yeah, it's as much mental as it is physical.

Winthrop: The CCL playoffs --

Darren: The Canadian Curling League --

Winthrop: Yeah, they're playing in front of sold-out crowds.

Sarah: To watch people sweep? Lizzie? Lizzie? Oh, my God, it's happening again. I need to take her pulse.

Darren: What?

Sarah: Excuse me. Oh, my God, she's having another catatemia attack. Lizzie? Oh. I thought the new medication was working, but apparently not. You guys may want to leave. Any second now, she could start shrieking and clawing like a frightened animal at anyone who gets too close. Seriously, you guys could get scarred. Lizzie, it's okay. No one's watching. Everyone's leaving.

Darren: What are you doing?

Sarah: I'm pouring sugar in her hands. It helps calm her down.

Winthrop: Should we call 911?

Sarah: No. Just please leave, okay? I'm sorry. Lizzie, it's okay. It's okay. We'll try this again when she's feeling better.

Darren: Sure.

Winthrop: Right, yeah, sure. Hey, we'll call you.

Darren: Definitely.

Sarah: Okay.

Sarah: Oh!

Monica: I -- I'm sorry you had to get attacked the minute you walked in the door.

Jason: It's nothing you did.

Monica: Well, I know. I mean that -- well, I know you don't like coming here. I just have to say I'm glad that you made a visit.

Jason: I wanted to see Grandmother.

Monica: Yeah. Yeah, well, I think your dad -- at the moment, she should be in the sitting room.

Jason: I -- I wanted to see you, too.

Monica: I'm -- I'm very pleased, Jason. How are you?

Jason: Good.

Monica: Well, you look good. I mean, you don't look like you've been --

Jason: I've been traveling, mostly. Did a little work.

Monica: And now you're back. Did -- did Sonny send for you?

Jason: Yes, he did, when he thought Carly was dead. I couldn't make it in time for the funeral.

Monica: Oh, well, then, you've got to be relieved that she is alive.

Jason: A.J. made everyone think she wasn't.

Monica: What do you mean?

Jason: He put a body in the lake and he paid to have it I.D.'d as Carly’s so he could get Michael back.

Monica: Did Sonny tell you all this?

Jason: It's the truth.

Monica: Jason, A.J. has made a lot of mistakes -- I pray to God this isn't one of them -- but, I mean, he's -- he is your brother.

Jason: A.J.'s not the same as he was a year ago. He was a liar, he was weak, but he was not full of pure hate. He is now.

Monica: Could you kill him? I mean, could you kill your brother?

Edward: You know, A.J., Jason is a man of action. You could learn a thing or two from him.

A.J.: How to fix motorcycles, spit on the family, kill people?

Edward: No, no, no, no -- how to follow through. Your marriage to Courtney was not an end in itself. It was just part of a -- a strategic plan. You were supposed to be using Sonny's sister to win back your son and my heir.

A.J.: You don't have to remind me. It was my plan.

Edward: Yes, and I was duly impressed until you got stuck in stage two.

Sonny: When Carly was missing, her friends and family joined in the search. Jason is a friend of Carly’s as well as mine, so --

Courtney: So you're -- you're saying that A.J.'s overreacting? Jason didn't threaten him for you? And if my husband should end up mysteriously dead, it won't have anything to do with you or Jason or anyone that works for you?

Sonny: I don't discuss my business or who works for me or what they do, but I'm going to tell you something right now -- A.J. is filling your head with lies.

Courtney: I'm your sister and I am asking you -- if my husband is hurt in any way, will you be able to look me in the eye and promise me you won't be involved in any way? Answer me!

Sonny: You ask a lot of questions, Courtney, and that's a good thing if you ask the right ones. So why aren't you asking why we held a funeral for Carly when she wasn't even dead or how a body was in that casket with Carly’s D.N.A. Okay, a body was found in the lake -- weird coincidence, yeah. But lab results that say it's Carly? Somebody made that happen! And that somebody was A.J. Did your husband, who tells you everything, tell you that?

Zander: So you remember?

Carly: Everything -- how I came over to your place and I came on to you, and you saw right through me and threw me out. Zander, you were right. I mean, I went there to use you to strike out against Sonny just like I did when I told him that someone had kissed me in a bar. It was completely inconsiderate of our friendship.

Zander: Okay. Could we just try and forget about that night and forget about all these apologies?

Carly: Yeah. But you need to know that I love Sonny and I always will.

Zander: Okay, so you remember what happened at my place. Do you remember what drove you there?

Carly: Yeah -- I saw Alexis and Sonny in bed, and I freaked. But Sonny and I, we talked about it, it was only the one time, and it's not like he's having some big affair. Sonny and I love each other.

Jason: A.J. needs to back off Carly and Michael.

Monica: That wasn't my question.

Jason: If A.J. wants to think I'm out to kill him, it's his choice. If you want to believe him, that's yours.

Monica: No. No. I can't believe -- I can't believe that you would do something like that and certainly not to your grandmother, not to Emily, and hopefully not to me.

Jason: Tell A.J. to leave Carly and Michael alone.

Monica: I have tried, Jason, but he is Michael’s father. He has a right to see him. I mean, can't there be some kind of compromise? Can't Carly and Sonny understand that?

Jason: A.J. married Sonny's sister to trade her for Michael. He made it look like Carly died so he can file for custody. He doesn't give a damn about Michael. He's trying to take Sonny down. Why are you people helping him?

Monica: I have called A.J. on the fact that I know he is using Courtney.

Jason: Yeah, and why should he care what you say as long as you keep letting him do whatever he wants? No matter who he hurts.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: I have someplace to be and I want to see Grandmother before I go.

Edward: The only way that Sonny will trade Michael is if he thinks that he is saving Courtney from a life of misery, hmm? You should be giving that little girl hell, but, no, you give her a puppy. You should be giving her sleepless nights, but you give her the perfect life. She needs to be dragging around with bags under her eyes and -- and weeping into her hankie but, no, she just skips around, big smile on her face, the contented little bride. Where is the torment, A.J.? Where's the agony? Where is that -- that loveless prison from which poor, helpless Courtney must be saved? You know something? You ought to be just berating her mercilessly and you ought to be roaring around like a drunken lout. So, do you want to salvage your plan or have you lost the heart for it? Or should I say spine?

A.J.: Neither.

Edward: Then may I assume that your chipper little bride is in for a -- for a rude awakening, hmm?

Courtney: People thought that that body was Carly’s because a guy at the hospital made a mistake.

Sonny: Yeah, and that guy was paid off. Now he's left town.

Courtney: That doesn't mean that A.J. did it.

Sonny: No?

Courtney: What, do you have proof?

Sonny: You're smart, right? Follow the logic. Who else -- who else would profit from having Carly declared dead?

Courtney: I don't know. Maybe her business partner?

Sonny: Hmm.

Courtney: Maybe my brother, trying to make my husband look guilty.

Sonny: Open your eyes! Come on, Courtney, what?

Courtney: That's exactly what you said when I first started seeing A.J. "Open your eyes, Courtney. This isn't about you. This is about A.J. getting to me," but you are wrong. A.J. loves me. He married me.

Sonny: All the better to get his hands on Michael! And now you're helping him. He's trying to use my sister to take away my son.

Courtney: A.J. just wants to be a part of Michael’s life, and why shouldn't he? I would be more worried if he didn't want to have --

Sonny: Because he's a worthless piece of slime that tears down everything he touches.

Courtney: And Carly is a saint?

Sonny: Compared to A.J., damn right.

Carly: Sonny and I belong together. In the end, it's -- it's that simple.

Zander: How many times has Sonny cut you loose?

Carly: About as many times as I've gone behind his back, but I'm really hoping that we're past that now.

Zander: Oh, but you're lying to yourself.

Carly: Look, Sonny changed after my accident, and I really think that he knows now I'm never going to betray him like I did before.

Zander: What about Sonny betraying you? I mean, you're trying to tell me that you don't care about the fact that he slept with Alexis?

Carly: Yes, I care. And you know what? It hurts like hell, but I'm trying really hard to let that go. Look, Sonny sleeping with Alexis -- it meant more to me than it meant to him.

Zander: Okay, so, what, you're back together, then?

Carly: We -- yeah. We spent all night last night together, at his request. Hey, you know what? I know that there's a lot that we have to work through, but we're going to get there, and this time, nothing's going to tear us apart.

Alexis: "If two blue lines appear in the window --"

Alexis: "You're pregnant."

Man: Jason Morgan?

Jason: Yeah?

Man: I'm Harvey. Sorry I'm late. I underestimated the drive from Sycamore Bend.

Jason: Don't worry about what did Vince tell you, exactly?

Harvey: You had some questions about this blonde that came into the diner.

Jason: That's right. Is this the woman?

Harvey: Yeah.

Jason: When did you see her?

Harvey: 14th or 15th of May. I remember it was a Wednesday. We serve curly fries on special on Wednesday, and she ordered some.

Jason: And did she seem out of it?

Harvey: No, she wasn't drunk or drugged or anything, if that's what you mean.

Jason: Did you notice anything else?

Harvey: She came in alone. I think some of the guys hit on her. I don't remember that she paid them any attention, though. And she ordered a lot of food for somebody that small.

Jason: Was it a chili dog on a toasted bun with a double order of cheese fries?

Harvey: Yeah, that's right. How did you know?

Zander: You're setting yourself up for a fall. Sonny is going to hurt you again.

Carly: Sonny and I, we've already crashed and burned. We're survivors.

Zander: Enjoy the party.

Carly: Zander --

Zander: What? What?

Carly: Thanks. Thanks for the flowers.

Carly: Leticia? Have you seen my black dress?

Courtney: Carly's a pathological liar. I heard how she seduced her own stepfather and tore apart a family. Yeah, there's mother material for you.

Sonny: Carly would go to hell and back for her son.

Courtney: She drugged A.J. and tried to get him to think that he was drinking again. And then played musical chairs, playing who's the baby's father, saying that it was anybody's but A.J.'s.

Sonny: Carly knew that the Quartermaines would take her baby and push her out, and she also knew that A.J. wasn't fit to be a father. So, yeah, she lied. I mean --

Courtney: Apparently, no one's fit to be a father except for you, Sonny. And you truly think that Carly’s a good mother? In what universe? At least A.J. has owned up to his mistakes.

Sonny: Oh --

Courtney: He wasn't in a loony bin.

Sonny: You are smarter than this. Do you not understand that you're parroting back whatever A.J. is telling you about people you've never met, circumstances you don't understand?

Courtney: I understand A.J., and I know that he would be a wonderful father if someone would just give him a chance.

Sonny: A.J. doesn’t give a damn about Michael, except maybe to -- to please Edward. Carly loves that child like crazy. More than A.J.'s capable -- I know this is going to hurt you -- more than A.J.'s capable of loving anyone.

Courtney: How do you know?

Sonny: Because I know Carly and I know what's in her heart, and I know A.J. And he's twisted. I just hope you see that before you ruin your life any more than it already is. Do you understand what I'm saying? Now, I tried to protect you. Maybe tried too hard and that's why it didn't work out, but I promise to be there for Michael always, and I will stand by my word. I am not going to abandon him like Mike abandoned us, any more than I'm going to let A.J. rip Michael away from his mother.

Courtney: A.J. is not trying to rip Michael away! Okay. You know what? Why don't we -- why don't we try something else?

Sonny: What?

Courtney: I don't know. It won't be easy and it might be completely impossible, but for Michael’s sake, we should at least give it a try. Why don't you and Carly and A.J. and I just sit down and try and make peace? Try and hammer out some kind of agreement like normal families do?

Sonny: I wouldn't trust A.J. with Michael for 10 minutes.

Courtney: Don't hurt my husband, Sonny. Don't even touch him. Because if you do, I will be your enemy for life. Do you understand me?

Sonny: Yeah. It's going to get worse before it gets better.

Edward: I think it's about time that you spooked your happy little bridey by letting your darker side rip.

Monica: A.J., I'd like to see you inside.

A.J.: Whoa. Jason left without saying good-bye?

Monica: A.J., whether you believe it or not, I love you. Your father loves you no matter what you do. But Alan has been right about your choices and your actions regarding this sham of a marriage you're in, and I am guilty -- I'm guilty of enabling you.

A.J.: Are you saying I'm destructive? Jason's a hit man, and I'm destructive?

Alan: Jason is not the issue.

Monica: I've given this a lot of thought.

A.J.: Jason got to you, didn't he?

Monica: And this can't go on anymore. It really can’t. So you have a choice. You can either end this -- this ridiculous marriage or you take your bride and you move out of this house.

Sarah: Okay, last question.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Sarah: "If you double-book a date night with a doctor or a potential Bill Gates --"

Elizabeth: Hmm.

Sarah: "Would you, A, go with the one whose date you accepted first? B, go with the doctor because he's rich? C, go with the doctor because he saves lives? D, go with the potential Bill Gates because he could end up richer? E, go with the potential Bill Gates because me makes you laugh? Or F, cancel both dates and go with your girlfriend who has U2 tickets?" All right, tally up all your A, B, Cs, etc.

Elizabeth: And wherever Mr. Perfect is, we're staking out the place until he shows up.

Sarah: All right. Well, apparently, my perfect man is type C.

Elizabeth: Mine, too.

Sarah: Okay. "He's the ruggedly independent type with a strong artistic streak. Look for your perfect man in the nearest fly-fisherman's paradise or --"

Elizabeth: Here, let me read it. "Or alone on the docks strumming his acoustic guitar under a full moon, or in his dark room developing lyrical photographs that capture his unique point of view." You take the fly-fishing paradise, I'll take the hiking trail?

Sarah: Who needs men?

Lucky: Maxie, I -- I've known you since, well, you were a princess at your birthday party on Halloween. And I helped you with batting practice, you know, for your first T-ball game? And I'd like to think that I was your favorite babysitter.

Maxie: I'm not a little kid anymore, Lucky.

Lucky: Which is true. I mean, it's true. You have grown up to be quite a beautiful young woman. And you're smart and you're fun and -- I'm just never going to think of you as anything other than a kid sister. But I guarantee you there's a hundred guys that are lining up around --

Maxie: If you'll just open your eyes, you'll see I'm not a little kid anymore. I'm ready to do this. I'm on the pill. And if I'm with any other guy, he's just going to be a substitute for you.

Lucky: Uh, Maxie -- okay. This is not going to happen.

Maxie: I'm not being naive. A lot of girls in my class have been having sex for years and some are going out with guys a lot older than you.

Lucky: Yes. No matter how old you get and how much you mature, you're never going to be anything but a kid sister to me. Hey, Maxie -- Maxie? Ugh. Maxie? Hey.

Lucky: Hey, Maxie? Maxie? Maxie?

Sarah: What's wrong?

Lucky: She has a crush on me, and instead of letting her down gently like I wanted to, I ended up hurting her feelings. Which, by the way, I'm getting good at. Sarah, why do all the girls that care about me -- why do I end up hurting them?

Sarah: Don't blame yourself, Lucky, okay? You are one of the sweetest, most caring guys I know.

Lucky: Then why does this keep happening? What the hell's wrong with me?

Alan: We won't support you deceiving this young woman any longer.

Monica: I was wrong, A.J., to allow you to bring Courtney into this house. Your father and Skye told me as much.

Edward: Since when have you ever taken Skye’s word for anything?

A.J.: This isn't about Skye. It's about Jason the golden boy.

Alan: This is about the reckless amoral game you're playing with this girl.

Edward: This girl is Sonny's sister and she is our only access to Michael!

Monica: She is a pawn in a game and so is Michael. You're not looking after your son's best interest, A.J. No, your interests are Edward’s, and you're hoping to win the impossible-to-earn respect.

Courtney: How can you say that? A.J. loves Michael. You are his mother. You're supposed to be on his side. No wonder A.J. grew up feeling unloved.

Monica: Actually, this isn't any of your business, Courtney.

Courtney: Yeah, well, A.J.'s my husband now, so I'm part of this family whether you like it or not.

Monica: No. In fact, you're not.

Courtney: What is that supposed to mean?

Monica: You don't belong in this family, nor do you belong in this house.

A.J.: That's enough.

Monica: So why don't you go live with your gangster brother or your blackmailing tramp of a mother?

Courtney: Well, at least my mother knows who my real father is. A.J.'s mom doesn't. So who's the tramp?

Carly: Hey! Happy haircut. Looks good. So you found my place. What do you think?

Jason: It's nice, I guess.

Carly: You hate it.

Jason: I know you faked your death, Carly. And I think Sonny should know, too.

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Monica: Let her go, A.J.!

Lucky: If you don't want me here, I can leave.

Elizabeth: I'm over this. Did you know that Jason's back in town?

Carly: I did not pretend to be dead, ever.

Sonny: Is it my imagination that you haven't let me inside your apartment?

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