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General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/17/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

CLIP:  Steve's voice: Welcome to General Hospital.

Audrey: Oh, thank you, Dr. Hardy. I know it would be ridiculous of me to think that I'd be a great success at nursing right away. I've hardly had any experience. But I'll certainly do the best I can.

Amy: Oh, perfect. Audrey? Audrey? Excuse me -- Audrey, hello? Earth to Audrey?

Audrey: Oh, Amy, I'm sorry. You caught me daydreaming.

Amy: Well, you're allowed.

Audrey: Oh, well, now, what can I do for you?

Amy: Actually, I need your signature on this, please.

Audrey: Oh. All right.

Amy: And it's not really surprising that you would be daydreaming today, well, considering -- considering.

Audrey: Considering -- considering what, Amy?

Amy: Considering that this is your 10,000th day of work here at General Hospital. Come here, quick. Just real quick, just real quick.

Audrey: What?

Amy: Just real quick.

Audrey: What?

All: Surprise!

Man: Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Yeah!


Man: Whoo-hoo!


Alan: You didn't think we'd forget, did you?

Audrey: Well, I thought only personnel knew.

Monica: You underestimate your importance around here.

Alan: Monica's right. You're much too modest. Fortunately, you have enough friends around you who would not let you forget such an auspicious occasion.

Audrey: Well, I really don't know what to say.

Lucy: Well, you better figure out something quick because that's too bad. We want a speech and we want it now.

Kevin: Oh, speech.

Bobbie: Yeah, speech! Speech! Speech!

Audrey: All right! All right. Oh, dear. When -- when I first walked through those doors, I never dreamed that 10,000 days could go by like a blink of an eye. But here I see all of you, and I do see it. I see the 10,000 days in all of your faces. Oh, you people mean so much to me. You all became my family, and this hospital became my home. I met, fell in love, and spent the best years of my life with my beloved Steve. And somehow, I believe that he is here, celebrating with us right now. So on behalf of the two of us, we do thank you for your friendship, for your love, and for your support. I'm very lucky to have been a part of all of this.

Alan: This is from all of us at General Hospital.

Audrey: Oh. Oh.

[Audrey gasps]

Alan: Wear it in good health.

Audrey: Oh -- it's beautiful. Thank you all so very much.

Monica: And to 10,000 more.

Alan: Yeah.

[Cheers and applause]

Woman: Hold the elevator, please.

Scott: Whoa. Whoa. You're a little pregnant. You okay?

Woman: Fine. Could you press four, please?

Scott: Certainly.

Luke: Oh -- hold the elevator! Yeah, second floor, please. Oh. It's you.

Scott: Going to Audrey's party?

Luke: I got an invitation.

Scott: I didn't know you were so community-minded -- or did you just hear there was an open bar, Spencer?

Luke: Oh, is there?

Scott: Yes.

Luke: Well. Under those circumstances, I can be community-minded.

[Woman screams]

Woman: I'm sorry to be a bother, but I seem to be in labor. Would you mind going to the fourth floor first?

Luke: No. Press four.

Scott: I already pressed two.

Luke: Four! She needs --

Scott: We're going to two first.

Luke: The woman is pregnant! Who told you you could run an elevator?

Laura: Bobbie? Something wrong?

Bobbie: Well, no, no, but Scott was supposed to be here, and he went home to check on Serena, and he's just going to be so disappointed that he missed this.

Laura: I know. I was expecting Luke, too. I mean, parties are not usually his thing, but he really does love Audrey.

Edward: Oh, good Lord, not you again.

Lila: You don't have to be unpleasant, Edward.

Maxie: So, anyway, I'm leaving. Study date with Penny, and her mom said I could stay the night, so I'll see you tomorrow after school.

Felicia: Did she just say she's spending the night with Penny on a school night?

Lucy: Yeah. So what's the big deal?

Kevin: Well, think about it. What were you really doing when you said you were spending the night at a friend's house?

Lucy: Oh, my gosh, I can't really talk about it. Oh, Felicia -- sorry.

Felicia: Oh. Oh.

Alan: Hey, hey, hey -- could you please be careful? You're going to jam up the system.

Lesley: What system?

Monica: Oh, you're going to be sorry you asked.

Alan: I've installed a state-of-the-art security system.

Monica: Yes, better known as a white elephant.

Alan: It's actually wired to all of the hospital's access points, including the elevators, and it's capable of blocking off all floors at the touch of a button.

Lesley: Well, I'm certainly not an expert on security, but it certainly sounds impressive.

Monica: Yes, it's also hugely expensive and completely unnecessary.

Alan: Well, of course, I disagree, but what else is new? Come on, I'll show it to you.

Lesley: Oh, good.

Gia: Do you want to go talk to your mom?

Nikolas: What's the point?

Gia: Gee, I don't know. Maybe a chance to speak to her?

Alan: This system can override any command. Just watch this.


Edward: Alan, what have you done?

Lila: Oh, dear.

Edward: Oh.


Monica: Nice going.

Alan: Everybody remain calm. No need for alarm. Just a little play on words. It's a glitch in the security system. I'll have it sorted out in an instant.

Monica: I suggest you all get comfortable because this floor is sealed, the elevators are frozen, and the stairwells are all locked off. Nobody is going anywhere until Dr. Chief of Security figures out how to work his latest expensive toy.

Edward: Well, I will not inconvenience Lila any further with your incompetence, Alan. We will wait in your office. Let's go, dear.

Lila: Good luck, my darling.

Edward: Oh.

[Beeping stops]

Alan: There, you see? The incident's over.

Monica: Try the elevator.

Zander: Nothing.

Monica: Congratulations. We're all still trapped, but at least we can see each other.

Maxie: I guess you got what you wanted. Not only did I have to miss an O-Town concert to get dragged to this stupid old people's party, now I'm stuck here.

Felicia: Would you stop with this attitude, Maxie? You owe your life to this hospital and its staff, and that includes Audrey. You got your heart here. I don't understand why you treat that so lightly.

Maxie: If my attitude is such a problem for you, I'll just go wait somewhere else.

Mac: Trouble?

Felicia: I just -- I don't know her. Who is she?

Laura: Nikolas. Hi.

Nikolas: Hi.

Laura: Gia. I'm really glad that you made the effort to be here.

Nikolas: Well, this place means a great deal to me. You know that.

Laura: Yes, I do. Nikolas, I know things are really rough between you and your brother right now, but I think if you can just be a little bit patient, time really does heal everything.

Nikolas: Okay, I'll try.

Laura: Thanks. I'll see you.

Nikolas: Okay.

Laura: Maybe it's a good thing Luke didn't make it. Things might've been a little tense.

Scott: Ah! What the hell happened?

Luke: You probably jammed it with all that jabbing.

Woman: The contractions are coming every three minutes. My doctor said that means I'm in transition.

Luke: To where?

Scott: She's having a baby, you dope.

Luke: Oh, no, don't do that. Don't do that.

Scott: Hello? Hello?

Hello? Hello? Ah. The thing's goofed up. It's some sort of system wide failure, I think.

Luke: No, no, don't do this. Don't have a baby here. No, not in this elevator, not with the two of us here. Don't just stand there! Call for help! Don't -- don't --

Scott: I left my phone in the car. Give me yours.

Luke: Well, I don't have it anymore. I got tired of carrying it because it was annoying me. You don't happen to have a --

[Woman hollers]

Bobbie: I'm going to run to the on-call room and check my cell because maybe Scott called and left a message.

Laura: Oh. Can I borrow it, too? I want to check with the babysitter. This could go on for a while.

Bobbie: Sure. Come on.

Laura: Okay.

Monica: No, I wouldn't hit that if I were you.

Alan: Oh, and what would you do, Dr. Einstein?

Monica: I would get help. I mean, you can't even get your own e-mail, Alan.

Alan: Do you know how you could help me?

Monica: How?

Alan: Just give me five minutes without your constant criticism. Let me sort this out, will you?

Monica: Okay, okay, fine.

Monica: What are you doing?

Zander: I'm sitting.

Monica: Well, you're sitting and bleeding. Come on, I'll patch you up.

Zander: No, I'm fine.

Monica: I mean it. Come on. Don't argue with me -- believe me, not in the mood I'm in.

Tony: Well, so much for a quiet, little anniversary celebration.

Mac: Nothing wrong with a little excitement.

 [Music plays]

[Door opens]

Monica: Well, you were very lucky you did not need any stitches.

Zander: See? I told you.

Monica: Mm-hmm. So, how did it happen?

Zander: It was a bar fight. What?

Monica: It's sad, that's what. Emily saw something worthwhile in you, and there were times when I did, too. It's just a shame you decided to throw your life away. Anyway, you are free to go.

Zander: Yeah, I'd just as soon stay here until the elevators start working, if that's okay with you.

Monica: Fine. Suit yourself.

Zander: You always make it a habit of listening to other people's conversations?

Laura: Thank you for letting me use your locker.

Bobbie: My pleasure. I'm glad you're getting to do this.

Laura: I know.

[Woman screams]

Bobbie: What was that?

Laura: It came from the elevator. Hello? Somebody stuck in there?

Luke: Laura? Is that you?

Laura: Luke? Are you all right?

Luke: Yeah, yeah. Go find Barbara right away.

Bobbie: Hey, Luke, I'm right here. What's going on?

Scott: We need help! She's having a baby!

Bobbie: Who's having a baby?

Scott: Phoebe Mitchell is having a baby real soon! Get us out of here!

Luke: Help! Help! Help! Help!

Bobbie: Hey, you know, the security system is down and the elevator's locked. We can't get you out right now.

Luke: Oh, Barbara, that's not what we want to hear!

Scott: All right, listen. I delivered Serena, so I know when somebody's in their final stages of labor, and she's there, so you do something, Mister!

Luke: What am I supposed to do?

Laura: I'll go find Tony.

Luke: No! Wait! Go find a doctor who can rappel down here and take care of this! And if you can't do that, Laura, don't go anywhere. We're going to need coaching -- and I want you to give me the gory details!

[Phoebe screams]

[Luke screams]

Phoebe: Push! I need to push!

Luke: Oh. No. Don't push. No pushing.

Scott: Don't push, don't push.

Luke: Don't push. Don't push...

Gail: Well, I understand that the two of you are planning an event of your own. Have you set a date for your wedding?

Gia: Not yet. There's still a few more details that need to be worked out.

Nikolas: Actually, make that many details. You see, my bride would like a massive wedding, you know? Right?

Gia: Why not?

Lucy: Exactly. Why not? But you'd better be careful because when you do get married, you have to know what you're doing and you better truly, truly love your guy.

[Music plays]

Monica: Are you any closer to getting this fixed? Oh, hey, don't even bother answering that.

Alan: I am so touched and overwhelmed by your support.

Amy: Hey, you guys, has anybody seen Tony?

Mac: Is something wrong?

Luke: One --

Scott and Luke: Two, three --

[Scott and Luke groan]

Luke: All right, here we go.

Scott: No, no --

Luke: Not you, not you. Get her -- put her down this way.

Scott: No, no, the head is up. The head is the wrong way.

Luke: The head's over there. Well, get her up the other way.

Scott and Luke: One, two --

Luke: Up she goes!

Scott: All right, all right.

Luke: Good girl, good girl. Yeah, there, now, that's -- here, put this behind her head. Isn't that better? You don't want to have a baby here --

Scott: Get out of the way.

Luke: You want to wait a couple of --

[Phoebe screams]

[Luke screams]

Luke: Hurry! Hurry!

Scott: Okay, listen. I'm going to hold the head --

Luke: No, no. I'll hold the head.

Scott: No --

Luke: You deliver.

Scott: Why me?

Luke: Because you said you'd already done this.

Scott: I'm sure you've delivered babies on your big adventures.

Luke: I have never delivered a baby.

Laura: You've both delivered babies. You know what you're doing.

Luke: Laura, honey, all I did is when you were having Lucky, I held your hand. And when you were having Lulu, I just tried to comfort you! I can't do this. I can't do this!

Phoebe: Would you please stop arguing and tell me when to push?

Bobbie: Okay, okay, listen, you guys, we got a coin, so, heads or tails.

Scott: Tails.

Laura: Honey? Hate to break this to you --

Scott: You lost, you deliver -- unless you're going to welch, like you did on your legal bill, Spencer.

Luke: I did not welch. I sent you that money.

Scott: I didn't get --

[Phoebe screams]

Luke: Oh! Okay, okay, here we go. Here we go, here we go. Are you ready? Put that behind -- okay, okay. Okay? All right, now. She wants to push!

Phoebe: Ah!

Luke: Ah! Ah!


[Phoebe groans]

Luke: Come on, one more good shove will do it.

Scott: Okay, did you hear that? One more good shove here.

Luke: One more. One, two -- come on, that's it! It's a girl!

Scott: Oh, God, did you hear that? It's a girl. Girls are great. I got three of my own.

Bobbie: It's a girl!

Laura: A little girl. Oh.

 [Music plays]

Phoebe: Hi, baby. Oh. Oh. Oh.

[Phoebe laughs]

Phoebe: Do you want to see who helped deliver you?

Scott: Hey, we're moving.

Luke: Okay.

Tony: Push four. Get baby to labor and delivery as soon as possible, and I'll meet you there.

Luke: Aye-aye, Doctor. We're headed for four, after a brief stop on two.

Scott: Phoebe, you did a great job. Congratulations on your beautiful child.

Phoebe: I couldn't have done it without the two of you.

Scott: Oh.

Maxie: You get in many fights?

Zander: Not really. Some friends of mine own a roadhouse in Greenfield. Some guys started getting rowdy, breaking up the place. They don't have a bouncer, so I pitched in.

Maxie: You should've explained to Dr. Quartermaine what a hero you are.

Zander: There's not much point in that. So what were you doing at Audrey's party? I didn't see any other kids.

Maxie: I'm not a kid.

Zander: Oh. Sorry. Other young people. How about that?

Maxie: My mom forced me to come because I had an operation here about a zillion years ago and now I'm supposed to be grateful for the rest of my life.

Zander: What kind of operation?

CLIP of BJ's death:

Felicia: My daughter's dying, and all the technology and medical brains in the whole world may not be able to save her. Oh, Mac. I'm so worried about you. I'm so glad you're home. You're home, and you're safe. You're alive.

Mac: I'm not alone, Felicia.

Maxie: I love you, Daddy.

Frisco: I love you, too.

Tony: Nothing's going to bring her back.

Bobbie: Why do you keep saying that? I have seen incredible things happen. B.J. is alive. What you are suggesting will kill her.

Tony: She is not alive. She will never take another unsustained breath.

Frisco: There was a child that was in an accident, and she was just brought into E.R., and, well, the most amazing part is that they've -- they've tested her, and the type matches, the blood matches, the tissue matches. They're prepping her for a transplant right now. We got our miracle.

Tony: Yes, you did.

Frisco: I know. I mean, I can't stop thinking about those parents of the child. But -- I'm going to go back up to I.C.U. I want to be with Felicia right --

Tony: Frisco, wait. It's --

Frisco: What is it?

Felicia: Not Barbara Jean. Not Barbara Jean's heart.

Tony: The heart for Maxie is B.J.'s. The school van crashed and overturned, and B.J. was pinned. And she had massive head trauma, and -- and they put her on a ventilator when they brought her into E.R., but she was essentially brain dead when she got there and -- Daddy loves you.

Frisco: Thank you.

[Heart beats]

(End of clip)

Maxie: My cousin B.J. gave me my heart.

Gail: Oh, Scotty, you and Luke must be so proud of yourselves.

Scott: Well, you know, he did all the work. I was just --

Luke: Oh, well, you held her head.

Scott: Well, that's true.

Bobbie: Oh! He's being humble. These two were just completely on their own.

Lucy: I think they deserve a big round of applause, huh?

Bobbie: Yes, yes, yes.

Lucy: Bravo, bravo. Bravo, bravo, bravo.

Bobbie: Bye-bye, Luke.

Luke: Yeah, bye.

Lucy: Doc? Doc?

Luke: I've kind of had it, too, if you don't mind.

Laura: Yeah. I'd just like to find my mother first before we go, okay?

Luke: Sure, sure.

Laura: Congratulations.

Audrey: Thanks.

Laura: Very happy for you.

Audrey: Thank you. Thanks.

Alan: Quite a milestone, Audrey.

Audrey: Mm-hmm. Well, 10,000 days. Where did they go so fast?

[Music plays]

Audrey: I think under that stern exterior, that forbidding outside, there's a living, exciting, real human being, a man, not just a doctor.

Zander: Wow, that's pretty intense -- having somebody else's heart in your chest.

Maxie: I'm perfectly normal. I hate it when people find out and then treat me like I'm made out of glass or something.

Zander: Okay, okay. You're not made out of glass, perfectly normal, and definitely not a kid. I'll remember that.

Maxie: Why bother? You're never going to see me again. You're exactly the type of guy my mom won't let me date.

Zander: Smart lady. Well, jailbait, call me in five years. See you later.

Maxie: Thanks, B.J.

Felicia: The elevators are working. We can go now. I really hate it when we fight. I probably shouldn't have made you come here.

Maxie: No, Mom, I'm sorry. I was a jerk about tonight. You were right about B.J.ís heart and how good everyone was to me. It would've been wrong for me not to come.

Felicia: I love you.

Maxie: I love you, too.

Laura: Congratulations again.

Audrey: Ah, thanks. See you later, mm-hmm?

Luke: Well, would you care to risk a ride in the elevator?

Laura: I would risk anything with you.

Luke: That's nice to hear.

Laura: Oh, I love it when you hold me. You know something?

Luke: What?

Laura: When we were both young and falling in love, I used to look at you and think, what do I do to get that man to kiss me?

Luke: No.

Laura: Yeah.

Luke: Oh, angel, all you ever had to do was smile.

[Music plays]

["General Hospital" theme plays]

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: We can get through anything, right?

Sarah: I can't keep doing this, Lucky. It's not fair to Elizabeth.

Courtney: I have something that I'd like to say to everyone. I realize that my brother's right about a lot of things.

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