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General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/11/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Laura: You have to have some compassion for your brother right now.

Lucky: No.

Jax: You want to help me save your brother or not? Meet me at the airport at 6:00.

Ned: A.J. is on the island of St. Sophia.

Alexis: I'll get ready.

Sonny: You going somewhere?

Alexis: On a business trip.

Laura: Oh, I'm so glad to have you back.

Luke: You're never going to get rid of me now. I'll never let you go, I swear.

Laura: Oh, good.

Luke: I wish I could take the last couple of years back, do them all over again. And I wish I could take your worry away today, but I guess I can’t.

Laura: Yeah. You know, the first time I met Gia, I knew that she was going to be trouble, but then Nikolas fell in love with her, and I knew that I couldn't get in the middle of that.

Luke: Well, sweetheart, in all fairness, this is not all Gia's fault. Nikolas made the decision to protect her. He's a grown man, he's entitled to do that. And Lucky's grown, too. Don't forget, this is going to be worked out between the two of them. They can do it.

Laura: I know. You're right.

Luke: So, are you going to be there tonight?

Laura: Are you going, too?

Luke: Going? It's at my place.

Laura: Are we talking about the same thing?

Luke: Well, I'm talking about the party I'm throwing -- goodbye, Helena, get out. Nice to see you. What's this?

Laura: Audrey's 10,000th day on duty at General Hospital?

Luke: 10,000 days?

Laura: Yeah, I know. Isn't it amazing? It was actually Amy’s idea to celebrate it. A group of us were going to get together and surprise Audrey when she comes on duty tonight at the hospital. I think she'd love it if you were there.

Luke: I will be. I like Audrey. She's always been very nice to me.

Laura: I know.

Luke: 10,000 days -- Lord!

Laura: I know, it's amazing.

Luke: Whoa.

[Knock on door]

Laura: Hi. Bobbie.

Bobbie: Hi.

Laura: How are you?

Luke: Honey.

Bobbie: Oh, I've been so worried about you.

Luke: Oh, come on, Barbara. I'm fine.

Bobbie: Yeah, you're fine. You went after Helena again. When are you going to realize you are not invincible?

Luke: I'm not? Honey, she said I'm not invincible.

Bobbie: So, is all this really over? Are our children really safe?

Lucky: You see? You see how easy it is to be blindsided by someone who loves you? Who trusts you? It's just so unsuspected that you could sneak right up behind them.

Nikolas: To do -- to do what, Lucky?

Lucky: That's a good question. What is the payback for betrayal, huh?

Nikolas: Okay, I want you to think about this. Do you think this is going to make things any better? Huh? Do you?

Lucky: It might make me feel better.

Nikolas: Okay. Okay.

Lucky: Suppose I took you out, huh? I dragged your body off into the tunnels? It'd be kind of ironic, right? The same tunnels that are used for the Cassadines to hide from their enemies would now be holding the body of one of them.

Lucky: So there it is. Here lies Nikolas Cassadine, prince of nothing, mourned by no one.

[Alarm beeps]

Jax: Well, we don't have 20 minutes. We need a mechanic out here right away.

Skye: Oh, please tell me this isn't happening. Tell me we are not stuck on this runway for God knows how long. Jax, what are we going to do?

Jax: I'll stand by. We're going to do exactly what we set out to do. We're going to try to get to A.J. and Courtney as quick as possible.

Skye: And how are we going to do that? They're on an island somewhere, and we're in this broken plane. Jax, what are you doing?

Jax: Try to fix the plane.

Skye: You?

Jax: Yeah. Who else is going to do it?

Skye: Alone?

Jax: Unless you're qualified to help.

Skye: Oh, wait. Let me get this straight. All of a sudden you're an airplane mechanic?

Jax: Well, you know, you've seen one engine, you've seen them all.

Skye: Oh, that statement doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

Jax: Look, I know -- I know you find it hard to believe that the world won't let you down.

Skye: Yeah, well, I've had my reasons.

Jax: Yeah, but this is me, okay, this is Jax. And I think in all this time, I -- I have earned the privilege of a little faith.

Skye: Yeah. I guess you have.

Jax: Okay.

Sonny: Alexis, if you know where A.J. took Courtney, you really should tell me.

Ned: Contrary to what you may think, you don't own Alexis, okay? She makes her own decisions. And, besides, this isn't about Courtney and A.J. I have a band in crisis out in L.A., and she's agreed to help me.

Sonny: You were here. You saw the picture A.J. sent of Courtney. You know she's young, inexperienced. She doesn't know what kind of trouble she's in, so I got -- I got to get to her before A.J. does any permanent damage. You know all that. So tell me where they are.

Ned: Alexis, we really need to go now.

Sonny: You need to answer me.

Alexis: All right, I think everyone is overreacting. No one is going to get hurt, right?

Ned: Of course someone is going to get hurt. Are you out of your mind? A.J. will be Lucky if "hurt" is all he gets.

Sonny: Okay, I'm going to ask you one more time. If you say no, I'll believe you. Do you know where A.J. took my sister?

Alexis: I can't do this. I'm sorry. Yes, I do.

Carly: Hey.

Roy: Hey. Can I help you?

Carly: Yeah. Roy, have you seen my mom? She around?

Roy: Not so far.

Carly: Hmm. She told me to meet her here, I think. Michael's into playing with the answering machine these days, so the message, it got kind of garbled.

Roy: Ah. Well, Luke is throwing a party to celebrate Helena’s capture. That's probably what it was about.

Carly: Oh, probably. I'm sure Uncle Luke will be just thrilled I can make it.

Roy: Oh, don't worry about him. I'm part owner, and you're welcome here as far as I'm concerned.

Carly: You're kidding, right?

Roy: No.

Carly: Well, hallelujah. Finally somebody who doesn't mind having me around.

Roy: Who does?

Carly: Oh, take your pick. You've got Alexis, but then I don't really like having her around, either. Zander, and Sonny's not too thrilled with me right now.

Roy: Sonny's not too thrilled with you. Well, there's a news flash. Is that "again" or "still," Carly?

Carly: "Again"? What's that supposed to mean?

Roy: Oh, you know, you and Sonny -- it's like you're stuck in some bizarre emotional version of musical chairs or something, except no one ever leaves the game. And you always end up in the same seats.

Carly: And how'd you become such an expert on love all of a sudden?

Roy: Oh, no, no, I'm the opposite. I'm a bonafide loser at love, but this head isn't so thick that I haven't learned sometimes you have to let a person go if they don't understand why you have to do what you do.

Carly: Yeah, ain't that the truth? And you know what? I have changed, if you hadn't noticed.

Roy: Oh, yeah?

Carly: Mm-hmm. Yes, I'm my -- I'm my own person now. Yes, I'm independent, I have a club, and I'm actually -- I'm glad that Sonny and I aren't together anymore.

Roy: Well, that -- that's good news if it's true.

Carly: Why would I lie?

Roy: Because we both know it's not that easy. You can't just wish yourself out of love with somebody. If you could, we'd be living in a happier world.

Carly: Yeah. Well, there's a piece of cynicism I can relate to.

Roy: You don't have to put on a front for me, Carly. It's unnecessary, complete waste of energy. I've been where you are, pal.

Carly: You know what I think, Roy?

Roy: What's that?

Carly: I think that we could probably make this transition a lot easier for each other.

Roy: How would we do that?

Carly: Well, we could have our own private party tonight. What do you think?

Ned: Alexis, think. Think about what will happen to A.J. if you unleash Sonny on him. You'll be an accessory to murder. Is that what you want?

Alexis: Nobody is going to kill anyone. Courtney is his sister. He has a right to know where she is. I'm sorry. I'm a lousy liar. Courtney and A.J. are in a villa on an island called St. Sophia.

Sonny: Thank you.

Alexis: I did what I thought was right.

Ned: What is wrong with you? How could you have done that? If A.J. dies, it'll be on your conscience. Do you even have a conscience, or did you hand it over to Sonny just like your blind loyalty?

Kristina: Ned, take it easy.

Alexis: I don't expect you to understand.

Ned: You're damn right I don't understand. You explain it to me.

Alexis: I don't have to justify myself to you, Ned.

Ned: Yes, you do. We had a deal.

Zander: Back off, Ned, you're getting a little too --

Ned: Shut up! Stay out of this, all right? Jax told me not to tell you, but I didn't listen because I trusted you, Alexis. I trusted you because I thought everything we'd been through, I thought that your word to me meant something. Well, I'll never make that mistake again.

Alexis: It'll be all right.

Ned: It'll be a bloodbath. What kind of fool do you think I am? No, you're not going after him, okay? You're going to make it worse.

Alexis: Define "worse."

Ned: By getting caught in a crossfire, okay? I don't want to have to deal with two deaths.

Alexis: You are exaggerating the situation.

Ned: Okay, fine. I'm exaggerating. Go. Go after him. Do whatever you want. I don't even know you. Go!

Kristina: You'd better have a damn good reason for treating my sister the way you just did.

Bobbie: Oh, Laura, I am so sorry. This must be so hard for you.

Laura: I know. But Luke says there's nothing we can do about it. We just have to let Lucky and Nikolas work it out on their own, so --

Bobbie: He's right. Is there anything I can do to help?

Laura: You're doing it. You're listening, and you're being supportive.

Bobbie: Lucky must be devastated. He'd just learned to trust Nikolas.

Laura: They had become brothers in every sense of the word.

Bobbie: Well, just try not to get caught in the middle of those two, okay, because there is no upside to that.

Laura: I know, and I'm trying.

Bobbie: You know, it is easy to see both sides, though. I mean, Lucky does have every right to be angry on Elizabeth’s behalf, and I'm sure Nikolas did what he thought he had to do. Look at our whole family and the rules we have broken in the name of protecting one another. And Gia is Nikolas' family, too.

Laura: Oh, Bobbie, why did it have to come to this?

Nikolas: Do -- do you honestly believe this is going to make you feel better?

Lucky: It's worth a shot.

Nikolas: Okay, but it's not going to change what's already happened.

Lucky: Yeah, well, it'll take it a long way to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

[Lucky groans]

Lucky: God! You're not even worth it!

Nikolas: That's not why you can't kill me, and you know it. We are brothers whether you like it or not.

Lucky: Hey, you know what? I don't like it, and I don't have to accept it, either! Because the brother that I had never double-crossed his friends in order to save his own skin. He wasn't a betrayer. I don't even know who you are, Nikolas, other than Stavros' son, because you're definitely not my brother.

Nikolas: You're right. Look at me. Look at me. I am my father's son, Lucky. So are you. Think about this, man. Our families have been at war with each other since before we were born. Is that us now? Look at the two of us. Is that us? Are you saying that after everything we've been through, that we're going to end up no better than them?

Roy: You and me? That is a bad idea.

Carly: Well, not really, if you think about it. I mean, look, we're both unattached and basically miserable, and we're not exactly a part of the Port Charles white hat brigade, even though we try to be in our own misguided ways. Come on, Roy. Why don't we just -- we should spend one night together, all right, see how it goes? We might actually have fun. There's a concept, huh?

Roy:  [missing] in the morning, Carly, and, anyway, haven't you already been there and done that?

Carly: Yes, but it's extremely rude of you to remind me.

Roy: Oh, come on, now. You're just unhappy. Doing something reckless and crazy isn't going to fix that.

Carly: It's worked for me before.

Roy: Name once.

Carly: Well, I can't, you know, not off the top of my head, but you know what? It's not like you have never made a mistake or done something wrong. Let's start with the fact that you brought your mercy-killing girlfriend to town to break my mother's heart.

Roy: Not that it's any of your business, but that's not the way it happened. You want to trash your life again, Carly, you be my guest, but don't expect me to help you out because I can't use the trouble.

Luke: You looking for trouble, little lady? Here I am.

Lucky: What is this? What is it, reverse psychology? I didn't do anything wrong, Nikolas. I've been playing by the new rules -- truth, loyalty, honesty. I thought we were better than our fathers, but you changed up on me. No, no, you reverted back to what you were really were, a Cassadine through and through -- cold, calculating, manipulative. You step on anybody to get what you want.

Nikolas: It must be nice being born a Spencer -- all-wise, all-knowing, raised on the side of right and truth. It's amazing to me. How's the weather up there, Lucky, in the clouds? Huh?

Lucky: Certainly a lot better than your hell.

Nikolas: Okay.

Lucky: Hey, man, we tried to make the family thing work, but all that happened is a bunch of people ended up getting hurt. And now here we are in this space. I say we just leave it at that.

Nikolas: I don't think you can.

Lucky: Yeah? Watch me.

Nikolas: You couldn't with Luke.

Lucky: Oh, come on. You're comparing yourself to my father now?

Nikolas: Yeah. Why not? You know, you were as angry with him at one point. Placing judgment like you're doing here with me. But you forgave him, you know, and I'm asking you now just to forgive me, Lucky.

Lucky: Forgive you for what, exactly? Are you admitting to manipulating Elizabeth to save Gia? That you tampered with evidence? Helped Helena escape?

Nikolas: I -- I've made mistakes, you know, but who hasn't? That's life. And I'm not justifying anything, but they were all done out of love, man. You know? And, yes, there is no denying that it cost everyone involved a great deal, and I'm sorry for that. But you are my brother, and I swear to you with everything I have, I don't want to lose you. So you've got to find a way. Help me. Please, just help me. Say that we can find a way past this.

Ned: Alexis swore to me she wouldn't tell Sonny where A.J. was. She looked me in the eye and she gave me her word, and that used to mean something.

Zander: She's kind of stuck in the middle, Ned.

Ned: Yes, she is stuck in the middle, but she used to be on my side.

Kristina: Well, look, Zander has a point. I mean, maybe Alexis felt like she didn't have a choice.

Ned: She had a choice. She chose Sonny. A.J., this is Ned.

Kristina: Oh, Ned.

Ned: Look, if you get this message, Sonny knows where you are. He's on his way down there. Get out of there as soon as possible.

Kristina: Ned.

[Phone rings]

Skye: Ned Ashton? What does he want? Oh, I bet I know. Sorry, Ned. You're not going to stop Jax from helping me and A.J. Did you fix it?

Jax: All we need is clearance from the tower.

Skye: Oh, you're amazing!

Jax: Thanks.

Skye: I guess it pays to have a little faith, huh? Sometimes.

Jax: You wouldn't want to make that a habit, now, would you?

Skye: Oh, I don't know. Maybe I would. Be a nice change. Jax. I want you to know that I've never had anybody like you in my life before. Somebody who accepts me and doesn't turn tail and run for the nearest exit. And that is such a gift, and I just want you to know how grateful I am. And, yes, it's new and it's scary, and this whole trusting thing is going to take some getting used to, but -- I might stumble a little at first, but I want you to know if you are just patient a little longer, I swear I'll get the hang of it.

Jax: Yeah. I've thought about it, too, and I understand it's going to take you some time. And I have a way that might make it easier.

Skye: Okay.

Jax: When we find A.J. and get Courtney back, I'll have to take you on a trip, anywhere you want to go.

Skye: Just us?

Jax: Yep. Just the two of us. You name the place, we'll fly there.

Kristina: Where are you going? Where are you going?

Ned: Damage control, if that's even possible.

Kristina: Oh, God. Do you want to explain to me what just happened here?

Zander: It's a hell of a thing when the woman you love takes the other guy's side.

Pilot: Your lawyer's here.

Sonny: Thank you.

Sonny: I guess you want to go to the Caribbean.

Alexis: Why not? I was already dressed and packed.

Bobbie: Are you stopping by Luke's on your way to Audrey’s surprise party?

Laura: No. They're going to have to celebrate Helena’s incarceration without me.

Bobbie: Is everything okay with you and Luke?

Laura: Oh, yes, yes, better than ever. I'm just a little superstitious, that's all. I don't want to celebrate anything that is about Helena. Are you going?

Bobbie: Yeah, I am, with Scott.

Laura: Oh, well, then I'm sure you'll have a good time.

Bobbie: Yeah. I really do enjoy his company. Laura, do you ever miss Scott?

Laura: Miss him?

Bobbie: Well, yeah, you know. I mean, you two were spending a lot of time together, and for a minute it did look like as if you might remarry.

Laura: Well -- I love Scotty, I always will, and I know I hurt him. I feel terrible about that, I really do.

Bobbie: He was pretty hurt.

Laura: I know. But I don't regret going back to Luke. That's where I belong.

Bobbie: So you and Scott -- you are over for good?

Laura: Where are you going with this?

Bobbie: Well, I don't know. I'm not quite sure, but, you know, you and Luke just revisited your past, and now here I am thinking about going back to mine.

Laura: With Scotty? Really?

Bobbie: I don't know.

Luke: You here as a customer, or are you just a general nuisance? Look, darling, I don't mind you coming into my bar, but I won't have you harassing my employees.

Carly: I wasn't harassing Roy, but if I was I think he can defend himself.

Luke: Well, he shouldn't have to. When your little plots and plans blow up in your face, stop blaming everybody else for it. It's your fault.

Carly: Boy, you know, I really hit the lottery with you. You know, in some circles, you may not know this, but uncles don't hate their nieces.

Luke: Oh, darling, I don't hate you.

Carly: No?

Luke: No. I have no feelings for you whatsoever. You are my sister's daughter, and for some reason she loves you, so in the spirit of mutual coexistence, I do what I can. Just don't harass my employees. And if you're going to take up space at the bar, at least have the decency to buy a drink.

Kristina: I get that Carly chose Sonny over you, but what does that have to do with Ned and Alexis?

Zander: What does Carly have to do with anything? And what difference does it make to you?

Kristina: I asked you a simple question, Zander, answer it.

Zander: Wasn't it obvious? Ned is still hurting over Alexis. It's just like when I lived here. She always killed him when she went to see Sonny.

Kristina: No, no, no, no, no. I just -- I think that he's upset about A.J., you know?

Zander: Hey, if that's what you need to think it is.

Kristina: I don't need to think anything. I'm just trying to get a handle on what's wrong with my sister! Look, if Alexis is truly the great love of Ned’s life, then why didn't he marry her?

Zander: Well, it was more like Alexis didn't marry Ned. She ran away from the church. He was devastated. That's all I know. You know, you're -- you're getting pretty involved here, aren't you?

Alexis: You going to sit there in silence the whole way to St. Sophia?

Sonny: You don't want to hear what I got to say.

Alexis: Why don't you let me be the judge of that?

Sonny: What the hell were you thinking? You were going to go after A.J. with Ned and solve the problem?

Alexis: That was the general idea, yes.

Sonny: Well, who gave you the right? Courtney is my sister.

Alexis: And Ned had information about your sister, and he asked me not to share it with you.

Sonny: I thought I could trust you.

Alexis: I think I just proved that.

Skye: I can't believe this. We're stuck on a tarmac behind a cargo plane, and I'm perfectly fine.

Jax: Well, hold that thought. We'll get to A.J. before Sonny does. No one's going to get hurt.

Skye: I believe you. We're going to get to my brother, and we're going to convince him to stop using Courtney against Sonny. Maybe I can even get him to drop the whole Sonny vendetta.

Jax: Now, don't get ahead of yourself.

Skye: No, really, Jax, I think I have a chance. A.J. and I are so much alike. That's why we bonded so quickly. Two battle-scarred souls, hurt, defensive, guarded with the same motto -- "Hurt before you get hurt." Well, thanks to you, I know there's a better way. I guess the voice of experience is always more convincing.

Jax: So, you've seen the light, have you? All because of me?

Skye: Oh, please. Leave your ego on the tarmac, would you, or else this is going to be a very long ride.

Jax: Okay. So, have you -- have you thought about where you might want to go when this is over?

Skye: You know, I might not have admitted this ever, but I really did kind of like that barbecue place in the swamp.

Jax: I think we can do better than that.

Skye: Oh. All right, then you pick, Mr. Jacks.

Jax: Okay.

Skye: Okay? I'm sure wherever we go, as long as we're together, we'll love it.

Man: 34-papa, you have an emergency message.

Jax: Go ahead and patch it through.

Ned: Jax? Jax, are you there?

Jax: Ned, is that you? Where are you?

Ned: You're heading into trouble. Sonny knows.

Lucky: I got to hand it to you, man. You're good. You're good, you know, using the whole brother angle. Begging for forgiveness without even admitting anything. Yeah, Stavros taught you well, and in such a short time, too. But, you know, it only validates my point -- it was in you all along. You know, Mom should be happy. At least we didn't kill each other.

Nikolas: I just wish you would listen to me.

Lucky: No, you know, I've heard enough. I've got a party to get to, actually.

Nikolas: Party, huh?

Lucky: Yeah, over at Luke's. Celebrating the end of Helena, and I plan to be front and center to drink to her demise. Hey, while I'm at it, I might as well lift one up for yours, too.

Bobbie: Oh, yeah, well, this is a little more awkward than I thought it was going to be.

Laura: Oh, I'm sorry. Tell me, tell me.

Bobbie: Well, Scott asked me out on a real date.

Laura: Are you going to go?

Bobbie: I don't know. I mean, I want to, if it's not a problem with you. See, I mean, it's -- I don't know.

Laura: What?

Bobbie: It's just crazy. You know, it's just, like, weird, but it's wonderful. I mean, it's -- after all those things I did all those years ago to try and get him away from you, and now he's suddenly interested in me, and I guess I just really needed to know how you feel about this from the heart.

Laura: From the heart. Well, I don't know. I mean, it is a little bit strange, but, I don't know, in a way, it's -- it's also kind of great.

Bobbie: Are you sure? Because I'm going to tell you right now, it hasn't gone so far that I can't -- I can't pull it back.

Laura: No, I don't want you to do that, I really don't. I mean, he's a wonderful person and you're a wonderful person, and, you know, I think that's fine. It's great.

Bobbie: So, what do you think? You think I should go for this?

Laura: Yeah, yeah, go for it, full speed ahead.

Bobbie: Thank you.

Laura: Oh, Bobbie, all I want is for you to be happy. For both of you, really.

Bobbie: Thank you.

Luke: Lord, you still here?

Luke: White wine. $5.50. I'll put it on your tab.

Carly: Uncle Luke, how'd you get to be such a miserable human being?

Luke: It's a gift.

Carly: Oh. You know what? You are wrong about me. I do take responsibility when I screw up. You don't know how many times I've apologized to Sonny, to my mother.

Luke: Darling, it doesn't matter how many times you apologize. You've got to change.

Carly: I am changing.

Luke: Well, it don't look like that to me. You see, I came in here, and what's happening? You're blaming everybody else for your problems like always. If you made a mess out of your life, Carly, take responsibility for it, take credit for it, you deserve it.

Carly: You know what? I like my life just fine, thank you very much. And if I did need some advice, I certainly wouldn't be taking it from you. Just tell my mom I'll catch her later.

Luke: Tell her yourself. I ain't your messenger boy.

Sonny: I know that you care, and that means a lot to me, but Courtney is my sister, and this is my problem to solve.

Jax: Sonny knows A.J.'s and Courtney’s whereabouts? How'd that happen, Ned?

Ned: Alexis told him.

Jax: Didn't I tell you not to say anything to her? Well, where are they now?

Ned: They're gone. They may have already taken off.

Jax: All right, well, thanks for the info. Got to go.

Ned: I tried to call you earlier. Why did you turn off your cell phone?

Skye: Tell him I turned it off because I'm an idiot.

Jax: I don't know. The battery must've gone flat or something. Ned, listen, I got to go, okay?

Ned: Try to stay in touch.

Jax: I will. This is 34-papa. I'm in an urgent situation. I need permission to move up in the line for takeoff. Roger that, we'll stand by. What's this about turning off my cell phone?

Skye: Well, I saw Ned’s name on the caller I.D.. I thought he was going to stop you from helping me. This is all my fault. If Sonny gets to A.J. before we do, I --

Jax: He won't, Skye. He won't.

Lucky: Hey.

Laura: Hey.

Lucky: Where's my little sister? I got a hug with her name on it.

Laura: She's upstairs. You sound awfully happy. What's up?

Lucky: Oh, don't worry. Not only is Nikolas still breathing, I left him in one piece.

Laura: Were you able to work things out with your brother?

Lucky: I hope I never see him again.

Laura: Well, that makes me very sad.

Lucky: Hey, don't be. Just let it be. Spend the time with Lulu, have a good life with Dad, let the past be the past. How many times have you told me that?

Laura: Well, it isn't that simple for me. Nikolas is my son, and I'm not going to abandon him.

Lucky: Hey, nobody wants you taking sides or choosing one of us over the other. But you need to know where I stand. I could've gone in there tonight and I could've hurt Nikolas. But I didn't because I love you and I don't want to see you in pain. But it's over for me. I don't have a brother anymore.

Nikolas: Hey. Good timing. I was just coming to find you.

Gia: What's up?

Nikolas: Put something elegant on. We are going to a party.

Roy: To a hearty party.

Luke: And a Helena-free future.

Carly: Zander.

Pilot: Mr. Corinthos, we're approaching our final descent. Expect to land in about 40 minutes.

Skye: How far away are we?

Jax: About an hour.

Skye: Oh, this is a disaster. I can't believe it -- I turned off that phone because I didn't want Ned to stop you from helping me because I'm a selfish idiot! Sonny's going to get a head start. A.J.'s going to die because of me.

Jax: Skye, have a little faith in me, okay?

Skye: I do.

Jax: Well, then hang on because we're closing in.

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Luke: Let's party!

Lucky: Nikolas made sure that Gia never had a blood alcohol test? What kind of doctor are you?

Jax: We have a bit of an emergency situation. We are low on fuel. I repeat, we are low on fuel.

Alexis: I think you should kill A.J.

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