GH Transcript Tuesday 3/26/02



General Hospital Transcript  Tuesday 3/26/02

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>> Previously on "General hospital" --

Skye: Who are you? Why are you doing this?

Gia: Now it's over.

Nikolas: Not quite.

Laura: You're not suggesting that Nikolas and Gia are hiding Helena over there, are you?

Luke: Something's up.

Sonny: There's nothing better than satin sheets, I got to tell you.

Alexis: Close your eyes and go to sleep.

Jax: Bobbie. I didn't expect to see you here.

Bobbie: Well, you and my daughter just opened the hottest club in town, so where else would I be?

Jax: Well, I suppose you've got a point. Well, you look smashing as always.

Bobbie: Oh, aren't you the flatterer.

Jax: I call it as I see it.

Bobbie: Thank you.

Jax: So, where's my partner?

Bobbie: I don't know. She took off out of here a little while ago like the hounds of hell were after her, so I thought I'd better stick around.

Jax: Didn't they call that a finely honed reflex?

Bobbie: Hmm, based on long, bitter experience.

Jax: So you have no idea where she is?

Bobbie: No, actually, I don’t. She just took off.

Taggert: I need your signature.

Jax: What is it?

Taggert: Now, Mr. Jacks.

Bobbie: What is it?

Jax: This is a letter to television and print media, rescinding my $5 million reward for Helena’s capture. Why would I sign this if I have no intention of reneging?

Taggert: If you have any influence on him, now would be a good time to use it.

Bobbie: What is this about?

Taggert: It's about keeping people we love alive, all right? My sister is living on the Cassadine property. She's engaged to a Cassadine prince, which is an idea Helena hates even more than I do. Now, Gia has already been in Helena’s crossfire, as have you, your son, and almost every member of your family. Now, if you don't help me talk him out of offering this -- this ridiculous reward, these people are going to be in serious danger.

Laura: Luke, wait. We just left Wyndemere. There's no reason to go right back.

Luke: Oh, darling, I'm afraid there is.

Laura: Why? Because of some vague feeling you have?

Luke: I always give credence to your hunches.

Laura: You're right. I'm sorry. I don't mean to discount your feelings. It's just that I don't know. Why don't we -- why don't we wait until tomorrow?

Luke: Tomorrow could be too late.

Laura: Okay, look, I know what you're thinking, but you're wrong because Nikolas despises Helena. And if she were to show her face on Spoon Island, there's no way that he'd help her.

Luke: Yes, I heard him say that, too, Laura.

Laura: Okay, why don't you just come right out and say it -- you believe that Nikolas is helping Helena.

Luke: I do believe Nikolas is helping Helena.

Nikolas: You were in the tunnels.

Helena: Thanks for stopping Luke. It gave me the time I needed to slip away.

Nikolas: I didn't do anything for you.

Helena: The results are the same.

Gia: Nikolas, I can explain --

Nikolas: Quiet!

Gia: You know I hate Helena as much as you do. If I'm helping her, there must be a reason.

Nikolas: Gia, enough! I don't want to hear anything from you!

Helena: My darling boy --

Nikolas: This is over, Helena.

Helena: On the contrary, Nikolas, things are only just beginning to get interesting.

Skye: Let me out! This isn't funny, damn you! I know you're still there. Open this door right now or you're going to be very sorry! Do you know who I am? I'm a Quartermaine. My family practically owns this town. And I'm very good friends with Jasper Jacks. He owns the rest, practically. So you're going to be in more trouble than you ever bargained for, whoever you are. Oh, my God. Unless it's Sonny. That's it. It's him. I know who sent you. You can tell that overdressed thug Corinthos that he's not going to mess with me this time. Oh, no. I am taking him down. Did you hear me? Huh? Or did Sonny send one of the dumb ones? Then again, how could he tell the difference with the bunch of you?

Skye: "If you don't get Courtney back, your brother is finished and so are you."

Sonny: No creo que vaya a ir a los casinos, porque sabe que conozco gente -- concentrar en las islas que no son grande. Uh-huh. Y llamame quando algo pasa. Okay. Adios.

Alexis: I take it that was about Courtney?

Sonny: There's no sign of her.

Alexis: Maybe you could wait for her to call.

Sonny: She is with A.J. that could take a while. It doesn't matter. You know what? I'll find him by tomorrow, Morales' people will find him, or, you know, Skye will call A.J. and tell him my offer.

Alexis: Pursuing Courtney could make the situation even worse. Why don't you just give her time to realize that A.J. isn’t who he pretends to be?

Sonny: Because Courtney is not safe with A.J.

Alexis: And there's someone who could make it even worse -- you.  

Alexis: Do you believe that Courtney can count on Mike?

Sonny: No.

Alexis: Janine?

Sonny: Absolutely not.

Alexis: So who do you think Courtney can count on besides yourself?

Sonny: Not A.J.

Alexis: Well, of course not. A.J. -- he's just contributing to her confusion. He's exploiting it.

Sonny: Right.

Alexis: He's telling her things that she wants to hear from you -- "I trust you." "I believe you." "I want to get to know you." "I want you to get to know me." This romance that he's offering her is secondary. What's going on here is he's appreciating her when she thinks her own brother doesn’t. So just show them wrong. Instead of chasing after her and telling her what to do, let her make a choice and deal with the consequences.

Sonny: Okay, you know what? I barely know Courtney. She seems sweet enough, which is a miracle considering she was raised by Janine. She says she got into college, so, you know, she's probably smart, I know she's brave, and I know she's got a temper. I also know she jumps to conclusions, and she's naive. She can't tell when people are lying to her -- A.J., Mike, not even her own mother. So maybe -- maybe I should have lied to her, let her believe that mike had changed, that we'd be all, you know, one big happy family. Would she be safe from A.J.? Or would we all be waiting for the bottom to drop out?

Alexis: I'm not asking you to lie to Courtney. I'm just suggesting that you be patient with her. She made a mistake. Inevitably she's going to understand that. That's when the door will be open. That's maybe when she'll let you in because she won't have to admit that you were right.

Sonny: Do you want me to stop the search?

Alexis: In the end, I think it would be beneficial because I think if you escalate this situation, it's going to come back to haunt you.

Skye: Wonderful. I'm being held hostage for information I don't even have. Hey, you morons, I don't know where A.J. took Courtney! Do you hear me? Yeah, right, like they'd even believe me. They're probably not even there. They're just gone, mission accomplished and all. Oh, A.J., this is all your fault! I told you that going after Courtney was going to get you into nothing but trouble, but did you listen to me? No. I even tried locking you in a closet, and did that work? Oh, no. You still come rushing in hell-bent for leather, and now there's a price on your head and I'm stuck in here in this Godforsaken shed. Ooh, God, I would strangle you with my bare hands right now if I could. I mean, how am I supposed to get out of here? Who's going to come looking for me, let alone set up a search party? A.J. would, that's who. Oh, but are you here? No. Where are you? You're probably on some beach somewhere drinking some fruity concoction while I'm here freezing my tush off in this disgusting shed! Oh. Oh, God, Skye, wait. Don't go there, okay? You're going to be fine. Everything's going to be fine. I mean, someone's going to come looking for me, right? My father. He loves me. At least he did until my last raging defense of -- whoa, you got it -- A.J.! He probably wants to wash his hands of the both of us. There's Jax. Oh, that man is a born rescuer and he is incredibly good at it. Oh, Jax, please. Jax, please come find me. Please come find me. Get real. After everything that I put him through, I'm sure I am the last thing on his mind. Oh, congratulations, Skye. Good job all around.

Bobbie: The more people involved in the search for Helena, the better. Luke is out there right now.

Taggert: But Luke shouldn't be.

Jax: Well, somebody should be.

Taggert: You don't -- finding Helena is a job for the police.

Jax: That's cute. You got any other ones?

Taggert: I don't need your disparaging remarks right now, okay?

Bobbie: Okay, well, you know, Jax does have a point.

Jax: Yeah, thank you.

Bobbie: And given the pcpd's track record as far as Helena is concerned, I don't feel real comfortable about entrusting the safety of my entire family to law enforcement. And if Jax's reward galvanizes people, then I say let it stand. Who can it possibly hurt?

Taggert: I'll be happy to tell you, okay? Because of the ridiculous amount of money that he has attached to Helena’s head, we're inundated with all these false reports. Let's see. Okay. Yeah. Oh. Well, we got Helena boarding an alien aircraft, morphing into several of her dead relatives. Oh, this -- oh, this is good. We got a tall, skinny, bowlegged transvestite came to the station with a blonde wig on claiming to be Helena and expected to get the reward for turning herself or himself, whatever you call him, in.

Jax: I'm sorry, Det. Taggert. I'm sorry about that, but we can weed out the crazies, right?

Taggert: It's not an option. It takes time and money, neither of which we have.

Jax: Okay, well, I'll be happy to fund whatever additional staff you require.

Taggert: You know what? If I had two days to work through the red tape and look for approval from higher-ups, I'd be glad to do that, Mr. Jacks.

Jax: Then what good are you, Taggert?

Taggert: I don't much care what you think about my department or my professional skills, Mr. Jacks. My stake in this is personal, so -- be warned. Something happens to my sister because you're too bullheaded to let the police do their job, you will answer to me.

Bobbie: What if he's right?

Jax: He's not. I'm not reneging my offer.

Bobbie: What's your stake in this, Jax?

Jax: I care about Kristina and Alexis. Helena would just as soon wipe them off the face of the planet. I'm not going to let that happen.

Carly: Ugh. I finally shut Skye’s mouth, that smug little witch. I swear I -- hey.

Jax: Hey.

Carly: Partner, what's going on?

Jax: Well, not too much. We got some business to discuss.

Carly: Oh. Yeah, yeah, we do.

Bobbie: Well, I'll leave you two alone.

Carly: Oh, you're not going, though, are you?

Bobbie: No. Actually, I'm attempting to teach Scott how to dance.

Carly: Oh, no wonder you're hiding out in here. Good luck on that one.

Bobbie: Thank you. I'll be back.

Carly: Okay.

Jax: Okay, let's have it, Carly. What did you do to Skye?

Carly: What makes you think I did something to Skye?

Jax: I just heard you admit it to Bobbie.

Carly: I don't recall actually saying I did something to her. I gave her a piece of my mind, which shut her up for a minute, but we all know that's just temporary relief. I swear that woman has the biggest mouth of anyone I have ever met, and trust me, I know big mouths.

Jax: A piece of your mind, huh? You sure that's all you gave her?

Carly: As opposed to what, Jax? A broken nose? A fat lip? No. You can relax. I did not hurt the tramp, although I wish somebody would. They should. You know, you've watched those wrestling programs on TV? You know, the ones where everybody's slamming everyone around? That is what I would love to do to Skye. I would pick her up and put her over my head and spin around a few times, get her dizzy as hell, and then I would just -- I would just slam her right on the mat, and then I'd climb up on the ropes and I would just -- I would jump on her with --

Jax: All right. Okay. Carly!

Carly: What?

Jax: Okay, that's enough, all right? I get the picture.

Carly: Oh. Sorry.

Jax: You know, I've told you before -- I've told Sonny before. What do you want me to do, take an ad out in the paper? I don't want Skye to come to any physical harm.

Carly: Not even in someone's admittedly overactive imagination? I thought that you and Skye were business partners -- former ones at that. Did I miss something?

Jax: Don't be absurd.

Carly: You've fallen for Skye?

Skye: I've got no one to blame but myself.

[Skye sighs]

Skye: I mean, why should Jax care whether I live or die, huh? I lied to him over and over, and still he didn't give up on me. Even after I shamelessly manipulated him, even after he saw the real me in all my damaged glory, he still hung in there, still trying to get through to me, trying to keep me real. Even after A.J. bolted with Courtney, he was worried about me. And what do I do? Do I give him a clue as to how thankful I am for his belief, his faith? Of course not. Oh. How brilliantly self-destructive, Skye. How absolutely you.

Sonny: If Courtney had run off with anybody else, even if I didn't approve, I wouldn't try to stop her. I mean, you know, people have a right to live their own lives. And I sure as hell am not going to tell my own sister who to love or who to sleep with. But A.J. wants payback for Michael, and he's using this to get back at me.

Alexis: He's goading you.

Sonny: He's --

Alexis: He wants you to follow him.

Sonny: I know! But if A.J. is drinking, Courtney’s in physical danger. And even if she's not, he's playing her, Alexis. He's pretending to love her. Have you ever been used?

Alexis: Yes.

Sonny: How did you feel? Like you were stupid, and -- and wrong and part of you felt like you deserved it and made you hard and suspicious and you -- I bet you promised yourself you'd never be used again. I want Courtney away from A.J., so that way that never happens to her.

Alexis: Why don't you get some sleep and you'll think about it differently in the morning?

Sonny: I'm going to take a shower.

Alexis: Great. Great idea.

Sonny: Oh, man.

Nikolas: Your arrogance is staggering. You've certainly proved the Greeks right, Helena. Hubris is a tragic flaw. I thought you would have figured that out by now.

Gia: Nikolas, what are you doing?

Nikolas: I'm alerting island security in case she tries to run, and then I'm calling the police.

Gia: No, you can’t. Just give her the money and let her go.

Helena: You might not have a say, you know. You see, the nurse and orderly who helped me are quite prepared to swear that as the primary benefactor of General Hospital you used undue influence to facilitate my escape. That's why you insisted on speaking with me alone.

Nikolas: Don't turn this around on me. You insisted on speaking to me alone.

Helena: Ah, but you didn't refuse, as everyone quite reasonably expected you would. Now, the police are already suspicious. You said that yourself.

Nikolas: Gia, would you care to jump in here at any moment --

Gia: Helena was here. She heard you. I tried to stop you, but --

Nikolas: Really? Really? What exactly did you hear?

Helena: I have heard the most fascinating things. How Gia drinks and drives, then lies to the authorities. You step in to try to cover her tracks and you bribed witnesses? Oh, Nikolas. Nikolas, you constantly amaze me, and I wholeheartedly approve, but, you know, there are smaller minds around here who tend to take these things very seriously. Now, that is an actual charge -- witness tampering -- isn't it?

Taggert: Gia? Nikolas?

Gia: Marcus. What are you doing here?

Taggert: Ahem. Well, I could ask you two the same. You always hang out in the barn at night? Gia, is there something wrong?

Laura: I can't believe that you're taking us back there again. I mean, you think that Nikolas is the enemy?

Luke: I didn't say that.

Laura: Well, okay, then what did you say?

Luke: I said and I believe that Nikolas is hiding something. Now, I know you don't want to believe that.

Laura: No, I just don't want to do this again. Really -- I thought that Nikolas had proven himself to you when he fought with us against Stavros and Helena. I mean, really, what is it going to take for you to stop hating my son?

Luke: I don't hate him, Laura.

Laura: No? Well, this sounds all too familiar to me. He is a good and decent man. And if you can't see that about him, then -- as much as I love you, I -- I can't live with you again.

Luke: Look, I can't not see what's right in front of my face. We have a potentially dangerous situation here, and Nikolas is lying. Please, hear me out.

Jax: You know, I'm the first to admit that you're a multitalented woman. I mean, you have a flair for commercial design. You have developed an acute business sense. But none of the above qualify you as some kind of psychic heart reader, okay?

Carly: Oh, I am right, aren't I? You got your heart involved with Skye.

Jax: I didn't say that.

Carly: Oh, yes, you did, maybe not in so many words, but -- okay, you know what? I'm going to give you a scenario here, a few of them, and maybe -- maybe something will ring a bell. You tell me, okay?

Jax: Okay.

Carly: All right --

Jax: Shoot.

Carly: Thank you. So you are concentrating at work or whatever, and Skye creeps into your thoughts and she won't go away. True or false?

Jax: Okay, you know what, Carly? I'm not doing this. Just give me the ad space, and --

Carly: Okay, that would be true! All right, scenario number two -- there is a knock at the door and your heart, it does a little stammer step. So you go to the door and you open it, but -- oh, it's not Skye. It's a messenger. Your heart sinks.

Jax: Oh.

Carly: True or false? Okay, that'd also be a true. So scenario number three -- despite for the fact that Skye deserves every nasty, rotten that anyone ever says about her, you have to keep yourself from taking a swing at that person -- oh, God, don't -- you know what? Don't even answer that one because it's all over your face. Jax, I consider you my friend. I don't know how that happened, but I really do. So please, take my advice and in the spirit that it's meant -- run, do not walk, to the nearest exit because Skye Chandler Quartermaine is sure to bring you nothing but trouble.

Jax: You know what, Carly? I recall giving you exactly the same advice about Sonny. Did you listen?

Carly: Okay, my case is too advanced --

Jax: Okay, you know what?

Carly: But you still have a fighting chance.

Jax: Carly -- you know what? What -- you just -- you know what? Mind your own business, okay? Mind our business. Do whatever it is that you do here. And you know what? You're the last person that should be giving advice on this subject.

Bobbie: Hey. I just saw Jax leave. Is this a good time? Because I intend to keep on coming back until it is.

Carly: Sure, sure.

Bobbie: So what did you do to Skye?

Carly: Nothing. You know, I got to go take care of the club.

Bobbie: No, you -- Carly, you don't. All right? Tell me, what did you do to Skye?

Carly: There's really nothing to tell.

Bobbie: You are evading and keeping secrets. And that means you are heading for emotional disaster. Now, tell me, what is it this time?

Edward: If you want to know who is at the root of this whole A.J. debacle, it's Carly. She helped Sonny steal A.J.'s son. That's what set him off on this madness, not faulty parenting skills. Why you could even give any credence at all to anything that Skye says is beyond me.

Monica: Do you think I like agreeing with Skye?

Edward: Oh --

Monica: But for once, Edward, the woman is right. We have never, not -- this whole family has never been supportive of A.J.

Alan: Oh, bull! That's A.J.'s fantasy. You and I have bent over backwards time after time in abject penance because poor A.J. has suffered so much in our hands. Me, most of all. I'm the guilty one because I'm the one who supported Jason.

Monica: Oh, so now it's all about you, is it, Alan?

[Doorbell rings]

Alan: You know why it's about me, Monica? Because I'm the one who helped him. I'm the one who helped him get away. I'm the one who had to look him straight in the eye and he lies to me about loving that girl.

Ned: This is counterproductive. Do you people want to argue all night long or try to figure out where A.J. took Courtney?

Alexis: I vote for Plan B.

Edward: The devil's own messenger doesn't get a vote, you -- you Cassadine.

Luke: Darling, I may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, but I'm not irredeemably stupid. I've already gone down that road -- about Nikolas with you, and believe me, I don't want to make that journey again.

Laura: But you just said you think Helena is --

Luke: No. No, no. No, no, no. What I said was I think he's hiding something. You don't have to be on Helena’s side to fall for her tricks.

Laura: Oh, okay. All right, I'm listening now.

Luke: Okay. Well, it's pretty clear to me that something's going on over there at Wyndemere. I mean, it's real. Gia's about to snap, she's bent over so far backwards trying to hide the fact that she was in the tunnel. Nikolas tried to cover for her. I don't know why. I'm just trying to find out what's going on. It's just me trying to help.

Laura: Okay, I'm sorry. I -- I shouldn't have jumped to that conclusion. I don't know why I did.

Luke: It's all right, sweetheart. I know. It's difficult, I know.

Laura: Everything's going to be okay, right?

Luke: Everything is going to be great. It's already good.

[Laura laughs]

Luke: All right?

Laura: Okay. Have you got your cell phone?

Luke: Yeah.

Laura: I'll be at home.

Luke: I'll call you.

Gia: Marcus, everything is fine.

Taggert: I know better. I see it. You're jumpy, you're nervous, and you have every right to be as long as Helena’s on the run. Why didn't you stay with Mama at the brownstone?

Gia: I don't want to leave Nikolas.

Taggert: He can stay with me.

Gia: Marcus, I know you're scared for me, and I love you for it, but you don't have to be.

Taggert: How'd this happen, huh? You get too old for me to order off the swings when the streetlights come on?

Gia: It hasn't been that way for a long time, Marcus.

Taggert: Well, a guy can wish, huh?

Nikolas: For what it's worth, I would never let any harm come to Gia, not in any way, not ever.

Taggert: You two be careful, okay?

Nikolas: We will.

Gia: I promise.

Helena: Well, Nikolas, what are you doing? Nikolas, don't you want to call the good lieutenant back and turn me in? Aren't you ready to confess your misdeeds on behalf of our little Miss Gia in order to have me thrown in prison? Ready to lose your precious fiancée to a similar fate? Gia will be found guilty of driving while intoxicated. No? Then you'll honor my agreement with Gia.

Nikolas: I'm seeing a small problem here. You have no agreement with me.

Alexis: I was hoping that I could persuade you to get A.J. back to Port Charles as soon as possible.

Edward: Oh, I'm sorry, Alexis. I seem to have misplaced A.J.'s puppet strings.

Alan: What my father is rather churlishly trying to say is nobody here's in control of my son.

Monica: We don't even know where he is.

Ned: I can vouch for that.

Alexis: All right, then how about Skye? Maybe she has influence on --

Alan: Forget about it.

Monica: Oh, don't look at me.

Edward: Surely you jest.

Ned: Can't help you there.

Alexis: Alan, you ordered the helicopter for A.J. and Courtney. Where was it headed?

Edward: Don't answer that.

Alan: I don't intend to.

Alexis: I wish you wouldn't assume that I am trying to do something against A.J. It's just the opposite, actually. The sooner Courtney gets back here, the sooner everyone can move on, and Sonny has agreed not to retaliate against A.J. in exchange for the prompt return of his sister.

Edward: As if Sonny Corinthos can be taken at his word -- well --

Alexis: I believe that he's sincere. I wouldn't be here if I didn't.

Alan: Why on earth would we trust you?

Ned: Wait a minute. We can't condemn Alexis based on her client list. Now, no one disapproves of Sonny more than I do, but he's not contagious. As far as I can see, Alexis' integrity is still intact. If anything, she's been a positive influence on him. It's probably why Sonny's willing to give A.J. a free pass. So we should be grateful and try to work with her on this.

Alan: The chopper took them to J.F.K. A.J. said they wouldn't be able to trace them from there on in.

Edward: Oh, my God, Alan, how can you be so naive?

Alan: I'm so sick of you criticizing me and everybody else.

Monica: Alexis, I'm -- I'm going to take you at your word. But if Sonny hurts A.J. --

Edward: Oh, "if"? Ha-ha! Now you're being naive!

Ned: Grandfather, just back off!

Edward: Oh, come on.

Ned: Thank you for trying to help.

Alexis: Thank you.

Edward: Hmm. Ned, did I -- did I just hear you wax poetic about Alexis' integrity, huh? The girl who prefers that criminal, Corinthos, over you?

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Oh.

Sonny: Hey. Any leads on Courtney and A.J.?

Max: This showed up in your office.

Bobbie: I can't believe you did that.

Carly: It's not like Skye was hurt or anything. She's stuck in a shed for a couple of hours. She doesn't know who pushed her in, and she will figure out a way out. I mean, if Skye is nothing else, she is a survivor. Okay, maybe she's scared now, scared enough to do something about A.J. Think of it as a practical joke.

Bobbie: Carly, what were you thinking?

Scott: Hey, Bobbie, there you are. Hey, I'm out there doing the peppermint twist, and then you just leave me on the dance floor.

Bobbie: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I'm really glad you're here because I need your legal opinion.

Scott: Oh, brother.

Bobbie: Hypothetically speaking, of course --

Scott: Lay it on me.

Bobbie: Okay. Say someone were to jokingly push someone into a rarely used structure with no food or no water and they were to lock that person up?

Scott: Well, that depends on the someone that the perp locked up, otherwise known as the victim.

Carly: Perp? Victim? Must you be so dramatic?

Scott: Yes, yes, yes, I must be. Now, did the victim think it was a joke? If not, how mad was he or she? Was there a motive? A personal grudge?

Bobbie: Okay, say the perp left a note or a message. That wouldn't look so good in court, would it?

Carly: Okay, you know what? Just cut to the chase. Okay, tell me, what would be the worst thing that could happen?

Scott: Well, let's see -- kidnapping is a federal offense, you know. At best, you know, someone locks somebody else up -- I mean, it's all very serious business here. What's going on? Do I have a client? If I do, somebody give me some money, make it official.

Bobbie: Okay. So what are the odds of getting this hypothetical perpetrator off?

Scott: 50/50.

Bobbie: And what if the victim were quickly released?

Scott: Well, I would advise that. And if it was my daughter, I would insist on it. So I suggest that somebody hightail it down to the police department. In other words, "Feet, don't fail me now."

Skye: I was so afraid Jax would hurt me. I hurt him instead. Maybe if I didn't, he'd be looking for me right now. But I did. And he's not.


Skye: Oh, my God.

Skye: Oh. Oh. They're watching me. And even if I did get out of here, I wouldn't be able to get very far. Sonny grabbed me because he wants answers. It only makes sense he's going to send someone and ask me questions, someone who won't believe me when I say I don't know where A.J. is. Someone who could drown me in that lake and make it look like an accident.  Oh, God. I got to get out of here.

Skye: Oh. Oh, God. Thank you, God. A trap door. Ugh. Okay. I'm going to go through the floor, out into the lake. Then what? Swim past the goons? Like I'm any good at swimming.

Skye: It's my only option.

Nikolas: I will swear that Gia was too traumatized to remember the accident, that I orchestrated the cover-up on my own.

Gia: No, Nikolas, I won't let you do that. You'd go to prison.

Nikolas: Bring it on. I'd rather do time than let this woman hurt the people I've sworn to protect. And just so we're clear on who they are, grandmother -- Gia, first and foremost, Lucky, Elizabeth, my mother, Lesley Lu, Alexis, Kristina, Bobbie, Lucas, and even Luke.

Helena: Nikolas, look at me. I'm a mere shell of my former self. Whatever zeal I had for revenge, it died with my beloved Stavros. Look, I'm completely without the will and the energy to wage a war. And my motives are gone. It was all about -- it was all about my beloved Stavros. And now he's dead. But who could possibly rule in his place? You know, it breaks my heart to say this, but it's not you, not the ungrateful boy who has vowed to protect all of our sworn enemies, the boy who denies his father at every turn and yet echoes his father so precisely.

Nikolas: You're right, I do deny him, just like I deny you. You have absolutely no control.

Helena: Your fiancée may not agree.

Gia: Nikolas, please, just give her the money and let her go.

Jax: Skye?

Skye: Ooh! Ooh. Oh. Oh.

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Nikolas: How can we possibly trust her?

Gia: Just take the chance.

Jax: Knock some sense into me.

Ned: Don't tell me. Skye.

Skye: I can't even swim the length of a hot tub.


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