GH Transcript Wednesday 3/6/02


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 3/6/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Sarah: I'm here for my sister's sake, not so you can bribe me about what I know about Gia.

A.J.: I want to take away what you can't bear to lose.

Sonny: You're not touching my sister.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Yeah?

Janine: Courtney's come back. Sonny's dangerous.

Skye: If anything happens to my brother, it's on your head.

Lucky: Oh, oh, oh. Spencer's dribbling down the court. He takes the shot and -- oh, nothing but net, ladies and gentlemen. You guys see that?

Gia: You know, if want to play basketball in the house, maybe you should try the grand ballroom. The only thing you can break in there is the chandeliers and the windows.

Elizabeth: Lucky, I think I just finished your roll.

Lucky: It's no big deal. I'll just go ahead and get some more from work. I've got to prep for the big model search next week anyway.

Gia: Since when?

Lucky: Since you quit. Remember?

Elizabeth: Wait, are you having second thoughts about leaving your career for your man?

[Lucky laughs]

Nikolas: What makes you think I'm trying to bribe you, Sarah?

Sarah: Because suddenly Dr. Caldwell is bending over backwards to give me a break, and I'm pretty sure you're the reason why.

Nikolas: So you miss Dr. Caldwell picking on you, is that it?

Sarah: No. I just know the only reason you're doing this is so I'll keep my mouth shut about what really happened the night of Lizzie's accident.

Jax: After what you and A.J. did to Sonny's sister, you and I are more than finished.

Skye: The hell we are.

Jax: Skye, come on. I'm not doing this, okay? So work up whatever little dignity you have left and go.

Skye: Hey, you messed with my life and my brother's. You made A.J. a walking target for Sonny Corinthos, so you will get into this with me right now whether you like it or not.

Edward: I thought I heard a slithering sound. So, where is your sibling viper?

A.J.: I'm here to see Grandmother, not you.

Edward: Why do you want to see Lila?

A.J.: I don't know. Maybe say hello. Tell her I love her. Maybe say goodbye.

Edward: Whatever angle it is that you're playing, A.J., you can forget it because there is nothing left for you and Skye to get.

A.J.: Yeah, well, cheer up, Grandfather. By morning I'll probably be fitted for a nice pair of cement shoes, and you'll never have to deal with me again, okay?

Courtney: What are you doing here?

Sonny: I just had to see for myself that you were okay. Want me to take you to a doctor?

Courtney: No. Why would I?

Sonny: Well, I was just asking. You know, I'm -- I was worried.

Courtney: I'm fine.

[Door opens]

Courtney: You called him?

Janine: Courtney, your brother is Sonny Corinthos, and we're living in his house. Eventually, he would've found out, and I wanted to be the one to tell him.

Sonny: I'd like to speak to Courtney alone.

Janine: Sonny, why right now? You're going to scare her off again.

Courtney: No, Mom. It's okay. I -- I think I need to hear what Sonny has to say.

Jax: You know, if a few minutes of rationalization will get you to leave, then by all means say whatever you want. It's not going to change anything. You broke something between us, Skye. Can't you get that?

Skye: No, what I can't get is why you went to Sonny about A.J. Sonny is the man that you despise. Why would you do him a favor and tell him that A.J. had Courtney? I mean, do you really hate me and A.J. that much?

Jax: Wow, this is really over your head, isn't it?

Skye: No. What you did may put A.J. in concrete over his head. Can't you get that?

Jax: A.J. knew the risks and so did you.

Skye: Yeah, well, you may have given my brother a death sentence. Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute -- maybe that -- that's your plan to bring Sonny down. Sonny finally does something to A.J., and the cops can put him away, and never mind that A.J. gets killed in the process.

Jax: Wow, you're unbelievable, you know that? This isn't about me or A.J. or the fact that you've been lying to me for weeks about threats from Sonny that weren't real. Now, it's my fault for believing you. I'm an adult, I know how the game is played and so do you, but Courtney doesn't. She doesn't deserve to be involved in any of this.

Skye: Oh, please. It's not like she was being held prisoner.

Jax: Yeah? Then what?

Skye: Well, A.J. was just giving her a safe place to hide from her brother. I would think that you would approve!

Jax: Oh, come on. You and I both know there's more to it than that, and Courtney would've end up getting hurt.

Skye: What is it with you riding to this checkout girl's rescue all of a sudden?

Jax: This has nothing to do with Courtney, okay? I don't even know Courtney. I would do the same thing for any other innocent person that was caught in the crossfire between Sonny and A.J.

Skye: Oh, right, like she was just suffering in that penthouse with A.J. smothering her with gifts.

Jax: It's called seduction, Skye. The usual goal is for one party to get the other one into bed. Now, that might be a fringe benefit in A.J.'s case -- I mean, Courtney is certainly pretty enough. But she could have three eyes and green hair and it wouldn't matter. The fact is A.J. used her to get to Sonny, and there are some lines that you do not cross -- like using a woman to get what you want.

Skye: Oh, right. Like you didn't use me to get E.L.Q. away from Edward.

Edward: So what have you done this time to bring the wrath of Sonny Corinthos down on the family?

A.J.: Don't worry. It's personal. I'll be cut out of the Quartermaine herd all by myself. You know, for the first time, I really thought I had a chance to one-up the man who took my son.

Edward: But you blew it, didn't you? It happens, A.J. -- more to you, it seems, than humanly possible but it happens nonetheless. You see, you have picked yourself too worthy an adversary with too steep a price for failure.

A.J.: I knew coming home would make me feel all safe and loved.

Edward: Haven't you lost enough to Sonny? What makes you think this time would be any different? Or are you just jealous of Skye's temporary victory at E.L.Q.? Maybe you just wanted to score a triumph of your own. But remember, A.J., you are not particularly successful at sibling rivalry. So, what exactly have you done to Sonny?

A.J.: Doesn't matter. Why don't you just leave me with the memories of the support that I've received from my loving family throughout my wonderful life?

Edward: Don't get maudlin on me. All right. You've talked me into it.

A.J.: Into what?

Edward: Helping you, of course. That's why you're here, isn't it? We'll just cut to the chase. Now, we'll put our heads together and we will fend off Sonny, and you will get through this by the skin of your teeth -- again.

A.J.: Just like that, huh? Spill it. What do you want in return?

Janine: Courtney, please don't be upset by anything that Sonny says or does, all right? Otherwise, the time away with your friend will have been for nothing.

Sonny: Alexis sends her regards. She and Kristina were worried and Mike was, too, and I -- I left a message on his machine.

Courtney: You make me sound like I am 3 years old.

Sonny: That's not my intention. I just want to tell you that we care.

Courtney: You barely know me. Don't you think it's a little weird to care so quickly?

Sonny: Yeah, I guess -- yeah, but you're family and I -- you've shown yourself to be somebody we want to care about. Why'd you take off? Were you afraid you were going to get prosecuted for the accident? Because you know I'd never let that happen.

Courtney: You know, the policeman said I was free to go, okay?

Sonny: Why didn't you wait for me to take you home?

Courtney: I didn't do anything wrong, okay? My light was green, and that old woman who came in -- she -- she was either lying or she has very serious mental problems. I didn't run that red light, but I did run away from you.

Nikolas: Why do you keep bringing everything back to the accident?

Sarah: Well, isn't that why you invited Lizzie to recuperate here? So you can run damage control?

Nikolas: Elizabeth is my friend and I want her to get better.

Sarah: You know that Lucky doesn't love Elizabeth like he used to, yet you arrange for them to live in the same house. I don't think that's concern for Elizabeth. I think that's to keep her distracted.

Nikolas: Sarah, like I said, Elizabeth is my friend.

Sarah: And Gia's your fiancée. And it's obvious she's keeping some secret about the accident that night and it's not too hard to figure out what. Gia ran the red light, didn't she?

Nikolas: Not according to eyewitnesses. Not according to Elizabeth, either.

Sarah: Well, Lizzie already admits that she doesn't remember clearly.

Nikolas: No, she told the police that Courtney Matthews ran the red light. It's over, Sarah. Case closed, all right? You know, and one other thing -- if you're wondering why Gia is upset about the accident, why don't you look at it from her point of view? She was driving that car. Elizabeth got hurt. You would do the same thing if you were driving a car and someone got hurt, wouldn't you?

Sarah: Then if you're not covering for her --

Nikolas: I'm not covering for anyone.

Sarah: Then why go to -- then why go to all this trouble?

Nikolas: Because this place is a barn. It's huge. Gia and I don't want to live here all alone. It gets lonely, you know, and I happen to be rich enough to share it with all of my friends. If you don't -- if you feel uncomfortable staying -- look, this is me. I'm backing off. I don't want you to feel pressure, okay? I don't.

Sarah: I just wish I could believe you.

Nikolas: I don't see why you can't. You know, you never used to be this suspicious before. Did something happen? You know, I've tried and tried to be a friend since you got back in town and all I get is resistance. Why? Who made you this way, Sarah?

Sarah: I grew up, Nikolas. I found out that people aren't exactly who I want them to be. Now, you remember when Lucky used to call you the Dark Prince?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Sarah: Well, are you finally living up to the title?

Gia: I have no regrets about giving up my career.

Elizabeth: Well, of course not. You're marrying a prince.

Lucky: Marrying a prince -- that's so retro.

Gia: Would everyone please stop describing it as retro?

Lucky: Hey, Elizabeth, you probably should go for the Face of Deception again.

Gia: She didn't want it.

Elizabeth: I'd rather focus on my art anyway.

Lucky: Well, you know I support anything that you choose.

Elizabeth: Well, thank you.

Gia: Well, Nikolas would've supported me if I wanted to continue working, too.

Lucky: Nikolas is already supporting you. He just bought you a red BMW.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and you get to meet and greet with all the rich and famous people he deals with.

Lucky: Not to mention you don't need to worry about money -- ever.

Gia: I could've afforded all those things without Nikolas.

Elizabeth: So, does your mom have anybody in mind for the job?

Lucky: Actually, that's a secret.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Lucky: Well, I guess I can tell you. Vivica Jule is the lead contender.

Gia: What? She is so fake. If she stands next to a radiator, that girl will melt.

Lucky: Hey, don't look at me. Mom seems to like her.

Elizabeth: You're not having second thoughts, are you, Gia?

Lucky: Why would she have second thoughts? Gia's going to be planning a wedding this year that's going to cost more than what most people make in a whole year.

Gia: I didn't quit for any of those reasons. I quit because Nikolas needed me. And considering everything that he's done for me, I -- I just wanted to show him that he is my number one priority.

Lucky: Really? For example? I mean, what has he done for you?

Gia: He puts up with me. Is that enough? Look, do you guys want anything? I'm going to go run to the kitchen.

Elizabeth: No, thanks.

Lucky: No, but, you know, while you're at it, why don't you go check on Nikolas and Sarah.

Nikolas: So, how exactly have I fallen into darkness?

Sarah: Dr. Caldwell is suddenly --

Nikolas: Right, right. I put in a good word for you. Guilty as charged, Sarah.

Sarah: I can make my own way at G.H. If I couldn't, then I really shouldn't be there. And I don't need you making things easier for me with Dr. Caldwell.

Nikolas: Dr. Caldwell is a social-climbing loser who felt very uncomfortable with the fact that you knew more about Elizabeth's injuries than he did. He's been taking that out on you ever since, and I've seen that.

Sarah: Yeah, well, you're not helping by making him give me special treatment that I don't want.

Nikolas: Okay.

Sarah: Look, Nikolas, I am not going to give you guys trouble about the accident. But if someone starts asking questions and it looks as if Elizabeth will be hurt, then I will step forward.

Gia: Is there a problem?

Nikolas: No, no. Not at all. Right, Sarah?

Jax: I didn't use you to get E.L.Q. You came to me. Any personal involvement aside, I knew exactly what you were doing and I went with it.

Skye: Ruthlessly.

Jax: Absolutely. I used all the power and money at my disposal to get E.L.Q. because it was business. A.J. is out for revenge. And while my motives to bring Corinthos down are personal, I wouldn't even consider using Courtney to do it.

Skye: Then you just should've stayed out of it instead of helping Sonny. And whatever you think that I've done, I would've never turned against you. And for the record, I didn't like what A.J. was doing to Courtney. I tried my best to talk him out of it. You can even ask Courtney yourself. I told her more than once that it wasn't safe for her to stay there.

Jax: Yeah? Then who were you trying to protect, A.J. or Courtney?

Skye: Well, I never noticed how arrogantly self-righteous you are.

Jax: Well, I've seen firsthand how vindictive and deceitful you are. How lying is almost like breathing for you. How you can rationalize anything in the name of a childhood wound. Grow up, Skye, you helped A.J. pull this off.

Skye: Yes. Yes, I did. Because in the end, I chose my brother over the local crime lord. Sonny's put A.J. through enough hell and now because of you, you may have gotten him killed!

Jax: A.J. knew the risks and he took his chances. If you didn't like it, you should've tried harder to stop him before this got too far. Like I should've tried to stop whatever this is between us before it got too far. You got your grandfather's company, you got his job, and you got your revenge. And that is all you are getting from me.

Jax: Have a nice life.

Jax: Yeah, I -- I want to get ready to make a move with the E.L.Q. stock, so I need everything in order ASAP. Thanks.

A.J.: Let me guess -- you want me to help you regain control of E.L.Q.

Edward: Who better? You see, the key element is to have someone on the inside. You know, someone with a close, personal tie to the new C.E.O.

A.J.: You want me to sell out my sister.

Edward: Can Skye save you from Sonny?

A.J.: How convenient for you. I am number one on Sonny's hit list.

Edward: A.J., I am trying to help and you have already admitted that you can't handle it.

A.J.: That's right, Grandfather.

Edward: Oh, jeez.

A.J.: I'm back as the main attraction. Hey, maybe we should sell tickets. You know, "Step right up, everyone. See A.J. fail again. See the pathetic drunk who can't do anything right. No guts, no savvy. The schmuck who never comes out on top, right?" Let me tell you something, old man. You and Corinthos have more in common than you realize. You both share the same opinion of me.

Edward: If you are through wallowing in self-pity, we need to focus. Now, Sonny's threats seem pretty serious to me, and we don't have any time to waste. So -- so what do you say? Do we have a deal?

A.J.: To hell with you! I'm going to show you, old man. I'm going to show you all.

Edward: A.J., you -- oh.

Sonny: I can't blame you for running. I tried to tell you how to feel. I had my reasons, but I had no right. Your feelings are your own and I'm -- I'm going to respect that from now on. I messed up with you and I'm trying to do better. I'd like us to be a family and figure out a way to start over.

Courtney: Are you trying to apologize?

Sonny: Well, I'm trying to, yeah.

Courtney: You don't do it very much, do you?

Sonny: It's not something I'm well-known for, no. Sit down.

Sonny: I like you, okay, and I want you to me back. I'm -- I'm trying to learn from my mistakes. I really am. It'd be nice if we can, you know, relax and maybe have fun with each other.

Courtney: Yeah, I think I'd like that, too.

Sonny: Well, that's good. So you sure you're okay?

Courtney: Yes. Why do you keep asking me that?

Sonny: Well, because of, you know, where you were. You were with A.J., weren't you?

Sarah: We were just discussing some G.H. procedures.

Nikolas: Yeah, Sarah has a different perspective on things, but I'll keep what you said in mind.

Sarah: Mm-hmm.

Gia: Is she going to make trouble?

Nikolas: No, she was kind of impressed with her own high standards. She told me about them and we agreed; now we're fine.

Gia: Forget about the accident. You and Sarah used to date each other. And besides, Elizabeth -- she goes crazy when Sarah's around. So why would you want her staying here with us?

Nikolas: They're sisters, Gia. Besides, it is better this way. You know, you keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Lucky: I'm not even sure Mom knows who Vivica Jule is. I just wanted to see the look on Gia's face.

Elizabeth: Well, it worked. I think she was getting more competitive by the second.

Lucky: Yeah. I'll bet you she's upstairs right now on the phone with Elton trying to take back her resignation.

Elizabeth: Oh, probably.

[Elizabeth and Lucky laugh]

Sarah: What's so funny?

Lucky: You are. Think fast. I'm starving. Does anybody want anything to eat?

Sarah: Nothing for me, thanks.

Elizabeth: And I'm fine. But, Lucky --

Lucky: Yeah?

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Lucky: For what?

Elizabeth: Oh, take your pick. You've been generally wonderful to me.

Lucky: Well, that's because you're the best.

[Sarah dribbles the ball]

Elizabeth: Sarah?

Sarah: Mm-hmm?

Elizabeth: What's wrong?

Sarah: Nothing.

Elizabeth: Please, you playing basketball, which you hate, and it's obvious because you can't dribble to save your life, so why don't you stop avoiding and tell me what's bothering you.

Sarah: I'm just not so sure it's a good idea for us to stay here.

Sonny: It's okay, I know where you were.

Courtney: I was with a friend.

Sonny: That -- that friend was A.J.

Courtney: I don't have to tell you who I was with. You know what? Unless this whole honesty policy extends both ways. Why don't you share with me everything that you've done and everyone that you've seen since I left that police station?

Sonny: Whatever A.J. said or promised you, you need to understand he did not mean a word of it. Now, you don't have to believe me. Anybody else would tell you the same thing.

Courtney: Oh, yeah?

Sonny: Yeah.

Courtney: Oh, yeah? Well, what would I hear if I went around and asked everybody about you, huh? Would they tell me that you're safe and you're trustworthy and that you've never told a lie to anyone?

Sonny: You're defending A.J. because he's already gotten to you.

Courtney: No one has gotten to me, okay? I have a mind, all right? I can put together sentences and draw conclusions all on my own. I was lonely, okay? I needed someone to listen to me who was kind and gentle.

Sonny: Did he touch you?

Courtney: What?

Sonny: Did he touch you?

Courtney: Oh! Is that why you wanted me to see a doctor?

Sonny: Just answer me!

Courtney: No!

Sonny: No? No, he didn't touch you?

Courtney: No, it is none of your business!

Sonny: See? He's -- he's working you to get to me.

Courtney: And why should I believe you about A.J. any more than I believe A.J. about you?

Sonny: What did he say to make you stay with him, huh? To keep you from your family? Because whatever he said, I can guarantee you it's a lie.

Courtney: You really want to know?

Sonny: Yeah!

Courtney: You really want to know? Fine! When I told A.J. that I didn't run that red light, he believed me. He believed me when nobody else did and especially you! Now, can you stack up to A.J. on that one?

A.J.: I need help.

Skye: What, is Sonny after you already?

A.J.: No. No, not that I've seen.

Skye: A.J., maybe you should just disappear for a few months while it's still your choice.

A.J.: No, I'm not going anywhere.

Skye: Why are you suddenly so calm?

A.J.: A year ago I might've run, gone on a drunk, even taken Grandfather up on his offer to sell you out.

Skye: Oh. Well, may I ask what it is that you're going to do and please say it's leave town immediately?

A.J.: No, Skye, I'm going to see this thing through.

Skye: A.J., have you lost your mind? You've messed with Sonny's sister here.

A.J.: I haven't -- yet.

Skye: You're delusional. You know, my loyalty to you has already cost me Jax. I am putting the brakes on here and I am dragging you to a full, complete stop with me. Because there is just no way that you can still win here. You're crazy to think that you can. A.J., please, just stop this and maybe we can turn this around and hopefully salvage something.

A.J.: Are we talking about me or you?

Skye: Both. I'm trying to save your neck and my --

A.J.: Your what? Your romance with Jax? Oh, please. Now who's kidding herself, Skye? It's time to play it smart, single, and single-minded. Come on, help me see this thing through with Courtney.

Skye: Forget it.

Edward: Hey! Hey, what are you doing here? Reginald?

Jax: Edward, calm down. You'll wind up back in the hospital. Reginald was kind enough to let me in after he heard what I had to say.

Edward: Oh, I see. Well, we'll just see how you fare with Alice.

Jax: Edward, I think you'll be very interested in what I have to say, as well. See, it's about E.L.Q.

Edward: What about E.L.Q.?

Jax: Well, I've decided I want to see the balance of power shift a little.

Edward: Oh, I see. Skye has already stabbed you in the back, and you are here to sell me back my shares. Here, let me freshen this up for you. You know, you're Lucky that she didn't find a way to steal them from you.

Jax: Edward, I'm not here to sell you my shares.

Edward: Hmm?

Jax: Truth is I don't even own them anymore.

Edward: Oh? Well, who does?

Lila: I do. Jax gave his stock to me.

Edward: You control the shares? When did this happen?

Jax: About five minutes ago.

Lila: Dear Jax was so generous. And he handed me the stock all done up in the most lovely blue ribbon.

Edward: Oh, I see. Then Skye must've gotten to you after all. So, tell me, what do you think she slipped you, huh?

Jax: Nothing. As you said from the outset, the part of business I enjoy the most is the takeover, the raid. Owning a company isn't that much fun for me. But since you and Skye both hurt Lila, I felt that she was entitled to controlling interest. If anyone will know how to use the stock wisely, it's Lila. You are golden, Mrs. Quartermaine. There are no more like you out there. That makes me sadder than you know.

Lila: Dear Jax, would you consider a small suggestion?

Jax: Of course.

Lila: Walk down to the boathouse and look at the water and remember how Lucky you are.

Jax: I'll do that. Thank you. Good night.

Lila: Goodbye.

Edward: Good night. Well, this calls for a little -- don't you have something to do, Reginald?

Reginald: No.

Edward: Well, go find something, all right? Go. Now, Lila, I -- I never want you to repeat this for anyone to hear, but that pirate Jax is right. Mm-hmm. There is only one you. Hey. You've changed your hair. I like it.

Lila: Good. With you in the hospital for so long, I was alone and I had to do something to cheer myself up.

Edward: Say, why don't we have one of our evenings together, huh? You know, a light supper and some candlelight and some of the old songs, hmm?

Lila: I'd love to, Edward.

Edward: Good.

Lila: But I won't give you my proxy.

A.J.: I can't believe you'd turn on me like this.

Skye: Oh, spare me the guilt trip, A.J. I love you and I have been nothing but your ally. And excuse me, but wanting to keep you alive is being on your side. Now, this just is not worth what it's going to cost you in the end.

A.J.: Oh, my God. You don't believe I can beat Corinthos, either.

Skye: Oh, A.J., come on. Even -- even if you win, you lose. Because even if somehow you're able to avoid Sonny and get Courtney under your control again, you're going to regret it in the end. You're hurting a young girl because you want to get back at Sonny? No, that's not a victory, A.J. That's nothing to feel good about, and I will not be a party to it.

A.J.: Since when?

Skye: Since I am not the cold-blooded viper that you and everybody else seems to think that I am.

A.J.: Oh! You know what? Jax softened you up --

Skye: Hey, I --

A.J.: And then turned you loose. You know, this is exactly what I predicted.

Skye: I am not soft, okay?

A.J.: Oh, man.

Skye: I'm a realist, and now your plan is just so wrong from every angle, all right? From what you want to how you're getting it and mostly who you're using, and I will not be a part of it.

A.J.: All right, fine. You know, if you want to stop, go ahead. Go on, go stand at a window and cry at a love that never was. But I'm going to go for what I want, Skye, and I'll get it -- on my own, thank you.

Sonny: Why shouldn't A.J. believe you? It gets him what he wants -- your trust. You've known the guy, what, a couple of months and all of a sudden now he's -- you know, he's the only person in the world who understands you? You want to know why? Because you're my sister.

Courtney: Oh. Gee, thanks. That's really flattering.

Sonny: How many girls were at Luke's club that first night? Huh? 20? 50? And he came to you? How about that day in the park? Did you see him or did he approach you? He's using you, Courtney. He's setting you up because he hates me, and I'm untouchable and you're not.

Courtney: So does everything that happens in this world revolve around you, huh? I mean, God forbid a guy pay attention to the sister of the almighty Sonny Corinthos without it being about you.

Sonny: Okay, listen to me. Nobody -- nobody I care about will even speak to A.J. You're the only way he can hurt me. He knows it. If you saw the facts, you would know it, too.

Courtney: See that? You are doing exactly what you said that you wouldn't do. You are telling me how to feel and how to think.

Sonny: I'm telling you you're playing into the hands of a lying pig who killed my child! Now, I don't want him to hurt you.

Courtney: He won't hurt me! He believes in me! A total stranger believes me when my own brother thinks that I am lying.

Sonny: I never accused you of lying. All I did -- all I'm doing right now is trying to protect you.

Courtney: You want me to believe what you say. Why don't you do it for me? You want people to have faith in you? Well, then you better learn how to have faith in other people, okay?

Sonny: Don't walk away from me.

Courtney: No, okay, I have had enough! All right? And I know better than to think that if I ask you to go, you'll leave. So you know what? I'll just save us both the trouble. I'll leave.

Elizabeth: Why don't you think we should stay here?

Sarah: Because you're still recovering from the surgery, and if there's any complications, it's a long way to the hospital.

Elizabeth: Oh, come on. If anything were to happen to me, Nikolas would have an emergency helicopter here before you could even dial 911.

Sarah: Nikolas thinks he can throw money at any problem.

Elizabeth: I thought you were over him.

Sarah: Romantically? Of course I am, Lizzie. That was high school.

Elizabeth: Well, then give him a break. Nikolas has been really wonderful. And you know what? I'm having fun for the first time in a very long time and so is Lucky. So maybe it's time that you have a little fun, too -- unless you've forgotten how.

Sarah: I can still have fun.

Elizabeth: Hmm. Prove it.

Gia: You think Sarah's an enemy?

Nikolas: Well, I would say that's a poor choice of words. She is a friend who's got some wrong ideas about the accident, yeah.

Gia: Meaning she thinks I'm guilty.

Nikolas: I think that she will calm down when she sees Elizabeth getting better.

Gia: And what if Elizabeth's memory gets better, too?

Nikolas: Well, you know, Elizabeth remembers what she told the police, that Courtney ran the red light. If she remembers anything differently, I will convince her otherwise, that it was leftover confusion from the accident. What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Gia: It -- it just scares me how good you are at this.

Nikolas: Look, if it means keeping you safe, I will do whatever it takes.

Gia: I just -- I hate the fact that I've put you in this position. You know, I mean, no one else has ever done anything like this for me, and, well, I want to do something for you in return.

Nikolas: Okay, okay. Then be happy and love me like I love you. That's all. You know I hate to lie. It's not in me. But it's almost over. Elizabeth is going to recover, her and Lucky will work things out, Sarah will be our friend. You'll see, she's a really nice person. You'll see that. And then our biggest problem's going to be how we make our thank-you notes from our wedding sound personal.

Gia: From your lips to God's ears.

Nikolas: I have his number. I can call him, you know that. Just believe me. I will make things exactly the way I say. Okay? Trust me, all right?

[Music plays]

A.J.: What?

[A.J. screams]

Nikolas: You are recovering from major surgery. I thought the deal was that you were not supposed to be left alone.

Elizabeth: Oh, Lucky's just in the kitchen getting me a snack.

Nikolas: Oh.

Gia: Well, where'd Sarah go?

Elizabeth: She's having fun.


Nikolas: What is that?

Lucky: What's what?


Gia: That.

Nikolas: That is coming from the tunnel.

Elizabeth: Whoa, wait -- just a few more seconds, please.

Sarah: Okay, Lizzie, it's not cute anymore.

[Lucky and Nikolas laugh]

Lucky: You didn't do that, really?

Sarah: Elizabeth!

Gia: You locked your sister in the tunnel?

Elizabeth: I haven't moved off this couch. I just showed her where the tunnel is.

Gia: You guys are being cruel.

Elizabeth: Oh, please --

[Sarah screams]

Nikolas: Sarah?

Elizabeth: Sarah?

Lucky: Get her out. Get her out.

Nikolas: Open it, open it.

Gia: It's not working.

Nikolas: Okay! That's good. I like that one. Thank you very much. I needed that.

Lucky: Got you, bro.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Sarah: That wasn't funny.

Elizabeth: Oh, I thought it was.

Sarah: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Hey. I'd like to talk to Elizabeth about the night of the accident.

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