GH Transcript Monday 3/4/02


General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/4/02

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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

Laura: Seems like a lot of water.

Luke: Yeah, it looks like the water gets clear up to there, 15 feet above our heads.

Roy: If you were Luke and Laura, where would you go?


Carly: There's no way I'm going to let you keep A.J. from getting what's coming to him.

Jax: This is about your sister.

Sonny: What about Courtney?

Jax: A.J. has Courtney.

Laura: It's coming in really fast now.

Luke: The creeks around are full. If this is a flash flood, this place is going to fill up fast.

Laura: Luke?

Luke: We got to get out of here.

Laura: Well, what do we do? Oh, no. Oh, my God.

Luke: Hey, wait, I can see daylight. Maybe the water's moved something around. Got to get this opening bigger.

Luke: Stand back, darling. This is giving way. It'll probably all come in on us.

Laura: Luke?

Luke: What?

Laura: Be careful --

[Laura screams]

Elizabeth: Excuse me, Doctor, there must be some mistake. I know I'm not scheduled for any more tests today.

Man: Well, you should be. You just failed your first one.

Lucky: You should know me anywhere.

Elizabeth: Lucky, I don't believe this. What --

Lucky: It helps to know the right people. And now, drum roll, please.

[Lucky imitates drum roll]

Lucky: Ta-da!

Elizabeth: Oh, what -- what is all of this?

Lucky: Oh, just a few things I picked up for your homecoming -- 200 cc of your favorite strawberry tea. [English accent] A designer scarf.

[Elizabeth laughs]

Lucky: [Normal voice] And -- oh. Sounds like a pair of blahniks, which maybe Gia helped me pick out, but I'm only guessing.

Elizabeth: Oh, my gosh, Lucky. Lucky, this is too much.

Lucky: I'm not done. A dress that I saw in the window at Wyndham's. Can you believe it? It had your name on it. And last but not least, a one-way ticket in a limo to Wyndemere Island with a state-of-the-art C.D. player with a C.D. that I burned. All your favorite songs. Did I forget anything? Elizabeth Webber, these are the last few minutes in the last day of your old life. Kiss them goodbye.

Gia: Are you sure Sarah's not moving in?

Nikolas: Relax, okay? It's all taken care of.

Gia: Well, it's obvious she thinks that I'm the one who ran the red light. What's to stop her from telling someone? Elizabeth is her sister, and I'm the reason that she's in here.

Nikolas: Sarah will not say a word.

Gia: You can't be so sure.

Nikolas: Will you stop sweating the small stuff?

Gia: This is not small stuff. It's big, it's huge, all right?

Nikolas: Okay, okay, okay. Fine. To a princess, it's all small stuff.

Gia: I'm not a princess. Not really. I'm just a girl from Brooklyn who keeps screwing up.

Nikolas: No. You're my princess. Okay? So forget about what happened because you and I are about now and the future, okay? You go that? Okay?

Zander: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm warning you, Skye. Let Carly go!

Skye: Get her out of my way!

Carly: Yeah, not a chance! I'm not going to let you go telling A.J. that Jax is about to go rock his world.

Skye: You know, you'd better let me out of here or I swear I'm going to knock your teeth into the back of your head!

Carly: Ha! Yeah, I'd like to see you try.

Skye: Oh, you little witch!

Zander: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Ladies, calm down!

Carly: I swear, Zander, I'm not going to let Skye go tell her pig of a brother what's going to happen! He is going down tonight!

Courtney: I can't believe we are going to Manhattan.

A.J.: Believe it.

Courtney: You really know the owner of Das Boot? That place is so hot, it is impossible to get into.

A.J.: Not only do I know the owner, I'm a silent partner.

Courtney: Get out.

A.J.: Absolutely.

Janine: A.J. is a very influential man.

A.J.: Well, you know, I wouldn't say that, but I do have diversified interests.

Courtney: Okay, but how did you get involved with the hottest club in New York City?

A.J.: Well, let's just say I know a good business deal when I see one. Quartermaine trait.

Courtney: Wow.

A.J.: It was a sweet deal for everyone. Club managers -- well, they got the benefits of my money when they were trying to get the place started, and now I get the benefits of major perks.

Courtney: God, that is so awesome!

A.J.: Last time I was there, you'll never guess who hung out at our table all night -- at the same time.

Courtney: Brad and Jennifer.

A.J.: Close. Close. Try another Jennifer.

Courtney: Not J. Lo.

A.J.: None other.

Courtney: Oh, my God, I --

A.J.: And Mark Wahlberg.

Courtney: I would just die! I think I would just drop dead right in front of everybody!

Janine: This is too fabulous for words. And I -- I really hate to be the spoiler.

Courtney: Mom, then don't.

Janine: Well, if Sonny hears about this, he will not be in favor of it, and he's got eyes all over town.

Courtney: She's right.

A.J.: No.

Courtney: If Sonny gets a clue, we can't go.

A.J.: Listen to me. Never say never, okay? You are 20. You are past the age of consent. If you want to go to Manhattan with me, Sonny can't stop you.

Courtney: What -- okay, are you kidding? I mean, he would be hauling me back to that stupid penthouse of his before we even got out of Port Charles. God, I am so sick of him dictating my life. You know, three months ago, I didn't even know Sonny. What gives him the right?

A.J.: Sonny's not God or Santa Claus. He doesn't know everything about everyone, okay? And I have an idea about how we can get you out of town without Sonny even knowing and be adventurous at the same time.

Jax: Did you hear what I said? A.J. has Courtney. This isn't a rumor, Sonny. I saw her in his apartment with my own eyes. Okay, this is your reaction? Fine. I've said my piece. You do what you want with it.

Sonny: You're a liar, Jax.

Jax: What?

Sonny: You never quit. First, you try to shut down my warehouse. Now you're trying to use my sister against me.

Jax: Even you couldn't possibly believe that.

Sonny: You don't think so?

Jax: You know, I'm trying to do you a favor here, Sonny. You're not making this easy.

Sonny: Tell me something, Jax. What noble impulse brought you to me, the man you hate? You're trying to do me a favor?

Jax: Well, as you're so fond of pointing out, you saved my brother once. I figured you've got one coming.

Sonny: Oh. Right.

Jax: There's also the fact that A.J. Quartermaine is dangerous. Now, he may have easily been written off before, but something's changed. Now, I assume it has something to do with Michael, but that's not my concern.

Sonny: And Courtney is your concern?

Jax: A.J. has the look of a man with nothing left to lose. He's pulled a young, innocent girl into whatever twisted revenge plot he's got concocted against you, and for some reason, I find that unacceptable. But you're right, I do despise you, but I guess not enough to let your sister fend for herself against the likes of A.J. Quartermaine.

Sonny: You're a good liar, Jax, better than I thought.

Jax: 'A.J.'s probably had Courtney this entire time, which puts him a considerable distance ahead of you when it comes to influence. There's no telling what he's filling her head with.

Sonny: Janine claimed she spoke to Courtney and that she's staying with a friend.

Jax: Courtney's with A.J. and if she's lying to her mother, that means he's gotten to her already.

Sonny: Then what would you like to have happen? You want me to go to A.J., tear him apart so then the cops can be ready and waiting to take me to jail? Is that what you want?

Jax: You're unbelievably paranoid. You know that?

Sonny: Thanks for the information, Jax. I'll -- you know, I'll keep it in mind. You can go now.

Jax: Listen, Sonny --

Sonny: I -- you can go now.

Alexis: What is going on in here? I can hear the two of you all the way down the hall.

Sonny: Oh, great, you showed up. Take your friend out of here.

Alexis: What did you do?

Jax: I made an error in judgment. Don't worry, it won't happen again.

Alexis: Jax, wait, wait.

A.J.: All right, come on, come on. Now, don't say anything until I say so. All right?

Courtney: Okay, okay, but are you sure you don't want to tell me about the plan?

A.J.: No, it'll be more fun to experience it as it happens.

[Knock on door]

A.J.: All right. Shh. Buckle up.

[Janine laughs]

A.J.: Sully.

Sully: You called about a plumbing problem, Mr. Quartermaine?

A.J.: Absolutely. Please, come on in. Okay. I lied. What I need is your coveralls.

Sully: My coveralls? Look, Mr. Quartermaine, I know your family owns this building and you've always been good to work for. And don't get me wrong. You know, I say live and let live. But I'm way into women.

A.J.: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You -- you misunderstood. Janine, help.

Janine: We're just going to play a practical joke on a friend, that's all.

Sully: Oh!

A.J.: Yeah. That's all.

Sully: So long as nobody's getting hurt --

A.J.: Nobody's getting hurt.

Janine: No, no, not at all.

A.J.: Nobody's getting hurt. All right.

Skye: I swear, if you don't get out of my way, I will --

Carly: All right, come on! Come on! Show me! What -- what?

Zander: Are you two totally insane? All right, look --

Skye: Let go of me!

Zander: Stop -- all right. I will let you go. I will let you go, all right, if you tell me what the hell is going on here.

Skye: Fine! Just let me go!

Zander: Do I have your word?

Skye: Yes. Yes!

Zander: See how you are? You see how you are? Okay, now, what the hell is going on, Carly?

Carly: Well, Jax is about to blow A.J. out of the water and Skye wants to stop him.

Skye: I don't know what you're babbling about, but what is it that my brother's supposedly done, huh?

Carly: Well, I don't know, but there were a lot of questions asked about A.J., okay, and then he knows something. He's not going to let A.J. wreak havoc all over everybody's lives.

Skye: You know what? You people slay me, really, like you're all such paragons of virtue. Well, you know what? A.J.'s got me now and I am not going to let you or Sonny hurt him again.

Carly: Oh, how did Sonny get involved in this, huh? What -- what is A.J. going to do to Sonny?

Skye: Well, I mean, that's just the way of the world, isn't it?

Carly: You know, Jax seemed especially interested in how your loser brother was sucking up to Courtney. He knows something of it. He knows that A.J.'s going to try and do something to her.

Skye: A.J. hasn't done anything to anyone! You know, I am so sick of this interrogation. All I do was come here looking for Jax. He's not here, and as of right now, neither am I.

Carly: Oh, no, no, no, no!

Zander: Wait, Carly, Carly --

Carly: You are not going anywhere --

Zander: Let her go. Let her go.

Carly: No, Zander, I'm not going to let her go. You stay right there -- Zander!

Skye: Finally! Somebody with some sense.

Carly: What --

Zander: I would go quietly if I were you.

Carly: Get -- you just let her walk right out of here!

Zander: You are right.

Carly: What -- how many times did I ask you not to?

Zander: You were getting nowhere with her. Skye wouldn't have said anything to you if she had stayed here all day.

Carly: Oh, okay, so you decide just to let her go straight to A.J.?

Zander: So we follow.

Carly: Genius. Why didn't I think of that?

Zander: Right.

Felicia: Okay, let's think about what we have so far. No sign of Luke and Laura at the ranch where they ended up the last time they were in Texas. We saw Laura's car stashed down the road about three miles, which means that they're probably on foot unless they found some other means of transportation.

Roy: You know, Felicia, they've been gone 22 hours.

Felicia: But they're smart, you know. They're resourceful people. They know their way around the area.

Roy: That's right.

Felicia: And maybe they saw the rain coming and they holed up somewhere.

Roy: Well, I appreciate your optimism, but, you know, you got to be thinking the same thing I am -- Luke would have come back to bail us out of that jailhouse mess if he'd have been able to.

Felicia: Don't say that. Don't -- don't think that. That's just--

Roy: Well, you know, I don't want to, but we got to be realistic here, you know? It's starting to look like one of two things -- either Jennifer's men caught up with Luke and Laura or they've found some new kind of trouble.

Felicia: Well, either way, we've got to find them quickly.

Roy: All right, we're right here basically, right in there. So we got to put our thinking caps on here. We have to get inside Luke's head. Okay?

Luke: Oh! Damn it!

Laura: Come on. Try again.

Luke: I'm pinned.

Luke: It's no use. We need something for leverage.

Laura: Leverage. Here. Here.

Luke: Okay, one, two, three!

Laura: I can't move it.

Luke: It's not working. See if you can get through that hole. Get out there and find Roy.

Laura: But, Luke, the water's coming in way too fast. I can't just leave you here!

Luke: Sweetheart, that's why you have to go now!

Laura: No, it'll --

Luke: Go, please! Go!

Laura: All right.

Luke: I love you.

Laura: I'll be right back. I'll be right back.

Roy: You know, water transportation is a running theme with Luke and Laura. You know, cruise ships and docks --

Felicia: Yeah.


Roy: Let's just say that in trying to shake Jennifer's men and cover his tracks, he decided to -- to double back to the river, figuring they could cross over in the ferry. And then once the rain started, they wouldn't have been able to get back, and that would explain why they never showed up.

Felicia: Or they could have gotten caught in the rain.

Roy: It's just nasty as hell out there. I'd really like to get this right the first time.

Felicia: Right.

Roy: Okay, you know Luke as well as anyone. What does your gut tell you?

Sarah: My sister's being discharged, so I need a few minutes to help her get ready.

Dr. Caldwell: I'm way ahead of you. I'm taking you off the rotation for the rest of the day. Take your sister home.

Sarah: Thanks, but I'll finish rounds.

Dr. Caldwell: It's done. Don't worry about it.

Lucky: No, no need to thank me. That look on your face -- that's all I needed to see. And I get to see it all the time now. All of us living at Wyndemere -- how bizarre is that?

Elizabeth: I know, and Nikolas keeps promising it's going to be fun.

Lucky: Well, Nikolas is right -- for once. Wyndemere will be a good place for you to recover.

Elizabeth: It will be good, won't it?

Lucky: I'm going to go check on the limo.

Elizabeth: Lucky, thank you.

Lucky: No. You don't need to do that.

Elizabeth: Yes, honestly, this is -- it's just all perfect, everything you've brought, everything you've done.

Lucky: Everything that I've done you deserve. Hey.

Sarah: Hey. Wow.

Elizabeth: It's pretty amazing, isn't it?

Sarah: Oh, it's amazing, all right.

Elizabeth: What's wrong?

Sarah: Nothing.

Elizabeth: Okay, lying was never your best event, so whatever it is, just tell me.

Sarah: I want to know why you're doing this.

Elizabeth: Doing what?

Sarah: Moving into Wyndemere with a guy who doesn't really love you.

Jax: There's no reason for me to stick around. I've said what I'd come to say.

Alexis: Yeah, but I didn't get a chance to hear it, and I would love to hear it. What did you accuse him of this time?

Jax: What happened to you?

Sonny: Let him go.

Alexis: I am not going to let him go, and nothing happened to me. I'm doing what I do. I'm protecting my client.

Jax: Yeah, well, try protecting him from himself.

Alexis: Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on?

Jax: I came here -- after a long, hard debate, I might add -- to help Sonny help his sister.

Alexis: What do you know about Courtney?

Jax: Her whereabouts. Are you listening?

Sonny: He's lying.

Jax: Yeah, see, this is where I came in.

Alexis: Wait, Jax. And this is true?

Jax: You're going to accuse me of lying as well?

Alexis: No. Of course I'm not. Listen to him.

Sonny: I have. I -- over and over again. I'm evil incarnate. I'm -- I'm a threat to all good women everywhere, and that includes you, because, see, Jax has decided to bring me down. That all started by condemning my warehouse. Then he had his trick, Skye, make false accusations about me threatening her. That was a lie like this is a lie, but, see, the difference is he knows damn well that I care about Courtney. And if I thought that A.J. was hurting my sister, I may lose my temper. You understand what I'm saying? Laws can be broken, charges could be brought, and I may even go to prison, which would solve all of Jax's problems. No muss, no fuss. So I could either take Jax's word at face value and walk right into a trap or I could just thank him very politely and ask him to leave, which is what I did. So why are you stopping him?

Alexis: Because I think that he's telling the truth and I think that you should listen to him, and if you don't, I think that you will regret it.

Sonny: All right. One more time, Jax, from the top.

A.J.: This is priceless.

Janine: True. Turn around. Yeah! Oh. You are so cute. You know what? This is -- this is the height of fashion in Seattle. It is.

Courtney: Coveralls?

Janine: No, they call it -- well, the grunge. Grungy grunge?

Courtney: Hey, Mom, it's grunge --

Janine: This is grunge.

Courtney: And this is not what it looks like, okay? That is so last year. Get a clue.

Janine: Okay, whatever. I'm just glad you're all right.

A.J.: Hey, hey, time out. Let's get this show on the road, okay? Janine, let's go. Okay, here's what we're going to do. I want you to go back, wait for us. We will pick you up in the limo as soon as we can.

Janine: Okay.

A.J.: All right?

Janine: Bye!

Courtney: Bye. Okay. So what now?

A.J.: Okay, just wait a few minutes, then I want you to take the service elevator down to the basement. There will be a limo waiting for you. You go out the back entrance. Are you sure you're up for this cloak-and-dagger thing?

Courtney: Yeah. Absolutely. But I have a question for you.

A.J.: Shoot.

Courtney: Are you sure you are willing to risk Sonny finding us?

A.J.: Seeing the look on your face right now -- it's so worth it. Okay, come on, let's go.

Courtney: Okay. Okay. Oh, wait. Let me get my keys here.

A.J.: Okay.

Courtney: Okay.

Skye: Oh. Thank God you're still here, A.J.

A.J.: What? What are you doing?

Skye: We are in serious trouble.

Carly: Oh, do tell. And what kind of trouble would that be?

Skye: You two? What, do I have to swear out restraining orders on you?

Carly: Well, you know, you seemed so upset when you left my office that Zander and I -- we just -- we didn't feel right about not making sure you got to wherever it was you were going okay.

Zander: We were concerned.

Skye: Sure, you were.

A.J.: Well, as you can see, Skye is just fine, so disappear, will you?

Skye: Excuse me. Who do you think you are barging in like this? I'm calling security right now.

Zander: Oh, come on, come on. What kind of hospitality is that?

Carly: Oh, yeah, and speaking of hospitality, I really could use a cup of coffee.

Zander: Carly, you take milk, right?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

A.J.: All right, you know what? I'm trying very hard not to have any trouble with you.

Zander: Oh, there's no trouble. I'll just get --

A.J.: You're not understanding me, okay? Now, I don't have time to play games with you kids. I have a meeting.

Carly: Oh, sweetie, any particular reason that you look like you're about to jump out of your skin?

Skye: I just think you're pathetic, dragging another one of Sonny's flunkies over here to attack A.J. yet again. When are you going to stop trying to score points with a man who's cut you loose like, what, a dozen times? You know, you really make women look bad.

Carly: You're a freak, Skye, and a liar, and if Jax doesn't know that now, he will as soon as all this blows up in his face.

A.J.: All right, that's enough, okay? I want you out!

Skye: No, A.J., I'm not afraid to hear what she has to say.

Carly: Oh, thank you, because as soon as that happens, you're going to be the one who's chasing a man pathetically, hopelessly, without a prayer in the world of getting him back.

A.J.: All right, that's enough. I want you out. Visiting hours are over. Now.

Carly: Oh. I guess we can forget about that coffee. Okay, well, I assume that you're leaving, and that's good because we can all ride down together, then. Shall we, Zander?

Skye: A.J., Jax went to Carly. Now, you've got to get Courtney out of here right now.

A.J.: We will as soon as we shake these two. Let's go.

Carly: Time's a-wastin', A.J.

A.J.: Please.

Jax: Okay. I asked Carly about A.J. I wanted to gauge just how bad Courtney's situation could be. She gave me an earful. She told me things about A.J. that probably wouldn't come as a surprise to you because you know what A.J.'s capable of.

Sonny: That's right, I do.

Jax: Well, then admit this is where he's been heading from the start since the first time he laid eyes on your sister. The guy's diabolical. He doesn't care about hurting a young girl to further his vendetta against you.

Sonny: Okay, what about your vendetta against me?

Jax: Oh, come on, could you just take me out of -- could you take me out of the equation long enough to look at this objectively? You took A.J.'s son.

Alexis: He's making sense, Sonny.

Sonny: Okay, so you're saying that A.J. managed to hide Courtney since the night of the accident. Nobody else has seen her but you, the man who would love to see me in jail, who just happened to walk by A.J.'s penthouse and see Courtney? Is that what you're trying to tell me? What are you trying to say, then?

Jax: No, no, no, that's not how it happened, okay? I went to A.J.'s and I saw a jacket that clearly wasn't his or Skye's. And later on, I went to Alexis' and there was a box of clothes with a matching piece.

Alexis: That's exactly right. I had that box out of Courtney's things that I was going to give to Janine, and Jax saw it and he asked about it.

Jax: And later, I went to A.J.'s to investigate. I broke into the place, and your sister -- she whacked me over the head with a laptop. I got to give her this much -- she's brave and stubborn. She's also clearly convinced that A.J. is her friend, someone she can trust. If you're too damn proud to accept this, then you're sister's going to suffer for it. No, no, no. No, you don't. Not so fast.

Elizabeth: Here, can you put this over there, please.

Sarah: Elizabeth --

Elizabeth: The answer is simple. I'm doing it because I want to.

Sarah: That's not an answer.

Elizabeth: You think I'm ignoring what's really going on, don't you?

Sarah: Aren't you?

Elizabeth: I'm not an idiot, Sarah. I know what I'm doing.

Sarah: Then explain it to me. I mean, haven't you been hurt enough without inventing new ways to do it?

Elizabeth: Did you apply to Yale med school?

Sarah: You know I did.

Elizabeth: Did you get accepted?

Sarah: Obviously not.

Elizabeth: Did you think you would?

Sarah: There was a chance.

Elizabeth: So you took the chance, risked being rejected.

Sarah: What does this have to do with anything?

Elizabeth: This is a risk I have to take. What can I tell you? I feel better when Lucky's around. He wants to try it again, so I agreed. But you still don't trust my judgment, do you?

Sarah: I didn't say that.

Elizabeth: Not in so many words. You think I need an around-the-clock 24/7 babysitter, don't you?

Sarah: It wouldn't hurt.

Elizabeth: Well, then, I nominate you. I want you to move to Wyndemere with us.

Sarah: Are you serious?

Felicia: I like your water-transportation theory.

Roy: Yeah?

Felicia: I think the theory fits, and I think that Luke would have taken Laura someplace safe.

Roy: I need to establish a rendezvous point, someplace they could hook up if they got separated.

Felicia: Right, like those catacombs in Port Charles.

Roy: Well, maybe it's caves again. Do we see something like that on the map, caves or anything?

Felicia: No, not exactly. It's mostly old, abandoned gold mines.

Roy: You mean like these ones up here?

Felicia: Right.

Roy: Well, that could work, I guess.

Felicia: Yeah. So we've got two potential sites -- we've got the gold mines and we've got the ferry. Problem is they're in opposite directions. It's going to be tough to do it all by foot in one night. What do you want to do?

Roy: Come on.

Felicia: Wish I had my umbrella.

Luke: 17 bottles of beer on the wall 17 bottles of beer take one down and pass it around 16 bottles oh, my God. White light. Don't go into the light. Don't go into the light. Oh -- oh, no, don't tell me all that God stuff was true. I backed the wrong horse. I backed -- why, is that you, dear old Dad? Comin' for to carry me home

[Luke laughs]

Luke: Is that -- is that what you're here for, you dirty bastard? Or -- or maybe you're just here to finish the job that you started years ago. You remember that night at the lake? Huh, Daddy? When you -- you were beating up on Mom and I -- I tried to defend her and you started in on me. But you had that new -- new trick up your sleeve, didn't you? You'd drive me out to the lake, you held my head under the water until my -- until my lungs were about to burst. And then you -- you -- you pulled me up just long -- long enough to take a breath, and then you plunged me under the water again. And I didn't -- I didn't cry that night. No, I didn't -- I didn't beg you to stop, did I? And I won't -- I won't beg you to stop tonight, either! You -- you want to -- you want to take me, you -- you -- you take me! You take --

[Luke coughs]

Luke: What -- what -- what's this? What -- what's this thing? Agh! What's -- what the hell? Oh! Ha! It's -- it's gold! I'm rich! I'm dead! I'm dead, but I'm rich. Oh, just you -- you got a good sense of humor! If I ever do meet you, you got a lot to -- you got a lot to answer for!

Elizabeth: Yes, I am serious. Look, this isn't just about Lucky. You and I haven't been the closest sisters ever, and I know it's not anybody's fault, but this would be a great opportunity to start making up for that.

Sarah: Lizzie, I want us to be close. I'm just -- I'm not so sure the timing is right. I mean, you're dealing with so much right now.

Elizabeth: Oh --

Sarah: Oh, my God. Lizzie, what is it?

Elizabeth: I'm fine, but who knows? I am a recovering surgical patient.

Sarah: My God, don't do that. You scared me.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, but, you know, it'd make me feel a lot better knowing you were there.

Sarah: You'll be fine.

Elizabeth: And what if I'm not? All right. I didn't want to have to do this, but you have left me no choice. Come to Wyndemere with me, or I'll say it.

Sarah: Say what?

Elizabeth: You know. Sarey fairy.

Sarah: Lizzie, I told you when we were 10 to stop calling me that.

Elizabeth: Oh, I apologize, Dr. Sarey fairy

Sarah: Elizabeth, stop it right now. I am dead serious.

Elizabeth: Not until you say yes.

Sarah: No.

Elizabeth: Why not?

Sarah: A million reasons.

Elizabeth: Such as?

Sarah: Well, first of all, it'll be you and Lucky, Nikolas and Gia, and me. I'd feel totally out of place.

Elizabeth: Sarah, the place is huge. You wouldn't have to see anybody for an entire week if you didn't want to. And they're your friends. Why would you feel weird?

Sarah: Because Gia will.

Elizabeth: I am the first to admit that Gia is a total witch. I mean, she pushes my buttons like no one else on this planet. You know what? I might just have to kill her with my bare hands if you're not there to stop me.

Sarah: You're not going to stop, are you?

Elizabeth: Nope.

Sarah: Okay.

Elizabeth: Yes.

Sarah: I'll come.

Elizabeth: Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Sarah: Here's the deal -- I can leave if it gets too weird.

Elizabeth: Okay. Deal. But it won't.

Nikolas: Hey.

Lucky: All right.

Nikolas: Well, the limo's ready.

Lucky: Sounds good. The paperwork's done. Hey, thanks for this whole Wyndemere thing, you know? It really solves a lot of problems.

Nikolas: Don't mention it. It kind of does for us, too. Besides, we could use the company.

Lucky: Yeah. Well, you know, it's more than that, though, because Elizabeth's been feeling all this pressure about us being alone. And now that we're moving in, you know, we'll be with friends. We'll be together, but not alone together, you know.

Nikolas: Right, right, right, I get it.

Lucky: It's perfect.

Nikolas: Okay. But what about, you know, the pressures on you?

Lucky: It's totally my choice, and I can handle it.

Nikolas: Okay, well, if you need anything, I'm right here, she's here.

Lucky: I know it. I know it. I'll be counting on it.

Nikolas: All right. Good. Let's go. Let's go.

Lucky: Hey. Limo's waiting downstairs.

Elizabeth: Hey, you guys, good news. Sarah is moving into Wyndemere with us.

Sarah: If that's okay.

Nikolas: That's what I wanted in the first place.

Sarah: I guess I'll have to get used to dreary decor and gothic furniture.

Lucky: Well, we can always pipe in some Marilyn Manson to get you in the mood.


Sarah: Thanks.

Nikolas: Okay. You know what? Just give it a chance, will you? You know, if anything else, there's plenty of room, right?

Lucky: All right.

Nikolas: Okay.

Lucky: Let's do it!

Nikolas: All right.

Elizabeth: Let's go.

Courtney: Thank God! I was getting worried.

A.J.: No worries.

Skye: That's debatable.

Courtney: What was going on with Carly and Zander? Do they know that I'm here?

A.J.: Carly is just stirring things up. That's what she lives for. Everything's cool. All systems go.

Courtney: Are you sure? I mean, maybe we shouldn't leave town.

A.J.: Courtney, I said no worries. I promised you a night in Manhattan. That's what you're going to get. Now, just give me a few minutes to pack some things and we're out of here. All right.

Skye: This is a bad idea, A.J. Now, you're asking for trouble, and I have a feeling you're going to get way more than you want.

A.J.: There you go again. You worry too much.

Sonny: Get out of my way.

Jax: Not until we get something straight. I didn't tell you about A.J. just so you could go over there and kill him.

Sonny: You don't get to say what I do.

Alexis: Think before you act. Think about the consequences and how they're going to affect the people that you care about, and don't do anything that you'll regret.

Jax: Just for the record, if any harm should come to A.J., I'll personally see to it that you're put away.

Sonny: Is everybody finished?

Alexis: Oh, boy.

Jax: No, let him go, Alexis.

Alexis: I'll go with him.

Jax: Let him go.

Alexis: He's going to need an attorney.

Jax: You've done all you can.

Laura: Luke? Luke? Luke?

Luke: Oh. Oh. Oh, darling, go. Get out of here.

Laura: No.

Luke: No, I don't want you here for this!

Laura: No, no, Luke, listen to me. I tried to get help, and I couldn't. There's no phone anywhere near here, and I couldn't get anywhere on foot.

Luke: Get out yourself, darling. Just go, please. Don't stay.

Laura: No, I can't. I can't leave you.

Luke: Don't stay for this. Don't.

Laura: No. You're not going to die. Listen to me.

Luke: Oh, I'm sorry, darling, but I -- I think I am going to die. I -- I saw him. He came to get me.

Laura: Who did?

Luke: My father.

Laura: You saw your father?

Luke: Yeah, right over there, standing in the light. Please don't go into the light, Laura. Don't go into the light. Don't.

Laura: Oh, Luke --

Luke: Sweetheart, I need to tell you something. Oh, a couple of Lay-Z-Boys in a nice rose garden would be beautiful right now, wouldn't it? I love you.

Laura: I love you, too!

Luke: I love you, darling. I've always loved you.

Laura: No! No, no, no! No! Please don't leave me! Luke, please don't leave me!

Luke's voice: Dying is easy. It's living that's hard. Whoever said that got it right. I have to admit I expected more fuss, a checkered flag. Martha and the Vandellas in wings and halo. At least a good blues band. But this is only mind pictures. The Dick Tracy watch Bobbie stole from my 14th birthday, the first time I laid eyes on that shiny pink Cadillac, the disco ball in the middle of my own club reflecting light and all dreams, and Laura, better than any choir of angels, Laura, who makes it all worthwhile. Laura, my wife.

Laura: Luke? Luke? Can you hear me?

Roy: Nice going there, pal.

Felicia: Thank God you're okay.

Laura: Oh, God. Oh, God, I thought I lost you.

Luke: You're not getting rid of me that easy. We got a date for a second -- second chance. I'm going to keep it.

Laura: Oh, Luke. I love you.

Luke: Oh, baby.

Laura: It's okay.

Zander: I'm sorry that didn't pan out. I was hoping there'd be some evidence of Courtney at A.J.'s.

Carly: Yeah, well, thanks. Thanks for helping. Sonny would -- he'll be thankful. Hey -- you know, we rushed off, you know, to go after Skye when she showed up, and you never got the chance to tell me why you came here in the first place. Why did you come? Do you forgive me?

Skye: I so hate repeating myself, but I am just going to keep banging my head up against your wall until you get the message. A.J., it is crazy for you to go with Courtney this way.

A.J.: What --

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Skye: I'm going to make sure you crawl back to the gutter you came from.

Sonny: You have a dirty mouth. Save it for Jax. It may turn him on.

Zander: Say whatever it is you want to say.

Carly: I'm not losing you, Zander. I miss you.

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