GH Transcript Monday 3/18/02


General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/18/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: Do unto others before they can do unto you.

Helena: That's something that Stavros used to say.

Mike: I love you.

A.J.: Sonny could be using Mike against us.

Janine: A.J. wants to marry her.

Luke: Pumpkin.

Woman: I think there's been a mix-up.

Luke: I apologize, ma'am. I thought you were somebody else.

Woman: Well, that's no cause to be rude.

Luke: Do you happen to know Helena Cassadine?

Woman: No, and I'd like to be taken to my room now.

Luke: Did anybody ride up in the elevator with you? Another patient? Did you see another patient?

Woman: Stop badgering me!

Roy: Please excuse my friend, ma'am, he's upset.

Woman: And very rude!

Roy: I need to ask you a question. It's very important.

Woman: I want to see my doctor.

Roy: I'll get your doctor. In fact, I'm going to get anything you want, but just tell us -- did you see the woman who was wheeled up on to this floor? She was about your size, blond hair, with an attitude?

Woman: A real bitch?

Luke: That's her. Which way did she go?

Mac: What are you two doing here?

Luke: Mac, tell your men to cover all the exits.

Mac: What's going on?

Luke: Helena escaped.

Laura: Nah. Can't do that.

Gia: Hi. Elton said it was all right for me to come in.

Laura: Gia. So, I picked up my newspaper this morning and I read that Gia Campbell announced to the world that she's returning as the new face of Deception. You have something to say about that?

Gia: Surprise.

Nikolas: I am not going to treat this hospital as a possession no matter how much money we've sank into the place.

Alan: Well, I like your attitude. It's very refreshing.

Nikolas: Thank you. I also will not interfere with the way you run this place, Dr. Quartermaine.

Alan: "Alan," please.

Nikolas: Okay, Alan. I love my uncle very much and I miss him dearly, but when you stop to think about it, what did he really accomplish for General Hospital? Hanging out in this office, except -- except to make a general pain for himself.

Alan: Well, I wouldn't say that.

Nikolas: Well, I'm saying it for you. You know this hospital is supposed to be for people who need it. And I will do the best I can to help, quite frankly, by staying out of the way. So I am going to bring someone in to handle any administrative problems that may require attention. But as of this moment, you can consider the Cassadines officially out of your hair.

Alan: Well, Nikolas, I appreciate the gesture. And if you are any indication of the new generation of Cassadines and how they're going to manage things, I really like it.

Nikolas: Thank you. I'm very glad, Sir.

Alan: I'll see you.

Nikolas: You bet.

Nikolas: What did Helena say? "When is the sun like the dark of the moon that has never been brought to the light?"

Nikolas: She's trying to get in my head. She's doing a good job of it, too.

Lucky: Hey. Helena -- Helena's missing.

Carly: Have you read the paper? A.J.'s asking for it and he's going to get it from somebody.

Edward: I don't have time for this.

Carly: Well, make time, Edward, okay? Because no matter what A.J. says, he lives and breathes by your approval.

Edward: Oh, come on.

Carly: So maybe you can stop him from seducing an innocent girl and just to satisfy his sick need for revenge.

Edward: That innocent girl's mother is the one who tried to bilk me!

Carly: Yeah, and Courtney's the one who stopped her and proved you were innocent. So don't you think you owe her something? Look, A.J. has had her secretly staying at his apartment for weeks.

Edward: Ooh.

Carly: Yeah, you don't even think that's right, do you?

Edward: How does A.J. do this? How can he dig himself in so deep? God! Oh!

Skye: What an honor. A visit from the town's tramp. Don't the servants know any better than to let you in?

Carly: You know, A.J. got as far as he did because he had help, and Skye is in on it.

Courtney: You really think I should take off with A.J.?

Janine: Honey, I think you should be happy. And from what I've seen, A.J. helps you feel that way.

Courtney: A.J., he has been great. But the truth is I don't really know him that well. A lot of people have warned me that he's just using me.

Janine: Yeah, people that are under Sonny's influence.

Courtney: Yeah.

Janine: Is that who you're having lunch with?

Courtney: No. I am having lunch with Daddy.

Janine: Courtney, come on. You know better than to waste your time with that man.

Courtney: My father. The main reason I stayed in this screwed-up town was so that I could get to know him better.

Janine: What's to know? He's transparent. He looks out for number one and that's it.

Courtney: Did it ever occur to you that you might be wrong about him? That maybe he could change?

Janine: No. Please, he forgets you're his daughter for 12 years, and then suddenly he's -- he's doing this sweet daddy routine and you're buying it?

Courtney: As much as I am buying anything from anyone these days, Mom.

Janine: Well, honey, you're still very young and you're very innocent.

Courtney: I am trying to look at the positive here and, yes, hoping that maybe he's sincere. I love my father. I want him to be a part of my life.

Janine: What about A.J.?

Courtney: He's one of the things that I want to talk to dad about.

Janine: You think that he can be objective, do you? A.J. and Sonny hate each other. Sonny will use Mike to run interference.

Courtney: You're wrong! You've seen the way that Sonny treats Dad. There is no chance that Dad is on Sonny's side.

Janine: Oh, please. There's a big chance. Your brother's rich. Mike has been playing him for years.

Courtney: Even if that's true, Daddy wouldn't do that to me.

Janine: Courtney, it's important that you remember the way it really was. For example, do you remember the time that Mike said he was going to take you to that ice-skating show? You were so little, you were so excited. You got dressed hours ahead of time. And you sat there all afternoon watching the clock, waiting for him to come take you. Well, he never even called. And when he finally made it home, he knelt down and he looked right in your eyes, and he told you that he'd gotten a job. Baby, he didn't have a job. He looked you square in the face and he lied to you. It wasn't the first time, it wasn't the last time. I know it's painful, but you of all people should know what he's really like. The truth is you can't believe a word he says.

[Knock on door]

Mike: Janine. Hey, kiddo. You all set?

Sonny: I think it's time we -- we settled this. Nurses are busy with real patients, so this stays between us.

A.J.: I have nothing to say to you.

Sonny: Well, you've had plenty to say to other people.

A.J.: What are you talking about?

Sonny: I understand you want to marry my sister. Let's talk about that.

Carly: A.J. has pushed Sonny as far as he will go. You better get your brother on a leash before someone has him fixed.

Edward: You knew that A.J. was hiding Sonny's sister for weeks and you did nothing to stop it?

Skye: I tried --

Edward: But what? You were too busy pursuing Jasper Jacks?

Skye: Since when do you care about A.J.?

Edward: I just don't want to accompany his grandmother to his funeral, that's all.

Reginald: Mrs. Quartermaine would like to speak to both of you.

Edward: Oh, good. You wanted to see me, dear?

Lila: You and Skye both. I have reached a decision about who should be in charge of E.L.Q.

Janine: So, Mike, what's with all this father-daughter togetherness? You're about 12 years too late.

Mike: I don't think Courtney feels that way.

Janine: Oh, yeah? Honey, you're not buying any of this, are you?

Courtney: Mom, I don't need you to hold my hand. I've been taking care of myself for a long time now. So, thanks for the concern. I get your message. Now you can back off.

Janine: Will you at least think about what I said?

Courtney: Good-bye, Mother.

Janine: Okay.

Mike: I've got to tell you, I'm really looking forward to spending some time together.

Courtney: Yeah. Lunch will be nice.

Mike: Yeah. Look, what -- what do you say that if we turn lunch into a few days? Look, I've got a buddy that's got a place down near the shore and he owes me a favor and he said that I could use it for a couple of days. I mean, we could -- we could get away together and that would give us a chance to -- to talk or not talk or just look at the gulls and collect sea glass. You know, just be together, away from all this.

Courtney: "All this" being?

Mike: Your mom, your brother, all the pressure you've been under lately. Look, I admit that it's selfish because all I really want is a chance to get to know my daughter. And I know that I can't make up for all the years we lost, but at least it would be a start. And I think that given half a chance, that we could really get to a new place. Come on. What do you say?

Courtney: I would like that, too, Dad, more than you know.

Mike: So, is that a yes?

Courtney: First, I need to ask you something.

Mike: Sure. Anything.

Courtney: It would really hurt me -- it would really make things between us fall apart if Mom's right.

Mike: About what?

Courtney: If this trip that you want to take -- if it's something that you cooked up with Sonny.

Mike: That's what your mom said? Look, I'm afraid that she'll always think the worst of me.

Courtney: Well, A.J. said it, too. He thinks that you're on Sonny's side. Look, you lied to me a lot when I was little, but I don't think that you want to do that now. I don't think you can -- or I hope you can't, anyway.

Mike: Of course I don't. All I want is for us to have the kind of relationship that a father and daughter are supposed to have.

Courtney: I want that, too. But I have to be sure. Look me in the eye and tell me that Sonny doesn't have anything to do with any of this.

Laura: You know you put me in a really difficult position. You have no idea what I may have negotiated with other talent.

Gia: "Talent"? Viveca Jule? I have more talent, personality in my little finger. Look, Viveca's been telling everyone that she's your first choice, and I know she would've said something if you'd given her the job. So, did you?

Laura: No, not yet. The truth is I'm thrilled that you want to come back, but next time you have got to tell me first.

Gia: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Laura: You're welcome.

Gia: I'm -- I'm so sorry. I just -- I quit because I felt I had to. You know, Nikolas has been so wonderful. He's done so much for me, and I would do anything for him. And when he took on this whole big Cassadine family thing, I just wanted to help any way that I could, and if that makes me retro, I don't care.

Laura: No, I think it makes Nikolas a Lucky guy.

Gia: He's been really supportive of my decision to continue modeling, and when we get married, it's going to stay exactly the same.

Laura: Good. I'm glad to hear it. Oh. Oh. I've got news for you.

Gia: Fine.

Laura: I just may beat you to the altar.

Gia: What?

[Laura laughs]

Gia: You and Luke?

Laura: Yep.

Gia: Oh.

Mac: Seal the exits. Stop anyone or anything trying to leave this hospital. I do not want Helena Cassadine to get out of this building.

Luke: She's probably already gone. This was well planned, probably an inside job. Maybe the nurse and the orderly who picked her up on the gurney.

Roy: Hey, you guys, in here.

Luke: What happened?

Officer: I don't know. I got hit from behind.

Roy: That would be the orderly.

Luke: One of Helena's. She's probably halfway to the airport by now. Call me if you get any leads!

Roy: Yeah, Luke? Luke? Where you going, man?

Edward: Well, I'll have to admit that Jax showed some very good judgment. He knew that you would act in the best interest of the family. And he also knew that you would act to protect E.L.Q. as a monument to my hard work, huh?

Skye: Your ego, you mean.

Edward: My legacy.

Skye: Your cudgel to control this family, to keep it in line with the rest of the world as you see it, which you, Grandmother, were all in favor of taking away from him, just like matches from a child so you wouldn't burn yourself or anyone else ever again -- exactly how Jax would want it.

Edward: If Jax had wanted it that way, he would've given you control of the stock, but he didn't. He gave them to Lila. So, my dear, what in your -- in your infinite wisdom do you plan to do with the shares, huh?

Lila: First, I'd like to hear what each of you would like me to do.

Gia: Oh, that's gorgeous. Look at all the lace and the high neck. It's very Victorian.

Laura: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Yeah. What about this?

Gia: Ooh. That's beautiful.

Laura: Yeah.

Gia: But that's not me. I mean --

Laura: No?

Gia: Well, it's me, but it's not Nikolas and me. You know, I think something more traditional and old-fashioned will be right.

Laura: Okay. Oh, boy. What am I going to wear? What do you wear when you're marrying somebody for the second time?

Gia: I don't know.

Laura: Me, neither. Oh, no!

Gia: You know, Nikolas was so wonderful last night. He told me that he doesn't want me marrying him to mess up my career or anything else. And Viveca Jule was driving me crazy, too.

Laura: Oh -- oh, speak of the devil.

Gia: Uh-uh. Good-bye, Viveca, you are so out of here. At least I know what I won't be wearing.

Laura: Yeah. Viveca never had your taste in clothes -- or in men.

Gia: Well, thank you for the endorsement. Speaking of men, how did all this happen with Luke? I mean, where? When? Tell me all the good stuff?

Laura: Oh. Well, let's see. He took me back to a place where we fell in love the first time, and I guess it was just -- remind me of what we meant to each other. And then he just proposed again, and I said yes, and he didn't hear me.

Gia: He didn't hear you? Why?

Laura: Oh -- it's kind of a long story, but -- well, you know, eventually we caught up with each other, and I said yes again and then he heard me that time.

Gia: Okay. You two have been through a lot, huh?

Laura: Yes. Oh, there's been so much past to get to the present. I just -- I tell you, there were times when I thought we would never, ever shake it.

Gia: I know what you mean. Well, your troubles began and ended with Nikolas' family.

Laura: Gia, don't worry. I think that the Cassadine family as we knew it no longer exists.

Nikolas: Helena was just wheeled on the elevator and just disappeared?

Lucky: Yeah. When my dad got there, the doors opened up, and Helena was gone.

Nikolas: You know what that means? That means the orderly was one of hers. This was a setup. She --

Mac: Good, you're still here.

Nikolas: What the hell happened, Mac?

Mac: A nurse and a hospital orderly apparently have disappeared with Helena after the guard on duty was clubbed from behind. I'm hoping you can fill in the details.

Nikolas: Oh, come on.

Lucky: No, wait a minute. You don't think that Nikolas has something to do with this, do you?

Nikolas: This is ridiculous, Mac. You know I want her locked away more than anyone.

Mac: Nikolas, you were the last person to have a conversation with Helena before she left her room. You had a private conversation.

Roy: And I doubt that has any bearing on her escape.

Nikolas: Thank you, Roy.

Mac: All I'm saying is he knows Helena better than anyone. He's family. Look, maybe she trusted you enough to tell you something about who might have done this, where she might have gone.

Nikolas: To hell. I don't -- I don't know.

Roy: Something tells me we're not going to get that Lucky.

Mike: Sonny and I are both concerned about you. We want what's best for you.

Courtney: That's great, but you need to know that if you tell me one more lie in this lifetime, I don't think that I could ever look at you again. I am trying really hard here to figure out who I can trust.

Mike: Okay. Then how can I help you trust me?

Courtney: By telling me the truth. Okay. You say that you want to work things out with me and that is great, I want the same thing. But how can we get to a place where we can have a relationship if we're not being honest with each other? It seems like everybody here has an agenda for themselves. I'm just trying to find out who is on my side.

Mike: Honey, I am.

Courtney: Okay, I can forgive that I didn't see you for 12 years and that you didn't get in touch because you were dealing with your gambling addiction. But if this turns out that this whole dad-and-daughter thing is about you trying to help Sonny manage me, there is no way that I can forgive that.

Mike: Sonny -- Sonny and I are both on your side. And the fact is, yes, we did talk about my spending time with you and that it would be the best thing.

Courtney: Right.

Mike: But not because we want to manage you. It's because we love you and we want what's best for you.

Courtney: God, you haven't changed a bit.

Mike: Everything that I said to you about wanting to be away with you and get a chance to know you is absolutely true. Honey, I want that more than anything in my life. But if it gets you away from A.J. just for a little while, so much the better. Trust me, Courtney, A.J. is no good.

Courtney: Trust you?

Mike: Yes, trust me. I told you the truth. I -- I didn't lie; I didn't hide it from you.

Courtney: What, do you want a medal? You told me the truth because I forced you to. You would've been just as happy to keep me in the dark just like always. The truth according to Mike.

Mike: It -- it isn't a lie that Sonny's on your side. He is, and it isn't a lie that I love you and I want to help you and I'm going to go away with you. I -- I love you so much. And I'm sorry if -- if the things that I do or say are not to your liking, but I'm doing the best I can here.

Courtney: You know what? Just tell it to someone who cares.

Sonny: You've been talking about family, A.J. I understand you want to become my -- my brother-in-law.

A.J.: Who told you that?

Sonny: That doesn't matter. What's important is where you think you're going with this. Tell you the truth, I haven't given much thought to what my brother-in-law would be like, but it's not you. Definitely not you. And it won't be. You know, I get these -- I get these violent impulses. Really violent. They'd get in the way of what I wanted, so I had to learn to control them. But when I can't really control them anymore, you know, when I really don't give a damn --

Carly: Sonny, what are you doing here?

Sonny: What are you doing?

Carly: Sonny, please --

Sonny: No, no, no, no. You were never here, you didn't see me here, you understand?

Carly: Don't do this. Just walk away, okay?

Sonny: Would you please just leave?

A.J.: Yeah, this is very interesting, you know, through the muck and confusion in life, two people can find each other. I mean, the most unlikely pair, in fact. Like, for instance, your sister and myself, right?

Carly: Okay, don't push it, A.J.

A.J.: Well, I mean, look at how this situation has brought you closer together. It's like perfect symmetry, right? I mean, it's -- it's really a beautiful thing. It really is. I mean, love is in the air.

Alan: What the hell is going -- what are you both doing here? Go on, get out of the room! You all right?

A.J.: Yeah, I'm fine. Should've known better.

A.J.: It's vodka.

Alan: You'll pay for this.

Gia: To me, there are two kinds of Cassadines -- Helena and Stavros and sometimes Stefan. But then there's the good Cassadines -- Kristina, Alexis, and, most of all, Nikolas. He's fought so hard to be his own person. It would be great if we could just put this whole nightmare behind us and make sure that it stays there.

Laura: I think it will be. I think it will be a fresh start for all of us.

Gia: You know, Laura, when you say it, I actually believe it.

Laura: Well, maybe believing it is half the battle.

Luke: Oh, good. Oh, good, you're here.

Laura: What's the matter?

Luke: I'll tell you all about it in a minute. Just let me have a hug. Oh, got to hug my girl.

Gia: Well, I think I'll leave you two lovebirds alone. I am off for a horseback riding lesson.

Laura: Oh, good. Okay. Have fun.

Gia: Thanks.

Luke: She didn't tell you anything, did she?

Laura: No. What happened, Luke?

Luke: Where's Lulu?

Laura: Why? Why?

Luke: Just tell me where she is.

Laura: She's in school!

Luke: She's in school, okay. Lucky's all right, I just left him. He's at the hospital. He's okay.

Laura: Well, what happened?

Mac: Check the elevator shaft and get back to me.

Nikolas: She's gone, Mac.

Mac: For the moment. We'll find her.

Nikolas: You should be out there looking for her instead of wasting time badgering me for information I don't have.

Mac: Helena made a point of having a private conversation with you. Why don't you see what you can remember? See if any of that might help us?

Nikolas: Wow, Mac, that's a brilliant idea. Did you come up with that one on your own?

Roy: This isn't helping.

Mac: Why are you avoiding the questions?

Nikolas: I'm not avoiding anything. I don't know anything about Helena's plans. Don't you think I would've told you if I did? So why don't you stop rationalizing your own incompetence by placing the blame on me? She's got away from you, you find her!

Mac: Nikolas, I think the answers are right here.

Nikolas: Why do you think -- why is that, Mac? Because my last name is Cassadine? Is that why?

Mac: I'll be in touch.

Nikolas: I cannot believe this. I cannot believe this is happening.

Roy: Believe it. And be careful, man.

Lucky: Are you okay?

Nikolas: I'm not okay. Am I okay? What do you think, Lucky?

Lucky: Hey, Nikolas, I'm on your side, okay?

Nikolas: I know. I'm sorry, okay? This is just -- this is -- this is a lot for me. I will not let her ruin this for us again, Lucky.

Edward: Have I made mistakes? Hmm? Have I taken things too far with Skye and her brother? I don't think so.

Skye: Ha. Having us arrested? Hello?

Lila: You'll have your turn, dear.

Edward: Now, Lila, you see, this is what I mean about this generation today. They -- they show no respect and they know no restraint. They want everything to happen just like that. Where are all those internet start-up people, huh? Those dot-com wizards? They're gone with the wind! That's where. Now, Skye had a few minor successes when she took the helm, but that was already because the company was strong! That's why. She is just not emotionally capable of handling this kind of day-to-day responsibility. She is ruled by her emotions and she -- she harbors bitterness and resentment about things that cannot be undone! Lila, I know -- I know how sympathetic you are to her, dear, and -- well, you are such a dear soul. But this is business.

Lila: Your turn, Skye.

Skye: Grandfather, do you see this glass as half empty or half full? Simple question.

Edward: Half full.

Skye: I see a glass that's too small. This company isn't sound, it's bloated. It's a beached whale and it's going out to tide. Am I resentful? Yes. Ruthless? Definitely. These are traits that I inherited from my grandfather. That's what makes this company great. But I do think it's time to pass the torch. It's time to move on.

Lila: Thank you, both. I've made my decision.

A.J.: Man, I don't believe this. You know what? I've worked very hard on my sobriety, Corinthos. I'm not going to let you take it away from me just like you've taken everything else.

Carly: Oh, this is absurd. Do you honestly think that --

Alan: Not a word out of you! This has got to be the most despicable thing I've ever seen in my life.

A.J.: I get the message, okay?

Carly: Okay, just wait a minute. This is --

Alan: Just stop it right now! You pour vodka in his water pitcher? You endanger his sobriety? For what? Because your sister likes him? What the hell kind of human being are you?

Courtney: Oh, my God.

Courtney: Just get out. Just leave him alone.

A.J.: All right, look, Dad, do me a favor. Get this -- get this away from me, will you? Thanks.

Sonny: It's not what you think, Courtney.

Courtney: Mike just admitted you asked him to keep me away from A.J. So what was the plan? I was supposed to come back here and find A.J. drunk and that would ruin him in my eyes and prove that you were right about him all along? Is that it?

Sonny: No.

Courtney: The man is struggling with an addiction and you try to use it against him. That's sick. It's disgusting.

Carly: Courtney, Sonny didn't do it.

Courtney: Oh, just shut up.

Sonny: Okay, you're -- first of all, you're making a mistake here.

Courtney: I --

Sonny: He did it.

A.J.: What are you talking about?

Courtney: You know, I don't -- I don't even want to look at you. Just get out.

Carly: You know, you don't know what you're talking about here, Courtney.

Sonny: Come on, come on, come on, come on. Just keep going.

Carly: I can't believe what you had to go through in there. What is --

Alan: Corinthos?

Sonny: Hey, Dr. Quartermaine, you have a daughter, right? Not Skye, Emily. Would you stand by and let a man use her?

Alan: How dare you be self-righteous with me after what you just did.

Sonny: Okay, first of all, don't assume I did it. Second of all, your son is a man who uses women. That's between you and him. But it becomes my problem when he uses my sister to come after me.

Alan: You know what? I want you out of here, you and all your people. If you don't go, I'm calling the police. You got that?

Sonny: What the hell went on in there?

Laura: What's wrong? Tell me.

Luke: Okay, when we got back from Texas --

[Phone rings]

Luke: You better answer that. It could be important. Please.

Laura: Hello?

Nikolas: Mom, it's Nikolas. Have you seen Gia? She said she would stop by to see you.

Laura: Nikolas, hi. Yes, Gia was here just a minute ago. She left. Did you try her cell phone?

Nikolas: Yeah, and I keep telling her that thing is useless if she doesn't turn it on.

Luke: Here, why don't you let me talk to him. Nikolas, it's Luke. Do you know what happened at the hospital?

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah, I do. I'm still here. Lucky just told me what happened -- you know, the police stumbling around as usual.

Luke: Did they come up with anything?

Nikolas: No, they didn't. Look, I'm trying to track Gia down, so I will let you know if there's anything, okay?

Luke: Thanks. Okay.

Laura: What is it?

Luke: It's Helena. She was on her way to surgery, but she never showed. Apparently she's checked herself out early.

Laura: Oh, my God. She escaped from the hospital?

Luke: That's what it looks like.

Laura: When did this happen?

Luke: Just now. Just a little while ago. Mac fell for her act again. He didn't close the exits, and she disappeared.

Laura: Oh, my God. They'll find her, Luke. They -- they will find her.

Luke: Will you marry me?

Laura: Why? Didn't I already say yes?

Luke: No, I mean right now. Let's go get Lulu out of school, we'll go to City Hall and get married immediately. Will you do that, please?

Lila: I decided that Skye and you, Edward, will both be C.E.O. You will share the title and the responsibilities jointly.

Edward: Oh -- no, no, Lila, you couldn't possibly mean what you're saying because it would be a disaster if either one --

Lila: All right, Alice, let's go.

Alice: Well, if you ask me, you should've turned the company over to that nice Mr. Ashton.

Edward: Oh --

Edward: This is terrible. It will never work.

Skye: I think Grandmother's an extraordinarily clever woman.

Edward: All right, Skye, I have a proposal for you. You back away now and I will make it very worth your while.

Skye: I would never go against Lila's wishes. Besides, I think it's great.

Edward: You do? What are you planning to do? Come on. I know that look. Don't you walk away from me.

Skye: Grandfather, be happy. You got what you asked for.

Edward: Skye, remember, I have a bad heart, all right? Now, for God's sake, tell me what you're planning to do.

Edward: Ooh, God �

Laura: Wait a minute. I know why you want to get married again right now. It's because you're worried about Helena, right?

Luke: Sweetheart, she spent her life trying to keep us apart. Now she's out there again. It's only a matter of time until she attacks.

Laura: Yeah, but she's -- she's old, Luke, she's weak. Wasn't she about to go into surgery? I mean, really, how dangerous could she be?

Luke: If there's any way, she's going to find it. You know she will.

Laura: I know. But you know what? I don't want to get married out of fear. I want to get married again the way we want to get married.

Luke: Damn it, you're right. You're right.

Laura: Oh, Luke.

Luke: Yeah, thanks for that little reality check there. But let's go get Lulu out of school anyway, huh?

Laura: Yeah.

Luke: Maybe go have a hamburger or something.

Laura: That sounds perfect.

Luke: Let's go.

Laura: Okay. I think Elton's got my purse.

Nikolas: Hey.

Lucky: Hey.

Nikolas: Still no word on Helena.

Lucky: Well, has she said anything to you when you were alone? Anything that was useful?

Nikolas: You know, it was a whole lot of nothing. Lucky, I got to tell you, I don't know how much more I can deal with her.

Lucky: I'm sure they're going to find her.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Lucky: I think it's important for you to stay cool, though.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Lucky: All right? Relax.

Nikolas: Oh, you know what? I'm supposed to meet Gia back at the house, so --

Lucky: Yeah, I probably should go check on Elizabeth.

Nikolas: Yeah, let's go.

Lucky: All right.

Gia: Nikolas, are you here?

Helena: Hello, Gia. Going for a ride?

Carly: I -- I didn't do that, Sonny. I did not put alcohol in A.J.'s water. It -- okay, you know, I even thought about it, I did, because it -- look, A.J. did it. I'm sure he did. I -- I wouldn't do that. He's just such an idiot.

Sonny: I never thought you did.

Courtney: I can't believe that Sonny did this to you. Why can't they just leave us alone? I'm so sick of him. I'm sick of all of them.

A.J.: Yeah. Don't worry about it, okay? They can't hurt us.

Courtney: No, you're wrong. They can if we let them. We're not going to let them. We're going to go away, A.J., you and me, just like you said. Okay?

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Alexis: Ned, I need your help.

Ned: What happened?

Carly: A.J. is lying to Courtney. He's just using her to get back at Sonny.

A.J.: I'm going to get you out of here, but on one condition.

Courtney: What's that?

Helena: Save me. Or sacrifice Nikolas.

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