GH Transcript Tuesday 3/19/02


General Hospital Transcript  Tuesday 3/19/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Kristina: I can't believe you told Alexis.

Ned: Well, she sounded like she already knew.

Helena: Hello, Gia. Going for a ride?

Courtney: Look me in the eye and tell me that Sonny doesn't have anything to do with any of this.

A.J.: Vodka.

Alan: You'll pay for this.

Bobbie: So, let me get this straight -- Helena Cassadine was on her way to surgery, but she escaped?

Mac: We'll find her, Bobbie.

Bobbie: Luke knows?

Mac: Yeah, he's all over it, but the rest of your family is fine.

Bobbie: Mac, how could anybody be fine with Helena out there wandering around? And how could you let this happen after the damage that woman has done to all of us, to this hospital?

Mac: I've got every cop on the force working on this.

Bobbie: Then why are they all standing around the one place we know Helena isn't?

Sarah: Have you guys heard from Elizabeth yet?

Taggert: Lucky's on his way to Wyndemere right now and my sister is there, too.

Sarah: Helena tried to kill Elizabeth once. What if she comes after her again?

Nikolas: Hey, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Lucky: Hey!

Nikolas: Is Gia down at the stables, do you know?

Elizabeth: I think so.

Nikolas: How long has she been gone?

Elizabeth: Couple of minutes. Why, what's wrong?

Nikolas: Okay, look, I want you to try and remain calm, okay?

Lucky: Try not to panic.

Elizabeth: Why would I panic?

Lucky: The DSL connection's down.

Elizabeth: That's why you guys are upset, because the computer is down?

Lucky: Yeah. Hey, Elizabeth, you been working on your jump shot? Hey, let me see what you got.

Elizabeth: All right, watch.

Lucky: Let's see. Oh, hey!

Elizabeth: Oh, shoot.

Lucky: One word about Helena and there's going to be war.

Gia: You escaped from the hospital?

Helena: Well, let's just say that I needed a walk in the country.

Gia: You know, Marcus will be out here in, like, two seconds and you will be so on your way back to jail.

Helena: You're more than welcome to contact the authorities.

Gia: Like I need your permission.

Helena: But if you call lt. Taggert, I'm afraid I will be obliged to confess that it was Nikolas who helped me to escape.

Ned: Any change in L.A.?

Kristina: Uh-uh. No, still looks good for access denied, campus venue, but I'm still playing phone tag with the promoter. I think it's going to be great, Ned.

Ned: Good. What about you and me?

Kristina: Oh, are we on the schedule? I didn't see that.

Ned: Well, I don't know. You tell me.

Kristina: What, you want me to just blurt it out?

Ned: Blurting seems to be what you do best.

Kristina: Oh, no, no, no, no, never again, not after the disaster with Alexis and Sonny. I am not butting into anyone's business ever again.

Ned: Not even mine?

Kristina: Especially yours.

Ned: Oh. Well, what if I like it?

Kristina: No, you hate it.

Ned: I used to hate it. Actually, now I really, really like it when you butt right in there and mess things up and, you know, drag me out of my poor, poor, pitiful self.

Kristina: Hmm.

Alexis: I have really bad timing. I'm sorry.

Ned: Hello, Alexis. Ahem.

Alexis: Hi. Kristina, I apologize. Ned, I need your help.

Kristina: Are you all right?

Ned: What happened?

Alexis: Do you think you could talk to A.J., because I think he's about to push Sonny over the edge.

A.J.: You're ready to leave town with me?

Courtney: I can't stay here after what Sonny's done. And I'd rather be with you than alone.

Sonny: When I start to think I'm reaching Courtney, when I think she's starting to see A.J. for who he is, he starts to play her.

Carly: I know. So you really -- you believe that I didn't do anything in there with A.J.'s water pitcher and the vodka and all of that?

Sonny: Didn't I say so?

Carly: Yeah. But since when? Anyway, so what happens now?

Sonny: You go home.

Carly: Uh-uh, not a chance. You're not dealing with this alone. Let me help you.

Sonny: It's not your fight.

Carly: Oh, yeah, it is.

Sonny: I got to tell you, see, I -- I can't control myself. I lost my temper in front of Courtney.

Carly: How bad?

Sonny: Well, I mean, you know, I broke glasses, screamed. She was scared.

Carly: Well, you know, people get angry. They -- they do things.

Sonny: Yeah, but not -- I can't, not in front of Courtney. That's why I need you to stay out of this. Because when I see you with A.J., the only thing that I see is what he cost us.

Carly: You know, A.J. never paid for what he did to our baby, and I am not going to let him hurt Courtney, too.

Alan: I thought I told you both to leave.

Sonny: You know what, Dr. Quartermaine -- I think I have every right to stand here and wait for Courtney.

Alan: Courtney doesn't want to have anything to do with you.

Carly: A.J. Is lying to Courtney. He is just using her to get back at Sonny.

Courtney: A.J., I trust you. You told me the truth about Sonny, you told me how he'd act, and you were right. My brother's done some terrible things to you and he'll just do more if we don't get out of here. We have to get away.

A.J.: Wow. You know, no one in my entire life has ever stood up for me like this.

Courtney: That's exactly how I feel about you.

A.J.: I'm going to get you out of here. I'm going to get you away from Sonny and his craziness, but on one condition.

Courtney: What's that?

Lucky: Oh!

Elizabeth: Any chance you're going to tell me what's really going on?

Lucky: We just did -- the computers are down.

Elizabeth: Huh. Well, then in that case, I'm off to take my meds.

Nikolas: Elizabeth, let me call Mrs. Lansbury, have her bring them to you.

Elizabeth: You guys, it's two pills. I can deal.

Lucky: You'll be right back?

Elizabeth: Yes, I promise.

Nikolas: You need to tell her, man.

Lucky: No possible way.

Nikolas: Well, she suspects something, you know?

Lucky: Well, no, she doesn't because the DSL has just been fixed.

Nikolas: Okay, forget the computer. Tell Elizabeth that Helena escaped, please.

Lucky: Why would I tell her that Helena escaped? Elizabeth is just starting to feel better.

Nikolas: Okay, what if she hears it from someone else?

Lucky: We'll make sure that she doesn't. And if Helena shows up here, I'll kill her.

Nikolas: Okay, so you'll stay with Elizabeth 24/7 then, right?

Lucky: That's the plan.

Nikolas: Okay, let me ask you something -- what if Elizabeth starts to think you love her again? Is that what you want?

Lucky: I'm not going to allow Helena to hurt Elizabeth. And if that means I have to mislead her for a short time, that's what I'm going to have to do.

Gia: You know, no one will believe that Nikolas helped you escape.

Helena: Why is it so difficult to believe that Nikolas would help his grandmother?

Gia: Because you're insane and you kill people?

Helena: I am a sick, old woman. I've already agreed to spend the rest of my life in prison, but Nikolas couldn't stand that. That's why he insisted on speaking with me alone. That's why he helped me to escape. Now that his father is gone and his Uncle Stefan has abandoned him, I'm all that he has left. Nikolas couldn't bear to see me die in disgrace.

Gia: Will you stop it?

Helena: I begged him not to take that chance, I begged him not to give up his life for me, but Nikolas is the good Cassadine.

Gia: I will not let you hurt Nikolas.

Helena: Then why don't you finish this now? Oh, kill me and get it over with.

Gia: Yeah, right.

Helena: Then you're not prepared to take a life.

Gia: No. Not even yours.

Helena: Then your choice is very simple -- save me or sacrifice Nikolas.

Nikolas: Gia? Where are you? Gia?

Gia: I'm going to tell Nikolas.

Helena: Oh, please do. No, call out his name -- "Nikolas, over here." No, please give Nikolas a chance to prove himself a good Cassadine, to sacrifice himself.

Gia: I love him. I will not let you hurt him.

Nikolas: Gia? Are you in here?

Helena: Well? Decide. Turn me in or save Nikolas.

Nikolas: Gia? Gia. Why didn't you answer me? What's wrong?

Sarah: I've heard such horrible things about Helena, but, I don't know, they just never seemed real, you know?

Bobbie: Oh, Helena's real all right. Lucas looked me right in the eye one night and he asked why he couldn't get well. He didn't cry. He just wanted to know. That's real. Helena stole my nephew and gave us back a stranger. That's real, too. She destroyed Lucky's life, tried to kill the best part of his life.

Sarah: But he hasn't given up.

Bobbie: Well, Spencers never give up. We can't. It isn't in us. Lucky will get back what he lost or die trying. And so will Elizabeth.

Sarah: I have to get to Wyndemere. My sister needs me.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: You fix the computer?

Lucky: I sure did. One little cable and, voila, on-line looking for the sun.

Elizabeth: The sun?

Lucky: Mm-hmm, and the beach, white sands, pale-blue water, no sharks. Well, at least no big sharks.

Elizabeth: All right, what are you doing?

Lucky: Here it is. Nevis.

Elizabeth: Nevis?

Lucky: Mm-hmm. It's in the Caribbean, near Antigua.

Elizabeth: Hmm.

Lucky: Actually, it's the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton.

Elizabeth: Historical.

Lucky: And quiet and private and very romantic.

Elizabeth: Hmm, very.

Lucky: You want to go? We could be there by tomorrow, crashed out on the beach, nothing to worry about except when we're going to swim next. I can have a cold beer, you can have a tall glass, something with a little umbrella in it or whatever, nobody else.

Elizabeth: Just us?

Lucky: Yeah, just you and me.

Alexis: A.J.'s in the hospital.

Ned: He's faking.

Alexis: Yes, I know that, but he's confined, so it's a good place to try to talk some sense into him.

Ned: Can't do it.

Alexis: Provoking Sonny isn't going to be good for anybody.

[Phone rings]

Ned: It's not my problem. Hello? Yeah, yeah.

Kristina: Is that L.A.?

Ned: Yeah.

Kristina: I can take it.

Ned: I'll get it, I'll get it. Excuse me. Yeah, how are the ads coming along?

Alexis: How long is that going to take? Do you know?

Kristina: Oh, as long as Ned can stretch it out.

Alexis: I really need him to try to go over there and talk to him.

Kristina: Alexis, did you -- did you talk to Sonny, I mean, about what I said?

Alexis: I can't believe that you would choose to change the subject to that at this particular time.

Kristina: Did you tell him how you really feel?

Alexis: Yeah. Oh, sure. Yeah, yeah, I filed a memo and then I had a conference call and then I invited him over for coffee and we chatted.

Kristina: Oh, oh, that's great. So I take it that's a no?

Alexis: That's very astute, Kristina.

Kristina: And you didn't tell him anything?

Alexis: Could you call him back maybe and --

Kristina: Alexis, Alexis, I wish that you would have seen your face at the party when Sonny went after A.J. It just gave so much away. You were after him the whole night after that.

Alexis: It's because I went there with him.

Kristina: But he walked away from you.

Alexis: You need therapy, Kristina.

Kristina: You need therapy. I -- okay, fine, we both need therapy.

Alexis: Ned? Whoo-hoo! We have a time -- a time --

Kristina: Alexis?

Alexis: Yes, Kristina?

Kristina: Okay, fine, you don't want to tell Sonny you care about him? Well, all right. You want to lie to me and Ned, that's fine, too. But when are you finally going to admit the truth to yourself?

Sonny: I gave an entire aids wing to this hospital, so I would say that gives me the right to do what I want to do.

A.J.: I want to spend time with you -- I do -- but that doesn't mean I expect you to sleep with me. Okay? Look, my feelings aren't your problem, and the last thing I want to do is put pressure on you.

Courtney: That's your condition? No pressure?

A.J.: Yeah, that's it.

Courtney: I keep waiting for you to ask for something and you never do.

A.J.: You know what -- you have already given me your trust. And who knows -- if someday you love me, too, well, that would mean everything. But you know what -- if that never happens, it's okay. It's okay. Your friendship is enough.

Carly: A.J. wants one thing from Courtney -- revenge on Sonny. Do you think she deserves to be used like that?

Alan: Who says you're not using Courtney just to get some sympathy out of me?

Sonny: Dr. Quartermaine, how many times has your son lied to you?

Alan: Wait a minute. Who gave you permission to talk to me about my son? Courtney, I need a moment alone with A.J., please.

A.J.: Dad, no, no, wait, whatever you have to say to me, Courtney can be present.

Alan: This is between you and me.

Courtney: I'll be right outside.

A.J.: All right.

A.J.: I don't want her alone with Sonny.

Alan: What are you afraid he's going to tell her?

A.J.: Whatever he can think of to get her away from me.

Alan: Maybe that's going to be the best thing.

A.J.: What are you doing, Dad?

Alan: You said to me that you're fighting to get Michael back. I'm not going to stand by and watch you use that girl to do it.

Sonny: How long you going to keep pretending I'm not here?

Courtney: As long as it takes for you to leave me alone.

Sonny: Well, that's not going to happen. You may not want me as a brother, but I'm not going to leave here until you hear me out.

Courtney: You don't even know me.

Sonny: Yeah, well, you don't know me, either. You know, we haven't done much but misunderstand each other, and I'm trying to fix that. I'm trying to help you out. You can't see that yet. So just tell me what it is you need me to do.

Courtney: I want you to trust me to live my own life.

Sonny: I am trying to do that.

Mike: Courtney.

Courtney: Oh, God.

Mike: Thank God you're here. I was afraid that you'd run off again.

Courtney: So naturally you run straight to Sonny to file a report? Is that how you're going to fix it, big brother? You going to use our father to help you manage me?

Nikolas: Why didn't you answer me?

Gia: I didn't want to scare Sheba by yelling out. I mean, she hates that, right?

Nikolas: I think you two are going to get along just fine.

Gia: Yeah, I hope so.

Nikolas: Listen, we need to postpone the riding lesson today. I have bad news -- Helena escaped.

Gia: What? When?

Nikolas: On her way to surgery.

Gia: That's horrible.

Nikolas: And yet the worst part is the cops -- well, they think I'm in on it.

Gia: Well, that's ridiculous. You would never help Helena. Everyone knows that. I mean, Marcus would stand up for you, Lucky -- I mean, we could all stick together.

Nikolas: Gia, the last thing I need are cops snooping around.

Gia: Why? You didn't do anything.

Nikolas: I didn't do anything? What are you talking about? I paid off a witness, I lied to the police.

Gia: Okay, don't even think about that. It has nothing to do with Helena.

Nikolas: Don't think about it? How can I not? Gia, if the truth comes out that you ran the red light, this whole thing could get a lot worse.

Alexis: Why on earth would you keep pushing me about this? Kristina, why do you even care how I feel about Sonny?

Kristina: Because you protected me once a long time ago. You saved my life. You know, if I can save you some pain, I just --

Alexis: Oh, don't be overdramatic. You can't save me anyway, Kristina, all right, and I'm not admitting anything.

Ned: Admitting what?

Alexis: Are you going to help A.J. or not?

Ned: What do you want me to do, Alexis? Tell Junior to back off? That'll only guarantee that he moves right on in.

Alexis: Couldn't you at least try?

Ned: Courtney made it pretty clear who she wants to be with, so who am I to tell her who to choose?

Alexis: I don't believe this.

Ned: Mob boss or rich guy with bad intentions? Hmm, what can I say? I'm with Courtney.

Alexis: Even if it ruins her life?

Courtney: Daddy asked me to go away with him. We were going to stay with a friend. Are you the friend, Sonny? How big is the house, how many rooms? How long did you tell him to keep me there?

Sonny: I asked Mike to see you because I wanted him to make you understand that, you know, A.J.'s using you.

Courtney: You wanted him to lie to me.

Sonny: I asked Mike to be a father. That way, you know, there may be a chance that he could get through to you.

Courtney: Oh, and he did, he told me the truth. He said that you sent him to get me away from A.J.

Mike: Look, your brother is just trying to protect you.

Courtney: Why are you defending him?

Sonny: Okay, you know what -- I don't want him to. I want you to hear me out right now. Can you do that?

Alan: You know what it feels like to be used. You can't do that to Courtney, even to get Michael back.

A.J.: I admit that's what I started out doing, okay, but now I've gotten to know her, dad. She's beautiful, sweet, honest. And she thinks I'm great. I haven't lied to her. She knows I'm an alcoholic and I've hurt people and that I'm generally considered as the jerk/loser/weasel/worm, etc. She doesn't care. She likes me. And I'm in love with her.

Alan: If you're lying to me, A.J. --

A.J.: I want to marry her, Dad. Or at least live long enough to try. And if you don't help us, Sonny's going to make sure I disappear.

Courtney: There's no way you're going to make me change my mind.

Carly: Okay, then you won't lose anything by just listening to him, will you?

Courtney: How is any of this any of your business?

Sonny: I will tell you. Mike, could you get Carly some coffee, please?

Carly: Yeah, we'll get a cup.

Sonny: Ahem. You think A.J. cares about you?

Courtney: I know he does.

Sonny: Well, I know he's using you.

Courtney: Okay, we have been over this. Nothing's going to change.

Sonny: Okay, wait, wait, wait, A.J. told you his side of the story. Now I'm going to tell you mine. Carly was pregnant. The baby was an accident, but not a mistake. The moment I knew, I wanted him. I loved that child with all my heart. We changed our lives for him. We -- we even found a way to love each other. One day, I had a business meeting with A.J.'s grandfather. Carly came along to visit Lila Quartermaine. I was in the living room and I heard Carly's voice. She was yelling. When I went through the door, she was at the top of the stairs with A.J. They were fighting. A.J. had her by the wrist. She screamed and she fell. Now, it's a long, curved staircase, and she fell and she kept hitting the stairs out of control, and when she got to the bottom, she was unconscious. At first, I didn't -- I didn't see any blood, and then it was everywhere.

Courtney: It was an accident.

Sonny: I -- I drove in the ambulance with -- with Carly to the emergency room and, the baby was still alive. The doctors told me that Carly was losing a lot of blood and in order to -- in order to save her, they -- they had to take him. She was unconscious. I went into the room, I signed the papers, and my baby was gone. That's what I see when I look at A.J. -- how pale Carly was lying in the emergency room, that machine that has the baby's heartbeat, that sound. I heard that sound when I signed those papers.

Courtney: I'm so sorry.

Sonny: I don't talk to anybody about that night, not even to Carly. But I wanted you to know.

Courtney: Why?

Sonny: Because I don't want to lose you like I lost my son. I don't want A.J. to keep hurting you. I know I don't have much family left, but like it or not, I'm your brother, you're my sister. So -- just let me keep you safe, huh?

Gia: Don't say anything else about the accident.

Nikolas: I took care of it, Gia, and I would do it again if I had to. I will not let anyone hurt you or touch you -- not my grandmother, not the police -- no one. I don't care what I have to do.

Gia: I love you so much.

Nikolas: I love you, too. You know that. Can we go back to the house now, please?

Gia: I can't.

Nikolas: What do you mean you can't? Why not?

Gia: I want to brush Sheba.

Nikolas: You two must be getting along.

Gia: Well, love me, love my horse.

Nikolas: Who said that, me?

Gia: You did, more than once.

Nikolas: Oh, that's good, because it is true.

Gia: Can I braid the hair on her neck?

Nikolas: You mean the mane?

Gia: Yeah, I just think she needs a little style or something.

Nikolas: All right, if you want to, sure. It'll keep your mind off of everything. Listen, I added several extra guards around here.

Gia: I'll be fine.

Nikolas: Well, you may be, but my grandmother might be crazy enough to come back here, all right? Also, I want to let you know that Lucky -- he's not saying a word to Elizabeth about Helena.

Gia: That she escaped?

Nikolas: Yeah. I don't think it's a good idea, so you just make sure you don't say anything.

Gia: Okay. I'll be in in a couple minutes.

Nikolas: All right.

[Door closes]

Helena: Well, isn't Nikolas splendid?

Gia: Yeah.

Helena: Obviously, he -- he will do anything to protect you, even act like a true Cassadine.

Gia: Helena, what do you want?

Helena: Money.

Gia: And then you'll disappear forever?

Helena: Yes.

Gia: You will leave Nikolas alone?

Helena: That's up to you.

Lucky: You know, we really should spend some time alone.

Elizabeth: Okay, but why now?

Lucky: Well, why not? Why hang around this dump, anyway? We need the sun, we need quiet, we need each other.

Elizabeth: We'll take things al it goes?

Lucky: Sure. Why not?

[Door opens]

Nikolas: Hey. Bad timing? Sorry.

Lucky: No, no, come on in. Did you find Gia?

Nikolas: Yeah, believe it or not, she is braiding Sheba's mane.

Elizabeth: Wait, Gia's getting her hands dirty?

Nikolas: Yeah, I guess they're bonding.

Lucky: Yeah, right, until Sheba bucks her off.

Elizabeth: Wait, forget the horse, she just wants to wear the riding clothes.

Nikolas: Well, see, now that might work for me.

Elizabeth: Speaking of, I'm having this overwhelming urge to go dig up a swimsuit.

Nikolas: Huh. Excuse me.

Elizabeth: I'll be back.

Lucky: So did you find anything?

Nikolas: Helena's not out there. Look, I'm going to double-check the house, though, all right?

Lucky: All right, I'll run down to the barn again.

Nikolas: Okay. Look, if you find her --

Lucky: I'll let you know. After Helena's dead.

Ned: Look, I don't even know Sonny's little sister. What makes you think she's going to listen to me if I tell her to stay away from Junior?

Alexis: All right, then what about A.J.?

Ned: Well, I already offered to deliver his eulogy.

Alexis: Why are you making a joke about this?

Ned: How do you want me to respond, Alexis? My family lost Jason to Sonny, you and Emily were nearly gunned down in a hail of bullets because of him, and now you want me to, what, rescue his newfound little sister? Tell A.J. to suddenly become a decent person? And for all we know, maybe his feelings for her are actually sincere.

Alexis: I wouldn't count on that.

Ned: I'm out of the gatekeeping business. I thought you were, too.

Alexis: I am.

Ned: Yeah, for the Cassadines, but not for Sonny.

Alexis: You know, this is one of these occasions that I thought that you would be on my side.

Ned: What side, Alexis? You're in love with Sonny. How I can possibly fix that?

Sonny: That night will never be over for me or A.J. I don't want it to touch you.

Courtney: You're my brother. Of course it touches me. I just don't know how to me this right.

Alan: Courtney? I need a moment to speak to you, please, alone.

Sonny: Can you just wait --

Courtney: No, okay, wait. I need some time. Please?

Sonny: Yeah.

Alan: You all right?

Courtney: Yeah.

Alan: I want to thank you for all the kindness that you've shown to my son.

Courtney: Oh, A.J.'s the one who's been kind. He's been more than that. He's been wonderful.

Alan: Not always, not to everyone. He's made a lot of mistakes, Courtney.

Courtney: I know. A.J. told me. But it doesn't change the way that I feel about him. A.J. believed me when no one else did. He actually cares what I think.

Alan: Do you love him?

Courtney: I trust him. Sonny can't. I understand that now, but I have to prove to Sonny that I am safe with A.J. I want to go away with him, if you'll help us?

Alan: Okay, I'll see what I can do. You go sit with him.

Mike: Look, I wasn't going to lie to my daughter. I wanted her to trust me.

Sonny: Now when she needs you, when I need you to do something to help me out, now you tell her the truth?

Mike: Michael, I had to start somewhere. She needs a father that she can respect.

Carly: Okay, you know what -- A.J. needs to get away from Courtney, and all the truth in the world, it's not going to do her any good if A.J. drives her head into a tree.

Mike: Carly, don't even say that!

Carly: You know, Mike, why do you think that I lied to them when they asked me who Michael's biological father was? A.J.'s treacherous and --

Mac: Michael Corinthos Jr.?

Sonny: Yeah, Commissioner, what do you want?

Mac: You've been asked to leave the hospital.

Carly: Sonny's not doing anything wrong.

Taggert: According to Dr. Quartermaine, you're creating a disturbance and interfering with patient health.

Mac: You can either leave peacefully or you can be arrested.

Mike: Look, Mac, I have a right to be here with my daughter.

Taggert: No, no, no, you don't. She's not a minor, she hasn't been admitted for treatment. You have no right to be here.

Sonny: You made the wrong choice. Come on, let's go.

Alan: Sonny, Mike, and Carly are leaving the hospital.

A.J.: Thank you.

Courtney: So, does that mean you're going to help us the rest of the way?

Mike: Mac, listen, you've got a daughter that's only a couple of years younger than Courtney. I mean, would you want to see Maxie anywhere near A.J.? And, Taggert, what about you? What about your sister?

Mac: Just make sure they get on the elevator. I have more important things to do right now.

Mike: Carly, I'll call you later.

Carly: All right, all right. All right, Taggert, tell me, what's the big emergency?

Taggert: Helena Cassadine has escaped from custody, all right? That means the PCPD has more important things to do than deal with a domestic dispute between you and the Quartermaines. We hear from Alan again, you're going straight to lockup. Friends of yours?

Sonny: Dr. Quartermaine hasn't talked to you about them yet?

Taggert: No. But I'm sure he will.

Sonny: Okay. First corridor on the right, Room 726. Keep my sister safe, will you?

Man: Sure.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Nikolas: Hey. So I hear you're letting my little brother drag you off to some deserted island.

Elizabeth: Can't think of any reason why not.

Nikolas: Well, neither can I. Would you like me to call my travel agent for you?

Elizabeth: Oh, yeah, couldn't hurt.

Nikolas: Okay, tell you what, I'll do that on my way back to the hospital. I have to meet Alan Quartermaine for a budget meeting, so --

Elizabeth: Okay.

Nikolas: You are going to stay here, right?

Elizabeth: Jeez, you're as bad as Lucky. I'm not going anywhere, I promise.

Nikolas: Okay. All right. I'll be back.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Nikolas: See you.

Elizabeth: Bye.

Sarah: Lizzie, are you all right?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Why?

Sarah: What, they left you here alone knowing she's loose?

Elizabeth: Who's loose?

Sarah: Helena. She escaped.

Gia: I'll help you.

Helena: Thank you, Gia.

Gia: But if you cause one second of pain for Nikolas, the deal is off.

Helena: Understood.

Gia: So what do I do? Make it fast.

Lucky: Gia! Gia, you in here? Gia. Hey. Who were you talking to?

Alexis: What is it that anything that I say to either one of you turns into something about how I feel about Sonny?

Ned: You're right.

Kristina: Yeah, not another word, I promise.

Alexis: I mean it. I mean it.

Ned: What actually can anyone do about Junior? I mean, hey, he knows who he's dealing with. And Courtney -- she stood right up to Sonny, which takes a lot of guts. So maybe she'll see the light if we just give her a little room.

Alexis: I hope so.

Ned: So do I.

Alexis: Okay.

Kristina: You are so totally wrong.

A.J.: Well, are you with us or not?

Alan: You've put me in a terrible position and I really wish I didn't have to make this choice, but I'm not going to stand around and let either of you get hurt. So I will do whatever it takes to get you out of here.

A.J.: Thank you.

Sonny: Here you go.

Carly: Oh, thanks.

Sonny: Yeah. Well?

Carly: You know, I can't quite get used to this place looking like this.

Sonny: Yeah, you know, sometimes I walk downstairs and I think I'm in somebody else's house.

Carly: Thank you.

Sonny: Thank you. Thank you for coming to the hospital and trying to help.

Carly: Do you have any idea how much I hate that A.J. can still hurt us?

Sonny: Not as much as I do.

Carly: So how do we stop him?

Sonny: Did you say "we"?

Carly: Yes, I did.

Sonny: Oh.

Carly: Sonny, I'm on your side, whether you believe me or not.

Sonny: I believe you.

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Alan: Sonny's men are all over the place.

A.J.: Then we just have to find a way to get around them.

Mac: I will handle this case my way. You stay out of it.

Sarah: I thought you already knew.

Lucky: I would do anything to protect Elizabeth, and if that means killing Helena with my bare hands -- what was that?

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