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Monica: Here is a petition for a divorce.

Skye: I told him that if he got A.J. to leave Courtney alone, I would hand him back E.L.Q. free and clear.

Kristina: You just see me as Alexis without the baggage.

Zander: Go find Sonny, take him back to bed so you don't have to pretend like you're really sorry about any of this!

Sonny: You think Carly's dead?

Benny: It looks that way, Sir.

Sonny: You're wrong, Benny!

Sarah: We shouldn't be doing this.

Lucky: I know. I know.

Rae: Hello. Well, I am glad that we can all have dinner together.

Skye: So you've said, Mother, three times now.

Rae: Have I? Oh, sorry.

Jax: Here, let me get this.

Skye: Thank you. Oh, you know what? I'm going to go check on our table. I'll be right back.

Rae: Okay. Jax, there's something that I want you to know. I'm not a meddler by nature -- well, maybe professionally I am, but I'm certainly not one of those mothers that shines a light on every area of their child's life.

Jax: Well, I wouldn't expect otherwise.

Rae: You know, there's a lot about Skye I don't know. I didn't raise her. Oh, I'm sure you already know that. She's told you. I've missed so much of her life. And both of us have a lot to learn about each other. I don't seem to be saying this very well, do I?

Jax: You can say what whatever you want, Rae. It'll stay confidential between us.

Rae: Okay. Skye told me about how invaluable you were with A.J. when he needed help.

Jax: Your daughter is a very special woman.

Rae: Well, you're a very charming man. That's quite clear. The problem is charm can be a little deceptive. So I want you to forgive me for what I'm going to ask you right now. Can Skye trust you?

Jax: Yeah, Skye can trust me. But the better question would have been, will she ever believe that I trust her?

Rae: Well, maybe you are the right man for her.

Courtney: A.J., it's beautiful.

A.J.: For you. I don't want you to think about anything. I don't want you to think about anything outside this room. Not your family. Not my family. Nothing.

A.J.: Just us. You and me.

Alexis: I got a call from the police. They found something of Carlyís.

Sonny: I saw Zander.

Alexis: So did I.

Sonny: She wanted to bring me the birthday card from Michael.

Alexis: There's no way that we could have known.

Sonny: I know her. I know what it did to her. I don't know why I let this happen.

Rae: What?

Skye: All right, look, you're the relationship expert. There must be some advice you can give on how not to sabotage this relationship, hmm? And make it quick.

Rae: Honey, there is no magic formula.

Skye: Oh, come on. There must be six simple rules on how to make a relationship work --

Rae: No.

Skye: Or a single girl's guidebook that I never got. What?

Rae: Skye, no, there isnít. Now, the only thing I can tell you --

Edward: You home wrecker.

Rae: What?

Edward: You have no standing to be advising anyone.

Skye: How dare you speak to us like that. You have no right --

Edward: Listen, listen. Do you know that Monica served your father with divorce papers the very day that Rae made another of her unwelcome visits? Oh, you're surprised, huh? I don't know why. You're as much to blame as she is.

Skye: Me?

Edward: Yes, you. You're the one who made Alan choose between his wife and his son.

Skye: A.J. is in trouble. Your grandson, as a matter of fact. Not that you'd care. In fact, quite the opposite. You're the one who encourages him to self-destruct.

Edward: You didn't seem to care what A.J. was up to when he was helping you in your pathetic little scheme to get your hooks into Jax.

Rae: Jax seems quite content with Skye.

Edward: Well, then he has lost whatever sense he has. But who cares? If you want to turn on Jax, fine. But not A.J.! You made him think that he could count on you. And now when he is making a serious effort to get his son back, even going up against Sonny Corinthos, you turn on him and you accuse him of drunkenness. And you know what? You have put his father in an untenable situation that is ruining his marriage.

Rae: Now you listen to me, you miserable old fossil. You had better leave my daughter alone.

Edward: Everyone should leave your daughter alone.

Jax: Think twice, Edward, before you say another word.

Sonny: The police said she was going at least 70 when she crashed through the guardrail; 70 miles an hour at night, in the fog, on a blind turn. You know why? Because she couldn't see what she was doing. All she could see was me with you.

Alexis: They will find her because she doesn't give up. She survives things. That's why you love her.

Sonny: I bet she wasn't afraid until the car started sliding, till she realized that it was headed over the edge. You know how accidents are. You know, everything slows down. You have time to think, time to be afraid. She'd have been terrified for Michael. She'd have been afraid that she was -- she'd have been afraid that he'd be without her.

Alexis: Is he all right? Michael, I mean. Is he all right?

Sonny: A.J. went after him today.

Alexis: I will not let that happen. I promise you, A.J. will never get near Michael.

Sonny: A.J.'s convinced that, you know, Carly's gone and he can step in now and take Michael, now that Carly's dead.

Sonny: Carly's dead.

Sonny: I wanted to believe Michaelís story, you know? I wanted to -- kids see what they want to see, not what's true.

Alexis: Nobody knows what's true.

[Phone rings]

Alexis: Hello?

Kristina: Alexis, where are you? Are you okay? I have been trying to get ahold of you for hours. I've been worried sick about you.

Alexis: I'm fine.

Kristina: You were anything but fine the last time I saw you. Listen, do you need me right now? Should I come and get you? Just tell me where you are, I'll be right there.

Alexis: I'm with Sonny, all right?

Kristina: What happened?

Alexis: Nothing, we're talking.

Kristina: Do you need me to come over there?

Alexis: I will get a ride home. I will be fine, all right? I'll talk to you later.

Ned: Is Alexis all right?

Kristina: No. I mean, she said she was, but I know that she wasn't.

Ned: Everyone's upset.

Kristina: I know, but something else happened. You know, I saw Sonny earlier tonight when I was over at Zander's, and he was so shaken. And I know -- I mean, I know that everyone is upset about Carly, but it was something else. I could tell, I could feel it. I think there's something going on between Alexis and Sonny -- something more than Carly.

Ned: Kristina, just let it go. There's nothing you can do to fix it.

Lucky: I was watching you from the doorway. I told myself to turn around, but I couldn't.

Sarah: That night in the stables, when you walked in, I didn't want to leave.

Lucky: I know. I know. I had to do everything I could just to -- just to let you go.

Sarah: My heart was pounding. I was shaking. I couldn't stop. I told myself it was the cold, the rain. It wasnít.

Lucky: You told me that I make you feel alive. You do the same thing for me. I've been shut down for so long, Sarah -- a year. I've been lying to Elizabeth, I've been lying to myself. But you brought me out of that. I want you.

Sarah: I want you, too.

Sarah: Lucky, please, stop. I want this, too, so much. But we can't. What about Elizabeth?

Lucky: What about Elizabeth? Elizabeth and I are over.

Sarah: What about Elizabeth and me? She was just here, and we talked, and I felt like we got a step closer.

Lucky: And I'm so glad for you. I really am. I want you and Elizabeth to be close.

Sarah: So do I. But she said the one thing that she couldn't take is us being together. No matter how much I want this, want you, it can't happen. After all this time, how can I turn my back on my sister? You understand, don't you? You have to.

Lucky: Of course I understand, Sarah. The last thing I want to do is hurt Elizabeth. But I would be lying to myself if I told you that I didn't want this. And I know you said we can't take this anywhere, but I really feel like we can.

Sarah: We can do this. We have to be strong for each other.

Lucky: I don't know if I can do that.

Sarah: Lucky, don't make this harder than it has to be. Maybe things will change. Maybe at some point, you and I can -- I won't do this to my sister. That's my decision. I'm not going to change it.

Lucky: All right. Sarah, I'll do whatever you want.

Sarah: It's not what I want. It's the way it has to be. So here's the deal -- if one of us weakens, then the other one will be right there to remember why we're doing this. And we'll help each other get through it. Deal?

Lucky: You know, if this is going to work, I can't be in the same room as you. Heck, I don't even know if I can be in the same state. Fine. Fine. I'll agree. I'll just -- I'll just go.

Edward: Don't pull me around! What?

Jax: How could you speak to a woman like that? Especially your granddaughter?

Edward: What did I say? I was telling the truth.

Jax: Yeah, the way you see it.

Edward: No, the way it is, Jax. Rae was nothing until Alan met her. Her mother, Myrtle? She was a carnival con woman, for God's sake.

Jax: Edward, Rae is a human being. She deserves as much respect as you.

Edward: Oh, please.

Jax: Did your near-death experience have no effect on you whatsoever?

Edward: Of course it did. It showed me that I have a family to protect.

Jax: Okay, fine. Then start with getting A.J. out of his latest little disaster.

Edward: I will not apologize for helping A.J. Michael is his son, and he deserves to be --

Jax: No, no.

Edward: Back in the Quartermaine fold. Yes, he does!

Jax: Not the way A.J. is going about it. And here's another idea -- take Skye up on her offer. Take over E.L.Q. Okay? Boot A.J. out of the house. You'll have Skye out of your hair, and you'll have exactly what you want.

Edward: How would you know exactly what I want? You've never had children of your own. You've never known the pressure of trying to safeguard your family's future.

Jax: The way you treat Skye -- who, I'll remind you again, is your granddaughter -- that says everything about what family really means to you, Edward.

Skye: Did Monica tell you she was divorcing my father?

Rae: I was there. Worst time, worst place. And I believed that Monica was just doing one of her many threats. And I still think that's all it is.

Skye: I -- I can't believe it. I knew it wasn't a great marriage or that Monica even made him happy. Quite the contrary. But I can't help but feel like this is partly my fault.

Rae: Skye, Alan and Monica are adults. They've been together a very long time, and they know each other too well to shift responsibility to somebody else. Skye?

Skye: I am going to find a way to fix this, Mother.

Rae: "Fix"? Like what -- what do you mean, "fix"? You're going to try and get them back together, or you're going to split them up?

Skye: Mother, I am simply going to help my father feel better, that's all.

Rae: I'm going to say two words to you, and I want you to pay close attention because your life will depend on this -- don't help.

Courtney: I thought this only happened in movies.

A.J.: It does. Yeah, I have a hidden camera in the closet. You didn't know that?

Courtney: I'm serious.

A.J.: What?

Courtney: Guy falls in love with girl. Guy fights against all kinds of odds for her, showers her with presents and rose petals. I've never had anything like this before.

A.J.: I love giving you things, having you experience things you've never experienced before. Get used to it.

Courtney: I think it'll take me six months just to get used to these sheets.

A.J.: We have all the time in the world. Although, marriage -- there are practical matters to consider.

Courtney: "Practical matters?"

A.J.: Yes. I think that now is as good as any to settle one of those.

Sonny: I wanted to believe that he was right. I wanted to believe that she was just going to come home and I'd thank God and she'd have some lame excuse and I'd scream at her like I always do. We fought all the time and, you know, we fought with each other, for each other, but this last time, she didn't fight. She left.

Sonny: She saw us together. She went to Zander for payback. And when she didn't get that, she went crazy and got behind the wheel. Zander said it was about me, and he was right.

Sonny: Carly's dead because of me. I killed her.

Alexis: Please don't do this to yourself.

Alexis: This isn't your fault, and it's not about blame at all.

Sonny: Carly saw us together. Now she's gone unless --

Alexis: Carly was someplace that she shouldn't have been and saw something that she shouldn't have seen. It was a horrible coincidence, and I wish to God that it had never happened. But that doesn't make it your fault, and it doesn't make it mine.

Sonny: It's not just about that night. I -- I kept Carly in some kind of limbo for about a year. I -- I pushed her away, but I never let her go. I'm responsible.

Andy: Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: What did you find?

Andy: One of the divers found this shoe at the bottom of the lake, not far from where the car was recovered. I just need to know whether you can I.D. it.

Sonny: That's Carly's. I -- she had six pairs like this. She --

Sonny: I'm taking you home, okay? All right?

[Music plays]

Ned: You know, I truly sympathize with you trying to take care of your sister. I've been known to go to great lengths trying to protect the people that I love. And then I met this very wise and amazing woman who taught me that people need to make their own choices.

Kristina: Please tell me that this overly confident, know-it-all woman is someone other than yours truly.

Ned: Oh, you're not a know-it-all.

Kristina: Stop! I'm really trying not to be. But you have to understand, I've never had a sister before. I had no idea that Alexis' happiness would mean so much to me. Ned, I just want her to be all right. I mean, that's it. That's all. That's all that's important to me. Oh, and I've made a decision, by the way.

Ned: Hmm?

Kristina: I am declaring a lifelong moratorium on getting involved in other people's business, effective as of this very second.

Ned: Hear, hear.

Kristina: Yes. And I mean it. I'm telling you, I am going to keep my mind only on my own life. I am going to only pay attention to what is right in front of me, the here and now. For example, this is a lovely dinner.

Ned: Thank you.

Kristina: The music is great, the wine -- the wine is --

Ned: Is Italian.

Kristina: That's not what I was going to say. The wine is perfect.

Ned: Hmm.

Kristina: Do you know this -- this song, by the way? Do you know who it is?

Ned: No, no. Who is it?

Kristina: I don't know, either. But I heard it the other day, and the lyrics just really got to me, I guess. It's about -- it's about two people who want each other and then they fall in love, and then they realize that they're wrong for each other. It was the wrong person.

Ned: The wrong person?

Kristina: Which is what I have been wondering since the beginning.

Ned: What have you been wondering?

Kristina: I have been wondering -- I mean, since I am Alexis' sister, are we wrong for each other?

Rae: I make it a rule -- I never give out advice like this to family or close friends. But I'm going to make an exception in your case.

Skye: Because I'm your daughter?

Rae: No, because you're you. Honey, you have this wonderful man in your life now who obviously is crazy about you. And I want you to have every chance to make this work.

Skye: My goal exactly, Mother. So tell me -- what is your advice?

Rae: All right. What I tell most people is to go with their first impulse, but in your case, I think it should be the second or the third or -- you know what? -- Even a little longer.

Skye: In my case?

Rae: Yes, because every time you go with your instinct, you -- you ruin it. You're counterproductive. You're even destructive. You know it. Does Max Holden and Ben Davidson come to mind?

Skye: Mother, okay, all right. I get it.

Rae: All right.

Skye: Look, I didn't tell you that I suddenly changed overnight, okay? What I did tell you is that I suddenly find myself in this thing with this unbelievably wonderful man and I'm so worried that I'm going to screw it up.

Rae: "Worried." You see? Worried. Worried is a good sign. Most women would not be. Most women would --

Jax: Edward asked me to convey his apologies. He suddenly remembered someplace he had to be.

Rae: Oh.

Skye: How dare he just walk off like that --

Rae: Hmm.

Skye: You know what? On second thought, I don't think that we should let his vindictive nature spoil this -- this lovely evening we have ahead of us.

Rae: I agree.

Sarah: This isn't going to be nearly as difficult as you're making it.

Lucky: I don't know how you can say that.

Sarah: We just have to think about it logically, that's all.

Lucky: Right, logically. Logically. Good luck.

Sarah: No, I'm serious. We just have to take it for what it is.

Lucky: Yeah?

Sarah: Pheromones.

Lucky: Pheromones? You mean like -- you mean like chemicals?

Sarah: I mean like attractants. There was a study done in 1986 which proved that humans release pheromones just like insects and animals. The scent is picked up by the opposite sex, which sends an electrical impulse to the brain, elevating hormone levels in the blood. It's just overactive glands, that's all.

Lucky: You don't believe that. You know what this is.

Sarah: Are you trying to torture me?

Lucky: You're not the only one.

Sarah: Why did you have to turn into this?

Lucky: What have I turned into?

Sarah: You, the way you are. God, I barely even noticed you in high school, and now look at you.

Lucky: Well, it serves you right for ignoring me and falling for Nikolas.

Sarah: One of us has to leave now.

Jax: Awfully quiet since I dealt with Edward. What's on your mind?

Skye: Well, I'll try not to go with my first impulse, but I have absolutely no idea what my second one is, let alone my third.

Jax: What are you talking about?

Skye: Getting that old goat -- my hateful, despicable grandfather -- for the way he practically spit on me and my mother tonight. My first impulse was homicidal.

Jax: It was probably good to check that one.

Skye: But you agree Edward was way out of line.

Jax: Oh, absolutely.

Skye: All right, then you are going to use that secret you have on my grandfather to blackmail him into backing off --

Jax: Skye, I can't do that.

Skye: Well, you used it to keep him from sending me and A.J. to prison.

Jax: That's right, I did. And I gave him my word that I would never use that against him in that way again.

Skye: Fine. But this is an emergency.

Jax: My word, Skye.

Skye: Oh, Jax, come on. You're supposed to be this ruthless corporate raider.

Jax: That's right, I am. And I'm successful because people can rely on my word.

Skye: Well, hooray for you. You get the chivalry award of the month. Meanwhile, my brother has a young girl trapped in a loveless marriage, he's going to toss her aside like last week's garbage, all to punish Sonny. Come on, I thought that you were supposed to be the one that was so protective of Courtney.

Jax: I feel sorry for her.

Skye: Then you'll help me, right?

Jax: Not this way. Can you live with that?

Skye: Oh. Do I really have a choice?

Courtney: Wait -- why are you giving me a checkbook?

A.J.: I'm not. It's already yours. Look. You can't come to me every time you need something, so there you go. What? What is it? Is it not enough?

Courtney: I didn't marry you for the money.

A.J.: I know. We're married. What's mine is yours.

Courtney: "Courtney M. Quartermaine." I don't need this.

A.J.: The Quartermaines are old money, which means we're very rich but we don't deserve it, so you might as well not deserve it right along with the rest of us. I want you to feel secure. Let me make all your dreams come true. After all, you are my wife. It's the least I can do.

[Music plays]

Kristina: I know I told you that I thought I was just Alexis without the baggage to you, but -- oh, I don't want that to be true.

Ned: When I look at you, I don't see your sister. Do you believe me?

Kristina: Yeah.

Ned: You've answered your own question. Now it's my turn.

Kristina: Uh-oh. For what?

Ned: I have a question. It is something deep and soul-searching, and it could have a profound effect on us for the next five minutes, at least.

Kristina: I think I can handle five minutes. Shoot.

Ned: Dance with me. So instead of analyzing and worrying, I suggest we just go with the flow.

Kristina: I think I can manage that. Hey, you know what we should do?

Ned: Shh. Go with the flow.

Kristina: Okay. No, but I'm serious. I --

Ned: You know, for someone who believes in the power of zen and feng shui and self-awareness, you're not much for living in the moment, are you?

Kristina: Are you accusing me of being less than enlightened?

Ned: I'm just saying that the point of a dance is to dance.

Kristina: Yeah, sometimes. But sometimes the point of a dance is to be held by someone that you are crazy about.

Ned: Very perceptive.

Kristina: And just so you know, by the way --

Ned: Hmm?

Kristina: I really have no problem staying in the moment as long as it's this moment, as long as I'm with you.

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