GH Transcript Wednesday 2/6/02


General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/6/02

By Amanda
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>> Previously on "General Hospital" --

A.J.: Tell Jax you're in love with him.

Skye: I have a confession to make.

Jax: About Sonny?

Skye: About you.

Kristina: I told Sonny that Alexis is in love with him.

Gia: I drank this afternoon.

Nikolas: No, you didn't.

Courtney: I wasn't drinking.

Sonny: Protect her from Taggert, all right?

Lucky: Elizabeth's going to be all right?

Sarah: The ruptured lung makes everything worse. She's in very bad shape.

Jax: What sort of confession?

Skye: The difficult kind. The kind that you avoid making because you're not sure if it's something the other person can hear or wants to, because you're not really sure what kind of response you're going to get. But it's gotten to the point where I just can't keep quiet anymore. Well, if I don't tell you soon, I'm going to start avoiding you.

Jax: I can always deal with the truth.

Skye: Yeah, well, this may be one truth you might not be so happy to hear.

Jax: Try me.

Skye: You're a real jerk.

Taggert: Have them wait over there.

Sonny: It's all right. I'll make this go away.

Courtney: I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't run that red light.

Sonny: Okay, this is -- this is important, all right? Don't say anything to anyone except --

Courtney: But his –

Sonny: Shh!

Courtney: His sister is lying!

Sonny: Listen to me. It's Alexis' job to get Taggert removed from the case. Yours is to keep quiet. The more you say, the more they'll twist what you say --

Courtney: I am innocent.

Sonny: For the last time, okay? For once, you got to listen to me. Do not say another word.

Sonny: Taggert. Don't do this. You'll regret it.

Taggert: You threatening this police officer, Sonny?

Sonny: I'm going to threaten this whole damn department if you peruse this. You got a personal interest against me. You're the last person who should be assigned to this case.

Taggert: I was the first person on the scene.

Sonny: Then file a report and turn it over to somebody else.

Taggert: You mean somebody on your payroll, right? S

onny: You do not want to use my sister to come after me, Taggert.

Taggert: Elizabeth Webber is in surgery right now, okay? She could die. Do you get that?

Sonny: Yeah, I get it.

Taggert: Your sister was behind the wheel of the car that put her there, okay? Now, if your sister is so innocent, why is it two of your goons beat the emergency team to the scene, huh? Why were they there, helping her flee the scene when I showed up?

Sonny: They were assisting her to a stoop so she could be, you know, at a safe place from the accident. That's what's going on.

Taggert: A stoop?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Taggert: Where, in Bensonhurst, Sonny? How is it they were there so soon, huh? Maybe it's because you have a habit of having people tailed. Courtney found out she was being followed, she started speeding, she ran a red light.

Sonny: You can't get me on your own, so you're going to try to get to me through a 20-year-old girl?

Taggert: Whatever it takes, Sonny.

Alexis: It's going to take a hell of a lot.

Sarah: I'll go check and see if there's an update on Lizzie's surgery, okay?

Lucky: All right. Thank you.

Man: What do you think -- "The Face of Deception Disfigured in Car Crash"? Well, I don't know if it's true, but it makes a great headline. Well, who cares about the girl in the car with her? She's nobody. Okay, I'll call in when I get it.

Lucky: Looking for someone?

Man: Yeah, Gia Campbell, the Face of Deception. You know which room she's in?

Lucky: Yeah, yeah. Is that an assembled? Boy, that's a beauty, huh?

Man: Thanks.

Lucky: What kind of film you shooting on?

Man: Look, I'm in kind of a hurry.

Lucky: I'm sure you are. Why don't you just let me hold this for a second?

Man: Hey!

Lucky: Boy, this is amazing.

Man: Hey, what is up with you?

Lucky: I'm sure you could fire off -- [Shutter clicks]

Lucky: A dozen shots before anybody could lay a hand on you, right?

Man: Give me my camera back!

Lucky: Like a model who was in a terrible accident?

Man: Give me my camera back.

Lucky: No. I bet you shoot all sorts of those tabloid pictures. You could probably do that before she even knew what hit her. Of course, someone might have to hit you back. You ever had your nose broken, buddy?

Man: Security.

Lucky: You know, you can actually hear it break.

Man: Security!

Lucky: Yeah. This thing's sweet.

Gia: Nikolas, you can't fix this.

Nikolas: I want you to tell me everything, okay?

Gia: I really messed up this time.

Nikolas: Well, you let met decide that. You know, sometimes these things -- they're not as bad as they really seem. All right? So tell me.

Gia: I -- I didn't remember what happened at first. And then it all came back to me when Marcus was questioning that girl Courtney, the other driver --

Nikolas: Yeah.

Gia: I was driving. Elizabeth and I were arguing about her sister and some song on the radio station --

Nikolas: Shh. Just keep your voice down, okay?

Gia: I took my eyes off the road. I was looking at Elizabeth or something. And then she screamed, and by that time, I was already in the middle of the intersection. And the last thing I remember were the bright headlights coming at us. And then when Marcus -- I heard Marcus says that he wanted to check Courtney's blood to see if she had been drinking. I realized that I had had the Irish coffee and the glass of champagne that you ordered. Nikolas, I was so scared. I panicked and I lied.

Nikolas: Is that it? Gia, if there's anything else you can think of, you need to tell me now.

Gia: It was just the one glass of champagne and the Irish coffee. Elizabeth didn't say I was driving bad. I mean, she didn't say I was swerving or anything. I just didn't see the light.

Nikolas: Okay. Okay, come here. It's aoing to be [missing], all right?

Gia: No, it won't. Look, Elizabeth is in bad shape. What if she doesn't make it?

Nikolas: Don't say that. I promise you she will. I promise.

Gia: But what if she's crippled for the rest of her life? Huh? You know, I never would have gotten in the car if I thought I couldn't --

Nikolas: Gia, you haven't done anything that all of us haven't done.

Gia: I lied to the police. I mean, I can't change my story now. If I did, I'd be in big trouble.

[Knock on door]

Quinn: I'm Quinn. The police have ordered a blood alcohol test, Ms. Campbell. I need to draw some blood.

Ned: Excuse me.

Kristina: Ned, I can't believe I shot my mouth off like that at you at the hospital. I really -- it was inappropriate of me.

Ned: It's really entertaining just watching you beat yourself up like this.

Kristina: Whoa, whoa. What are you doing? What are you doing?

Ned: Excuse me!

Kristina: That's not even our waiter.

Ned: Yeah, I think ours went home. Don't they know the Quartermaines own this place?

Kristina: I'm trying to apologize to you. I shouldn't have blurted out that Alexis is in love with Sonny, and I should have been more sensitive to your feelings about Alexis. I am sorry.

Ned: For someone who's supposed to be so cosmically in tune and aware, you don't have a clue about me.

Alexis: Did Ms. Matthews actually leave the scene of the crime? I mean, did you or one of your police officers have to pursue her?

Taggert: You know what? If I didn't show up when I did, Sonny and his goons would have had her at the Canadian border by now.

Alexis: No, that's not what I asked you. But I'll take that as a no. Ms. Matthews did not leave the scene of the crime. You're just using his sister as a way to provoke Sonny, which would be abusing your position as a police officer to carry out a personal vendetta. Let me ask you something. Did you order a blood alcohol test on your sister, or are you dragging that out to buy her some time?

Taggert: Both suspects are being treated exactly the same, despite the fact that only one of them is guilty. Now, you know, your client may be new in town, but she's already chosen to protect Sonny, okay? Just like she chose to lie when two of Sonny's goons accosted A.J. Quartermaine right in front of her. You know, for somebody who's known Sonny only a couple weeks, you catch on fast. And that doesn't exactly inspire my confidence in her truth-telling capabilities.

Officer: Lieutenant?

Alexis: Are you actually going to charge us with something, or can we go?

Taggert: You see, it looks like this -- this situation just got a whole lot more complicated. Looks like your client was driving without insurance.

Courtney: But my father's insurance applies, doesn't it?

Sonny: All right. You know what? If Mike let his insurance lapse, arrest him.

Taggert: Doesn't work that way. Your client's not going anywhere.

Quinn: It looks like it was your brother who ordered the test. It's standard procedure after an accident. It'll just take a minute.

Nikolas: Gina's already had the test. listen, I realize that the fact that my family contributes to this hospital might have the staff a bit anxious, but running duplicate tests on my fiancée doesn't quite leave the impression on your supervisor that they might want, right?

Quinn: I'm sorry, I just -- I don't see a notation on someone drawing Ms. Campbell's blood earlier.

Nikolas: Because it was done in the E.R. It was a little hectic in there in the aftermath of the accident. There was a lot going on. Now, listen, I'm not trying to blame anyone here, but one of our best friends is fighting for her life, and Gia has suffered from the fact that she was hit by a careless idiot who ran a red light. And I don't feel it appropriate for her to suffer any more. So why don't you just check in the E.R.

Quinn: Yes, Sir.

Nikolas: thank you.

Gia: Nikolas, I'm so scared.

Man: Would someone call security?

Lucky: I thought you guys were switching over to digital. That way you can modem in instant trash.

Man: This maniac has my $5,000 camera.

Sarah: Lucky, calm down.

Lucky: Hey, hey, hey. I'm just a fellow professional interested in learning from somebody at the top of his game. So, tell me, how much does a picture of a future princess in a bad situation go for?

Sarah: Lucky, I know you're scared for Elizabeth, but this is not going to help anything.

Lucky: Yeah, I know. I know, Sarah. That's why I'm going to keep this piece of scum from making a living.

Man: Hey, don't -- you're exposing the film!

Lucky: Damn, I hate it when that happens. Maybe we can salvage it here. I mean, let's see what I can do for you. Oh, look at that.

Man: Hey, don't! Are you crazy? Hey --

Lucky: Maybe.

Sarah: Keep your voices down, please.

Man: This is assault. And you're the witness. I am filing charges.

Sarah: Hey, wait. Look, someone he loves is in surgery right now, okay? Cut him some slack. What publication are you with?

Man: "The National Inquisitor."

Sarah: You're kidding. I love that magazine. I actually have a subscription. Are you working on a story in the hospital? Because maybe I can help you.

Man: Do you know which room Gia Campbell is in?

Sarah: She's still undergoing tests right now, but if you have a card -- all right. Well, I'll find out what room they put her in, and I'll give you a call.

Man: There's some money in this for you.

Sarah: Wait in the lobby.

Man: All right. Look, if you could get a copy of her admittance form or her file, the money goes up considerably.

Sarah: I'll see what I can do.

Jax: I'm a jerk? Any particular reason? I mean, for helping you take over your family business? Oh, no, wait, it must be because I keep trying to protect you while you antagonize Sonny Corinthos as if he were a mild-mannered businessman instead of a card-carrying psychotic. Yeah, you know? You're right. I have been a jerk. I've been a jerk for treating the threats you keep stumbling upon as real and not writing you off as the conniving little sneak that everyone else thinks you are. I mean, yeah, how insensitive of me to try to see who you are beneath your -- your obnoxious defense mechanism. Is that why I'm a jerk? Because I put up with your nonsense while no one else would?

Skye: Yes. Yes. Exactly.

Skye: I was doing fine without you. I didn't need some champion rushing to my rescue --

Jax: Oh, not the knight thing again.

Skye: And insinuating himself into every nook and cranny of my life. You know, you told me that your heart was shut down, that nobody would ever get to that part of you, and I understood that because that's how I am. But then all of a sudden, you start backing me up and standing up for me and -- and probably when I've misled you and lied to you and treated you like dirt. And then you treat me with respect. I mean, you have this bizarre way of knowing exactly what it is that I need. Like when I was talking to my grandfather in his room at the hospital and you kept everybody out because you knew that was really important to me. I mean, no one's ever done that for me before. No one's ever stood up to my family like that.

Jax: Where are you going with this?

Skye: Well, you seem to think that -- that I can take this kind of treatment, that none of it's going to hurt me.

Jax: Me being nice to you?

Skye: Yes.

Jax: You can't stand it when someone looks out for you, can you?

Skye: No. I like it. I like it a lot. That's what makes me so mad.

Gia: Now I've got you lying for me.

Nikolas: You let me worry about that.

Gia: Nikolas, I wasn't drunk. I felt fine when I was driving. I wasn't swerving or anything. Elizabeth didn't say a word. I -- if I take that blood test, it'll show that I had those two drinks and the media will have a field day. Former Face of Deception, fiancée to a prince, drinking and driving and whatever I've done to Elizabeth. Nikolas, I never wanted to do anything to discredit your family, and I have.

Nikolas: Well, you're obviously still in shock if you think that you could possibly discredit my family. Come on.

Gia: Nikolas, that nurses will realize that I haven't had the tests done, and she will come back. I told the police that I hadn't been drinking. I told them that Sonny's sister was the one who ran the red light. I don't think Marcus can protect me from that.

Nikolas: Okay. But I can. All right?

Gia: Nikolas, I could go to jail. And if something happens to Elizabeth, can you fix that?

Nikolas: One thing at a time. You know, besides, the alcohol that was in your blood system will be gone by the time someone realizes the test was never done. And Sonny and Alexis will take care of his sister. You know that.

Gia: And what about Elizabeth?

Nikolas: She's in surgery, and she's going to make it. We have to believe that. We do.

Gia: And what if she doesn't make it?

Nikolas: Were there -- were there any witnesses you remember?

Gia: I blacked out for a while, and when I woke up, Marcus was there.

Nikolas: Okay. Come here. I will make sure everything's okay and you're going to be okay. Because I love you. You believe that, right? Okay. So you didn't run that red light, you weren't drinking. And Elizabeth -- she's going to be fine. She's going to make it. Okay? So you just rest. I'll take care of everything.

Lucky: Oh, my --

Elizabeth: Tell me the truth, Lucky. Is it the same? Did your love for me honestly come back? The feelings back? Is it the same?

Lucky: No, they're not. No, it isn't.

Lucky: Why? Why did this happen? God!

Lucky: What's wrong with my head?

Taggert: Your client was driving without insurance. That's a violation against the motor vehicle code.

Alexis: You know a judge is going to throw that out before the paperwork makes it out of central booking.

Mike: I don't know how all this happened.

Sonny: It's what always happens. You let things slide, and then somebody else gets hurt.

Mike: What, are you blaming me?

Sonny: We both saw Courtney take those keys. If you knew your insurance was expired, why didn't you stop her? Oh, I know why. Because you were too busy playing Mr. Hero, defending her against big bad me, right? You know what? You should just leave before you make things worse.

Courtney: You're threatening to arrest me because my father fell behind on his insurance payments?

Alexis: Courtney, just let me handle this.

Courtney: No, I didn't do anything wrong!

Taggert: You know, driving without insurance is against the law.

Alexis: What, are you going to let him bait you?

Courtney: It was an honest mistake, okay? I didn't know that my father --

Alexis: Courtney --

Courtney: Didn't have insurance.

Alexis: Don't say another word.

Taggert: So your father gave you the car, but he neglected to tell you the information about no insurance, right?

Courtney: No, he didn't tell me because he didn't have the chance. My father and my mom and Sonny were arguing and I didn't want to listen to it anymore, so I grabbed the keys and I left.

Taggert: So you were upset?

Sonny: She's not saying another word. Come on. Okay. You need to quit this. Not another word.

Courtney: My God. You think I did it, don't you? You think this accident was my fault.

Ned: How's the scampi tonight?

Waiter: Small.

Ned: What about the filet mignon?

Waiter: Excellent.

Ned: Well, you know what? I had that last time. What was the bass special again?

Kristina: Okay, look, he's going to have exactly what I had, and we'll have two glasses of the red wine, house special. Thank you. Look, don't pretend that the fact that Alexis has feelings for Sonny doesn't bother you.

Ned: Alexis has feelings for Sonny, but that's not what's bothering me.

Kristina: Then what does bother you?

Ned: The fact that you seem to be okay with the idea.

Kristina: Look, Alexis is a very smart woman. Do you really think that she would be taken in by Sonny, or anyone else for that matter? No. The answer is no. If she cares about him, then don't you think that might mean that there's something to care about? I mean, maybe Sonny is not as bad as you think. Maybe Sonny is not as bad as Jax thinks. Maybe you guys are just jealous of him because you keep losing your women to him.

Courtney: You think I caused this accident, don't you?

Sonny: It doesn't matter.

Courtney: It does to me. I'm looking you in the eye, swearing up and down that I crossed that intersection on a green, and you believe everybody else.

Andy: Look, Taggert, what you're trying to do won't fly.

Taggert: The car Courtney Matthews was driving had no insurance, Mike Corbin let it lapse. My sister and Elizabeth Webber were on the receiving end of her car when she plowed through a red light.

Andy: Give Corbin a ticket, then. But evidence at the accident site indicates that Courtney Matthews wasn't speeding. Her blood alcohol level was normal. Do you have a witness that saw her run the red? All right. Do you have any evidence?

Taggert: Don't ever question my authority. All right? We got a chance to get Sonny Corinthos. His sister's the leverage we've never had.

Gia: Mom.

Florence: Oh, honey. Oh, I was scared to death.

Gia: Elizabeth is in surgery.

Florence: Elizabeth Webber? Well, what happened?

Gia: The light changed, and the car went through. And Nikolas -- he says that he won't let me get in trouble, but --

Florence: Nikolas. Well, where is your great prince now when you really need him? Honey.

Woman: Young man? Excuse me. Are they all right, those girls that were hurt?

Nikolas: You saw what happened?

Woman: Oh, it was a terrible accident. I was about to cross the street with Bowtie, and thank goodness I looked up in time. That pretty girl that's a model? She drove right through that red light.

Lucky: You know, I stood out here and promised Elizabeth the world. Funny thing is I can't remember how I felt. It's kind of like if you were afraid of heights and suddenly you didn't have that fear anymore. Whoa!

Sarah: Lucky, what are you doing?

[Lucky laughs]

Lucky: Oh, boy. You're a doctor. Can somebody do that? Can someone take away one specific segment of your emotions? Can they? Can they take away love?

Sarah: Lucky, I'd be a lot more comfortable having this conversation with you with us both down here.

Lucky: You knew me before, Sarah. Do I seem different? Like I've been brainwashed?

Sarah: You're still the wonderful guy I knew.

Lucky: Yeah. Except for the part that's missing.

Sarah: Sometimes things end, Lucky. I loved Nikolas very much. I thought it would never end, but it did. Isn't it possible that that just happened to you? That you just fell out of love?

Kristina: Oh. I -- I didn't mean that the way that it sounded. You're like this -- this giant blob of negative energy, and I can't express myself clearly to you.

Ned: Oh, I think you're pretty clear. You just said that you think my objection to Alexis being with Sonny is because I'm jealous of him, that he took her from me.

Kristina: No. No, I'm just saying that you should open up your mind.

Ned: About Sonny?

Kristina: Yeah.

Ned: Listen to me. When it comes to business, I listen to Sonny because he happens to be on the E.L.Q. board and he's shrewd. You don't survive in the import business without being very smart. But when it comes to his personal life, I've seen him deal with women for a lot longer than you have.

Kristina: Oh, and people never, ever change, right?

Ned: Oh, people do change, but Sonny doesn't because he likes his world just the way it is.

Kristina: When I blurted out that Alexis had feelings for Sonny, I could have sworn that he had feelings back for her. And I know that you don't want to hear that, Ned.

Ned: A year ago, on Christmas Day, Alexis was lying on the ground in front of the police station along with my teenage cousin after nearly being gunned down in a hail of bullets. They were inches from death. That's what happens when women become involved with Sonny. So I am not going to -- I am not going to sit here and listen to you defend him to me or encourage something that could get Alexis killed. That's the point I was trying to make. Have a nice dinner.

Courtney: I keep telling you I am not responsible for the accident, and you keep acting like I'm not here, like I need some sort of legal strategy. I am not the one who ran the red light.

Sonny: Okay, you know, it's not that I don't believe you. I'm just -- I'm trying to be smart.

Alexis: Courtney, it's my job as an attorney to separate my personal feelings from my job, and my job is to make this situation go away. There are agendas going on in this police department that you don't know anything about. Now, you may very well be innocent, but --

Courtney: I am!

Alexis: But they are going to twist it to make it look like you are not. It is very idealistic to think that an innocent person telling the truth does not get bullied by the system. He knows that. It doesn't mean that he doesn't believe you. It doesn't mean that I don't believe you. But we both know this game, and we would both like to see you walk out of here tonight.

Andy: I get you're worried about your sister. But you push this, man, and it's obstruction, and that could cost you your career.

Officer: This here is Mrs. Tilley. She says she saw the accident Lt. Taggert's working.

Andy: Hello, Mrs. Tilley. Please have a seat.

Mrs. Tilley: Thank you.

Andy: I'm Det. Capelin. This is Lt. Taggert.

Taggert: How you doing?

Andy: We're investigating the collision.

Mrs. Tilley: Mm-hmm.

Andy: Can I get you a drink or something?

Mrs. Tilley: Oh, no thank you.

Andy: So, could you tell us what you saw tonight?

Mrs. Tilley: Well, I was walking my dog. We were at the crosswalk, and the light turned green and I was about to cross the street when the one car just ran the red light.

Andy: Now, did you get a good look at the person in that car, the one that ran the red light?

Mrs. Tilley: Mm-hmm. It was her.

Courtney: But I didn't --

Sonny: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Listen to me. You're shaken up. Things may not have happened like you thought.

Lucky: Sarah, I didn't fall out of love with Elizabeth, okay? This isn't like anything that happened with you and Nikolas. Okay? You can't compare us to some sort of -- some sort of high school crush, okay?

Sarah: You're right. Okay, I just -- I had to ask, for Elizabeth's sake. I'm not very close with my sister right now. There's a lot I don't know about her and a lot she doesn't know about me.

Lucky: Yeah? You weren't there.

Sarah: I know. I'm not claiming to be any kind of authority. If you say it's not true, I believe you.

Lucky: Elizabeth almost died for me. And that's not just words. She actually risked her life for me. It's not that I'm tired of her, Sarah. Someone messed with my mind!

Sarah: I'm sorry, Lucky.

[Pager beeps]

Sarah: It's Elizabeth. She's out of surgery.

Skye: I never wanted a champion. I wasn't even looking for on until you came along. Hell, I used to make fun of your rescue complex. I didn't even think it was real. But you've done some pretty amazing things, Jax. You even got to an avowed cynic like me. I -- I've come to like you and depend on you, which I hate. You've been nothing short of wonderful the way you treated my family and -- although you are pretty eager to believe Edward's accusations that I made up those threats from Sonny, and, you know, I didn't make them up. But if -- if you want to bail out on me right now, I will understand, no questions asked. I will be out of it, you will be out of it. Clean, neat -- done.

Skye: I learned a life lesson very early -- depend on people, they let you down. It's not a good thing or a bad thing; it's just the way it is.

Jax: And you're -- you think I'm going to let you down?

Skye: Yes. I'd really like to believe that there are champions out there, that there are people who lay themselves on the line just because they feel it's the right thing to do, but I'm a realist.

Jax: Well, I will be your champion, Skye. You can count on that.

Skye: You're really not like anyone else, are you?

Jax: Neither are you.

Jax: Good night, Ms. Chandler Quartermaine.

Skye: My God, do I want that man.

Lucky: Amy.

Amy: Hey, honey.

Audrey: Sweetheart? Lucky and your sister are here.

Sarah: Lizzie, it's Sarah. You're going to be fine. We're taking care of you.

Lucky: How's she doing?

Amy: Actually, the surgery went very well.

Audrey: Mm-hmm. It will be a while before she comes out of the anesthetic, and we'll know more by then.

Lucky: Elizabeth, I'm right here, all right? I'm not going anywhere.

Audrey: Lucky, we do have to get her into a room, hmm?

Lucky: Yeah, you're right.

Amy: I'll come and get you as soon as we have her set up, okay?

Lucky: Okay.

Amy: Okay, honey.

Gia: Nikolas has been incredible, Mom. I am so blessed to have him in my life, on my side. Mom, please. I never want to hear you say a negative thing about him ever again. You have no idea how much he means to me, what he's done for me.

Nikolas: The fee we discussed. The address of your condominium in Palm Beach. Just give the manager your name, and she will take care of you. You will never have to worry about the snow again.

Mrs. Tilley: You have made my dreams come true. You are such a sweet man.

Sonny: Taggert? If that woman witnessed the crash, why didn't she tell anybody at the scene? Instead she shows up here. Pretty damn convenient. What do you think?

Taggert: Maybe you didn't pay her off quickly.

Sonny: Yeah?

Alexis: The only thing that you've accomplished here is making this longest attempt at harassment of my client over his sister is going to blow up in your face.

Andy: All right, calm down. No one's getting arrested.

Taggert: Yet.

Andy: I spoke with Comm. Scorpio. He's decided to issue Michael Corbin a summons for the insurance and issue Courtney a summons for running the light. So you're free to take her home.

Courtney: Okay.

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